by DrBenGo Healthwarrior May, 2022

Greetings dear iMedDo newsletter subscribers! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and remembered to honor your mothers and congratulations to those of you who are mothers. This month’s topic is about breastmilk and formula for baby nutrition with comparison to egg and multivitamin for adult nutrition. Enjoy! In the news right now people are complaining about formula shortages so I hope you all find this article interesting, & timely to meditate on. Dr Calin Pop MD sent me his book Health 101 & multivitamin he designed ( that are inspiration for much of this episode, so big thanks to Dr Pop. In my local news, artist Aaron Baird is coming to visit me May 28th to do an art show and show off his masterpiece called “Dismantling the Matrix” which I talked about in January episode. He’s driving all the way from Texas to bring it to me and iMedDo Foundation is proud to have 3 masterpieces created by Aaron which will be in the art show. Event Details: Sat May 28th from 5-7 pm EST at Druid’s Lair address 5010 Ga-136, Unit #15 TRENTON, Georgia 30752, hope to see you there!

*Please note: I frequently use the word “breastmilk” instead of “breast-milk” or “breast milk” throughout this episode. In same way I frequently use the word “multivitamin” all one word instead of “multi-vitamin”. That was done intentionally to make comparison of these compound words slightly easier like “breastmilk vs multivitamin” is easer to comprehend than “breast-milk vs mult-vitamin”. Apology if I offend any English buffs with my creative punctuation. After originally writing article, I received some great commentary by DrPop some of which I have now included in the article in small print.


Why did I pick these four things to compare? On the two extremes we have breastmilk for baby nutrition, and a great multivitamin as an example for adult nutrition. An egg is somewhat similar to milk in being a natrual source of nutrition, and formula is somewhat similar to a multi-vitamin both powdered forms of nutrients. My hope is that by comparing and contrasting what’s in breastmilk, formula, an egg, and a multivitamin, we will be able to see common nutritional themes and can gain a deeper insight into human nutrition.


I eat an egg almost everyday for breakfast, so I was happy to see that in book Health 101 by Dr Calin Pop that he also recommends eating egg. A major theme of his book was eating less carbs and more healthy organic version of fats.

The egg is the perfect source of nutrition for a baby chicken up until the time it emerges from the egg.

But turns out an egg is also a surprisingly good source of nutrition for an adult human as well when combined with other diet and supplements like a good multi-vitamin. Eggs are considered a great source of natural and healthy fats.

In this episode I verify that many of the same nutrients in an egg are also in breastmilk, and are also added into synthetic breastmilk called formula, and are also in multivitamin. Any nutrient that is in all four is a nutrient that is vital to all life young or old, human or chicken =)


There is no substitute for actual breastmilk for baby nutrition nor for good diet for adult human nutrition. Although there is a demand to substitute human breast milk for animal milk & formula, recognize that should only be done sparingly. Formula and multivitamins should be used for supplemental nutrition not for substitute nutrition. I recommend all adults use a multivitamin but the reason is just to catch any nutrients you miss in diet, it does not substitute for a good diet. In same way for baby emphasis should be on getting baby nutrition through natural breast milk, not through substituted animal milk or formula.

“Nature always knows better. What is natural is balanced, what is artificial is always missing something” Dr Calin Pop Commentary

Formula and a multivitamin are created with many nutrients but they cannot substitute for natural sources of food, but they can supplement them. Breastmilk does not substitute or supplement diet, it is the whole diet for a baby. A multivitamin does not substitute for a diet, but it does supplement the diet. An egg is part of the diet but does not substitute for the rest the diet; an egg can be thought of as a supplement especially for natural fats.

An egg can substitute for human diet though, “just vitamin C I believe is missing” Dr Pop commentary.

Formula is mistakenly used as a substitute for baby diet, which it is not, and the result is malnourished babies with lower IQ, gut, immune, and other problems. Formula is not required as a supplement as baby should get all the nutrition it needs from breastmilk. There are certain situations where formula can be used to supplement a baby’s diet like if natural human breastmilk is unavailable and are feeding the baby animal milk, could use formula as an extra source of human nutrients like a multivitamin for baby.


If we compare natural breastmilk to artificial breastmilk formula, the big difference we see is that the formula is lacking all the FATS in the breastmilk. There are many other differences as well as breastmilk is alive with probiotics and stem cells and full of adaptive hormones and protective factors and more. But just macroscopically you will notice that a powdered formula when rehydrated is still nothing like real milk which is fatty! Breastmilk contains omega3 & omega6 fats, congugated linoleic acid , cholesterol, that formula does not, but they contain many similar vitmains & minerals, and things added to formula to make it more similar to breastmilk include leutein, choline, human milk oligosacchride (HMO), A2 beta casein from cow’s milk, lactose & fructo-oligosaccride carbohydrates. Formula does contain some safflower oil & soy oil & coconut oil so it does have some fats but not as good (especially if genetically modified (GMO) soy oil) as fats in real breastmilk.

“Correct!” Dr Calin Pop Comment


A powdered multivitamin in a capsule is macroscopically similar to a powdered baby formula.

“Usually vitamins are worse!” DrPop comment

Formula contains whey & lactose carbohydrate whereas multivitamin is contains powdered plant material but have many shared powdered ingredients especially similar vitamins & minerals. I noticed they both contain taurine amino acid & inositol. I noticed multivitamin contains molybdenum, chromium & boron and formula does not, whereas formula contains phosphorus, choline, leutein, iron, lactose, fructo-oligosaccrides & HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) that multivitamin does not. Formula & multivitamin are similar in that they neither contain cholesterol whereas breastmilk and egg do.


Breastmilk and an egg are more similar as they are natural sources of nutrition compared to formula or a multivitamin which are manmade attempts at nutrition for baby and for adult respectively. What they have in common macroscopically is that both breast milk and an egg are full of fats!

I think the main reason an egg is so healthy for an adult human is because it contains the FATS and cholesterol and phospholipids that we need in our diet that we do not necessarily readily get from other sources. The most obvious thing that breastmilk & egg have in common that formula & multivitamin do not is healthy cholesterol and healthy fats like omega-3.


Very similar to breastmilk vs formula. Similar vitamins and minerals but egg has more as well as egg has the fats & cholesterol.


Breastmilk vs multivitamin is very similar to breastmilk vs formula. Similar vitamins and minerals but breastmilk has more & has the fats & cholesterol. Additionally, breastmilk has all sorts of crazy factors and probiotics and hormones that multivitamin does not, but multivitamin has much plant based material like ground roots and seeds that milk does not.


Iodine is present in both formula & multivitamin as iodide form but that’s not enough as body also needs fat soluble molecular iodine which is in equilibrium with energized nascent iodine. NeuIodine is “nascent iodine” which means the iodine in it is more bioavailable to be turned into organified iodine which is transported in the body as thyroid hormone signaling molecules. The breast tissue is very similar to thyroid tissue because one of its major functions, like the thyroid, is it packages iodine into thyroid hormones for transport (T3 & T4 have 3 and 4 iodine molecules each). Instead of it being a “thyroid hormone” the same iodine transporting molecule is now transporting iodine into the breast milk! Iodine is a mineral nutrient, but in the body it is a vitamin which is transported by a “hormone” as the thyroid hormones should more accurately be viewed as iodine transport molecules that also are used in signaling to let tissues communicate when they need more! The baby requires a lot of iodine for brain development, and if the mother isn’t iodine deficient then your baby will be very smart so please use NeuIodine when pregnant and breastfeeding! Iodide in the baby formula won’t substitute for iodine from your breastmilk, and iodine in your multivitamin will not substitute for iodine in NeuIodine! Give yourself plenty of iodine. I recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women use 6 drops NeuIodine per day! Then your body will adaptively put enough iodine into your milk for the baby based on signaling via “thyroid hormones” (breast iodine transport hormones) which are produced by the breast in its function to package iodine into breastmilk. This is my major area of research interest, so when you support iMedDo Foundation with your donations, I will eventually be able to do more in this area when more money is available, so thankyou. Iodine nutrition is a critical yet misunderstood topic in breast milk nutrition. Much is still unknown, but what is known is that your baby needs fat soluble iodine in fatty breast milk not just water soluble iodide form from formula. I recommend adults use NeuIodine (2 drops for men, 4 drops for women) as well as get iodide from multivitamin. Your thyroid can use both forms, but the form in NeuIodine is more easily used and can be used even when thyroid is suppressed from using iodide form if you have toxins such as fluoride & mercury. In the same way, breast tissue can more readily use iodine in NeuIodine to package for baby into breastmilk and is much more health beneficial for mother to supplement NeuIodine and breastfeed than it is to rely on iodide in formula to nourish baby.


The only perfect nutrition known for humans is human breastmilk for human baby. It contains the perfect blend of what a baby human needs to grow.

Pause and mediate on the truth of the statement “the perfect nutrition for a human baby is breastmilk.”


When a mother doesn’t nourish herself enough, her milk also become less nutrient dense for the baby. When a mother is taking toxic drugs, or has failed to detox, then some of those toxins can pass into the milk causing problems for the baby. As I talked about in previous episode Jab Induced Thrombocytopenia, babies are already dying from vaccine poisoned milk which is very sad. The universe has been giving me strong signs that this issue of breastmilk is very important that I need to talk about it, and the topic of artificial breast milk formula, and formula shortages, and formula high prices, and Bill Gates trying to sell a new formula is currently in the news, so this episode is timely as breastmilk and formula and their differences really need to be discussed. The issue of formula is being highly politicized right now as many people in the US are upset that our government is giving money for a foreign war while mothers at home are having difficulty finding and affording formula. But I think the larger issue is that mothers need to be reminded that they can, through their own bodies, produce an infinitely better nutrition so they need to focus on giving their own body nutrients (good diet & neonatal multivitamins for example) and need to focus on detox and not being nutrient depleted before, during and after pregnancy. And the real issue is that just like ancient Egyptians told us that babies are under attack by demons at birth, are very vulnerable and need lots of protection. The demon Bill Gates is attacking babies with jab poisoned milk & appears to be driving up formula prices to create artificial demand for his toxic formula. It’s just a ruse to sucker in mothers who are not in touch with their inner divine to sacrifice their children rather than to nourish them with real breast milk. See through evil and focus on the beauty of the Holy breast milk which like demon banishing colloidal silver does not tolerate evil to pass. Instead, women need to detox and make their own milk and decrease reliance on formula. Please, I urge you not to use the formula Bill Gates is promoting. Please breastfeed your babies and use formula only sparingly for when you can’t. If you got the jab and don’t trust your own milk, find an unvaccinated wet nurse, it’s so critical your baby get real human breastmilk. The true mark of a poisoner and a fake doctor is if they tell you not to breastfeed. Even if your breastmilk is poisoned by the jab it is still better than formula in my opinion especially if you fortify it with multivitamins & iMedDo System. If you can’t make your own milk then search for wet nurse or even goat milk or cow milk is better than most formula so use formula very sparingly.


From my perspective the most important fat soluble nutrient in breastmilk that is being overlooked is iodine. Additionally, breastmilk contains iodine in the “thyroid hormones” in the milk, which if the mother is nutrient depleted or has low thyroid function say from mercury heavy metal suppression and fluoride will result in baby getting less iodine than they need. I’d prefer thyroid hormone be renamed the “iodine mineral transport hormone”. These ‘thyroid hormones” are predominantly breast tissue derived iodine transport molecules so are more accurately “breast hormones” if you wanted to call them that. My working name is “breast derived iodine transport signaling molecules.” i.e. iodine breast hormones which can not only nourish but also communicate with the baby via breast milk. It’s a cliche that pregnant women always crave ice cream. Why is that do you think? I think it is because their body is trying to tell them to get more fat soluble iodine which is present in the fat part of cow milk so that it can use that to put the iodine into the fat of the breast milk for the human baby. Breastmilk nutritional composition is adaptive and changes over time according to the needs of the baby but it is known that iodine levels (in thyroxine T4 (contains 4 molecules of iodine) hormone) increase 3-4x in pregnancy and first few months of breastfeeding. Please note that I recommend whereas men should take 2 drops NeuIodine (thyroid & detox), and women 4 (thyroid, breast, ovary & detox), it is my recommendation that pregnant and breastfeeding women dose ramp up their iodine to 6 drops NeuIodine (extra two drops iodine for baby). After breastfeeding done in 1-2 years, mother can go back down to 4 drops a day. Once baby is no longer breastfeeding, recommend give them 1 drop NeuIodine a day. The iodine signaling feedback loop is real! Women will crave ice cream when they need iodine, and I as a man was craving milk well into adulthood where milk craving only stopped when I started supplementing iodine. The baby when needs more iodine will communicate with mother’s body during breast feeding & breast will increase breast derived iodine transport signaling molecules (“thyroid hormones”) to the baby to keep baby healthy. Iodine is not just a nutrient, like many other things in milk it’s also a protective factor.


It is my belief that silver & gold are nutrients in the human body but my belief is not yet shared in mainstream medicine. We know from Dr. Calin Pop MD internal medicine doctor that silver and gold nanoparticles when done correctly (glutathione coated 10 nm size) are safe. But unlike iodine, I don’t think you need to increase dosage when pregnant. The idea is just that mom, continue to take silver & gold with iodine together in iMedDo system and then if the baby needs more will request and will go in breastmilk to protect the baby as needed. The enzyme in the breastmilk that ferries beneficial metals to the baby as needed (iron, silver, gold) is called Lactoferrin, and I discuss it in more detail in the appendix has simply amazing properties which aid in protecting the baby from bacteria & virus.

Many pregnant women use & have used colloidal silver successfully when sick and no problems have ever been reported to the best of my knowledge and same goes for colloidal gold, though less feedback on the gold is available. We do know that silver & gold was given to babies after they were born (reference to wise men giving gold to baby Jesus especially interesting as I think it was actually electrum (silver & gold) together. So definitely after birth they can have silver and gold, but in my opinion is better for mother to use silver & gold and simply breastfeed and let nature decide how much silver & gold and iodine to give to baby. However if you stop breastfeeding and are using formula you might want to put a little silver & gold in there and put a drop of NeuIodine directly on baby’s skin. Putting colloidal silver in baby’s eyes for conjunctivitis is well known remedy, and one drop NeuSilver or NeuElectrum should do the trick. *Do not put NeuIodine in eye of you or of baby. NeuIodine goes on skin. You can put NeuSilver & NeuGold in your baby formula but I recommend cutting the dosage. On drop NeuElectrum which is silver & gold at 25% concentration in baby formula is fine. *But I prefer if you just breastfeed and mom take the silver & gold will give to baby naturally transported by lactoferrin if baby’s body needs it.

Breastmilk has natural probiotics that protect the baby’s microbiome. Formula does not. So whereas you do not want to add colloidal silver and gold to breast milk, you might want to add it to formula because the benefit of the silver killing any unwanted bacteria should outweigh any problem with it killing any good bacteria especially if the formula gives your baby a bad gut microbiome. Try resetting with silver and then replenishing the baby’s microbiome with real milk afterwards. For such complex things best if you call a doctor for help, and I’m always available for questions of specialty dosing like that so be sure to contact me if questions.


Colloidal Silver especially high quality food grade NeuSilver is believed to be capable of killing ALL bacteria good and bad, BUT the observation is that it seems to only kill bad bacteria while sparing the good!

“This is correct, only kills the bad” Dr. Pop comment. Note that Dr Calin Pop M.D. is a silver expert and also wrote the book Truth about Colloidal Silver & Gold that I reference in the Guide.

How is this? It’s been a subject of much confusion for me over the years but by studying breastmilk I gained some valuable insight which I will now share. In breastmilk there are many factors to promote the bacteria for the baby’s gut that are desirable and to feed them while suppressing undesireable bad bacteria. The most well known “good” bacteria is the lactobacillus and the milk has known lactobacillus growth promoting factors. I think the reason for the observation that silver seems to only kill bad bacteria and spare the good is that the human body must be producing supporting factors for the good bacteria, just like there are supporting factors for baby microbiome in breast milk. In other words silver can kill all bacteria good and bad, but the body is helping the good bacteria stay alive, so when you use silver the result is the observation of the silver killing the bad bacteria and the good still surviving. Breastmilk is alive with 600+ good bacteria for the baby and yet has strong antibacterial properties killing other bad bacteria. So if you use formula and get a bad batch don’t be afraid to do a gut reset with silver as the factors will help the good bacteria stay alive as you replenish baby’s gut microbiome with real breastmilk. NeuSilver is adult dose, and so I recommend cutting it to 25% dosage (or can do one drop NeuElectrum which contains silver & gold at 25%) when doing a baby gut reset. You want silver dosage high enough to kill bad bacteria but low enough that body keeps alive the good bacteria that it is promoting. Use real breast milk which is adaptive to replenish baby’s gut flora. How exactly the body is able to balance having over 600+ good bacteria keeping them alive while suppressing bad bacteria is not completely known but appears to use iodine, silver & gold in my opinion. Writing this article, I got a good lead that it might involved the same or similar protein as transferrin protein in milk that binds iron but can likely bind silver & gold in similar way to both transport them and to use them for biowarfare to kill bad bacteria, virus & cancer selectively.


Iodine is known to make breast cancer go away. If you think of breast cancer as a bad bacteria getting the upper hand by mimicking one of the 600+ bacteria that the breast is trying to support, then somehow the iodine nutrient when transported in breast derived signaling molecule “thyroid hormone” is able to send the message to squash the bad bacteria. Also silver is highly anti-cancer which could partly be because it is used selectively like in milk lactoferrin or a lactoferrin like protein to selectively kill bad bacteria while body is selectively keeping good bacteria alive.


People think of the gut microbiome, but there must be a “breast microbiome”, or how could 600+ bacteria for the baby be put into breast milk? This is a really new topic for me to think about so I’m just going to mention that the breast microbiome must exist, but I know very little about it. However it works, iodine seems to be required to keep it in balance as without iodine, bad bacteria from the breast microbiome create breast cancer whereas when you get iodine breast cancer goes away. My gut after doing research for this article is screaming that I need to really research milk lactoferrin and interaction with silver & gold in addition to its use with iron for bacterial suppression as it also seems to be involved in the pathway.


I think the benefit of the baby getting breastmilk even if is somewhat vaccine poisoned milk is still better than using formula.

I think that if the mother is not iodine deficient that her body will automatically increase the levels of T4 iodine containing hormone in the breast milk which will offer the baby increased protection from vaccinosis.

Babies that are breastfed are 73% less likely to die from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is because SIDS is vaccine damage and iodine suppresses vaccine poison & when used with silver & gold suppresses ALL poisons (panacea).

“Always wondered why the shysters are calling it “syndrome” – No it’s death!” DrPop commentary

So yes, I think you should breast feed even if you got vaxxed with the caveat that it is critical that you supplement with iMedDo system and use a great multivitamin while doing so.


Ideally, I would like you detox with iMedDo system for 6 months (or a year if you can) to flush all vaccine poison out of your system before getting pregnant & breastfeeding. Regardless, do not fail to take 6 drops NeuIodine a day, you will feel your body craving it as the iodine is used for the baby during pregnancy and in breastmilk.


The perfect nutrition for a baby human is mother’s breast milk.

A great nutrition for a baby human is any human’s breast milk (wet nurse).

A good nutrition for a baby human is breast milk from another non human animal (cow, goat, sheep etc) & real honey, donor human breast milk pasteurized (loses much health benefit though).

An okay nutrition for a baby human is a synthetic formulation attempt at breast milk called “formula” if it is similar in nutrient composition to breast milk.

Bad nutrition for a baby human is a a synthetic formulation at breast milky that is dissimilar in composition & lacking in critical nutrients found in breast milk.

Terribly nutrition for a baby human is poisoned breast milk, fake honey, fake formula, and formula funded by Bill Gates!


Comparing milk, formula, egg and adult multivitamin, I found a number of obvious similarities. All contain Vitamin A, Various Vitamin B’s, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium.

*these just obvious ones to me there could be others I missed.

The two natural things milk & egg are more similar than the two man-made things formula & multivitamin.

The noticeable difference being milk & egg have FATS (omega3&6) & fat soluble cholesterol whereas formula and multivitamin do not.


From Dr.Pop’s multivitamin is clear he has two forms of Vitamin A (retinal palmitate) & Vitamin A (beta carotene). I noticed that formula (Similac brand) also has both palmitate and beta carotene listed as ingredients. Vitamin A is known to be in both milk & egg as well. Take home Vitamin A is very important to human nutrition. Believed to be used in eye development & health especially.


The things we known as vitamins were discovered around the time between WWI & WWII and the first one was discovered was called “thiamine” now known as vitamin B1 as it was the first discovered vitamin (So should have been A1 lol). At the time it was thought that all vitamins like thiamine were type of amines so the word “vitamine” was used a combination of “vital” + “amine”. Later is was discovered that not all vitamins are amines so the ending “e” was dropped and we got the word “vitamin”. Most of the vitamins in a multivitamin are B vitamines & B vitamins are very confusing as they have many names. Now days a multvitamin has both vitamines and minerals and the good ones have plant matter derived nutrients like roots & seeds as well. There is definitely an art to doing Vitamin B’s correctly & looking at what’s in DrPop’s multivitamin gives a good ideas as to what B vitmains to expect in a great multivitamin. Comparing multivitamin to formula and egg and milk it is clear that B vitamins are found across the board & thus are critical for nutrition


Vitamin B1 is called Thiamine. Thiamine is the first Vitamin ever discovered.

Clearly Thiamine is a very important nutrient for human health as DrPop actually has it listed in two different forms in his multi-vitamin (Vitamin B1 (thiamine) as Thiamine mononitrate & also as separate ingredient Thiamine as Benfotiamine. Thiamine is also listed as an ingredient in Similac formula, so is also something in human milk nutrition that is to be emulated. Take home: Vitamin B1 i.e. thiamine is very important for human nutrition. There are many B vitamins and they have multiple names.

“Benfotiamine is a form of vitamin B1 great for nervous function, peripheral neuropathy and diabetes. Great for mental decline and Alzheimer’s prevention” Dr Pop commentary.

VITMIN B2: Riboflavin

Riboflavin found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin.

VITAMIN B3: Niacin

Niacin found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin. Also known as Niacinamide.

VITAMIN B5: Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin.


I guess this one doesn’t get a special name, like the other B vitamins, it’s just B6. B6 is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin.

VITAMIN B7: Biotin

Vitamin B7, Biotin, is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin

VITAMIN B9: Folate

Folate, or Folic Acid is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin. This one is special enough that it gets its own name and is what’s added to a multivitamin to make it a “prenatal” multivitamin as folate necessary for baby spinal chord fusing to prevent spina bifida. But I notice folate is important as well for adult human health as is added to DrPop’s multivitamin where is listed in two forms Folic Acid & as Folate (as methylfolate).

“Methyl folate is the already activated form of folic acid.” DrPop comment


B12 is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin. Low energy from B12 deficiency a common problem & major reason why should take a B multivitamin for adult humans. In the formula it was listed as cyanocobalamin and in DrPop’s multivitamin was listed as Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin).

“Methylcobalmin is more, way more bioavailable especially to the metabolism of new emerging cells that need B12 to regenerate periodically and for the nervous system.” DrPop commentary

It really pops out that DrPop included a whopping 83,333% Vitamin B12 dose in his multi-vitamin! He recommends 8 tablets a day so each tablet has 10,416% daily value (DV)! WOW!

“The only way B12 can hurt someone is if you drown in it. Otherwise, low levels is a big problem – you cannot regenerate healthy cells – high levels are no issue.” DrPop commentary


B vitamins are a bit confusing as there are a lot of them with different numbers and names. I get the impression that there are a wide variety of them found in nature in milk & eggs and that when baby using formula or when adult using a multivitamin we just getting a limited selection of them. Likely some of them are not even discovered yet. That’s why it’s better to get B vitamins from natural sources like breastmilk for babies & natural diet for adults. Better formulas and better multivitamins no doubt have more variety of B vitamins in them (B complex vitamins i.e. a complex of many B vitamins). DrPop’s Power Source One multi-vitamin definitely contains a complex of B vitamins and looks very good great even as has multiple types of some of them like folic acid & folate, & thiamine in two forms mononitrate & benfotiamine forms for example. There is enough info just on B vitamins alone that deserves a full episode in the future just for now recognize that B vitamins are an important part of human nutrition & you definitely want them in your multi-vitamin, and differences in multi-vitamin formulations could be from different forms of B vitamins included, so make sure you multi has all the top ones: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, B6, B12. Vitamins are confusing at first pass as they start as letters A,B,C,D,E but in the B’s go by numbers and a variety of names instead.

“Activated B vitamins are important as we all have different genetic defects in activating specific vitamins. When a genetic defect is present, and we all have several defects but albeit different ones we may need doses of specific vitamins that may be 10-100x of “normal” in order to cover all of these defects in everyone. I believe in high doses of vitamins.” ; “[It’s better to get B vitamins naturally] Yes, but if you have a genetic defect, and a big number of people do, they need a huge amount of B vitamins just to be able to function normally, and there is NO WAY we can get it naturally.” DrPop commentary. [Genetic defects is major reason why we need multivitamin].

VITAMIN C: Ascorbic Acid: NO EGG

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is found in milk, formula & multivitamin, but amazingly is the only nutrient not found in egg! A standard egg contains every vitamin except for vitamin C. Humans have lost the ability to make vitamin C, so is important we get it in our diet or in multi-vitamin.


Vitamin D is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin. Listed as D3 cholicocalciferol in multivitamin.
Vitamin D is fat soluble and like its name “calciferol” sounds it is involved in calcium pathway. I discuss Vitamin D, iodine, silver, gold, and kidney & adrenal hormones in previous episode: Fluoride & Kidney Stones. I think a lot of people have their D pathway gunked up and the commonly known idea that you need sunshine to make vitamin D is not enough as vitamin D requires a secondary activation that requires kidney hormone to not be suppressed by fluoride which is why just taking vitamin D supplements alone is not enough for many they also need iodine (and gold for substitute sunshine if not getting enough). If you are having problems in your vitamin D pathway, please try iMedDo Detox System as once whatever toxin is suppressing kidneys is flushed out (frequently fluoride or mercury for example), oftentimes the vitamin D pathway and related pathways of calcium and magnesium balance will clear up.


Vitamin E, also known as Tocopherol, is found across the board in milk, egg, formula & multivitamin.

“Vitamin E complex is composed of at least 8 components, 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. It is good to get them all or at least the tocopherols.” DrPop commentary


E appears to be where the alphabet listing of vitamins ends. Vitamins F & G only exist in this Earthy Kitt song to the best of my knowledge =)

“Vitamin F used to be named the omega 3 fatty acid” DrPop commentary

“Take Vitamin A,B,C,D,E,F,G for lunch! Crunch! … “Cause if I love ya’ then need ya’ if I need ya’ then I want you around!”


I hope to one day revamp the vitamin naming system but am not there yet. I started making my own card based vitamin naming system you can see in the old Guide end of chapter one where I said:

“The JACK of all health supplements is simply a good ‘ole fashion multi-vitamin. Make sure whichever multi-vitamin you choose has at least vitamin B6, B12, D, selenium, iodide, zinc, copper*, iron*, manganese and magnesium.” DrBenGo Healthwarrior (from about 7 years ago.)


Looking at Dr.Pop’s multi-vitamin let’s compare. Yup it’s got all of those Vitamin B6,B12, D, Selenium, iodide, zinc, manganese & magnesium.

Doesn’t have copper or iron but that’s okay. Why? Because I stopped recommending copper & iron in multivitamin:

Here’s where I meditate on copper. Copper Containment. Nov,2019 episode.

Here’s where I meditate on iron. Iron Firestone of Life. Dec,2019 episode.

Why not? Because I think colloidal gold is better than copper which I get via iMedDo System, and because I get plenty of iron in my diet via meat. Even if you are vegetarian or iron deficient for some reason, you can always supplement iron separately on top of your multivitamin, but better for multi to not have iron in it in my opinion. Why not? Because iron promotes bacterial growth. I see yes, both copper and iron are in milk & egg, but recognize they in contained forms whereas free copper and iron are a problem.

“Iron & copper are cancer producing elements too. Copper in excess of zinc (there is a balance) – causes a lot of today’s mental problems, depression, anxiety etc. Since most people are zinc deficient, I opted to supplement zinc – almost always beneficial, and not balance it with copper (almost always not beneficial) especially in about 25% of population. Iron is a problem as some people have too much iron so it is very detrimental to 10-20% of the population, so if you want a safe product you have to take it out for adult population. It is different in infants.” DrPop comment

My point is DrPop’s multivitamin has all the nutrients I have been already recommending people take in their multi for many years now (except for copper & iron) which I no longer recommend, so kudo’s DrPop, I love your multivitamin is very impressive. I did notice that formula does have copper & iron added in there so is notable that there is no copper & iron added into multivitamin as he clearly did that on purpose.

“Yes, absolutely, see above.” DrPop comment

Because there is quite a bit of plant roots in the multivitamin there could be copper and iron in there trace amounts as well as many other minerals & nutrients not listed, but him not adding copper & iron in there is not a problem for me since I’m using colloidal gold & nascent iodine from iMedDo System. Can read about my copper-gold detox hypothesis in Guide & in Copper episode. Re-reading section on iron anemia from my iron episode: “If the bone marrow does not have enough iron available (or vitamin B12 available) it cannot make enough enough RBCs.”

If you look at extremely high level of B12 in the multivitamin it’s clear that DrPop likely thinks that iron deficiency (red blood cell deficiency i.e. iron anemia) is more of a B12 deficiency than an actual iron deficiency.

“Not necessarily, but excess B12 cannot hurt and absorption is less than 1%, however iron can accumulate and be detrimental” DrPop commentary

So instead of supplementing more iron like many would, looks like his strategy is to crank up the B12 in his vitamin. I like it & I agree with his strategy. If you think you are low iron try iodine & B12 and see if your problem fixes itself.

“Always verify with lab test” DrPop commentary

If you are low copper or high copper try colloidal gold instead. For high copper take extra zinc too.

“[Low copper] is extremely rare, maybe people who took high zinc for decades” DrPop commentary

I’m skeptical of whether iron added to the baby formula is actually helpful, likely promotes bad bacteria. Although there is copper in breastmilk, there is no copper in either formula or multivitamin. Copper has antibactrial properties and is found in milk (which has lots of antibacterial and probacterial properties for bad and good bacteria).

I think the reason copper is not added to either formula or to multvitamin is because as I said in my copper episode “It is impossible to talk about copper without talking about zinc because both are absorbed by the same receptors in the small intestine.”

So if you add zinc to a multivitamin or formula which they should and they do and if you expect it to be absorbed you maybe can’t add copper as well because copper interferes with zinc absorption. Largest reservoir of copper is in the liver and DrPop seems to me an expert in liver detox, so I trust his multivitamin which has zinc but not copper makes sense to me. There is a controversy over whether to give baby iron or not I mention in the appendix. My take is that putting iron in formula is wrong as it will promote bad baceria growth in baby whereas iron in milk & egg is done right naturally where it is shuttled and contained inside lactotransferritin moleculer which has amazing properties I talk more about also in appendix.


Manganese is used with copper & iron in the body. Manganese is found across the board in breastmilk, egg, fromula & multivitamin. I did notice in formula manganese was given as manganese sulphate form and in multivitamin was given as manganese gluconate form.


Iodine is found across the board in milk, formula, egg and multivitamin. In formula & multivitamin is only found in iodide (water soluble salt form), potassium iodide in multivitamin.

Many analyses of milk did not list iodine some even list cholorine in milk which I suspect was their equipment detecting iodine and registering it incorrectly. Regardless, iodine is in all milk. It’s so important I even saw one formula say they had reformulated to add more iodine (iodide form). Just adding more iodine to formula or multivitamin is not enough because the body needs to convert it into thyroid hormones to transport and signal with it. The fat soluble & nascent iodine, like in NeuIodine, are superior forms for that. How iodine is transported in milk exactly besides in “thyroid hormones” i.e. “breast derived iodine nutrient signaling molecules” is not clear, but one way is through fat soluble iodolipids and likely through other ways as yet undiscovered.

It’s important to supplement with fat soluble NeuIodine which as nascent iodine is readily converted to T3/T4 in thyroid or breast for breastmilk, even if you getting iodide already in your multivitamin. Please note NeuIodine has dose ramping protocol where women work up to 4 drop a day and pregant or breastfeeding women 6 drops a day.


The main difference is that milk & egg are natural & that formula & multivitamin are man’s best attempt at imitation.

The main limitation of creating a powdered formula or a powdered multivitamin is that you are bound to miss some of the fat & fat soluble nutrients that you would otherwise get in milk or egg.

In Health 101 book, DrPop does not recommend milk for adults as so many problems with non-human milk cow and goat and pasteurization and homogenization and for most causes more grief than help. But he does recommend everyone eat egg.

“Organic, natural, cage free [egg], etc” DrPop commentary

So if you eat egg which will provide fats & cholesterol and eat a good diet and also take the multi-vitamin and other age specific supplements he recommends in his book then you have a much better chance of being well nourished is my interpretation.

I’ll add that for people though, in order to stop drinking milk you will need to make iodine supplement as one reason for milk craving is actually an iodine craving like pregnant women craving ice cream. I personally craved milk well into adulthood and it was not until I started doing iodine supplementation that my milk cravings went away.

Breastmilk starts out as the perfect food for human baby and over time becomes less so for human adult.

“Cow’s milk is NOT for humans” DrPop commentary

But the same concept applies that you can look at the nutrients in milk and make interesting observations in differences between human and animal milk for deep insight into nutrition, so I hope all you my dear readers mediate on that.


One interesting fat soluble vitamin that DrPop talks about in his book is vitamin K2 and you will notice there is no vitamin K in his multivitamin (because you have to eat fat to get it!) so his books discussion of good fats versus bad plastic fats and clearing up confusion over cholesterol was very appreciated. Vitamin K is in breast milk and egg but you won’t get it in formula or multivitamin. Or can you?

“It is an expensive item which would price the mutivitamin out” DrPop commentary

I noticed DrPop put CoQ10 in his multi-vitamin which is very similar in structure to vitamin K. Nice!

“Thx” DrPop commentary


A fascinating difference I noticed is Chromium. I see there is chromium in the multi-vitamin but as far as I can tell there is no chromium added to the baby formula. But if you dig deeper you will find chromium is an essential nutrient that is required in slightly higher amounts for breastfeeding women so am surprised is not added to the formula, and it is in milk & egg. Chromium is used in sugar & fat metabolism (two of DrPop’s specialties as he also sent me book on Diabetes & advocates for zero carb but high natural fat diet). So I think the addition of more than a little chromium in the multi-vitamin is very significant. DrPop is recommending 1429% RDA chromium in his vitamin (recommends 8 pills a day, so each pill has 178% RDA chromium in it! WOW!

“RDA [recommended daily allowance] has nothing to do with what we need to thrive. Most adults in Western countries have diabetes or pre-diabetes or at least metabolic syndrome. So this [chromium RDA in multivitamin] is appropriate for an American adult but not for an infant” DrPop commentary


There is phosphorus in breast milk and egg, but not as far as I can tell phosphorus is not in the formula or multivitamin, as I don’t see it listed as an ingredient in either. Phosphorus is high in eggs, so I assume by eating multivitamin plus egg & diet that DrPop thinks we get enough phosphorus via diet already to not need it in multivitamin. However, even though not listed as an added ingredient because his multivitamin also contains a blends of herbs, roots and seeds there is likely some phosphorus in the plant part of the powder. Just curious DrPop if you are reading this, can you comment on phosphorus nutrient please?

“Phosphorus is everywhere in diet, even in a less optimal diet, plenty and abundant, like calcium. No need to supplement” DrPop commentary


Whereas a baby drinks milk, an adult has to get diet egg and plants (required) and meat (optional) and other sources (multivitamin). So is interesting in the adult multivitamin which is different from the milk, egg and formula is the addition of plant matter of which there are 3 roots and one seed: Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng, Astralgalus, and Silymarin Extract (seeds). Of these I’m familiar with the health properties of Ginseng but am excited to look more into the other plants DrPop included in his multi-vitamin.

BORON, ROYAL JELLY, & other Goodies

There is a newsletter I partially wrote have never published yet about Boron where there is indication that boron is an important nutrient. I noticed DrPop put Boron in his multi-vitamin which indicates to me he really is a pro.

“[Boron is] Great against cancer & osteoarthritis” DrPop commentary

Same with adding the Royal jelly from bees in the multi-vitamin that’s a real dense high nutrient multivitamin within his multivitamin. Some other goodies in his multivitamin include taurine, resveratrol, glutathione, Quercitin & R lipoic acid.

Taurine is an amino acid with widespread uses in the body which you can also find in the milk, eggs, and meat. Didn’t see it added to the formula. Resvertrol is very healthy is from red grapes, glutathione is the master anti-oxidant. Glutathione is also the coating on food graded nanosilver & nano gold NeuSilver & NeuGold, is nice to get even more in the multi-vitamin. Quercetin is very health beneficial have heard all about & used it myself already it during the rona. It’s anti-inflammatory & anti-high blood pressure and also reduces blood sugar so I can see why DrPop with his diabetes expertise would include that in his multivitamin for sure. Quercetin as a plant pigment is not in milk or egg or formula but is in multivitamin and interesting as a difference in baby versus adult nutrition that it is recommended so worth learning more about if you’ve never heard of it.


Another goodie in Dr.Pop’s multivitamin is R Lipoic Acid. I had hear of Alpha lipoic acid & turns out R lipoic acid is the active form that is better absorbed & lipoic acid is a “supreme anti-oxidant” so like glutathione is very health beneficial.

“Alpha lipoic acid is half R and half L form” DrPop commentary

Looks like in adult diet can get it also in vegetables like spinach & broccoli, and Lipoic acid is also found in egg and milk, but I didn’t see it in baby formula so maybe is something they should consider adding, will just have to file this away and look more into it in the future. How important or not is the lack of lipoic acid in formula compared to it being in milk, egg and multivitamin I’m not sure but is interesting question to think more about later.

LIVER DETOX TRIO: Milk thistle, Selenium, Zinc

I was reading that milk thistle, plus selenium plus zinc makes an excellent liver detox. I notice in DrPop’s multivitamin the ingredient “silymarin”. Turns out that is just another name for milk thistle, so sure enough the multi-vitamin has the built in liver detox which is very cool.

“Silymarin is the active extract of milk thistle, not another name. It is the active ingredient, milk thistle is the whole plant” DrPop commentary

I can tell DrPop has a deep understanding of this liver detox trio because he put some very specific forms of selenium & zinc in his multivitamin: Selenium (sodium selenate 50%, L-selenomethionine 50%), Zinc (as monomethionate) which with the Milk Thistle (silymarin) in there means that his multi-vitamin is in itself a built in detox system which is very complimentary with the iMedDo Detox System. Selenium is a good nutrient to go with iodine that I recommend you get in your multi-vitamin, and with two forms of it in DrPop’s multivitamin is very nice.

“Selenium, a turning piece of the immune system and thyroid, is a good nutrient to go with iodine. Great anti-cancer nutrient” DrPop comment

I’m planning to do more research on zinc in the future, for now just note it’s a very important nutrient, and there are different forms likely some better to supplement than others, and is very instructive and interesting to note the form in the multi-vitamin (zinc as monomethionate) will have to look more deeply into that in the future.

As previously stated, selenium and zinc are naturally occurring in milk, egg, are added to formula and are added to the multivitamin so they are across the board in the comparison. The Milky Thistle however since is from a plant (milk thistle is a thistle plant is not found in breastmilk in spite of similar name) is only found in the multivitamin and is not in the formula, the milk or the egg.

So Silymarin i.e. Milk Thistle at first pass seems to be one of those differences in adult diet and baby diet were we need more plants instead of milk later in life. There are no doubt other liver protective factors in breast milk & egg, so baby humans or baby chickens can survive fine without silymarin, but is excellent of adult human diet supplementation in multivitamin.

“There are antibodies, growth factors, lactoferrin, colostrum immunoglobulins in milk” DrPop comment


Unlike for a baby human, where perfect nutrition is breast milk, for an adult human what is the perfect nutrition is less clear. All we can do is our best with diet, powerful supplements like iMedDo System and multivitamins. Power Source Once ( multi-vitamin formulation by Dr.Pop as recommend in his Health 101 book appears to be, like its name sounds a powerful multivitamin, and my analysis of it and comparison to milk, formula and egg for similarities and differences was very instructive to me to see what all nutrients he is recommending for an adult and how it stacks up to nutrients used by baby human. By looking at the differences we can see that at some point adult humans need to get more plant based nutrition in their diet to make up for the loss of nutrition factors from natural milk, and you can see that the core nutrients in baby formula, an egg and a multivitamin are all the same (Vitamin, A, B’s, C, D, E & minerals etc). However, as we look into it, we notice it is impossible to recreate, now matter how hard we try, the perfect nutrition of breastmilk with formula, nor is possible to recreate the nutrients in plants & an egg in a multi-vitamin, but we try our best as oftentimes is very convenient to have a nutritional supplementation like formula for babies & multivitamins for adults. The most noticeable difference is that in formula or in a multi-vitamin you are not going to get the fats and as much fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K for example), and other fat related things like cholesterol that you need from a power formula or a powered vitamin. But if you as an adult eat egg and take multi-vitamin, you get a much closer approximation to perfect nutrition than you would only otherwise. Regardless you will notice the powered multivitamin does have vitamins A, D, E, K in it, but you will need to be getting enough fats in your diet for them to dissolved and be used by the body. So diet to go along with a multi-vitamin is extremely important. Instead of fats from milk as adults we likely get fats from other sources and DrPop in his health 101 book recommends fats from plant sources (avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil for example). But it’s hard because most vegetable oils (soy, canola) are toxic. Can get fats from meat diet but also in his Diabetes book he recommends against getting animal fats. Getting fats from egg yolk is critical for human adult health. So, you can really his frustration that cardiologists have everyone brainwashed into being afraid of eating eggs and and avoiding cholesterol and on toxic statin drugs. DrPop says eating eggs is good, I agree and so do many other doctors. I first heard about the problems of toxic statin (mainstream cholesterol drugs) from DrGlidden in the Big Secret Movie of which I was a part. Was nice to hear DrPop confirm. No do not be afraid of cholesterol, no do not be afraid of eating eggs, in fact according to DrPop’s Health 101 book you need to increase the amount of fats you eat [“good” fats only] while drastically reducing (he recommends eliminating entirely) carbohydrates & artificial fats.

The subject of what fats to eat or not eat is complex enough I will have to handle in a future newsletter, just be “fat aware” for now that you need to eat more fats but not all fats are the same. Egg, avocado, coconut, olive oils good. Rapeseed (Canola Oil), Soy Oil which is genetically modified pretty much all of it like Vegetable Oil, Cottonseed oil etc should be avoided. The Soy oil in baby formula appears to be the most toxic ingredient in it, whereas most of the other ingredients look healthy though overall formula cannot compare to real breastmilk.

Most of the recent advances in human nutrition in my opinion have come from thinking about fat solubility of nutrients. My breakthrough in created NeuIodine was exactly that as I noted that the “fat soluble” form of iodine was more bio-available.

In same way, many of the healthy ingredients in DrPop’s multivitamin (Vitamin A, D, E, K) for example are naturally “fat soluble” vitamins so is important to eat enough health fats in diet so that your body can use them.
After reading it, I would definitely recommend DrPop’s Health 101 book as it really has good discussion of fats, and if you are not clear on why its important to eat good fats in diet instead of carbs, I think you will greatly benefit from its discussion.

Human babies get high fat from milk. But babies only fed formula are starved for fats. It appears that adult humans also need high fat diet [good fat!] and after reading Health 101, DrPop has convince me that you should get fat in diet and burn it directly for energy rather than eating carbs to make fat via insulin. It was clear DrPop has an impressive specialty in Diabetes (he also sent me his Diabetes book along with Health 101 book, and I noticed at least 3 blood sugar suppressing things in his multi-vitamin), so if you have or are worried about diabetes especially would recommend his books and multivitamin to go along with iMedDo System.

Parting thoughts: An interesting observation is that Fats from fish (fish oils) are also very important for human nutrition, which indicates human diet was highly dependent on coastal areas for fat & iodine (which comes form the ocean) which is not surprising given these are two of the most common nutritional deficiencies.

The quest for perfect human nutrition is ongoing but for now eat plants, eat fish, eat eggs, & take powerful health supplements like iMeDo System and PowerSource One multivitamin.

Thankyou for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this month’s episode meditation on perfect nutrition.

DrBenGo Healthwarrior



One of my goals in life, once I figure out which nutrients are common to all life, is to then figure out which nutrients are specific to humans. I personally think silver & gold as nutrients played a large role in human evolution (see article Monkey Mystery) about 200,000 years ago as homo sapiens broke away from Neandertal and Denosovian with major split 40,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, and 5000 years ago where the monkeys who used silver & gold became smarter and more healthy. Silver & gold (called electrum when they found together) are found naturally in many mountain rivers across the world and the mountains of Georgia in Europe and in Turkey in Asia Minor seemed to play a big role in modern culture as transmitted through the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus into the Greco-Roman world and into Western culture. The gold & silver in the mountain water was harvested using sheep fleece, inspiration for story of Jason & the Argonauts, and it was noted that if you put the silver & gold fleece in other water it would give it healing properties. So healing with silver & gold is not new, but it is being rediscovered anew and is now available as highest quality colloidal silver & gold NeuSilver & NeuGold. As I talked about last month the word gold & the word Christ are related as the same Greek word krysos. Because the gold came from the mountain water it was thought to come from the Mountain Mother [the Mountain Rager i.e. Ragana the Witch, Celtic Morrigan]. The mountains are equated with the Goddess of Rage because of the freezing cold at the top and the ice of the mountain was equated with the lights of the Milky Way where the stars in the sky were viewed like a river of gold & silver lights in the sky. When you study human milk you find the critical nutrient iodine and in same way adult humans need NeuIodine nutrient to open third eye that you may connect with the heavens. The reason our galaxy is named the Milky Way is because the lights in the sky were viewed by the ancient Egyptians as the breast milk of the Mother. In reverence to the Milky Way in Goddess form, I now talk about breast milk nutrition and ask for blessing as I reveal this Gift of the Goddess: the medicine of nutrition as learned from the perfect source: breastmilk.


As perfect nutrition, breastmilk is a mandala and the more you learn about it the more perfect you realize it is. Breastmilk is alive with beneficial bacteria, with stem cells, with hormones with many many things that are lacking in formula. A reason perhaps many adults like weed is because it reminds them of their mother’s breastmilk as breastmilk has endocannobinoid function to stimulate appetite! Breastmilk is not just nutrition for baby, it also feeds the gut microbiome and has potent chemical warfare to suppress bad gut bacteria. An amazing protein in milk is called lactoferrin which used iron biowarfare against bacteria and also has antiviral properties.

Excerpts from wikipedia on Breastmilk:

Breast milk is not sterile, but contains as many as 600 different species of various bacteria, including beneficial Bifidobacterium breve, B. adolescentis, B. longum, B. bifidum, and B. dentium, which contribute to colonization of the infant gut. As a result, it can be defined as a probiotic food, depending on how one defines “probiotic”.

Breast milk also contains a variety of somatic cells and stem cells and the proportion of each cell type differs from individual to individual. The somatic cells are mainly lactocytes and myoepithelial cells derived from the mother’s mammary glands.

Mother’s milk has been shown to supply endocannabinoids (the natural neurotransmitters that cannabis simulates) 2-Arachidonoyl glycerol, anandamide, oleoylethanolamide, palmitoylethanolamide, N-arachidonoyl glycine, eicosapentaenoyl ethanolamide, docosahexaenoyl ethanolamide, N-palmitoleoyl-ethanolamine, dihomo-γ-linolenoylethanolamine, N-stearoylethanolamine, prostaglandin F2alpha ethanolamides and prostaglandin F2 ethanolamides, Palmitic acid esters of hydroxy-stearic acids (PAHSAs). They may act as an appetite stimulant, but they also regulate appetite so infants don’t eat too much. That may be why formula-fed babies have a higher caloric intake than breastfed babies.

Lactoferrin in breastmilk provides antibacterial activity to human infants. Lactoferrin interacts with DNA and RNA, polysaccharides and heparin, and shows some of its biological functions in complexes with these ligands.

Lactoferrin belongs to the innate immune system. Apart from its main biological function, namely binding and transport of iron ions, lactoferrin also has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, catalytic, anti-cancer, and anti-allergic functions and properties.


According to wiki: “Lactotransferrin has been used in the synthesis of fluorescent gold quantum clusters, which has potential applications in nanotechnology.”

Besides tranporting iron, it is my belief that lactoferrin in milk can also transport silver & gold in breastmilk and in similar way use them for antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-parascite, anti-cancer and anti-allergic functions and properties. That’s why I think it’s good for pregnant woment to also use NeuSilver & NeuGold in addition to NeuIodine and that way the breastmilk will give baby silver & gold in milk via lactoferrin as needed.


According to wiki: Lactoferrin hydrolyzes RNA and exhibits the properties of pyrimidine-specific secretory ribonucleases. In particular, by destroying the RNA genome, milk RNase inhibits reverse transcription of retroviruses that cause breast cancer in mice
Parsi women in West India have the milk RNase level markedly lower than in other groups, and their breast cancer rate is three times higher than average. Thus, ribonucleases of milk, and lactoferrin in particular, might play an important role in pathogenesis.


According to wiki: Lactoferrin in sufficient strength acts on a wide range of human and animal viruses based on DNA and RNA genomes, including the herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus, HIV, hepatitis C virus, hantaviruses, rotaviruses, poliovirus type 1, human respiratory syncytial virus, murine leukemia viruses and Mayaro virus. Activity against COVID-19 has been speculated but not proven.


If you got the clot shot your DNA and/or RNA has been reprogrammed to produced RNA to make spike protein viral particles. If you are a mother you should be worried that your milk has been poisoned. Iodine is antiviral and is known to flush out vaccine damage, but it looks like if you arm your body with silver & gold that it can use it instead of iron in lactoferrin molecules in the milk for a superior protection which can likely neutralize poisons in vaccine poisoned breast milk.


According to wiki: At around four months of age, the internal iron supplies of the infant, held in the hepatic cells of the liver, are exhausted. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that at this time that an iron supplement should be introduced, however, other health organisations such as the NHS in the UK have no such recommendation. Breast milk contains less iron than formula, because it is more bioavailable as lactoferrin, which carries more safety for mothers and children than ferrous sulphate.

So there appears to be a controversy over whether to supplement baby with iron or not. I noticed there is iron in milk, in formula, in egg but not in multivitamin. My understanding of iron is that it promotes the growth of bad bacteria so the body doesn’t like having free iron around it has to be contained like in heme of hemoglobin of blood, or in breastmilk in the lactrotransferrin protective molecule. I suspect its incorrect to put iron in formula as likely just promotes growth of bad bacteria since formula lacks the other suppressive factors of bad bacteria present in real breast milk. In same way, I no longer think iron is needed in a multivitamin as easy to get in diet, and people who do need more iron can do a separate specific vitamin instead of in generic multivitamin. Pediatritians are drug & vaccine poisoners so whatever they recommend probably the opposite is true, so if they say supplement infant with iron, likely that is the wrong move. Baby should not need a supplement should be getting iron correctly & safely within lactoferrin in milk as giving iron in other way likely only promotes bacterial growth and leads to more sickly infants. Iron in formula is likely a bad recipe and like multivitamin should be removed. No doubt the iron in an egg is also in a similar way contained and not free as bacterial growth must be excluded inside egg. For more meditation on iron see my previous article Iron the Firestone of Life.


According to wiki: Both the AAP and the NHS recommend vitamin D supplementation for breastfed infants. Vitamin D can be synthesized by the infant via exposure to sunlight, however, many infants are deficient due to being kept indoors or living in areas with insufficient sunlight. Formula is supplemented with vitamin D for this reason.

I’m skeptical of supplementing infants with vitamin D. There should be adequate vitamin D in the breast milk if mother is getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency I think is being used as a cover for iodine deficiency. Mother should take NeuIodine, take NeuGold and get some sunshine on her skin and then baby will get plenty of vitamin D in breastmilk. Vitamin D is fat soluble so getting vitamin D in breastmilk or cow or goat milk is a much better source of D than in formula in my opinion. But human milk naturally has about half as much vitamin D found in cow or goat milk so its possible that humans need less vitamin D than is recognized. What we need is more activated vitamin D which requires both sunlight and kidney function as I talk about in previous episode Fluoride & Kidney Stones.


Instead, as a baby breastfeeds, the fat content very gradually increases, with the milk becoming fattier and fattier over time.


Human milky has less protein & more omega 6 fatty acids than animal milks cow or goat & more cholesterol.


According to wiki: Human milk oligosacchrides (HMOs) are not digested by the infant but help to make up the intestinal flora. They act as decoy receptors that block the attachment of disease causing pathogens, which may help to prevent infectious diseases. To date (2015) more than a hundred different HMOs have been identified; both the number and composition vary between women and each HMO may have a distinct functionality.

I note that the HMO is added to formula but is unlikely they have all 100+ forms found in real milk. Also when you breastfeed the milk is adaptive and likely HMO composition changes as needed for infant.


According to wiki: Human milk is noticeably thinner and sweeter than cow’s milk. The primary carbohyrdate in breastmilk & formula is lactose.


According to wiki: Even though most infants infected with HIV contract the disease from breastfeeding, most infants that are breastfed by their HIV positive mothers never contract the disease. So breastmilk has anti-retroviral activity which awesome. Lactoferrin for sure.

MFGMs (milk fat globules)

According to wiki: This can be done [breast-milk mimicry] by supplementing formula-fed infants with bovine milk fat globule membranes (MFGM) meant to mimic the positive effects of the MFGMs which are present in human breast milk. How well cow MFGM’s substitute for for human MFGM’s is dubious.


Iron, lutein, choline, HMO (human milk oligosaccharides), phosphorus, A2 beta casein from cow milk, lactose (as primary carbohydrate), non fat milk, whey protein concentrate, safflower oil, soy oil (toxic!), coconut oil (good!), lycopene, acorbyl palmitate, salt, copper, nucleotides, inositol, taurine, standard vitamins (vitamin A, palmitate, beta carotene), Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B’s (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, biotin, pnthothenic acid) Calcium, iodide, magnesium, selenium, manganese, potassium.


All the same basic vitamins but no added oils (no safflower, no soy oil, no coconut oil) instead has its superior fat-oil composition. Includes omega3, omega6, conjugated linioleic acid (CLA), cholesterol, HMO, protein, carbohydrates, lactose, factors for protection & anti-inflammation, factors to develop immune system & gut micro biome. Protein: casein. a-lactalbumun, lactoferrin, IgA, IgG, lysozyme, serum albumin, b-lactoglobulin, phosphorus, sodium & more. Probiotics & stem cells, hormones (iodine in “thyroid” hormones (breast milk hormones) in milk!) and more.


There is also a saturated fat called lauric acid found in both breastmilk & in coconut oil. I still stand by my point that overall formula is lacking in fats compared to natural breastmilk, and we note that coconut oil is the exception as the good fat in formula. Thankyou DrAmanda Prado for educating me on the lauric acid & coconut oil connection. Many sources agree that soy oil is the worst ingredient in formula & coconut oil the best.


Triple omega 6 fat in human breast milk compared to cow or goat. Omega 6 oil must be more critical for human brain.

Why vitamin D so low in human milk compared to cow (1/10) or goat (1/3), maybe is because mom in vitamin D deficient? Complex question but very interesting as vitamin D related to iodine requiring pathways. Humans need more iodine and less vitamin D than other animals.

Choline levels similar across the board for human, cow, goat indicating has conserved function.

Calcium levels in human milk way lower compared to cow or goat? Why? DrPop recommends supplementing Magnesium but not Calcium and does not explain why.

“Long story but we are all full of calcium and low in Mg [Magnesium], calcium is everywhere in diet.” DrPop comment.

I know calcium & magnesium in body regulation is controlled by iodine. Humans appear to need more iodine and less calcium than other animals.

Phosphorus levels way lower in human milk compared cow or goat.

Strangest and most interesting thing is that human milk is sweeter than conparative animal milk, cow or goat. It seems to me that based on human adult nutrition where we need less carbs not more that maybe these extra sugars are not feeding the baby so much as are feeding the microbiome of the baby (milk feeds not just the baby but also feeding all the probiotics the baby is being given).

The most obvious beneficial gut bacteria in baby is Lactobacillus where factors for its growth are in natural milk, and keeping babies gut microbiome stocked with the correct bacteria as opposed to bad ones seems to be a very important aspect of natural breast milk and is a very complex & interesting area to study.

The think that jumped out at me was the amazingness of the lactoferrin protein and it’s likely use in shuttling not just iron but also silver & gold for baby health and for fighting bad bacteria and virus that might attack baby.

Milk is not just baby nutrition, it is also nutrition for the living micro biome in the baby as well as is a complex blend of biowarfare agents to keep bad micro biome from taking hold.
Free iron promotes bad bacteria growth & lactoferrin can bind iron to keep it from being utilized by would be attackers. Interaction and use of silver & gold by lactoferrin to fight attackers is now one of my primary areas of research interest as proving how silver & gold are used in the body as nutrients is one of my life goals & meditating on breast milk is definitely the right path. In the ancient Egyptian religion, the mother’s milk was worshiped as our galaxy the Milky Way was seen as the perfect nutrition, Mother’s milk from heaven that can nourish adults as well as infants. If you approach your meditation on perfect nutrition as a part of your spiritual journey, you will go far, and I thank you for reading and hope that I have given you a lot to think about.


Special thanks to DrPop who gave me a lot to think about & have truly enjoyed your books and multivitamin. Thinking about adult nutrition and comparing it to baby nutrition has given me even more to think about. If you are reading this I would like your opinion or commentary on human breast milk being sweeter (more carbohydrates) than other animal milk, as would appreciated your perspective on that.

“I am not an expert in babies and formula so would not venture much” DrPop comment. Any baby formula experts out there care to comment? Why baby milk so sweet, I really don’t know. My best hypothesis is that the extra sugar is feeding the baby’s gut microbiome, but is this correct anyone know?

Do you think humans need less carbs as they age?

“Absolutely” DrPop comment.

Or do you think humans start out needing less carbs and the higher carbs in milk are primarily feeding the baby’s microbiome? Comments from any & all readers appreciated and comments from those specializing in any of the topics discussed in this newsletter especially appreciated.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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