SONG TO DESTROY EVIL: Vaccine War mRNA Attack!

SONG TO DESTROY EVIL: Vaccine War: mRNA Attack!

Greetings dear readers,

I’m so excited because I have a magical song of protection that’s been 6 months in the making now ready for you to listen to. The poem is from my Atomic Alphabet August 2020 episode called “Song to Destroy Evil” is now this bardic poem has been translated into chords by gematria and performed for your listening pleasure! If you get nothing else out of this episode just listen to this song and feel the magical power as evil flees and you feel your strength & will to stop & fight evil increasing.

Here is the link to the song which has been uploaded and is served from the Bitcoin SV blockchain:


Artist Info:
Lyrics by DrBenGo Healthwarrior (Twetch u@169 LINK:
Chords & Vocal Performance: Misha Pelt
Musical Performance: Leon Van Pelt
Copyright 2020-2021 DrBenGo Healthwarrior all rights reserved. Feel free to share the link to this song and if you like it please tip Misha with BSV. (Twetch u@300)

Misha Pelt is a famous guitar instructor who has created on BSV chain guitar instructions and she likes to translate poetry into guitar chords using gematria.
I find the song very inspiring (the music reminds me a bit of Enya) and I love her Czech accent. Funniest part of the song is that when she says “Frost Fang Dagger” it sounds a bit like “Frost Dong Dagure” which is even better for a Milky Way reference lol. Enjoy!


There once was a demon of two heads Gates & Fauci
& thought it could poison the children but is now frosty.
Set the WatchTower of Power the Turret of Protection
Destroyed by the Alphabet, the Runes of Affection.
Silver Chains of Time to demon bind, frost fang dagger,
evil destroying rhyme. Listen dear parents & learn well this lesson,
Debt is not money the true wealth expression:
Sing Healthy Children no vaccine poison suppression.
The hero Satoshi brought to earth Bitcoin gold.
The embrace of Mother Goose for those who hurt children is cold.

As a reminder you can find the poem and many more poems about the alphabet in my old August 2020 episode “Atomic Alphabet”


Now that you have listened to the song to bolster your spirit, for the brave of heart continue to read this article as I expose the mRNA attack plan of evil.


Back in July 2020, I wrote an article “Vaccine War” which was mostly about the “Mask Attack”, and this month’s newsletter is a part two which is about the “mRNA Attack”.

If you missed the part one you can find it at:


In part one I talked about Bitcoin SV News, Censorship, Made some pretty dire predictions, and discussed my views on masks.


For part two (this episode), I’m going to also talk about Vaccine WAR, but the masks are irrelevant now. As the mask attack is fizzling out, the real mRNA attack has only just begun. Read this article to comprehend how RNA is being used to hijack your cells and destroy your proteins.

Lot of exciting things going on in Bitcoin & I also wrote a special on the etymology of February but I moved it all to the appendix so as not to distract from the meat of this article so come back and read appendix later if you make it through main article first. If pressed for time please at least listen to song at beginning.


There is so much much mystery & false flag around the supposed covid19 pandemic (which I refer to as COVAIDS a term coined by Jeff Berwick) that most people myself included are not even sure if it was real at all in many parts, however, I do believe in parts there really was an attack and that that attack was similar to malaria in some places, and similar to flu-like symptoms caused by wireless in others, and in most parts it was just the flu renamed. It appeared to be a multi-pronged attack with primarily political collectivist (communist & fascist) agenda targeted in part at the US presidential election, but also appears to be in support of a depopulation agenda by Bill Gates who has bought himself the position of worldwide health czar. The prelude to the real attack was mandatory face masks but now the real attack has begun and mask are irrelevant now as the true threat mRNA vaccines have been revealed.


I wrote much last year and I want to point out three articles in particular I wrote three months in a row Feb, March, April 2020 which if you missed go back and read sometime on the Coronavirus topic.
Detox Corona Virus (written in early stages of plandemic)
Monkey Mystery (See vid on how to use a nebulizer at very end)
5G Fail & Iodine Anti-Malarial (was censored by mail chimp AI so you know is good)


Whether the COVAIDS was real or not in your area is hard to say. For the purposes of protecting your rights you should treat it as if it is fake. But for the purposes of your health you should treat the threat as very real. But the threat is not COVAIDS at all, the threat is the in the response to the COVAIDS. Not just the restrictions on freedoms, there is a much more serious threat, the threat of the supposed cure which will be delivered to you in pseudo-vaccine form which is not technically a vaccine at all but in instead an experimental gene therapy which uses mRNA to turn you into a genetically modified human. GMO-human. Think GONER HUMAN because if you get the mRNA injection in the experimental pseudo-vaccine you probably gonna DIE.
The purpose of this article is to help you my dear reader comprehend the gravity of this threat so that you can protect yourself, your family & friends and can get involved in the fight for those who wish to fight & for those of you who wish to flee I don’t blame you and wish you well.

So in this article I’m going to explain what is mMRNA, how it’s being use to attack, and discuss the state of affairs as to what people like me are proactively doing at this critical juncture.


In Vaccine War part one I said just make it to February 2021 that should be your top goal here is except for Part One:

“SURVIVE TILL FEBRUARY 2021 I don’t want to alarm people and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is just no way to sugar coat it folks! We are at war and the game now is simply for you & your family to survive past January 2021 to make it to February 2021! Your job doesn’t matter, whether your kids go back to school in the fall doesn’t matter, what matter is that you have a place to stay & access to food and water and have detox supplements in case your are force rounded up and injected so that you can survive this killer vaccine. My first degree is in biochemistry, and I can tell you folks if it kills animals it may vey well kill you too if you are unlucky enough to get vaccinated and are not able to detox immediately.”

If you are reading this you made it CONGRATULATIONS!

Also in Vaccine War part one I made a dire prediction that millions of Americans would be dead by January 2021.

Thank goodness (goddess) that didn’t come true. Visions of woe for the future are meant to be warnings of what will happen if people do not act. Even though millions didn’t die yet, we are not out of the woods yet, and I need you to really comprehend what I’m about to tell you.

They really did intend to vaccinate everyone by January but fortunately the poisoners were met by delays. Luckily the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” mRNA Attack delivery vectors of experimental gene therapy require extreme cold and they were not able to get as many doses for all of America saving countless lives as their poison expired in transit. This February as the cold weather permeates everywhere it actually makes it easier for the poisoners to deliver their poison so beware.

When Biden got elected (or stole the election more likely), he announced 100 more days of mask wearing which is no doubt in my mind because they plan to extend the now irrelevant mask nonsense until all the mRNA Attack is done. So update from millions dead by January 2021 to now March 2021 but it’s even worse if everyone actually gets the mRNA as many bad things are expected to happen 3-6 months after the injection. So for people who got the shot in January we are looking at adverse affects from March to August 2021 for example.


A famous hero (heroine) in this war that I want my readers to known about if you have never heard of her is DrTenPenny.

In this video TENPENNY EXPLAINS DEPOPULATION mRNA Vaccine start working 3-6 months.


A few important points she makes I want you to read even if you don’t watch the video are:

“Why you must refuse the vaccine no matter what!” (4:48 min)
“These Vaccines Are Deadly!” (4:51 min)
New mRNA “vaccines” are NOT vaccines by definition they are experimental gene therapy. (5 min)
“It will take 4 – 14 months before we see the full ravage of what’s going to happen to people who are vaccinated with this vaccine.”
“We are at a critical juncture in time for all of humanity in a lot of different levels” 5:46
“Only the beginning [of the vaccine poison rollout since January &] in 30 days over 40,000 vaccine adverse events reported [so far!].”

I agree completely with DrTenPenny. Don’t get the vaccine, and if you did get it and if it didn’t kill you yet it still might and terrible rolling icebergs of side effects are expected for months to come throughout 2021. You will note a pattern that people who survived the first jab get significantly worse after the second. How this will play out throughout the rest of 2021 is going to be a real nightmare to behold.

These new mRNA vaccines are deadly. You must refuse them no matter what. If there have been 40k adverse events reported so far and it is estimated that only 1/10 adverse events are even reported then that’s 4 million adverse events so far and it’s only going to get worse.

So even though millions didn’t drop dead yet in January 2021 as I predicted in Vaccine War Part One, we are not out of the woods yet as over the next 3-6 or 4-12 months really are really going to start seeing the devastation & destruction to human life and health this mRNA attack will bring.


A new hero (heroine) in this war who just showed up like Lancelot on a Shining Armor like the 13th Warrior Eowyn to challenge the Witch King of Angmar to make a LotR reference. The new lunar guardian of the Ox, I think she just might be, if you have not heard of her DR DOLORES CAHILL. Wow! Listen to the first 30 min of this when you have time.


She calculated the economic costs of vaccine poison and puts it at 5000 hrs of wasted time and 5 million dollars. She started a private jet service & has already been cruising around sans mask and sans vaccine passport. Wow! I think my Bitcoin audience will appreciate DrCahill for her economic sense in calculating the true costs to you and your family of being poisoned by vaccines.

The important thing is that even if they try to give you the vaccine for free or even if they try to bribe you to get it by withholding stimulus checks unless you take it you must not do it! You can’t afford to. A stimulus check for a few thousand is not worth the 5 million+ price tag of a life of debilitating illness if you survive the jab at all.


Like a bad X-files episode where an alien parasite takes over a human hosts body and starts turning it to goo and then transforming your molecular machinery to do unnatural alien things, that is a layman’s description of RNA threat we now all face.

To help you comprehend I’m going to discuss and explain what is mRNA, what is rRNA, what is tRNA, wand how does the mRNA “vaccine” hijack your molecular machinery like an alien parasite.


RNA stands for ribonucleic acid.
mRNA is an abbreviation for “messenger ribonucleic acid”
The m is little as it’s just an adjective for “Messenger”.
So mRNA is a type of RNA but it’s the type that delivers messages from DNA to create proteins. DNA is like our source code and proteins are like the worker machines in our body that keep us running smoothly.


There are also two other types of RNA you need to known about besides mRNA called rRNA and tRNA.
mRNA is messenger RNA.
rRNA is ribosomal RNA.
tRNA is transfer RNA.


These three types of RNA: messenger, ribosomal & transfer RNA work together with a natural molecular “machine” in our body called the ribosome. The ribosome itself is made of RNA (rRNA) and is able to read the message in the messenger RNA (mRNA) and to turn that message into a protein. The way it does it is by sticking together a string of amino acids to form the polypeptide which his the protein. The code for which amino acid to stick in when is encoded in the message (mRNA). The RNA of the ribosome cannot bind to amino acids directly instead it uses separate transfer RNA (tRNA) to grab the amino acids and then when the message call for it the tRNA is allowed to drop off the amino acid and then is ejected so that the next tRNA with the next encoded amino acids can be added. The ribosome reads the genetic message encoded in the mRNA and makes proteins using the other RNA and amino acids in the process.

What the ribosome is extremely good at is forming what are called amide bonds also known as peptide bonds between the amino acids. So the ribosome is like a molecular machine which builds bigger polypeptide/protein machines using different RNAs and amino acids. Clear as mud?


The natural way it works in our body is the our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is like our source code. DNA is very similar to RNA except lacks an oxygen in the ribose group. To make a construction metaphor where the protein being constructed is a house being constructed: DNA is like the boss as it has the pure copy of the message like a future homeowners vision for a new house. Then the DNA hires a sub-boss the mRNA like the construction foreman to direct the construction of the house. Then the mRNA uses heavy machinery (the ribosome made of rRNA) to build the house using more subcontractors the tRNAs which each carry building materials (the amino acids).


Injecting foreign RNA into your cell is very dangerous. The new “vaccine” as DrTenPenny says is not actually a vaccine by definition, instead it is called “experimental gene therapy”. A better name I would call it is “experimental genetic manipulation”. This is very dangerous. Why? Because you are ignoring the DNA’s vision for the protein construction.


It’s like if you [DNA] told a contractor [mRNA] to build you a house [protein] according to a certain blue-print [mRNA you gave it from the DNA] but then a different builder illegally came [alien mRNA] and built a completely different house [alien protein] on your land [in your cells] than what you had authorized.

You would be mad right? Well you would be even more mad when you realize that this unauthorized house is now being used as a flop-house to let in a bunch of vagrants [virus particles] onto your land [into your cells] that aren’t supposed to be there.


So what kind of unauthorized house is the alien mRNA in the vaccines trying to build that your DNA would never authorize? The genetic manipulators have taken a piece of a protein found in coronavirus called a “spike protein”.

Spike proteins allow the virus to enter into human cells by what is called the ACE-2 receptor. Like it sounds, the protein is shaped “like a spike” and enters by making a hole like a railroad spike driven into wood making a hole where the wood in this metaphor is your cell membrane. Basically the coronavirus has a protein that is like a thorn that pricks our cells to allow virus to enter.


Insane vaccine developers funded by Bill Gates have enclosed the blueprint RNA for the spike protein into membrane enclosed nano-lipid vesicles in the vaccine to deliver the RNA payload into your cells like a Trojan horse. Nanotechnology can be good or bad. Nano-silver & nano-gold good, nano-lipids containing foreign mRNA bad. Nano is just a size so you have to ask nano-what? Nano-lipids in and of themselves are not bad, but nano-lipids containing poison where the lipid vesicle is used as a poison delivery system as in mRNA vaccine attack is very bad. Nano-Lipids when naturally made by the body are natural but nano-lipids where foreign proteins are embedded in the membrane are bad and inside the lipid vesicle are bad.

Once inside our body treats the viral RNA as mRNA thinking that it’s a message from our DNA to make a protein according to that mRNA blueprints.

The vaccine virus hacks our cells by tricking our ribosome into building a protein that was not authorized by our DNA: the spike protein.

Once built by the cell’s own ribosome, the spike protein inside the cells is expressed on the cell surface causing the immune system to attack the cell.


The vaccine makers tell us that it is supposed to stimulate our immune system to develop an immunity to the spike protein, and is supposed to thus vaccinate us i.e. protect us from coronavirus. Like is used to stimulate like, where a poisonous viral spike protein is used to stimulate our immune system into protecting us from viri with spike proteins but instead it’s going to stimulate our immune system into attacking our own cells like AIDS (acquired auto-immune deficiency disorders).

Because of this, I like term COVAIDS [coined by linguistic genius Jeff Berwick] as the attack because it is very similar to AIDS. You acquire the Coronavirus-Aids (COVAIDS) by getting injected with foreign mRNA in the vaccine which is not a vaccine at all but rather an experimental gene therapy. But “therapy” implies that it does some “good”. Instead this Vaccine Attack is only going to do harm and cause disease and thus is a form of VACCINOSIS i.e. disease caused by vaccine. So not a therapy, a poison. Experimental genetic manipulation. Keep in mind most experiments end in the subject either dying or developing debilitating diseases like tumors, cancer and other abnormalities. The full range of expected abnormalities is not yet knows as it’s an experiment and you are the guinea pig if you get the mRNA injection.


In our body our DNA encodes RNA that encodes Proteins. In biochemistry this is called transcription when DNA transcribes mRNA with a message and translation where the mRNA is turned into a protein (polypeptide chain of amino acids).


But it appears that RNA is older evolutionarily than DNA.
What this means is that in very old life forms it was likely RNA not DNA that had the master code. Most likely, life including our body, evolved to use DNA which has one fewer oxygens (Deoxyribose instead of ribose) as a protective mechanism from oxidative damage. Perhaps having the less oxygen form results in a more stable code and thus RNA eventually gave way to DNA as the preferred genetic storage material because of this increased stability. Viruses in contrast like to mutate. The more they mutate the better (for them) as by changing frequently they are able to better get around cellular defensive mechanisms, so many viruses including corona virus and hiv-aids and combined coronavirus-aids (COVAIDS) prefer to use RNA not DNA as their source code presumably because they like to mutate whereas we prefer to use DNA as our source code because it is more stable.


COVAIDS is a reverse transcriptase virus (RT-virus) meaning that it likes to use RNA as it’s source code not DNA. We in contrast use DNA as our source code and RNA as the messenger. Reverse transcriptase is a protein in the RT-virus that allows it to create DNA from it’s RNA.


I’m introducing a new term called mDNA “messenger DNA” which is lacking in mainstream biochemistry but is necessary to discuss this topic.


So an RNA virus uses RNA (not DNA) as it’s source code, then uses DNA (mDNA) as its messenger and then has to hijack a ribosome from a cell to make it’s RNA controlled proteins.

We in contrast use DNA as our source code, then use RNA (mRNA) as our messenger and we use our own ribosomes to make our DNA controlled proteins.


To an RNA virus, our DNA is like it’s mDNA, is just a message but is not the master code.

To us, an RNA virus is like our mRNA, is just a message but is not our master code.


So think about it. If you inject yourself with a part of the COVAIDS mRNA like the spike protein blueprints what will happen?

Your body reads it as a message (mRNA) to be turned into a protein. That’s why we call it an mRNA vaccine. Our cell will be tricked into making the spike protein encoded by the mRNA even though our DNA would never have authorized.

But if you are later infected with the full COVAIDS virus that’s not how it’s interpreted. To the virus the mRNA is not mRNA, it is SOURCE CODE RNA!

So the mRNA you thought you injected yourself with is now viral RNA!

The messenger becomes the master.


The trojan horse is a familiar story in the greek illiad story where a wooden horse full of hidden secret soldiers given as a gift to the city of Troy who lets it into their city gates then the secret invaders come out of the horse at night and the city falls.

The vesicle containing the mRNA spike protein is the Trojan horse and our cells are the city that is being tricked into falling.

By letting in the spike protein mRNA, our cells are tricked into making the spike protein. The spike protein allows the full virus to gain access to our cells.


The COVAIDS can infect our immune cells. This is in addition to it infecting our red blood cells with its malaria-like attack. This is its aids-like attack. The immune cells are now tricked by the Trojan Horse mRNA to make spike proteins which allow COVAIDS to enter even more cells. The other immune cells see the spike protein and make more immune cells to fight it. However, since all the immune cells are infected the more immune cells are made to fight it the more virus is also made resulting in a viral swarm, a storm of inflammation, (cytokines are an inflammatory molecule) and thus it is called a cytokine storm. It can be very dangerous and even lethal. Cats infected with covaids vaccines all die when exposed to the full covaids virus and cytokine storm is believed to be the reason why.


The COVAIDS vaccine could not pass animal testing. In fact it was known that animals would die. That is why the animal testing was skipped and why this experimental poison was fast tracked Star Trek Warp Speed Style by Bill Gates so that it could kill humans as killing humans is his goal. Global depopulation in the name of “Going Green.”


What I’m about to tell you is very serious, and I hope you can comprehend.
By injecting RNA you can manipulate not just mRNA but also rRNA and tRNA.

The poisoners weren’t able to accomplish much manipulation tRNA, it only allowed them slight variation in which amino acids the tRNA could bind to.

The poisoner can do a lot by manipulation mRNA as it can trick our own ribosomes into making whatever protein they want. Their goal is to have foreign ribosome to run in parallel with our ribosome so that something other than proteins can be made.

Turn on the X-files music. This is where the aliens hijack our cells to make foreign non-protein products turning our bodies to goo and then into an alien critter.

Sounds crazy right? Nope it’s the topic of the most recent Feb, 8, 2021 American Chemical Society C&EN (Chemical & Engineering news) magazine issue. “Re-tooling the Ribosome “Researchers are engineering ribosomes to accept a wider variety of substrates, with the goal of making new drugs and materials”, with title “The race to repurpose nature’s protein factories.” in the emailed version.


Bill Gates is always “racing” and in a hurry to do things quickly so no-one has time to meditate on the evil he is bringing. There is no race to change the ribosome. It’s a molecular machine which has over 1 billion years of evolution behind it.


So that injected RNA in the vaccine that you think is genetically modifying your proteins could even be modifying your most important protein factory your ribosome.

The goal of the poisoners is to make a new ribosome that instead of linking together standard amino acid links together something else that maybe isn’t amino acids at all.

Like what? Alien stuff that’s what.

The goal of the poisoners is to make a mini-ribosome that consists only of RNA that can stick together foreign non-amino acid materials.

I would never get the mRNA vaccine not just because I’m worried about standard genetic manipulation, I’m also worried about manipulation of my ribosome protein factory itself. A ribosome that erroneously adding in glyphosate amino acids would be very bad, or one which is mixing up which amino acids go where. A ribosome that works in parallel to normal ribosomes creating some xenotrophic enzyme would be worse. A ribosome that is totally alien and starts adding things together that aren’t even amino acids at all (alien goo) is the worst. To make drugs & “materials”. Like Cylon materials? Transformer materials? Nanobot tracking materials? Mind control Materials? The possibilities for nefariousness are limitless when you allow foreign RNA into your body.

Injecting spike protein mRNA today and injecting foreign rRNA & tRNA tomorrow.

From the c&en magazine: “A single mutation will often kill a ribosome whereas several mutations can compensate for one another and enable new functions” New functions like putting wrong amino acids or other “materials” together in nefarious and never before evolved ways. Most likely outcome of any life form using a non-standard ribosome is death. You will see that this spike protein mRNA vaccine is just the first of a new class of poisons where RNA manipulation is the new pathway to hell for all life on planet earth as the ribosome is conserved in all bacteria, archea and eukaryotic life. So the only person who would want to undo a billion years of evolution by using RNA to monkey with rRNA to change the ribosome would be someone who would want to kill all life on earth. This goes far beyond just depopulation of humans and looks more like a global depopulation of all life. For what purpose? Alien invasion?


Similar to the movie transformers the idea of an alien robot like life forms which nanobot machines, similar to the replicators in star gate or the borg in star trek if biological-mechanical hybrids seems less like sci-fi and more like sci-real. Powerful AI used to reprogram our ribosomes to make who knowns what: Alien hybrid. Best case is we go symbiotic with AI like Elon Musk talks about, worst case is AI Alien decides it doesn’t need us anymore except for parts and stores us as battery goo (Matrix movie style).

Simply inject humans with RNA that becomes a new rRNA that then starts sticking together non-human units (something other than amino acids like whatever building block the alien life needs) and crank the X-files music because now we are in infection turning body to goo and aliens jumping out of our tissue territory.

If you haven’t heard it yet, I love this song by Rage of Light called the “Mechanicals” where if you read the lyrics about us being doomed by our evolution this is exactly what I think about when thinking about tampering with the RNA to enact alien mRNA messages and alien rRNA machine for a foreign translation.


Also check out this great video about the mRNA vaccine at the beginning of the latest dollar vigilante episode. Pure genius lol.



In my Christmas newsletter Nightmare before Christmas, I talked about all the known side effects of the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccine when it first came out


Since then however as DrTenPenny Says there have been 40k more adverse events now reported and more data continues to come out. Too many bad things to name but a few that I want to point out are platelet attack & thyroid attack.


On the note of DrTenPenny saying that the vaccine is deadly, here’s and interesting article I found. New Side Effect: Destruction of platelets & death by brain hemorrhage but it’s totally safe everybody!



There are going to be so many side effects coming out the more people who get the vaccine and it will be 30 years from now before we truly known the full extent of the damage but multi-generational reduction in fertility of survivors is a likely outcome as the spike protein is similar to a protein found in the placenta and if body develops anti-placental anti-bodies in an attempt to make anti-viral anti-bodies then the mRNA vaccine can be thought of the perma-abortion vaccine.


The vaccine makers playing with mRNA are “black hat” human code hackers. They found an exploit that viri use called a spike protein that can drill into cells and deliver hacker payload. They putting the mRNA that encodes that spike protein pirate boarding party into the vaccines. An important point is that if you get the new vaccine you not only get infected with its poison payload but you now have a permanent exploit in your cells that they can use as a back door to hack your system very easily in the future.


I hope I have impressed upon you the seriousness of the vaccine mRNA Attack and the seriousness of future attacks now possible such as ribosomal manipulation with rRNA & tRNA. It’s one thing to point out a problem another to solve it. The purpose of this episode is to raise the alarm and in future episodes I will discuss solutions once they are found. For now in the appendix I will offer some brainstorming for solutions and I ask everyone with the ability to think outside the box as to how to address this mRNA vaccine threat. Heros unite!


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

End of Main Article: Vaccine War: mRNA Attack


Brainstorming for Solutions
Special Thanks
Coronavirus Protective Cats
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Sacred Cats Give the Warning
Coviads affecting Thyroid & Cytokine IL-6
Thyroid Malaria
Bitcoin News

February Fever
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DrBenGo’s Notes on February (many more sections). Read about February until your eyeballs bleed lol. All my research on february was fun but I moved it all to appendix so as not to distract from main article about mRNA Attack.


The malaria part of covaids can be addressed by anti-malarials including iodine such as NeuIodine nascent iodine of the iMedDo detox system.

All three NeuSilver, NeuIodine and NeuGold are anti-viral so although the covaids itself is no threat, the covaids vaccinosis mRNA attack part could be another matter.

If you allow yourself to be injected with foreign mRNA can detoxing the virus cure you if your own cells are genetically modified to produce the virus? Only by killing your own cells. If all of your cells become infected that’s not an option. If only some of your cells become infected and if you body can identify and kill the infected ones by programmed cell death then there is a hope.

Even worse is the realization that we might get infected with the foreign mRNA even if we don’t get the jab as if you re-read my vaccinosis episode


it is highly likely they included the XMRV virus which makes it airborne so being around people who got the jab and who are wearing a mask and concentrating viral particles in their exhaled air might be a problem. But at least you have all of your bodies natural protection mechanisms to keep the virus out whereas if you get a jab you are bypassing your defensive mechanisms such as the gut and skin membrane when you shoot the mRNA vesicles directly into your bloodstream and muscles.

The worry is that the mRNA vaccine will produce a slew of AIDS-like auto-immune problems. Multi-generational infertility as the spike protein is similar to a protein found in the placenta and because of cytokine storm it compromises the immune system so that boosting your immune system might boost the virus.

This is a major threat as whether colloidal silver like NeuSilver will be beneficial or not in defense against the mRNA Attack is not yet known. I think it will keep the attack suppressed but may not fully solve auto-immune problems. Colloidal silver is believe to boost the immune system which is a great thing for killing pathogens, but if your immune system itself is the problem because its been infected by foreign mRNA to be the attack itself producing spike proteins then there is no guarantee that colloidal silver will work. The poisoners have been working overtime to find a poison that colloidal silver can’t defend against and I suspect that this mRNA manipulation might be one so you can’t rely on colloidal silver by itself to protect you.

Fortunately NeuSilver is used in a System with both NeuIodine and NeuGold and NeuIodine will protect against the malaria part of COVAIDS and the NeuGOLD will protect the brain and NeuSilver will protect all of the body except possibly hard to get places like inside immune cells.

So for first pass brainstorming is to add a 4th something to the 3 part iMedDo system a quadruple system to protect from this new mRNA vaccine attack threat. Most people already use many other forms of herbal, vitamin and other detoxifying methods in addition to the iMedDo system but finding the BEST solution if the iMedDo system is not enough (for most things it is but for the mRNA attack I just don’t know yet).

Here are a list of brainstormed solutions and thank you to all the people who helped me contribute to this list especially in the herbal area that is not my expertise.

RNASE-L (a protein that breaks down RNA mentioned by DrJudy Mikovits in Vaccinosis article in her book Plague of Corruption). Seems directly applicable to stopping RNA attack but I not clear on how to stimulate body to make more or whether it can be gotten as a supplement or in some herbal solution but I will keep looking.

Hawthorne (what my meditations lead me to, needs more research talked about last month in January Janus episode but needs more. I have been requested to do an entire issue on it and I might. There is much I don’t know as different health effects using berries vs leaves vs thorn parts anyone with hawthorne experience please contact me)

Food Grade Hyrogen Peroxide (thank you DJ for recommendation. I already recommend people get this through the bubbles in real honey. Likely won’t help more than iodine with has similar chemical reactivity but worth a try).

Mummia/Shilajeet thank you Ama for this recommendation. A far out Himalayan soil goo with healing properties I’ll definitely check it out more sounds very promising.

Some herbal anti-malarials (thankyou Deb Banfill for these great recs) that may have anti-covaids benefit:

Ylang Ylang (canananga odorata) has health benefits including an anti-malarial quinine effect which means it might have COVAIDS application.

Bergamont (citrus bergamia) has many health benefits including anti-malarial so likely has COVAIDS application.

Other brainstormed Solutions:

Sound therapy (thankyou Sir Glauce for this rec) 432 hz rather than 440 Hz in particular may have DNA healing (and maybe RNA healing as well?) properties so possible COVAIDS RNA attack application.

My favorite healing song is this version of the Lotus Sutra, since we talking about sound therapy I want to reshape the link. nam myho renge kyo (all hail the divine name of the hidden law of milky way spiral galaxy ring is my interpretation =)) [normally translated as all hail the hidden law of the lotus sutra].


There are many types of alternative detox and sound healing with drums, bowls, tuning forks and more and anyone who gets good feedback on countering mRNA VACCINE ATTACK please contact me. Don’t forget my new “Song to Destroy Evil” at the beginning of article when doing sound therapy.


Some more outside the box brainstorming by DrBenGo:

Possible application of Amantia poisonous mushrooms with Amatoxin RNA polymerase inhibition properties. [I’m not advocating eating poisonous mushrooms (yet) but I suspect a person with advanced mycology knowledge could be of help here so adding it to my brainstormed list]

I think the best way to fight an alien parasite invasion which is how I look at this mRNA vaccine attack is to find a mother parasite that eats the alien. Similar to how in war of the world the aliens were stopped by a bacteria that they weren’t immune to. The more I learn about the foreign mRNA as to what kinds of proteins it actually encodes and what kinds of materials they are trying to reprogram the ribosome with (the more I known about the alien physiology) the better I’ll be able to fight it. At first pass though likely protection by biodiversity (being exposed to many wild type coronaviruses is possibly the best protection against a weaponized version. Coronaviruses are naturally found in bats and mosquitos and cats.

I think my Cat protects me for some reason similar to how the Egyptians viewed Bast as being protective. I already recommended that people get a cat, our two kittens have been a real source of joy.

Also, my theory of human evolution from orangoutangs indicates that possibly being scratched by a cat (tiger) may have played a role in human evolution for male secondary sex characteristics like orangutang flange & beard. I get the impression that being exposed to cat coronavirus will protect me from the bioweapon coronavirus and COVAIDS mRNA attack but the data on the cats all dying who got the mRNA vaccine is very disturbing and I’m going to look more into this. Suffice it to say I have cats, bats and mosquitos on my mind when thinking about this mRNA attack.

The best protection is to just not get the mRNA vaccine and then to stay away from people wearing masks who did get it. Hopefully that will be enough but it’s not guaranteed because of the XMRV threat. Please everyone meditate and pray for the solution.

Most important thing to always remember is that detox is always possible.

I’ve heard many people despairing already saying that the mRNA attack after you become a GMO human is not possible to detox. Maybe but that’s not how you find the answer.

Focus your mind and pineal on having already being well and already knowing the solution. Healing is possible. You must believe that to find healing. Do not despair many people are working on this problem and the Universe itself will offer the answer if we focus.


Special Thanks to iMedDo distributors DJ Shirley & Deb Banfill for contributions made to article content & brainstorming on solutions for COVAIDS mRNA and malaria detox. I’m open to hearing any and all brainstormed solution for countering mRNA Vaccine Attack. Anyone with information or suggestions please contact me


Cats were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as protectors from disease. I have cats now and observing them I can see why. I have been praying for additional information and I finally received some. The Coronavirus including the COVAIDS that supposedly affects humans or the COVAIDS in the vaccines which will certainly infect humans is a “beta” type of coronavirus whereas the type that infects cats is an “alpha” type coronavirus.

I suspect that having cats and being exposed to an alpha coronavirus will stimulate your body to have increased ability to fight beta coronavirus and thus this is the origin of the idea that cats are protectors from coronavirus.

Here is a link talking about how cats have alpha versus most everything else has beta coronaviruses.

Also note in table one in the link that the delta type coronavirus found in the wild asian leopard cat

So cats have alpha and delta coronaviri not beta type. I expect that if you are around cats that these different type of coronaviri will help protect you from the beta one such as the weaponized beta type COVAIDS.



It is also interesting that dogs have alpha and beta type so is possible maybe can infect dog & human. The big bad wolf is a COVAIDS coronavirus from a dog ravaging health is actually fitting in the month of February based on the ancient Roman Wolf Lupercalia origins of the term february and connection to February as the “Fever Month”. [See appendix on February etymology]. Also interesting are pigs which have alpha, beta and gamma types so a pig coronavirus could maybe ravage both humans, dogs and cats.

Importantly coronavirus in cats can’t ravage humans. I think this special place of cats in relation to coronavirus is why cats are protective when it comes to coronavirus.


When COVAIDS first started the cats were the warners showing us that attempts to make a COVAIDS mRNA vaccine resulted in a dead cat. My big beef is that animal testing was skipped because they knew that these toxic mRNA VACCINE ATTACK would never pass animal trials so they had do it very underhandedly by skipping animal trials completely for the new human mRNA poisons because if you saw all the animals dying ou would never agree to allow yourself as a human to take it.

If you want to be a scaredy cat when it comes to mRNA vaccine please do you should be. But I hope you will stand with and be brave when it comes to exposing this evil and help your fellow mankind as much as possible to comprehend the severity of this attack.

I’m gonna bow my head in a moment of silence for all the poor little dead kittens who were murdered with early death syndrome by the coronavirus vaccine industry.


Don’t be a dead cat, don’t get the mRNA recombinant spike protein!


Covaids is believed to be affecting the thyroid causing “hyperthyroidism”. Higher levels of inflammatory cytokine IL-6 is being blamed.


The [weaponized] coronavirus was found to cause thyroid inflammation in a new study.


Possible disease names to research:
Subacute thyroiditis (De Quervian’s, granulomatous thyroiditis, or giant cell thyroiditis)

“subacute thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland that follows an upper respiratory viral infection.”


Malaria can affect the thyroid. This is interesting because weaponized covaids seems to act in part like malaria and anti-malarials & all malaria research is of interest.


Bitcoin (BTC) is at an all time right now over $50,000 a coin which is very impressive.

Part of the reason BTC spiked up so high (now above 50k!) was an announcement from Elon Musk that he has significant BTC reserves and plans to allow BTC to be used to buy Tesla cars. Elon has replaced Trump as the dominant Twitter character and his tweets move the markets as he demonstrates by pumping Doggy Coin (DOGE) which he calls the “people’s crypto”.

Elon musk pumped the price of BTC with news that he has large reserves and intents to accept BTC for buying Tesla automotives.

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) the one I support has had a rather lackluster price performance in comparison (~$250 a coin) yet continues to be real Bitcoin by the White Paper definition.

A lot of other interesting things are going on the BSV chain which I’ll gloss over including a Bitcoin Instagram competitor but I’ve been too focused on health to do this area justice so do your own research.

What I want me readers to consider is that historically there is a large price correction in March so invest in Bitcoin wisely and maybe keep some in fiat to buy low next month in case of a crash. (not financial advice).



I share my results from researching the etymology of the month of February which is guess what: “Fever Month”. Because I think the covid-19 is a weaponized malaria and malaria associated with fever then discussing a malaria attack on the thyroid in the month of February the “Fever month” seems very fitting.


The R is silent in the word Feb(r)uary. “Fe-Buary” not “Fee-“Brewery””. It’s too bad because a Brewery that would give me a beer for a fee sounds nice right now.


The Romans really did a number on the English language where the Latin-esque was overlayed onto a culture that had diverged quite a bit. Runes and calendar more similar to the Norse are more natural to the Anglo-Saxon tongue (ultimately from Turkish area Runic from Gothuk Turkish) than the Latin Script and Roman Calendar (ultimately from Turkish area as well, Italic script similar toFor Etruscan & Greek-Phonecian also similar to Turkish). As of the 1st century AD and for hundreds of years before and after it was a disputed area between what I will call for simplicity Rome vs Carthage though this is a great oversimplification. Can also be viewed as Germans vs Romans also an oversimplification and can also be seen as a battle between the Old Religion from Scotland and the Romanized England to the South of Hadrian’s wall. Ultimately English speakers during & after middle ages were forced to adopt the Roman calendar which itself had gone through many changes over previous years.

Research the origin of the Roman calendar leaves more questions than answers because it appears obvious to me that its origin is a redacted coverup. It’s such a mess that I’ll just summarize important points which you can have fun research for yourself on your own time to verify my story if you don’t believe me. I’ve included important Roman Calendar updates pertaining to February in the Appendix.

The issue with the Roman names for the months are that some of them are named for Roman gods and some are named for simply numbers and even worse the number of the month does not align with what number of the month it actually is! Terrible.


February was named for Goddess Februa & maybe later creation god Februus but etymologically appears to be name for a festival the Februalia which honored the gods & goddesses of the underworld.


Another important Roman festival around the time of mid february is the Lupercalia.


My research indicates that the Roman->French influenced Mardi Gras Festival of America ultimately comes from inspiration of Roman festival of Lupercalia.

It’s spot on this year as Mardi Gras is on February 16th, and Roman Lupercalia would have been around Feb 13th-15th, so not surprising if same festival.

But don’t bother going to New Orleans this year as the parades have been cancelled for 2021 LAME! [*Unless you live under a rock you known that America has been under a communist information war attack shutting down all businesses and social gatherings for basically no reason but blamed on the covid19 “China Virus”.]


Drinking, Running Around naked basically very Roman things to do during Lupercalia except the Romans would throw in some blood scarce and slap barren women with goat thongs for fertility.



It’s hard to imaging now, but the Romans truly believed that their February partying was essential to the safety & health of their city and was necessary to avert evil.
This idea was going strong even into the 4th century AD and I’d argue even to this day in places that celebrate Mardi Gras. I was born in Lafayette, Louisianna so the Roman influenced French-Cajun Mardi Gras (Roman influenced primarily through Roman Catholicism) culture is in fact a part of my cultural upbringing so I view the cancelling of Mardi Gras in 2021 a real travesty.


One of crazy things I learned while research etymology of February is a connection to the WEREWOLVES!!! I’ve love this topic ever since legend of silver bullet killing werewolves which is relevant to me since I specialize in colloidal silver.

The word Lupercalia most likely derives from Lupus the Roman word for wolf. The romans were obsessed with wolves and note wolf in Romulus founding of Rome story.

During the February Lupercalia, the Luperci “Brothers of the Wolf” which far as I can tell were influential Roman warriors would do weird things like make blood sacrifices of goats & run around town in the part nude dressed as Pan slapping barren wealthy women with bloody goat thongs so as a blessing to make them fertile. I’m imagining a Mardi Gras with blood splashing everywhere instead of candy.

I suspect that this Roman Brotherhood of the Wolves (Were-Wolves = War Wolves) could very well have been at least in part related to Were-wolf mythology. Certainly gold & silver medicine would have been sacred to the Roman God Pan but most of this cult has been destroyed so hard to know what all they did and why.

Whereas the Luperci sacrificed goats the vestal virgins also celebrated Lupercalia and sacrificed female dogs (probably black dogs for Hecate) and used salted meal cakes.

Fascinatingly, all this goings on was also connected to a Roman God called Rumina the goddess of breastfeeding as well as goats and figs & all this was intimately connected to the founding of Rome and the partying was viewed as a yearly necessity for the city’s health & protection with calamity if not celebrated properly.

*So it’s a very bad omen for the city of New Orleans canceling Mardi Gras this year as would be like Rome cancelling the Lupercalia festival.


The etymology of the word February is very deep and is no doubt related to many similar Latin words the root of which is Februa (plural of Februum)which means “implements of purification”. Apparently anything which could be used for purification could be considered a purification. Not just the bloody goat thong, but maybe in modern times we would consider a broom, hand wipes, masks, hand sanitizer etc all to be forms of Februa. In ancient times it would be more like a burnt incense offering would be a februa like how you can burn Frankincense resin to purify an area.

So although the word for February has much ancient Roman origin in reality for the English language fairly recently only 14th century (as English had it’s own non-Roman calendar and runic not italic alphabet related to Germanic).


“The Old English name for it was solmonað, which is said to mean “mud month.” English first borrowed the Roman name from Old French Feverier, which yielded Middle English Feverer, Feoverel, etc. (c. 1200) before the 14c. respelling to conform to Latin.”


So really the idea of the Roman month of February is a very foreign concept to English speakers of Anglo-Saxon origins as they were celebrating “Solmonad” (Soil Month? i.e. Mud Month) up until c1200-1400’s. Also they called it Kalemonad (Kale Month i.e. Cabbage Month) possibly because they were eating cabbage a lot in the month we now call February?


I can confirm at least where I live that everything looks dead but there are actually green edible “cabbage” like plants growing on the ground like dandelion leaves and if I was starving in the winter I would probably be eating these “cabbage” for sustenance in the winter of February so “Cabbage Month” makes sense to me. Winter as “dead month” makes sense, also it has been rainy & my road muddy so “Mud Month” also seems fitting to me.


Looking at Germanic & Norse pre-Romanized calendars they would have considered the winter months sacred to the Dis (the Goddesses of Death & Winter) whereas summer months sacred to the Gods.

This is not really that different in my mind from the Roman concept of honoring Dis & Pluto (Hades the God of the Underworld) in February at the Lupercalia.

But the Juno Febralis of the Romans would have been more like the Celtic Brigid or the Norse Freya to the English speakers.


Wow, the etymology of the word February is a real nutty rabbit hole, but long story short, the version that I think is closest to the useful truth is to consider it to be simply “FEVER MONTH”
This is based on the more recent Middle English word “feverer” and even French Feverier and can ignore or syncretize with all that Roman craziness.

Basically February is the time in the winter when everyone gets a FEVER.

The FEVERER (one who gives the fever) is the Goddess who desires you to purify & detox your body.

The fever with elevated temperature & sweating is a form of Februa where you thermometer, and sweat rag and medication you might take are all instruments of purification.

So I find this fascinating, yes, I think you should meditate and purify your body in February. Detox! I think iMedDo health supplement system silver, gold and iodine an help you detox and I wish you all my dear readers well getting through this winter.
Don’t be a Lupercalian sacrifice to the people who want to poison you with covid19 in all its real and false flag forms this year.



According to legend the Roman calendar was handed down by the legendary first King of Rome Romulus circa 753 BCE. But no-one really believes this story, but we just accept it because we don’t have any alternative. The calendar was a bit silly as it was only had 305 days & the other 60 days of winter which are now January & February were left undefined.

Back then the Romans didn’t call it BC or BCE (Before Christ or Before Common Era) either, back then they numerated years as “ab urbe condita” (from the founding of the City of Rome, so what we call 753 BCE was back then called 1 AUC.


Also according to legend, the Roman Emperor Numa Pompilius fixed the silliness by giving the name of January & February to the undefined extra time at the end of the year bringing the Roman calendar up from 10 months to 12. Even after Numa “fixed” the calendar (Roman Calendar 2.0) it now only had 355 days (still 10 days off our 365.25 day calendar) so it sometimes required the addition of an extra 13th month called “Mercedius” to make the numbers work out. Sounds like “Mercenary Month” month to me and the Roman priests had a lot of political lee-way to fudge time for political gain in the January-February-Mercedius month’s at the end of their year before Spring their new year started in March.


In 153 BC, around the time-period of the Punic Wars of 264-146 BC the beginning of the year was moved to January instead of March and now February was the second month of the year not the last or technical second to last if you counted the years where Mercedius month was added in. That’s quite a big change! What happened?

The truth is very unglamorous. It wasn’t done for any religious or even internal Roman political reason but was done for because those pesky Carthaginian Hispanic provinces were revolting so instead of the Consuls taking office March 15th to go to War, they had to go to War Early in January


So this rather major Roman calendar change was simply because War started earlier in January and ever since then the Romans couldn’t wait till March anymore to go to War so January not March became the first month of their year! WAR TIME! Gotta go reconquer Hispania early this year and every year from now lol (Remember Novo Carthage was in SE Spain so these remnants of Carthaginian empire were prone to rebel from Roman Rule as had been fighting with them for hundreds of years).

ROMAN CALENDAR 4.0 Julius Caesar & the most terrible calendar we are stuck with today

“It was in 45 BC that Julius Caeser did away with all the confusion and gave us the modern version of the calendar-the Julian calendar.” (first link).

Not! The calendar Caesar made was a political beast. He manipulated time to make his time in office longer then made the change permanent. Caesar didn’t fix the calendar or make it less confusing, he simply warped time to his advantage. He named the fifth month after himself (formally just called “5” i.e. Quintilis (Latin for Five). It is this time period that is interesting because there is an interesting story about Julius Caesar that gives us a clue pertaining to February as Caesar reportedly “refused the Februalia festival crown from Mark Anthony”.

It turns out the Romans only 10 months and they left supposedly left the last two months (what we would call January & February now) basically undefined then they would start their year off in March. You known the best time of the year to to March off and attack people!

Long story short, there was revision to the Roman calendar where they named the last two months but because of calendar alignment problems sometimes they had to even add in a 13th month to make it work out.

So the reason that the etymology of the month of February is a bit let’s say “undefined” is because it was a time that Romans supposedly didn’t even have a name for and when they did it consisted of parts of January, parts of February and parts of an inter-calculators month (extra month added to make numbers work out).


An ancient Italian divinity, to whom the month of February was sacred, for in the latter half of that month great and general purifications and lustrations were celebrated, which were at the same time considered to produce fertility among men as well as beasts. Hence the month of February was also sacred to Juno, the goddess of marriage, and she was therefore surnamed Februata or Februtis.1 The name Februus is connected with februare (to purify), and februae (purifications).2

Another feature in the character of this god, which is however intimately connected with the idea of purification, is, that he was also regarded as a god of the lower world, for the festival of the dead (Feralia) was likewise celebrated in February;3 and Anysius4 states, that Februus in Etruscan signified the god of the lower world (κααταχθόνιος). Hence Februus was identified with Pluto. When the expiator sacrifices were burnt, the people threw the ashes backwards over their heads into the water.



February comes from the word februum (purification) and februa, the rites or instruments used for purification. These formed part of preparations for the coming of Spring in the northern hemisphere.

The februa included spelt and salt for cleaning houses, leaves worn by priests, and strips of goat skin. These strips were put to good use in the festival of the Lupercalia, held each year on February 15. Young men, naked except for a goat-skin cape, dashed around Rome’s sacred boundary playfully whipping women with the strips. This ancient nudie run was designed to purify the city and promote fertility.



The month of February is tied very closely with ancient covered up religion and the Februa “holy purification rites”. When religion is involved over time there is always a coverup so the “Uncertain Origin” of the word is merely a smokescreen to hide the ancient Goddess origins.

This is actually very fitting when you think about the etymological relation to burning & smoke lol.

I think meditating of on the true meaning of the word February in the month of February is very health beneficial which is why I’m doing it as I sense great magical reward behind this smokescreen. In the smoke you see a naked Goddess who gives you the “Fever” in the Peggy Lee sense lol


So the etymology of the word February is Covered Up to Cover Up the nakedness of the Goddess, makes a lot of sense actually.

*The naked goddess is a Milky Way Reference, compare the Egyptian Nut(/Neith/Athena) depicted as a naked figure arching across the entire sky. Nut is etymologically related to the Greek Athena who the prudish Greeks Covered Up (They preferred to view the Milky Way as a Fully Clothed & Armored Goddess instead of a naked Goddess) but it’s all referring to the same astrotheology of the Milky Way Stars.



In 249 BC and 207 BC, the Roman Senate under senator Lucius Catellius ordained special festivals to appease Dīs Pater and Proserpina. Every hundred years, a festival was celebrated in his name. According to legend, a round marble altar, Altar of Dīs Pater and Proserpina (Latin: Ara Ditis Patris et Proserpinae), was miraculously discovered by the servants of a Sabine called Valesius, the ancestor of the first consul. The servants were digging in the Tarentum on the edge of the Campus Martius to lay foundations following instructions given to Valesius’s children in dreams, when they found the altar 20 feet (6 m) underground. Valesius reburied the altar after three days of games. Sacrifices were offered to this altar during the Ludi Saeculares or Ludi Tarentini. It may have been uncovered for each occasion of the games, to be reburied afterwards, a clearly chthonic tradition of worship. It was rediscovered in 1886–87 beneath the Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Rome.[6][7]


Soranus was an Etruscan, Faliscan, Capenate and Sabine god adopted into ancient Roman religion. He was worshipped on Mt. Soracte in Lazio. The area was sacred to underworld gods, such as Dis Pater.[1]

The worshippers of Apollo Soranus, after his cult had been subsumed by Apollo, were called Hirpi Sorani (“wolves of Soranus”, from Sabine hirpus “wolf”). They were firewalkers and carried about the entrails of sacrifices during ceremonies.[2]

Soranus was identified with Dis, the Roman god of the underworld, or with Apollo,[3] a Greek god adopted by the Romans, and had a female partner, Feronia, whose sanctuary was located next to his.


“month following January, late 14c., ultimately from Latin februarius mensis “month of purification,” from februare “to purify,” from februa “purifications, expiatory rites” (plural of februum “means of purification, expiatory offerings”), which is of uncertain origin, said to be a Sabine word. De Vaan says from Proto-Italic *f(w)esro-, from a PIE word meaning “the smoking” or “the burning” (thus possibly connected with fume (n.)). The sense then could be either purification by smoke or a burnt offering.

The last month of the ancient (pre-450 B.C.E.) Roman calendar, so named in reference to the Roman feast of purification, held on the ides of the month. The Old English name for it was solmonað, which is said to mean “mud month.” English first borrowed the Roman name from Old French Feverier, which yielded Middle English Feverer, Feoverel, etc. (c. 1200) before the 14c. respelling to conform to Latin.”



I love the idea of februarius mensis, the “month of purification” which is basically the MONTH OF DETOX! Love it. Yes February is a great time to detox.

Have you heard of Spring Cleaning? Well the Romans rather than wasting valuable spring-time good weather indoors instead had February Cleaning which makes more sense to me to clean inside when you are stuck inside in the cold weather & snow.


I will argue that the true etymology of the month of February translated into English is “FEVER MONTH”.

February is the time that people in ancient times would get malaria fever and die, not their favorite month I suspect.

So I agree with the etymology that it’s from the Middle English word Feverer (Fever)
and don’t doubt it might have been borrowed into English from French Feverier.

Feverier Month? Fever Month!

However, I disagree in part with the given Latin etymology. Instead of or in addition to the Latin verb “februare” to purify as given in the accepted etymology instead look at the latin word for FEVER i.e. “Febris”

From Proto-Italic *fexʷris, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰegʷʰris, an extension of the root *dʰegʷʰ- (“to burn, warm”).


Compare to English word “Debris”, “Degree” & notice an interesting D—>F Alphabet shift. (Debris vs Febris) An X->B alphabet shift (Fexris vs Febris) and also the nice thing its is still pretty similar to the De Vaan “burn” meaning:

“De Vaan says from Proto-Italic *f(w)esro-, from a PIE word meaning “the smoking” or “the burning” (thus possibly connected with fume (n.)). The sense then could be either purification by smoke or a burnt offering.”

So Debris, Degree, Burning, Fever, Purification I’m starting to get the picture.



“At that time, March 1 became New Year’s Day, but later, in 153 BCE, the beginning of the year was moved to January 1.”

Soil Month (Mud Month Solmonath) or Cabbage Month (Kale-monath) OR KALI (GODDESS MONTH?)

“Since other months, like January, are named after Roman gods, you’d be forgiven for thinking February was named after the Roman god Februus. But, the word February comes from the Roman festival of purification called Februa, during which people were ritually washed. In this case, the god was named after the festival, not the other way around.”

people were ritually washed


“In ancient Roman religion, Februus, whose name means “purifier”, was the god of purification. He was also worshipped under the same name by the Etruscans as the god of purification, and also the underworld. For the Etruscans, Februus was also the god of riches (money/gold) and death, both connected to the underworld in the same natural manner as with the better-known Roman god Pluto. “



“Februus may have become the Roman Febris, goddess of fever (febris in Latin means fever) and malaria. These are possibly connected with the sweating of fevers, which was considered a purgative, washing, and purification process”


Februus is possibly named in honor of the more ancient Februa (also Februalia and Februatio), the spring festival of washing and purification. Februus’ holy month was Februarius (of Februa), hence English February, a month named for the Februa/februalia spring purification festival which occurred on the 15th of that month.



These spring purification activities occurred at about the same time as Lupercalia, a Roman festival in honor of Faun and also the wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, during which expiatory sacrifices and ritual purifications were also performed. Because of this coincidence, the two gods (Faun and Februus) were often considered the same entity.



Lupercalia was an ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral annual festival,[2] observed in the city of Rome from the 13th to the 15th of February to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia was also called dies Februatus, after the instruments of purification called februa, which gave February (Februarius) its name.


The festival was later known as Februa (“Purifications” or “Purgings”) after the februum which was used on the day.[3] It was also known as Februatus and gave its name to Juno Februalis, Februlis, or Februata in her role as its patron deity; to a god called Februus, and to February (mensis Februarius), the month during which it occurred.[3] Ovid connects februare to an Etruscan word for “purging”.[4] Some sources connect the Latin word for fever (febris) with the same idea of purification or purging, due to the sweating commonly seen in association with fevers.



The name Lupercalia was believed in antiquity to evince some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lykaia, a wolf festival (Greek: λύκος, lýkos; Latin: lupus), and the worship of Lycaean Pan, assumed to be a Greek equivalent to Faunus, as instituted by Evander.[5] Justin describes a cult image of “the Lycaean god, whom the Greeks call Pan and the Romans Lupercus”, as nude, save for a goatskin girdle.[6] It stood in the Lupercal, the cave where tradition held that Romulus and Remus were suckled by the she-wolf (Lupa). The cave lay at the foot of the Palatine Hill, on which Romulus was thought to have founded Rome.


The rites were confined to the Lupercal cave, the Palatine Hill, and the Forum, all of which were central locations in Rome’s foundation myth.[8] Near the cave stood a sanctuary of Rumina, goddess of breastfeeding; and the wild fig-tree (Ficus Ruminalis) to which Romulus and Remus were brought by the divine intervention of the river-god Tiberinus; some Roman sources name the wild fig tree caprificus, literally “goat fig”. Like the cultivated fig, its fruit is pendulous, and the tree exudes a milky sap if cut, which makes it a good candidate for a cult of breastfeeding


The Lupercalia had its own priesthood, the Luperci (“brothers of the wolf”), whose institution and rites were attributed either to the Arcadian culture-hero Evander, or to Romulus and Remus, erstwhile shepherds who had each established a group of followers. The Luperci were young men (iuvenes), usually between the ages of 20 and 40. They formed two religious collegia (associations) based on ancestry; the Quinctiliani (named after the gens Quinctia) and the Fabiani (named after the gens Fabia). Each college was headed by a magister. In 44 BC, a third college, the Juliani, was instituted in honor of Julius Caesar; its first magister was Mark Antony.[10] The college of Juliani disbanded or lapsed following Caesar’s assassination, and was not re-established in the reforms of his successor, Augustus. In the Imperial era, membership of the two traditional collegia was opened to iuvenes of equestrian status.


At the Lupercal altar, a male goat (or goats) and a dog were sacrificed by one or another of the Luperci, under the supervision of the Flamen dialis, Jupiter’s chief priest.[11] An offering was also made of salted mealcakes, prepared by the Vestal Virgins.[12] After the blood sacrifice, two Luperci approached the altar. Their foreheads were anointed with blood from the sacrificial knife, then wiped clean with wool soaked in milk, after which they were expected to smile and/or laugh.


The sacrificial feast followed, after which the Luperci cut thongs (known as februa) from the flayed skin of the animal,[2] and ran with these, naked or near-naked, along the old Palatine boundary, in an anticlockwise direction around the hill.[13] In Plutarch’s description of the Lupercalia, written during the early Empire,

...many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy.[14]

The Luperci completed their circuit of the Palatine, then returned to the Lupercal cave.


The Februa was of ancient and possibly Sabine origin. After February was added to the Roman calendar, Februa occurred on its fifteenth day (a.d. XV Kal. Mart.).


Of its various rituals, the most important came to be those of the Lupercalia.[15] The Romans themselves attributed the instigation of the Lupercalia to Evander, a culture hero from Arcadia who was credited with bringing the Olympic pantheon, Greek laws and alphabet to Italy, where he founded the city of Pallantium on the future site of Rome, 60 years before the Trojan War.


*Minas Tirith is Rome. Pallantir Hill is the Palantine. Pallantium & maybe wizard Pallando are Roman in Tolkien it sounds like.



Descriptions of the Lupercalia festival of 44 BC attest to its continuity; Julius Caesar used it as the backdrop for his public refusal of a golden crown offered to him by Mark Antony.[


The Lupercal cave was restored or rebuilt by Augustus, and has been speculated to be identical with a grotto discovered in 2007, 50 feet (15 m) below the remains of Augustus’ residence; according to scholarly consensus, the grotto is a nymphaeum, not the Lupercal.


Mardi Gras Day is February 16 this year. Fat Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival season as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

Some think Mardi Gras may be linked[2] with the ancient Roman pagan celebrations of spring and fertility such as Saturnalia, which dates back to 133–31 BC.




In the Czech Republic it is a folk tradition to celebrate Mardi Gras, which is called Masopust (meat-fast i.e. beginning of fast there). There are celebration in many places including Prague[7] but the tradition also prevails in the villages such as Staré Hamry, whose the door-to-door processions there made it to the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.[8]



In Sweden the celebration is called Fettisdagen, when you eat fastlagsbulle, more commonly called Semla. The name comes from the words “fett” (fat) and “tisdag” (Tuesday). Originally, this was the only day one should eat fastlagsbullar.[11]


Exposure by women
A topless woman at a coffee house, Mardi Gras event in New Orleans, 2009

Women exposing their breasts during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, US, has been documented since 1889, when the Times-Democrat decried the “degree of immodesty exhibited by nearly all female masqueraders seen on the streets.” The practice was mostly limited to tourists in the upper Bourbon Street area.[26][27] In the crowded streets of the French Quarter, generally avoided by locals on Mardi Gras Day, flashers on balconies cause crowds to form on the streets.

In the last decades of the 20th century, the rise in producing commercial videotapes catering to voyeurs helped encourage a tradition of women baring their breasts in exchange for beads and trinkets. Social scientists studying “ritual disrobement” found, at Mardi Gras 1991, 1,200 instances of body-baring in exchange for beads or other favors.[27]



The winter period was later divided into two months, January and February. The legendary early kings Romulus and Numa Pompilius were traditionally credited with establishing this early fixed calendar, which bears traces of its origin as an observational lunar one. In particular, the kalends, nones, and ides seem to have derived from the first sighting of the crescent moon, the first-quarter moon, and the full moon respectively.


The system ran well short of the solar year, and it needed constant intercalation to keep religious festivals and other activities in their proper seasons. This is a typical element of lunisolar calendars. For superstitious reasons, such intercalation occurred within the month of February even after it was no longer considered the last month.


Having won his war with Pompey, Caesar used his position as Rome’s chief pontiff to enact a calendar reform in 46 BC, coincidentally making the year of his third consulship last for 446 days. In order to avoid interfering with Rome’s religious ceremonies, the reform added all its days towards the ends of months and did not adjust any nones or ides, even in months which came to have 31 days. The Julian calendar was supposed to have a single leap day on 24 February (a doubled VI Kal. Mart. or ante diem bis sextum Kalendas Martias) every fourth year, but following Caesar’s assassination the priests figured this using inclusive counting and mistakenly added this bissextile (bis sextum) day every three years. In order to bring the calendar back to its proper place, Augustus was obliged to suspend intercalation for one or two decades. The revised calendar remained slightly longer than the solar year; by the 16th century the date of Easter had shifted so far away from the vernal equinox that Pope Gregory XIII ordered the calendar’s adjustment, resulting in the Gregorian calendar.


Rome’s 8-day week, the nundinal cycle, was shared with the Etruscans, who used it as the schedule of royal audiences. It was presumably a part of the early calendar and was credited in Roman legend variously to Romulus and Servius Tullius.


The original Roman calendar is believed to have been an observational lunar calendar[1] whose months began from the first signs of a new crescent moon. Because a lunar cycle is about ​29 1⁄2 days long, such months would have varied between 29 and 30 days. Twelve such months would have fallen 10 or 11 days short of the solar year; without adjustment, such a year would have quickly rotated out of alignment with the seasons in the manner of the Islamic calendar. Given the seasonal aspects of the later calendar and its associated religious festivals, this was presumably avoided through some form of intercalation or the suspension of the calendar during winter.


Later Roman writers credited this calendar to Romulus,[11][12] their legendary first king and culture hero, although this was common with other practices and traditions whose origin had been lost to them. Some scholars doubt the existence of this calendar at all, as it is only attested in late Republican and Imperial sources and supported only by the misplaced names of the months from September to December.[13] Rüpke also finds the coincidence of the length of the supposed “Romulan” year with the length of the first ten months of the Julian calendar to be suspicious



The month of February is the FEVER MONTH where your body when you get sick with the fever would have been thought of as a very scary & sacred time to ancient people where it would seem that your own body was a burnt offering to the Goddess which is a contrast to the cold of the winter outside. Fire & Ice sacred to the Dis (Goddess/Goddesses) and to Pluto-Hades/Hecate (God/Goddess of Death). Trapped inside in winter the month of February was considered a sacred time that you should spend cleaning both your surroundings (think early Spring cleaning in February instead of Spring), your mind (meditation & prayer) and cabin fever (a time to make offerings to Aphrodite Goddess of Love & War and you can’t make War in the winter so love instead)

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