Fighting Fungus

April, 2021 iMedDo Newsletter by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Happy Easter! Easter was April 4th this year and I caught an amazing shot from my cabin Easter morning of the Sun rising over the mountains.

Fighting fungus is topic of utmost urgency for those who get COVAIDS from the vaccine. For part two I’m going to talk about how the Vaccine War has pivoted to target children and I’m going to spotlight the story of a warrior mom in Germany who laid down the law & won to stop school’s child abuse over the covid19. For Appendix I’m including a section on BitCoin and highlighting the on chain art tokens of artist Nate, the crypto bull market and my thoughts on the future of BitCoin.



I think the greatest emerging health threat now are the experimental coronavirus vaccines from various manufacturers. I’ve talked about this is detail in previous newsletters with discussion of the mRNA attack in February edition and of the lipid nanoparticle toxicity last month in March edition. These dangers are real, but there are more dangers which kick in after the vaccine that I want to talk about. Namely the fact that the vaccine is expected to destroy your immune system. When you have no immune system you are at risk of systemic FUNGAL infections.

Although I known most of my readers are not planning to get the experimental jab no doubt you known people who were tricked into getting it and this information I’m about to tell you could save their life.

The issue is that for those who got the jab they are going to get and can be said to have the COVAIDS i.e. the “coronavirus vaccine acquired autoimmune disorder syndrome” which will be very similar to AIDS.

When you have AIDS, your immune system is compromised so your body cannot handle run of the mill infections that it normally could. These infections such as Bacteria and FUNGUS which normally are harmless can become life threatening even lethal.


This episode was inspired by an article I read called “Fungus Fighters” in the Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Chemistry magazine March 1st, 2021 edition (REF: C&EN).

The article was the mainstream medicine perspective of fighting fungus and explained amazingly well just how pathetically terrible mainstream medicine is and how useless are the current anti-fungal drugs that you can expect to get if you go to a hospital. The best part is it explains why the drug companies do not find developing new anti-fungal drugs profitable so there has been a long stagnation in mainstream medicine in fighting fungus. Nowhere in the article did it mention silver or vinegar.


“Doctors have only four classes of drugs at their disposal for treating fungal infections, and fungi are quickly becoming resistant to all of them” REF:C&EN


There are only 4 classes of anti-fungal drugs used in mainstream medicine and they aren’t developing any new ones because it is not profitable for them to do so, so learn these so you can know what is going on:

  1. Azoles: Target the ergosterol biosynthesis pathway: Example Fluconzole used FLUORIDE and cause Liver Toxicity. Ouch!
  2. Flucytocine: Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis. Fluoride Ouch! Much Genetic damage toxicity expected.
  3. Polyenes: Bind to ergosterol and disrupt the cell membrane Example: Amphotericin B: “Ampho—TERRIBLE-B” oldest class anti-fungal drug: human cholesterol toxicity. Kidney toxicity. Ouch!
  4. Echinocandins: Anidulafungin: inhibit beta(1,3)-d-glucan synthase and disrupt the cell wall.

So of the 4 classed of anti-fungal drugs, 2 of them use fluoride and the other two disrupt the fungal cell membrane or cell wall. Fluoride is extremely toxic as it imitates iodine nutrient.


“Meanwhile, deadly systemic fungal infections are growing more common, thanks to medical interventions that extend lives but suppress the immune system” REF:C&EN

Gee thanks no thanks. I think I would rather not use medical interventions and keep my immunes system.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: “About 50% of hospitalized people who get fungal infections don’t survive, even with treatment ..” REF: C&EN

The Anti-fungal drug treatments work so well that you get a coin flip of chance of surviving if you take them. lol. That means they don’t work at all. Terrible.

If you have vaccine acquired COVAIDS the odds are no longer in your favor <50% survival.

If you didn’t get vaxed & are aware of alternative medicine and known that things like colloidal silver iodine and vinegar are anti-fungal then you have a >50% [much greater] chance of survival.


I hope that the people who did get vaxed and who now have a <50% fungal survival will awaken to alternative medicine so that they will have a fighting chance to fight fungus because otherwise the odds are not in their favor.


People who are tricked into poisoning themselves with the experimental “covid19” i.e. covaids vaccines are going to end up destroying their immune systems and getting “aids-like symptoms”. The most likely outcome I think for those who not die immediately from the vaccine is that they will become immune compromised and die of a secondary infection like a systemic fungus later which had they had a health immune system would not have been a problem.


Secondary infection has the “advantage” for the drug poisoners that you can’t easily trace the cause of death back to the vaccine. They may say “died of fungal infection” of “died of covid19” but you are never going to see them say the real reason which is “death by experimental gene therapy covid19 “vaccine” from underlying destroyed immune system”.


Colloidal silver and vinegar are the weapons of choice when fighting fungus. This is of such importance that if you don’t remember anything else about this article remember SILVER & VINEGAR FIGHT FUNGUS! They will never tell you this or recommend this in a hospital but if you known it then you can save your life. If you don’t known it then you are destined to be given the toxic anti-fungal drugs with only a coin flip 50:50 chance of survival. Seems simple but believe me many will die for lack of this knowledge please internalize it and share.



I noticed last week that the vaccine war has pivoted to attacking children as I knew it would. After writing newsletters talking about how all the vaccines were only fake emergency approved for 17+ and 18+ depending on manufacturer, I was shocked to see a sign on the highway driving to Atlanta that said “Vaccines for 16+” How are they giving vaccines to 16 year olds when the Pfizer vaccine was only fake emergency approved for 17 year olds and up? Clearly something has changed what happened?

I’m not sure when 16 yr olds got approved to be poisoned but now they are asking to poison 12-15 year olds as well!


They are not stopping to all the children are poisoned! They are already testing all the way down to babies and soon unless something is done to stop them they will destroy the human race.

“The study is evaluating the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on a two-dose schedule (approximately 21 days apart) in three age groups: children aged 5 to 11 years, 2 to 5 years, and 6 months to 2 years. The 5 to 11 year-old cohort started dosing last week and the companies plan to initiate the 2 to 5 year-old cohort next week.”



They (Pfizer) really wants to poison the 12-15 year old demographic before the 2021 school year. They would love to force the kids to get an experimental poison to get to go to school as that would be very profitable for them yet horrendous for the future generation’s health. Children have been under attack which is ridiculous when covid19 doesn’t even affect children it’s only affect the elderly and yet it is the children who are paying the price of delayed graduations, face masks, social isolation, remote teaching, PCR testing.


Things are about to get very ugly for the vaccine poison pushers as warrior moms and dads are activating ready to slice off the head of evil. 2021 school year is going to be a battlefield I hope any of you with children are ready to fight for your child’s life. I don’t have any children yet but if I did I would very much consider homeschooling. Here in US maybe some of you are only just now starting to fight but I want to highlight warrior mom in Germany who has already gone in berserker style and scored a major victory and legal precedent which I would like all warrior parents to study as you will need it for inspiration in the coming War.



If you have children starting school in 2021 please read the above article link.
If you are confused as to what to do if your child’s school is planning to abuse your children with facemasks, social distancing, repeated testing and all manner of psychological torture unless they get an illegal experimental vaccine they what do you do? You sue them and get a court injunction to stop them that’s what.

“The legal proceedings are a child protection case pursuant to § 1666 paragraph 1 and 4 of the German Civil Code (BGB). It was initiated by a mother for her two sons, aged 14 and 8, at the Municipal Court – Family Division. She argued that her children were being physically, psychologically and educationally harmed without any benefit for the children or third parties. At the same time, there was violation of numerous rights of the children and their parents under the law, under the constitution and under international conventions.”


“In summary proceedings (Ref.: 9 F 148/21), the Weimar Family Court ruled on 8 April 2021 prohibiting two Weimar schools with immediate effect from requiring pupils to wear mouth-nose coverings of any kind (especially “qualified” masks such as FFP2 masks); it further prohibited the schools from demanding compliance with AHA minimum distance-keeping; and also prohibited them from demanding that pupils undergo SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests. At the same time, the Court ruled that classroom instruction must be face-to-face [i.e. not remote]”


This fight will be brutal in the US as Pfizer is hell bent on trying to use school to physically, psychologically and educationally harm children to push their vaccine for the 2021 school year. Hold the line parents let no experimental vaccine be foisted upon your children.



After a New Year’s crash never materializing the entire space is now mooning. Crypto’s are in a Bull Run now and DOGE (Doggy Coin) in particular is going to the Moon! So whatever your favorite one it’s probably up right now and for those not familiar you can use the website or to see crypto comparison. I’m just happy to see my favorite one BSV is making a comeback from the depths of the crypto underworld having dropped as far as 33rd place now back up to the 20th spot having just hit its new all time high. A lot of all time highs all around which is not unexpected as money keeps being printed, the limited number minted coins likely will continue to go up in value.

The perfect symbol for what is going on is the New Original Art BSV Token called Crypto Punk (Bubble Pop) “Will Crypto keep skyrocketing or will the bubble pop?” by artist Nate which I feature on the newsletter cover art bottle left above the green mushrooms. (art used with Nate’s permission).

You can find gallery of Nate’s art at

If you think the market will keep rocketing I recommend DOGE.
If you think the market will pop, I recommend BSV the anti-bitcoin i.e. BitCoin

I’m personally planning to play both sides of the bubble.
Good luck crypto punks. Bring the magic and pass the bubble gum.


Talking about Bitcoin is like entering Narnia and seeing all sorts of strange creatures. So if you are not ready for a strange fantasy adventure (religion?), I recommend you stop here thank you for reading newsletter.

For those of you who want to enter Narnia you must have a Twetch account.
Here is the wardrobe, enter if you dare.



As you can see the guy on the Crypto Punk art is my look here in Narnia. I’m a punk wizard. What’s up with the cylon goggles you ask? That’s just my face shield in case the bubble gum pops all over my face. Follow me as we take an adventure to visit my friend the blue centaur.

You might be experiencing confusion upon entering BitCoin Narnia that is normal. No worries, the wise centaur will explain what is going on an all will be made clear. Daniel “Cosmos” Krawisz is CRAZY WISE. A warning thought centaur Cosmos talks slowly & wisely and is a bit long winded so be sure to use my magical 2x speed spell when listening can you can condense the 2 hrs of centaur down to 1.


(1 hr later: Mind Blown).

Oh my gosh, you are still in Narnia? Something is not right. That should have worked to chase you away. Usually I can get people who stumble into Narnia to flee right about when the centaur starts talking about the Byzantine Empire Generals.

Something is not right! Narnia is broken! I think you are stuck here until you solve the mystery of what in Narnia is going on here.

Something about the Evil Queen requiring sacrifices of children and blood wheres the Lion wants to do sacrifices of pure energy as proof of work instead. I really have no idea but if we logic it out centaur style maybe we can get you out of here.

The main take away I got from the Blue Centaur is that he wants us all to be economist geniuses & immigrate to Austria or something. I don’t think that’s going to happen so you probably gonna be stuck in Narnia forever sorry. Oh wait let me put on my wizard hat. +1,000,000 intelligence stats. Oh I get it now everything the Centaur said made complete sense now.

Oh look on the wall, I see a chart outlining some of the stuff the centaur was talking about.


  1. Meditate Deeply on the Nature of Money
  2. Either Accept that Austrian approach to economics or be smarty pants enough to figure out a better way.
  3. Recognize that Bitcoin is the Biggest thing happening in the world right now and deserves to be understood and protected. It can vastly improve the world. If you understood Austrian knowledge this would be obvious.
  4. Everyone compared to me the wise centaur are crazy dumb dumbs who don’t understand Austrian economics not even the people who claim to be Austrian economists.
  5. Imagine Money as other than gold & engage with Bitcoin Economically.
  6. If you knew economics for real you should be able to much better in these crypto coin markets than anyone else. But all you dumb dumbs just want to believe crazy nonsense about money.

Using my amazing wizard memory power of recall I’ll now attempt to quote some of what I remember the centaur saying to us that we might search it for meaning and for clues on how you can escape from Narnia:


“Money is way for large numbers of people to cooperate.
Money is a cooperative system & creates a shared interest between people.”

That makes sense. Money is the only way I can get humans to work together to do anything.

“What we have potentially with bitcoin is something that will align the interests of the world and make everyone want to benefit each other and will greatly increase the opportunity cost of conflict, in other words, not creating conflict is going to be so much better in a bitcoin dominated future that people just won’t want to do it as much & that’s really better than anything else that I think we could realistically have. And I think this idea is the core of the Austrian theory of money.”

Hmm, that’s very interesting. If you recall Austria is the country near Germany from whence Hitler came and they came up with an amazing system of understanding money that really seemed to work as it somehow took Germany from flat broke after Human World War One to uber wealthy for Human World War Two. It seems the Centaur is saying that if you understand the Austrian theory of money it will suppress conflict (War?).

What is that Centaur talking about? Here is definition of Austrian Economics from Narnipedia:

The Austrian School is a heterodox school of economic thought that is based on methodological individualism—the concept that social phenomena result exclusively from the motivations and actions of individuals.

Looks like economics focused on the individuals. Interesting as would mesh well if understood with other individual things like individual inherent right. Fascinating Centaur.

“The Austrian says the value of money is just the other people. When we all use money we are all invested in each other. I would say that is how we create better cooperation with Bitcoin.”

Oh I see, Cosmos the Wise is saying that Bitcoin our currency here in Bitcoin Narnia has value based on the other creatures here in Narnia. I guess since you are in Narnia now my Bitcoin is worth more. Aha! Then why should I help you escape Narnia because I’m incentivized to keep you here! Whahahaahaa! But I’m not incentivized for conflict so I guess we can still be friends.

“So if you compare Bitcoin to the kinds of money people used in the past, earlier forms of money are ways for people to invest each other but its like there’s someone standing between everybody so what they get is something that is not nearly as good. It’s like there is a parasite on the economy that is preventing people from gaining the benefits of each other.”

“This parasite is the central bank and the central bank issues new money regularly what it effectively means is that the money never increases in value so you can’t really benefit from saying I want the other people, you are invested in everyone else because central bank takes it all away.”

We killed our parasite Central Bank here in Narnia so not sure why the centaur is talking about that.

“With Bitcoin we don’t have that we have a fixed supply of money. So if you get bitcoin and if people act really good then you get wealthier or at least that is how you would expect it to work on a long enough scale if these markets were rational.”

Oh, I see, for your being here for me to be wealthier I also have to act good, sorry. I’ll let you leave Narnia if you really want. I think I get what centaur is saying. Basically since you can’t print up more money the value of the existing money can go up as we save and use it when benefiting each other.

That’s definitely the case here in Bitcoin Narnia, there are only so many Bitcoins so the more people that show up they get more valuable just because they are more scarce.

Narnia Nate the artist who got me these great Punk Wizard clothes really gets it as he only make his tokens on top of Bitcoin in a limited supply so the more people want them the more wealthy the token holders become. The most valuable art toke in the magical Guru Cat token.

“I think markets are always rational over a long enough time but it seems it can take people some time to figure this stuff out.”

I’m still trying to figure things out, nothing here in Narnia seems rational. Like why can’t you just pay to get in and pay to leave why the free wardrobe, I mean that seems kinda unfair. We should get a wardrobe toll troll don’t you think?

“So to me what I’m talking about is about the best thing we can really have. And people are treating it like its not really what they want. Or they are trying to ruin it really. They are all after things that are sort of a lot less good than what I’m talking about.”

So the centaur is talking about something really good that I’m supposed to want, what is it? Oh he’s talking about Bitcoin. Well I live in Bitcoin Narnia and already have Bitcoin SV (BSV) so I get it but do you?


“When I’m talking about Bitcoin I’m talking about BSV which is the version of Bitcoin which is pursuing the original idea.”


“So bitcoin is an entrepreneurial idea but it’s not like a corporation, not like a new business, it’s a system that anybody can work with it and can create a business within the bitcoin economy but bitcoin itself is like an entrepreneurial idea that is capable of absorbing all of the companies.”

Absorbing all the companies! Oh yeah that already happened. The Snow Queen here in Bitcoin Narnia has all the business sense and she controls everything with her Bitcoin company. She started out selling candy for bitcoin and now rules this place.

“It’s about the idea of making fast and cheap micropayment of the internet and when we can do this a lot of new trade opportunities open up for us because of the reduced costs. Instead of pursuing this opportunity, people in bitcoin have had beliefs about what is valuable that are actually anti value that are more like people want to fail and destroy the opportunity instead of creating it.”

Get it! Instead of wanting to leave Bitcoin Narnia and going back to the human world of expensive slow payments you should stay here in Bitcoin Narnia where we got great wifi and can choose to be a king or be lazy and work as a slave for the Snow Queen! Value is anti-value. Don’t be a failure by leaving Narnia, stay here forever in this newly created opportunity! But if you want to leave no problem, just go take this wardrobe door out of Twetch back to Twitter. But Beware there is nothing there as it has been swallowed by the nothing:
or stay in Narnia and follow me as magic user 169.

The choice is yours as this is your story.


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