by DrBenGo Healthwarrior September 2022

Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers!   This month’s episode is about a topic that is at the heart of what the iMedDo Detox System is all about: how to safely detox mercury heavy metal  and kiss the toxic side effects of mercury induced iodine deficiency goodbye!  I recently went to a wonderful holistic fair in Ringgold, Georgia, the Natural New Earth Market (NNEM), and after talking to the locals what I discovered is that people in my area are really still suffering from mercury poisoning:  a lady I met with thyroid problems had 3 metal fillings, a man with prostate cancer had 11 metal fillings for example.  I do a good job explaining to people in person at fairs how and why their mercury amalgam fillings leaking and giving them mercury poisoning is the underlying cause of their health problems which are the same as iodine deficiency problems (thyroid disease, cancer, fatigue, headaches etc), but I realized I need to write a newsletter on the topic of mercury detox for people who aren’t able to see me at a fair. Since I’m on a roll writing about aluminum detox last month, I might as well continue and write about mercury detox this month. iMedDo System is the safest and most effective way to detox mercury, and it’s time everyone knows, so help me spread the word as many people are still suffering and need help. Be the hero and bring your loved ones iMedDo Ultimate Fluoride & Heavy Metal [Mercury Removal!] Detox System!    

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Mercury is element #80 on the periodic table. It’s a strange metal that has been known since ancient times that has a cool property that it is liquid at room temperature and it like to stick to itself. Mercury is very pretty as it looks like silver (and was named quicksilver) and “water-silver” i.e. hydrargyum from whence Hg symbol on periodic table derives. Mercury is NOT silver though and unfortunately, unlike real silver, mercury is very toxic. In fact of all the toxic heavy metals mercury is the most toxic tied only in toxicity perhaps by lead.


If you haven’t heard it, there is a song about mercury poisoning by artist Graham Parker which is surprisingly good. He’s right mercury poisoning is the “best kept secret in the west” (western medicine). Fortunately, I know how to detox mercury and I’m willing to share this secret in this episode so enjoy! Although Graham probably made the song when he was disgruntled with Mercury records, it’s a great mood song for talking about mercury detox. The alchemical symbol for mercury looks like an ankh with horns on top and I put a skull & crossbones in it in the cover art to indicate that mercury is poisonous.


If you have or had even one mercury amalgam filling in your mouth then all you have to do to detox mercury is to use iMedDo Detox System using NeuIodine, NeuSilver & NeuGold with one modification which is that add EXTRA SILVER in proportion to the number of fillings in your mouth. Normally you do 1 drop NeuSilver a day, and all you have to do is add 1 extra drop NeuSilver a day per metal filling in your mouth. So for example if you have 4 metal fillings in your mouth instead of 1 drop NeuSilver a day you would do 5. If you do have 6 or more fillings (doing 7 drops of NeuSilver a day) i.e. high dose range of silver 7-10+ drops then you also need to do probiotics. Normally you do 1 drop NeuGold a day, and some days you may need to do 3 additional drops NeuGold under your tongue to suppress mercury headaches. Use NeuIodine as per usual where you start with 1 drop a day and then increase by 1 drop per week to 2 drops for men and 4 drops for women. An important point is to always absorb the NeuIodine on your skin as per usual (do not put it in your mouth if you have amalgam fillings). By using iMedDo detox system, you will start to detox mercury faster than mercury is leaking out from your fillings and your health will start to improve as effects of mercury poisoning will recede. For mercury detox if you have questions please schedule free appointment with me at link and I’m happy to go over custom dosing issues such as increased silver for your mercury amalgam count. Extra silver for mercury poisoning and at time useful to do extra gold for mercury headaches is the main thing, clear as mud? Do not take extra iodine for mercury poisoning as you need to start low and do dose ramping as per usual.


Rather than use chelation therapy to flush out mercury from the urine, iMedDo system uses a sophisticated iodine nutrient replenishment system based around nascent iodine to flush mercury out of the body in a natural and safely way. Iodine flushes mercury out of the urine as well as mercury comes out of the skin and gastro-intestinal tract. [Pee it out, poop it out and sweat out the mercury!]. iMedDo system uses nascent iodine in microgram doses (not mg doses of iodine and not iodide form as used in some other iodine therapy protocols. Nascent iodine is effective in small doses and can be used for dose ramping which is important when detoxing mercury. Practically speaking iodine dosage should not be increased too much as you do not want to detox mercury too fast because it is so toxic it can damage the body and brain on the way out if. The iMedDo way is to use highest quality colloidal silver and colloidal gold in a system with the nascent iodine because the silver is anti-inflammatory in the body and the gold anti-inflammatory in the brain to protect the body and brain from mercury toxicity. Iodine does the heavy lifting for mercury removal and silver protects the kidneys for example which is very important when peeing out mercury. Mercury is known to cause inflammation headaches and brain damage which can be negated by taking colloidal gold. 3 drops NeuGold for example will make a mercury inflammation headache go down within by 50% or completely go away in under 5 minutes if the drops are under the tongue or down within 20 minutes if the gold is drank in water. Another common side effect of detoxing mercury with iodine was that mercury would come out of the skin and cause dermatitis such as acne. Silver can be used in a silver water spray to suppress acne which is in part because silver is also anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory. By using silver and gold with iodine, mercury can be detoxed safely with iMedDo System.

The iMedDo system uses the theory that SILVER IS THE DIRECT ANTIDOTE TO MERCURY. Whereas mercury suppresses the immune system, promotes infection and causes inflammation, silver does the opposite, boosts the immune system, squashes infection and is anti-inflammatory.

The observation that silver is anti-dote to mercury is I believe well known to dentists as they create an amalgam of 50% silver and 50% mercury to make the mercury amalgam “silver” filling on purpose because they know that silver suppresses the toxic effects of mercury at least at first. If they put pure mercury in your mouth the body would reject but by mixing the mercury with the antidote silver in the mercury amalgam filling it takes a year or two for enough mercury to leak out and start causing health problem and the obvious solution is to just TAKE MORE SILVER!

iMedDo system creator DrBenGo (me) has direct personal first hand experience that silver suppresses mercury toxicity because I have one mercury amalgam filling and have done self experimentation to prove to myself that silver does in fact suppress mercury poisoning for dermatitis/acne. If I stop using my silver for about 2 weeks acne problems from leaked filling resume and if I start using silver again they almost immediately go away again. For acne silver can be used 1 drop of NeuSilver in a spray bottle of water up to 1/2 gallon and sprayed on skin to suppress acne as silver is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and is well known to be able to be used on bandages or bandaids topical in mainstream medicine, but the breakthrough is using food grade nano-colloidal silver internally appears to have much greater effect from my personal experience as well as from experience of those who have tried iMedDo system (created circa 2015).

Based on theory that silver is the direct antidote to mercury, the iMedDo way is to recommend that those with mercury amalgam fillings take EXTRA SILVER. More research is needed to figure out how much extra, but for now the general guideline created by DrBenGo of doing 1 extra drop of NeuSilver per mercury amalgam fillings appears to be working well and linear increase in silver antidote dose is reasonable to counteract mercury toxicity increase which is known to be linear with number of amalgams in mouth.


As long as you have even one amalgam filling in your mouth you will not be able to fully mercury detox, all you can do is suppress the toxic effect of mercury using silver, suppress the toxic brain effects of mercury using gold and start to flush mercury out of body reducing body burden faster than it is leaking out using nascent iodine. iMedDo detox system is truly excellent at mercury detox and your health will start improving whether you get the amalgam filling removed or not, and I recommend you detox more even after getting the amalgams removed to get rid of residual mercury in the body and is important to detox in between getting amalgams removed and recommended that if you have multiple amalgam fillings that you only remove them a few at a time and detox in between spaced out with months of detox. Dentists put the mercury poison in your mouth, so is understandable to not trust a dentist to take them out, however, we have little choice so find a good bio-identical dentist who does not use fluoride or mercury and who specializes in removing mercury. The best test of whether your dentist is good or not is whether they use iMedDo detox system for themselves to protect them from mercury when removing it and and whether they are recommending to their patients who are getting amalgam fillings removed to detox mercury using iMedDo in between getting fillings removed. I recommend you do iMedDo Detox which is a 6 month supply for at least 3 months prior to getting amalgams removed and do at least 1-3 months of detox in between each filling removal (only get 1-3 fillings removed at a time space it out and detox in between for people with many fillings), and you will need to detox for approximately 2 years to fully get all the mercury out of your body once all of you fillings are gone, most of it will be gone after only 6 months, so at least do iMedDo system once even if all your fillings are already gone.


I found a great review article that really helps to explain the different forms of mercury poisoning and pulls together quite a bit of information into one place that is useful for further meditation by the reader if they so desire on mercury detox: 

Bernhoft RA. Mercury toxicity and treatment: a review of the literature. J Environ Public Health. 2012.

Although the paper only discusses chelation therapy for mercury removal and not iodine therapy for mercury removal, it is good for explaining the different types of mercury and mercury break down products in the body. Amalgam fillings leak elemental mercury in vapor form which absorb in lungs (you breath in mercury from your own breath ouch!) and which readily enters bloodstream and brain. The leaked mercury from amalgam fillings eventually predominantly oxidizes to mercuric salt form (Hg2+) and can get stuck and cause damage to the kidney bound to metallothionein until it is given a kick out (chelation or iodine therapy).


In this article I have addressed detox from mercury amalgam but did not have time to discuss other sources of mercury poisoning such as organified mercury (methyl mercury in fish and seafood) nor ethyl-mercury (thimerosal from vaccines (mercury vaccinosis)) nor mercury vapor from fluorescent light bulb breakage, but note these other ways of mercury exposure can also be detoxed by iMedDo System. Based on the featured article discussion of mercury in the body, you can see that organified mercury is even more toxic (methyl & ethyl mercury etc). Elemental mercury already absorbs in the fat and it bioaccumulates and biomagnifies up the food chain of fish when it is in methyl-mercury form. Eventually it has to be converted back to elemental mercury and then into a salt form like mercuric mercury (Hg2+) to be eliminated out of the body. The body uses excess iodine over what it needs for life support to detox mercury and other toxins so iodine nutrient replenishment is critical to recovering from all forms of mercury toxicity not just mercury from amalgam fillings. I had cousin injured with autism from thimerosal (ethyl-mercury) from a vaccine and if you or someone you love is having health problems from vaccinosis of any kind please contact me so I can explain how iMedDo Detox System can help. A source of mercury I didn’t realize before writing this article is in broken fluorescent light bulbs leak mercury vapor (elemental mercury, so similar to mercury from amalgam but higher dose) and never put a baby in a room where a fluorescent light bulb has broken, even if you think you aired it out it might have critical level of mercury toxicity.


Mercury poisoning is way more common than you might realized, as around 50% of American’s have had their health negatively affects by mercury amalgam fillings. Many people you likely know are struggling in silence with a variety of problems like thyroid diseases, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer or having kidney problems or headaches, dermatitis and more from mercury toxicity. The #1 way people are being mercury poisoned is from amalgam fillings, so all you need to do to verify is look in their mouth. If even one mercury amalgam dental filling they will 100% guaranteed have mercury toxicity and iodine deficiency, no further testing is needed to know that. The solution is to iMedDo Detox System and eventually removal of the amalgams with further detox to get rid of all of the mercury, and note increased silver dosage is recommended based on number of amalgam fillings to immediately suppress mercury by protecting the body. Pretty much everyone I’ve met with amalgam fillings also complains of headaches [mercury induced inflammation headaches] and are very appreciative that NeuGold make the headaches go away immediately. Under appreciated is that silver is the direct anti-dote to mercury but you also have to use iodine in correct form, nascent iodine in system with silver & gold to flush out. Help me spread the word! iMedDo Detox System for Mercury Detox!


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

DrBenGo meditating on Mercury Detox newsletter under pyramid at NNEM. Thanks Courtney (NNEM organizer) for letting my borrow your awesome pyramid! Great event!


It is recommended that women wanting to get pregnant should detox with iMedDo system for full 6 months before having a baby if they can to flush out all mercury from their system or to at least if they have amalgams get rid of all free mercury in their body. Reason is that mercury readily goes into brain of baby and in breast milk and can adversely affect their child. Pregnant women need to detox mercury and replenish with iodine, but if you didn’t the benefit of eating seafood and getting iodine in iMedDo System still outweighs not doing as the iodine and silver and gold will protect the baby even if there is mercury in the milk is okay as long as body has ample other nutrients to flush the mercury out. The brain has it’s own metallothionein proteins that can bind mercury and if you doing iMedDo baby will still be smart, just please ladies if you can try not to detox too much mercury into your baby. But you need to increase iodine dosage by 1 drop a week. Also check out my prior article breastmilk and multivitamins.


Mercury interferes with the metallothionein proteins in the body disrupting copper & zinc balance and part of the beneficial effects of silver and gold in protecting against mercury are theorized to be involved in metallothionein pathway recycling. Additionally mercury interferes with glutathione pathway and glutathione coating on silver & gold also aid in mercury detox. These are advanced topics beyond the scope of this article but I will comment a little or can skip this section for general readership. Whereas silver is the direct anti-dote to mercury, gold is the direct anti-dote to lead but still appears to have utility in protecting brain from mercury poison as evidenced by its ability to suppress mercury induced headaches, anxiety and mood problems. The idea is that by using silver & gold together you get a full body protection from mercury as it is being detoxed by iodine. Mercury is a full body poison capable of damaging proteins, blocking cell signaling, destroying neurons and more. Both silver and mercury are known to bind to sulphur and yet whereas mercury is extremely toxic, silver is extremely health beneficial which is why I postulate that silver is a nutrient in that is blocking toxic effects of mercury in some unknown biochemical pathways. Mercury as Hg2+ is likely interfering with at a minimum Zn2+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ (zinc, calcium and magnesium) signaling in the body. Calcium and magnesium are known to be controlled by iodine and vitamin D, kidney, adrenal pathway, so beneficial effect of iodine in mercury removal is no surprise. Zinc however is used with copper in a balance and it is postulated that noble metals silver and gold are preferred nutrients to copper and can interact with and clear copper pathway such as zinc + copper in metallothionein protein balance that can be disrupted by mercury. Possibly copper disrupted by Mercurous form (Hg+) and Zinc disrupted by the predominant break down product from elemental mercury leakage from amalgam after oxidation into Hg2+ mercuric form. In writing this article, and thinking about mercury detox pathway theory, it is likely that taking addition ZINC would also be very beneficial for mercury detox, and be sure to read my prior article on zinc, where I also talk a bit about metallothionein (MT) protein, and for those who want to dig deeper also check out my prior article on copper for more meditation on the topic. I also have an article on magnesium, but regretfully have not yet written an article on calcium or selenium or sulphur (eventually I will) which are also required to really get to the bottom of mercury detox theory. In particular mercury is known to interfere with selenium and sulphur and amino acids cysteine such as high cysteine containing metallothionein (MT) very important to think about to understand the biochemical complexities of mercury detox as well as selenocysteine. Likely taking NAC health supplement (N-acetyl cysteine) i.e. the health supplement form of cysteine a precursor to glutathione is health beneficial for mercury detox but note iMedDo system users will already get glutathione from coating on the silver & gold. *Many other nutrients can take as well to help detox mercury in addition to iodine, silver & gold nutrients such as selenium, amino acids (cysteine & selenocyteine), zinc, magnesium and vitamin C. Good nutrition is always essential when detoxing. I personally use PowerSourceOne multivitamins from DrCalinPop in addition to iMedDo Detox System and make them available to iMedDo distributors as a specialty item contact me ( if you want them.


The most knowledgeable iodine scientists in the world besides myself to the best of my knowledge are Dr Guy Abraham M.D. (now deceased) & Dr David Brownstein M.D.  I am the foremost expert on nascent iodine as evidenced by my paper on nascent iodine, and creation of the highest quality nascent iodine product NeuIodine, a revolutionary system of using nascent iodine the most safely and correctly with dose ramping and in system with colloidal silver and colloidal gold which has stood the test of time (since 2015) as being extremely effective and safe and is now the preferred way to use nascent iodine for true iodine connoisseurs.  I am telling you  iMedDo Detox System is the BEST BY FAR way to use nascent iodine (or any iodine!) to detox MERCURY especially chronic mercury exposure from mercury amalgam dental fillings.  The reason is that you cannot do iodine with iodide form in high mg (milligram doses) the way Dr Abraham and Dr Brownstein do it, because when it comes to detoxing mercury safely you need to instead use iodine, nascent iodine [psychic iodine!], not iodide form in microgram doses because you DO NOT WANT TO DETOX MERCURY TOO FAST!  

For more information of how Dr Brownstein does iodine read his famous book “Iodine Why You Need It Why You Can’t Live Without It 5th Edition”.   

It’s an excellent book and I refer to it frequently as he really does a great job talking about how iodine replenishment fixes a wide variety of auto-immune disease, cancer, detoxification, fatigue, and thyroid disease.   I just re-read the book hoping that he would have some good information specifically on mercury detox I could use in this article. Unfortunately, the book was more about breast cancer and bromine detox than mercury detox specifically but, it was still a very useful read as it contained MUCH very important information about iodine that is relevant to this episode as in order to detox mercury you need to really understand how iodine works because mercury causes iodine deficiency and ALL problems of low iodine can have underlying cause of mercury toxicity when metal amalgam fillings are present.   Dr Brownstein is a true iodine hero.  So it is with no joy that I inform you as his colleague now in the iodine expertise club where constructive criticism is necessary because YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IODINE the way Dr B describes in his book if you have mercury toxicity.   No I’m not gainsaying him exactly, I am agreeing with him as in his final thought he say something which is very relevant to mercury detox:

“For individuals who are unusually sensitive to supplements and medications, I would recommend starting with a low dose of iodine and titrating the dose upward,” Dr Browstein (page 267 “Final Thoughts from Iodine Why You Need It Why You Can’t Live Without It 5th Edition). 


Who are these people who are unusually sensitive? Darn near 50% of people everyone with a mercury amalgam filling and mercury poisoning is unusually sensitive! DrBrownstein in his final thoughts is absolutely correct. His gut is telling him that there is a better way to do it than high dose iodine high up front. The correct way I assert is to use nascent iodine in microgram (not milligram) doses (and sans iodide) with dose ramping as in iMedDo System (NeuIodine). iMedDo System has built in dose ramping where men & women start at 1 drop then increase slowly to 2 for men and 4 for women.


Dr Brownstein, if you are reading this, I love you; but here is what you need to know and say and put in your 6th edition: you really need to add a section on nascent iodine and dose ramping and add a section on mercury detox and in that section you need to talk about the iMedDo Detox System and you need to talk about how colloidal silver and colloidal gold need to be used with nascent iodine to detox mercury safely using microgram (not milligram) iodine doses so as not to detox mercury too fast.  Additional your section on iodism causing a metallic taste in mouth could be your high dose iodine being contaminated with mercury so be sure to test it for heavy metals, as my experience is that if your iodine is causing a metallic taste that you are not tasting the iodine but rather are tasting a metal (typically mercury from mercury amalgam filling, check your patient’s mouth for mercury).  NeuSilver, Colloidal silver does not cause a metallic taste, NeuGold colloidal gold does not cause a metallic taste.  MERCURY BEING FLUSHED OUT BY IODINE can causing the metallic taste!      


For my readers: DrBrowstein recommends using mg doses of iodine + iodide.  The reason is because he is following in the footsteps of his mentor Dr Abraham who did it that way and they have a lot of data doing it that way which is great.  The problem is that iodide form cause heart palpitations and because he uses iodide he had to add some very interesting sections to his book about NIS (sodium iodide symporters)  and issues concerning TSH increasing when doing it his way which are not relevant when using nascent iodine instead sans iodide.  When using nascent iodine you don’t need iodide form, but it won’t hurt you if you get it under normal circumstances but for mercury toxicity I don’t recommend iodide. I’m used to getting strange looks for many years now as a nascent iodide expert my recommendation to just use NeuIodine rather than use Lugol’s with iodine + iodide is an important point. Iodide is the unenergized form of iodine which is water soluble in Lugol’s and when I made NeuIodine I specifically did not use iodide because energized nascent iodine does not like water, it is fat soluble, and I use alcohol not water solvent. This was a major shift and improvement in iodine usage as problems such as heart palpitations from iodide (typically from halogens being flushed out by iodide detox reaction like fluoride & bromide) can be avoided by using nascent iodine form of iodine instead of iodide containing iodine. Also, I think the section in DrB’s book on TSH level increasing after taking his iodine protocol is because there is iodide in it so naturally the body will produce more iodide import channels the sodium iodide symporters (NIS) that he talks about in his book. I’m not anti-iodide, I like iodide, the issue is that the body can under normal circumstances use iodide or iodine but in the case of mercury poisoning iodide unenergized form will not work as well, and experimenting with high doses of iodine and iodide is not a good idea in my opinion. The body needs energized nascent form of iodine which is effective and can make important cancer protective iodolipids even at low does with dose ramping.


Nascent iodine is the heir of “psychic” iodine which DrBrownstein does mention in his book as Atomidine form [now unavailable except as nascent iodine] by psychic Edgar Cayce in a reference to a patient testimonial (page 280). However, DrBrownstein acts surprised that microgram doses of this psychic iodine work as well as his mg doses of lesser quality iodine non-nascent iodine and says that such success is “very rare”. Nope it’s very common. “Psychic” iodine is now referred to as nascent iodine and its amplified power is well known among iodine connoisseurs. It has for many years (as long as I’ve been aware since circa 2014 at least) been known to be more effective more energized form of iodine that works better in lower doses. This gives nascent iodine ability to be used for dose ramping and can fulfill DrBrownstein’s recommendation: “For individuals who are unusually sensitive to supplements and medications, I would recommend starting with a low dose of iodine and tritrating the dose upward” Dr Brownstein. I first learned about nascent iodine from John & June Brookshire when I worked as head iodine scientist for Magnascent(tm) Iodine. I really took the time to get to the bottom of what does nascent iodine mean, and was able to show it using hi resolution spectroscopy (see my iodine paper and read intro where I talk about nascent iodine and give references). Note back then I was IMEDDO INC, the incorporated company, and now I’m iMedDo Foundation the unincorporated church. Learning about nascent iodine has been a spiritual journey and I’ve established my expertise in many ways including best discussion of using nascent iodine for thyroid quickening and third eye detox. I got my start with NeuIodine at Dallas psychic fair circa 2015, and the psychics love nascent iodine, and it and iMedDo System is always preferred by muscle testing over other forms of iodine. NeuIodine is absolutely the best nascent iodine especially for mercury poisoning, as I don’t recommend that people put it in their water and swish nor put it in their mouth (iodine will react with their mercury fillings detoxing too fast, skin absorption instead) and issues with taking iodine on empty stomach no longer apply when doing skin absorption of nascent iodine for people with metal fillings as extra safety feature built in to NeuIodine. Learning about nascent iodine is a spiritual journey and for me has been a personal one as well. I’m passionate about helping people detox mercury poison and breaking the curse of mercury upon their health.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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