Forbidden Knowledge: Arsenic coverup of Iodine medicine

Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers! I’m starting off 2024 with the fruits of longstanding meditations finally ripening into some real spiritual nutrition which I’m excited to share. Reviewing the last months of 2024 newsletters on Boron nutrition, Strontium Detox, Arsenic Detox, Santa’s Dowry have been a wild ride for me as I’ve been thinking about topic ranging from secret nutrients (boron), toxic heavy metals (arsenic) and complex topic of freedom related to silver & gold (Santa’s Dowry). As I stare at forbidden knowledge laid bare I see secrets that I’m not supposed to know, the secret that arsenic was being used to coverup iodine nutrition became revealed, a secret that I know share with you my dear readers. Once you see how the evil was done it is like eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you can never go back. I’m at war with those who wish to coverup nutrients and starve humans by giving them poison instead, and for those who are my enemy tremble as I gaze upon your misdeeds and sit in judgement. You cannot hide behind the veil of dark sorcery anymore, I’m on to you and my vision pieces into the darkness and brings the light of truth and freedom from medical slavery.


Before you can get close to forbidden knowledge you need to just get basic knowledge. If you missed Thanksgiving article Arsenic Detox which provides basic knowledge on the heavy metal arsenic and how to detox it, be sure to go back and read if you need.


In the Arsenic Detox article I wrote:

“There is some evidence that arsenic is a trace critical nutrient for birds and even for mammals but overall it is toxic & the use of arsenic in the human body is still unknown if it exists at all.”

How could arsenic both be a nutrient for animals but not humans, that doesn’t seem likely, either it’s an essential trace element that is being covered up, or I’m being lied to by all the scientists doing those studies. Of those two options I initially thought the first to be more likely but upon reviewing the scientific litterature, I hate to say it but gosh darn it those scientists are a bunch of liars! Arsenic is not an essential nutrient for animimals much less humans, instead what I found was scientific and medical fraud from the decades before my birth which I have uncovered which revealed a bigger and darker secret, that arsenic “medicine” and “nutrition” was being used to coverup the actual medicine and nutrition of iodine nutrient!

If arsenic is a heavy metal that needs to be detoxed then how can it possibly be a nutrient? What’s the evidence that arsenic is a nutrient at all? For background on the topic I read this short article from the US national library of medicine titled Arsenic in Drinking Water: Essentiality & Therapeutic Uses.


What we find is rather disturbing allegations that arsenic is an essential nutrient for many animals and yet is “unknown” for humans. Long story short, I discovered scientific and medical fraud and malpractice. Arsenic is not a nutrient. Arsenic was used as a medicine in the first half of the 21st century but it was done either out of stupidity, malice or ignorance hard to say. I think it was done on purpose by sneaky poisoners but that’s hard to prove their intent.

Here are the conclusions of the “accepted science” on whether arsenic is a nutrient for humans or not:

  • Arsenic has not been tested for essentiality in humans.
  • Data from four species indicate that semisynthetic diets with arsenic concentrations in the range of 35 to 50 ng/g or less in combination with dietary or reproductive stress result in functional impairments. Such concentrations might occur naturally in some experimental diets and are similar to those found in most human foods except seafood. The mechanisms and sequence of events leading to functional impairments are not known.
  • Studies show that arsenic supplementation of low-arsenic semisynthetic diets prevents the occurrence of abnormal reproductive performance in goats and minipigs (350 ng/g) and reduced growth in chicks, and rats (500 to 4,500 ng/g). Although the studies have had no independent confirmation under identical experimental conditions, replications by the original investigators have been consistent with goats and minipigs fed semisynthetic diets, as well as with rats and chicks subjected to additional dietary stress. Toxic effects of the supplementation have not been studied.
  • Studies to date do not provide evidence that arsenic is an essential element in humans or that it is required for any essential biochemical process. Arsenic supplementation seems to have a growth-stimulating effect at very high doses in minipigs, chicks, goats, and rats. This conclusion is consistent with NRC (1989).
  • Arsenic might have therapeutic properties for certain disorders.

I will address each bullet point:

  1. It’s good that arsenic has not been tested for essentiality in humans because to do so would be a violation of the hippocratic oath as arsenic is a known heavy metal toxin poison.
  2. The studies which purport to show a reproductive benefit in mammals from taking arsenic I determined were junk science done without controls. The arsenic given to the animals Gay’s solution besides arsenic also contained iodine in the form of potassium iodide. Had the studies done controls they would have seen that all of the reproductive benefit of the “arsenic” in the studies were actually reproductive benefit from the iodine nutrient. All the studies really did was to convince me that other mammals like goats gain a greater benefit from getting more iodine than they do negative from being massively poisoned with arsenic. It should be noted that goats unlike humans have the ability to make their own vitamin C and as such are likely more resistant to arsenic poisoning than humans.
  3. All the studies purporting that arsenic is a nutrient in mammals are junk science. Look at this statement: “Toxic effects of the supplementation have not been studied.” If they had they might have noticed that arsenic is a toxic heavy metal not a nutrient and had they done controls would have noticed that the reproductive benefit of the arsenic solution they were giving their animals wasn’t from the arsenic but rather from the iodine the actual nutrient in there not the arsenic poison. Once again is impressive that the animals gained such a health benefit from iodine even in the presence of such massive arsenic poisoning.
  4. I agree with the statement “Studies to date do not provide evidence that arsenic is an essential element in humans or that it is required for any essential biochemical process.” That’s right. Arsenic is not a nutrient. Arsenic is a toxic heavy metal that is poisonous to humans AND ANIMALS alike. I disagree with the second statement “Arsenic supplementation seems to have a growth-stimulating effect at very high doses in minipigs, chicks, goats, and rats. This conclusion is consistent with NRC (1989).” Sure it seemed to have but it didn’t. It wasn’t arsenic supplementation that helped the animals it was the iodine actual nutrient in the arsenic poisoned feed that helped the animals had nothing to do with the arsenic in there. All the study did was show how impressively powerful iodine nutrition is because it gives such as health beneficial effect even in the presence of arsenic poison. Whatever people were on the NRC 1989 shame on them for not shutting down this junk science. What they did by promoting the false idea that the junk science study show that animals got a health benefit from supplementing arsenic is that they covered up the actual finding which is that the animals got a health benefit from the iodine IN SPITE OF THE ARSENIC POISON SUPPLEMENTATION!
  5. I disagree with the statement “Arsenic might have therapeutic properties for certain disorders.” Nope, iodine does have therapeutic properties for certain disorders namely all the disorders that were being attributed to arsenic “nutrition” should now be correctly attributed to iodine nutrition. Scientific studies should be done to confirm that that all health benefits formerly attributed to arsenic supplementation need to be reclassified as being from iodine supplementation as there was iodine in the Gay’s solution arsenic feed in the control-less junk science used to promote the false idea of “arsenic nutrition”. Fertility benefit, anti-malaria, anti-cancer leukemia etc things formerly attributed to arsenic nutrition are already known benefits of iodine & properly done studies would clearly show. The arsenic feed studies do have an important place in history showing how the benefit of iodine nutrition is so powerful that it works even in spite of massive arsenic poisoning highlighting the importance of iodine nutrition.


“Most of the breeder goats fed the low-arsenic semisynthetic diet were reported to have died suddenly between the 17th and 35th day of their second lactation, and none of the low-arsenic-diet goats survived the second pregnancy. The low-arsenic-diet goats that did not get pregnant survived to more than 6 years of age (Anke 1991). Autopsies of the low-arsenic-diet goats revealed atrophy of cardiac and striated muscle fibers and distinct reduction of oxidative enzyme activity associated with rupture of liver, heart, and muscle mitochondrial membranes (Schmidt et al. 1984).”

At first glance you might think this means that arsenic is essential for goats.


Although the goat data makes it sound like arsenic is essential for goats, it did not. They messed up by not doing controls and were adding other things including iodine as iodide into their arsenic feed. So what is really going on here is that goats feed more arsenic are goats being fed more iodine, and the result that the more arsenic & iodine goats having a fertility improvement is because of the iodine not the arsenic!

“Inorganic arsenic continued to be used as a therapeutic agent through the mid-twentieth century, by which time its recognized uses were confined predominantly to leukemia, psoriasis, and chronic bronchial asthma (Goodman and Gilman 1955). In the 1950s, the chronic, often unsupervised use of Gay’s solution containing potassium arsenite, digitalis, potassium iodide, and phenobarbital for asthma created controversy when reports of success were countered by reports of overt arsenic toxicity (Silver and Wainman 1952; Pascher and Wolf 1952; Gay 1954).”

If they fed the goats Gay’s solution as the source of inorganic arsenic, look it also contains a bunch of other stuff including iodine (as potassium iodide)!

So unfortunately, the goat study is rubbish. It doesn’t support that arsenic is an essential nutrient for goat health instead the results are just telling me what I already know that iodine is an essential nutrient for goat (and human!) fertility health.

Because goats can make their own vitamin C unlike humans, likely they are more resistant to arsenic poisoning, and the benefit of feeding the goats “arsenic” in the study is just showing the benefits of feeding the goats more iodine (as the potassium iodide in the Gay’s solution).

“Studies to date do not provide evidence that arsenic is an essential element in humans or that it is required for any essential biochemical process.” At least with that I totally agree. The studies also don’t actually show that arsenic is an essential element for goats either.

The fact that the Gay’s solution (source of inorganic arsenic used for all the animal studies) contains iodine negates in my opinion the validity of any of the results. The result that minipigs, chicks, goats and rats get any benfit from high arsenic is wrong, the benefit they getting is from the iodine not the arsenic!!!!

There is not convincing evidence that arsenic is an essential element to animals much less humans. The animal studies didn’t do controls and all health benefit seen in the studies was from the iodine hidden secretly in the arsenic feed not the arsenic.

Arsenic is a toxic heavy metal and not a nutrient.

Iodine is a nutrient and not a toxic heavy metal.

Iodine detoxes arsenic.

The statement that arsenic essentiality has not been done is a coverup of the fact that arsenic is a toxic heavy metal that is non essential to human health. Instead iodine is essential to human health. All positive attributes of arsenic supplementation are fake as they are from the iodine in the feed. The shocking conclusion is that arsenic was used as part of the iodine conspiracy to coverup the beneficial effects of iodine nutrition. Whether this was done out of error or negligence is not clear, but future negligence and coverup of iodine which has continued to the present seems to indicate it was done on purpose. Shame on the arsenic scientists who covered up the health benefit of iodine nutrition. Feed your goats iodine not arsenic you goat poisoners! Feed your humans iodine not arsenic!

The exciting part about uncovering this “arsenic nutrition” fraud is that all of the fraud studies claiming a health benefit from arsenic when the arsenic feed is Gay’s solution which contain’s iodine can now be reinterpreted accurately as evidence for the medicinal effectiveness of iodine. Just take a look at what all arsenic was being used to treat and it give you a good idea of all things that iodine nutrient has been covered up to treat! So let’s go back and see what all arsenic was being used for and then examine whether those are diseases that iodine is known to treat or not to confirm that arsenic was being used to coverup iodine medicine.



Here is an except from the referenced article about the history of the therapeutic uses of Arsenic where I’ve bolded all the diseases & parts I think are important to discuss in light of iodine instead of arsenic.

“The introduction of inorganic arsenic as a therapeutic agent in the modern medical era is generally attributed to Thomas Fowler, a British physician whose treatise “Medical Reports of the Effects of Arsenic in the Cure of Agues, Remitting Fevers, and Periodic Headaches” was published in 1786. After determining that arsenic was a key ingredient in a locally sold patent medicine, Fowler prepared and used a “mineral solution” containing approximately 1% arsenic trioxide to treat “agues,” or malarial fevers. At an oral adult dose equivalent to approximately 11.4 mg of inorganic arsenite per day, Fowler reported therapeutic success in 242 of 247 patients. He did, however, note that “about one-third” of the patients thus treated experienced “operative effects” (side effects) consisting of nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain. Fowler’s mineral solution quickly gained recognition as a therapeutic agent, and under the name Liquor Arsenicalis, it became officially listed in the London Pharmacopoeia beginning in 1809 and the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1820 (Langehan 1921). During the first half of the nineteenth century, “Fowler’s solution,” as Liquor Arsenicalis was commonly known, was advocated by many physicians often at widely variable doses for a broad spectrum of symptoms and illnesses (Haller 1975). By the latter half of the nineteenth century, Fowler’s solution was recommended mainly for the treatment of skin diseases (particularly eczema, psoriasis, and pemphigus), asthma, chorea (probably in association with rheumatic fever), periodic fevers (e.g., from malaria), and pain. The noted physician Sir William Osler, writing in the first edition of his textbook¬†Principles and Practice of Medicine,¬†recommended inorganic arsenic in the treatment of pernicious anemia, chorea, leukemia, and Hodgkin’s disease (Osler 1894). Prescribed doses commonly delivered approximately 5-10 mg of inorganic arsenite orally per day (Farquharson 1880; Stockman 1902; Langehan 1921). The chronic use of inorganic arsenic in this manner was sometimes associated with the development of cutaneous hyperpigmentation or, less commonly, peripheral neuropathy and other multisystemic signs of chronic arsenic poisoning (Osler 1894; Stockman 1902; Pope 1902; Silver and Wainman 1952). Inorganic arsenic continued to be used as a therapeutic agent through the mid-twentieth century, by which time its recognized uses were confined predominantly to leukemia, psoriasis, and chronic bronchial asthma (Goodman and Gilman 1955). In the 1950s, the chronic, often unsupervised use of Gay’s solution containing potassium arsenite, digitalis, potassium iodide, and phenobarbital for asthma created controversy when reports of success were countered by reports of overt arsenic toxicity (Silver and Wainman 1952; Pascher and Wolf 1952; Gay 1954). In 1967, Harvard investigators Harter and Novitch (1967) reported the results of a controlled trial of Gay’s solution in patients whose asthma was “intractable” to treatment with either bronchodilators alone or bronchodilators plus corticosteroids. The patients’ pre-enrollment regimen was supplemented, in a double-blind manner, with variants of Gay’s solution containing or lacking inorganic arsenic. “Definite” clinical improvement was found within 10 days in 7 of 18 patient trials that included arsenic administration (5-6.7 mg of arsenite per day) compared with only 1 of 11 patient trials lacking arsenic (p = 0.007). Approximately one-fourth of the patients receiving arsenic manifested gastrointestinal toxicity. Although inorganic arsenic might still occasionally be encountered in non-Western traditional medicines or folk remedies (Kew et al. 1993; Espinoza et al. 1995), its availability in medications listed in official Western formularies ended in the 1970s. Organic arsenic antibiotics were used extensively in the first half of the twentieth century, principally in the treatment of spirochetal and protozoal diseases (Goodman and Gilman 1955). The first such official agent, Salvarsan, or arsphenamine, was introduced by Ehrlich in 1907 for the treatment of syphilis. Arsphenamine and other trivalent derivatives, such as neoarsphenamine, were widely used as antisyphilitics in the first two decades of the century. They were replaced by more stable trivalent arsenoxides, such as oxophenarsine and dichlorophenarsine, in the 1930s and 1940s. The availability of penicillin in the 1940s and 1950s largely supplanted the use of antisyphilitic arsenicals. Pentavalent arsonic acid derivatives such as tryparsamide, used for trypanosomiasis, and carbarsone, used for amebiasis, were used in the 1930s through the 1960s. By the 1980s, the only remaining organic arsenical was melarsoprol, available through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for treatment of the meningoencephalitic stage of African trypanosomiasis. The precise mechanisms by which inorganic arsenic exerted salutary effects in treatment have not been elucidated, but it is of interest that its reported benefit in psoriasis, eczema, and bronchial asthma and its antipyretic effect in certain febrile diseases suggest that it might have exerted suppressive effects on immune-mediated inflammation. Recently, intravenous administration of arsenic trioxide (10 mg per day or 0.5 mg/kg per day) was reported to induce remission in acute promyelocytic leukemia (Shen et al. 1997; Soignet et al. 1998). Preliminary investigations suggest that the mechanism might involve induction of apoptosis (Look 1998).”

Looking at this history of arsenic therapeutic uses what we find is that the arsenic was primarily being used to treat malaria fevers (“Agues”), and additionally it was used as an antibiotic before the antibiotic penicillin was invented, and that it was being used to treat a variety of parascited including brain parascites, asthma and was later used for treatment of leukemia white blood cell cancer.


Iodine is well known treatment and cure for malaria a topic I’ve already written about back in 2020 in article 5G Fail and Iodine Anti-Malarial.

I previously was aware of how the use of iodine for treating malaria was covered up in the US, but I did not know that arsenic was involved in the coverup!


I’m very aware that iodine can be used to treat parascites. Ivermectin the anti-parascite drug uses iodide receptors and has a similar mechanism of action in part as taking anti-parascitical iodine.


My wife has asthma and we’ve both pretty much forgotten it exists as she’s good and detoxed and almost never needs to use her inhaler anymore, so yes in my personal experience it does appear that taking iodine (She uses iMedDo NeuIodine) improved asthma. My belief is that many asthmas are caused by vaccine damage and when you detox the heavy metals out of the lungs it improves.


I’m very well aware that iodine has antibiotic effects and I’m very well aware that iodine has anti-cancer effects, but I did not known that the use of iodine for treating asthma and leukemia was being covered up! Normally when I talk about iodine being anti-cancer I talk about breast, ovarian, thyroid and prostate cancer, but this makes me think I need to talk more about how iodine can be used to treat Leukemia cancer in particular!

The most interesting thing I learned that I was not aware of is that Iodine (as Iodide in Gay’s solution sadly also with arsenic) was being used as the original antibiotic long before penicillin came around! Today I’d much rather use silver and iodine as my antibiotic than any arsenic heavy metal containing concoction or any fungal toxin like penicillin or any heavy metal containing or worse vaccine poison.


When you find one scam you are bound to find another, and it’s interesting to note the historical significance of arsenic/iodine being used to treat syphillis and note how just as arsenic was being used to cover up iodine, syphillis was being used to cover up one of the worse known instances of bioethics in history prior to the covid scamdemic which was the Tuskegee experiments where black males with syphillis were secretly denied treatment. So the iodine coverup in American medicine I now see was shockingly related to a racism which I did not previously know about before writing this episode.


Iodine is a well known treatment and cure for many types of cancers including thyroid, breast, ovarian in particular, but theoretically can be used to treat any type of cancer. I highlighted the last line “mechanism might involve induction of apoptosis” which they were attributing to arsenic can equally be attributed to iodine as iodine is known to shut down the mitochondria of cancer inducing their apoptosis i.e. programmed cell death. The arsenic coverup of iodine leads me to believe that more attention should be given to using iodine for the treatment of Leukemia cancer in particular. Iodine can both stimulate healthy mitochondria and shut down cancerous mitochondria a topic I talked about in 2022 in article Sacred Selenium, a highly censored advanced biochemistry article not a light read. When you have ample supply of iodine in your thyroid it can actually filter & kill cancer out of the blood and protects cancer from spreading to the brain. The iMedDo detox system is a triple anti-cancer where silver protects the blood, gold the brain and iodine protects the entire body including both blood and brain. I have two degrees from MD Anderson Cancer center and spent a lot of my life thinking about how to lick cancer, and iMedDo system is my solution so take it or leave it. (Take the iodine, silver & gold and leave the arsenic!)


Iodine is a required mineral nutrient used by every cell in the body that promotes energy and suppresses and detoxes every type of poison. Iodine is so powerful that even when used in a weaker form (iodide instead of nascent iodine) and combined with arsenic poison, it was still so effective that it fooled many doctors and scientists in first half of 21st century into thinking that arsenic was medicine when in reality it was the iodine mixed in the arsenic that was having the positive health effect.


Although we have a fascinating history of arsenic being used with iodine, I do not recommend that you use arsenic heavy metal with your iodine. Please do not do that. Instead I recommend that you use colloidal silver and gold with your iodine and I recommend you use highest quality nascent iodine NeuIodine with NeuSilver & NeuGold for best synergy with iodine medicine. Arsenic heavy metal is inflammatory and can cause inflammation and damage on the way out, for more info see Arsenic detox newsletter. Instead noble metals silver and gold are used which are not toxic heavy metals which instead are anti-inflammatory which assist the iodine in flushing out and detoxing other heavy metals and poisons. All of the uses of arsenic in medicine can be accomplished with iodine alone, but rather I recommend you use iodine + silver & gold, so instead of arsenic + iodine for leukemia, I’d recommend you try iodine + silver and gold triple anti-cancer instead for example. Just as arsenic was used to coverup iodine, mercury has been used to coverup silver and lead has been used to cover up gold medicine. Blow the cover off hidden nutrients, detox the arsenic, mercury and lead holding back your health! Get the iMedDo detox system today! or contact nearest local distributor!

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