April 2023 iMedDo newsletter by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Greetings iMedDo Newsletter Subscribers! Happy Easter! Going into April 2023, a lot of things are going on both globally and locally which I think are important to discuss. Global topics for this episode are: Vaccine War Update, Twitter Free Speech, Bitcoin & Gold Alternative to US dollar. Local updates is the upcoming NEEM holistic festival on April 29th near Chattanooga (Ringold, GA) which is going to be amazing!


The biggest news so far in 2023 in my opinion are the shocking revelations that the entire vaccine war was one big military operation where the US military ordered weapons demonstrations using the vaccine companies as cover.


Not run by the department of defense but rather run by the intelligence agencies. So everything has been CIA play acting but the deaths have been real. People trying to get and stay healthy have been victims of a war, the Vaccine War where our own government has been terrorizing our own people. Very sad. Many casualties and more projected.


The presumably CIA operative wearing a mask of the face of President Biden has recently signed executive order ending the emergency (emergency declared by the unelected WHO (world health organization) [Gates funded terrorists]). If you’ve been following Robert F. Kennedy Jr, then you will know that they no longer need a fake emergency declared to push the vaccines with a fake immunity because they already got them added to the childhood schedule giving them immunity. American children are the losers. So it’s big news the “emergency” is over, but the real emergency has only begun as world war three draws nigh since the criminals in government who have perpetrated this mass vaccine fraud on the American public have not yet been brought to justice, and the fate of America is in the balance as the unelected fake president Biden or whoever is wearing his face is running us into the ground. We as a nation have failed to protect our children and our civilization is flagged for destruction as an empire, but hopefully those of us loyal to the individual freedom and the US constitution can preserved the decent parts of America while the American Empire collapses.


I’m hearing from multiple sources that de-dollarization is coming. To confirm I read the book of top financial educator Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad whose new book Capitalist Manifesto which I read in full as background for this episode confirmed.

Kiyosaki’s information revealing how censorship is part of communist takover really resonated with me this month as iMedDo experienced a little dose of communism when YouTube took down our “How to Detox a Vaccine” video labelling it as misinformation. It wasn’t misinformation but it did go against their party agenda to keep people ignorant on solutions for the vaccine poison.

Kiyosaki’s solution to communism is in large part financial education. Here’s some of what you need to know:

US was started in 1776 as a tax revolt and was tax free.

The federal reserve was created in 1913 as was the IRS so tax could be used to create an artificial demand for US dollars mandating them to be used to pay taxes. The Fed is the third central bank in US history & needs to be gotten rid of again.

After world war II in 1944 at meeting called Bretton Woods (United Nations Committee), the world agreed to use the US dollar as a reserved currency because it was backed up by gold at the rate of $35/oz of gold.

US broke promise in 1971 when Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. Kiyosaki’s book Capitalist Manifesto was very interesting as he really got into his Vietnam War experience concerning this tumultuous time period 1971-1974 when US went off gold standard but it was still illegal for Americans to own gold (1933-1974) as he was behind enemy lines trying to buy gold.

The world would likely have ditched the dollar shortly thereafter but in 1974 the US made a deal with Saudi Arabia. The US agreed to protect Saudi Arabian (muslim royalists) in exchange that they would only sell their oil denominated in US dollars. This created a gold independent demand for US dollars as countries had to buy US dollars just so they could buy oil. This was the birth of the petro-dollar. I remember as a child my grandfather who was a petroleum engineer going to Kuwait to put out oil fires and was wondering why he was over there, now I get it: petrodollar.

In 2021 the US pulled out of Afghanistan angering the Saudi’s who are now in talks to sell their oil for other currencies not just US dollars. A coalition known as BRICS has formed (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South America) who want to buy oil not in US dollars which if joined by the Saudi’s will spell the death of the US dollar. The projection is that as soon as Russia & China & other countries who join the BRICS monetary alliance start trading oil & other commodities not in US dollars, and especially if they back their new non US dollar currency up with gold that the US dollar is over as a global reserve currency. This is the collapse of the US dollar. Other countries don’t want to use the US dollar because the US (via private central bank Federal Reserve) keeps printing more money causing inflation making saver countries into losers, so they want to ditch their dollars if they have a gold backed or oil backed alternative as soon as they can. Can’t blame them.


From what I’m hearing from Kiyosaki and others is that they way the dollar collapse will play out is that as soon as the other countries start buying their oil not in US dollars that the foreign demand for US dollars goes away. Those US dollars come back to American and cause hyperinflation as they are on top of the US dollar money printing which has already been causing inflation. The prediction is that prices of goods and services will increase, and the prices of paper assets such as stocks and bonds will collapse and also real estate will collapse.


In the past Kiyosaki has been primarily been promoting real estate, but now he is primarily promoting gold, and amazing he now is promoting Bitcoin as well which is new. It makes sense as the dollar collapse is going to cause a big drop in the real estate market, so he is buying gold and bitcoin, and then after the impending real estate collapse when the dollar collapses then he will likely then be able to borrow debt money (US dollars) using his gold as collateral which he can then use to but real estate back up at low prices. makes sense.


Kiyosaki said he got into bitcoin at 6k, so he’s doing good there as bitcoin (BTC) is at 30k last I checked.


Because I have been following bitcoin since 2017, I can tell you that if you buy bitcoin BTC, you should also consider diversifying and also buying some bitcoin BSV (BitCoin Satoshi’s Vision is ~$35/coin). The reason is that it’s the version of Bitcoin that is able to scale and is being artificially censored and suppressed. Kiyosaki primarily recommends buying physical gold (& silver). Here’s my take (not financial advice): I agree with Kiyosaki about buying gold and bitcoin. However, to really make buying gold work for you, you need to figure out the trick of using gold as asset on a balance sheet to be used to obtain a bank loan (US debt dollars) which can be used to purchase more assets after the crash. An interesting observation if you compare the price of gold to the price of different cryptos you will notice that the price of Ethereum crypto tracks closely with the price of gold. I don’t get why, but the market has spoken where Ethereum appears in my opinion to have become the “digital gold”, BSV at $35/coin appears to be the “digital silver”, and BTC at way higher 30k appears to be the “digital diamond”. And like a diamond the price is artificially too high, but because of coming dollar collapse gonna go higher or at least maintain value and with Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin, it’s here to stay.


iMedDo Foundation will accept any bitcoin or crypto that can be held by (BTC, BSV, BCH, ETH, etc). I prefer BSV. The old website actually is on the BSV blockchain and accepts BSV via moneybutton wallet. However, over the years the moneybutton wallet for BSV has gone out of style. I thought Bitcoin was dead but appears to be making a comback with impending dollar collapse and Kiyosaki financial guru endorsement. The problem with Bitcoin and crypto is that none of them seemed to work smoothly on iPhone iOS. I was impressed recently to see that had both BSV and iOS support. I tested it out and like it so if you want to donate bitcoin or crypto of whatever type for the gift of iMedDo detox then contact me or schedule appointment for assistance.


A very important event I want all my readers to known about is that Elon Musk bought Twitter. Twitter is a social media site which was instrumental in Trump winning election as president then which got taken over by communists and was instrumental in censoring free speech up until recently. In Kiyosaki’s book Capitalist Manifesto, he talks about capitalism saving the day over communism, but the guy who is doing it in real life right now is Elon Musk. He was recently on an interview with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) defending free speech and truth on twitter against state funded censorship of what they consider to be misinformation but are not qualified to determine, they are just state sponsored propaganda. According to Elon there were 8k twitter employees he fired all of them except about 1500. Many of these employees were on the censorship committees blocking free speech and labelling truth as misinformation. Only time will tell but I am hopeful that Elon will deliver to continue making twitter a place for free speech and truth. I was censored from Twitter for 2.5 years for speaking out against Bill Gates but am back on there now since Elon bought it and so far so good. Follow me DrBenGo Healthwarrior @healthwarrior1. Apparently, Elon like me does not like Bill Gates but possibly for different reasons. I don’t like Bill for killing millions with the vaccines, and Elon doesn’t like Bill for making a 1/2 billion dollar short of his Tesla stock. Either way enemy of my enemy is my friend.


A related but importantly difference topic of bitcoin not to be confused with is central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The difference is control. No-one controls bitcoin (decentralized miners) so they cannot print more and is harder (but not impossible) to control or censor (bitcoin is censorship resistant but not censorship proof). It is thought that after the US dollar collapse that central banks will try to implement CBDCs that they control so that they can continue to print money and censor transcations of their political opponents. I am against all CBDCs and happy to see that people like Ron DeSantis in Florida is speaking out against them already. Central Bank Digitial Currencies are bad and bitcoin is good, and the difference is that one can be printed causing inflation and will be controlled by a central bank who like with the US dollar will likely weaponize it against those who use it. Bitcoin is better. According to Kiyosaki’s book Capitalist Manifesto, a central bank is 90% of communism which can be summed up by a destruction of all private property. So hopefully the US central bank (the Fed, actually a private bank) will collapse with the US dollar, and noone will adopt a new central bank in the form of CBDCs. Instead the utopian dream is to have a decentralized currency controlled by no country or bank where people can transact peer to peer. That is the Bitcoin dream. Will it work? Only time will tell.


Elon Musk is a big supporter of Doge coin “doggy coin” which was the first real meme coin which was derived from Bitcoin. I heard Elon say he stepped down as CEO of Twitter and made his dog the CEO (a doge coin endorsement), and he replaced the bird twitter log with the doge coin dog logo (another doge coin endorsement). Elon claims he is going to make a phone and a laptop to computer with Apple, and if he does and if people use it and if it uses Doge natively for money or if he adds doge payments to Twitter and if he keeps promoting doge coin on twitter it might be expected to increase in value. It’s a much less safe investment than either gold or bitcoin, but is still something to watch for. I predict that Elon will eventually drop supporting doge and will start supporting bitcoin SV (BSV) once he realizes it’s the useful bitcoin that scales (is able to grow to accomodate larger data sizes and transaction volumes).


An important message from Kiyosaki from his book Communist Manifesto is to pay attention to a now deceased pre-Elon futurist known as Buckminster Fuller. As a chemist I had heard of him as the Bucky-ball fullerene carbon chemistry was named after him. But I had never studied him. Apparently he was a big inspiration for financial, spiritual, mathematical and futurist ideas on Robert Kiyosaki and is a much more important guy than I realized check him out. Kiyosaki recommends the book “GRUNCH of Giants” by Bucky Fuller, is now on my reading list. Elon Musk is the futurist of our day much like Bucky Fuller was the futurist of Kiyosaki’s day.

“We are meant to be the architects of our future not its victims” Buckminster Fuller


iMedDo Foundation endorses some of the recent things Elon Musk is doing and saying related to supporting free speech and truth on Twitter. We do not endorse his trans-humanist views of merging humans with robots. Also I’d rather stay on earth and enjoy the magnificent diversity of life than go to Mars, but I do think his rockets & thinking big goals are cool, and as a scientist I support his commitment to science/truth. I don’t care so much about his electric cars, but I am excited if he can deliver on a better cell phone and computer, then maybe I’ll look at his cars more. If we could arrange a pay-per-view fight between Elon and Bill Gates, that is something iMedDo would be willing to endorse =). Besides iMedDo has something cooler going on locally check it out!


April 29th be there or be square. It’s a holistic fair with a music festival at the end. Drive if you have to, it’s gonna rock!


Here’s video where we discuss egg inflation, iMedDo product color (last month’s episode), and the upcoming New Earth Energy Market (NEEM), see above flyer!
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