Barium Detox with Golden Nepthys Basket

Greetings iMedDo Newsletter subscribers! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and staying cool out there. Last month I talked about manganese in pyrolusite, & this month I’m talking about barium which is interesting because I learned that barium as barium oxide is also a minor component of pyrolusite, so barium is also sacred to the Mother Goddess in antiquity. I recently visited the Carlos museum in Atlanta and saw amazing images of an Egyptian Mother Goddess Nepthys which provided me inspiration to talk about barium heavy metal detox in this episode which is discussed in part one. Barium, though toxic, has medical applications and disrupts the the spirit “Ka” in spiritual sense but also disrupts K (potassium) in the biochemistry sense. Meditation on barium element and Egyptian goddess Nepthys advanced my knowledge of the Egyptian gold hieroglyph and its relation to eternal life. In Christianity belief in Jesus gives you eternal life, but in ancient Egyptian religion for Osiris to be resurrected required the help of the seraphim angels Isis and Nepthys, and similarities in eternal life beliefs shared amongst multiple cultures Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Norse with relation to Christian beliefs are discussed in part two: Golden Nepthys Basket.


Barium. The Body of Re. Light up your organs with drink of the Fey. Sound wisdom is said. Lamentations for the dead. Word from the bird, Mother Nepthys is heard. Lady of the House, poison for a mouse. Cat rhyme without time, Temple enclosure divine. Golden necklace organs in basket enclosed. Await resurrection in peaceful repose.


Barium is element #56 on the periodic table.

Barium is a toxic heavy metal & needs to be detoxed out of your body as it has no known biological function for humans other than causing us muscle and heart damage in particular. Barium as insoluble barium sulphate is used in medical imaging. Barium is also used in rat poison and in drilling fluid lubrication resulting in contaminated drinking water problems in some areas. Barium is in chemtrails and many people unknowingly have chronic barium poisoning and need to detox with iMedDo heavy metal detox system which uses NeuIodine to flush out the barium along with NeuSilver & NeuGold anti-inflammatories to protect body and brain from barium inflammation (barytitis) as it is flushed out. The main symptom of barium poisoning is low potassium (K+) called hypokalemia. The main counter to barium poisoning is to take potassium chloride (KCl) salt to counteract the hypokalemia & sulphate salt (magnesium sulphate) as barium can combine with sulphate creating insoluble barium sulphate which is much less toxic than water soluble barium. Most barium is eliminated in the feces. Barium poisoning can cause skeletal muscle damage resulting in myoglobin in the blood which can cause kidney damage.

The mechanism of barium toxicity is known, it blocks passive potassium channel ion pores (but not active Na/K ATP transporters) resulting in lower extracellular potassium levels (hypokalemia). I found a paper with a great picture of barium blocking the potassium ion channel pore, barium ion as Ba2+ is bigger than potassium ion K+ gets in the way of potassium efflux from intercellular to extracellular space resulting in low potassium levels measured in the blood in people with barium poisoning.


Rohaim et al. Open and Closed Structures of a Barium-Blocked Potassium Channel. J Mol Biol. 2020 Aug 7;432(17):4783-4798.

Iain R. McNeill & Katherine Z. Isoardi (2019) Barium poisoning: an uncommon cause of severe hypokalemia, Toxicology Communications, 3:1, 88-90.


Because of the “heaviness” i.e. high atomic number and density of insoluble barium sulphate salt of barium it is able to block X-rays which has made it historically useful in medical imaging where you can drink a barium sulphate drink and then see opaque (white) areas on the X-ray where the barium is located resulting in great images of gastrointestinal tract.


Hopefully a warning siren is going off in your head, saying well if barium is a toxic heavy metal then why the heck would I drink that rat poison just to take a picture! My thoughts exactly. Fortunately barium sulphate is insoluble and does not absorb or bioaccumulate so you can drink a barium drink for imaging as long as you detox with iMedDo detox. Even so, I would avoid drinking barium sulphate for medical imaging especially if you have leaky gut which is more an more of a problem for people because of glyphosate pesticide poisoning. Because of the widespread usage of glyphosate pesticide (imitator of glycine amino acid which disrupts intestinal microvilli) many more people are having leaky gut problems and need to avoid barium drink medical imaging. If you do it please detox with iMedDo afterwards & also do salts (magnesium sulphate & potassium chloride).


Perhaps the greatest concern for barium toxicity is that we are being sprayed with it in chemtrails. Barium, because of its high density, is presumably being used to “block out the sun” but some people think it is being use to poison us all like rats and to decrease fertility and destroy the planet in general. Trying to find some more info on this subject I found a website on barium chemtrails which has compiled forty four barium scientific studies on barium toxicity that is worth a gander. Barium definitely causes inflammation in the body but whether it causes cancer or not or causes infertility or not is still largely unknown though some rat studies seem to indicate a decrease in fertility so until more studies are done we have to assume the worse that it can also decrease in fertility in humans as well. The largest and most obvious problem of barium poisoning though is simply low potassium. In today’s climate this can exacerbate muscle & heart problems and can spell doom for those who already have heart problems from vaccinosis. Barium probably won’t kill you on it’s own but it will definitely make you weaker and combined with other toxins and nutrient deficiency is bad news so detox.


Barium is used as a rat poison. Since the murine (rat or mouse) model is the mammalian biomedical model for humans it should be obvious that barium is also poisonous to humans. So what happens if you eat barium rat poison? A study from 1991 explains:

A family was accidentally poisoned with barium from eating their evening meal. The mother had fried fish breaded with a flour-like substance that turned out to be rat poison containing barium carbonate. All seven family members, aged 2 to 48 years, developed nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and crampy abdominal pain within minutes of consuming the meal; the parents also developed ventricular tachy­cardia, flaccid paralysis of the extremities, shortness of breath (mother), and respiratory failure (father). Patients were treated symptomatically and all fully recovered (Johnson and VanTassell 1991).

Remarkably humans seem much more resistant to barium than are rats. If you get acute barium poisoning & get immediate treatment you will probably survive though it will make you very sick first. Your body can identify that barium is toxic and has a response to get rid of it (vomiting, diarrhea), it can cause muscle paralysis from low pottassium and the heart problems can be lethal these days for people with already damaged hearts from vaccinosis. It’s important to detox barium with iMedDo, regenerate the heart with gold, & watch your potassium levels in in an area of chronic barium exposure such as if you in an area with barium contaminated water from oil drilling or area that is being sprayed with barium chemtrails. Try not to eat rat poison =).


Although barium is a heavy metal, it is much less toxic than heavy metals lead and mercury. The reason appears to be because barium is found in small amounts naturally in the ocean water that life all the way from bacteria at thermal vents to humans have had time to evolve ways to filter out & detox barium. Based on looking at it’s location in the periodic table (Group 2), I would have predicted barium to be extremely toxic as the Barium Ba2+ ion like lead (Pb2+) or mercury Hg2+ ions could potentially interfere with Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+), Zinc (2+) and manganese (Mn2+) signaling ions potentially disrupting thousands of biochemical pathways. Fortunately, thank goodness, I was wrong & turns out the body is able to somehow not let Barium Ba2+ interfere with Calcium and Magnesium signaling. The major problem with barium is that it disrupts passive potassium channels but thankfully barium does not disrupt active potassium channels like the sodium/potassium channel indicating that as long as you still have energy you can detox and recover rather rapidly from barium poisoning. Not being deficient in iodine is a major part of not running out of energy and for detoxing & note the iMedDo heavy metal detox system is built around NeuIodine. Barium mostly serves as an irritant causing inflammation called barytitis in the lungs, as well as heart damage, skeletal muscle damage, and more, but the body can still recover rapidly if you can stop the barium exposure and take detox countermeasures. As we saw from the rat poisoning horror story above, even with acute barium poisoning such as a barium carbonate rat poison fish fry, everyone survived; so it is rather hard to kill yourself with just barium heavy metal even with acute exposure. Instead people have to worry about chronic barium exposure and chronic inflammation and chronic low potassium from barium poisoning that they might not be aware of which will most affect people 65+. So barium poisoning is a stealth tool of the poisoners to kill off the old and weak, likely used to kill people so they don’t have to pay medicare benefits for very long. Barium is dense & blocks X-rays and solar rays; and thus, barium in chemtrails could be used to block out the sun by nefarious people and could also exacerbate vitamin D deficiency from decreased sunlight. So besides potassium deficiency, barium in chemtrails also exacerbates vitamin D deficiency as has primary activation from sunlight.


If you are suffering from chronic low potassium levels it could be from barium poisoning, and you need to take detox countermeasures including iMedDo detox system & potassium chloride salt. For acute barium poisoning you also need magnesium sulphate salt.


Did you know that 20% of people who check into hospital have low potassium! It’s no surprise when we all use sodium chloride table salt instead of potassium chloride salt but our bodies need both sodium and potassium salt in a ratio with HIGHER potassium than sodium! That’s why most sports drinks (gatorade & powerade) are not very good as they mainly only have sodium but not enough potassium. The sports drink I like is body armor which uses 10% natural coconut juice because it has higher potassium than sodium and is much more healthy because it has MORE potassium electrolyte in it than sodium electrolyte.

Notice how natural fluids like the 10% coconut water in body armor has 10x more potassium than sodium.


A very simply but effective health tip is to mix your table salt sodium chloride with potassium chloride so that you get BOTH sodium and potassium when you you salt your food and you need do use about 9-10 parts potassium salt to every 1 part sodium salt!

My wife just ordered potassium chloride from amazon (pic below, was cheapest she could find) and I made a sodium and potassium salt blend that I’m using on my food now.

Also you can upgrade your salt with Celtic Sea Salt or Himalaya Sea salt or other fancy salts but you still might want to add more Potassium chloride for an upgraded salt blend. For more salt tips I also recommend the book Salt Your Way to Health. Remember that Barium toxicity suppresses your potassium. Although you can partially compensate by eating more potassium by upgrading your table salt with potassium chloride, you also need to detox the underlying barium problem with iMedDo detox system.


If you got nothing else from this episode please remember that Barium Heavy Metal results in low Potassium nutrient. Detox Barium heavy metal with iMedDo detox system. Also consider switching to potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride table salt for more potassium in diet. I recommend a blend of 10x potassium chloride to 1x sodium chloride for table salt. It’s likely that almost everyone has chronic barium toxicity from barium being sprayed in chemtrails. For acute barium poisoning (like accidentally eating rat poison) also use sulphate salt (magnesium sulphate) as sulphate binds barium making it insoluble and reducing its toxicity. Barium sulphate used in medical imaging is not all that toxic unless you have leaky gut which many people do because of pesticides like glyphosate so avoid even insoluble barium and detox.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior



In last month’s episode I talked about Manganese nutrition where in ancient times the manganese dioxide ore called “Pyrolusite” was used in ancient goddess worship. In more modern times it was discovered by Carl Wilhem Scheele in 1774 and Johan Gottlieb Gahn that pyrolusite also contains a new base “baryta” modern name barium oxide as a minor component, and barium as an element was first isolated using electrolysis by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808. So interestingly the Pyrolusite of the Mother Goddess also contained Barium. We now know that barium can be used to make green colored pyrotechnics which is cool and the ancient people used pyrolusite for firestarters and it was used in making glass. Pyrolusite was used as a glass decolorizer, but I wonder if higher barium containing pyrolusite may have been used in green glass staining as well. I personally suspect that barium was used for green colors in embalming and funerary paints as when I recently visited the Carlos museum at Emory univeristy in Atlanta the green colors on Egyptian hieroglyhs and the Egyptian goddess Nepthys were calling to me.


The word Barium secretly means in my opinion the Body “Ba” of “Re”. Compare this to the word Okra which means the Spirit “Ka” of Ra (the Egyptian sun God). Re/Ra are the same as abjad languages like ancient Egyptian/Hebrew/Phoneician lack vowels so is only the B for Ba the K for Ka and the R for Re/Ra are important. By adding in different vowels you get different hidden meanings. ab Rium (away from Re) could be a more accurate phonetic description of Barium as it is being used to blocks the sun in chemtrails, and to block X-rays in imaging.


Excerpt from Guide Ch4 on NeuGold “Gold in Ancient Egypt & in Bible”

“The Egyptian word Nb/Nebu/Nub for gold for which the land of Nubia come from indicates that there were many gold mines in ancient Africa and the Egyptian hieroglyph for gold is somewhat of a mystery as it looks like a basket or perhaps a large beaded necklace or collar but often depicted more as a footstool with goddesses kneeling or standing on top of it. Below is an image from King Tut’s coffin with Egyptian goddesses Isis and Nepthys standing on the gold “footstool” symbol perhaps because of gold’s association with the sun god and hope of eternal life.”

Before reading any further if you have not done so already be sure to meditate on gold by reading the Spiritual Guide especially chapter 4 on NeuGold. Then come back later and read on as this is not the beginning but rather the furtherance of a very longstanding gold meditation so if you are just now starting to meditate on gold don’t start here start at Also, I recommend you read several of the older iMedDo newsletter articles which relate to Egyptian and gold concepts first as well. In particular the article Thyroid Quickening for Egyptian gold Anubis meditation, 2020 Visions Pineal Detox for Eye of Ra & pineal connection, The article Golden Heart Protection for more Gold meditation and hopefully you have read at least one of the three articles I have written on the Goddess, all of which came first before the Goddess Nepthys yielded her secrets for this article: (The Divine Mother, MEDUSA: Mother of Medicine & Magic, Gift of the Goddess).

When you are sufficiently advanced in your meditation skilled in Egyptian, Gold and Goddess lore, and are looking for more, then read on this article Golden Nepthys Basket is for you. Enjoy!


Nepthys is an ancient Egyptian Goddess frequently depicted on sarcophagi with the hieroglyph for basket and house on her head. She’s frequently described as the Lady of the Temple Enclosure, the Goddess of Protection and the Goddess of the dead. She is either the sister of Isis or her reflected self in a complete dark and light aspects of the Goddess concept where Nepthys is the dark (but not evil) aspect. She’s also the goddess of beer which is pretty cool.

Nepthys is a Goddess of secrets and concealment and thus she is very hard to find unless you seek and the most important thing about Nepthys that is not obvious is that she is the same thing as the Holy Spirit in the Christian faith though most Christians do not know or appreciate that. The Methodist Protestant religion at their Emory University Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, clearly do know this secret as their Carlos museum was loaded with amazing Nepthys artifacts the best I’ve ever seen, and by looking at the hieroglyphs and listening in silence I then hearing via phonetic teaching I was able to discern many secrets concerning my longstanding meditation on gold. Gold meditation is my church business as NeuGold colloidal gold is an important part of the iMedDo detox system offered as a gift for donation through iMedDo Foundation.


Egyptian Goddess Nepthys (AI generated)
Egyptian Goddess Bastet compare to English word Basket
Egyptian Goddess Nepthys wearing hieroglyph for “Basket” and “house/temple” on her head.
“Basket” hieroglyph on Nepthys’ head.
Minoan “Snake” Mother Goddess with a cat (Bast) on her head.
Nepthys & Isis standing on Gold Hieroglyph from King Tut’s tomb.
Egyptian Gold Hieroglyph means necklace but looks like a basket with legs like a footstool for standing or kneeling.
Gold hieroglyph means necklace and note necklaces on Nepthys & Isis.
Cherubs on Ark of the Covenant are Nepthys & Isis
Artistic depiction of Ark of the Covenant: (Nepthys & Isis kneeling on Gold hieroglyph)
Nephys speaks in pictures and phonetics and in silence. The less I say and more pics and phonetics I share the more you will hear Nepthys speak to you in silence.
Nephtys standing at the head of a sarcophagi. Carlos Museum. Not a good sarcophagi she is tired (wings down) and not standing on gold, can’t see her golden necklace clearly.
Nepthys kneeling at head of a sarcophagi. Carlos Museum. Not a great sarcophagi. She not kneeling on gold, is washing a soul but can see her necklace and basket so gold hierglyph implied?

Nepthys kneeling on Gold Hieroglyph at head of sarcophagi. Best I’ve ever seen.
Picture taken by DrBenGo at Carlos Museum. Wings up (protection), kneeling on gold hierogplyph, necklace visible and basket on head. 10 snakes!
Nepthys with golden basket and necklace kneeling on Gold hieroglyph & holding feathers from 1920’s Egyptian revival Jewelry Carlos Museum. Pic taken by DrBenGo.
Hieroglyph for “house” meaning “temple” both in the sky and the basket/casket Ba she is protecting in the sarcophagi. Nepthys is the “Lady of the Temple Enclosure”
Nepthys is interchangeable with Khepri (Beetle “Keeper of Re”) at head of the sarcophagi. Carlos Museum. Nepthys & Beetle thus symbolize the trinity (Neferu) & transition/protect the dead Ba on its way to resurrect.
Nepthys depicted like Hathor with Set. The sun Sets in the West. Nepthys & Set protect Re at night on solar barque.
Nepthys depicted like Meri-Amun (Mary the Mother Ray i.e. Ma’at) with snakes around head.
Nepthys & Isis comforting dead Pharoh in Temple Enclosure with snakes on top. From Book of the Dead.
Lamentation Women playing roles of Nepthys & Isis on stools (representing gold hieroglyph) as priest dressed as Anubis works on the mummy of Petosiris. Anubis is son of Nepthys via Osiris though she married to Set.
Here, Nepthys (right) is a bigger deal (shown larger) than even Isis (left)! Usually they are depicted indistinguishable sisters as dark and light mirror images. Note Nepthys here has a basket with an Eye in it!
Nephtys & Isis can be depicted as snakes. Nepthys as Upper Egypt, Isis lower Egypt from crowns on the cobras. Both have a basket with an eye, both have temple enclosure and gold hieroglyph beside them. Protecting Ba or reassembled Pharoah between them. Nepthys appears to bring the right Eye (Gold) and Isis the left eye (Silver). Note gold hieroglyph betwen them and cartouch above with another basket with name of a male god with another eye (Third Eye) for supreme God concept.
Both Nepthys (left with horns like Hathor) and Isis (right) protect the Ba of the supreme God (Atom-Re) on the solar barque as it traversed the sky at night before resurrection in morning. Note they both have the basket with an eye motif again here.
Many images of “dark Isis” are actually Nepthys. The sisters are seen as mirror aspects of the complete Goddess. Nepthys takes you down to the underworld and Isis takes you back up. Egyptian Nepthys the wife of Set to the Greeks was most likely Persephone the wife of Hades. Per-Se-Phone means “Through Self Sound”.
Wings up! Wings Down! Flap those wings! Nepthys kneeling on gold hieroglyph.


Nepthys doesn’t speak in words only in pictures in silence or does she? Actually I’ve found Nepthys also can speak in phonetic sounds (She sings!). Of course she only sings lamentations for the dead, and when you start listening to her sounds it means she is preparing you for the afterlife as well so it freaks some people out but it shouldn’t if you recognize the cycle of eternal life and death is a part of life. Nepthys is the Goddess of Death as she protects the basket of the casket as the sarcophagi eats (phage) the body (sarc/Ba). But death is only temporary as the bandages of the mummy are her tresses as your body eventually emerges forth like a butterfly from a cocoon to live again. Nepthys is the keeper of the body of Ra which is why she is interchangeable in imagery with Khepri (Keeper of Re). Nepthys is the supreme mother goddess concept which can be represented by a trinity and/or the 3 parts of the dung beetle’s body & like the beetle the decomposing corpse is turned to gold to rise again like the sun.


Nepthys is the Goddess of many things including beer and secrets and mystery and darkness and death and gold and protection and more. But is her name really Nepthys?

The hieroglyph for basket (nb) and house (ht) indicate her name should be more like Neb-Hut. The word Hut is still even today in English the name of a house. Not just any house but a very small humble house. In much the same way a basket or casket for your remains is a very small humble house for you body (Ba/soul) in Egyptian religion as well so meaning hasn’t changed.

These days instead of calling the soul basket a casket, we also use the word coffin which comes from a French word for a container that holds jewelry. Nepthys is associated with the golden necklace jewelry so makes sense.

The hieroglphy for gold (nb) appears to be the same. We know the name of the child of Nepthys is Anubis which contains the (nb) gold in it as well. Also backwards (bn) is also gold as in my name Ben which means “gold of” or “Son of” or “Sun of”. The sun god Ra/Re in Egyptian religion and the phonetics of Sun/Son in English is no accident. Same with Jesus as the Son of God & Sun of God.

The basket and gold and necklace all appear to be the same thing. The secret is that the English language contains many words straight from Egyptian Gods and if we search we can find Nepthys I suspect.

Here are the ones I knew: Egyptian/English: Hapi = Happy, Tawaret = Tower/Turret, Bes = Best

And the exciting new one I found is Bastet/Basket. Nepthys is Bastet the cat goddess Bast the extra “et” in Egyptian is feminine ending. That’s why Tawaret in English is Tawar(Tower) or if you emphasize the feminine ending Tawaret(Turret).

Nepthys and her golden basket is Bastet the cat goddess and is associated with the casket the coffin the sarcophagi which protects the body as it goes on its journey through the realm of the underworld before being resurrected.


I’ve also identified Nepthys as the Sumerian Mother Goddess Ninmah, and her later name Ninhursag/Ninhursang as well as many other names. Nepthys and all her brother and sisters appear to be Orion constellation references. As a snake she is the Holy Spirit who I have identified with red nebula behind Orion and have talked about in previous episode. In old Egyptian she is Hathor the golden cow as dark apect of Isis. In Greek she is Persephone, In Norse she is Helga, In Celtic she is BoAnne and in English is Dead Anne or Morganna. Nepthys is also the bandages that fell off Christ during his resurrection when he pulled an Osiris. In Christianity, I have identified Nepthys as Mary Magdalene.


Nepthys by whatever name has been around since the dawn of human writing and religion and is the underpinning of the phonetic sound of Phoenician based languages which include Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Runic including Old English from Anglo Saxon Runes and even modern English. If you want to learn from her, she is the mother goddess who provides spiritual nourishment from her breast of the Milky Way. To communicate with Nepthys you have to look at pictures (look at the sacred writing pictures such as ones I provided in this episode), listen in the silence (hear your own breath i.e. meditate), or best way is to listen to the phonetic sounds of words.

Basket rhymes with Casket and in this sound Nepthys is present for example. She is a much better teacher than I, so listen to the sounds in your own mind and she will teach you the mysteries of death and life. C is the number 3 so Casket is a Basket with Triple Goddess or Triple bodied Keeper of Re, the Holy Trinity inside.


I want to point out the Alphabet Shift “b to p”.

Note that the letters “b” and “p” are mirror images. (As are b and d.) Athough the Hieroglyphs for Nepthys look more like Neb-Hut to me, I think Nep-Hut is more correct as “p” signifies a mirror image underworldy “b” so using Nep instead of Neb like Inpu instead of Anubis makes sense. I’d throw in a vowel in the front like an a so maybe Annaphut (Anna’s Foot) as a more English translated name for Nepthys which also makes sense as a Milky Way reference. Nepthys is a daughter of Nut, and Nut (Nu, the t unpronounced feminine ending) is known Egyptian goddess of the Milky Way. Compare to male form as Sumerian Annu. Nepthys is thus associated with the Milky Way but I assert that the way she is depicted by the Egyptian Heliopolan Ennead, she is also an Orion constellation reference to the flaming serpent of the red nebula behind it which is the Holy Spirit .

Other English slang words for the Milky Way God are “Moon Shoe” and the Moon Way i.e. the Ja-Way and compare to Hebrew (Yah-Way) and Egyptian god Hey-Hey the masculine symbols for eternity. Nepthys is the female symbol for eternity and is also the Ouroboros the snake eater as she is the sarcophagi, the basket the casket the coffin, the Lady of the Temple Enclosure i.e. the box that holds your remains.


Freya with Brisingamen

There is in my opinion a definite connection between Egyptian Goddess Nepthys and her golden necklace basket and the Norse Goddess Freya and her necklace of immortality known as the Brisingamen which I translate as the “Rising Amen” where Amen belies the common Egyptian origin with Amen-Ra. Also note that Freya is depicted as mother goddess with chariots pulled by two cats is like Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet who I have identified as Basket as Nepthys. Bes and Bast are male and female Egyptian cat gods. Note in images of Nepthys & Isis depicted with mummies the mummy table is frequently depicted as a male cat (assumed to be the dwarf lion Bes). The connection between Freya and the dwarves with the Brisingamen necklace is also preserved. The slander on the goddesses’s name which is in both Egyptian and Norse mythology is also preserved. In Egyptian Nepthys is slandered to have slept with Osiris to father her son Anubis (but I don’t believe it as Anubis looks like his daddy Set with animal head). In Norse mythology Freya is slandered to have slept with a dwarf to have gotten the Brisingamen incurring the ire of Odin. During the Amarna period of ancient Egypt the God Amun/Amen fell out of favor fo the god Aten. In my opinion Aten is Odin with well known T =D alphabet shift. Looking at king tut’s tomb he certainly looks very Viking to me as he is all about conquering and enslaving his enemies, and about burying himself with lots of golden treasure a very Viking thing to do. I confident that Osiris became Aten became Odin from Amarna period. I frequently wondered which side of the Amarna heresy my ancestors came from and the answer is both. Like all abrahamic religions the god AMEN was preserved but also no doubt have some Viking in there with ATEN/ODIN as both seem sacred to me. Trying to figure out how the heck did the Vikings have syncretism with ancient Egyptian religion, the best I can tell is possibly through their interaction with the Byzantine Empire via Greek language. The most concrete example of this connection is in the word Aegishjalmur which I discovered is Aegis (Greek word for Shield) Helm (Helmet). I talked about the Aegishjalmur in previous episode Santa’s Armor. Also the Viking runes are related to ancient Turkish (Gothuk) and the area of Turkey interacted with area of Egypt going very far back into antiquity (Hittites versus Egyptians at battle of Kodesh c1300’s BC for example). Greek religion syncretized with Egyptian religion during Ptolemy period and their dynasty was from Alexander the Great from Thrace who was basically of Germanic Origin so perhaps Germanic Proto-Indo-European connection of the English language and Viking religion are not so far fetched after all. This knowledge is very top secret stuff and is under the purview of Nepthys. If you meditate on it more you will find more examples that it is correct. Nepthys as an Egyptian Queen is frequently depicted as a vulture who would be a Norse Valkyrie, the Goddess of Death or the Chooser of the Dead. Nepthys as goddess of the dead would be syncretic with the Norse Goddess Helga/Helgi as well and many more connections can be found if you mediate. Nepthys is definitely a chooser of dead in Egyptian as if you have a heart of Gold that weighs lighter than the feather of truth as deemed by her son Anubis then you can pass the test in the Book of the Dead. Also note that Nepthys was frequently depicted as Hathor and note phonetic connection to Norse God Thor. Thor and Loki and Frey just like Nepthys and her brothers and sister Set and Osiris & Isis are all Orion constellation references. Freya just like Nepthys and Isis is depicted with wings showing common underlying connection to both Egyptian and Sumerian.

Thor and Loki with Freya’s Brisingamen


By the Ptolomy period of Greek occupation c300BC, Nepthys and Isis were depicted in a triad with Harpocartes where Osiris was replaced by Serpahis. Nepthys and Isis became Seraph angels & I’ve always felt an affinity with the Seraphim. The son of Nepthys (also father and husband possibly) Anubis was in the Greek religion their God Hermes who like Anubis was a psychopomp of the dead. All Orion references also Zeus and Hades and Poseidon and Athena and many more if not most of the Greeks Gods were Orion refs excepting Hera who was a MW ref. Nepthys is both a MW and a Orion ref. As Anubis or Osiris being the god of the dead would be Greek Hades, and thus his wife Persephone would be the Egyptian Goddess Nepthys. Just as Persephone was unwillingly wed to the God of underworld Hades and had to visit for part of the year, Nepthys was unwillingly wed to her brother Set but prefered to hang out with her sister Isis and brother Osiris in the fertile spring and resurrection of life than be stuck in the underwold. Persephone means Through (Per) Your Own / Self (Se) Sound (Phone) which contained the essence of the Egyptian relgion which was that your body would be judged worthy or not through your own song/story/acts/works/faith. Nepthys with her association with the crown of upper Egypt and Eye of Horus was also a brain anatomy and pineal reference indicating that the golden gate house to heaven was inside your own body. Also note the English term “Going to hell in a handbasket” is also a Nepthys reference as she is Basket/Bastet =)


Mary Magdalene kneeling before Christ. Compare to Nepthys kneeling on Gold.

Nepthys wanting to have a child in Egyptian mythology impersonated her sister Isis so that she could sleep with her sister’s fertile husband Osiris from which pairing came her son Anubis. But actually Anubis was a much older god in ancient Egypt and thus was more like Set and they both shared animal head characteristics indicating to me who was his true father (originally Set not Osiris). Also note that originally serpent was good then bad as Apohis/Apep and Set was a hero with his wife Nepthys who guarded the solar barque of the soul of the sun god. But later Set became vilified as the bad guy but his wife Nepthy was not. Nepthys as Hathor in male form [Comparable to Set] became Thor in Norse mythology in my opinion. Thor’s association with slayer of the serpent Jormungandr is very similar to Set and his wife Nepthys slaying Apohpis and later Greek Apollo slaying serpent Python who by Christian times can be compared to the Sun Angel St. Michael Slaying the Serpent in gold on top of Mont St. Michelle in France in Catholic Christianity (Western Roman Empire) which had become rather far removed form the Egyptian religion which was syncretic with Eastern Orthodox Christianity from the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). The last Egyptian temple was closed circa 400 AD in Byzantine empire. Nepthys and Isis with Harpocrates/Seraphis in Greek became combined as the Virgin Mary & Jesus, and I can identify Nepthys as Mary Magdalene. Nepthys can be identified with Sumerian mother Goddess Ninmah and her later name Ninhursag/Ninhursang and thus can be identified with the Egyptian verison of the “Whore of Babylon” as her reflected Isis self. Babylon = Baby lion and Nepthys is definitely associated with the cat cult (baby lion) Egyptian dwarf lion Bes, as the Goddess Bastet/Basket with her golden hieroglyphs (golden basket and golden necklace and golden house). The important thing is that there are a bunch of unexplained snakes in Christianity and these snakes are because of, and are Nepthys.

  1. Holy Spirit comes down in flaming serpents (Nepthys as red nebula of Orion constellation).
  2. Jesus as a mummy sheds his bandages (Nepthsy was the dressings for resurrection)
  3. Jesus after resurrection first visits Mary Magdalene (Nepthys) who is the first and foremost of his apostles. Nepthys was required for Jesus (Osiris) to resurrect.
  4. Mary Magdalene is described as having many demons that Jesus cast out, (she is a redeemed Whore of Babylon). The whore was a slander as the actually Nepthys was not a whore (accused of being so for cheating on her husband Set with Osiris), when in reality they are all one and the same Orion reference. If she is a whore she cheated on herself with herself lol.
  5. The Milky Way imagined as the leaded white of the face of a whore is insanity as lead poison leads to insanity. Is better to do the old way of imagining as a Golden Cow (Hathor/Nepthys) as Gold (Christ) leads to lead detox and to spiritual enlightenment. (Check out my artice Detox Lead with Gold & for Meditation on Jesus see appendix of Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation, and for meditation on Christ as Gold see Golden Heart Protection, and for more on Milky Way Snakes see Medusa Mother of Medicine & Magic ).
  6. Jesus upon resurrection says that true Christians should be able to handle snakes. These snakes are Nepthys.
  7. Jesus upon resurrection says that true Christians are immune to poison. These poisonous snakes are temple guardians of Nepthys & the poison immunity is detox with iMedDo Detox System, a triple detox of the triple Neferu, the Holy Trinity: NeuIodine, NeuSilver & NeuGold.

See Bible verse Mark 16:17-18 that true believers can handle snakes without being hurt!

17 And those who believe will be able to do these things as proof: They will use my name to force out demons. They will speak in new languages. 18 They will pick up snakes and drink poison without being hurt. They will touch the sick, and the sick will be healed.”


How many snakes you see with Nepthys? I see two big ones and 7 maybe 9 little ones above!


Watch me fight off the forces of chaos (Set) while not breaking the golden rule (Nephtys) as I evict a copperhead snake as a Golden Priest. Everyone said they would have killed the snake but I treated it with respect as the snake is the female symbol of eternal life. I would have put it in a basket to protect it from my cats as I have Basket/Bastet Nepthys Energy of the Holy Spirit flowing within. The divine in me recognizes the divine in you dear little scary poisonous copper-head snake as I have the flames of the Holy Spirit and the Gold of Christ, and I recognize you as the golden-head Nepthys/Freya/Mary Magdalene. It is by my own sound Persephone that I choose my own fate and I choose life. So no ya’ll I didn’t kill the snake =)

PS I apologize the above video of me fighting a snake is only on Facebook, if you don’t use Facebook excellent. If you can’t see vid no worries just take my word for it it was an epic battle where I was not trying to hurt the snake just making it move on. It struck at me many many times to no effect. I knew at the time that to hurt the snake would only be to hurt myself as I recognize the divine goddess in the angry snake mother who just wanted to lay eggs in my territory as her territory. If i see the snake again will name her Nepthys =)

Thankyou for reading & meditating with me. This concludes part two of Barium Detox: Golden Nepthys Basket.



Inside me is the Ark of the Covenant. It’s written in Gold on the Body of Re & Promises Eternal Life via Nepthys the Holy Spirit and Helper Protector of the Dead and Key to Resurrection via her son Anubis/Christ Jesus the Moon Zeus as resurrected Sun of God.

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