Calcium: Thyroid & Osteoporosis


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In this episode I talk about the mineral nutrient calcium which is found in our bones, and teeth, and blood, and in every cell of the human body. Because calcium is used in sixteen thousand plus pathways in the body, it’s a topic too broad, so I will focus on the big picture of how calcium is used with iodine to control all energy metabolism in the body via the thyroid. The thyroid via the parathyroid is able to detect when energy in the body is low via low calcium and is able to compensate by releasing more calcium from the bones. Fluoride & heavy metals disrupt calcium and can artificially lower calcium levels signaling low energy which can lead to thyroid disfunction like too much parathyroid hormone which can cause bones to dissolve too much known as osteoporosis. Fluoride & heavy metals can also cause hypothyroidism as thyroid is unable to keep up with the brain and body’s energy demands. Iodine nutrient, used correctly with silver & gold in iMedDo detox system, can be used to detox fluoride & heavy metals & to restore calcium homeostasis which restores proper thyroid function, energy, and can allow the bones to heal. Get the iMedDo Detox system today at or contact your nearest local iMedDo distributor.


Calcium (Ca) is the 20th element on the periodic table.

Calcium element #20 is similar to its group II family member Magnesium (Mg) nutrient element #12 which is also important for bone and energy health which I have written about already in previous episode Magnesium Might. Calcium is also next to element #19 Potassium (K) nutrient which is also critically important for health, and Scandium (Sc) which is not. Below Calcium is Strontium (Sr) element #38 which is a toxic heavy metal.   


Calcium in the zero oxidation state (Ca(0)) is highly reactive but rarely found in nature. Most calcium in our body is found in bones and teeth as predominantly calcium phosphate. Calcium is made to be very mobile in the body and can be freely dissolved and used by organs, tissues, and cells in fluid form as the positively charged divalent calcium ion (Ca2+). Calcium, as the Calcium ion Ca(2+), is the biologically relevant form of calcium for signaling. Because of the importance of Ca2+, any toxic heavy metal that can form a divalent 2+ ion can potentially disrupt calcium. Calcium disrupting heavy metals that I have previously written how to detox include: Strontium (Sr2+), Barium (Ba2+), Cadmium (Cd2+), Lead (Pb2+), and Mercury (Hg2+) of which lead and mercury are the most toxic.


The element fluorine is found in rocks as Calcium fluoride (CaF2).  Calcium fluoride makes for a pretty crystal outside of the human but inside the human body it’s not a good thing.  Because fluorine as fluoride (F-) can bind to calcium forming the insoluble CaF2 “rock”, it is responsible for calcified pineal and calcified other tissues where hard calcium buildup is not supposed to be.   Although we have calcium in our bones and teeth, it is supposed to be as calcium phosphate not calcium fluoride.  Instead, the bones are designed to interact with the thyroid to be able to readily release calcium ion Ca2+ in the fluids of our body.   Ca2+ ion is used in thousands upon thousands of chemical pathways in the body; and decoding calcium signals is still a major focus of mainstream scientific research.  I studied calcium signals in the brain as part of my Neuroscience training, and calcium signals in the heart tissues & blood as part of my graduate tutorials for example.   Anything that is able to grab calcium out of the fluid turning it into an insoluble rock which fluoride can do is highly disruptive to our biology  & it should be obvious!  But it’s not because I usually get distracted by how toxic fluoride is because it imitates iodine that I forget to explain why fluoride is so toxic because it also disrupts calcium which is why I’m writing this article.   I want everyone to  be able to understand that fluoride is doubly toxic because it disrupts both iodine and calcium and that the two are related via the thyroid and bone health.  The thyroid regulates calcium levels and communicates with the bones via parathyroid hormone and calcitonin to increase or decrease calcium which will talk about more in this episode. 


Calcium signaling with Ca2+ is also frequently related to other nutrients in the body which can also form divalent 2+ ions most notably magnesium Mg2+ and zinc Zn2+ whose signaling pathways like calcium can also be disrupted by heavy metals. I’ve written about importance of Magnesium nutrient and Zinc nutrient supplementation in previous newsletters, so if you missed can go back and read.  For the purpose of this episode, I want you to know that the bones also contain magnesium as well as calcium and that is important for how the thyroid does energy regulation using blood calcium levels as an indirect sensor for energy using magnesium and phosphates which are released when bones are dissolved in addition to calcium where the calcium is sensed by the thyroid as an indicator of energy level.    


Calcium is widely found in nature most notably in limestone Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) formed from ancient sea coral. The calcium containing “coral” inside our bodies is our bones. But instead of calcium carbonate, our bones are made of calcium and phosphate. Calcium Phosphate in our bones & teeth is approximated by the mineral hydroxyapatite with formula Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 i.e. 10 atoms of calcium (Ca2+) per 6 phosphate groups (PO4(3-)) and two hydroxy groups (OH-) .


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the most well known energy storage molecule in our body. ATP requires 3 phosphate groups which are negatively charged and each molecule of ATP requires one molecule of magnesium ion (Mg2+) to stabilize as the three negative phosphate groups wrap around the positive magnesium core for stabilization. Because both phosphate and magnesium can be found in the bones along with calcium, calcium can be used as an indirect sensor for ATP energy. When ATP is used up for energy it releases adenosine diphospate (ADP) + phosphate (P) + energy, and the magnesium ion is also released. So ADP and magnesium ion levels increasing can be a signal for the need for more energy i.e. more ATP to be formed. Because magnesium levels are buffered by the bones which also contain calcium and phosphate, the free calcium in the blood versus stored calcium in the bones can be used as a sensor for ATP energy by keeping tabs on magnesium and phosphate levels.


Calcium levels are used to control energy. Iodine levels are used to control energy. The place where both calcium levels and iodine levels are monitored and controlled is at the thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped anatomy in neck area which uses iodine to regulate & increase energy metabolism throughout the body. The thyroid also can sense and control calcium levels in the blood for purpose also related to energy metabolism. The thyroid uses four hormones: two iodine containing, and two for calcium regulation which are all connected in common goal of energy regulation. The four hormones I’m talking about are T4 (thyroxine), T3 (triiodothyronine), the well known iodine containing thyroid hormones, and the often overlooked calcitonin (needs an abbreviation) and parathyroid hormone (PTH). Also be sure to check out my previous article Thyroid Quickening for more info on the thyroid.



The thyroid has a way to recycle iodine where it can oxidize iodide water soluble form but has to create free oxygen radicals to do so, or it can split fat soluble molecular iodine into nascent iodine to more easily incorporate iodine into thyroid hormones which are iodine delivery molecules which ultimately send a signal all the way down to the cellular level to increase ATP energy by promoting mitochondrial number and function. When thyroid is gunked up by halogens and heavy metals, and body overwhelmed already with oxidative damage, the thyroid cannot recycle the iodine as well & can lose the ability to use iodide water soluble form which is why you need nascent iodine to jump start your thyroid. NeuIodine is nascent iodine which is actually energized molecular iodine and nascent iodine in equilibrium, a fat soluble iodine which you can absorb directly in your skin which allows your thyroid to resume making energy without having to increase oxidative damage load.


Something is terribly wrong in mainstream medicine concerning how they think the thyroid works because whatever they are doing they are failing miserably. I saw a recent statistic that as of 2020, 98 million Americans are being prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone l-thyroxine which is rather alarming since there are only 335 million Americans which means almost 1/3 of Americans have their thyroids malfunctioning which is why people are losing faith in mainstream medicine. At this point with synthetic thyroid hormone being the second most prescribed drug of all time, it’s such a big money maker for them that they don’t really have any incentive to actually help you fix your thyroid. Doesn’t matter what your thyroid problem, hypo, hyper graves or hashimoto’s the mainstream model is to just to kill your thyroid, cut it out and then get you become their permanent customer for life to buy l-thyroxine synthetic thyroid hormone as your source of iodine.

Below is the model they are working with, I”m not saying there’s not some good science behind it, but I think people are thinking about it backwards from an energy perspective.   

THYROID MODEL SOURCE: Boron WF, Boulpaep E (2003). “Chapter 48: “synthesis of thyroid hormones””. Medical Physiology: A Cellular And Molecular Approaoch. Elsevier/Saunders. p. 1300. ISBN 978-1-4160-2328-9.

Looking at the model you would think that the point of the thyroid is to take in iodine as iodide (I-) water soluble form. But in my opinion iodide is the unenergized form of iodine that the thyroid will only attempt to use during iodine deficiency. Empirically, the body prefers energized nascent iodine delivered in fat soluble, not water soluble, form. Iodine connoisseurs have long recognized that iodide & unergized iodine seems useless compared to nascent iodine as it takes milligrams (mg) of Lugol’s to do what it only takes micrograms (ug) of nascent iodine to accomplish in terms of health effect.  Looking at and repurposing the mainstream thyroid model below I want to make some points as to how I look at & use it differently.  The nice thing about this model is that it shows both nascent iodine (I0) and iodide (I-) in the thyroid follicle colloid and mentions the enzyme thyroid peroxidase (TPO). I think this model is showing a nice job of how the thyroid gets iodine when it is not overwhelmed with toxins and not starving for energy but misses the point as to how the thyroid gets energy under today’s new-normal circumstances of toxic environment and iodine deficiency. My theory is that the thyroid prefers to use fat soluble iodine such as I2 to make nascent iodine (I0) directly in the thyroid follicle and only resorts to using iodide which is more energy intensive when it is starving for (iodine) energy. My theory is that the body avoids or purposefully shuts off somehow the use of TPO when it is stressed for energy because TPO function produces more hydrogen peroxide which the thyroid then has to use a selenium containing enzyme to take care of called glutathione peroxidase (GPO) or the thyroid will become damaged from oxidative damage. My theory is that the thyroid is willing to take the damage and can deal with it when your anti-oxidant system is working, but when you are toxic with halogens and heavy metals the thyroid gets overwhelmed and shuts off its ability to use iodide to avoid damaging itself. My theory is that the thyroid is able to add energized nascent iodine to thyroid hormones directly without the use of TPO such that no oxidative damage is produced, and that is explains why the body prefers nascent iodine to iodide for supplementation when in the presence of toxins. This theory is why I tell people that nascent iodine will “jump start” their thyroid because once you detox the thyroid will regain its ability to use iodide form of iodine but cannot do so when it is overwhelmed with toxins. I like how the model is showing the thyroid is putting T4 and T3 thyroid hormones into the blood. A point you might miss unless you study the thyroid more deeply is that the thyroid is predominantly 80% outputting T4 which contains 4 molecules of iodine. So it should be obvious to you that when you don’t get enough iodine that of course your T4 is going to be low ie. hypothroidism! Not enough iodine equals not enough T4, yes it’s that simple!  Ifyou are hypothyroid why would you kill our cut out your thyroid when you could just give it more energized iodine and it will start working again!   Before you let someone kill or cut out your thyroid please give iMedDo detox system a go and you will see that your thyroid will start improving after only one week when you start using NeuIodine you will feel more energy as your T4 levels go back up. If you are a mainstream endocrinologist reading this used to giving synthetic thyroid hormone as source of iodine, you should instead be using energized nascent iodine such as NeuIodine in iMedDo Detox System.  But I know you probably won’t because of $$$.   But I will remind you that you are in violation of the hippocratic oath and are a fake doctor if you are injuring people when you know you could be helping them instead.   I know economics and ethics are in conflict but in the long run if the economics and ethics are not realigned people are going to rebel when they figure out what you are doing.  Until then for all you rebels out there who want to fix your thyroid naturally, using the hippocratic oath aligned instead of the hippocratic oath unaligned mainstream medical religion which is now openly injuring  even babies & children with drugs and vaccines, thankyou all for your support. 


As a Neuroscientist, back when I was in school, my first understanding of the thyroid was how it talks to the brain using the thyroid system to control metabolism. But now I’m not so sure the brain is controlling the thyroid it seems more like its own independent energy control system. The thyroid certainly listens to the brain and may even prioritize the brain’s requests for energy, but it also listens to the needs of the rest fo the body and has to make tough choices when energy gets low. The way the the thyroid listens to the brain is via a feedback loop with the pituitary and hypothalamus using TRH and TSH hormones from brain and T3 and T4 from thyroid.


The way the thyroid listens to the rest of the body other than the brain is by monitoring calcium levels in the blood.  The thyroid located at the neck area is in a perfect spot to control energy throughout the entire body in particular controlling signals between the brain above the neck and the rest of body below. In order to control all the energy in the body, and to distribute energy & energy signals between the head and torso, the thyroid is shaped like a butterfly to maximize it’s ability to interface with the blood entering the head via carotid arteries. Here’s a paper on thyroid artery anatomy if you want to brush up. I found this picture online which really gets the point across as to how the butterfly shape really allows the thyroid to interact with the blood. The four bumps on the butterfly wings shown on the picture below are known as the parathyroid which are the part of the thyroid which is able to monitor calcium levels.


When the parathyroid part of the thyroid detects low blood calcium levels (low Ca2+) which I believe is an indicator of low energy or too low overall metabolism, it responds by releasing parathyroid hormones (PTH) to compensate to get the calcium levels back up (and to get the energy/metabolism levels back up as well). The thyroid can also sense if calcium levels get too high and can respond by using calcitonin hormone.


Parathyroid hormone has three known functions (bone, kidney, intestines) which all stimulate an increase in calcium. Low calcium detected by parathyroid is low body energy detected, and PTH attempting to increase calcium is an attempt to increase energy as part of thyroid’s secondary energy control mechanism, where primary energy control mechanism uses iodine. Calcium seems to be secondary signal which is tied in with magnesium, phosphate and rising ADP levels under low energy conditions. For the purpose of this episode I want you to focus on how the parathyroid interacts with the bones. My overarching theory is that when iodine energy is low the thyroid has to rely more on calcium pathway for energy which can lead to osteoporosis as the PTH signals bones to dissolve to release more phosphate and magnesium in support of making more ATP energy.


Every molecule of ATP requires one molecule of Magnesium to stabilize it. Magnesium is a known calcium channel antagonist so as energy goes down (less ATP, more ADP) and less magnesium is bound to stabilize ATP (more free Mg2+), it antagonizes calcium channels (less calcium) which could explain why low blood calcium is read by the thyroid (parathyroid) as a low energy signal.


In response to low calcium, the parathyroid releases parathyroid hormone (PTH) into the blood which sends a signal for bones to dissolve. Dissolving bones release more calcium but also release more phosphate and more magnesium both of which are required for producing more ATP energy. Thus I think what the calcium detection feature of the thyroid is doing with calcium is that it is using calcium to indirectly monitor body energy (ATP with magnesium and phosphate). Calcium is shuffled around in many tissues of the body in response to low energy, but overall low calcium in blood is indicative of total body low energy is my hypothesis by which parathyroid calcium sensing function can be rationalized.


In response to low calcium the parathyroid releases PTH into the blood which also sends a signal to the kidney to re-absorb more calcium. Be sure check out my article Fluoride & Kidney stones where I talk about all the hormones involved in kidney and adrenal function including parathyroid hormone.


In response to low calcium, the parathyroid releases PTH into the blood which also sends a signal to the intestines to re-absorb more calcium.


The thyroid has two ways to control energy, thyroid hormones which use iodine, and by parathyroid hormones which sense calcium. The thyroid is nexus of energy distribution in the body. The thyroid has to be able to communicate with the brain for its energy needs, and to communicate with the rest of the body for its energy needs. The way the thyroid communicates with the brain & rest of body is by using hormones both iodine and calcium related.


What I can tell you at this stage in my journey is that it appears that the thyroid is the key to energy in the entire body. I have been trained as a biochemist to think of energy in the body in terms of phosphate bonds energy in ATP, but because I’m also trained in advanced biochemistry & biophysics,  I also think of energy in terms of electrons (used in mitochondrial electron transport chain with oxygen as final electron acceptor), protons (H+ gradient i.e. diffusion thermal energy & H+ carrier molecule NADH), and am open to thinking about energy in other outside the box thinking ways that energy can be stored and carried. There is energy in every chemical bond, and even atoms at rest have energy of their electrons flying around. Because it is known that iodine can behave similarly to oxygen (I2 and O2), it’s not that far fetched in my mind to think that iodine itself might be an energy storage molecule, and that’s exactly how I think about it as it makes thyroid function make a lot more sense. If that’s the case then it makes sense that thyroid hormones themselves are less hormones and more energy storage molecules in their own right. It’s even less far fetched to me as a chemist because iodine has a lot of electrons (53) so much more “energy storage capacity” theoretically than oxygen with only 8 electrons, and it’s very tempting for me to think that iodine might just serve as an alternative final electron acceptor rather than oxygen in a mitochondrial electron transport chain which allows iodine to be a link as a possible signaling molecule in its own right between electron energy and proton gradient energy, NADH and ATP energy produced at the mitochondria. What we do know for sure is that iodine containing thyroid hormones really are used to control metabolism in the body.  I believe that energy is actually stored in the iodine and/or iodine containing thyroid hormones which can include the carbon-iodine bonds of tyrosine amino acid. Regardless, the main function of the thyroid appears to be to use iodine to make more thyroid hormones to either deliver energy to, or to signal for more mitochondria, and thus more ATP energy is produced because of thyroid getting more iodine. The thyroid also has a secondary often overlooked function of using calcium to regulate ATP energy using parathyroid hormones and calcitonin to control calcium levels which are indicative of ATP because of Phosphate and Magnesium in bones as previously discussed.


They mysterious parts of the thyroid to me were related to how exactly iodine and calcium interact when they both are controlling ATP energy. It appears to me that iodine is the master energy molecule in a pathway upstream of controlling calcium and magnesium levels. I’ve known for a long time that Vitamin D is also involved in calcium control as are the adrenals and kidneys for calcium reuptake. I noticed a few years back that vitamin D required not only sunlight activation, but also required a secondary activation by a kidney hormone calcitriol, see episode Fluoride & Kidney Stones for more info on calcium in kidneys. In that article, I first encountered that the thyroid can communicate with the kidney via parathyroid hormone to control calcium as part of the much larger pathways of calcium homeostasis. But I really did not understand how iodine and calcium were related other than when you have iodine it will keep your calcium pathway from being blocked by fluoride. But now it seems obvious to me that calcium homeostasis is actually controlled by the thyroid, and I had already known iodine homeostasis is controlled by the thyroid. The connection is that energy homeostasis is controlled at the thyroid. Whether you are thinking about iodine controlling energy or as calcium controlling energy (ATP energy) the thyroid is the key. But which is the master molecule? It’s definitely not calcium. Calcium appears to me to be a secondary indicator of energy, and it’s just indicating how much bone has been dissolved to release more phosphate and magnesium which are actually used for ATP energy. Could iodine itself actually be a master energy molecule? It has the properties that it theoretically could in my scientific opinion. It is with this novel view of iodine as a master energy molecule that I will now explain how the thyroid works and you will see that it all makes sense.


It is my idea that Iodine containing thyroid hormones are the master energy molecules of the body. At the very least we can agree they are the master energy signaling molecules in the body.   If my theory is correct, then that would make the thyroid the master energy organ of the body.  And it would make the thyroid tissue the master energy processing plant of the he body because that’s where the iodine/energy is processed, energized and delivered to the blood so that it can get the energy all throughout the body for where it is most needed.  The master thyroid hormone is T4 which can through deiodinase activity be used to signal go (T3) [or stop (rT3) or be broken back down (T2) beyond the scope of this article].   The mainstream view is that T4 is the “inactive form” and T3 the “inactive” form of thyroid hormone. My view when comparing T4 to T3 is a bit different.  My view is that T4 with 4 molecules of iodine is the “most energetic form” with a lot of “ready to go” energy i.e. high potential energy that is only seemingly inactive like a compressed spring waiting to be unleashed.  It’s not that T4 is inactive, but rather than the energy of T4 is being held in reserve after put in the blood to circulate by the thyroid so that wherever in the rest of body needs it the most can use it.   We know that most T4 is converted to T3 in the liver which makes sense because iodine is needed for detox and the liver is a major area where detox is known to occur thus would need a high amount of energy.    T3 which is thought of as the active form of thyroid hormone within my theory is actually a more energy depleted form (only has 3 rather than 4 iodine energy molecules) .   It makes sense within my theory as to why elevated T3 levels would signal for for more metabolic activity because T3 is an early alert system to the thyroid & rest of body that reserve energy (T4) is dropping and that it needs to take steps to adapt to a possible energy shortage in the not too distant future.  It is my belief the thyroid is using T4 to plan your energy needs a full week in advance as the  half-life of T4 is known to be about a week in the body.  My view also fits empirically with the observation that when people get energized nascent iodine as NeuIodine from iMedDo detox system that they feel their energy levels go up in first one to two weeks.   This likely corresponds with their thyroid function resuming to making normal levels of T4 energy molecule which takes a week to cycle which set into motion a chain reaction of their liver getting enough T4 to really start to detox.   


The thyroid & surrounding area with parathyroid makes 4 different hormones two of which are iodine containing and the other two are involved in calcium regulation and all of which are involved in energy regulation. The hormones are thyroxine (T4), tri-iodotyrosine (T3), calcitriol and parathyroid hormone (PTH). Thyroxine in my opinion according to my theory above is the main form of iodine energy molecule sent out to the blood kept in reserve so that organs and tissues can use that energy if they need it during an energy crisis. The body keeps a tight control on iodine energy by maintaining an approximately 14:1 ratio of T4/T3. Although T3 has less energy than T4 because it has one less iodine, it is 3-4x more potent in activating metabolism. This makes sense when you realize that when T3 levels rise (decreased T4/T3 ratio) it is a signal to the thyroid that iodine energy reserves are being depleted. Because the half-life of T4 iodine energy storage molecule in the body is only about one week, if T4 in the blood starts to drop its most likely interpreted by the rest of the body as an early warning signal that thyroid is not getting enough iodine to keep up with energy demands so that cells need to start compensating by making energy some other way. The cells have an older way to make energy using oxygen rather than iodine, so when cells see too much T3 with only 3 instead of 4 molecules of iodine they know its time to make more mitochondria so that they can make more ATP to make up for their energy needs. If cells can’t can’t get enough energy via iodine, and if they can’t get enough energy via ATP, their ADP, P, Mg+ levels increase as ATP is expended leaving ADP, P and free magnesium no longer needed to stabilize the ATP which are translated to calcium signals and also alert the thyroid of the coming low energy conditions so that it can take corrective actions using its two calcium related thyroid hormones calcitonin and parathyroid hormone (PTH). Low energy is signaled to the thyroid by overall low blood calcium levels which it can detect at the parathyroid and then release PTH to take corrective actions to help the body get more energy. The main way is by PTH signaling the bones to dissolve and release more phosphate and more magnesium needed for ATP energy production. PTH also communicates with gut and kidneys to restore calcium/energy homeostasis.


If you body does not have enough energized iodine it cannot make enough thyroid hormones. After about week of iodine insufficiency your T4 levels will drop and your T3 levels will rise as your body dips into energy reserves, and you will be simultaneously hypothyroid in T4, hyperthyroid in T3 and your parathyroid will start making PTH so you will be hyperthyroid in that as well & your bones will start dissolving. Soon as your energy is even more depleted you become hypothyroid in T3 as well as T4. Even if your T4/T3 ratio looks “normal” both T4 and T3 are low as iodine deficient & you will know something is wrong as you will be low energy & not feel right possibly depressed with low sex drive & mild psychiatric problems. Struggling for more iodine, the thyroid will try to recycle iodide energy depleted form but cannot do so if your salt or oxidative damage levels are off.   Discussion of salt such as sodium/potassium levels is outside the scope of this article but do notice that sodium is required to import iodide form into thyroid.  When body is starved for iodine it will try to use the iodide pathway but is blocked but will resulting in too much salt in the thyroid and it swelling known as goiter.   Back in the old days (before mass fluoride poisoing) just taking iodide form of iodine would fix, but in today’s highly toxic reality you need energized nascent iodine to get the same effect.  Using iodide energy depleted iodine requires the thyroid to have to not only import it with salt but also to re-energize it with thyroid peroxidase (TPO) which can cause even more oxidative damage from H202 especially if you are selenium deficient as requires a selenium protein called glutathione peroxidase (GPO) to deal with otherwise thyroid gets oxidative damage.  If oxidative damage gets too high, thyroid can actually lose the ability to process iodide form altogether until you detox first.   The main way that I known of that  your thyroid gets overwhelmed with oxidative damage if you have mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings which can leak mercury into the thyroid. With iodine pathway blocked unless you supplement energized iodine, the thyroid has to rely on calcium pathway for energy and may make more PTH (hyperthyroid) to dissolve bone to get more phosphate and magnesium in support of ATP synthesis. But if you are Magnesium depleted from heavy metals or if you have calcium stuck from fluoride in your bones even this energy pathway will be blocked and your health will go downhill pretty fast as your body is between a rock and a hard place on how to meet your energy needs unless you give it some options. The iMedDo detox system is so powerful for increasing energy because it not only unblocks both the iodine side of the thyroid as well as unblocks the calcium side of the thyroid by getting rid of the calcium disrupting halogens and heavy metals. So whether you are hypothyroid, hyperthyroid or have some weird autoimmune disease (Grave’s or Hashimotos’s autoimmune responding to incorrect thyroid hormones like fluorine or bromine replacing iodine) problem with your thyroid the cure is still most likely just more energized iodine. Under normal circumstances your body can recycle iodine to a limited extent and can take unenergized iodine (iodide form) and turn it into energized iodine by action of the thyroid peroxidase (TPO) but to do so the thyroid has to create oxygen radicals and swell which results in goiter under low energy conditions where it has to use iodide energized form of iodine for energy brining in sodium and swelling from increased salts osmolarity. But if you have toxins like halogens or heavy metals in your body especially fluoride or most common toxic heavy metal in thyroid is mercury leaked from metal tooth filling, then it will disrupt your thyroid’s calcium hormones, and you need energized nascent iodine to fix & I highly recommend you get iMedDo detox system ASAP. Fluoride is the worst because it will not only disrupt the calcium hormone side of thyroid function, but will also mimic and interfere with the iodine hormone side of thyroid function. Iodine containing thyroid hormones made improperly with halogens fluorine or bromine are disastrous to health, energy, thyroid and bone health. The most common cause of hypothyroidism & other thyroid disease I see is still just from mercury poisoning from dental fillings, but sadly thyroid disfunction from halogens, vaccine damage, and infection is on the rise. When you have enough iodine your thyroid uses it to keep parasites and infection out of the brain. When you don’t and especially for people with mercury poisoning with suppressed immune system, the body lacks the energy to fight & kill infection and cancer. Iodine is known to not only give you energy but also to kill cancer.


Iodine is known to kill cancer and high calcium indicative of high energy is also known to kill cancer via programmed cell death apoptosis. So isn’t it interesting that the thyroid controls both iodine and calcium. Under low energy conditions, low amount of energized iodine, the thyroid has to rely more on its calcium hormones instead of its iodine hormones for energy. Calcium is easily disrupted by halogens & heavy metal toxicity. When cells can’t get enough energy from iodine or from calcium related pathways with mitochondria and oxygen they might rely on older anaerobic (without oxygen) pathways for energy. Because the energy molecule NADH is used to prime ATP amplification using oxygen at the mitochondria, likely cancer relies on NADH as its energy source. NADH is carrier of H+ (proton) energy. Such cells, having escaped the iodine and calcium energy controls of the thyroid, can now thrive in high toxin and low oxygen and low energy environments and can spread, metastasize throughout the body, and without iodine protecting the neck, readily spread to the brain. All three NeuIodine, NeuSilver and NeuGold in iMedDo detox system are anti-cancer. Energized iodine shuts down cancer because it allows thyroid to protect the brain and blood, restore energy and calcium levels, and thus return to either iodine or oxygen based cellular respiration rather than anaerobic respiration, & can readily kill both thyroid and bone cancer and many other cancers most notably breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers. Whether the cancer is from low energy from iodine depletion, calcium or magnesium disruption from toxin or heavy metal or infection or vaccine poison, you might want to try iMedDo before you let them kill you.


If your body does not have enough iodine, the thyroid has to rely more on its two calcium hormones rather than its two iodine hormones to keep up with body’s energy needs. The calcium hormone that does this parathyroid hormone (PTH) in order to try to get more energy as ATP energy will cause the bones to dissolve to release more Phosphate and Magnesium required for ATP production. You need to take more iodine and also take more magnesium. We get plenty of phosphorus in diet, so phosphate should not be in short supply. With enough iodine, the thyroid can instead rely on iodine containing thyroid hormones for energy, cells will signal they are now getting enough energy by higher overall blood calcium levels, and then thyroid receives the message and releases calcitonin hormone to counter the effects of PTH hormone. There is no way this complex energy message feedback loop can work correctly if you have fluoride or heavy metals in your body as they interfere with calcium ion so it will throw off your calcium energy detector in the parathyroid. Calcium will bind to fluoride insolubly resulting in artificially low overall blood calcium levels which will “trick” the parathyroid into thinking you have low energy and thus it will release more PTH causing the bones to dissolve. Heavy metals which form +2 ions interfere with both calcium and magnesium which is disastrous to ATP energy and calcium sensing of the thyroid. Fluoride is even worse than heavy metals because it also blocks the iodine part of the thyroid in addition to blocking the calcium side. I hope I have explained why iodine fixes both fluoride and heavy metal induced osteoporosis sufficiently for you to understand, if you still have questions please schedule a time to talk at link 


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