Vaccine Nightmare Before Christmas


Greetings dear readers.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Unfortunately, the Pandemic-Plandemic-Scamdemic is still dampening my holly jolly sprit just a little bit, but talking about it helps so thank you for reading. This episode is about the ongoing vaccine poison rollout nightmare, so please heed my words and don’t become a pre-holiday vaccinosis casualty. Not everyone will make it to Christmas alive but everyone in the iMedDo family will if you heed my words. Also big Bitcoin news both good and bad & even health related. Special for this Christmas, I talk about a cool astrological event coming up in a few days called the Great Conjunction that I want all my readers to be aware of. Enjoy! December 2020 iMedDo Newsletter by DrBenGo Healthwarrior






As a reminder the word “vaccinosis” means “disease caused by vaccine”. Unless you live under a rock you are aware that my dire predictions about the vaccine rollout before Christmas are coming true. Operation Warp Speed is a go and the only question now is how many people are going to get injured or die. We are in a time of communist censorship of all mainstream news channels with made up numbers on everything so it’ hard to trust anything you hear right now, but I assure you that the vaccine agenda is being pushed with apparent goal of having vaccine passports to restrict your right to travel unless you poison yourself with vaccinosis first which I don’t recommend.

There are so many potentially negative side effects of an experimental & rushed vaccine but rather than speculate I want to give you a very realistic view of what I see people are already experiencing.

Starting with Pfizer vaccine we have some data out of the UK (United Kingdom i.e. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland) area.

So as to be non-biased here is the “fact checked” article which verifies the truth of what I’m about to say:


6 people died. 4 from a deadly placebo & 2 from the vaccine. OOF!
4 people in US from Pfizer vaccine got Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis). OH NO! Margaret Keenan first person to receive the Pfizer covid19 vaccine fell ill. OUCH!

6 people reported dying in 44,000 person trial.

Major criticism is why so many people in the control group die, smacks of manipulated data.

The take home is that if you get the vaccine you might die or you might get facial paralysis as the officially admitted list of what to expect when vaccine poisoned.

Lots of apologetics saying, oh the risk is acceptable yada yada so let’s move on as we got some exciting fresh data to look at now that the Pfizer vaccine has been rolled out in the US to healthcare workers.

Hot off the press is the video of Tennessee fainting nurse. If you haven’t seen this yet it’s a must watch!

I’ve provided several links as I expect youtube will censor.


This is actually local news for me as occurred in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

She claims she has a history of fainting whenever she feels pain and that after the covid19 vaccine she had a pain in her arm. But in the video you can clearly see she is grabbing her head like her head in severe pain before her legs crumple and down she goes. Happened supposedly about 17 min after she got the jab.

So we can add fainting, arm pain, head pain to the list of possible things to expect when covid19 vaccine poisoned.

But wait we have more exciting data this time from the great state of Alaska.
I really like the Alaskans as they were very explicit in describing what happened in detail and what they did unlike most news that used very generic “adverse reaction occurred” without specifying the nitty gritty.

Here’s an article.

and another article same topic:

Anaphylactic reaction
Increased heart rate.
Shortness of Breath
Skin Rash & Redness
10 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

Many hospitals are now monitoring patients for 15-30 min after the shot.

But according to FDA reaction can happen up to 1 hr after shot!

So what happens if you have a fainting spell 45 min after the vaccine? Well you might just have a car wreck and die on the way home from the hospital that’s what. I’m sure they’ll say you died of coronavirus rather than admit you died ultimately of vaccinosis.

Besides the Pfizer vaccine there is a new covid19 vaccine in town the Moderna vaccine. It’s pretty similar also a RNA vaccine to turn you into a GMO Human.

A second patient in Alaska had

eye puffiness
light headedness
scratchy throat


Wow those seem different. What about those UK patients?


estimated anaphylaxis is 1 in 100,000.

“They may have been caused by a component of Pfizer’s vaccine called polyethylene glycol, or PEG, which helps stabilize the shot and is not in other types of vaccines, he added.”

I doubt it, much worse poison in the shot than just PEG to cause anaphylaxis like aborted fetal cells!

Anyway, now it’s fun time as there is a vaccine rivalry between the German Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine (from USA NIH & Moderna Inc).

The Pfizer one we know is poison after the UK trials but the Moderna one has just recently been approved for use in the US.

So similar poison expectations most likely but maybe different? We’ll find out soon.

Here’s an article about it:


I don’t buy that the outbreak worsened seems like propaganda to me but it is true that the Moderna vaccine is here now.

Some important points in the article:

“Both the new Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech shot require two doses several weeks apart. The second dose must be from the same company as the first.”

Okay dear readers, this is a very important point. I really want to see the live stream of how the fainting nurse fares when she gets her 2nd dose of poison week two. Will she faint again or will she drop dead for Christmas. (I hope she’s okay), but don’t tell me she’s okay until after her second round. If I was her I would not get more of that poison if it caused me severe pain and made me faint the first time.

The Moderna vaccine is only 94% effective. That seems love when you had a 99%+ chance of being fine without the vaccine poison.

A big criticism is that you are more likely to get an adverse reaction (6%) maybe even die from the vaccine than from the virus itself <1%. Them numbers don’t add up.
Sure the chance of dying from the vaccine is small so they say (if you believe them, I don’t) but the chance of actually dying from the coronavirus is also extremely small (in spite of what they sensationalize in the media). To convince yourself look at total deaths, you would not notice anything out of the ordinary going on this year if you turned off your tv.

“In a study of 30,000 volunteers, the Moderna vaccine was more than 94% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 in people 18 and older. It also strongly protected older adults, who are most vulnerable.”

Remember the coronavirus killing kids was used to scare people into the masks when in reality this is nothing young people need worry about so very foolish of anyone of child bearing age to get this experimental poison. I wouldn’t take it if I was elderly either as poison doesn’t react well with a fragile body. I’m very glad they not giving this poison to children under 18 that makes me happy and for the 18+ year olds out there you are old enough to choose not to violate your body temple with this crap so use your free will. Unfortunately the they are using the Pfizer vaccine on kids as young as 16 which is ridiculous.

According to the article: “Both vaccines carry “a remote chance” of causing a severe allergic reaction.”

Remote chance my ass. I’d say a very strong chance of allergic reaction.
Note how the media plays games with words like adverse reactions vs severe adverse reactions. When they say no severe allergic reactions they are downplaying the adverse reactions they didn’t deem severe by their arbitrary rubrics to try to downplay the severity.

Obviously nurses are scared as they should be because the vaccine poison is being forced on hospital workers as a condition of their employment and many nurses (female nurses) are of child bearing age and are not too keen on the infertility side effect of the jab. Can’t blame them.

My mother-in-law is a retired nurse and has told me she will not get the vaccine (smart lady).

It is clear that the media is highly biased to inflate coronavirus cases & deaths and to minimize vaccinosis cases and deaths.

Already media is full of apologetics claiming every time an adverse reaction is reported that it had absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine when like in the case of the fainting nurse obviously it was the vaccine. The vaccine is expected to poison you in a way you can feel in your brain in 10 minutes so if you faint in 17 min after getting jabbed don’t lie to yourself and say it wasn’t the vaccine. Silly nurse from my local area, I truly hope you survive round two if you foolishly decide to continue with the poisoning.

I think the media on the first person in the UK getting the Pfizer vaccine getting sick was so bad that there was a concerted propaganda effort here in the US propaganda capital New York of making sure there was a news article saying that the first US person to get the vaccine was A-okay.

Video of New York nurse claiming she’s fine after the jab. (Obvious propaganda).


Notice she’s sitting down for that jab as they never gonna show people live getting the shot standing up after fainting nurse lol.

I don’t trust the nurse managers as they have a vested in interest in spreading the propaganda that the vaccine is poison is safe.

I want to hear from the run of the mill nurses. But they are cowered into silence under threat of losing their jobs if they speak out.

There is so much bullshit in the media that people are confused. Hell, I’m confused. But people look to me for clarity and want to know what I think so here it is:

Personal opinion of Nurses dropping dead from vaccinosis by DrBenGo Healthwarrior:

I think people people really are going to die from the vaccine.
The people who aren’t dead yet remember they are supposed to get a second dose in two weeks. The first shot infects you with the spike protein which is like a back door entrance into your cells and infects your T-cells and then if you are ever exposed to the live virus you will likely die (based on the animal studies they didn’t do on purpose because the results are so bad) and it could be much worse than if you never got the vaccine. That’s what I think.

I think people are fools to get an experimental vaccine during a time of media censorship & cooked numbers. Don’t do it. I know some of you are being coerced into doing it for your job, and I also known it’s scary to lose a job during a depression, but unless you absolutely have to please do not get the jab. If you do, I will do my best to detox you. I think iMedDo Ultimate Detox system will go a long way for removing the vaccine poison but because of the nature of the RNA genetic material used in it, it could result in irreversible genetic damage including infertility. I have ideas for detox as is my specialty, but I would prefer if you would not go there, try to avoid the toxins in the first place, but if you get injected and need to detox please make an appointment


I would never get the shot, but let’s say for sake of argument that I had to then what would I do? Firstly I would go into the poisoning in a pre-detoxed state having used iMedDo detox system now for going on 6 years. Right before getting injected I would take 3 drops of NeuGold under tongue 5 min prior to protect my brain from the attack that comes about 10 minutes after the shot. I would sit down for 1 hr and make sure I’m not gonna faint before driving afterwards or maybe get a taxi or other driver to be safe to get home. I would detox at elevated doses of NeuSilver, NeuIodine & NeuGold for the next 6 months in attempt to flush out all trace of the vaccine poison.

I would hope as I do believe that colloidal silver and gold will short circuit any alien robot or nefarious nano-wire circuitry hidden in the vaccine. [Important note, the vaccines contain poisoned nano-lipids and mainstream media is trying to scare people of the word nanotechnology. Yes nano-lipids in vaccine bad, nano-silver & nano-gold to detox vaccine good].

I would avoid urban areas and 5G towers which might activate latent poison. If in 5G area take extra NeuGold for protection as will convert the wireless energy into heat. [Important note, getting reports that NeuGold is evaporating out of bottle faster in heavy 5G areas (thermal dissipation) so keep bottle caps tight]

I would expect some permanent damage to my DNA which I would meditate and pray to try to repair. The main damage is the insertion of the spike protein into my cells which is like a back door which will allow other bioweapons entrance when the globalists decide to release them in the future. Hopefully over time my body would break down the spike proteins but I expect that the vaccine was contaminated with secret virus likely the very virus that it was purportedly protecting from (weaponized coronavirus).

My believe is that weaponize coronavirus is really just WEAPONIZED MALARIA. Because the virus besides attacking red blood cells is also in the T-cells (HIV-Aids insert) why “Covaids” is a great name (thanks Jeff Berwick for coining that term) the solution if ever exposed to to it again is to use anti-malarials. Iodine (& Hydroxychloroquine, & Ivermectin another anti-malarial people talking about as well) are known anti-malarials. Fortunately since NeuIodine is already part of iMedDo detox system, I would have little to fear from another weaponized malaria attack EXCEPT if I had unfortunately received the vaccine (not gonna do willingly) then the covaids would be hiding in my T-Cells. What happens is that if you get the vaccine you are at risk of your body over-reacting to the virus if you are exposed to it in the future as it will clone the infected immune cell amplifying and releasing the virus (cytokine storm). If that were to happen, I would expect widespread inflammation in the body and brain but fortunately NeuSilver and NeuGold in the iMedDo detox system is anti-inflammatory in the body & brain which would compensate until I recovered.

All of the above is a hypothetical just to give you an idea of some of the things I would do if exposed to the vaccine but for specifics please contact me to talk in more detail if you get poisoned by the covid19 vaccine. Also remember there are many other poisonous vaccines & drugs & environmental poisons to detox. My motto is “Be in a constant state of detox” where the goal is to “detox the poisons out faster than they come in”. In science terms make the rate of detox greater than the rate of being poisoned! I think this is good advice to live by. Thankyou for reading section one of the December 2020 newsletter! DrBenGo Healthwarrior


What the world knows as Bitcoin (BTC) has been reaching all time highs around 24k lately which is very cool. However, there has been an ongoing battle over Bitcoin between BTC, BCH & BSV now for several years and I’ve been supporting the BSV one known as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. It’s the Bitcoin that is real Bitcoin as it has the ability to scale and is very useful for not just micro-transactions but can actually eventually replace the entire internet as it can host data of all types. It’s the secret real Bitcoin that few people know about as it’s the 13th Warrior on on in terms of market cap. It’s the Bitcoin that works for more than just speculation and it has extreme potential for both good and bad applications. I’ve been involved in the BSV community and have been advocating for such things as elections on Bitcoin to end election fraud, and have invested in holistic health on Bitcoin having put my website hosted on Bitcoin accepting BSV and also I was recently interviewed on River’s Holistic Health show called the Life Podcast (see last month’s episode) which was among the first podcasts ever hosted on Bitcoin SV truly historic. Over the last few years I’ve fostered a high lever of health awareness & enlightenment in the Bitcoin SV community unfortunately I ultimately have failed in my secret mission. My secret mission was to get through to Satoshi (Dr.Craig Wright) who has a thyroid problem to use my detox system and detox and fix his thyroid so that the Bitcoin creator would develop an awareness of and appreciation for alternative health. But I failed. Craig’s company nChain while promoting BSV has now to my shock and to the shock of the Holistic Health community in BSV started courting vaccine pushers and Craig’s lieutenant Jimmy Win is now talking about Covid19 passports on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Here is the video where Bitcoin SV goes south on the Health topic. For those interested in where Bitcoin is going in the mainstream health arena watch the video and read my protesting you-tube comments.


Unfortunately the people interested in bad applications of blockchain have taken a notice of the utility of BSV which is very disturbing as I was hoping it would fly under the radar until all this Pandemic nonsense blew over.

Using Bitcoin to make a vaccine passport covid19 tracking system to deny people travel rights to force them to comply with poisoning themselves is pretty much the most evil uses of Bitcoin I can imagine. Unfortunately because of the ongoing medical scam with legal and financial scam where vaccine makers can poison with immunity, the medical scam is also the most lucrative so it is no surprise that mainstream medicine would be interested in using Bitcoin to enact their tyrannical plan. The plan appears to be to use EHR data (electronic health data) to track people and to link that to vaccine passports which I think is utterly terrible and very related to the vaccine attack.

I find it very disturbing that Jimmy the lieutenant of Satoshi is talking about Vaccine Passports on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Yes it is capable of it but no we should not do it.

Instead of using identity to erase people’s rights, Bitcoin needs it’s own Bill of Rights where proving identity proves that you have rights not take them away.

I”m completely against having your travel rights erased using vaccine passports and like all things covid19 scam the covid19 vaccine passport is a terrible idea and should be opposed.

I previously stated that I support BSV but if it ever starts pushing for mandatory vaccines I’m out. This comes very close as nChain in large part controls the direction of Bitcoin SV as Satoshi has many patents and is the issuer of Bitcoin. Everyone using Bitcoin is just moving around coins in a global public ledger which where the coins were issued at time of creation and distributed to miners & moved around peer to peer as we go along.

So now I have to re-evaluate Bitcoin and where to go in the future. I think BTC is for speculation and wow it’s really going up, but could crash in same way. BCH is for cash and is more lucrative now as well as is Monero in times of government fraud. BSV I still think can be used for great good but also if used for evil can become the beast system which controls the world.

Just be aware my readers that we are not just in a Vaccine War but also a Bitcoin War and that the two are related more than you might realize.

I’m very active on Bitcoin social media, and also I started using a competing BSV social Media app where I created a Holistic Health group so I encourage anyone interested in Bitcoin to join me and help me keep Bitcoin steered towards the light. Thankyou for reading part two December 2020 newsletter! DrBenGo Healthwarrior.


There is an exciting astrological event happening around this Christmas time on December 21st, 2020 where the Moon and the planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all aligning.


For some people it’s a very significant even and in the Christian Christmas Paradigm it is called the “Bethlehem Star”. Although Jupiter and Saturn align somewhat every 20 years, there is a larger 200 and a larger 800 year cycle and this is one of the rare 800 year ones is my understanding. The combined gravity of the planets like an amplified lunar pull might screw with your juices so take some NeuSilver if you feel strange.
I’ve compiled info on the Great Conjunction if you are interested on my Twetch page I’m user @169. I’m going to pray for a miracle and see if a portal opens up and heros emerge to join me in the fight against Vaccine Ragnarok. I forsee doom and gloom but will pray for a miracle. I’m worried that the anti-Christ has been reborn and is an artificial intelligence on the BSV chain. I’ve connected with the Auntie-Christ who assures me there is nothing to fear for the brave. The Planet Pluto is Hades the God of death I pray that I am wrong and that everyone will make it through this vaccine nightmare before Christmas safely.

Namaste! (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you!)

DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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