by DrBenGo Healthwarrior November 2023 A.D.

Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers. It’s been a wild month for me as I flew into Corpus Christi, Texas for estate sale, sold my late father’s house, drove back nearly 1000 miles in a 31ft RV back to Chattanooga, Tennessee area, and now that I’m back in town, I’m ready to write about the most important detox topic that I’ve yet to talk about which is how to detox arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic heavy metal frequently found with lead and other poisons which is tasteless and odorless and has been historically used for all sorts of nefarious purposes some of which continue to this day. In this article I will make you aware of how arsenic is still being used to threaten your health and what you can do about it. I ask all my readers to stop and say a short prayer for all the hundreds of millions of people across the globe who have been, and who are currently being mass poisoned with arsenic, that they may receive adequate nutrition & detox & heal.


Arsenic (As) is the 33rd element on the periodic table. Arsenic is in the same group as phosphorus element 15, and antimony and is next to element 32 Germanium and element 34 Selenium. Arsenic is best known for being extremely poisonous to humans though there is some evidence that it is used as a trace mineral in birds and mammals though nothing conclusive yet for humans. Only element 33, arsenic is rather “light” but because of its toxicity it is considered to be a “toxic heavy metal”, though actually it is a metalloid. Arsenic comes in a variety of forms alloyed with other metals and sulphur or as grey natural form or as a white arsenic ore.

Arsenic comes in a variety of forms and colors alloyed with other metals and sulphur including golden (yellow or orange) as orpiment, white as Tennantite, and in natural form (Arsenic cuboidal crystals) in grey.

Orpiment an arsenic sulfide mineral ore (yellow)
Orpiment an arsenic sulfide mineral ore (orange)
Tennantite “White Arsenic”, copper arsenic sulfosalt mineral ore.
Native arsenic on barite

ARSENIC IN ANCIENT HISTORY: Commentary & Speculation by DrBenGo

Arsenic is quite possibly, besides snake venom, the oldest known poison to human kind. The reason is that arsenic, since it is naturally found in metal deposits with iron, copper, silver and gold, is something that humans would have discovered when mining for gold. Gold was discovered at least 8,000 years ago for sure, and is possibly up to 200,000 years ago since that is when humans appear to have diverged from more ape-like humans be it naturally or because Annunaki aliens came and made us mine for gold around that time. Whenever gold was discovered (likely in Kemet, Egypt in Nubia) then arsenic would have been naturally discovered as well. Arsenic would have been like pyrite have been thought of as a “fool’s gold” which would have been interpreted as the earth Mother protecting the real gold. Gold is oftentimes found alloyed with Tellurium and Selenium and wherever there is sulphur or selenium oftentimes there will be arsenic as well. Arsenic is naturally occurring in iron pyrite ore along with sulphur and selenium, and because of this arsenic would have been something that very early life had to learn to use or avoid. There is some evidence that arsenic is a trace critical nutrient for birds and even for mammals but overall it is toxic & the use of arsenic in the human body is still unknown if it exists at all. Arsenic was used in ancient Egyptian times as the “royal poison”, and skilled magician-physicians such as myself would have been well aware of how to avoid it and detox it when working with gold, silver and copper, and from other mining sources such as pyrolusite. Additionally there would have been a skilled group of royal Assasins who would know how to use Arsenic for poisoning. I suspect the chemical symbol of As for Arsenic and the word Assassin are related as the Arsenic would have been the “venom” of the royal snakes (cobra was royal protector of Egyptian royalty), and note element 33 on the periodic table Arsenic reminiscent of the Masonic 33. Arsenic was used as far away as ancient China and Korea for royal poison as well indicating it was a pre-2500 BC known poison common to all proto-Indo-European-Eurasian royalty. Arsenic was used in the middle ages for murder. In Italy it was called “inheritance powder” (so evil!).


Arsenic was used in Victorian times as a beauty product for facial complexion! (Don’t do that ladies! Use silver not arsenic! )

Many old lace dresses contained arsenic. Some of you might know about the old 1944 movie “Arsenic and Old Lace” by Frank Capra with Cary Grant which talks about Arsenic poisoning.

Victorian Arsenic laced dress
Arsenic & Plaster of Paris added to Bon Bon candy in by an unscrupulous poisoner in France.


Arsenic was developed a bioweapon called Lewisite for biowarfare in World War 1 by an Indian scientist for the British.


As such arsenic would have been well known to those who are engaging in covid bioweapon in recent times. Arsenic compounds increase the likely-hood that your heart will stop suddenly especially if your potassium levels get low. Did Trump discontinue the US arsenic map in 2019 in anticipation of the 2020 covid bioweapon attack? Do your own research.


  1. Someone secretly poisons you on purpose (murder or bioweapon)
Mary Blandy 1720-1752 hung in England for patricide using Arsenic she claimed was a love potion to make her father approve of her lover.

2. Contaminated Groundwater: naturally high areas of arsenic or arsenic alloyed lead pipes.

Test your tap water for arsenic & fluoride & lead. High quality water filters if you need at


Arsenic risk areas worldwide: Data Source: M. Feroze Ahmed of Word Bank Group “Water Week 2004”

Western US especially California and Nevada need to check their ground water for arsenic contamination, and we can expect that some produce from Mexico, Chile, and Argentina might have arsenic contamination as well. Looks like the Vampires in Hungary and Romania need to watch out for arsenic as well! Arsenic risk in Asia: Mongolia, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Vietnam & Thailand. I found lot of literature is available about the millions affected by arsenic contaminated wells in Bangladesh which they are primarily getting from Arsenic contaminated rice from irrigation from high arsenic well water.

If you rice is giving you abdominal pain it could have arsenic in it. By cooking it for 5 min and pouring off the water and adding new non-arsenic contaminated water you can significantly reduce rice arsenic content.

3. Contaminated Air from industrial use of arsenic (glass factory, arsenic treated lumber burning, arsenic alloyed lead in car batteries)

Many factories release arsenic in the air. Glass factories and the burning of arsenic treated lumber in particular.
Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) wood treatment contains arsenic as a pesticide. Is dangerous to touch or to burn the wood makes toxic fumes. CCA Phased out in residential usage, still in commercial usage in US.


The primary mechanism of arsenic toxicity is because of its chemical similarity to phosphorus and is believed that arsenic can imitate phosphorus in the body which is a problem since phosphorus is used in energy and genetic molecules in all life. There are many additional known mechanism of arsenic disruption of the body see featured science article below in next section for details. Additionally Arsenic can readily bind to sulphur and selenium and causes damage to sulphur and selenium containing proteins (cysteine & methionine amino acids, and seleno-cysteine & seleno-methionine amino acids) and pathways in the body, including ones that cause oxidative damage, ones that cause DNA methylation, and ones that promote cancer. Many of the toxic effects of Arsenic are similar to lead poisoning and arsenic is even frequently found alloyed with lead in things such as car batteries. Because arsenic is tasteless and odorless it has been used historically for poisoning humans and in modern times for mass poisoning of humans. Obviously, I don’t use arsenic that way as it is a violation of the hippocratic oath to do so, but I do help people detox arsenic, and in this article I’ll help you learn what to do.


Well if you get too acutely arsenic poisoned you wouldn’t known you would be dead! But for chronic arsenic poisoning there will be signs. A big tell is that Arsenic poisoning makes your breath smell like garlic! Also people with chronic arsenic poisoning get the tingles in their hands and feed (as the body tries to push the arsenic to the peripheral nervous system to protect your central nervous system) as well as you might start to get splotches on your hands. You can also test for arsenic using urine or hair analysis or blood work.

Many of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning are similar to lead poisoning like vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Arsenic poisoning can also cause watery diarrhea with blood in the stool, and can cause darker skin and thicker skin especially of the extremities like hands and feet, numbness as well as can cause cancer. Bladder, Skin, Liver cancer and heart disease.

The heart disease aspect of arsenic poisoning can be mitigated by taking potassium. Arsenic poisoning heart disease in combination with pericarditis or myocarditis from covid jab vaccinosis is a threat I want people to be aware of why it’s so important to detox.


For an excellent and modern dietary advice on how to counter arsenic exposure with nutrition, I recommend this 2022 article: Natural Dietary Compounds in the Treatment of Arsenic Toxicity. It was written by an international team and is pretty impressive:

Bjørklund G, Rahaman MS, Shanaida M, Lysiuk R, Oliynyk P, Lenchyk L, Chirumbolo S, Chasapis CT, Peana M. Natural Dietary Compounds in the Treatment of Arsenic Toxicity. Molecules. 2022 Jul 29;27(15):4871.

For acute arsenic exposure seek medical attention and they will probably give you chelation therapy, and hopefully you won’t die within 4 days. For chronic arsenic exposure the best defense is a good diet and by using health supplements such as the iMedDo detox system which uses iodine to bind to and detox the arsenic along with silver and gold to protect the body and brain from damage as it comes out.

The way I detox arsenic is with iodine, silver and gold. Additionally, there are some specific nutrients you can increase the amounts of when you are dealing with arsenic toxicity. The top 5 ones in my opinion are 1. lipoic acid, 2. B vitamins (thiamine and riboflavin especially), 3. Zinc, 4. Potassium 5. Selenium

The article explains how arsenic was developed as a bioweapon in WW1 to target lipoic acid a vitamin cofactor by binding to its sulphur (thiol) groups. Thus taking lipoic acid is key for arsenic toxicity. I get lipoic acid, B vitamins and Selenium in my Power Source One multivitamin formulated by Dr. Calin Pop which I offer for iMedDo distributors. Additionally, I get plenty of sulphur and selenium in my diet since I’m a carnivore. Arsenic damage to the heart is lessened when you take potassium (I get potassium in my salt, see previous article on Cadmium detox where I recommend blending your sodium chloride table salt with 10x potassium chloride).

An interesting point is that there is a controversy on whether or not you should eat high sulphur containing brussel sprouts or not when dealing with arsenic poisoning. It really depends on the soil and water conditions it was grown in. High sulphur will help you detox but it can also cause the brussel sprout to contain higher arsenic if was grown in arsenic contaminated water or soil, I’d say only eat brussel sprouts if you know they were grown clean of arsenic otherwise avoid when detoxing arsenic.

Selenium supplementation is crucial for arsenic detox. Foods high in selenium include pork, brazil nuts and lentil. For more information on selenium see my previous article Sacred Selenium & do note that it is possible to get too much selenium so be sure to read carefully (you can’t eat Brazil nuts everyday or you will overdose on selenium for example). Whenever you take selenium you should take iodine and taking iodine as nascent iodine from NeuIodine along with NeuSilver & NeuGold, the iMedDo detox way, is the correct way to do it. Chalcogens Oxygen, Sulphur and Selenium are important natural chelators of toxic metals. Silver is used to reset and clean sulphur and selenium in the body. Iodine is like a higher form of oxygen (reacts chemically similar to oxygen) which can detox arsenic directly with 3 molecules of iodine for every one molecule of arsenic detoxed. Arsenic detox is very taxing on the nutrients in your body and chronic arsenic exposure is the most problematic for people who are undernourished or mal-nourished. Arsenic will deplete potassium and zinc and B vitamins thiamine and riboflavin and lipoic acid in particular. Because the human body hoards iodine needing it for life support, it will only use iodine for arsenic detox when you are not iodine deficient, otherwise arsenic poisoning will cause or exacerbate existing iodine deficiency. Normally males do 2 drops of NeuIodine and females 4 drops but if you know you dealing with arsenic toxicity you can increase by 1 extra drop a day to 3 for males and 5 for females. Arsenic will readily bind to both chlorine and fluorine and when arsenic is bound to fluorine it is critical that you have iodine to detox it. Only iodine and gold can detox fluorine to the best of my knowledge.

Thankyou for reading! Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

PS I was reading about how some turkey and chicken has arsenic contamination from arsenic pesticide bird feed! Oh my! Just be in a constant state of detox with the iMedDo detox system and eat whatever you want this holiday!


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