by DrBenGo Healthwarrior December 2022.

Greeting iMedDo Subscriber’s! Merry Christmas! Since It’s December I did a meditation looking back at Santa Claus through the history and then wished I hadn’t. Christmas is for looking forwards not backwards. What I found out about Santa turned me into a Grinch, so I wrote this song for you hope you don’t flinch!


Twas the night before Christmas in the lair of the Grinch.  

The grinch was not stirring not even an inch.  

12 days of Christmas celebrations coming noisy and loud   

the Grinch would not have them, the Grinch was too proud.  

Awakened at last & peering out with red eye, 

the Grinch saw no Santa & heaved a happy sigh.  

My lair has no chimney, that should keep Santa out!

The Grinch had been naughty & often did pout.   

Keep your coal you foul demon you two thousand year old taint! 

We all know Saint Nicholas was more sinner than saint.   

 You’re a fake Santa! Your jollyness is a jest!

Why do they like you? I do protest.  

Your St Basil at best, Odin at worst

Children sing your praise 

when you should be cursed.

Your don’t pay your elves, how do you keep them from fight? 

You sneak into homes in middle of night.   

You were thin to go down chimneys but have grown fat. 

How do the children wrap their heads around that?

One day they’ll miss me & clamor to bring me back.  

For I was the great Krampus & kidnapped kids in my sack.  

The naughty did fear me, now they don’t think I’m real.  

But I know the truth, my gig you did steal! 

How you stay popular is truly a feat.  

I know your dark secret, I’ve met sooty Pete.  

You replaced Krampus with a Moor to pass candy out 

I’ll make you regret it you bearded racist devout.   

You think you’re too cool to wear my green suit & switched it red.  Dropped your sailor man pipe image to bed.

Kris Kringle’s a baby what did you do with him?  

you Christ-mas cannibal probably washed him down with gin.  

I see you foul giant and where is your horse? A red nosed reindeer guiding your sleigh with remorse.

I simply don’t trust you, I’ve heard Mrs Claus gossip far & wide 

of how you treated Artemis, your former bride.  

You wear  protective belt, for your bad karma is lore.

Santa you dress like a red dragon of yore.  

Santa your name is Satan but you mock me again.  

For instead of bringing evil you bring presents & redemption from sin.  

instead of letting the bad freeze, you bring them coal.  

That they might share Christmas warmth & lighten their souls.  

Instead of a bag of toys, I’d give them all fire! 

Ocs would pull my sleigh not reindeer or horse is my desire.   

One day I’ll stop you Santa, but it won’t be tonight. 

For it’s Christmas Eve now, & I cower in fright.   

Keep your Christmas Spirit away from me please. 

I don’t want your coal, just let my heart freeze.   

I know I’ve been bad, the opposite of nice.  

I’m the Grinch I can’t help it, I bring terror & fright.  

But maybe if you can change so can I?

Maybe instead of being evil being nice should I try?   

From Artemis to Odin with elves & dwarves you did fly.  

I remember your armor & 8 legged horse named Sleep Near.   

Oh how I miss it when you it when you filled them with fear.   

With Aegis Helm on your brow did you attack, 

invincible & awe-full I want my helm of terror back!    

Instead of being scary but with a wink of your eye, 

they’re all tricked into liking you as down their chimneys you fly.   

I see your Viking Magic, I’m wise to your tricks.   

With your rune covered sleigh never lost in fog so thick. 

You’ve ruined Yule you jolly madman with cookies & milk.   

Bringing present of iodine, silver, gold into stockings of silk! 

I don’t want your dowry for daughter to wed.  

Don’t bring me gold in my stocking I’d rather sell her instead.  

Don’t need your permission you All Father plump pimp! 

For my name is Loki even though you think me a wimp 

but I’ll turn into a horse myself & ‘nightmare’ will fly 

instead of your joyful sleigh ride its time that they die! 

But alas I cannot hurt them nor can I hurt you.  

As much as I wish it, my magic is through. 

For no spell can match the Christmas magic so strong 

there is nothing like it ever written in legend or song. 

As long as families do gather, hug & hold fast 

Bringing joy & staying merry, my magic they  outlast. 

As long as they decorate the living Christmas tree.

the light of the Holy Spirit keeps out ones such as me.


The point of Christmas is to be merry. If you are not merry for Christmas you get depressed and it’s easy to get depressed when it’s rainy and very little sunshine outside. If you are feeling seasonal depression, I highly recommend you try NeuGold colloidal gold, 3 drops under your tongue it’s like liquid sunshine and will really help you feel better. As I started meditating on the history of Santa Claus I got more and more depressed as I found out more and more that history that has only improved over time which means the farther back in time you look it’s a steady downward gaze. After learning a lot about Santa, I realized I really couldn’t talk about it without smearing Santa which is not my intention as Santa and Christmas are awesome and I don’t want to in any way mess them up, so I decided the best way to talk about Santa’s sordid past is to use the Grinch to gripe about Santa with Merry message at the end to remind readers that Santa and Christmas are awesome even if we don’t always feel the Christmas Spirit at first, it’s real and the alternative to Christmas Spirit is not worth contemplating, and I hope the Grinch convinced you that it’s better to have Santa than him =). I found the Grinch griping about Santa to be very jolly and amusing as the image of the unhappy Grinch in his lair being jealous of Santa makes me laugh,and I hope it did for you as well. If you are feeling depressed this Christmas lighten up just because you can’t see the sun or the stars through the fog doesn’t mean they are not there, you can rely on your inner lights to guide you. Christmas is an excellent time for meditation and internal reflection. I made amazing advancement in my spiritual journey which overlapped on many topics and themes I’ve talked about in the past so if you have not done so already I highly recommend you read some of the older newsletters.


I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be doing video discussions of the newsletter from now on with Stars of the Morning Light”s Courtney McMahon to help present information in video format to go with my written word. If you missed it be sure to check out her interview of me on last month’s article on selenium and iodine energy:

And if you missed it her inteview of me on the month before last’s article on Lead Detox. Interview discussing this episode will be out sometime in January so really looking forward to that.


This month’s episode is a little different as usually I talk about nutrition and last month was heavy in biochemistry. I started this month’s meditation still thinking about iodine nutrition and made a fascinating connection between iodine and Father Christmas, and Santa’s magical armor. Santa is related to the Orion constellation which is the simplest way I can explain a very complicated topic which is multi-faith religious in nature encompassing not just Christianity as you would think but also Norse mythology, Greek mythology and revealed to me some secrets of an ancient Greco-Buddhist Hero worship religion, it was a wild spiritual sleigh ride I took when meditating on Santa!. Because of the complex an controversial nature of the topics my meditation on Santa took me (most of which are not politically correct in today’s climate), I’m going to skip talking about them, and just comment that you should not look back on Santa but instead look forward to Santa, and instead of thinking about Santa in a historical context, you will make more progress in your own spiritual journey in my opinion if you look at Santa in a peotic and heroic legendary context, and the Grinch’s Ode to Santa poem which I put at the start of this article was actually the end and culmination of my meditation.


Santa comes from word which means Saint or Sacred. The funny thing is that Santa also comes from the same word as Satan which is from in my opinion Santana dharma Hinduism (Sacred Hinduism, as later villified by the Greek religion when they split). The word Santa went on to be the word for the most sacred like the Santa Maria (Saint Mary) as well as was vilified as the bad guy (Satan) in Bible book of revelations where Satan is also identified as a red dragon. Historically the red dragons were the Danish Anglo-Saxxon invaders of England which is relevant to British & American history since we speak English. Functionally Santa is very similar to the Germanic/Norse/Anglo-Saxxon/Danish/Scandinavian/Pan-European & Icelandic All-father God Odin which is something that if you have not studied Santa or have only listed to the “church” view of Santa may be something you might not be aware of but this is a very important point about Santa which was a fertile ground for my meditation.


Some key similarities that indicate that Santa was more than partially inspired by Odin is that Odin is shown flying on an 8 legged horse (compare to Santa and 8 reindeer), Odin is also a gift giver (but he gives armor and weapons instead of dowry money), Odin also has a sleigh (a rune covered sleigh), and Odin is also associated with elves (and dwarves too!), Odin is the Allfather, and Sants is Father Christmas: the similarities are too much not to take notice of. In spite of all these similarities, the view that Santa is Odin is not mainstream as instead Santa is most identified instead as being a 4th century Greco-Turkish bishop by the name of Saint Nicholas which is another important avenue to research when looking into what went into the Santa Claus legend. But if you look at the Greek people they talk about St. Basil being the one who they remember fondly bringing presents to the children and it looks to me that St. Nicholas in that function is more of a western (Roman) invention. But if you do believe Santa is St. Nicholas, then if you look at what did St. Nick actually bring presents of and you will find was dowry money which is an interesting topic in and of itself but which I decided to cut as is also a red herring. I found more fruitful meditation thinking about the connection of Santa and Odin and Loki (portrayed in the poem as the Grinch) than I did thinking about Santa’s dowry money. Originally I was going to call this episode Santa’s dowry, but instead I changed it to Santa’s armor, as it’s the Santa Odin connection that I found more interesting, and in that paradigm Santa is the bringer of magical armor not dowry money for Christmas. The armor of Christ or the Helm of Awe the Aegisjalmur sounded to me like pretty awesome Chrsitmas gift. Turns out it’s a gift I’ve already given and if you wish to receive it, be sure to read the January 2021 episode Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation where I rediscover a long lost connection between Christ, Buddhism and use of pineal for cavalry charge via helmet or lance or arrow or shield etc depending on how you do the meditation has many variations.


As I was meditating and Santa and thus Odin, I couldn’t help several interesting phonetic connections between my favorite element iodine which is phonetically “Eye Odin”, and phonetic connection to the helmet in Icelandic/Norse/Germanic/Odinic legend called the Aegishjalmur (pronounced “Eye”-jishalmer) which is said to be a physical helmet with a cool looking symbol by the same name that is also said to be to protect and connect to your pineal and to make you invicible in battle, but really when you look into it what it does it to make everyone around you like you. This is connected with a lot of interesting but also rather dark topics related to Scandinavian witches (volves) and germanic paganism with Odin as a practioner of Seidr (female witchcraft & being able to read the female runes) which is related to even more taboo topics like sacred prostitution, Mary Magdalene & Jesus stuff I’m itching to get into but is just too much for this episode.

Another interesting Icelandic/Norse rune, magical stave, is called the Vegvisir the wayfinder which is used to not get lost, and once you realize the connection between Santa and Odin is clear Santa is using Viking magic to not get lost in the Milky Way fog (now a function attributed to Rudolph the red nosed reigndeer who I identify as Betelgeuse star in Orion constellation alpha-Orion). I also as part of my meditation had to look deeply to see if iodine actually was named after Odin or not, and the official story is no (named after greek word iodeas for color purple), but because English is a Germanic PIE language with many words actually named after Odine (wooden, wise [from witan i.e. wotan/Odin] and more), the word iodine just fits right in to English very nicely and subconscously makes me me think about Odin whether it was actually named that way on purpose or not. Because of the phonetic stability of language unlike its written form, many words that are not acknowledged to be etymologically related actually are, and I think the Greek word Aegis for shild and the Norse word Aegishjalmer and the word Eye are all related Eye-gis (Possibly from Eye of Isis) and Aegis for Shield (Shield-Helm for Aegishjalmur) and Eye of the Third Eye-Pineal, and even Iodine as “Eye Odin” are all very connected whether etymologists want to believe it or not. Remember back in the old days before Iodine was discovered as an element, it was being gotten in the diet in milk, so many much older legends are related to wisdom and milk and snakes an milk. The connection for leaving milk for Santa (milky & cookies) is now we can consider related to iodine, and of the connection of our pineal to the Milky Way our galaxy (pineal is like antenae to God) is via iodine. Iodine is the nutrient your body needs for your pineal to work, but also has many other uses in the body for detox, for energy and more. The Aegishjalmur as I started meditating on it is such a complex think that is too much for this episode but I want to introduce it her for you to start your own meditation on. In order for me to really explain the importance of the Aegis Helm (Helm of Awe, Helm of Terror) you need to know not just Norse and German mythology, but also Greek mythology, and I connect it to Buddhist Dharmachakra chariot wheel is just an overwhelming meditation and all I want to do her is to give you the missing puzzle piece that I discovred that if you meditate on it with a detoxed pineal from using iMedDo System, you will make amazing progress in your spiritual journey as I have.


The Orion constellation is what connects St. Nicholas, Odin, and a multitude of other hero’s and villains spanning back from Egyptian Heru to Greek Hercules, to Orion the Hunter to Artemis the Hunter, to St. Nicholas the hunter of heretics, Odin & his Great Hunt on Yule is the Orion constellation. Imagined many different ways in the past, the Santa Claus imagining is really a good one and the star Betelgeuse (alpha-Orion) is the Red Nose of Rudolph.


Looking up at the Orion constellaton and either imagining a hero or a villain is something tha spans back to pre-history and was popularized at least with the ancient Greeks. If you want to learn Greek mythology check out the Bibliotheca the library of ancient myths passed down via Greeks to us is a real resource of ancient “hero” stories. The Orion constellation imagined form prospective of Roman Church as the “hero” Saint Nicholas who fought off the Arian Christian heresies and who defended the trinity and who brought dowry money to princesses so that they could avoid a life of prostitution is the heroic Santa story being referenced by Santa Claus as Dutch Sinterclaus. Odin is both older and younger hero reference than St. Nicholas and functionally thery are both hero references to the Orion constellation. A giveaway is St. Nich is savcred to sailors, beccuase was older Greek Jason and the Argonauts.

And make no mistake about it Santa is a legend, a heroic legend. Santa is a hero, but how you view him can be vastly different depending on your culture and perspective. In fact Santa was not a hero to all, to some in his distant past he was a villain and I tried to encapsulate the changing view of Santa from bad boy to child protective hero in the Grinch poem hope I succeeded. In it I tried to put in some of the things that I found most shocking about the Santa transformation over time. So who Santa is really depends on your culture and country as varies all across the world, but here in America the Santa most people see in their minds when they think about it is the Coca-Cola Santa, but when we think about the characteristics of Santa we think of the Night Before Christmas poem by Clement Moore.


This is the version of Santa I had as a child and is still the best version of Santa. If you have not read this poem, it’s really worth your time is short but catch and you will notice that my Grinch poem was modeled after its rhyming style though the Grinch is inspired by Seuss’s poem how the Grinch Stole Christmas. I put a Viking spin on it identifying the Grinch as Loki and being jealous of Santa as Odin. Odin is the god of poetry and knowledge among other things so writing poetry about Santa seems fitting hope you enjoyed. If anyone has any suggestions how to make the poem even better please let me know.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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