MEDUSA Mother of Medicine & Magic

Greetings iMedDo subscribers! For this episode I’m going to be talking about MEDUSA whom you may have heard of as a snake monster of Greek mythology, but whom I’m going to report in the ray light of being Medusa the MOTHER OF MEDICINE & MAGIC! Thinking about the anger and rage of mothers as their children are being poisoned by the jab in this ongoing Vaccine War, made me think of Medusa who is a symbol of anger, terror & protection. The name Medusa sounds like MedUSA i.e. Medicine for the United States which is something I think my country needs right now. I’m not alone in thinking that the state medicine religion cult has gone way off the rails and needs a hard reset. The globalists want a “Great Reset” and I’ve decided to give them one, let’s call it the “Great Mother Reset” as the head of the Gorgon is the image of protection, & we could all use some protection from the poisoners right now. Protect the children, protect yourself. Know thyself, and know what thou art not. Humans though designed to both heal & kill have free will, & I choose to heal.


Great video, covers most all backgroud I want you to know about Medusa except note she births more than just Pegasus.


The more I meditate on Medusa, the more I learn, and the more it blows up in my face with more to know. Whenever this happens, it’s a tell-tale sign that whatever you are looking at is a mandala. The word mandala means “must be loved” like the female name Amanda, and apparantly so is Medusa a mandala. (Also related is the Hindu snake goddess Manasa).

A mandalla is a single thing of beauty that is a spirit mirror into the infinite so you can either drive yourself nuts trying to grasp the infinite which is impossible for us to do in our mortal forms or you can just sit back acknowledge that you are looking at a mandala and marvel at its beauty. Such is the Medusa Mandala. Marvel at her Beauty or she will drive you insane.

According to the stories her herb is the poisonous yet medicinal Hellebore flower which was used to cure the insanity of Hercules so at least we know it’s a curable insanity lol.

Whenever you find something of perfect beauty it can be used as a mandala, a spirit mirror, where you can gaze upon the beauty, see your own beautiful inner divine reflection and send love to yourself.

So when you look upon Medusa do you see a beautiful healer or a scary monster killer? Either way, recognize yourself and send yourself love.

I see the beautiful healer, the Mother of Medicine & Magic! Triple M. Triphis.

I’ll do my best to tell you everything I can about Medusa, but just know that no matter how much I say I can barely scratch the surface of how much more there is to know. However, I plan on this being the most comprehensive & enlightening discussion of Medusa every written, so please take your iMedDo Health Supplements, open your third eye, protect & purify & see Medusa the Great Mandala inside & in the sky.


Perhaps the secret meaning of Medusa was common knowledge a few thousand years ago, but it seems no-one today at least not in the West has any inkling about what is really going on with the Medusa story. The secret has been revealed to me, and I want to share it with you now so that you will know how to see the big picture when looking at this Medusa creature.

Medusa has been found. In your head does Medusa abound. If you look at your own brain, it looks like a mass of snakes where the sulci visible on the outside of the brain look like snake bodies.

Human Brain looks like a mass of snakes! Yikes!

You can’t see their heads so all the snakes are imagined as biting towards the core of the brain as if they are eating something in the center (golden apple/pineal) or are all asleep. Now imaging if you can if all the snakes woke up at attention and assumed protective pose like a cobras around the head. Then what you would see would look something like an Egyptian or Hindu Snake God/Goddess with snakes surrounding your head that represent an intermediate step in a spiritual journey of an awakened mind.

Now imagine the Milky Way. It’s flat on its side but zooming out perpendicular looking down on it like a disk you see a giant spinning shield where the arms of the spiral galaxy look like snakes.

Our own Milky Way Galaxy, identified by DrBenGo as Gorgon Medusa

Now in Greco-Buddhist style you connect your snaky brain to the snakes in the sky of the Milky Way. This is the essence of Medusa. She’s a scary or beautiful snake chimera depending on how you look at it where a human and our galaxy are one. Medusa to the Greeks was symbol of this spiritual journey from mortal to immortal and Medusa is the majestic messenger who takes us from regular human to demi-god. A demi-god is a half-god which is what an enlightened human is like as we though still mortal and alive have the capability to connect our pineal third eye to the eye of of our galaxy.


Our own Milky Way galaxy as seen from Earth. Side View.

How you choose to view the Milky Way is limited only by your own imagination. The Greco-Romans liked to imagine the Milky Way as the image of Medusa on a shield, a symbol of protection called the Gorgoneion.


The image of the Gorgon’s head is an ancient evil averting (apotropaic) symbol of protection and royalty.


The word “Gorgon” is reminiscent of English words Gorgeous (beautiful) & Gorge (like a beautiful snake-like river gorge). I live near the Tennessee valley river gorge is very gorgeous indeed.

It came to me in meditation, after taking iMedDo Detox supplements, that the word “Me-Du-Sa” in Egyptian style phonetics Me-Djed-Sa sounds like English word “Majesty” & rearranged as Me-Sa-Djed sounds like “Message” & it appears to me that Medusa is depicted in Greco-Roman imagery as the “Majestic Messenger”.

Take note that Medusa is most often depicted with wings on her head like in the Roman mosaic (see cover art) which is reminiscent of Greco-Roman Hermes-Mercury the “Messenger”. Hermes the Messenger of the Gods is frequently depicted with winged hat and winged sandles and carrying a winged snakey caduceus the symbol of medicine. So is Medusa also a symbol of Medicine? Yes absolutely, in fact I think she is the “Mother of Medicine” which is what this article is about. That makes Hermes her son in the all too familiar viewing of the Milky Way as a Mother-Father-Son triad where all three are actually the same thing all milky way references. Hermes is said to be the son of Zeus & “Maia” the Pleiade. Maia like Ma or Me means “Mother” referring to the Milky Way Mother and also means “Me” as in “Yourself” connecting yourself to the MW in Greco-Buddhist fashion as I’ve already discussed is the underlying secret meaning of all the Greek mythology.

All three of the big three Greek Gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades are MW references where I best understand the first two as Zeus/Vous/You is connecting yourself to the Milky Way as viewed from the side imagined as a lightning bolt in the sky. Poseidon’s name always confused me but I’d call it “Pro Se Diana” i.e. “yourself as Dianna” another Greco-Buddhist Milky Way reference, and I better understand Poseidon as the Hindu God Vishnu with tri-partate trident and note Vishnu=Fishnu i.e. the Fish of Heaven (Nu) where Milky Way on its side is imagined as either a fish, a trident weapon or a giant leviathan serpent or even as a horse the symbol of Poseidon. Interesting to the Medusa story is that Medusa in horse form (as the Night-Mare) mates with Poseidon (in his sea-horse form i.e. a reference to the human brain anatomy i.e. hippocampus the horse-monster) and a resulting of that mating is the production of the the winged horse Pegasus. Hades is a bit more dark and murky of a character but if you imagine the MW as a black dog, a black three headed dog Cerberus then that is Hades. Originally the triple dog was related to Hecate the triple Goddess and is same as Egyptian Goddess Mut. Hades fall flat as a character because he’s an obvious male re-imagining of an older goddess which is ultimately the same as the Medusa as milky way reference. That Goddess is Ceres-Demeter who is the Scythian mother goddess who is a Milky Way reference viewing the MW on it’s side as a scythe and as a dual symbol for death as the goddess of death from whence Grim Reaper comes from. Whew! That was a lot to explain but I have to because the oldest reference to the Gorgon we have in the Greek literature, Homer’s Illiad, does not specifically mention Medusa by name but does mention the Gorgon’s head in relationship to Persephone.

The rape story of Hades stealing Persephone from Demeter to make her Queen of Hell is when viewed perceptively with your third eye, essentially the same story as the rape story of Poseidon taking Medusa in the Temple of Athena. [Also compare to the story of Zeus raping the Europa the golden cow]. These are all archetypal male MW references raping a young female MW reference much to the chagrin of the Mother Goddess MW reference.

In the Medusa story given to us by Roman Ovid, Poseidon takes Medusa in Athena’s Temple, but what is underappreciated is that both Poseidon & Medusa & Athena are all MW references to the same Galaxy!


Now that you know the secret, the most confusing part of the Medusa story that has really baffled readers and thinkers on the subject is why is Medusa depicted as the only mortal sister of three where her two sisters are immortals. If you truly internalize the Greco-Buddhist message of the Medusa story then the answer should be obvious.

Medusa is symbol of the Greek style spiritual journey from human mortal to demigod to immortal where you the human, with your snakey looking brain, are Medusa the mortal. Medusa the demi-god is your brain connecting to the Milky Way, and the Milky Way itself is the immortal Goddess Medusa.

Medusa is depicted with golden wings because she connects your brain to the Milky Way. There is a lot to unpack in the wings, but basically wings mean protection, wings are a reference Medusa being in the sky, and are also anatomical references to the human brain where left and right temporal lobes look like wings as well as your thyroid anatomy looks like butterfly wings a reference to the soul.

Additional secret meaning which you can appreciated is that GOLD, actual food grade colloidal gold like NeuGold by iMedDo, actually makes your brain work better & connects it to the Milky Way.

According to Greek poet Aeschylus, the names of the three Gorgon sisters are: Medusa, Stheno & Euryale.

My personal interpretation of “Who are the two sisters of Medusa” since we know that she is the Milky Way is that they are the two nearest gorgon i.e. spiral galaxies to the MW namely what is know today as the Andromeda Galaxy (Gorgon Stheno) and the Triangulum Galaxy (Gorgon Euryale).

Adromeda Galaxy the closest Galaxy to the Milky Way; Identified by DrBenGo as Gorgon Stheno
Triangulum galaxy, second closest galaxy to the Milky Way, identified by DrBenGo as Gorgon Euryale

Stheno means strengths and the Andromeda Galaxy is larger than the Milky Way and heading right towards us so looks like a Stheno Gorgon to me. The Triangulum galaxy is smaller but hangs out near the Andromeda Galaxy and by process of elimination must be the sister Euryale. She’s one hot looking pinwheel galaxy that Euryale “Ariel” Mermaid Gorgon in the sky, looks like pink flowers in her hair. Stheno is rather scary as she’s got a “super-massive black hole” going on is on a collision course with our galaxy in only 4-8 billion years. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the song “Super Massive Black Hole” by band Muse, is in my opinion an ode to the Gorgon Stheno; I am jamming to this while writing:



The story of Poseidon raping Medusa is told by Roman author Ovid who prefers as a Roman to view the Milky Way as a spear or sword as Ares the God of War (Roman Mars) and does not like to portray the Goddess in a positive light as he prefers Roman to Athenian Greek Milky Way imagining it would seem. His story of Medusa smacks to me of mockery of the older snake wisdom cult where Medusa was a symbol of female attainment of what can be thought of as “Buddhahood” i.e. females becoming demi-gods by connecting to the Milky Way via Medusa with golden wings as the guide.

Medusa in his story is portrayed like Aphrodite but more innocent as a vestal virgin of Athena raped by Poseidon in the temple. Athena is portrayed as a real bitch because she blames Medusa for the rape on account of her too beautiful hair and curses her with snake hair. Then Athena after ganging up on Medusa with Hermes & Zeus & Hades to help Perseus slay the monster she created is not above taking Medusa’s head to put on her shield. The rape and bitchy Athena part of the story are best viewed as Roman propagand and ignored. The most interesting part of the story to me is that part that is typically left out because no one has any idea how to interpret it which is 1) Decapitation of Medusa by Perseus 2) Crysaor the Giant with Golden sword popping out of her head along with Pegasus. Note that in the brief animated summary of the Medusa story it mentioned Pegasus but not Crysaor Pegasus’s brother. There are few surviving Greek myths about Crysaor and Medusa story so misunderstood by modern audiences that part is typically left out but is very important.


Perseus = Per-Se-Us i.e. Through Yourself Us. He’s a Greco-Buddhist reference to spiritual journey of a mortal becoming a demi-god and then becoming immortal by connecting to the divine. So you can see Perseus has exactly the same underlying meaning as Medusa except the Greeks are imagining a male instead of a female hero. Ovid is using Perseus as a way to replace Medusa the mother goddess as the guide to connect your brain to the milky way and instead the greeks prefer to use Pegasus and Gold.


The weird way the Greeks encoded this secret message about gold and Medusa’s golden wings and combined MW and brain and thyroid anatomy connection is in how when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head it bled red blood (colloidal gold reference) and out sprang Pegasus and Crysaor. Who is this brother of Pegasus? Crysaor (Greek word for Gold is Chrysos [yes note similarity to “Christ” & “Crystal”]) is depicted as a Giant wielding a “golden sword.”

Perseus is given the sword of Zeus (MW reference) and when he cuts off Medusa’s head the Giant Crysaor as a giant is another MW reference and the Golden Sword is also a MW reference. So if you are perceptive to MW references you will note the Sword of Zeus, the Sword of Ares & the Golden Sword of Crysaor the Giant son of Medusa are all the same sword. However how you imagine the swords does differ. Whereas the sword of Zeus is for war (similar to the spear of Athena MW imagining), and the sword of Zeus is for demi-gods to slay monsters (typically monsters created by his brothers Poseidon or Hades or in this case monster created by Athena (Athena is Female version of Zeus as she sprang from head of Zeus a higher birth just like Pegasus and Crysaor Springing from Medusa’s head), the Golden Sword of Crysaor unlike the Sword of Ares is the sword of peace. This is a coded reference that drinkable gold like NeuGold colloidal gold brings calm & peace and wisdom to the brain. The golden sword is a symbol of power but is also a symbol of wisdom that the sword is used to maintain peace.


Archeology lends support to the idea that Ovid’s Roman story of Medusa being raped by Poseidon in the Temple of Athena is propaganda because Medusa protects the Goddess Artemis not Athena! Sure Medusa’s decapitated head is depicted on Athena’s breastplate and shield but since Athena & Medusa are both MW references, that’s an admission that Medusa is an elder Goddess supplanted by Athena where Athena like Zeus still wants to use her (rape her Athenian Greek style) to show their royal lineage to the elder Goddess.

Medusa on Temple of Artemis (not Athena!) at Corfu.


Note that the Medusa on Artemis’s temple is not decapitated meaning most likely that 1) Medusa was already thought of as having snakes for hair (not because Athena made it so) 2) Artemis temple has more respect for Medusa as is using her in full form as protector not as decapitated form as an armor decoration. 3) No Perseus man around to mess with her, Temple of Artemis is all about the Ladies. 4) Notice the snake knot at her waist is a symbol of virginity, and I personally think means Artemis-Medusa is a protector of underage girls. Romans complain about women being celibate at festival of Ceres-Demeter, and I think the story of Persephone being abducted raped by Hades is a better model of Medusa than Poseidon-Athena Temple story which reads more like how Roman men as Poseidon can get away with rape and won’t be punished by Athena. Not so with Artemis. Artemis will punish men who violate her temple virgins. Artemis is the real Medusa.

Artemis parthenos as a huntress & goddess of animals fits much better with Medusa the snake Goddess as Medusa can be considered a snake form of Artemis. The Greeks despised non-human looking (anthropomorphic) representations of the Milky Way, so all in my opinion to compensate the Greeks filed all the more ancient and bestial depictions of the Milky Way in various animal forms under Artemis. Besides snake form, important forms of Artemis as a protectress goddess is in bear form and in lioness/tigress form. Also compare to the Hindu goddess Durga.

Medusa as a type of dragon-snake chimeric form of milky way imagining as the Mother Goddess, makes perfect sense to find her in Temple of Artemis and that’s what archeology shows.


The parents of Medusa in mythology are said to be elder gods Porcys & Keto, of Titans also chimeric milky way references but they are sea gods & Goddesses making the snakes of medusa having a possibly “sea snake” vibe to them. Sea monsters of all varieties as creatures would be temple of Artemis but as sea creatures would be allied with Poseidon. Poseidon to me appears to be the fully anthropomorphized form of earlier chimeric man-sea creature forms like Porcys, and Medusa is another chimeric female sea creature form like her “mother” Keto. The mother godesss has no mother like Artemis and Athena (& Virgin Mary) is “Parthenos” a mother yet still a Virgin. The children are just all re-imaginings of the Milky Way. The husbands and fathers and sisters and brothers are all just MW re-imaginings. I think the Greek poets were trying to keep track of the order of the changes in the state MW imagining by saying which god was son of or daughter of which other God, but it was understood that all the Gods and Goddesses were the same as the Great Mother Goddess the Milky Way. The Greeks, called the “Hellas” people, viewed this Great Goddess as Hellen. Medusa is a Hellen figure as her beauty outrivals all others and is worth starting wars over (Poseidon followers vs Athena followers vying for control of Athens for example). We know Poseidon was god of Atlantis which predates Athena & Athens, but I’ve also figured out that there are a number of goddesses that Athena is modeled after (Anat, Neith) that also predate Athena as well. We know the mother goddess cult predates all other cults going back to the paleolithic. The oldest I can find is in Egypt and the second oldest is Minoan.


It’s hard to believe ancient people actually had the star data to extrapolate what the Milky Way looked like top down view as the head of the Gorgon because you can only see it from earth on it’s side, and it is not obvious that it is spiral shaped top down unless you have many years of star data and mathematics to calculate & extrapolate what it looks like. But believe it. It was common knowledge in old kingdom Egypt going back from 3000B.C.-2300 B.C. and the proof is in the game Mehen where Medusa was represented as the goddess “Mehenet” t is feminine ending so pronounced “Mehen” meaning “Mother Hen” or Mother Goose, a Milky Way reference. I know for a fact that this was a Milky Way reference because it was paired on the flip side of the board with the Egyptian game Senet which plays out a hero’s journey across the Milky Way across the back of Anubis (MW reference as golden/black dog/wolf). This is the milky way sideways. Then when you pieces die, you flip the board and play them out as the great serpent Mehet where they try to escape and not get eater by her. Mehen is reprented as the great spiral snake like Medusa or like a great big eye in center of a spiral snake board. This is the Milky Way, there is no doubt. Look for yourself.

Egyptian religion viewed life as a great Milky Way Board Game!

What do you see? Some Egyptians saw a golden island, a golden egg, the Eye of Ra, the Eye of Hathor, the fire of Sehkmet and many other names. J.R.R. Tolkien was not doubt refereing to this as his “Eye of Sauron”. Saur “lizard/snake” of On “heliopolis” Egypt. The Egyptians saw a protector mother snake compare to Neith, Nepthys & Isis (Neith became Greek Athena). Sometime the Greeks called this a whirlpool with Scylla & Charybdis names for the Medusa & Stheno (Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies). It’s the Eye of the Dragon & this year you can think of it as the “Eye of the Tiger” as you connect your third eye to the Milky Way.


Stop looking at her boobs and notice the cat ‘baby lion” on her head! Medusa like Artemis also associated Lioness is not a trivial point & Babylon “Baby Lion” Cults possibly related.


The flood story in the Bible as well as flood & rape stories by Poseidon the Greek god of the sea sometimes have coded meaning to them regarding the blood flooding and polluting the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of the brain. A breaking down of the blood brain barrier results in the blood of Medusa and the waters of Poseidon mixing as they are not supposed to do as the blood brain barrier is supposed to keep the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid separate. It is possible that Ovid in his story of the rape of Medusa by Poseidon was referencing this, though is hard for me to be sure if he did it on purpose or was just repeating/re-adapting earlier stories that had that motif. Gold really does protect the blood brain barrier and allows the CSF to purify. Such coded message is in the Medusa, Pegasus, Crysaor myth though is likely lost to most people but not me as I meditate on gold all the time =). I made iMedDo Detox System well before learning these Greek myths but is fascinating that the gold medicine really has been around a long time likely as far back as the cult of Medusa. So I guess my detox system could be considered “Medusa Medicine” because similar to the coded motifs in Medusa story iMedDo “Eye” Med Do! with NeuIodine opens your third eye, and NeuSilver protects your blood and NeuGold protects your brain much like Medusa Gorgon is a protector, and when you detox like a mortal becoming a demi-god greek style if you wish you can connect your brain to the heavens and download cool divine information like what I’m sharing with you in this episode. So cool.


Th Athenian Greeks really did love Medusa as they plastered her face all over their goddess Athena both on her breastplate and shield as well as Medusa’s child Pegasus on her her helm.

Medusa’s face on Athena’s chest is also surrounded by Athena’s golden locks indicating that Athena’s hair and Medusa’s hair are one and the same. (Both MW references).

A large snake is depicted crawling up the back of the shield which has Medusa’s face protective Gorgoneion face on the front and not the head of the snake has been chopped off. Perhaps the statue was not broken but was done on purpose methinks. If so the snake is the “body of Medusa” which is a depiction of Evil like Apep or Python the serpent as sideways MW reference, and the Greeks was implying that you had to “cut off the head of the serpent” to release the protective powers of Medusa which would jive with the Ovid story of Perseus chopping off Medusa’s head and then using it as a weapon to protect from teh Leviathan and for other things before giving to Athena.

Note two Pegasi on Athena’s head not just one Pegasus indicating Pegasus is an internal brain anatomy reference (hippocampi in temporal lobes most probably).

The biggest thing I get out of the Athena statue is note the sphinx on the top middle of her helm which is very Egyptian-like. But an actual eyptian statue would use a snake there instead (ureas) so it’s clear the sphinx and uraus are the same. But instead of protector cobra the greeks prefered the protector lion as the sphinx refers to the leo constellation. Or does it? I think it also refers to the “Eye of the Tiger-Lion i.e. the Eye of Medusa, the Gorgoneion of the MW from top down view”.

This depiction of Athena with a lion-sphinx on her head is very reminsicent of the Minoan representation of Medusa with lion on head. So Athena is being connected to being a lioness Goddess. Just like Artemis-Medusa. Also same as Egyptian lion Goddess Sehkmet (Seek Me/ Sick Me).


Medusa is the Egyptian lion goddess Sehkmet who is also like I said before is Mehenet and what you might not have realized is Sehkmet is depicted with snakes for hair (just like Medusa). Sehkmet is Athena is Medusa is Artermis. All Milky Way mother goddess references.

Sehkmet is a winged fire goddess, So now you see medusa is not just a snake goddess but is a fire breathing snake goddess. Milky Way looks look a big eye wreathed in flame. The Eygptians were loaded with mother goddess depictions also check out Nut, Mut, Neith, Hathor, Isis, Sehkmet, Bast, Bat and more for coded Medusa references. Snakes everywhere. Basically the snake is a sign of wisdom as it looks like the human brain and is stands for “using your brain”. Ureas snake is protective like medusa but is third eye which connects to eye of Ra MW reference.


MeritAmun the “White Queen” identified by DrBenGo as a mortal Medusa
Vulture Snake hair modius crown with feathers of Ma’at on top. Modius mesures grain connecting Goddess with Demeter & Underworld i.e. the Milky Way

This Egyptian Medusa Meritamun is in my opinion a model for the Virgin Mary.


Medusa and her children are holy having higher birth implying that Medusa is greater than Athena even as children spring from her head equating her with the female version of Zeus which makes complete sense as Medusa as the Complete Female Goddess in all aspects: Maiden, Mother, Crone with both warlike, peace-like, mortal, immortal, virginal & whore aspects all rolled into one powerful beautiful but scary package.


Eve & the Serpent when taken together are Medusa. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil is a Milky Way reference (MW on side viewed as a tree) and the forbidden fruit is the Gorgoneion where the head of Medusa is viewed as the golden apple of immortality.









Because the Milky Way looks flat when viewed from Earth, only the ancient cultures with advanced star observational knowledge were aware of the true nature of the Milky Way being a spiral galaxy. The Romans from the Greeks who got it from the Egyptians were aware.

It is natural for humans when looking at the Milky Way to think of it as a “Mother Goddess” who births stars which in the case of the galactic Medusa’s head looks vaguely like a grotesque head with snakes for hair if you choose to see it that way as they did.


According to the Romans who influenced Western medicine, the father of medicine is Hippocrates from whence is named the Hippocratic Oath (Orkos). However, like just about everything Roman I examine in more detail, it falls apart as propaganda and a sham but does have some very real and important underpinings. Hippocrates when you examine is more of a mythological figure or a demi-god than an actual person and many things of later dates that could not have been written by him were are attributed to being his works.

The most amazing thing I learned while meditating on Medusa is that Hippocrates is not and cannot be the the “Father of Medicine” because there was already a figure better satisfying that role two thousand years before him named Imotep of Egypt.


However, when you did deeper into Imotep, like Hippocrates he is more of a mythological figure as well as and the surviving papyri attributed to him are not actually thought to have been written to him merely dedicated to his deified self. Are both father’s of medicine fakes to cover up the Mother of Medicine? I think so.


What I’m about to tell you takes wisdom. To meditate on medicine takes wisdom. I want you my dear readers to known that as a small child I asked God for wisdom and finally in my older age I have achieved it and it keeps rolling in & like the torrent and I strive to capture as much as I can each month to write down in these newsletters.

The greatest disovery I made this month is that a large section of the book of Proverbs in the Bible has been found the original source in Egyptian papayrus wisdom document of Amenope.



We most often think of Medusa as snakes for hair first but it appears her “golden wings” were as important if not a more important aspect of her image as a Gorgon. Wings in Egypt symbolized protection and Medusa’s head as the Gorgoneion is a symbol of protection and often put on breastplates or shields for protection so makes perfect sense to me that she would be depicted with wings. However, the wings as “golden wings” have additional meaning liking her image both with internal anatomy (left & right hemispheres of brain are like our “wings” as well as our thyroid anatomy “wings” looks like butterfly wings and protected by thyroid cartilage “shield” & word thyroid comes from Greek word for thureous for “shield”.


wings signify connection with astrotheology in the sky).


What I’m about to say comes straight from the Milky Way. The most hidden part of Medusa is that sometimes she is depicted with boars tusks.

As the female psychopomp figure with golden wings she ferries the living between earth and MtOlympus (MW ref) much like Hermes, Anubis Herm-Anubis or Charon the ferryman shuttles souls across the River Styx.

The River Styx is a Milky Way reference for sure. If Charon and Medusa have similar functions then they might have similar features. Indeed if you look deeply int o Charon the ferryman, sometimes he is depicted with boar tusks (like medusa) and with snakes on his arms (like Minoan “Medusa” snake lady priestesses). Charon is associate with gold as demands gold coin to cross the river.

Medusa is also associated with Gold in at least three ways (golden wings, offspring Crysaor with golden sword), and her blood is reminiscent of gold (red colloidal gold, compare to NeuGold which is pink at 50 ppm).

The difference I think is that whereas Anubis & Hermes as Hermanubis shuttle the dead across the river, the blood of Medusa and/or her offspring Pegasus can allow the the living to visit the undying land.


My guts says Medusa is the Orc Queen who has tusks like a pig in some depictions because she is a chimera which is a reference to the zodiac. So basically she is Hera the wife of Zeus that all the gods are afraid of and that a mortal must cleave like Hera-Cles/Hercules by going on a spiritual journey and slaying all of the different parts. Once you go beyone the zodiac circle of animals which is representation of the stars from earth and zoom out you see the the milky way itself which looks like Medusa. The greek word for oath is “Orkos” and “Or” means gold. Orky = Gold key. The hippocratic oath (orkos) is an ork curse for those who harm children. Medusa is the protector of children specifically of the “royal” bloodline. Since the Milky Way itself is the Mother-Medusa-Protector then all life is under her protection both human and animal (Priestess of Artemis). Without protecting life there will be no hunt (game) an since the Milky Way is a giant board game to teach good from evil the game must go on.


You can’t help but notice if you are a nerd that the Milky Way from Medusa perspective is the inspiration for the “Eye of Sauron.” What I can’t figure out from Greek mythology, I see correlations for by chimeric fictional reality in the Tolkien Universe. Galadriel and Sauron are the Same Goddess worshiped very differently by different warring peoples. Saur-On is the Lizard of Helipoplis Egypt and Saruman is the Lizard Man of Scotland area. The Uruk Hai orks of Saruman are references to I think Orkney area which was ancient local of Carthagenian-Goddess Worship and allied with Egypt-Persians against the Romans. All the bad guys I recognize as my allies who have been smeared by propaganda to look evil. Such is Medusa. Once a beutiful goddess, smeared by Roman propaganda to look like a hideous monster.


Medusa’s abiity to turn men to stone is a sexual reference to her ability as a beauty to “Make men hard” lol.

Medusa is a milky way reference and the ancient men would prefere to imagine the Milky Way as a beautiful goddess on her side (Aphrodite-Medusa) than as scary gorgon.

The snake goddess cult priestesses thought of as prostitues predate male priests and they through sexual ritual helped men “see heaven” lol.


I asked my wife what your thoughts on Medusa and what she said was very interesting (parapharasing from memory):

“Most people are lazy thinkers and can’t hold more than one or two concepts in their heads at once. Medusa is beutiful yes, but the reason why I like her is because she is multi-faceted. You can’t help but notice her beauty but you can’t afford to not take notice of her other attributes & skills or she will kill you.”

Medusa is the ASSASSIN of men. “SS is snake sound” & symbol of Egyptian Goddess Isis and of money $$.


Images of Medusa have been used throughout history past Greek times most notable in French revolouton and recently in the Me Too feminist movement where name Medusa waswritten Me(Dusa)Too lol. Medusa as a rape shamed victim in Ovid story certainly qualifies & women who name their rapists gain their power back.


In 2022, however the year of the tiger, I think Medusa takes a new form. The form I see Medusa in is in Lioness form similar to Egyptian Sehkmet or like the Hindu goddess Durga riding a tiger who if you’ve never heard of is worth meditating on:



Medusa represents the full powers of the sacred feminine energy combined.


Besides Durga the closest thing to Medusa I can find in Hindu religion is Manasa the Goddess of Serpents. Her story is fascinating. Instead of being raped she has the opposite problem. Her husband is an acetic and won’t sleep with her enough! Like Egyptian Isis, Manasa is worshiped for protection from snake bites which makes sense. Like seemingly all Hindu gods & goddesses depicted with mulitple snakes coming out of head in Medusa-like fashion as methinks common secret meaning of “using thine brain”. I personally think that the lotus flower popular in many Hindu & Buddhist motiffs is also a Milky Way reference where a flower is seen instead of the Gorgon’s face. Still a Milky Way reference but also connects nicely with the brain budding, opening to the heavens. Manasa-Medusa appears to be standing on a lotus flower and making a protective “stop” mudra with a bloodied hand indicating she’s not above killing you very Medusa like. The red and the white flower in her hands to me indicate a similar to Medusa quality of knowing how to use herbs (& snake venom) for both healing a killing just as she knows how to use her brain. LIke in Egypt, the reared cobra is a protective symbol. The swan-goose is insteresting as connects her to Mother Goose like Egyptian Mehen snake goddess an likely common origin in antiquity.



I think meditating on Art last month led me to Artemis in Snake-Tiger form Medusa who is here to offer her life to protect the children from the vaccine poisoners. To connect with Medusa mediation on any of the things I’ve talked about in this episode and let me know what the Milky Way wished to communicate. I think there are hidden messages in what I’ve written and if you read it with your third eye then the holy spirit will descent upon you like tongues of flaming snakes as you receive the Medusa blessing of protection of the mother Goddess. In Christianity she is Mary the Mother Ray from Eyptian MeritAmun/MaryAmen who wears the crown of snakes.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Isis the Egyptian snake goddess most influential on western development. Along with Seraphis and Harpocrates triad of Greek-Ptolomy Egypt was used to syncretize the Greek and Egyptian religions after conquest of Alexander the Great. Alexander is directly connected to Medusa as is depicted with wearing the Gorgoneion on his breastplast in roman mosaic revoverd from Pompeii.

Note Medusa on Alex’s chest, he no doubt believed he under divine protection from the Milky Way. The look in his horse’s eyes is priceless, it’s like hope I’m under protection too!


The mythic Hippocrates “father of medicine” is from Harpocrates the son of Isis. Fort the Greeks, Mortals became demigods during life and were honored as gods after death so there very could have been a skilled physician named Hippocrates, but likely many of the things attributed to him later as a deity were created by others of less noteworthiness. It turns out that Ptahotep was an earlier “father of medicine” in ancient Egypt some 2000 years before Hippocrates. Like Hippocrates he was a bit of a mythic character once again a son in a triad of the mother goddess where she is the real goddess of medicine. While researching this article I stumbled bup on the writings of Amenope from New Kingdom Egypt which have been proven to be original source material for much of the book of Proverbs in the bible and deep within it I found a reference which I think pertains to Medusa:


The story of Medusa rings strong today because of the vaccine war where people are being raped by forced injection of experimental blood poison with the pfizer jab and other “vaccines”.

The secret meaning of the Medusa story is that she is the cup bearer of the gods which is the human brain that holds the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the hippocampus and pineal.

Medusa is the blood brain barrier, the guardian to prevent a flood of blood from entering into and polluting the brain temple fluid.

The pineal is part of the blood brain barrier, the only hormone producing part of it which connects to the CSF on one side and the blood on the other.

The blood of medusa is colloidal gold which is red and which appears pink at 50 ppm concentrion in NeuGold food grade colloidal gold.

Gold protects the blood brain barrier, protecting the pineal.

Gold is Medusa. Gold is represented in the Medusa story as Medusa’s child Chrysaor the giant with golden sword.

When attacking Medusa is slain when the brain overcomes terror & fear and past trauma, then Pegasus emerges (you can use your hippocampus) and you become a giant (unlock Nephelim knowledge of the stars with golden sword which I interpret as having colloidal gold, iodine and silver to protect & activate your pineal to open your third eye.


Medusa in Egyptian depictions is Wadjet the Eye of Ra which is known to be a coded Brain & Pineal reference. Medusa is best well known besides her Athena wisdom aspect as Sophia the goddess of wisdom and as Aphrodite, the pineal is the “pearl of wisdom” as the halves of the brain look like a giant clam-shell from the top.


Isis’s role in afterlife beliefs was based on that in the myth. She helped to restore the souls of deceased humans to wholeness as she had done for Osiris. Like other goddesses, such as Hathor, she also acted as a mother to the deceased, providing protection and nourishment.


Alexander the Great in art is depicted with Medusa on his breastplate as a protective sign and the symbol of medusa was used as a sign of royalty. So no doubt the Thracian kings after Alexander circa 300 BC and the Greek Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt ending in Cleopatra VII were familiar with the cult of Medusa. Snakes very popular in Egypt and Cleopatra even ended her life with a snake bite ritual. The name cleopatra G-leo-patra (G is a golden C) means Triple (greek third letter gamma like english third letter C means the number 3), Lion (leo), Father/Rock (Patra/Petra) a milky way reference. Cleopatra was Medusa and she could turn any and to stone (make him rock hard by her beauty lol). Also the stone is a reference to the brain and pineal gland which looks like a rock when calcified.


The Hellenic religion of the Greeks is what I would call Greco-Buddhist in that it seeks to use a poetic imagining of the Milky Way and to connect that with the internal anatomy of the human body. The goal of Hellenism is to become one with God with the secret that we are each individually God by opening our third eye, seeing the stars, recognizing them as a reflection of your own internal divine and then going from mortal to immortal as you become one with God.

Because the Greeks come from the Phoenicians and the Phoenicians were primarily sailors, Hellenism is the religion of the sailors & pirates. When they looked from their boats they saw and ocean of water, so when they looked up into the heavens they imagined an ocean of water in the sky as well. Typically they would imagine the MW as a goddess such as a mermaid or a dragon or a lady with serpent or fish legs & the imagining of the MW as a Protective Mother but as kinda a bitch one who won’t hesitate to wreck you in a storm and sink you to the bottom of the ocean as shark bait.

No doubt an ocean storm was viewed as the Goddess being angry. Medusa personifies the primal anger of the goddess.


The most influential poet who influenced the imaginings of the Greeks when they looked up at the stars was the poet Homer who wrote the Illiad & the Oddesey stories of the Gods messing with mortals which encompass many different vying imaginings of the Gods and Goddesses.

Medusa is conspicuously absent from the story, but is present as the triple goddess, who in the story is split into three different forms all vying for a golden apple which is “for the most fair” (Hera, Athena, Aphrodite). Medusa can also be thought of as Eris the goddess of discord not invited to the party who brought the golden apple. Men only want to connect to Milky Way in beautiful goddess form but the milky was has dark, terrifying and monstrous aspects to it as well which in Homer’s story were all in Eris the goddess left out of the part who brought to golden apple.

Additionally, women do not connect to the MW in Greco—Buddhist fashion as only being an beauty object for male affection so the triple beauty viewing of the MW by the Greeks as Helen also is missing something. The missing something is Medusa.

In the Homer Illiad story Eris brings the golden apple (a pineal reference) from the garden of the Hesperides. If you research the Hesperides you will find that they are associated with Medusa. These nymphs of the West (another triple beauty goddess reference) are like the female version of Set (Egyptian male god of the West). If you look closely at the Hesperides you will find Medusa as the nymphs are listed in varying in number and by varying names some of which sound very similar to Medusa (Hesperethusa, Arethusa) making me suspect these are Medusa references. Sure enough one poet Fulgentius who imagines the Hesperides as four gives them names: Aegle, Hesperie, Medusa, & Arethusa.

So Medusa is considered a sister aspect to the Hesperides concept of the garden of the golden apple (the human brain) and is the milky way reference of the evening (Hesper i.e. Vesper i.e. West at night).

All of these Hesperides are MW references no doubt and Aegle is imagining the MW as an eagle. Hesperia is imagining it as night.
I suspect Arethusa means fire star and Medusa means either Middle Star or Medicine Star. So Medusa/Arethusa is an astrotheological reference to both the MW as a big spinning fire star which makes sense as well is identified as Algol a blinking star in the Perseus constellation.

The Perseus constellation is on the Milky Way and thus him holding up the head of Medusa (Algol star) at the milky way is a reference to the MW looking flat from the side like a decapitated head as you have to look at the spiral galaxy fro a different angle than we can see from earth perpendicular to see it’s Medusa head snake arms.


Medusa is the symbol of feminism because she represents all the aspects of the sacred feminine which are left out when only viewing the MW as a love object. The Greeks influenced by poet Homer’s imaginings chose to view the MW primarily as Helen the most beautiful woman in the whole world (whole galaxy even as is MW reference), and they suppress wanting to view the MW in bestial form such as snake or dragon especially.

This narrow viewpoint of Hellenism leaves at least 2/3 of the sacred feminine aspect unsatisfied as embodied by Hera and Athena not being with Aphrodite winning the apple.

Regardless Aphrodite as the Goddess Sophia is now the standard Goddess to represent the pineal anatomy.

Medusa is so powerful though because she represents the combined aspects of the Goddess which include terrible monstrous poisonous and angry forms (Represented as Eris the Goddess of Discord in Homer’s Illiad) and all the aspects of the sacred feminine combined in Hera (Mother Goddess & good housewife of Zeus), Athena (Wisdom & Warrior Goddess) though she is also Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty) the part the Hellenes admire.


One of the names of the Hesperides beside Arethusa is Aerica and note the similarity to the world “America”. This goddess of discord same as Eris in Illiad is the suppressed medusa energy in America. The state cult religion of the masonic founding fathers depicts America as a goddess “lady liberty”, this is no doubt to me the same as Aerica who is sister aspect of Medusa. Like the Hellenes, the founding fathers of America preferred to view the MW in beautify goddess form or like Athena in battle goddess. The Flag of America with the 13 stars and stripes can be though of as 13 snakes of Med-USA’s hair. It’s all MW references of how you imagine yourself connected to the divine. When liberty is suppressed, i.e. when Lady Liberty is suppressed it brings out the repressed monstrous anger and terrifying aspect of the sacred feminine, it brings out the MedUSA energy.

Also when Athena energy is present Medusa energy is also present as Athen wears the head of Medusa on her breast and shield. Breast & Shield is a reference to Medusa’s head in Algol star form in Perseus constellation and as the Spiral Galaxy from perpendicular viewpoint.

So I get the MW part but how does it connect to the human anatomy?

When liberty is threatened the slumbering human brain snakes release the golden apple of immortality and spring to attention like protective cobras to defend the sacred temple (the pure human body and mind).

With monstrous anger they are poised ready to attack and kill whoever defiles their temple.

The temple is the brain and keeping the ambrosia of the gods pure i.e. the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain clean so that the hippocampus & pineal can function.


The covid19 experimental jabs such as the “vaccine” by Pfizer are blood poisons create spike proteins which attempt to breach the blood brain barrier of which the pineal is a part of (only hormone producing part of BBB). They create a breach of the sacred temple of Athena/Artemis/Aphrodite whatever you want to call it, basically you get blood fluid and contaminants (bacteria,virus,fungi etc) in the brain when the BBB is breached.

Additionally, liberty is breached (Lady Liberty Raped) when the people are forced to take experimental poison as is a violation of the Hippocratic oath which is a subset of the Golden Lae of Medicine i.e. the Golden Rule. Forced injection is a form of rape and is a violation of do unto others as you would have done unto you. Rather than sexual rape is a mental rape as it poisons the mind and prevents the brain from connecting to the divine.

The Mind rape of the vaccine war (both jab and propaganda and loss of liberties) directly summons the Medusa Energy springing to life like the slumbering brain snakes awakening to defend the temple and to keep the nectar of immortality bathing the golden apple (pineal) pure.

The temple of Athena the wise war goddess now becomes the Temple of Artemis with goddess in monstrous snake-dragon form.


When Medusa energy awakens men perish.
The turning to stone is a pineal reference related to how the pineal looks like a rock (calcium-fluoride) and deactivates when your third eye is not opened (needs iodine to detox fluoride & gold to also protect the BBB)

Mankind will quite literally perish if the vaccine war is lost and the genociders like Kill Bill get their wish of poisoning the bloodlines.


Although Medusa represents and aspect of the Mother Goddess energy, what Medusa instead represents the young female whose future is destroyed by the poison of anger from a real injustice such as rape or vaccine poisoning mind and body rape. Toxic metals in vaccines were poisoning young women even before the covid19 attack as the regular vaccines were causing aluminum poisoning causing ovarian cysts and making women infertile unless they knew to detox with iodine.

But prior to covid19, the women were victims. Now in the year of the Tiger women have become the like Medusa the enraged hunter. Next women must learn from the suppressed part of the female hero’s journey of the Medusa story that they must be the female equivalent of Perseus (think Persephone) and must wear their Medusa energy for the protection of the children like Athena wears the head of medusa on shield and breastplate.

Medusa energy protects the heart.

The heart is being attacked by covid19 jab which is causing myocarditis and pericarditis (heart inflammation in the myocytes and around the heart)

Athena the wise war goddess imagining moves aside for Artemis in Medusa form as enraged bestial killer.

Ripping the poisoners to pieces like a merciless lion, tiger, or bear for those who dare to poison the cubs. Egyptian lion goddess Sehkmet comes to mind & this year of tiger is not going to be kind to the poisoners.


For the poisoners & jab rapist: Fear the injured and enraged woman for she can & will destroy you.
For the ladies: You can unleash the beast of Medusa for protection in times of war especially for protecting the children but have the wisdom ladies especially to remember that your Medusa energy of rage & terror is best wielded in wisdom in accordance with your mind (pegasus) and the golden rule (Crysaor/Christ) with the golden sword / golden law of medicine.
For the men: As Medusa is a reference to the female aspects of our own brain, even us men have the wisdom goddess inside, and we can use the Medusa parable to also go on spiritual journey as Perseus we can conquer fear and wield the golden sword of Medusa and our minds (pegasus).


The commandment of Jesus to the apostles to be as wise as serpents is a reference to Medusa energy. Also note a Christian temple is built on top of the temples of Artemis with Medusa/Gorgon depiction on it at Corfu and many instances of Christianity having to syncretize with Medusa can be found.

In particular is Medusa’s herb Hellebore being renamed the Christmas rose.


Note the similarity between the word cure and curse. Differse only by an S. The snake of wisdom. A medusa reference.


Note the word Nurse to me looks like Nu-R-S i.e. the Fire (R) & Wisdom (S) of Heaven (Nu). So in support that Medusa is the mother of medicine, I’ll argue that the word Nurse itself is a Medusa Milky Way reference.


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