Greetings iMedDo Newsletter Subscribers!  For October 2022 Halloween special I present a special meditation on the scariest heavy metal of them all, THE heavy metal, LEAD!  Many people have actually died of lead poisoning and it is estimated that about half of all people who died from unknown chemical exposure it is later figured out that it was lead poisoning that did them in.  Because its relatively easy to check for lead in the bones & hair posthumously, we actually have a lot of data on historical lead poisoning and the only good thing about it is that lead exposure has decreased somewhat in the past few hundred years, and yet lead poisoning is still a major problem unless you get educated on how to avoid it.  In this episode I will explain the major sources of lead poisoning which historically is from prostitutes and drinking, and in modern times the major sources still of lead poisoning from leaded crystal decanters and lead glazed pottery and from lead pipes, all also drinking of lead related.  Lead drank is usually in the Pb2+ form which is able to interfere with 3 important signaling molecules in the body Ca2+, Zn2+ and Mg2+ because of similar charge.  In this episode I present my hypothesis that gold in neutral monoatomic form like as released from colloidal gold is able to detox lead ions from the body based on size not charge and thus gold can be used for a direct detox and antidote for lead poisoning. Also I will go into detail of some lead neuroscience of how lead interferes with the NMDA receptor in the brain which in my opinion appears to be from MAGNESIUM disruption.  Additionally, I will discuss how lead through zinc disruption is able to disrupt iron and red blood cells which has been well studied.  Turning lead into gold is alchemy, and detoxing lead with gold is what the iMedDo Heavy Metal Detox system does.   Lead like all heavy metals results in iodine deficiency as the body has to expend iodine to detox the lead, and a simple cure to lead poisoning is simply iodine replenishment with gold to protect the brain and silver to protect the body is the iMedDo way to handle lead safely and gently and compare to chelation therapy in mainstream medicine which can detox the lead too fast resulting in headache, nausea, and kidney damage etc.  People have used iMedDo to detox lead from Flint, Michigan and recently it is my hope that people will use it again to detox lead in Jackson, MS and in other places where failing lead pipe municipal water is resulting in lead poisoning of children even today.  It is my hope that philanthropists, other charities and other churches will step it up to purchase iMedDo detox for their themselves and their local communities.  If you are worried about lead poisoning and don’t know what do please contact me, can schedule an appointment at link The iMedDo Lead Detox System is freely available to all as anyone purchasing it makes a donation to the iMedDo Foundation private charity and can get the $ back as a tax write off, so what are people waiting for to detox lead, there is really no reason not to!  Mark your purchase on your taxes as a donation to charity (not tax advice)  IMEDDO FOUNDATION EIN #87-1243015.


In ancient bronze age empires, there was a desire to make an imitation gold, which resulting in the creating of brass from copper and zinc. Unfortunately, lead was often added and lead poisoning from drinking from leaded brass was in my opinion a partial cause of the fall of the bronze age empires from which only Egypt survived the collapse. Even today lead is still aded to brass and leaded pipes from leaded brass, leaded soder or just plain lead pipes is still a major concern even in modern times. Lead is also believed to have been a partial cause of the fall of the Roman empire. The Athenian Greeks mined large amounts of silver and had large amounts of lead leftover from the mining that later the Romans sought to use as they had the lead in abundant supply. The Romans did not know about lead poisoning it seems so they had the bad idea to add lead to their wine as lead acetate as a wine sweetener. The result is that many a roman was lead poisoned by their wine and lead poisoning is believed to have contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. Prostitutes would use leaded cosmetics like lead oxide on their face and would even eat lead by the spoonful on purpose to cause miscarriages and abortions. Note that the white face paint of the Geisha in Japan contained lead, and for Halloween, the Harlot Queen see Harley Quinn from popular DC comics show Batman is depicted with a white face and with the Joker acts violent and criminally insane which can be explained by lead poisoning. In 16th & 17th century England and even America, lead poisoning was common from apple cider made with lead equipment. Even after lead was removed from wine, people still manage to poison themselves until very recently by storing their wine and booze in leaded crystal decanters, and by drinking from lead glazed pottery cups. Lead was also used in hair dyes and many other industrial applications. Even in the 20th century people still found novel ways to give themselves lead poisoning. In the 1920’s lead was added to automotive gasoline (tetra-ethyl-lead) which was able to readily absorb in the skin and which gave people hallucinations and is not so fondly remembered as “looney gas”. Today you will notice that gasoline stations say “unleaded” on them harkening to that dark time. Sadly, leaded gas is still used for airplane fuel. The vast majority of lead used in industry today is still used in the automotive industry for lead car batteries but fortunately there is little exposure except for people in battery recycling industry in particular need to be careful and detox. Today the top cause of lead poisoning is from drinking from lead pipes and the poor little children are the most susceptible to lead poisoning because their developing bodies absorb it more than adults. Older houses prior to 1978 can contain lead paints and humans have managed sadly to brain damage many a child with lead paint dust. It’s also possible to give yourself lead poisoning from gun ranges (smelling too much lead blasting caps) and lead is using in fishing from lead sinkers which though pose not much risk to humans can cause lead environmental problems for wildlife. Lead shot has been replaced with steel shot for things like duck hunting for example to avoid accidental lead exposure from eating game with lead ammunition inside. Looking at history of lead poisoning it’s truly scary and terrible and looking at the present where lead poisoning is still a problem mostly from drinking lead from tap water and tap water created beverages (sodas, wines etc), I hope we as humans can learn from the past and do better. I know I can. I just realized that a brass water hose attachment I’m using has lead in it the same bronze age problem that never got fixed. Some things never change.


The good news is that even before the bronze age the solution to lead poisoning was known it’s just that no-one wants to use it because it’s expensive, the cure to lead poisoning is gold. In almost all uses of lead gold could be used as a nontoxic alternative, so lead poisoning becomes an economic issue. Gold is 10x more electrically conductive than lead and could be used for car batteries instead of lead and gold is even dense than lead and can be used instead of lead where something heavy is required, but gold is not a heavy metal because unlike lead it is not toxic in the body and is very biocompatible. Meditating on the problem, it comes down to the fact that humans love to hoard gold. Sure we’ll pass out bottled water to people with lead pipes and failing water treatment plants, but will we send them gold health supplements? Best I can do is to make the food grade gold available for donations that can be recovered by tax write off through my church iMedDo Foundation. The charity Rise Beyond Dreams purchased and donated iMedDo Health Supplements to help the those suffering with lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan. No-one has yet contacted me to purchase and donate health supplement for the lead poisoned in Jackson, MS, I suppose because they are getting so much federal aid and they think that bottled water is the solution. Sadly, bottled water can contain fluoride, and left out in the heat leeches plastic, so the people drinking it might not be getting the clean water they think though at least is better than the tap water. Please help me spread the word: The iMedDo Lead Detox System is freely available to all as anyone purchasing it makes a donation to the iMedDo Foundation private charity and can get the $ back as a tax write off, so what are people waiting for to detox lead, there is really no reason not to!  Mark your purchase on your taxes as a donation to charity (not tax advice)  IMEDDO FOUNDATION EIN #87-1243015.

COVER ART “Detox Lead with Gold”

The cover art depicts lead pipes with a water spout pouring from being lead into being gold to depict the detox of lead poison with gold medicine.  To indicate that lead is poisonous I used skull & crossbones with red Pb2+ ion underneath where the skull is that of a Japanese Geisha with white face-paint to indicated that many women have been lead poisoned by white lead oxide face paint in prostitute and sex trade industry as the lead is used to cause infertility.  The geisha skull is a sign of the divine mother and reminder also of all the poor children born in lead poisoned conditions such as children eating lead paint.   I used wine in a leaded crystal decanter underneath the lead pipe to indicate that wine was once a major source of lead poisoning from sweet wine in Roman times, and then even in modern times even after lead was removed from wine, people still obtained lead poison drinking from leaded crystal decanters.  Wine is a religious symbol and whether your wine contains lead or is lead free in a golden chalice is a good point to meditate on when thinking about turning lead into gold.  To the right of the pipe is a bottle of NeuGold food grade colloidal gold which is I believe a cure for lead ion poisoning from drank sources be they pipes or wine.  Below the water spigot is the elemental symbol for gold Au inside of the Triforce depicted as an Egyptian pyramid with 3 ions, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to indicate the 3 signaling molecule paths that I believe lead is able to block and that gold is able clear by detox and restore by gold detox of lead hypothesis discussed in episode.  Hope you my dear readers enjoy this cover art, it took me about a full day to create and was in part divine inspired.  I find the Geisha skull and cross bones to be a bit scary but that’s okay because this is a halloween special, and Happy Halloween!  DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Because lead is the heaviest naturally occurring element and because it has well known toxicity to humans, it has become the very definition of toxic heavy metal against which all other putative toxic heavy metals are compared. Lead (Pb) is element #82 on the periodic table.  Because  elements used by the human body are generally of much lower atomic number (#34 and below). The term “heavy metal” has become widely synonymous with “toxic metal” thanks to lead.  The obvious to me as a biochemist elements used by the human body are #34 selenium, #30 zinc, #29 copper, #26 iron, #25 manganese, #24 chromium #20 calcium, #19 potassium, #17 chorine (as chloride) #16 sulphur #15 phosphorus #12 magnesium #11 sodium #8 oxygen #7 nitrogen #6 carbon #5 boron #3 lithium #1 hydrogen.   


There are three elements above atomic number 34 which are beneficial to the human body  silver #47, iodine #53, and gold #79.   Note that the iMedDo Detox System uses these three for detox.   Besides these three, as far as I can tell all of the elements above #34 are either not used by the human body or are toxic to the human body or they haven’t been studied enough to say.   In general besides, silver, gold and iodine, elements above #34 are presumed to be toxic heavy metals and two most well known ones for their bad toxicity are #80 mercury and #82 lead.   The notable exception in the under 34 category that is toxic and is thus a heavy metal by definition in the toxicity sense even though it is light is #13 aluminum.     

One of my goals as a biochemist is to learn and be able to better explain to people with elements are toxic and which ones are not and why, and it’s a long and slow process as I have to examine each one individually and the way I’m approaching it is through these monthly newsletters.  So far I have a newsletter on #30 zinc, #29 copper, #26 iron #12 magnesium   for the ones used by the body, and so far I have a newsletter on #13 aluminum, #80 mercury and excited to present this month this newsletter for #82 lead, and #79 gold.   


Why is #82 lead bad for you and #79 gold good for you is a question I want to address in this episode.   Many people are afraid to use gold and silver and maybe even iodine because they are under the mistaken impression that just because these three are high atomic number that they must be toxic heavy metals.   They are not, they are exceptions.  Iodine is not even a metal it is a metalloid that can detox metals.  Silver and Gold are not heavy metals they are notable noble metals that defy the trend of high atomic number elements being heavy metals, they are not “heavy metals” by definition because they are not toxic.  Gold is extremely biocompatible.  

I don’t blame people for being afraid to use gold because it looks very suspicious at #79 so close to known uber toxins #80 mercury and #82 lead, the two worst heavy metals, and it’s tempting to want to lump gold in as a heavy metal but it is not because it’s not only not toxic it appears to have beneficial effects in the human body which means that it is doing something that unlike its bad neighbors is at a minimum not interfering with the body’s biochemistry and is possibly even helping it via unknown pathways where gold is being used as an unrecognized mineral nutrient which is my belief.   


I am going explain to the best of my ability why gold is good for you and why lead is bad for you in a way I hope you can understand.   To do so I have to present to you my hypothesis on how gold detoxes lead.  To understand how gold detoxes lead you first have to understand why lead is toxic, what pathways lead is blocking and then if my hypothesis is correct then the reason, or at least one of the reasons that gold is good for you is because it unblocks these pathways by flushing out the lead.  


Lead Pb(0) in the human body expressed its toxicity as the lead ion Pb2+.   Rather than thinking about lead being “heavy” i.e. a large size, it is more instructive to think of lead in terms of charge with a +2 formal charge.   The reason lead is toxic is because it directly interferes with the +2 charge electrical system of the body.   In particular elements #30 zinc, #20 calcium and #12 magnesium which are used for signaling the body as +2 formal charge ions, Zn2+, Ca2+, Mg2+ are directly disrupted by the lead Pb2+ ion.  This is a major problem because there are thousands of signaling pathways used in the body that rely on calcium, zinc (3000 pathways) and magnesium (300 pathways).   Also, lead is known to disrupt red blood cell formation and causes low iron, though whether it was from Zn2+ disruption or because lead can also disrupt Fe2+ (ferrous iron) directly as well.   What is known is that lead causes low iron and high zinc proteins in the blood.  It is general knowledge that lead disrupts Calcium, but if you look at lead more closely it become clear that lead is also disrupting Magnesium and it appears to be that it is actually Magnesium disruption either in addition to or instead of calcium disruption that is responsible primary lead toxicity in the brain.   What I want you to known my dear readers is that I hypothesize that lead ions Pb2+ is so toxic because of charge mimicry where it imitates Mg2+, Ca2+, Zn2+ signaling molecules.  In this episode I will look more closely at how lead disrupt the NMDA receptor in the brain and it is my believe based on this closer look that the primary toxicity of lead is the brain is actually from disruption of the Mg2+.   

This hypothesis of how lead ions can interrupt +2 charged singnaling ions in the body explains why lead so toxic all over the human body.   Lead is like a monkey wrench that shuts down everything.   

Lead by DIRECTLY interfering with the +2 electrical pathway can even interfere INDIRECTLY with the +1 electrical pathway (#11 sodium (as Na+) & #19 potassium (as K+) with NMDA brain protein given as an example of how since Ca2+ channel also lets Na+ and K+ through but cannot if blocked by Pb2+ ion.    

Key point: Lead not only interferes with calcium and iron as is commonly stated, it also interferes with magnesium and zinc.  


The reason that gold is not a heavy meal like lead is because gold is not toxic.  The reason is apparent to me that unlike lead, gold does not interfere with the +2 electrical pathway, unlike lead, gold does not disrupt Ca2+, Mg2+ and Zn2+ signaling nor does it disrupt Fe2+.   Gold is hard to oxidize so colloidal gold release monoatomic gold Au(0) from its surfaces which are neutral in charge and then do not disrupt the +2 electrical pathways.  Even when gold becomes oxidized like when it detoxes fluoride it become Au3+ ion as in gold salt where the 3+ does not disrupt the 2+ electrical ion pathway of the body’s signaling molecules.   So gold is not toxic that’s nice, but can gold actually detox lead directly?  I think it can and the reason is based on size & charge.   The gold Au(0) atom as monoatomic gold is neutrally charged but of similar size as the lead Pb2+ ion.   How similar?  Almost exactly the same size just slightly larger 136 pm vs 133 pm (pico meter) covalent radius.  I think that gold can bump lead ion Pb2+ out of +2 charge electrical pathway allowing  Ca2+, Mg2+ and Zn2+ to replace the Pb2+ as required to restore the biochemical signaling function and to negate the lead toxicity and biochemical signaling dysfunction.   So whereas lead causes dysfunction because of its charge imitation, gold is able to detox lead without charge imitation by remaining neutral and is able to detox lead based on size not charge.   


Because lead is such a monkey wrench in the body pretty much anything bad can be caused by lead, basically it makes you sick, crazy and can kill you. Here is a non inclusive list of some of the symptoms of lead poisoning: colic, abdominal pain,  death, encephalopathy, delirium, coma, seizures, headaches, loss of short term memory or concentration, depression, anxiety, psychiatric problems,  nausea, loss of coordination, numbness & tingling in extremities, fatigue, problems sleeping, stupor, slurred speech, anemia, reproductive problems, low sperm count, miscarriages, low birth weight, problems with development during childhood, obsessive compulsive disorder,  children show aggression, refuse to play, hearing loss. Lead in air causes people to get aggressive and violent, criminal insanity & more.


There are all kinds of signs for those who are looking including behavior changes, any of the symptoms listed above, additionally there are some other things like pale skin, blue gums, and other things that can be detected on X-ray, blood tests and urine analysis by skilled practitioners. If you are using iMedDo detox system already you have no worries for lead poisoning as your body will flush it out faster than you take it in unless you are absorbing lead from some source such as drinking leaded tap water everyday. One way you can verify you don’t have lead poisoning without spending money on testing is that if you have any grey hairs then you don’t have lead poisoning because lead makes the hair brown or grey which is why it used to be used for hair dye. I have seveal grey hairs on my chinny chin chin so I known I don’t have any lead poisoning =). My wife Shari-Grace saw and add on the internet that a lab (quest diagnostics) is offering a lead test for only $49 can can ordered online without a doctors prescription of visit.   My position is that if you have $50 to burn on a lead test then you should do it right you should do it twice for a before and an after.  I recommend you do the $50 lead test to find your levels, use the iMedDo detox system (6 month supply) for at least 3 months, then spend another $50 to get another lead test so that you have a before and after showing that your lead levels went down.  


The iMedDo Detox is an alternative treatment to chelation therapy that uses iodine and gold to detox lead for a double whammy to get it out safely using iodine nutrient replenishment with dose ramping and colloidal gold to protect the brain and colloidal silver to protect the body. You can do iMedDo even if you are doing chelation therapy. Chelation therapy uses chelators EDTA or DMPS to remove lead, but can potentially remove it too fast and requires nutrient replenishment so if you do chelation to remove lead be sure to do under supervision of a skilled medical practitioner.


If you are an adult and reading this, then lead poses no real risk for you as you are cognizant enough to not drink unfiltered tap water, are already using iMedDo Detox System daily and probably can’t even absorb lead into your body even if you tried.  Whatever small amount of lead you unintentionally get in your diet which is preferentially absorbed when you drink it if at all will promptly be flushed right back out your body since you have adequate iodine, silver will protect your body and gold will protect your brain.  Anyone using iMedDo is immune to lead poisoning.  If you become exposed to lead then simply increase your NeuGold dosage to 2-4 drops instead of 1 drop a day depending on exposure and give me a call if have questions on dosage. 


DrBenGo Healthwarrior


The whore of Babylon (Baby Lion) Milky Way Reference in the Bible is a reference to the Harlot Queen which goes back to Minoan-Egyptian-Greco Roman cult of Sehkmet/Bast/Isis/Artemis. Whereas most milky way reference view the stars as gold, when viewed as the Harlot Queen the white glow of the milky way is viewed as leaded face paint. This is the only lead related milky way reference that I’m aware of which is very interesting. Most milky way reference even as female Goddess are related to gold instead of lead, such as the golden cow Hathor, or Mermaid with golden treasure or Dragon with golden treasure. There is a coded reference in the Bible to view God as Good as Gold (Chrysos i.e Christ) i.e. better to view the Milky Way as gold than as lead. If you instead of seeing gold see lead than you miss the golden rule and get the lead rule devolving into insanity is my take. Happy Halloween!

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