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Greetings Dear iMedDo Newsletter Subscribers! This month I talk about Golden Heart Protection. In this episode I share new science available showing colloidal gold protects the heart. I talk about how to have a “heart of gold” & share philosophical discussion of difference between earthly versus spiritual gold & why spiritual gold is more valuable. I have come to realize that I interpret spiritual gold in a Celtic-Christian framework, and as such I appreciate the Gift of the Mother Nature with return of Spring, the green man, the golden Christ. Happy Easter!


The word gold, God, and good are all phonetically related.

This important point is why it’s difficult for me to talk about Gold without also talking about religion and morality as the concept of Gold is intricately inter-related.


Compare the sound of the Greek word for gold “krysos” with Christ & Crystal.


The idea of there being a crystalline “glass” gold i.e. spiritual gold is in the “Good Book” of Revelation in the Christian Bible as descriptor of the new Golden City that Christians get to go to (Heaven) and be rich in with a golden crown sharing God’s throne where the streets and building blocks of the city are made of “glass gold” a reference to crystal gold which is “spiritual gold”.


So the word Gold is synonymous with shiny yellow metal, with God and with Morality, the Golden Pathway (Milky Way), the Golden Law, the Golden Rule, and even the Hippocratic Oath which is a subset of the golden rule for doctors.


The person with a the “heart of gold” is the one that follows the golden rule, follows the golden path and is known as a “good” person. A gold person. A Godly person. Such a person is wealthy beyond physical gold, they have their gold inside (golden heart) & stored up in heaven (golden city).

The idea of spiritual gold is pervasive across nearly all cultures and religions. The Greco-Buddhist way which is secret underlying meaning of Christianity as well is to connect your heart (body, soul & mind) of gold to the Milky Way the path of spiritual gold that you may become imperishable as gold.

If you want to find secret name of god it can only be found written on your own heart.

The idea of the heart of gold is that you work toward obtaining “spiritual gold” as opposed to “earthly gold”. Both forms of gold are valuable you need earthly gold to live for shelter and food, but you never want trade your more valuable spiritual gold for earthly gold when you have a heart of gold, you would never be bad and hurt people because you known that when you hurt the hearts of others you only end up hurting yourself (dharma) compare to English words “harm” & “pharma”.

I found an impressive philosophical discourse on the difference between earthly & spiritual gold that you might find interesting if you have never meditated on why you would want rather a heart of gold (crown of gold in Christian parlance) that I encourage readers to check out if you have never mediated on this topic before.

On the Philadelphian Gold a conference betwixt philochyrseus & philodelphius. Original edition 1697 edited 2016.

The lover of humankind (philodelphius) has a discussion with the lover of his gold coins (philocryseus) to convince him that spiritual gold is better than earthly gold, was a good read. I will add that when you use earthly gold for higher purposes like for healing & spiritual journey such as with NeuGold colloidal gold then it is a step closer to spiritual gold. I’ll also comment that in modern times, with Bitcoin which has no physical form whatsoever, it has been very interesting as people have been asking the question “what is gold” and overall has been positive towards more people finding spiritual gold as meditaiton on gold in any form results in meditation on such complex concepts as “what is good?” (knowledge of good and evil) and “what is God” (knowlege of the divine). NeuGold colloidal gold is a higher form of gold than bitcoin, bitcoin is a higher form of gold debt notes as are gold and silver coins. Since I known how to use coins for healing as well I also like earthly gold. Whereas gold coins and Bitcoin are good for hoarding, NeuGold colloidal gold in iMedDo system with NeuSilver & NeuIodine is good for healing. Colloidal gold is though real gold in it is like an intermediate form of gold between earthly and spritual gold that helps your earthly vessel detox and heal so that you can focus on making spiritual gold through your own spiritual journey, actions and/or faith.


As a luchorpan (Pan of Luxor), I can tell you with certainty that the real pot of gold comes from heaven when you connect your heart to the milky way rainbow so, don’t violate the golden rule for inferior earthly gold to forfeit your spiritual gold is my spiritual opinion.


The words heart, hart, and hurt are phonetically related. Heart is the amazing electrical muscle in your chest that pumps your blood. A hart is an word for a male deer, and hurt is what happens when you get a heart ache.


The way not to have a heart of gold is to violate the golden rule and by violating the hippocratic oath such as by poisoning others that an good way to not be good. Whereas gold is imperishable, not gold is perishable.

You will see more an more people who completely forfeited their spiritual gold also forfeited their lives.

The people who said “Let all those people who don’t get the vaccine, let’s deny them medical care”.

They obviously want healthcare for themselves but wanted to do badly upon others to deny them of healthcare as a punishment for not giving in to their tyrannical demand that they poison themselves. Many of these people are now dead from the very jab poison from heart damage (myocarditis) that they wanted to force on others.


Do not wish ill on others as you would not wish ill upon yourself (golden rule). Instead of cursing others try blessing others in hopes that the blessing will come back and bless yourself.


I want you to be aware of my dear readers which is that there is new science that just came out, and which I just became aware of that shows that colloidal gold protects the heart.

REFERENCE: American Chemical Society (ACS) Journal Chemical & Engineering (C&EN) news. March 14/21 2022 episode page 9. Article Title: Spray on therapy restores heart function: Peptides and gold nanoparticles combine to repair damaged heart tissue in mice.
Article reference paper: ACS Nano 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1co8890

“Because they are metallic, the nanoparticles improve the organ’s conductivity and also seem to tamp down the immune response that follows tissue injury”.

Just like I’ve been saying that gold increases the electrical conductivity of nerve tissue, and is anti-inflammatory, more and more studies are coming out that confirm.

Important to note that the study was done in mice, and was using a peptide spray mixed with colloidal gold, so more studies needed to show works for humans, but it showed that the heart walls of treated mice recover 1.5x untreated and that the gold healed mice hearts were able to pump 2.5x more blood than the un-gold healed mice hearts. Wow!


This study was a bit of a surprise to me as my current knowledge is that colloidal silver protects the heart whereas colloidal gold protects the spine and brain, & I was not aware that colloidal gold would protect the heart except possibly to protect the nerves of the heart. However the study is showing in mice the colloidal gold is being beneficial even for the muscles of the heart!

I really & truly hope this study helps convince people who have myocarditis from vaccinosis from heart damage form the covid19 poison jab who really need something to heal their hearts right now to try out iMedDo Detox system with colloidal gold (NeuGold) as part of the healing process as I really think this system will work for them. I recommend also use colloidal silver in addition to colloidal gold for heart protection (and also NeuIodine, the whole system).


Did you see the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced a new disease that attacks the heart they calling “Heartland”? I’m not going to link to any of their propaganda, but I’m sure you will be reading about it all over mainstream media soon. Although they are trying to blame it on the tics, it looks to me like they are using the tics as a scapegoat to hide heart damage caused by vaccine damage (vaccinosis) from the poisonous covid19 jabs that they don’t want to admit they used to kill so many with. Sad we can’t trust our own government agencies here in the US not to poison us but they are being paid off with “gold”. Fake gold, the printing of infinite debt.

The “Heartland” of the US is the SE US which really is the heartland of native american medical plants. It’s where I live and it is I here who will protect hearts with gold and silver.

It is tick season though & I have written article on Lyme and tics in July & Aug 2019 episodes be sure to check out if you worried about tic bourne disease.

One thing I saw but did not talk about back then was that there are unconfirmed allegations that Lyme disease was a government released bioweapon. Back then I didn’t believe that, but now I’m not so sure after the last few years of the covid19 fiasco which I’m convinced was indeed a bioweapon release. So is this new tic bourne “Heartland disease” a new bioweapon or is it just a cover for the covid19 and/or covid19 jab induced vaccinosis bioweapon? I’m not sure but I do think we are at war and will continue to see new horrible diseases be announced as long as biowarfare is being deployed.


Recently going viral in alternative media has been the idea that there is snake venom in the covid19 jabs, certain poison drugs like remsdesvir and maybe even water supply of certain areas. If you worried about snake venom please note that iMedDo system will detox snake venom. One of the ancient symbols of medicine is Greek Goddess Hygeia depicted feeding milk to poisonous snake motiff which is a coded reference to the iodine in the milk curing snake venom. I’m not going to go into detail on this subject this episode except to comment that if you are alreading doing iMedDo detox system daily for maintenance as you should be that you have nothing to fear from such toxins be they fluoride, heavy metal or even snake venom.


The use of medicine as poison is a form of warfare and and my use of iMedDo Detox System to counter poison (Panacea) is a form of counter-warfare. As long as people are poisoning us then we are at war and I am a health warrior because I fight in the defensive war against the aggressors using poison against us. If there is even a single poison in your body that you did not put there on purpose then you are being poisoned & someone is attempting to wage war on the sacred temple of your body. I make weapons for warriors to fight to defend the shared temple which is why using iMedDo Detox System makes you a Healthwarrior as well. Your body & mind is worth fighting for.


Last month while meditating on how to end war, I discovered a new secret name of God written on my own heart “health peace maker”. By meditating on the Gift of Goddess which is Spring and how we as humans can live more at peace with nature and each other we must start following the golden rule, walking the golden path if we want peace.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior (& Health Peace Maker)

Happy Easter!

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