Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers. For Christmas I was feeling a bit Grinchy and turns out I was right to be as my dear old dad passed away over the holidays. He was a relatively young man only 67 so was really sad. After I was informed of his death my heart was breaking and as I stared at the Orion constellation I saw a sign, a hidden red dragon, and I got a picture of it using my cell phone Night Sky app in much higher resolution than can be seen with the human eye:

It had been been a few days after his death but it felt like I saw his soul go up to heaven and become one with the red dragon, like it was reloading into a cosmic womb, and then I felt something come down into my heart from the red dragon. My cat was jumping up and down on my chest as it happened like my cat was either trying to hold my heart together from breaking, was trying to participate in or assist me in receiving whatever was coming down from heaven. I choose to interpret it as my father was giving me his blessing. I think I was looking at the snake of wisdom the S which makes the difference between cure vs. curSe. So I think the curse of my father withholding his blessing was broken or maybe the cure of receiving his blessing was occurring. I really don’t know but I definitely felt something. I recognized that the “red dragon” I was seeing and experiencing was the same as the blood of medusa, the blood of Christ, the same as the red dragon depicted on the shield of king Arthur, and the same as the flaming serpent of the Holy Spirit said to have descended upon the disciples after the death of Jesus in the Bible. I immediately recognized the secret red dragon behind the Orion Constellation that I had never known was there before as being the same as the symbol of the fire of the Holy Spirit on Methodist Christian and Anglican church logos. I received a wealth of information concerning the Orion constellation from secret mystery religions including Christianity which I will treasure in my heart. The Orion constellation is a symbol of man and a symbol of death and of war but it also contains the secret to peace and eternal life. Namaste, DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Methodist church logo red flame of Holy Spirit, compare to red dragon behind Orion constellation.

The message that was clear is that death is not the end. Life, death, and then life again.

In memoriam Richard Alan Goins father of DrBenGo 1955-2023

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