Monkey Mystery

For the main article, I want to change the subject away from Corona and talk about something completely different, The Mystery of Monkeys: New info that Humans are more like Orangutans than Chimpanzee & detailed look at the origins of placental mammals: primates, monkeys, apes & solving the mystery of how monkeys got to S. America.

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by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

While we wait for this pandemic to blow over in the next weeks to months timescale, expand your mind because I want you to think on a different timescale. Many of us are stuck in day to day timescale, during a pandemic we are thinking on a week to month timescale (do we have enough food to last weeks for example).  As you get older and wiser and more wealthy you can afford to think on longer and longer timescales. Have you ever tried planing years ahead? (thinking about your next job or having a family perhaps) Decades ahead? (Retirement planning or where to locate your dream house?).  But have you ever thought about hundreds of years in the future? (most don’t) but have you ever thought about hundreds of years in the past (history buffs?), thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, MILLIONS OF YEARS? To expand my mind I like to think on such a dramatic scale as millions of years ago, so come with me dear readers on an exciting adventure to think about where & when did placental mammals, monkeys, apes and even humans come from on the millions of years timescale.


Everything about human history hits a wall at about 2500 BC. I’ve always found this very strange because it always felt to me that our history has been covered up to hide something quite dramatic.  It’s almost like there used to be an ancient advanced civilization prior to that but its history has been erased.  There’s really several competing theories 1) We were put here by “God” or are even are descendants of the Gods (Annunaki) i.e. ancient aliens who made us in their image. 2) We are descendants of primates like Chimps, Orangutans or Gorillas 3) Perhaps we are some strange combination of “god” DNA spliced with monkey DNA which is sorta like a combination of 1 & 2.

Orangutans VS CHIMPS

I recently saw a very interesting news article which really caught my attention which is a new theory that humans could actually be more related to Orangutans than to Chimps and it really got me thinking and is the inspiration for this newsletter.

Although there is a lot of evidence for & against, the most convincing to me is that Orangutans the “People of the Forest”, sexually mature at 16 years whereas Chimpanzees sexually mature at 4. Unlike all other monkeys & apes (excepting humans), the Orangutans have a hidden oestrus whereas other species of monkeys such as Chimpanzees even have a behind swelling to announce when they are ready to mate. Which sounds more like a human? The conundrum is that the genetic evidence says Orangs are only 97% like humans but Chimps 98-99% like humans, but if you look at the morphological evidence comparing bone structures and because we have living specimens to observe, it becomes clear that Orangutans are more like humans than Chips casting serious doubts on the genetic analyses.


The first thing you will find if you search for Orangutang rape is a hoax making fund of a red haired guy with a beard compared to a red bearded orangutang.

So although I seriously was curious about this topic it was hard to get a straight answer.  There is actually one account of a male orang trying to rape a female cook on one expedition as well as a more recent story/rumor about an Orangutang trying to rape actress Julia Roberts in 1996 and her film crew had to pull it off!!! So I don’t know if Orangs are actually rapey or not but sadly humans are & there have been reports of the locals having used Orangs for sex slaves in the past which is very disturbing. Anyway, I know it might be uncomfortable to talk about but as a guy I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a comparison of the male parts of Chimps vs Orangs for clues as to which is really closer related.

It turns out that Gorillas & Orangs have glans-penises (similar to Human males) whereas Chimps have strange filiform (tapered into a narrow tip) type of penises (not like Humans). However, the Gorilla penis is VERY small (6 cm; 1.5 inches when erect) but the Orangutang one is larger (8.5 cm; 3 inches) but still only about half the size of a human one. Chimps however have larger penises (14-17 cm) comparable to human size. So the results here are a bit mixed as size wise Chimp wins, but because filiform not glans shaped seems more like the Orangutang wins for being more human-like than the Chimp. It is speculated that the smaller size is more common in more faithful & less promiscuous species.  Orangs are very monogamous whereas Chimps mate with their whole tribe whereas Gorillas males don’t have any competition & thus they don’t need much to work with is the general line of accepted thinking. If that is true then humans are more promiscuous than Orangs which is a touchy topic so I’ll move on.  


I have been told my whole life that of the Great Apes that Chimpanzees are most like Humans and have based my thought processes around that supposed truth. But now after looking into the matter more closely and thinking for myself, I have become thoroughly convinced that if you had to choose that actually Orangutans really are closer relative to humans or at least closer to proto-humans if you assume humans came from off of the great apes evolutionary tree. This new revelation overturns much of my prior thinking on primate, monkey and human evolution so I decided to start from scratch and re-examine this topic. For people like myself who have been scratching their heads trying to figure out whether the Corona virus is from bats, and whether it is possible it originated from Asia or not such as bioweapon release from US, Canada or elsewhere, I need a good frame of reference concerning both human and mammal evolution which is why I find this topic of interest from a health perspective.


Also knowledge of which animals are closer related to humans may provide me with clues for human health & diet.  Previously I’ve talked about what the omnivorous fruitiphore Chimps eat (which includes besides fruit also, a surprising amount of insects ants & termites as well as even eating dirt, but also they are carnivorous eating bush pig and even other monkeys). The Orang diet on the other hand is 90% fruit & they eat hundreds of species of fruit as well as bark, flowers and a variety of insects.

Chimp or Orang, eating insects is the part of the human diet we might be missing out on.  I don’t eat insects but maybe I should. The Orangs supposedly favor the Durian fruit which has sharp spines & a pungent smell which I’ve actually tried one time was very good.  I should perhaps consider eating Durian more often.    


Both Chimps & Orangs make nests in trees. Both Chimps and Orangs can come down and walk around on the ground. Clearly humans if we are related to either had to have come down from the trees and we started living in caves, then started making artificial caves (castles) to become the non-natural house nest required species we are today. We are really extreme because it is hard to fit into the natural world when you need to cut down the trees to build a house whereas an Orang would live in harmony in its trees. Gorillas make a new nest overnight but can do it in a tree or on the ground & the females and young prefer the trees but the males prefer the ground (maybe they are less afraid of the ground). Recently, there has just been discovered a new species of Orangutang called the Tapanuli Orangutang.  Unlike the Sumatran & Borneo Orangutang, the Tapanuli actually look even more humanlike to me because their faces are flatter and they even have more pronounced mustaches! However unlike the other two species the Tapanuli have never been seen to come down from the trees and the reason is so we believe is because there are Tigers! So one important thing to keep in mind when thinking about monkey-ape transition from out of trees is the predator situation on the ground. In Florida where there are not supposed to be any monkeys I saw a group of Rhesus monkeys living in the trees in Silver Springs state part near Ocala.  They are not native but were introduced and escaped from a Tarzan movie that was filmed there in the 60’s, but watching them was very instructive.  They only would come down to get water and were very careful and helpful even when I was kayaking in the clear water because they would use their tree-top view to keep a lookout for snakes & alligators & would really hoot & holler if they saw one and they were nice enough to warn me when a big snake was swimming by only a few feet from my kayak!. By looking at predator evolution, snakes, crock, and even mammalian predators like cats we can get a good understanding of influential factors for ape evolution.  One reason why Great Apes never evolved in S. America prior to 3 MYA even though there were monkeys there from 40 MYA was because of the large dragon sized alligators & snakes in the vicinity so coming out of the tree would have been a bad idea, and limiting their interest coming out of the tress are also the Jaguar much like the Tiger keeps the Organgs on their toes and careful when coming down from their trees.


65 MYA -Present is the very confusing time period which defines primate, monkey and human evolution. However, my research indicates that to understand primate evolution you actually have to go as far back as 140 million years and really take a close look at what India was doing circa 140, 100, 75 and 55 million years ago especially. 

55-30 MYA was when monkeys were abundant, and then around 30 MYA-14 MYA the earth changed and forest became less plentiful which was likely the impetus for monkeys to come down from trees & become apes. The time from 14 MYA – 3 MYA was the time of great-apes and the time 3 MYA to present is the time of humans.  

Humans did not show up is not before 3 MYA & Homo Erectus/Heidelbergensis are the oldest “Humans” known at this time to have walked the planet.  


The best fossil I could find for an early Chimp is called Proconsul. Proconsul lived 20 MYA. Proconsul is like a cross between a monkey & an ape with the body of a monkey but is tail-less like an ape, and looks very much like a Chimpanzee. Proconsul may have been the dominant “ape” (monkey-ape) in the time period leading up to 14 MYA. However, Proconsul was not without competition, because by 17 MYA, ape fossils started showing up in Europe.

In the past it was assumed that apes evolved in the horn of Africa area (Kenya/Uganda) area like Proconsul who where monkey-apes and then spread into Europe.
However, it is also possible that monkeys in SE Asia (Orangutans) spread via Asia into Europe. A key is that Africa was an island from about 60 MYA to 25 MYA. I personally take a combined approach and I think monkeys coming out of India went West into Africa (after 25 MYA) and East into Asia (after 55 MYA) and converged in Europe where apes in Europe went into Africa at 25 MYA when it connected. My belief is that the crashing of India into Eurasia is what served as the impetus for Orangutang evolution as the monkeys who had learned to survive in the lowlands of India learned instead to survive as apes in what was to become the highlands of the Himalayas. We known monkeys come from India as proven by the Lemurs and even ape-like now extinct giant lemur that broke off in Madagascar.  So any monkey-Apes at 20 MYA like proconsul or 17 MYA in Europe already had had plenty of time already to disembark India and evolve elsewhere. Most likely they fanned out into SE Asia, into Eurasia and into Europe then back into Africa 25 MYA, then back into Eurasia/India when the other side of Africa connected 12-19 MYA about the time of the Orangutan ancestor.   


Where all apes evolved for sure is disputed but we known they did it in Europe and Africa for sure. Although Proconsul the ancestor of Chimps certainly evolved in Africa, it is VERY possible that the Orangutans evolved in Asia (especially what became the Tibetan plateau) and Orangutans that are alive today in SE Asia are the proof of the Eurasian Orangutan connection just as the Chimps & Gorillas that are alive to day in Congo Africa are proof of the African Chimpanzee connection.  Because the landmasses of Laurasia, Eurasia, Africa (North Gondwana) and later India were all connected at various points in time over different climatic timescales it makes sense that there would be a great mixing of species.  

Just as the Costa Rica rainforest area connecting N. & S. America is a hotbed of evolution today since about 3 MYA.  So too was the tiny bottleneck connection between Africa & Laurasia across the Tethys sea (connects present day Morocco area to Spain over land bridge that used to exist near where the Straight of Gibraltar is) used to be between species in Africa & Europe.  Note the seemingly out of place Barbary apes, the only European apes that still live there today (The only wild species of monkey in Europe).  

What we know is that some very interesting Orangutang ancestors known as Dryopithecus who lived in Europe circa French Pyrenees 12.5-11.1 MYA.

This Dryopithecus is really the crux of the situation as is either an ancestor or Orangutans, an ancestor of humans or its own separate family.  Orangutans are believed to have diverged from Humans around 14 MYA so Dryopithecus meets the timeframe as being the first non-Orangutans ancestor of humans and also meets the criteria to be or to have been closely related to the ancestor of Orangutans.

Another Orangutan fossil to look at which is very similar to Dryopithecus is Sivapithecus (also known as Ramapithecus) circa 12.2 MYA found in the Siwalik Hills of India in the mountainous area between India & Pakistan. It would have resembled a Chimpanzee but had the face of an Orangutan.  

Although Dryopithecus & Sivapithecus were once considered ancestors of humans, that theory was discarded when they were decided to be closer related to Orangutans than Chimps, but with new evidence that Humans are closer related to Orangs, then it puts the spotlight back on them.

The Out of Africa theory is pushed to the point of propaganda, the Out of Asia theory is a bit nearsighted (more like Out of Eurasia) and the the Out of Europe hypothesis is not popular in mainstream but has quite a bit of evidence.  Rather than worry about which is correct just realize that since all those land masses were connected there were bound to be interconnectivity between the Chimp & Orang ancestors.  


I have a pretty good idea what happened based on looking at plate tectonics (I think). Not only was India crashing North but so was Africa crashing North into Laurasia/Eurasia.  This provided a strange pressure for monkeys to survive at higher elevations at the same time that the climate was getting cooler and their forest were receding and this pressure forced monkeys to turn into apes. The apes that stayed apes were able to move south to stay warm [Chimps & Gorillas in Congo & Orangutans in SE Asia] but the apes that turned into humans got trapped in the Northern part of Eurasia at the level of what became the steppes of the Himalayas and above (China, Siberia & Europe).

I think that humans having similarity to both Chimps & Orangutans stems from a common ancestor like Proconsul 20 MYA and the split postulated to be around 14 MYA I think actually happened at 12.5-11 MYA as we Dryopithecus/Sivapithecus died off in the North.  

The Orangutans who survived continued to evolve in SE Asia in a continent now submerged called Sundaland which once connected Sumatra & Borneo about 3 MYA.  

The Humans who evolved from Orangutans came from China/Siberia/Europe i.e. Eurasia as they had adapted to come down and stay down from trees and had adapted ways to survive the cold & fight off large predators.  

There is still a fossil gap between 11 MYA – 3 MYA as to what sort of Orangutang species connected Dryopithecus/Sivapithecus to Homo Erectus.  

The advantage of the Out of Africa/Chimp theory is that it fills this gap with fossils of the Australopithecus who can fill up the timeperiod 4.2-1.9 MYA  and uses the Chimpanzee circa 6 MYA as the split narrowing the fossil gap fro 6-4.2 MYA.  
However, this theory is now rejected by myself because more advanced Homo Erectus fossils who I accept as “Human” were already alive 2-3 MYA (likely competing resources with Austrolopithecus).  

Also I think that India is a smoking gun in the Siwalik Hills where both Sivapithecus fossils from 12.2 MYA and Homo Erectus fossils “Human” were found 2 MYA along with tools & and think that Sivapithecus “Orangutang-like ancestor” really is an ancestor of humans (not Chimps).  

But who knowns, it is possible Sivapithecus & Proconsul or similar proto-Orangs or proto-Chimps interbred throughout history so hard to say for sure.

I suspect the true history is a bit disturbing. Perhaps Humans really are related to Chimps and really did diverge from them 6 MYA. At the time of the dawn of humans 2MYA there was one Orangutan who might explain why humans are more like Orangutans than Chimps.  Enter Gigantapithecus.  Gigantapithecus was very real Orangutan who lived alongside humans from 2 MYA-100,000 years ago in the same area where Homo Erectus “Humans” were known to live in Indonesia/China/SE Asia.  Gigantapithecus is closely related to an Orangutan but is believed to also be similar to a Gorilla. It was very large (as large as modern humans or larger some say up to 9.6 ft tall, others say 5.9-6.6 ft this is based on teeth only so they guessing). Did a rapey Gorilla-Orangutang the Gigantapithecus interbreed with early humans and could they explain why we are more similar to Orangutans than Chimps? That is a disturbing thought!


The idea that modern humans originated in Siberia, spread to Turkey area, discovered written language and then spread the rest of the world is not all that popular.  However, it appears to me to be true ( in the context & on the timescale of about 11,000-25,000 years ago. Additionally, this knowledge has not been popular for racial reasons as for some reason, no-one wants to acknowledge that modern humans came from Eurasia not Africa. However, this theory with ample genetic, linguistic and archeological backing has me completely convinced. The nail in the coffin was the discovery in 2010 of the Denisovia cave in Siberia ( where Modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Neanderthals (Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis) & Denisovians (Homos Sapiens Densiovians) were all found & interbreeding circa 40,000-200,000 years ago. This “Love Cave” as I like to call it in Siberia is where “modern humans” got their start. My definition of “modern human” is humans who have the power of written language. Although we do not know for sure, we have to assume that the different human Homo Sapiens tribes (Neanderthals & Denisovians) likely had verbal language to communicate, but it is not known exactly when they started writing it down.  The oldest official known human writing was 2500 BC from Sumeria in Mesopotamia but these same people can be tracked back to the Gobekli Tepi temple in Turkey circa 10,000 BC (not exactly writing more like animal symbols but similar solar symbology seen) & these people can be tracked back to the Siberian love cave 25,000 years ago & likely human written language (my definition of a modern human) developed sometime in the timeframe of 2500 BC to 25,000 BC. Before the Sumerians was a Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) from about 2500-4500 BC and before that of note is the Vinca culture of Northern Greece c. 4500-5700 BC of which has evidence of proto-writing. Because so many of the written languages of today can be traced to the PIE language, it is safe to assume that people were writing their common language down in their own way as early as 3000 BC & putting chop marks on wood vs chop marks on clay is not all that different. The beauty of this new clarity how modern humans emerged from the caves of Siberia riding horses and moving into Turkey and beyond in all directions is that it explains how humans with written languages made it to the New World (related Native American, Japanese and especially Mayan written language related to Sumerian via common Siberian area proto-ancestry.


We now know that modern humans come from a cave in Siberia, and that they were interbreeding with Neanderthals & Denisovians, the question of where did not so modern humans come from now breaks down into asking “Where did Denisovians come from & Where did Neanderthals come from?”

Neanderthals came from exclusively Eurasia & modern non-African humans share 6-9% Neanderthal DNA.  ( Please note that the papers on this topic are highly biased and actually humans & neanderthals share 99.99% DNA so the idea of only 6-9% is very misleading so you need to be able to interpret it simply “people of European ancestry have more neanderthal DNA”.

Denisovians on the other hand seem to have come from SE Asia & people of Melanesian & Aboriginal Australian share more DNA with Denisovians than other people. After the Denisovian find in Siberia, more Denisovian bones have been found in a cave on the Tibetan plateau. I suspect more Denisovian bones will be found in the China to SE Asia direction but time will tell.  

So modern humans (40-200,000 years ago) come from Eurasia too. This is an extremely hot area of anthropology/archeology as Denisovians were only discovered in 2010 and new finds in Tibet only found last year in 2019.  Excitingly, a fragment of a Denisovian skull was supposedly recently discovered and will be announced more information later this year so the story of not so modern humans continues.   


Going back farther 200,000 to 2-3 million years ago, human origins get hard to track because both believed to be human ancestor species Homo Heidlebergensis & Homo Erectus species were VERY successful & the fossils are everywhere from Europe, to Africa to China to SE Asia.  Also there is a lot of overlap especially in the 2-3 MYA timeframe with a lot of different humanoid species which I do not necessarily consider human but who might have been human ancestors such as Gigantapithecus, Homo Habilis, Autralpithicine and more. An important globally climatic event happened at this time, N. & S. America combined disconnecting Atlantic & Pacific ocean and possibly gave the humans a competitive advantage over less adaptable species.  Like the discovery of fire around this time was that advantage which make the human species less susceptible to cold climatic fluctuations that would wipe out other monkey & primate species from Eurasia.  

Homo Heidelbergensis is believed to be an ancestor to both Neanderthals & Denisovians. Originally bones found in Germany, subsequent bones have been found in N. Africa (Morocco/Spain), Egypt, Horn of Africa as well as China & SE Asia.  Notably there are no bones for Homo Heidelbergensis found in India which I find very strange & possibly instructive.  

Homo Erectus the Ancestor of Homo Heidelbergensis (& Least Common Ancestor between Human-like fossils and more monkey-like humanoid fossils) was also already distributed all over the old-world from Europe to Africa to India to China & SE Asia.  

So the shocking finding is that in all cases going all the way back to human-like fossils humans have been found in Eurasia & the finding that Homo Erectus but not Homo Heidelbergensis was found in India is quite interesting to me.

This indicates to me that the pre-proto-humans MAY have come from either India and spread out both direction (to horn of Africa to the West & SE Asia to the East). Also we cannot rule out that pre-proto-humans came from Horn of Africa from the West or from SE Asia from the East.

Summary of currently accepted human evolution:  Homo erectus —> Homo Heidelbergensis —> Neanderthals & Denisovians —> Modern Humans.

Homo Erectus beyond all doubt had fire and tools. Homo Erectus & beyond all had rather flat non animal snouted faces (more like humans than monkeys).  I think it is interesting to note that a 3rd species of Orangutan was recently found which has a more pronounced mustached & has a flatter face which indicates that the facial flattening of humans is not unheard of based on the humans closer to Orangutan theory.

Comparing brain sizes of early humans, Homo Erectus had smaller brain, Homo Heidelbergensis had almost as large as modern human, Neanderthal had LARGER brain than modern humans and Denisovian brain size is not yet known (no skull found/skull fragment found this year not published yet). Note that Orangutans & Chimps only have a brain about 1/3 the size of a human.    

In support of the human/orangutan theory, note that there was a species of pygmy human found in Indonesia. This now extinct smaller humanoid called Homo florensis nicknamed the “Hobbit”, a pygmy archaic human found in Indonesia. The Hobbit was still kicking around when Denisovians & Neanderthals were busy interbreeding circa 13,000-50,000 years ago and then was later wiped out by modern humans.


It is clear to me that SE Asia has the necessary bio-diversity having Orangutans, Homo Florensis, & Denosovian as well as Gigantapithacus nearby to meet the requirements of a possible birthplace of proto-humans & not so modern humans as well as a wide range of surviving modern human bio-diversity of Australian Aborigines, Melanesians and other SE Asians. I suspect some good fossils are to be found in the SE Asia Sundaland region that could shed more light on early human evolution. Likely these monkeys came from India 55 MYA but had plenty of time to traverse the globe & settle back in the region by 3 MYA. Regardless, SE Asia meets my requirements to be a very likely region for the birthplace of humans if indeed humans are more closely related to Orangutans than Chimps.


Every several hundred millions all the continents on Earth shift by plate tectonics to combine and break apart.  Every time this happens, it results in evolutionary pressure for speciation (emergence of more lifeforms) who are better adapted for the changing climates & terrain.  

On the other side of the world from where we think apes may have evolved, a big event happened that likely greatly influenced early humans, and may have even been the evolutionary pressure for humans to have evolved at that specific time-period 2-3 MYA. The earth changing event was that the continents of North America & South America rejoined at the isthmus of Panama which resulted in the Great American Interchanged where different species flowed north & south across the land bridge. Not only that but it resulted in the disconnecting of the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean which no doubt resulted in much turmoil in the world’s ocean currents & likely widespread climate disruption.  Somehow, somewhere, against this backdrop of changing species in the Americas, Humans emerged at approximately the same time 2-3 million years ago on the other side of the world as a new species ready to tackle the forever changed planet.

Although we known the approximate time it happened when humans showed up in the fossils record 2-3 MYA, their/our origins remain shrouded in mystery. To shed some light on what happened I want to go back further in time and talk about how mammals evolved into placental mammals & how they evolved into primate mammals which evolved into monkey mammals which evolved into ape mammals and then I will speculate further on human evolution from apes. Whether or not you believe that apes evolved into humans, most accept that we share DNA with apes. Early human written sources about aliens splicing us with monkey DNA is very interesting. Regardless knowing which part of your DNA is like a monkey or not will better help you to understand which part of you is like “God” so I think most people will find this topic introspective & interesting whatever your beliefs. I’m going to do all my ancient alien friends a solid and even make predictions on when and where ancient aliens or gods would have needed to make GMO human apes to explain any gaps I find in the fossil record.  


The supercontinent Pangea had fully formed by about 300 million years ago and started breaking apart around 175 million years ago.  This was not the first time our planet has pulled such a shenanigan as it is believed that there was another supercontinent called Rodinia that formed about a billion years ago and broke apart about 700 million years ago.  Because our planet is only about 4.5 billion years old, there could have easily been several more supercontinents merging & breaking apart every 500 million years or so in our distant past.  Regardless, the most influential was the last one Pangea also called Gondwana, and it’s breaking marked the change from dinosaurs to mammals, and I will argue also marks the origins of Primates and their progeny (monkeys, apes and humans). Although we can believe that aliens or gods put humans on the earth, you don’t have to if you don’t want to because we could have come from apes with or without the help of the gods or aliens. Assuming we did come from apes then how could this have happened? It is my belief that mammals came from S. America and travelled all over the world as Gondwana split apart. One group evolved into primates which evolved into monkeys, apes & humans. When & were did this happen? I will explain.  


Mammals evolved from more dinosaur-like creatures that lived on Pangea for millions of years. Hard to say where they came from since all the continents were connected, but to me Pangea at about 200 MYA looked like a giant “C” shape where what is now N.America, Europe & Asia were towards the North; and S. America & Africa were in the center near the equator; and Antarctica, India & Australia were to the South.

The biggest split up of Pangea is between the East Coast of S. America & the West Coast of Africa, and I believe that this split created the rift between Marsupial vs. Placental Mammals.

As best I can describe it (see pic link above), Pangea essentially broke into two parts which I’ll call Gondwana North & Gondwana South.  Gondwana North consisted of Africa, N. America, Europe & Asia whereas Gondwana South Consisted of S. America, Antarctica & Australia.  India breaks off in the South & become an island which is isolated for millions of years while it travels north at a rapid pace and eventually crashes into Eurasia.  

In the world where monkeys appear on the scene about 65 MYA, Gondwana North [N.America/Europe/Asia] is well disconnected from Gondwana South [S.America/Antarctica/Australia] & India is off doing its own thing as an island moving fast from South to North which will become very relevant to discuss.   

Mammals are believed to have evolved into 3 types: Monotreme, Marsupial & Placental.  
Primates are placental mammals and it is their story I am interested in for this issue but to understand them I want to talk about all the types of mammals:  


Monotremes pretty much died out when Pangea broke up as could not compete with the marsupials & placental mammals. They have primarily South Gondwana distribution with Monotreme fossils found in S. America, they extincted in Antarctica as well, and there are still a few Monotreme species alive (platypus & echidna) in the Australia area. Australia broke away from Antarctica about 40 MYA and stranded the last living Monotremes in that region. One special area to the East of Australia which sank by 25 MYA called Zealandia was a haven for monotremes, marsupials and even at least one pre-marsupial pre-placental mammal which defies modern classification since it was an ancient Gondwana mammal.   


Marsupials like Monotremes had South Gondwana distribution & ranged from S. America to Antarctica to Australia.  Currently there are still about 100 species of Marsupials alive in S. America and about 300 alive in Australia. It is believed that marsupials originated in S. America, and walked into Antarctica about 50 MYA and kept walking into Australia and then got stranded there when Australia broke off from Antarctic about 40 MYA. This theory is supported by fossil evidence of marsupials in Antarctic 40MYA so I find it most convincing as I discussed in my previous newsletter “Marsupials & Ticks”.


Placental mammals are broken into four families: Xenarthra, Afrotheria, Laurasiatheria, & Euarchontoglires.

Placental went mostly into N. Gondwana but there is also one placental family that stayed in S. Gondwana.  The only place in the world placental mammals are not known to have gone (until more recent times) is Australia.  

As Pangea broke apart into N. & S. Gondwana around 130-140 MYA, the marsupials stayed in S. America whereas all of the placental mammals (except one family Xenarthra) jumped ship onto Africa about 110 MYA.


The Xenarthans like the marsupials made it down to Antarctica from S. America but unlike the marsupials never quite made it Australia.  They evolved alongside marsupials in their own weird way and are the oldest group of placental mammals consisting of what turned into anteaters, sloths and armadillos.  Later in their history 2-3 MYA when S. America connected to N. America they flooded into N. America at around the same time-period as early humans also 2-3 MYA were alive already in other parts of the world.


As South America split from Africa as Pangea broke apart into N. & S. Gondwana, the group of placental mammals (everybody other than the Xenarthans left behind) got stuck on the Africa side. These guys had a lot of options to spread out before N. Gondwana fully broke up and some of them streamed North into Laurasia (the combined supercontinent of N. America, Europe & Asia) and some of the went east and jumped aboard the soon to depart land of India/Madagascar. Around 66 MYA when a meteor hit the K-t extinction event happened and likely wiped out an big animals left in Africa.
Then the small animals who were left alive had from about about 60-25 MYA where Africa was an isolated island to evolved.   

These placental mammas still alive evolved in Africa were known as the Afrotheria placentals and they consist of such well known mammals as elephants, sea cows, moles, shrews, tenrecs, hyraxes & aardvarks.

*But by about 60 MYA to 25 MYA Africa was isolated as an island before connecting with Eurasia around 25 MYA giving Afrotheria a chance to evolve in isolation.  [Note how there are suspiciously no monkeys/primates in Afrotheria, so when Africa collided with Europe 25 MYA, & when the first apes appeared (Proconsul) appeared in Africa 25 MYA, where did it come from? Europe it would seem.]

I love elephants, and thus elephants seen all over N. America & Eurasia and India were originally immigrants from Africa. Shockingly, monkeys and apes not so much. I suspect all the “Out of Africa” theories are now propaganda because the monkeys & apes instead came from India or from India around through Asia and down from Europe into Africa originally is much more likely to me judging by the plate tectonics, timeline, and placental mammal distribution.


Some of the placental mammals exited S. America and got stuck in Africa part of N. Gondwana around 140-66 MYA, traveled North via a small isthmus connecting Africa to Laurasia which was the combined N. America, Europe & Asia. Africa then broke away/was knocked away by the meteor leaving the placental mammals stranded in Laurasia & these mammals evolved for a short time there from about 65 MYA – 55 MYA in isolation until India started colliding with Laurasia bout 55 MYA and then they mixed with the placentals from India and continues to evolve until 25 MYA when Africa connected as well and then continued to evolve with much mixing.  An important event was that by 33 MYA Laurasia had broken apart into N. America and Eurasia, so when Africa mixed with Eurasia 25 MYA, N. America was already disconnected.  

The Laurasitherian placental mammals includes shrews, even & odd toed ungulates, whales, bats, pangolins, hedgehogs, carnivorans (dogs & cats), giraffes.  

So a surprising finding is that the giraffe now associated with Africa was actually from Laurasia and was a migrant into Africa, and thus must have invaded Africa circa <25 MYA. Quick check on Giraffe evolution says it comes from about 11 MYA so that checks out.  

So Bats in N. America, Europe & Asia are native Laurasians.
[I find this interesting to know when thinking about a certain “bat virus” from China]. I have grey bats that live in the caves near me, they are friendly because they eat the mosquitos that try to eat me!  

Cats being native to N. America and Eurasia is a non-trivial point. So the Jaguar in S. America is a recent addition only after 3 MYA when N. & S. America connected and came from N. America. We have lots of cats in N. America, bobcats, cougars etc. Additionally the now extinct Lions of Asia Minor & Europe and the Cats of Asia like the Tiger would all be native. If primates evolved in SE Asia then they would have co-evolved with cats.

Any large animals on Laurasia from 140 MYA-66 MYA would have been wiped with the meteor, but carnivoreans (proto-dog/cat) survived and true cats evolved by 30 MYA.  


Euarchontoglires are placentals who evolved into rodents, tree shrews, lagomorphs (rabbits), colugos & primates. PRIMATES! Yes, this family of placentals evolved into MONKEYS! No wonder I never heard of it “Euarchontoglires” can barely even pronouce that lol.  What is a lagomorph anyway, had to look it up is a rabbit. What is colugo? An arboreal lemurlike critter from SE Asia.   Anyway, primates from this family include prairie dogs, tree shrews and gorillas.  So all the way from America to Africa to Eurasia & SE Asia, these were really successful group of placental mammals.

So here is their story based on plate tectonics. Placental mammals traveled into India/Madagascar (from S. America via Africa or Antarctica) around 130-150 MYA.

Madagascar broke from Africa 150 MYA preventing African access to India and then India broke off by 130 MYA preventing antarctica Access and then it was hello India Island. Whatever mammals where trapped on this island got the most amazing ride as India hurtled north at a breakneck speed compared to other continents for millions of years until it finally collided with Eurasia. These mammals it is my firm belief are the supraprimates and this unlikely story is the true story of primate & monkey evolution and thus a common ancestor to later primate and human evolution.   

Early in the trip by about 100-80 MYA the island of Madagascar broke off stranding some of the supraprimates.  Madagascar is the KEY to understanding primate evolution because it proves that lemurian primates or their ancestors were stranded on Madagascar from India thus proves that INDIA had upon it the key to primate & monkey life. If you study Madagascar you can also read about the now extinct ape-like giant lemur that evolved there so India had the key to both monkey & apes aboard and may even had apes already on it before it finished its journey.  

Like a barrel full of monkeys, India allowed primates to evolve and thrive unmolested from 130 MYA to 55 MYA maybe as long as 40 MYA.


When monkeys jumped off the India ship circa 55 MYA, they really went gangbusters and traveled all around the globe during a time of a heat wave which lasted until about 30 MYA. This period from 56 MYA to 34 MYA was called the Eocene and during it monkeys traveled around the world, and most notably was the voyage of the monkeys from SE Asia all the way through Australia to Antarctica which was a forrest at the time to S. America.


You will read all sorts of nonsense online about monkeys rafting from Africa to S. America. I really think they did not do that nor did they get to S. America from N. America as it was not connected yet.  


The monkeys that exited India into SE Asia then traveled by the island down into Western coast of Australia (no fossil evidence to support this yet but it must have happened, I predict the fossils will be found in the future) and then into Antarctica and then into S. America. That is the ONLY way excepting divine intervention or aliens they could have gotten there as I do not believe they could have rafted from Africa to S. America.  Why not? Because Africa was an island itself from 60-25 MYA ago.  They would have needed to raft from India to Africa (where primates were not native) then raft to S. America and there is no way they could have made it there by the early timeframe 40 MYA that they would need to be there unless they traveled via Australia, to Antarctica to S. America.  The conditions were just right. The world was warm, there were confirmed forrest in Antarctica.  The conditions of Australia maybe were different with forests instead of deserts in the West.  It Would have been possible for Placental Monkeys to have invaded Western Australia for a short time before going extinct when climate changed and all the Marsupials and Monotremes that were never touched by Placentals in Australia could have still survived unmolested in the now sunken continent of Zealandia which did not sink till 25 MYA. If the monkeys got off India around 55 MYA they could have and obviously DID make it all the way to S. America via landbridge from SE Asia islands (or microcontinent see Sundaland) into Antarctica by 50 MYA and into S. America by 50 MYA before Antarctica broke off Australia 40 MYA blocking their return passage then after 30 MYA all the monkeys in Antarctica and Western Australia would have gone extinct and then the Marsupials & Monotremes in Zealandia East of Australia (microcontinent which was under where New Zealand is now) could have repopulated marsupials into Eastern Australia and back into Western Australia. So that is how Monkeys got to S. America 40 MYA and that is why New World Monkeys are related to Old World Monkeys because the same group of monkeys that got off the India ship 55 MYA some of them went North from SE ASIA into EURASIA and then from EUROPE THEY evolved into apes (or were already apes) and then when Africa attached to EUROPE at Morocco area 25 MYA when the first primates were seen in the fossil record, those primates had to have flooded from Europe into Africa. Later 19-12 MYA Arabia part attached to Africa formed as second land bridge with Eurasia & Apes were able to intermingle.


I hope you have enjoyed this episode. I worked very hard thinking about this and this is the best version of the primate, monkey, ape and human evolutionary story that I can tell based on my current knowledge. It’s a darn sight better than any of the propaganda about monkeys being from Out of Africa (monkeys only in Africa after 25 MYA) or Out of Eurasia (Monkeys only in Eurasia as of 55 MYA) instead monkeys come from INDIA (150-55 MYA).  It just makes sense. It solves the mystery of how monkeys are in N. America circa 40 MYA (via connection to Eurasia ie. Laurasia) and more importantly it explains the mystery of how Old World Monkey got into the New World by 40 MYA as well.   

NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End).

By DrBenGo Healthwarrior



PRAYER (For followers of “love is all there is”): MAY I SEEK & FIND THE TRUTH & CURE ALL DISEASE OF BOTH BODY & MIND. AMEN.


My Aunt Laura would like me to share her story of how a fluoride antibiotic (fluoroquinolone) damaged her eyesight & how iMedDo Health Supplements helped her recover. I think it is relevant because it shows how a pneumonia-like illness can be caused by drugs. So please everyone stay safe and healthy, but even if you manage to avoid Corona virus please beware mainstream pharmaceutical poisons & detox if exposed. Don’t get floxed by Avelox or similar poisons. I have also heard they are damaging people’s tendons.   

Feb 26, 2020
Laura Cook from Vicksburg, MS.

Fluoroquinolone Rx Avelox

    When traveling on an airplane From Anchorage, Alaska to
Houston, Texas in June 2006 I caught a severe respiratory
illness that went in to bronchitis & pneumonia like symptoms.
I was running low-grade fever & had a wierd chest congestion
and cough that blocked the airways. I went to a local nurse practitioner who prescribed Avelox (Fluoroquinolone) antibiotic
on top of other medications I was already taking at the time due
to an extremely stressful work environment. When the antibiotic burst out of its capsule (which was large) and hit my
blood stream, I had a sudden brain warp of dizziness (more like a
ripple or swiggle) that went through my head and I felt an
extreme hot flush as I felt the chemical reaction all the way
through my blood vessels from my heart to the tips of my
Fingers & toes. I can only describe this as a chemical
reaction occurring in my bloodstream. For the next few
days this chemical (with a Foul chemical smell) was exuded in saliva, urine and bowellmovements as well as myosin. The most serious effect was the blurring of my vision (I went from reading
the print on the back of a cereal box on the table to not being able to read it). I had severe photosensitivity For a year or more. I also developed seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which which maniFested as depression. I would crave the sunlight on my skin and in the winter I craved the brightness of the sun. I would lay in the sun whenever I could. I also lost some speech abilities such as spelling triple blends at the beginning of a word. Years later, I started taking Vitamin D 10,000 I.U. in Fall & winter about 2 years after the reaction and Colloidal Silver, Gold drops & iodine in about 2015 which improved eyes & brain eye connection & other symptoms.
    Fortunately, my vision acuity was remedied with glasses,
but it has always seemed since this event, that my vision is dimmer and I wasn’t getting enough light to my brain.
I went to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) and told him what had happened. He would not acknowledge that
the medication caused my eye problems. He was not helpful.
I then went to an optometrist who got me in a much different, higher magnification glasses so I could drive & work.


In last month’s issue, I talk about how to use iMedDo products in a nebulizer. It has come to my attention that many of the newer types of nebulizers are NOT COMPATIBLE.  Only the “old school” type “Compressor Nebulizers” also known as “Pneumatic or Jet” nebulizers are compatible. These nebulizers that work typically weigh several lbs (2-3) and have an air compressor (are more noisy) and some people call them the “home unit” ones, and typically have a tube, a bulb and a mask or peace pipe attachment.  None of the newer style “ultra-portable”  and “less noisy” battery powered nebulizers work because they use a different technology of an “atomizing mesh” which uses either a heating coil or sonic or ultrasonic energy which produces excessive heat and will cause the NeuSilver to overheat, oxidize and aggregate forming a dark color (as the nano colloidal particles turn into non-colloidal micron size particles) which will clog the mesh and may result in permanent damage to the non-compressor style nebulizer. Please do not put iMedDo products in a non-compressor style nebulizer or it can result in permanent damage to the non-compressor type nebulizer.  I have included a video on how use a compressor nebulizer, so please only get a compressor type nebulizer.

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