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Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers! Happy February 2023, Happy Year of the Rabbit, and Happy Valentine’s Day! You will notice that iMedDo has new updated brochures for 2023 & also cool news iMedDo is co-sponsoring the NEM (Natural Earth Market coming up in Ringgold, Georgia coming up at the end of April, so exciting year ahead to look forward to. I’ve been doing monthly chats about iMedDo newsletters with Courtney McMahon and if you missed the last one here is the link. She keeps calling me golden eagle, and sure enough as I was stargazing at the rabbit constellation (Lepus constellation) underneath the Orion constellation and then it turned into a golden eagle! I was so distraught & scatter brained last month with my father’s passing I forgot to send out the January newsletter, but I did write it! Here is link: Father’s Blessing. For this February Valentine’s special episode I have an important heart health message to share: if your arteries are blocked with calcium and fat deposits that the underlying cause is that the calcium is stuck because of fluoride toxicity. So if you know people at risk of heart attack, suffering from blocked arteries (arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis) and they are being told that they just need to eat less fatty foods, that’s not good enough, let me explain how calcium fluoride is the root problem and what you can do about is to use the iMedDo Detox system where iodine and gold will detox the fluoride and silver will protect the body as it is flushed out.


People are being told by mainstream medicine that their arteries are blocked because of calcium deposits and fats and cholesterol is this true? It’s not false but it’s a half truth because it does not address the root cause of the blockage. What mainstream medicine is not telling you is WHY the calcium is getting stuck, it’s because it’s binding to something, what is that something?


The answer is that calcium is getting stuck because it is binding to fluoride. Calcium as Ca2+ calcium ion with positive two charge is a ubiquitous signaling molecule throughout the body and is meant to bind to things yet remain water soluble. Unfortunately, when fluoride toxic halogen is present, calcium forms an insoluble salt (calcium fluoride, CaF2 where there are two fluoride iodine (F-) for each Ca2+ calcium ion.

Fluoride is a major environmental crisis right now, I’m in the American Chemical Society and they are talking about how the EPA is trying to have stricter regulations on fluoride as it is being used so widespread in industry and that PFAS (poly-fluoridated alkyl substances) which are known to be toxic to life and to bioaccumulate in the environment are coming up positive when tested for everywhere they look. Fluoride is added to processed foods on purpose which is completely the opposite of nutrition, it’s a mass poisoning going on.

Even if you have wisely stopped using fluoridated toothpaste and stopped drinking fluoridated tap water (which you must do!), you are still being exposed to fluoride and other halogens like bromine in ways you are not even aware of too numerous to list but main ones I’m aware of now are fluoride being added to processed foods and bromine being found in flame retardant paper products (paper plates, paper towels napkins etc) but there are not doubt many more, with fluoride and halogens being found in water & air is a real problem.


The iMedDo recommendation is to first eliminate all the known vectors for fluoride that you know about (water, toothpaste) , and then assume you are still being poisoned in ways you don’t known about. Then the iMedDo strategy is to be in a “constant state of detox” so that any poisons you are not aware of are eliminated FASTER than they are coming in. You want your rate of detox to be greater than the rate of toxic exposure which if you are using iMedDo System you can be assured it will be.


Fluoride is a systemic poison affecting all the tissues in your body adversely so I’m going to focus on arterial blockage and how iMedDo system unclogs the arteries but know that it unclogs ALL of the body as well. Most popularized is that calcium fluoride blocks the pineal gland at the blood brain barrier resulting in a “calcified” or more accurately a “fluoridated” pineal. Additionally calcium fluoride can nucleate kidney stones and suppresses all organs and tissues in the body. Fortunately, calcium fluoride can EASILY be removed with iMedDo system but for people not using iMedDo removing fluoride is a real nightmare because most people can’t figure out how to do it because only several things which are not things most people think to try will actually work which I will now explain:


There are ONLY three ways that I’m aware of to detox calcium fluoride, but only two of these three ways will work for detoxing it from the blood to unclog arteries. 1. iodine 2. gold. 3. lower pH. Iodine especially nascent iodine in NeuIodine in iMedDo detox system is the direct antidote to fluoride. 2. For many years I thought that iodine was the ONLY way to detox fluoride. But in 2019 I discovered(re-discovered) a lost secret that gold can also detox fluoride. The way it works is that nano-colloidal gold releases monoatomic gold and each atom of gold can detox 3 molecules of fluoride. This is why gold can also detox and restore function to a calcified/fluoridated pineal and why gold can also detox fluoride from the arteries and unclog the heart! 3. A cool chemical trick to detox insoluble calcium fluoride is to lower the pH (use acid) to help it dissolve, Unfortunately we can’t use this trick in the blood to unclog the arteries because the blood is pH buffered. But we can use the trick to assist in getting the calcium fluoride out of the body later when it gets to the urine. The way to do it is safely and naturally is to use apple cider vinegar which is acetic acid (& malic acid) which will help the body flush the calcium fluoride out once it’s already been removed from the blood. The blood goes through the kidney organs where the body decides which water soluble ions are returned to the blood and which ones are sent to the urine to be excreted.

SUMMARY: I have 3 tricks to detox calcium fluoride: iodine, gold and apple cider vinegar. Of these only iodine and gold will work for unclogging calcium fluoride out of the arteries. You can also do apple cider vinegar to assist the urine phase of the detox. I’ve already written how iodine and gold can be used to detox kidney stones and note that apple cider vinegar also helps with kidney stones.

So good news if you want to unclog your arteries just use the iMedDo Detox system. It already contains iodine and gold which are the ONLY two things that I am aware of to the best of my knowledge that will ACTUALLY unclog your arteries.

Once again if I wasn’t clear: The root cause of arterial blockage is calcium getting stuck because of fluoride. The only way to detox fluoride out of the blood is iodine and gold. iMedDo system contains both of these STRONG ARTERY UNCLOGGERS as NeuIodine & NeuGold in a triple system with NeuSilver which also aids in fluoride detox.


NeuIodine will DIRECTLY break down calcium fluoride deposits. Iodine is critical for detoxing fluoride & is a STRONG detoxer of fluoride. Dose ramping is required so as not to detox the fluoride too fast. iMedDo system is safe with built in dose ramping where you increase by one drop per week. Starting at 1 drop a day, Men work up to 2 drops a day, women work up to 4 drops and pregnant and breastfeeding women work up to 6 drops. The iMedDo detox is a 6 month detox system, but your body will actually flush fluoride out very fast in the first week, typically in the first day, typically with the first drop of NeuIodine you ever get within 20 minutes! After taking your first ever drop of NeuIodine you might get thirsty and then you have to go pee and you might see cloudy urine or crystals in your urine the first few times you pee for the first day you start to detox as calcium fluoride crystals are flushed out immediately. This really works hundreds of people have done it successfully. The most problem with detoxing fluoride is typically just the very first time you ever use NeuIodine, if you have any fluoride in your body it will flush out into the bloodstream, swirl around in the blood for a few minutes possibly causing a headache or hot flash or a little nausea and then into the urine typically within 20 minutes, and you would feel nausea or headache or hot flash as it happen if you didn’t also take NeuGold. Gold negates the toxic effects of fluoride on your brain as it come out (gets rid of headache) which is why you should always use gold and silver at the same time in a triple system when using iodine as they protect the brain and body from the fluoride as the iodine flushes it out.

NeuGold will also break down calcium fluoride deposits but to a more limited extent than iodine. You should take 1 drop of NeuGold a day but if you get a headache take 3 drops gold under the tongue. Headache will go away or dial back 50% within 5 minutes sometime less usually immediately within abut 2.5 minutes or within about 20 minutes if you drank the gold in water instead of putting it under your tongue. It’s important to take gold especially the first time you take NeuIodine as it will prevent you from getting a headache as the fluoride flushes out of your blood into urine. I have already written about how Gold is known to cause the heart to regenerate and is a critical part of all detox including calcium fluoride detox, lead detox and detoxes much more as well.

NeuSilver will not break down calcium fluoride but it will protect the body, blood and arteries from fluoride damage on its way out and thus silver is a critical part of fluoride detox to support the iodine and gold for unclogging the arteries. Additionally silver has another heart protective feature. I have previously written about how Silver is known to aid the platelets in the blood to protect the arteries from damage, so although it doesn’t break down the plaques directly like iodine and gold it will protect them. Additionally silver will protect your body from nitrates from fatty food like bacon which can accumulate in the fatty buildup around calcium fluoride deposits. Fats and cholesterol are not the problem for heart blockage, it’s fluoride (as calcium fluoride) that is the problem. Do not listen to doctors who tell you not to eat bacon or eggs, but do get nitrate free bacon and get natural organic eggs. If you detox and eat nitrate containing fatty meat occasionally is okay as the silver will detox the nitrates, but if you do not do iMedDo system, and eat processed foods including nitrate containing bacon it can be disasterous for your heart and artery health.


Once you dissolve the calcium fluoride core of your arterial blockage, the fats surrounding it can naturally dissolve, but if you want to speed them up you can use heat therapy such as sauna or hot tub. The only caveat is if you do sauna be sure to hydrate with fluoride free and chlorine free water (not tap water), and if you use hot tub and if it contains chlorine, you will need to use 1 extra drop of NeuIodine afterwards to detox the chlorine afterwards. My favorite hot tubs are the ones that use silver filtration instead of chlorine, but I’m not afraid of chlorinated pools or hot tubs because I use NeuIodine. Just use 1 additional drop of NeuIodine on top of you daily dose (2 men, 4 women) for each time you take a chlorine shower, hot tub or swim. When fats get heated up they flow better and by using heat therapy you can help your arteries dissolve the fats faster. Also with the sauna some calcium fluoride crystal can be detoxed out of the sweat, though the primary way it will come out is in the urine.


Unlike the propaganda from the American Heart Association which tells everyone that high cholesterol is bad, it’s the opposite, high cholesterol is good. Eat eggs. Don’t worry about cholesterol just get it from natural sources, and do not under any circumstance take toxic lipitor anti-cholesterol drug as it will fry your brain. If you have already taken it get off and detox with iMedDo and your brain can heal. Mainstream medicine is giving many people dementia with their terrible advice to not eat cholesterol and drug poisoning.


Did you known that the fats in egg are now known to be able to protect your body from spike proteins? That’s probably why the government keeps killing all the chickens blaming it on bird flue to drive up egg prices (have recently doubled in my area) because people who eat eggs stay healthy. The egg contains every nutrient the human body needs except for only one (vitamin C), so an egg and orange juice diet is completely legitimate. Eggs contain the fats your brain and heart and arteries need so don’t always overcook your eggs, eat them sometimes with yolk still runny.


Milky contains all the nutrients a baby human needs and is assumed to contain most of it not all the nutrients an adult human needs as well. For many people high milk fat products like ice cream, cheese and whole milk are the only ways their bodies know to get iodine nutrient. If you have a constant milk craving it’s a sure sign of iodine deficiency. I notoriously craved milk all the way past college until I started doing iodine supplementation so I known this from personal experience. Also the classic pregnant woman craving ice cream is also a the body’s plea for more iodine. If you arteries are blocked, most people are afraid to eat high fat items like ice cream because the calcium fluoride core is surrounded by fats. Solution is just take iMedDo Detox and you can supplement iodine, while you lay off the fats for a bit until you get the arterial blockages cleared.


Another toxic halogen besides fluoride which is ubiquitous these days is bromine like bromide. It’s found in brominated flour and brominated flame retardant paper products for sure that I known of. Bromide requires iodine to detox and can be detoxed by iMedDo system no problem. Calcium bromide unlike calcium fluoride is water soluble so it doesn’t get stuck in the arteries, but it can disrupt the endocrine system and cause cancer so get it out! Famous iodine scientist Dr Brownstein did a great job in his book exposing how prevalent bromine poisoning is among americans, and I saw my own dear father who recently passed away definitely had bromine poisoning as I saw one of his heart medications contained bromine poison. It’s criminal to give people with weak hearts & blocke arteries bromine but mainstream medicine does it all the time. As a real doctor I have a responsibility to hold other doctors accountable but I have not been able to do so at this time, so just focus on your own health first, and moving forward healthy together we will eventually hold the poisoners accountable for their crimes, right now just survive.


The iMedDo Detox system is an advanced panacea medicine from heaven gift of the goddess which counteracts all poisons that the bioweapon poisoners can throw at you. I’m trained in advanced counter bio-nuclear terrorism and it doesn’t matter if it’s a radiological, bacterial, fungal, or viral attack, iMedDo’s got your back. As the vaccine war rages on and big pharma things they have all the gold, they will find out that their gold will turn to lead as debt money will evaporate into nothing once people start using real gold as money once again. Silver and gold elements as money are more real than fiat, but silver and gold as medicine are even closer to real gold, but the actual real gold come from self love and loving thy neighbor as thyself and the golden rule will be re-established on this planet starting with your own heart. So unclog your heart with iMedDo, and I promise we will emerge victorious.


I have seen first hand that Death is not the end and what lies at the end of your spiritual journey which you will unlock after you detox and meditate and act according to the golden rule is that life eternal can be yours. The golden rule is real and the hippocratic oath of the physician is a subset. Having violated the golden rule our society has chosen the lead rule and flagged our civilization for destruction.


The golden eagle is the person with sufficient wisdom to re-establish civilization after a collapse. Everyone can sense the impending collapse, so join me in achieving wisdom and acquiring the skills needed after the conclusion of the vaccine war. Everyone using iMedDo Detox will not only survive but also thrive.


NeuIodine in iMedDo detox system which contains molecular & nascent iodine can detox both fluorine and fluoride, bromine and bromide and chlorine with no problem. Potential problems of fluoride detox like headache and tissue damage on its way out are negated by using iodine in a system with colloidal gold & colloidal silver. NeuIodine which is nascent iodine (energized molecular iodine in equilibrium with nascent iodine) is already in an energized state that can readily detox fluoride as well as fluorine, bromine & bromide. There is no iodide in NeuIodine, as it is un-needed as each molecule of energized molecular iodine in NeuIodine can readily become two molecules of nascent iodine which can readily reduce to 2 molecules of iodide in the body as needed for detox. Iodide replaces fluoride on a 1:1 basis. Iodine connoisseurs do not want iodide in their iodine supplement as is not needed when using much more effective nascent iodine. Nascent iodine is the “psychic” iodine that will also readily remove calcium fluoride from the blood at the blood brain-barrier of the pineal opening the third eye is what is most famous for. So because of the pineal detox fame, it’s ability to unclog the blood in general gets overlooked but not anymore! I’m tell you that iMedDo Detox system will not just open your third eye, it will also UNCLOG calcium fluoride from the blood in general INCLUDING breaking down fat & cholesterol covered plaques with calcium fluoride core deposits on the sides of arteries which will RESTORE blood flow, RESTORE oxygen flow and RESTORE energy, and DECREASE risk of heart attack, DECREASE risk of stroke and which will STRENGTHEN the heart when using all three iodine, gold and silver in combination.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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