Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. In this episode we are going to look closely at an often overlooked toxic heavy metal known as cadmium. My goal is that you have a basic understanding of where cadmium exposure comes from, problems it causes in the body, and how to detox cadmium using iMedDo Detox System and mineral rebalancing.


Cadmium is element 48 on the periodic table. Cadmium is a soft silvery white transition metal and is a toxic heavy metal. In general elements heavier than element 34 are toxic, and cadmium is no exception. The notable exceptions of elements larger than atomic number 34 which are not toxic are: silver (47), iodine (53) & gold (80), all three of which are used in the iMedDo detox system.


Cadmium was discovered in 1817 by German chemists Stromeyer & Hermann while they were analyzing an impurity which they thought at first was arsenic that was naturally occurring in zinc ore. The zinc ore was called Cadmia named after the Greek hero Cadmus (Kadmos), and was used in making calamine lotion. Because the new element was isolated from the Cadmia they named it Cadmium which kinda makes sense, and is also cool because it means the element Cadmium is also indirectly named after the Greek hero Cadmus as well (see Appendix: Mythology of Greek Hero Cadmus).


The primary use of cadmium is in Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries. Although exposure to cadmium from battery industry is possible, it’s not thought to be a major source of cadmium toxicity.

Instead the main source of cadmium toxicity is from fertilizers and cadmium contaminated soils and from diet from plants grown in cadmium contaminated soils.

Cadmium used to be used in PVC pipes but is no longer, and cadmium and cadmium toxicity can also come from a variety of industrial applications such as cadmium used on metals an an anti-corrosive, and cadmium used in nuclear industry, and used in semi-conductor industry.

Another potentially serious source of cadmium toxicity is from cadmium paints used from yellow, orange and red dyes. Cadmium sulfide is yellow and cadmium selenide is red.

Breathing cadmium dust is more toxic than eating it certain industries like sandblasting cadmium paint into a dust and inhaling can have higher cadmium toxicity.

Most people with cadmium toxicity will probably never even know it as you’ll just think you have some other metal toxicity like mercury or lead, as many of the heavy metal symptoms are all the same like headache, anxiety, nausea, acne, low energy etc.

Cadmium toxicity is most well known for causing renal failure and bone problems though causes full body problems from mineral disruption like zinc mimicry. Cadmium does interfere with calcium signaling but even worse it shuts down the mitochondria in the kidneys and without kidney function calcium problems are exacerbated even more. Cadmium toxicity is amplified by fluoride, aluminum, and low iodine and amplified with other toxic heavy metals. Iodine is a very important part of combating cadmium as iodine promotes mitochondria and energy.


Looking at cadmium on the periodic table we can see it’s in group (column) 12, which include: Zinc/Zn (30), Cadmium/Cd (48), Mercury/Hg (80) and Copernicium/Cn (112).

Copernicium is radioactive and toxic and does not occur naturally so doesn’t really matter. Of the three naturally occurring ones, zinc, cadmium and mercury, zinc is known to be a critical nutrient, whereas cadmium is toxic and mercury is uber toxic.

Mercury is believed to be the most toxic of all the heavy metals tied only perhaps with lead. Being in the same family as Mercury is not a good look for cadmium. Like Mercury, I presume even before learning more about cadmium that it is also toxic and that it’s primary mechanism of toxicity is likely as Cd2+ ions interfering with zinc Zn2+ ions, and potentially also interfering with other +2 signaling pathways such as calcium Ca2+ and Magnesium Mg2+ as well though will have to read more to confirm.

Doing a quick search is looks like cadmium toxicity can cause respiratory damage, Renal (Kidney) damage, Skeletal Lesions, Osteoporosis and Anemia, Anosmia (loss of smell), and yellowing of the teeth.

Searching in more depth I was able to confirm that as I suspected just from looking at the periodic table, and being a biochemist to notice, that Cadmium does in fact interfere with Zinc, & does interfere with Calcium & Magnesium.

Doing some more reading I also found that Cadmium interferes with Manganese, and Copper and Iron as well.

In fact it appears that Cadmium interferes with Manganese the most.

Manganese (not to be confused with Magnesium) is an important nutrient that I have not yet written a newsletter about. I have written newsletters about Zinc, Magnesium though which also talk about Calcium.

If you’ve forgotten an important take home from zinc article is that there are 3000 known zinc proteins which is a whopping 10% of the human genome’s 30,000 encoded proteins use zinc.

So Cadmium interfering with zinc is bad news as can potentially interfere with 3k proteins and also interfere with zinc ion (Zn2+) signaling.

Taking more zinc does help with cadmium poisoning to an extent but what is found to help even more is taking manganese.

Zinc is balanced by copper, and when body is tricked into thinking its zinc levels are too high (from cadmium mimicking zinc) taking more copper helps (but don’t do that) instead take gold. iMedDo NeuGold. Gold is a superior conductor to copper in the nerves, and when the body gets untracked and realizes that it’s not actually high zinc, it’s high cadmium imitating zinc, then it is glad that you didn’t over copper as not enough zinc around to balance but with gold can mineral balance safely.

A very important thing I learned while researching cadmium is that cadmium can be detoxed using iron. Normally people do not need to supplement iron, but interestingly with cadmium poisoning one of the most common side effects is anemia (low iron) because the body is using up the iron to detox the cadmium. A few years ago I wrote an article on iron, and the issue of iron anemia was confusing to me. But now I see if you have chronic anemia, you very well could be dealing with cadmium toxicity, detox and if that was the problem the anemia should go away. I eat off of cast iron skillets so I’m not really worried about either low iron, but if my iron was low even while I was eating off of iron skillets at least now I know something that could be causing that! Cadmium toxicity.


The most well known case of cadmium poisoning was in Japan in 1912 when a mining company was releasing cadmium into a river. Coined as ITAI ITAI or it hurts it hurts disease, the locals drinking from the river and eating rice grown from the cadmium contaminated river water developed severely painful spine/bone and joint problems as well as softening of the bones and kidney failure.


From the Japanese we learn that the main problem with cadmium poisoning (besides kidney failure) is that it causes softening of the bones. This is a serious problem if your spine softens and you get micro fractures in the bones which can be extremely painful as happened to the Japanese with Itai-Itai disease. Bone softening is a clue that cadmium interferes with calcium pathways and likely magnesium and other bone pathways. We known know that cadmium interferes with manganese and zinc nutrients in particular, and much of the calcium interference is from the kidney damage.


Cadmium can make kidneys shrink by up to 30% and rather than re-uptaking enough calcium back into the blood, nutrients such as calcium (and magnesium and zinc and others (manganese in particular seems important with cadmium toxicity) too much of them are lost. The result is softened bones from the kidney damage.


Cadmium heavy metal is toxic because like both mercury and lead it can form a +2 ion that interferes with +2 ion signaling in the body. In particular cadmium interferes with the same things lead and mercury interfere with (zinc, calcium, and magnesium), and additionally interferes with manganese, copper and iron. It goes without saying that cadmium toxicity will also result in low iodine as body has to expend iodine to detox it.


Normally you should already be supplementing the above things (zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese) in your multivitamin(s).

But it is not normally recommended to supplement copper or iron.

But with cadmium poisoning supplementing copper and iron is okay, but an even better way is to instead of supplementing copper and iron is to supplement gold and silver.

So if you are just going along and taking your iMedDo detox system and a great multivitamin (I endorse PowerSourceOne created by DrCalin Pop) then you should be fine for cadmium detox.

If you want to get fancy, if you knew for certain you had cadmium toxicity then you might want to up your magnesium and especially your manganese supplementation, and if you are confirmed to be iron anemic from the cadmium poisoning then also supplement iron.


The most interesting thing I learned about cadmium toxicity that I was not aware of before writing this article is the importance of manganese in addition to zinc but even more so than zinc for cadmium detox.

Fortunately, although toxic, cadmium is not as toxic as either mercury or lead. I suspect that because zinc is used so ubiquitously in the body (see my zinc article, 3000 known pathways) that our body has ways of separating out and limiting the damage of the cadmium as cadmium is a common contaminant of zinc in our diet.


Additionally as a +2 charged cadmium ion Cd2+, the body uses both sulphur (S2-) and selenium (Se2-) charged molecules for detox.


The way I’m familiar with for detox is that body uses iodine as a universal oxidant of heavy metals (and iodine is used by the body as an anti-oxidant in other pathways).


Because silver is known by me to be the direct antidote to Mercury and gold to lead and both mercury and lead Hg2+ and Pb2+ are similar in charge to cadmium as its preferred Cd2+ ion form, then likely either silver or gold or both will be useful in detoxing cadmium. I’m not sure which will work better so to be safe just use both silver and gold as well as iodine in iMedDo detox system and you will get the cadmium out.


Normally you wouldn’t supplement copper or iron, however with cadmium toxicity, you can. However, I believe that supplementing gold instead of copper and silver instead of iron is even better. The iMedDo way is to not worry about supplementing copper or iron, as instead you are supposed to be supplementing silver and gold along with iodine using the iMedDo Detox System.


Cadmium is a known carcinogen and promotes cancer. Based on my current understanding of medicine, it’s most likely from mitochondrial disruption, and using both iodine and silver is the solution, and note that all three iodine, silver and gold in iMedDo system are anti-cancer so don’t worry about cadmium carcinogenesis, just detox and it will go away.


Silver shuts down mitochondrial cells that have become cancerous.
Iodine shuts down mitochondrial cells that have become cancerous and also promotes more mitochondria to be formed.

Because primary cadmium toxicity is killing kidney mitochondria, it is important to take both iodine and silver together not just silver alone when detoxing cadmium, and as discussed above, gold is useful for cadmium detox as an alternative to copper.


Besides kidney failure, the other most common side effect of cadmium poisoning is suppressed red blood cell formation (erythropoiesis). An surprising discovery while reading about cadmium detox is the iron can be used to detox cadmium and in particular iron in the body is used up to detox cadmium. So cadmium toxicity comes with anemia (low red blood cells) as then there is less iron to to around to form hemoglobin in red blood cells.


Because cadmium poisoning can cause “flu like symptoms”, and because cadmium anemia would look a lot like malaria parasite, and because cadmium poisoning in the air could cause serious respiratory problems, I had never thought about it but if the entire covid pandemic was faked, then cadmium poisoning could have been used to do it. I’m not saying it was, I’m just pointing out that sneaky poisoners have many ways to trick us into thinking we have a virus when it could just have been caused by a metal toxicity.


There is a documented declassified case in the 60’s of the UK spraying cadmium on their poor citizens. Normally when I think about chemtrails I’m thinking about barium, aluminum and strontium but now I’m also thinking about cadmium. It seems entirely plausible that cadmium toxicity sprayed as chemtrails to damage the lungs and cause flu-like symptoms and then activation by 5G could in fact be deployed as a bioweapon, and possibly it has already been deployed, very disturbing thoughts. Cadmium is much more readily absorbable in the lungs 10-40% whereas when eaten is only a few percent absorbed.


The body when it gets low in zinc or manganese in particular in an attempt to absorb more in the diet will also absorb more cadmium. Thus having good nutrition protects against cadmium poisoning.


The iMedDo way is to be in a constant state of detox. The goal is that by taking iMedDo detox system that you will detox toxins like cadmium out faster than you are taking them in. There is a small amount of cadmium naturally occurring in soil from zinc ores and a large amount of cadmium in many foods from cadmium contaminated crop fertilizers, so even if you are eating healthy you are being exposed to cadmium, so just keep detoxing and you will stay healthy.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Cadmium named from the zinc ore Cadmia is thus also indirectly named after the Greek hero Cadmus from which Cadmia ore was named. Cadmus was a Greek hero like a proto-Hercules who is as far as I can tell also and Orion constellation reference and a milky way reference which gives the word cadmium access to magical qualities. The mythology of Cadmus is very interesting as he is the Phonecian who brought the Phonecian alphabet to the Greeks (Boetia area), and he has a fascinating mythos related to dragons, dragons teeth, the Spartans and a host of greek gods and goddesses and European cow mythology (Zeus and Europa).

Cadmus was the brother of Europa, and Boetia is “Cow City”. Because Boetia Greece was conquered by Alexander the Great 335 BC, it is interesting to me to look towards the Greek Ptolomy dynasty of Egypt founded in Alexander’s legacy for syncretic study of ancient Greek mythology with ancient Egyptian mythology. Cadmus would be the hero comparable to Egyptian Hero/Heru, and is the same as Hercules also being an Orion constellation reference. The story of Cadmus and his wife Harmonia being transformed into dragons is thus not surprising, as the red nebula behind the Orion constellation is the dragon here and the milky way can also be imagined as a dragon. An interesting thing to me is that as Europa’s brother it would be up to Cadmus to avenge his sister for her being raped by the God Zeus, and sure enough like Prometheus, Cadmus is a human rather than God imagining of the Orion constellation, and when you imagine yourself as God when you look at the Orion constellation instead of seeing it as Zeus or Thor or Perrun or some other god holding the milky way as a thunderbolt then indeed Cadmus like Prometheus would be seen as the God-slayer encoding Greco-Buddhist astrotheology.

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