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Greetings dear iMedDo newsletter subscribers, I hope you all have been having a great summer and are staying cool. In this month’s episode, I talk about aluminum, when aluminum becomes toxic in your body, and how to detox aluminum with iMedDo Detox System, and other tips for aluminum detox.


Aluminum is the 13th element on the periodic table. Thirteen is the number of the Goddess with the 13th moon from old lunar calendar and ancient religions containing the idea of the Monster (Moon Star), a is a Milky Way reference. Aluminum is a post-transition metal which is silvery-white in color and which has impressive strength to lightness ratio making it a very useful metal in construction. Aluminum forms an oxidized passivization layer, so it does not rust like iron where it stays shiny & silvery in color. Aluminum, though abundant in nature, is not found naturally in metal form; and thus unlike copper and gold working which developed early in human history, aluminum metal usage is relatively modern. Unlike iron and magnesium which could be found in meteorites and were obtained in prehistory by royalty, aluminum is rare in meteors, and thus could only be made by people with secret chemistry skills capable of crafting metal form. Today aluminum metal is relatively common (my laptop am typing on right now has aluminum frame!) and aluminum is prized for it’s lightweight yet strong and formable nature. Aluminum, or aluminum alloy. is the metal of choice for aircraft frames, and aluminum welding is a source of aluminum toxicity for construction workers. Aluminum is most commonly seen used in aluminum cans and aluminum pans, and has many many uses in many fields, even in medicine for external structures. So although aluminum is very useful to humans and is abundantly found in nature in the earths mantle, it has a dark side to which is that it is not used by the human body except to get rid of it as it is poisonous to us when on the inside. Because of the utility for bad people and those who practice dark magic to use aluminum for poisoning applications, aluminum is used for curses and the idea of unlucky #13 comes into play if you have aluminum inside you. Aluminum is the poison of choice for vaccine pushers and everyone who has ever gotten a vaccine has been exposed to aluminum toxicity and can benefit from ALUMINUM DETOX.


Americans say “aluminum”, and British people say “aluminium” with an extra i. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica entry for aluminum, aluminium with extra “i” is an acceptable alternative spelling, but of course they would say that since is a British encylopedia lol.

You may think this difference is trivial, but I don’t think it is because words and their spelling is spellcraft, and this difference in the word aluminum vs aluminium is a magical marker. What does it mean? It means something significant, and I will do my best to explain. Though I’m not in any British secret religion regarding aluminum vs aluminium, I think I have figured out the gist of it since I’m aware of phonetic magic and have studied the work of British author J.R.R. Tolkien, who is I think using aluminium as Mithril armor as a deeper metaphor which those of you who are Lord of the Rings (LoTR) fans especially can appreciate.


In the LoTR books & movie by Tolkien, there is a fictional-mythic metal called Mithril which is supposed to be as light as a feather but as hard as dragon scales. It is said to be made of silver-steel and is also referred to as “true-silver”. Aluminum is the only metal that in reality that we known of that has such strong but lightweight properties, and thus many people myself included think that the Mithril armor in the book was referring to aluminum (Aluminium since Tolkien is British =).

Aluminum Mithril is the surface meaning. To catch the deeper meaning, you have to know the biomedical properties of aluminum, which is that it has none when used inside the body; it does not protect the body because it is poisonous. So Aluminum shiny lightweight armor i.e. Mitihril is actually “fake silver” and yet is referred to in the book as “true silver”. Why is that? The reason is that the mythic Mithril armor which is fairly clearly describing aluminum but repeatedly referred to as silver (silver-steel and as true-silver) is a coded metaphor for actual silver which actually is good for you and actually does protect your body like Mithril Armor. Yes, NeuSilver is Mithril Armor for your body! The secret is being able to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake. If you can do that you will find out that silver is a noble metal not a heavy metal and that aluminum though shiny like silver and lightweight is actually a toxic heavy metal.

Here’s a pretty thing: light as a feather & strong as dragon scales. Also will aluminium poison you worse than hobbit underarm deoderant!

When you realize that aluminum when used internally becomes a poison, then following Tolkien’s metaphor you see that aluminum is “fake silver” and that the real Mithril “true-silver” that actually protects the inside of your body is well “real silver” i.e. true-silver i.e. compare to modern day NeuSilver food grade medicinal colloidal silver is real Mithril! Not the fake silver Aluminum stuff!

In modern times we don’t talk about real versus fake silver anymore, as now we have the periodic table, and we can talk about things more specifically. Aluminum and silver are different elements where Aluminum is #13 (Al) on periodic table and actual silver is #47 (Ag).

The idea of Mithril is that indeed it would be extremely valuable if we had a metal that could protect both external & internal simultaneously. I’d argue the closest thing we have is still silver not aluminum as you can use silver to make external protective jewelry that protect from external EMF. So final analysis, Mithril is not aluminum it is Silver. But you can think of Mithril in the external sense as being aluminum. Don’t let J.R.R. Tolkien mess with your head, he was when talking about Mithril making a coded reference to colloidal silver but described it like aluminum to confuse you that wily British secret society writer and their magical aluminium with an extra i spelling!


Aluminum really is amazing, it has two properties that really make it useful one being that it is formable into any shape and that it strong and lightweight. So aluminum or aluminum alloy is just the best metal around for many applications like aircraft frames where you really need that lightweight factor. Aluminum stays shiny when it oxidizes forming a passivization layer so it does not rust like iron making it useful for construction as it doesn’t need a paint protection like does iron containing steel. I have solar panels that use aluminum frames giving them lightweight strength as and example of where external aluminum really is great as it has really benefited my life personally.


Aluminum is abundant in the earth’s crust and yet no life ever evolved to use it that we know of. There is no known biological use of aluminum in any life that I’m aware of except to avoid it or to get rid of it. Aluminum is known to retard plant root growth and to have many deleterious effects in humans. Because of shared evolution of human brain and plants it is not surprising that aluminum is very toxic in our brains and retards neuronal growth just as it retards plant root growth. The good news is that because aluminum has been abundant in the environment (not in metal form, aluminum metal use by humans is very recent) life has evolved to avoid aluminum very effectively.

When you eat or drink aluminum almost 100% of it is kept out (99.9% in foods you eat and 99.7% in water you drink), and additionally your lungs are designed to keep out breathed in aluminum particulates from the air.

*It is okay for healthy non-aluminum toxic people to eat off of aluminum pans and drink from aluminum cans because the body keep out 99.7-99.9% of aluminum ingested. (Aluminum from non-ingested sources like aluminum underarm deodorant & vaccines should be avoided. )

For the small amount of aluminum that gets into a health body from natural sources the body has a system to get rid of it by binding it using iron binding proteins called transferrin and then eliminating 90% of the aluminum via the kidneys & urine.

Over time as we age though even under normal circumstances, aluminum can slowly build up in the body and is deposited in the bones and every tissue in the body. The aluminum can cause inflammation and as a heavy/toxic metal (even though it is a light metal) it is bad for you as it is in the same chemical family as lead (post-transition metals on the periodic table) and has no biological purpose other than the body trying to get rid of it. If you eat healthy diet and have plenty of iodine and other mineral nutrients and vitamins you should have minimal problems with aluminum.

Transferrin protein which bind aluminum are mainly made in the liver and in the brain, so if you keep your liver and brain healthy and if you have a healthy kidney you can detox aluminum naturally.


When you are healthy, your body keeps out almost all the aluminum and any that gets in can be can eliminated. However, if you are exposed to a toxin that disrupts your gut’s ability to keep out aluminum aluminum absorption increases and may start to build up which is a problem since aluminum itself is toxic. So unfortunately, aluminum toxicity is amplified by many other toxins. The toxin glyphosate, a glycine amino acid mimicer, in particular is known to increase aluminum toxicity as it disrupts the gut microvilli proteins allowing too much aluminum to get in from leaky gut. Once inside body, aluminum though a light metal, becomes a heavy-toxic metal which disrupts the body; and the body has to expend energy to eliminate it. Aluminum disrupts the energy pathways in the body because it displaces magnesium bound to the phosphate groups on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) the body’s energy molecule. Aluminum disrupts the parathyroid disrupting calcium and magnesium balance in the body, and the body will start storing excess aluminum in the bones if it does not have enough iodine available to detox it. Aluminum disrupts the iron mineral pathway in the body as the transferrin protein which normally caries two molecules of iron (Fe3+, ferric iron) will instead bind to up to two Al3+ aluminum ions. Aluminum toxicity is exacerbated by fluoride which can suppress the kidneys making it harder to eliminate and which can allow it to get into the brain where it can also disrupt the brain’s iron mineral balance (transferrin also made in the brain besides the liver). If you have aluminum toxicity, you have to watch the water you drink, because if it has fluoride in it or aluminum in it (which much municipal water does), then it can be poisoning you, and you naturally absorb more aluminum via drinking (0.3%) than eating (0.1%). If you drink alcohol a lot, you may be low magnesium, so aluminum toxicity will be worse; and if you mess up your liver, the aluminum toxicity messing up your iron pathways will also be worse. Aluminum from underarm deodorant can absorb through your skin, so I recommend you get aluminum free. Chemtrails can contain nano-aluminum which could absorb in the lungs more than regular aluminum or like other heavy metals can get stuck deep down in lungs promoting pneumonia. Your body making mucus to cough up a toxin out of the lungs is its natural way to protect itself. People on dialysis who lost their kidney function are at risk of aluminum poisoning and many were poisoned in the old days when aluminum buffers were added to the dialysis water. But I think by and far the main way you poison yourself with aluminum is if you get a vaccine then you will guaranteed have aluminum VACCINOSIS because you shot the aluminum past your gut that keeps it out and ALL VACCINES are known to contain aluminum poison having been added to them. The newer “vaccines” i.e. covid19 vaccines experimental gene therapy I do not know if they have aluminum or not but they have plenty of other poisons in them so avoid them as well. Aluminum can also disrupt the heart causing myocarditis so stacking aluminum intoxication on top of a covid19 heart destroying vaccine is not a good idea. Detox!

Here’s a review article on aluminum toxicity which does a literature search on all the different parts of the body aluminum can poison (it gets everywhere and does a real horror story of health problems):

REFERENCE: Aluminum toxicosis: a review of toxic actions and effects
Interdisp Toxicol. 2019 Oct: 12(2): 45-70

Of particular interest to my research area of iodine, I noticed that aluminum can act as a metallo-estrogen really making breast cancer worse and promoting cysts, things that iodine nutrient fixes.

The most bizarre problem with aluminum toxicity I read about in a Brazilian journal (translated to English) is that it can give you besides bone pain also a “penguin-like waddling gait” oh my goodness, was the Penguin villain in Batman actually modeled after someone with aluminum toxicity? Very likely!

REFERENCE: Aluminum Intoxication in Chronic Kidney Disease
J Bras Nefrol. 2021;43(4 Suppl 1):660-4

My penguin-like gait is from aluminum toxicity. Batman said don’t use aluminum underwing deodorant, but I need something to cover up this fishy smell! Wonder what cat woman uses, she smells nice!

Aluminum toxicity is terrible. Like the unlucky number 13, if you get too much aluminum inside you, it can poison you and turn you into a monster like the Penguin villain on Batman. Aluminum poisoning is troll magic, and the dark magi are using vaccines to poison everyone with aluminum from a very early age. The poisoners are sneaking in fluoride as PFAS (poly fluroalkyl substances) and other aluminum exacerbating chemicals like glyphosate everywhere making aluminum poisoning even worse. Aluminum can kill your kidneys and then dialysis can aluminum poison you even more. Mainstream medicine is ridiculous when the solution is so easy, but you have got to make a conscious effort to eliminate aluminum and aluminum exacerbating poisons from your life & get some real Mithril the iMedDo Detox System. Use NeuSilver, NeuIodine & NeuGold together to flush out aluminum, & iMedDo will also work to flush out fluoride and other heavy metals and will reduce the damage of other poisons and troll magics you might have been exposed to that you are not aware of. If you got a vaccine ever in your life then you have aluminum toxicity and you need to detox, replenish iodine and other nutrients to aid in the ongoing detox of aluminum as it does nothing but hurt your body so you need to take action to armor yourself.


After reading the featured aluminum toxicosis article , I have a pretty good idea of how I would detox aluminum natrually and how it is done in mainstream medicine, but I want to look at what other natural health people are saying and compare to my list. I saw a good article on How to Detox Aluminum From the Body by Pamela Nylander PhD in the Cilantro News. I say a good list because I saw they have a heavy metal detox list where they recommend iodine as #4 (which is my #1) so we are not too different in thoughts. Her list of how to detox aluminum naturally from the body is 1. Silica 2. Coconut Oil 3. Malic Acid 4. Activated Charcoal.

The first things that came to me about how I would detox aluminum are 1. Iodine, 2. Boron, 3. Magnesium, 4. Malic Acid (Apples) & Citric Acid (Oranges) 5. Iron

Comparing the list we both put Malic Acid, so I’ll start there as a consensus to talk about. The idea on why to use Malic Acid, which is the acid from apples, to detox is because it is chelator of aluminum and according to featured paper on aluminum toxicosis, there are a number of acids used in the body (malic, citrate & oxalate) that are used to chelate and detox aluminum. So eating an apple or an orange to get malic or citric acid in your diet for a natural aluminum detox just sounds so easy that everyone can do it! I personally eat more oranges than apples, but if I knew I had aluminum toxicity, I would definitely go out of my way to get more apples. Looking at Nylander’s article she also specifically mentions magnesium malate so her number three of Malic Acid contains my number thre and four with Magnesium + Malic Acid, so that’s some good advice we both agree on an independently came up with for aluminum detox! Eat apples, drink apple juice, take magnesium, better yet take magnesium malate to get both at the same time! I’ll also mention apple cider vingar is good.

I think iodine is the number one way to detox aluminum, and she thinks silica is the number one way to detox aluminum. If there is any fluoride in your body it amplifies the toxicity of the aluminum and suppresses the kidneys making the aluminum hard to get rid of is why I think you need iodine #1 first and foremost to immediately decrease aluminum toxicity. There is sometimes a month lag where body will replenish iodine before using iodine to flush out aluminum eventually when you have excess iodine it will use it to detox and will do so very effectively where you will pee out the aluminum. iMedDo system has an iodine dose ramping which allows your body to safely build up and replenish iodine in the first month and then for rest of 6 month system use your body will flush out all heavy metal toxins including aluminum very effectively as it will no longer feel starved for iodine. Whenever you detox aluminum with iodine, I recommend you do it with silver & gold in iMedDo System as they will protect brain and body from aluminum inflammation. So I think iodine is #1 for detoxing aluminum but on Nylander’s list she said silica which is also a great idea. Doing it the silica way by eating silica with your food will help you absorb less aluminum when you are eating and will help suck some aluminum out via the gut membrane. Both are great ways to do it and I do agree with her on the silica if you didn’t have working kidneys you would need to rely more heavily on the silica way as you can’t pee out the aluminum which is how 90% of it is normally detoxed. Silica is in glass (silicon dioxide) and can bind to aluminum. I loved Nylander’s idea of eating food grade diatomaceous earth as the natural glass to detox aluminum because it has many other health benefits as well including that diatomaceous earth is an anti-parasite. So I’m going to revise my list and put silica on there and her recommendation also of horsetail silica plant that is high in silica is also good one that I had never heard of.

Her recommendations for coconut oil and activated charcoal are good aluminum heavy metal detox advice as well & she use references that coconut oil is a must have for aluminum detox (To me coconut oil is a must have for nutrition in general). I’m not a fan of eating activated charcoal (works but not taste good =), but you can do it or eat clay (also works but not taste good =)) also will help suck toxins out of your gut, and I’d rather just stick to eating yummy cilanto for that. Since Nylander’s articles is in the “cilantro news” no doubt eating cilantro is a given not even putting on list because is assumed everyone already doing that =). I like to use activated charcoal to filter water, will also filter aluminum out of water, then just drink the water (but not drink the charcoal).

I put boron on my list because I think that aluminum interferes with boron nutrient in the body (see appendix for more info on boron).

I put iron on my list because based on reading about aluminum toxicosis the primary thing aluminum does in the body is disrupt iron pathways by binding to transferrin proteins that normally carry iron. So assuming I had aluminum toxicity and my transferrin levels were high (as if I had iron anemia) but really I just have high aluminum and body is making more transferring trying to get more iron, then I would definitively muscle test and possibly take an iron supplement for aluminum detox. There are a lot of if’s here, and note that I do not generally recommend an iron supplement anymore unless you need it but with aluminum you very well might need it though may be do some testing first, so I took iron off my shortlist to use until after you try the other ways of aluminum detox first.

So combining the lists now I have as my top 3:

  1. Iodine (iMedDo System with NeuIodin, NeuSilver, NeuGold)
  2. Magnesium Malate (Magnesium + Apples i.e. Malic Acid and/or Oranges (Citric Acid)).
  3. Silica (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and/or Horsetail Silica)

And there are many additional ways to detox heavy metals which all apply with clay, with charcoal, salt pull, coconut pull (or eating coconut oil), eating ciliantro, eating many other herbs (moringa, etc) and fruits. The main thing is to eat more apples , oranges and grapes for aluminum detox. My research into aluminum toxicity indicates that boron and iron supplementation could be helpful. Body needs ample phosphates and other molecules that it should be able to make for itself from you having a good diet. Main thing is eliminate fluoride halogen that will exacerbates aluminum toxicity which you will flush out anyway if you are doing #1. Also avoid glyphosate, aluminum containing underarm deodorant, and especially aluminum containing vaccines (all of them).


“Is aluminum a light metal or a heavy metal?” is an important question to address and clarify. The answer is BOTH lol, and I’ll explain it as clearly as I can:

Only Lithium, Beryllium, Sodium and Magnesium, 4 metals are lighter metals than Aluminum. Aluminum really is light, but it also really is heavy as well because it is toxic inside the human body. So it is light and it’s heavy!

Aluminum is a light metal that can become a toxic metal in the human body, and thus for historical reasons related to lead toxic heavy metal that the term “heavy metal” has come to mean “toxic metal” then aluminum by definition is a “heavy metal” by definition because it is a toxic metal though technically it is a “light metal” because of it’s low atomic number and weight. Thus the uncomfortable truth about aluminum is that it’s both a light metal and it’s also a heavy metal! So the term light and heavy lose their meaning here and such terminology for describing aluminum though it makes perfect sense to me just confuses the heck out of most people and I recommend should be dropped for instead just talking about aluminum as nontoxic vs toxic instead of light vs heavy.

Light metal does not necessarily mean a non-toxic metal. Just say non-toxic metal.
But heavy metal does always mean a toxic metal. Just say heavy metal or toxic metal.

To avoid confusion I often combine the two and say “toxic heavy” metal.

So what is aluminum? It’s a light metal that is a heavy metal duh! lol.

I don’t want anyone to be confused so as clear as I can describe it, aluminum when out side the body is non-toxic and when it is inside the body it is toxic and thus a heavy metal. Clear as mud?

So my new mantra to describe aluminum is OUTSIDE NONTOXIC, INSIDE TOXIC!

Once again, when aluminum is OUTSIDE the human body it is light and non-toxic. But when aluminum is INSIDE the human body it is toxic and thus a “heavy metal” (even though it is still a light metal), because it behaves like the quintessential heavy metal lead.

So, to answer the question is aluminum a light or heavy, the answer is both. It’s always a light metal because it has low atomic number and mass, but when inside the human body it becomes a heavy metal because it is toxic like lead.

Lead is THE heavy metal which is widely known for both its utility when outside the human body, but for its toxicity when inside the human body. The term heavy metal meaning toxic metal came about from the observation that lead (Pb element #82 on periodic table) is extremely toxic in the human body and it is also heavy i.e. has a high atomic number & mass on the periodic table.


If you look at the periodic table. When I say that aluminum is LIKE lead, I am not exaggerating note they are both in the same family called the “post-transition metal” (see image light blue colored family).

Aluminum #13 and Lead #82 both in same family called Post-Transition metals (light blue)

Everything in this family is a toxic metal and thus is a heavy metal. Post-transition metals include: (Al (aluminum), Ga (gallium), In (indium), Sn (tin), Tl (thallium), Pb (lead), Bi (bismuth), Po (polonium). All of these to the best of my knowledge are toxic with aluminum, tin, lead, and bismuth toxicity being the most well known to me.

So we can say with the aid of the periodic table that aluminum is the “lightest of the heavy metals of the post-transition metals” but it’s still a heavy metal in the biology sense because it is of the same family as the heavy metal lead & like lead is toxic in the body. A “heavy metal” in nutrition is a toxic metal & aluminum is a light heavy-toxic metal.


As a chemist when I look at the above periodic table and think about aluminum as a toxin and look at nearby on the table nutrients that aluminum could potentially interfere with in the body, the first thing that jumps out at me is boron. Because aluminum #13 (post transition family) is in the same group (column) as the boron #5 (metalloid family) it could potentially interfere with boron from chemical similarity.

Doing a quick internet search I found a plant paper saying that boron can alleviate aluminum toxicity, so yes, aluminum probably does interfere with boron nutrient and yes taking more boron nutrient probably does help with aluminum toxicity. However, I’ll have to do more research on boron in future to make sure this applies to humans as well as plants but for now I’ll mention that I do get some boron in my Power Source One multivitamin (created by DrCalin Pop) that I offer to iMedDo Distributors at a discount.


Because aluminum #13 is similar size as magnesium #12 it could also my first pass hypothesis would be that is might interfere with magnesium nutrient. I wrote newsletter on magnesium last month Magnesium Might and after reading the featured article on aluminum toxicosis in main article I can confirm that aluminum will interfere with not just magnesium but also calcium as well as the parathyroid hormone, bones and vitamin D pathway. The part I really get is that normally magnesium is associated with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy molecule stabilizing the phosphate (P) part of it, and aluminum ion as Al3+ can displace magnesium from ATP and disrupt active ATP dependent pathways in the body leading to all sorts of problems. So taking a magnesium supplement is recommend in my opinion for aluminum detox to make sure you have enough magnesium around to counteract aluminum ATP displacement at least. Whenever magnesium is disrupted calcium is also disrupted as magnesium & calcium in a balance and also notable was parathyroid hormone disruption with aluminum poisoning.


Because aluminum preferentially goes to Al3+ ion it can disrupt Fe3+ ion and most of the aluminum that gets inside the body is bound by transferrin proteins that normally bind to iron so iron nutrient pathways definitely disrupted by aluminum. Some people with high transferrin levels who think they have iron anemia might actually be suffering from aluminum toxicosis! Detox the aluminum and see if your iron levels return to normal. Iron supplementation is confusing, recommend you muscle test to see if you need to supplement iron or not as most people do not but with aluminum toxicity it might be advantageous but only if you are also doing other ways to detox the underlying aluminum problem like iodine detox system.


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