Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers! I’ve got something extremely exciting planned for this episode as we are talking about the fifth element! It’s so exciting they had to name it the most boring name possible just to get you to ignore it, as the fifth element on the periodic table is literally called boron. How boring! Not! It’s one of the most exciting topics I’ve ever talked about. Before reading this episode, I recommend that you watch the movie THE FIFTH ELEMENT as contains spoilers. So brace yourself as we get into the details of boracium/borium/bore/boron. Boron is a stealth nutrient in an ongoing war between good and evil. Team evil doesn’t want you to know that boron is an essential nutrient, and you will find much propaganda saying that it isn’t, and team evil doesn’t want you to know that you can use boron for more than just killing coackroaches and cleaning your laundry. Boron can be use medicinally for osteoarthritis, cancer, and plays a important role in bone health and brain function. Boron can possibly unlock your hidden genetic potential to detox & become spiritually awakened & become the fifth element yourself, the perfect human.


Zorg: “Yes Mr. Shadow. I hear you. I’ll be sure to make sure no-one finds out that boron is an essential nutrient for human health. I’ve got my best propagandists & fact checkers & & government scientists on payroll. I’ll make sure everyone thinks boron is just roach poison and bad for pets and humans. Yes Mr. Shadow. We’ll wipe them all out with the covid-19 jab and they’ll never figure out they need to detox with iMedDo and get more boron nutrient. They’ll all be so poisoned from food, water, & chemtrails that even if they recover the stones, none of them will be detoxed enough to be the fifth element to make their defense weapon against you work. Yes Sir Mister Shadow. I’ve got them all too distracted as wage slaves to worry about loving each other. All will be ready for your arrival. See you soon Mr. Shadow.”


Sr. Priest: “Evil has returned! We must find the fifth element before it’s too late! Earth, air, fire & water, but what is the fifth? From the hieroglyphs, it looks like a man but it’s supposed to be Spirit! The perfect spirit? The Holy Spirit!”

Jr: Priest: “I don’t understand. We’re supposed to be looking for the fifth element, but on this hieroglyph why is it depicted more like a trinity? If we don’t find it soon, the great evil snake will come and cause a great calamity with much death & destruction of that at least the hieroglyphs are clear!”

Jr. Priest: “How do we read this hieroglyph? Is it related? Looks like the perfect woman & nutrition is somehow related to the perfect spirit?

Sr. Priest: “Get your mind out of the gutter and get back to your studies! No, looks unrelated.”


Alien: “War is coming, fifth element not safe here. Will take the stones & return later.”

Ugly Alien: “Shoot them down and take the stones! Mr. Zorg will reward us handsomely!” Blam Blam Blam! “We did it, we shot them down! Get the box of stones & let’s see what weapons Mr. Zorg will reward us with! Uh oh, box of stones is empty, let’s go try to sell it Mr. Zorg anyway.”


President: “So a big fireball of evil is heading for earth, and our only way to stop it just got blown up & no sign of the stones we need to save us. Ideas?”

Sr. Priest: “Without the fifth element, even if we find the stones, we are doomed!”

General: “Let’s shoot it! Oops that didn’t work it’s only getting bigger!”

Scientist: “Good news sir, the crash is showing one survivor. It’s only a few cells, but I can work with that. The cells are showing high amounts of the fifth element on the periodic table: Boron. I’ll clone the cells and let’s see what we get.

Sr. Priest to Jr. Priest: “You were right, She’s perfect!”.

Scientist: “Her DNA is the same as ours, but the structure is multiplied orders of magnitude. She has a higher content of boron the fifth element in her DNA, and bones, and hair. Her code appears to be clean. I’ve never seen someone fully detoxed of all the heavy metals and environmental toxins we are used to living with except for people who use iMedDo. She really is perfect.

President: “Explain Boron. What is that. Can we use her to save the planet? You have 20 seconds. Go!”

Scientist: “Uh, okay. Looks like according to our defense contractor Zorg enterprise, Boron is not good for anything except killing cockroaches and doing laundry, but I don’t believe it Sir. There appears to be some suppressed evidence that boron is an essential nutrient in plants, essential for bone health in animals, and although all the research studies appear either not done or censored, there is a good chance it’s a critical essential nutrient for humans as well. She has 3-10x more boron in her system than I’m used to seeing. Looks like boron occurs naturally in fruit but most people in our city are boron deficient as there are no fruits on the McDonald’s menu.”

President: “Secretary, put fruit on my menu immediately. ”

Secretary: “Yes, Sir.”

President: “I’ve got a meeting, so keep explaining to my staff, and brief me when I get back.”

Scientist: “Okay my fellow scientists and staff listen up! This is an emergency briefing about the fifth element boron as it appears to be necessary to help this fifth element lady save the planet earth, so I need everyone’s attention! We typically don’t pay any attention to the fifth element because it’s named boron so it must be boring, but now we need to figure it out out as the planet is on the line. So pull out your chemistry books, and let’s go and figure this out.”


Scientist: “In chemistry, the fifth element on the periodic table is Boron with chemical symbol B. Here’s a chart from Zorg enterprises:

Boron , element #5, just doesn’t fit in. It’s in group 13 next to the nonmetal Carbon element #6 and the metal aluminum #13, but boron isn’t quite like either; it’s a metalloid! The nearest other metalloid is silicon #14. This chart is garbage. Iodine #53 is a metalloid but is listed on here as a non-metal. Who can we trust? I just can’t tell if Boron is a metal or a metalloid or a nonmetal! Seems to have properties of all and neither! What is it! Our computer indicates that the English chemist Sir Humphrey Davy who got credit for discovering boron at first named it boracium, but later changed the name to boron to emphasize it’s more like carbon than a metal, but later another chemist fully isolated the element and as a metalloid is the um name would have been okay. Boracium sounds way better as sounds like bracer, a piece of armor, because that’s exactly what boron can do. It appears that boron can be alloyed with carbon or glass to make them stronger. Aluminum in the same group as boron is a toxic “heavy” though light metal, and there is a possibility looking at the periodic table that if boron is a nutrient then it might be useful in detoxing aluminum. I’m not detecting any aluminum in the red head’s body, but UH OH! I see she does has fifth element boron alloyed carbon in her bones, her bones might be super strong I hope our glass can contain her!

She’s waking up! Quick! Apply thermal bandages and restraints! Fortunately for us we already have some boron in our glass as we used extra strong boro-silcate glass, it should hold. Where was I? Oh yes, Boron, though the fifth element, only has 3 valence electrons and thus it typically prefers to form trigonal planer structures like boric acid which is the biologically relevant form.

Pulling up structure of Boric acid now! GASP!”

Sr. Priest interrupting Scientist presentation: “I’ve seen that symbol before! It’s the sacredTriskelion of the Druid temple guardians!”

Triskelion, a ancient druid symbol of courage, wisdom, and might

Jr. Priest: “The boron Triskelion explains the trinity hieroglyph! She really is the fifth element, and she her boron inside must be a key to how to activate the defense weapon against the snake of evil!”

Sr. Priest: “She’s getting restless in that cage, we must release her!”

Scientist: “I have my orders, we must keep her in containment.”

Fifth Element: “Big Badda Boom!”

Scientist: “Wow she just used her boron-carbide reinforced bones to punch through our boro-silicate glass! She’s escaping after her!”

Police: “Stand down ma’am this is an arrest.”

Police: “Nope she didn’t listen. She jumped! We’ve got her on scanner looks like she landed in a taxi. After it!”

General to President: “Sir, bad news, the fifth element escaped. Good news though, she landed with our ex-military operative Corban Dallas, and he brought her back to the priest, so we have eyes on her. Our scientists determined that the fifth element boron is the key to her power. Corban accidentally put her through his apartment’s autowash, and the boron containing borax cleaner in it made her powers even stronger. She’s learned how to speak already, and has informed us that the stones are in possession of the Diva at Phloston Paradise. Corban is special forces, and I’ve rigged the contest so he wins tickets and takes the fifth element weapon (she calls herself LeeLu) to get the stones after which will rendezvous with the priests in Egypt to banish the evil fireball heading our way.”

President: “Good job General, keep me posted. If we manage to save the world, I need an update on boron nutrition, I want those fifth element super-powers, and if eating more fruit and less McDonalds is the key then I’m going to do it.”

Zorg: “Ha Ha, those government idiots should have read my Zorg enterprise article that boron is only good for cockroach poison. Because I just got my spy cockroach in the meeting and overheard everything.”

Zorg: “Goons!”

Goons: “Yes Lord Zorg.”

Zorg: “Get on that ship to Phloston Paradise, & get me those stones, or I blow you up like them ugly aliens.”


Corban saves the day, gets the stones, gets them to Egypt, loves up the fifth element so that she decides to save planet earth and they all live happily ever after the end.

President: “Congratulations everyone, the world is saved! Now where’s that Boron nutrition report I ordered? How much detox I gotta do and boron nutrient I gotta get to make myself perfect in case Mr. Shadow returns? Next time I’ll be the perfect fifth element myself if all I need is more boron & lots of detox!”

Scientist: “Yes Sir, got the report right here. Our government information was useless, total propaganda trash, but I found a newsletter from a top alternative medicine doctor from the past DrBenGo Healthwarrior back before Zorg enterprises took over. Hopefully his report has the answers you looking for. Look, he’s with the fifth element in the past, check out that red hair!

DrBenGo and Shari Grace on 13th year anniversary.
The Fifth Element Shari Grace with alien meercat in background.
The Fifth Element Shari-Grace showing off how she’s as tough as rock.


If you are a casual reader you can stop here. Using the fifth element movie theme, I have introduced you to Boron in a fun way, and given you some stuff to think about. Hopefully, I have inspired your curiosity about boron, and have convinced you that it is not a boring topic at all. When you are ready to get your curiosity quenched, come back for part two.



Although boron has been used since the beginning of human history, for some reason if you look at the official government sources, it’s like nobody knows anything. Case in point, if you read the official government fact sheet on boron, they don’t even have recommended daily values of boron, they don’t even seem fully convinced whether or not boron is a nutrient or not, and they certainly don’t even believe their own data that boron is great for osteoarthritis, cancer, and bone health. It’s like the government is conspiring with the medical industry to prevent the public from learning the truth about boron. I call it how I see it. Call it the boron conspiracy if you want, but it is obvious that the government does NOT want people to get adequate boron nutrient intake, and they accomplish this using censorship, propaganda, and sometimes outright lies about boron. By not fully admitting that boron is an essential nutrient (which it clearly is to any scientist such as my self who looks into it), and by only establishing upper limit at 20 mg/day (when studies available that 699 mg a day is okay), it makes people think of boron as a toxin that they should try to avoid. This is the opposite of the truth. The truth is that Boron is a nutrient that most people need to immediately increase by about 3-10x and if they did so would get significant health improvement.

Here are three lies in the government propaganda about boron which I will directly controvert:

  1. “Scientists aren’t certain what role, if any, boron has in the body, so they don’t consider boron to be an essential nutrient.” WRONG!
  2. “Experts haven’t set a recommended amount of boron.” WRONG!
  3. “Scientists aren’t sure if low intakes of boron cause any harm.” WRONG!

It might be shocking to some of you that government sources on nutrition are garbage when it comes to boron, but after the last few years of the government lying to everyone about covid, hopefully you will believe me, an independent scientist, when I tell you there is truly a wall of propaganda when it comes to boron. So, if you do a search for boron nutrition on your own, you are fed obvious lies, which is why I am writing this newsletter on boron nutrition to try to help people overcome the mind control. They don’t want you to know the truth of how health beneficial boron is to your body, and they don’t want you to know the correct amount of boron nutrient your body needs because it will make you too healthy if you do.

So let’s set these blantant lies about boron straight.

For featured science articles for this episode to back me up I present:

Pizzorno, Laura. Nothing Boring About Boron. Integr Med (Encinitas). 2015 Aug;14(4):35-48.

This is a 2015 review article on boron & is the most coprehensive article about boron I could find.


Nielsen FH, Eckhert CD. Boron. Adv Nutr. 2020 Mar 1;11(2):461-462.

This is a recent 2020 Nutrition article on boron to give a recent perspective to see that it still matches the 2015 view.

  1. As you will see from the featured science article review on boron, scientists know of greater than 10 certain roles that boron plays in the body. Furthermore, scientists appear in full agreement that boron is a bioactive mineral that is an essential nutrient and only word it “may be an essential nutrient” because of the government propaganda saying that it is not. The science is clear that boron is essential at least for bone health, so for that reason alone, boron IS an essential nutrient.
  2. There is evidence that the human body needs at least 0.2 mg of boron a day, and that for brain and bone health you really need greater than 0.4 mg of boron a day, and really for bone health you need at least 1 mg of boron a day, and the science shows there is a massive health increase if you get at least 3 mg of boron a day. So why the government does not make a recommended daily allowance (RDA) of boron at least 1 mg/day is a crime. It’s likely that the real RDA should be 3x that more like 3-9 mg/day. The expert who wrote the featured science article asserts that the correct amount should be 3 mg/day especially for people with osteo-arthritis, cancer and other issues that boron is known to help with. Regardless, I’m enough of a nutrition expert at this point in my life that I can personally tell you that there really is a minimum amount of boron you should be getting in your diet so it’s ridiculous that there is no official RDA for boron. We can argue over the number but not over whether the number exists as numerous studies show that getting boron above a threshold improves health, and it is clearly an essential nutrient in spite of much propaganda saying that it isn’t.
  3. Based on the featured science article, scientists are sure that getting low amounts of boron (>0.4 mg/day) is good for your health. So as a scientist myself, I am sure that not only that low intakes of boron does not cause any harm, but I am sure that boron is a critical and essential nutrient that your body needs, and based on the science if you increase from 1 mg /day boron to 3 mg/day boron you gain a significant benefit to your health.

Okay so I pointed out & controverted some blatant lies about boron. Since we are dealing with a boron controversy it means one side is lying & everything we think we know about boron needs to be looked at critically so we can get some real answers.

The questions I want answers to are:

  1. How much boron a day do we need?
  2. How much boron a day if any is too much?
  3. What foods contain boron?
  4. Do I need to supplement boron?
  5. What is best way to supplement boron?
  6. What is boron doing in the body?

Fortunately, I was able to find the answers to all these questions and here they are in short form.

  1. We need 3 mg/day boron for optimal health based on current science available though the true number for optimal health requires more study as could be higher. Most people are only getting 1 mg/day in their diet and can gain a huge health benefit from increasing their boron intake by about 3x. Instead of 1-3 mg/day boron, shoot for 3-9 mg/day & the DrBenGo RDA in lieu of the government having an RDA for boron is 3 mg/day.
  2. Evidence shows that 699 mg/day boron starts to become toxic. The government propaganda that an adult should only have a tolerable upper limit of 20 mg/day is misleading as can tolerate 10x+ more with no problem. But when you start getting into the thousands of milligrams it can cause abdominal and other problems, and if you take 15,000+ mg boron it can kill you, so there definitely is an upper limit.
  3. Fruit and leafy greens and nuts contain boron. See review article for more details. It is known that vegetarians get more boron in general than carnivores, so if you feel better when going veggie, it could be you are boron deficient.
  4. Yes, most people can benefit from supplementing boron. The reason is that the average American gets 1 mg/day but there is a massive health benefit as explained in the featured science review article on boron in getting 3 mg/day (3x more). So either eat 3x the fruit and veggies, or or you need to supplement boron.
  5. I think the best way to supplement boron is simply as part of your multivitamin. I recommend the Power Source One multivitamin designed by Dr Calin Pop. His recommended dosage is 10 mg/day boron which is very close to my independently verified recommended range of shooting for 3-9 mg/day boron where a little extra likely even better, so I’ll update my recommendation to match his to being 3-10 mg/day recommended. I like how his serving size is 8 capsules so actually each capsule contains 1.2 mg/boron so it’s easy to play with the dosing. For example, just taking two capsules I would be supplementing 2.5 mg/boron and if I ate a pear for an extra 0.5 mg boron, I would be at my full 3 mg/day recommend DrBenGo RDA for boron. So by using Power Source One multivitamins I can make sure to get enough boron. I offer the PS1 multi’s through iMedDo Foundation, and I offer them at a 25% discount to all iMedDo distributors. For more information on PS1 multivitamins and their ingredients see previous newsletter. To order PS1 multivitamin email me at
  6. Boron does many things in the body. According to the featured science article the top 10 that are known are as follows:

“As the current article shows, boron has been proven to be an important trace mineral because it (1) is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone; (2) greatly improves wound healing; (3) beneficially impacts the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D; (4) boosts magnesium absorption; (5) reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α); (6) raises levels of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase; (7) protects against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy-metal toxicity; (8) improves the brains electrical activity, cognitive performance, and short-term memory for elders; (9) influences the formation and activity of key biomolecules, such as S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD(+)); (10) has demonstrated preventive and therapeutic effects in a number of cancers, such as prostate, cervical, and lung cancers, and multiple and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma”


Boron is not boring. Boron is amazing. Boron is an essential nutrient and if you increase from 1 mg to 3 mg+ boron a day you can expect a significant improvement in your health. Some of the things that really pop out about boron are its use in osteoarthritis and cancer prevention, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg as is involved in so much more including hormones and energy and sugars and has all kinds of applications that need further exploring for diabetes, thyroid hormones and more things I didn’t have time in this article to explore, much I just want to open your mind about boron.


When you do the iMedDo detox system you will notice that all your other minerals and nutrients start to work better, and since boron is an essential nutrient, we can find much synergy with boron nutrition and taking the iMedDo Detox system. Below I have listed a few examples that really pop out at me: arthritis, cancer, vitamin D & Calcium & heavy metal detox.


NeuGold is the #1 thing for rheumatoid arthritis and helps with inflammatory arthritis. Boron as an anti-inflammatory for osteo-arthritis & inflammatory arthritis so is very synergistic with iMedDo NeuGold. In the past I’ve been recommending Frankincense and berries for osteo-arthritis, and I now see that the reason berries & fruit helps with osteo is because of at least in part the boron content of the fruit. Both NeuSilver and NeuGold are anti-inflammatory and is excellent that boron is also anti-inflammatory as gives us another tool to fight inflammation.


The iMedDo detox system iodine, silver & gold is a triple anti-cancer. Boron being a potent anti-cancer is very exciting and synergistic with iMedDo.


NeuIodine in iMedDo system helps detox fluoride from the kidneys allowing kidneys to function better as talked about in previous newsletter Fluoride & Kidney stones. The kidneys in a pathway using vitamin D decide how much calcium to reabsorb into the blood. Boron is also known to help the body reabsorb both more calcium and magnesium and assist in vitamin D deficiency so there is significant synergy using iMedDo and boron supplementation which I need to explore more and better explain but just know is there. Also note how the parathyroid hormone is involved in bone remodeling and likely has a link with boron.


Looking at how boron is in group 13 same chemical group as aluminum and +3 valence electron, my first though was to wonder if boron could be used for aluminum heavy metal detox. Sure enough I found many articles talking about boron detoxing aluminum in plants, but couldn’t find any for humans though I’m sure it does. In the boron review featured science article it did talk about how boron is known to assist in heavy metal detox of arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead, so overall yes my boron is very synergistic with iMedDo for heavy metal detox, a topic I look forward to exploring more in future.

“The effectiveness of some boron compounds—boric acid, borax, colemanite, and ulexite—on the genotoxicity induced by heavy metals—arsenic trioxide, colloidal bismuth subcitrate, cadmium chloride, mercury chloride, and lead chloride—was assessed in human blood cultures.71 Sister chromatid exchange (SCE) and micronuclei (MN) assays were performed to establish DNA damage in lymphocytes, and oxidative stress was evaluated by estimating the changes in the main, antioxidant, enzyme activities and in the levels of total glutathione in erythrocytes. Heavy-metal treatments increased the frequency of both SCE and MN and the plasma levels of malondialdehyde, a marker of oxidative stress, and decreased the antioxidant enzyme activities and the level of total glutathione compared to controls. All boron-tested compounds (5-20 ppm) significantly reduced all genotoxic effects that were induced by low doses of heavy metals.”


NeuSilver is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, fungicidal & anti-cancer. Silver is in my opinion a critical nutrient for the human body though is not recognized as such by mainstream medicine.

Boron is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, fungicidal & anti-cancer. I don’t know if boron is anti-viral or not but it does have extra property of being a relatively safe insecticide. Boron is in my opinion an essential nutrient though is not recognized as such by mainstream medicine (though the other scientists agree with me, read the featured science articles).

Boron and iMedDo detox system NeuSilver are synergistic in their anti-inflammatory, germicidal, fungicidal, and ant-cancer properties.


Boron affects many hormones including thyroid hormones. In particular there is a link with boron and the parathyroid hormones which regulate calcium and a vitamin D connection. Boron is synergistic with NeuIodine & iMedDo detox system for thyroid and energy health though is beyond the scope of this article to discuss (translation, I need to research it more before can explain as is very complicated =).


Thankyou for reading THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Boron Nutrition. Take a break and gather your thoughts. Getting to the bottom of Boron nutrition was my primary goal, and I think I succeeded but there are still some other non-nutrition information about boron I want you to know, so come back when ready for part three.



The most common industrial use of boron is in making boro-silicate glass where boron is mixed in with the silicon dioxide. I was used to always using boro-silicate glass in chemistry so I though all glass resisted heat so well, but I found out the hard way when I once poured boiling water into a crystal decanter that was not reinforced with boron and the heat of the water vibrated the glass to the point of shattering and spilled and burned my foot so I will always only use boro-silicate glass for putting hot water in as has superior heat and shatter resistance.


I first heard of boron in the nuclear industry. I took nuclear engineering 101 in college before eventually switching major to chemical engineering then ultimately to biochemistry at Texas A&M University. Boron isotopes are used for neutron capture in control rods for nuclear plants & for neutron shielding. Also I thankyou for your interest in boron nutrition & medicine rather than making boron based nuclear weapons.


Boron has been known to be a critical nutrient for plants since 1923. What is known is that boron is used in plant cell walls. Combined with the fact that we now know that boron can be used an an insecticide & fungicide, what I think plants are doing with boron is that they are making a type of “armored” cell wall to fight off bugs. As we go forward trying to uncover the mystery of what boron is doing in the human body as well, thinking of it as a type of “armor” is a good starting point.


My wife and I do earthbag building and there is natural fungus in the clay. Upon researching anti-fungals so mushrooms don’t grow on the walls, we found that both lime and boron as borax can be used. Now put a half a cup of boron containing borax in each wheel-barrow of exterior earthbag plaster and it really works. Between the lime and the borax suppresses mold growth. Also I was a bit shocked but not surprised to read in boron science articles that boron as boric acid can be used clinical as a vaginal suppository for yeast infection. Yeast is a unicellar fungus and boron is anti-fungal so makes sense.


Boron as boric acid kills cockroaches. I first heard about this from my cousin Jake who said it really works. Although I live in the woods I don’t really have a cockroach problem as have a whole food chain where the scorpions eat the roaches and the spiders eat the scorpions lol. I put some boric acid out anyway. Unfortunately is so humid where I live that the boric acid tablets absorbed moisture, expanded and starting growing mold which they are not supposed to do as they as boron is antifungal lol. From what I’ve read insects will avoid boron so they mix it with sugar to trick them and likely the mold was eating the sugar part and was somehow resistant to the boron as a fungicide. When cockroaches get boric acid on their wings or legs they eat it and it kills them because they have no kidneys to remove it. For humans our body maintains boron in homeostasis and when we eat too much it is eliminated in urine or stored in bones or hair. Cockroaches eat their own dead (gross) so born as a cockroachicide is very effective as when one reach dies from boron the others eat it and die as well. Also my wife and I have used boron in another insecticide form to kill wood eating beetles and it worked.


Boron has anti-bacterial properties and was used extensively between about 1870 – 1950’s for food preservation such as for canned fish preservation in WWI and WW2 and then was blocked by the FDA over concerns that people were getting too much boron. Boron was used in boron salts in ancient times both in ancient Egypt for mummy preservation and in ancient Greece for food preservation. Perhaps if we used it for food preservation again would help less people be boron deficient.


Boron as the white salt borax is simply amazing is a multi-purpose cleaner can use in laundary and so many more applications (insecticide, fungicide, food preservation etc). The brand 20 mule team borax is readily available in most stores where cleaning supplies are found. As for me, I use it all the time in my earthbag plaster mix as a fungicide as I mentioned earlier and still a learning curve on what all can do with it. Borax is like a mult-pass has multi-uses!



For most of human history boron was thought to be a non-metal as was only found in white salt form. Borax, a water soluble boron containing salt is found naturally in hot dry areas and forms white crystals that can be turned into a white power as you may have seen if you’ve ever used Borax multi-purpose cleaner. Elemental boron does not exist in nature it exists in oxided form instead, but when chemists where able to isolate it, it did have metallic properties and now boron is classified as a metalloid.

elemental boron is metallic, a metalloid


The original name of Boron was Baracium as it was isolated from Boracic acid and then then it was shortened to Borium, the French wanted to call it Bore, but English chemist Sir Humphrey Davy changed the name to its final form Boron to emphasize it’s similarity more as a non-metal to carbon. However, turns out he was wrong as elemental boron when fully isolated a hundred years later was actually metallic so he should have stuck with the name Boracium. Davy didn’t want to name Boron a word ending in “um” if it wasn’t a metal but turns out it is metallic as a metalloid so “um” ending is appropriate. So the word Boron we are stuck which is a misnomer as Boracium is better. Because Boron sounds like Boring in English it has stymied interest in Boron research in my opinion from a bad naming convention. I recommend that chemists should try to go back to calling Boron as Boracium as it’s more accurate and sounds like “Bracer” a type of armor and that’s a much better way I think you will agree to think about Boron hafter reading this article. Boron nutrient has many beneficial health effects that protect your body.

I doubt chemists will listen to me but for those who do I recommend we go back to original name of Boron as Boracium it will make the world a better place if we do as we need to banish the Boron is Boring word association which is actually a spell, part of the boron conspiracy, to keep the public from learning how awesome the fifth element is. Instead if we call it Boracium, which was it’s original name, dropped because it wasn’t metallic then later found to be accurate enough as a metalloid, we should have kept it. Boracium word associates with Bracer and armor and protection which is a better word magic than Boring as it associated it with secrecy and plays into the hands of those who want to keep Boron concealed.



Boron/Boracium element #5 likes to combine with its neighbor carbon element #6 in nature and can be found as boron-carbide which has armor applications.

We are carbon creatures and thus boron could be alloyed with the carbon in all sorts of structures in our body that we don’t even yet know about. I alluded to this in part one where the fifth element red head LeeLu used her boron-carbide bones to punch out through the boro-silicate containment glass as a nod to this idea that boron could be used to armor us in ways that might give use super power-like reinforced bones. I don’t know if boron carbide bones in humans is a reality or not but is worth investigating to check as is possible given boron’s ability to alloy with carbon.


Humans are carbon based life forms, and one theory is that if we find alien life forms that they could be silicon based instead but if you study boron, it is equally as likely that alien life could evolve from boron instead of carbon as both are able to perform structural compounds. Boron though typically +3 oxidation state like carbon can also do +4 oxidation state, & borane (Boron linked structures) like carbon linked structures are known to exist. One ancient alien theory is that humans were genetically modified and spliced with alien DNA. If this is the case then it might be the alien part of our DNA that requires boron as a nutrient. That would certainly explain the coverup as to why knowledge of boron nutrition is suppressed.


Boron is required by all life for reproduction and the denial of boron nutrition could be part of a globalist population control agenda. I can’t confirm it but it’s what I was thinking when reading about how boron restores testosterone and other fertility & hormonal positive health effects of getting enough boron nutrient. That certainly would be an evil reason worth of Zorg and Mr. Shadow of why there is so much boron propaganda.


It is significant to me that French chemist Guy Lussac wanted to name the fifth element “Bore”. I detected strong death magic and secrecy magic and dark magic surrounding the name Boron which revolves around an intention to make it sound Boring when it is in fact one of the most interesting topics I’ve ever come across. I do not blame Sir Humphrey Davy though he should have kept with his gut first name Boracium rather than Boron. The onus is on us to rename Boron. Last month I meditated on the Egyptian Goddess Nepthys, the goddess of death and darkness in a good & gold way, and the fifth element is sacred to her as the holy spirit. Yes there is much darkness & secrecy surrounding boron but when you break through the bore you will find it contains secrets of eternal life. Discovering nutrients and true nutrition and detox is a path to becoming a perfect human and yourself becoming the fifth element. Part of the secrecy surrounding boron is not evil or intentional but is a secrecy necessitated by warfare as the enemy does not need to know everything or else they can exploit it. There are those who wish to destroy the human race and they plan to attack again this winter and I am part of the resistance for the forces of life. Boron contains a secret weapon, and just as LeeLu in the move was depicted as a weapon against evil to protect earth, so too is the fifth element on the periodic table. And though I talked a lot this episode, I barely scratched the surface, so let this just be the beginning of your own meditation. Namaste!

DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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