2020 Visions: Pineal Detox


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

The Third Eye is the Pineal Gland anatomy of the human brain and related structures. I prefer to call it the “Pearl of Wisdom”. The Pearl is a mandala and thus is a single thing with an infinite meaning, and is a spirit mirror which is designed to help us know ourselves by SEEING and reflecting love to others. Like all mandalas because it is infinite, there is really a lot I could say on this topic, but instead; I’m going to stay laser focused and only talk about the things that I think are most important. My only goal for this episode is to arm you with the knowledge & tools you need to detox and to inspire you to start thinking for yourself and using your own Pearl of Wisdom because I want everyone to see with 20/20 Vision of the Third Eye in 2020!


Here is the definition from my medical Neuroscience book “The Human Brain” by John Nolte:

PINEAL GLAND: A dorsal outgrowth of the diencephalon, protruding from the third ventricle immediately above and posterior to the paired habenular nuclei. The pineal is an endocrine gland important in seasonal changes of some animals; in humans it secrets melatonin with a circadian rhythm and participates in adjusting the phase of the rhythm.

Some important facts about the Pineal Gland you might not know is that
1) There is no blood brain barrier at the pineal gland!
2) It’s not located in the front of your head behind your forehead like you might think, instead it’s more close to the back of your head!
3) Not mentioned in the definition is that it regulates puberty sex development
4) The Pineal likely does a lot more than we understand, regulating sex, sleeping, dreaming and a whole lot more type so rhythms than you might guess.
5) I was taught to think about daily circadian rhythms but the pineal can also sense and adjust to ANNUAL (year long) rhythms such as the temperature and light differences of the seasons.
6) The pineal in humans by comparative anatomy really is like a “vestigial” third eye as an eye with actual photo-receptors in many other vertebrates (Fish, reptiles and birds for instance), however; in humans there are no longer photoreceptors but there are nerve connections so likely the pineal in humans has evolved to have a different function.
7) The pineal gland has a rich cultural history of religious beliefs surrounding it and is considered to be the seat of the soul in many religions which all share a common solar cult theme associated with the pineal because it can sense the sun’s movements through the seasons and thus is considered to be a very sacred part of the brain.
8) The pineal gland sits on top of the back of the Thalamus in the middle and is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid on top of two connecting pieces of flesh called the habenula.


Also from Nolte: Habenula: A small mound of neurons on the dorsomedial surface of the caudal thalamus, derived from the embryonic diencephalon. The habenula receives diverse afferents from the mediobasal forebrain (e.g. septal nuclei, pre-optic area) that arrive through the superiorly arching stria medullaris of the thalamus. Habenular efferents descend to various paramedian midbrain reticular nuclei via the habenulointerpeduncular tract. Although its anatomically evident that the habenula is a relay in caudally directed limbic projections, its exact role is poorly understood.


The Pineal Gland looks like a pearl suspending like a jewel inside the cerebrospinal fluid of third ventricle in the brain. The only thing holding it up are these two arms called the HABENULA which look to me kinda like a jewel stand for the Pineal “Pearl shaped Jewel”. All around and under the pineal besides the habenula are the cerebrospinal fluid water but it also connects to the bloodstream without any blood brain barrier, so the pineal gland looks darn important. The Latin word Habenula means Thong or Reigns. Since the base of the spinal cord is called tail of the horse (Latin: Cauda Equina), the Habenula is like the Reigns of the Horse/Sea Monster where you the human is the monster! (See Hippocampus). Based on mainstream neuroanatomical description since the Pineal is the end of a relay that only goes through the two habenula, and since they project neurons to the limbic system then some possible functions the poorly understood Pineal & Habenula are involved in based on known limbic system function are: Emotion, Behavior, Motivation, Long-Term Memory, and Olfaction. Because we know the Pineal evolved from an optic organ, I would add sight and also we know it has sexual function (regulating puberty) and we know it is involved in sleep and dreaming since the pineal secretes the melatonin hormone. The meaning double meaning of the Habenula as Thong (Like a Thong Lingerie) is because of the sacred feminine connection as the Pineal looks like Pearl and is viewed as the “Clitoris of the Mind” as the Pineal in center of brain along longitudinal fissure evokes images of Aphrodite emerging from a clam and her pearl. The idea of a “sexual reign” in terms of known puberty development make sense at least since the Pineal secrets Melatonin which reigns in and suppresses puberty and then levels decrease. Likely melatonin levels also fluctuate during the day, month year (probably month would assume) regulating sexual cycle. Based in animal models, we would expect a higher reproductive drive in the summer (more sunlight) months of the year though whether this applies to humans or not I don’t know. The pineal can likely do all kinds of things we don’t really know about but if you listen to the ancient religious descriptions then the Pineal is important for Psychic functions, dreaming especially, Astral Projection and Enlightenment. The Idea that the Pineal is like a “lightbulb” that is involved with generating or receiving new ideas from the Universe is my take.

DrBenGo 7 Pineal Gland Insights.
1) Looks like a Pearl Jewel suspended in waters of the CSF on a dual stand (habenula)
2) The Habenula was maybe named because it “Reigns In” Sexual function.
3) Sexual Function which drives the ancient animal brain yet the pineal gland can be reigned in to channel the sexual energy into New Thoughts and Wisdom. An eye once evolved to stay on lookout for predators or mates, in humans has evolved to now look out for whatever you want it to and could be the source of both nightmares & sex dreams.
4) Pineal Gland Connection with the Greek Goddess Sophia, Athena, Venus, Aphrodite because looks like a pearl in a clam or a the clitoris a big brain vagina (see longitudinal fissure). If when you open your pineal, and you get nothing but nightmares than it means your brain is in predator avoidance mode instead of mating mode. Switch to mating mode (look for beauty) and then direct your brain’s sexual energy towards seeking and desiring whatever it is that you want such as Knowledge or Wisdom.”
5) Many people to not understand that many ancient religious and mythological stories are actually related to human anatomy. Now that you know, how do you interpret the Matthew 5:28 in the Book of Babel (Bible)? Gouge out your eye? Note the similarity to the Greek word “epithymesai” (to lust after) and the anatomy of the “epithalamus” of the human brain anatomy. The epithalamus of the brain diencephalon includes the PINEAL GLAND and habenula!
6) The diencephalon of the brain consists of epithalamus (pineal), hypothalamus (& sub thalamus), and the thalamus.
7) The Egyptian “Eye of Ra” is the Thalamus, the Vulture wearing the crown of upper Egypt is the Epithalamus (Pineal Gland) and the cobra wearing the crown up lower Egypt is the Hypothalamus (& subthalamus). Note the similarity of the crowns of Egypt and the Hypothalamus and Epithalamus brain anatomy.

Christianity comes from Egypt and the secret neuroanatomy connections of the words of Jesus came with it. This is not just a characteristic of one religion but of all PIE (Proto-Indo-European) language group peoples. Therefore the secret of the Sumerians, the Jews, the Hindu, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Norse and all high priests & priestesses was the secret anatomy of the Pineal Gland and it’s connection to the Sun & Sexual desire, dreaming, and wisdom.


The Pineal is a neuroendocrine organ that produces melatonin a hormone which regulates sleep and input through the eyes goes to the SCN (superchiasmatic nucleus) area of the hypothalamus which sends signal to the pineal which then sends melatonin to the rest of the body. The pineal gland is a vestigial EYE based on comparative neuroanatomy of there vertebrates, but the human EYE no longer has any photo-receptors in it but has neural connections to the diencephalon.


Fire of the Sun’s light and of the Light of your own thinking and meditation is required to activate the Pineal Gland.


Fluoride is the chemical which directly deactivates the pineal and requires detoxing.
The pineal is very sensitive to damage because it has no blood brain barrier and thus the pineal gland itself is the filter between your cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood. Aluminum metal though harmless when injected is very poisonous when injected directly into the bloodstream as in vaccines because it binds with and make more toxic fluoride. Fortunately, if the level of fluoride toxin in the blood rises, the pineal appears to try to protect itself by using calcium to bind the fluoride resulting in a hardened and calcified (deactivated pineal). Calcium-Fluoride is insoluble and can only be detoxed with iodine. I created an detox system the iMedDo Ultimate Fluoride & Heavy Metal Detox system and I assert that this is the BEST system for removing fluoride from the pineal and reactivating your THIRD EYE.
The Pineal would rather stop working than to allow toxins directly into the CSF, but people with blocked pineal glands are described as “Zombies” because they are like living dead, are easily controllable and may lose the ability to dream, lack imagination and creativity.


Because the pineal lacks a blood brain barrier, it is susceptible to infection and the nano colloidal silver protects it as a germicidal.


Gold Iodide (Au(III)I3) though predicted, does not exist, but Gold Fluoride (AuF3) does. Because of the differential treatment of gold with iodine nutrient and fluoride toxin, gold is useful in detoxing fluoride without interfering with iodine nutrient.
Iodine is still required to flush the fluoride, but gold is important for Pineal health for it’s synergistic effect with iodine in detoxing the fluoride since the toxicity of the fluoride is because it mimics iodine.


An activated Pineal results in a heightened awareness of the Heavens and your own inner divinity. In addition, another way is required which is to detox the chemicals which deactivate the pineal. The main chemical that turns off your pineal gland is Fluoride. The reason it does so is that it imitates the critical Pineal nutrient Iodine (EYE-ODIN). By the age of 17 most people have already deactivated the pineal and you can see it by taking an X-ray of your head and you will see calcium in the Pineal which makes it light up on a X-ray. Toxic metals most importantly injected aluminum from vaccines into the bloodstream by a shot are very bad for the Pineal because the Pineal lacks a blood brain barrier which means on one side of the Pineal is the cerebrospinal fluid and on the other side is your blood. If you inject a toxin into your blood like aluminum, mercury or lead, then it can get stuck in the Pineal and deactivate it. This will disrupt the Pineal production of melatonin at the very least and will mess up your bodies ability to regulate sleep, dreaming, rhythmic both daily and yearly cycles and also will disrupt your reproductive cycle and likely a host of unknown bad effects the most important of which is the loss of your Psychic powers, will disrupt your “Connection to Source Energy” and can potentially even be fatal if unwanted chemical pass through the pineal into your cerebrospinal fluid part of your brain. The cerebrospinal fluid bathes the hippocampus and if your cerebrospinal fluid gets dirty with toxins let in from the bloodstream then likely loss of memory and many other bad side effects could occur.


A child’s pineal gland grows to full size during first 2 years of life. During this time it is critical the baby get’s iodine nutrient for their brain and to do this the baby is supposed to get the nutrient through the mother’s breast milk which contains ALL of the nutrients the baby needs for life. Mainstream medicine is destroying the lives of children with bad recommendations such as “Don’t breastfeed it will interact with the vaccines”. Vaccinosis is terrible, the injected aluminum (and other toxins especially mercury & lead) when injected into the bloodstream can severely damage the pineal and result in a lifetime of health problems for the child.


Do you care about your young children, and want them to reach puberty at the right time? Did you know that instead of in seventh grade (12-13 yrs old average) that many young girls are now starting to menstruate in SECOND GRADE (8 yrs!) Parents are up in arms about it but they DON’T KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEM! Clearly it is some chemical or poison in our diet but no-one is mainstream medicine will say what. While researching this article about the Pineal I found the cause, so please share this knowledge. The pineal gland releases melatonin. Melatonin serves to suppress puberty in children until they are ready for it then the melatonin production decreases until after puberty. If the child is being exposed to Pineal gland disrupting toxins like aluminum and worse (mercury & lead etc) from vaccinosis and from drinking fluoride water or other sources of halogens (bromide in bread, fluoride in toothpaste, chlorine in pools etc) then their pineal gland will be blocked early and will release less melatonin signaling puberty TOO SOON! This is known is as precocious puberty and can have adverse affects on the child’s social behavior and psychological development. The extent of the damage is not fully known but is likely reduced fertility in males and is exerting pressure on women to reproduce at an early age before their body runs out of iodine nutrient. It is important for women especially to receive plenty of iodine both before, during and after pregnancy and to fully replenish all nutrients between babies to avoid nutritional deficiency in self or offspring.


Some words shut down your mind to further thought and other words can open your mind to allow expanded knowledge. An important discovery I made is that some of the words in human anatomy are very much like this and it is important to meditate on the Greek & Latin words which describe many of the things we take for granted and look with our Third Eye for expanded meaning. Just as I think the word “Thyroid Gland” is disempowering, and I prefer to use the word “Psyche or Butterfly”, I don’t like the word “Pineal Gland” and prefer to call it the “PEARL OF WISDOM”, and I also like the “MIND’S EYE”. However, the word “Pineal” does have a deep meaning which though previously lost to time, I have rediscovered through meditation and would like to share.


The mainstream narrative is that Pineal comes from Latin Pinus for Pine “because the Pineal Gland looks like a Pinecone”. This is a half-truth at best which is designed to shut down not expand your mind, however; once you know the truth it is a “close enough” approximation.


The revelation that I had was that the Pineal DOES NOT look like a Pinecone, BUT it does look like the female cone of a CEDAR OF LEBANON. In included a picture of one in the newsletter art bottom left for you to compare. The knowledge of the Pineal Gland Anatomy which I call the “Pearl of Wisdom” much predates both the Greeks and Romans and I will just call it Phoenician but I use the term Phoenician loosely to include Proto-Indo-European PIE (from Turkey area) dating back to Sumerian the first written language which includes amazingly both English as a PIE language as well as Vedic Sanskrit (also a PIE language) and many more Greek & Latin included are PIE languages. All relevant to this discussion human language shares a common origin, and for the purpose of this article Sumerian/Pheonician/PIE common proto-human language can be used interchangeably. The Cedar Tree was used by the Phoenicians to build their boats which took them all over ancient world especially all around the Mediterranean sea centered including at a minimum: Turkey Area, Lebanon Area with influence all across the Mediterranean Sea including N. Africa, Greece and Italy. Good trees for building ships were not found everywhere and most shipbuilding came from the Biblos area in Lebanon (word Bible and book come from there too) a place with a documented over 10,000 years of human habitation. The city of Biblos is referenced in the Egyptian mythos of Osiris & nearby Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon are interesting. Note the Similarity of words Tyre, Fire and Fir Tree likely actually referencing the Cedar of Lebanon. Because of the Punic Wars, the Romans took a negative view of the Phoenicians as their enemy Carthage was a Phoenician city. With the shift from Matrilineal to Patrilineal society after the Ice Age and into the development of PIE languages the word for the PEARL OF WISDOM anatomy shifted from being female to male. Note the similarity of the word PINEAL and PENIS, as well as the word PUNIC (Carthage had Pheonician ancestry) as well as PENAL (Like the Penal System i.e. Punishment) because the to the Romans the Carthaginians were beating them as divine Punishment from the Goddess for not worshiping or honoring her enough. The Phoenetic similarity of being both a tree of whatever type (Cedar/Fir/Pine) and of being Penis (male phallic symbol) make perfect sense in Egyptian-Phoenician mythology as they associated the erecting phallus which was associated with raising the mast of a sailing ship which forms a Cross in the sky with a deep solar-zodiacal meaning. The deepest meaning is of course the connection of the stars with the internal human anatomy. In particular the sun which creates light was associated with the Pineal anatomy and the idea that the Pineal Gland is the principle seat of the human soul persisted even unto modern times and was believed most recently by Rene Descartes. So much confusion and baggage and linguistic and historical issues concerning the Pineal Gland Etymology. Most importantly it relates to building ships, the ships were ALWAYS female representative of the Goddess and ships always were depicted in ancient times with an EYE on the front of the boat (popular with Phoenicians and many PIE linguistic related cultures like the Persians, Greek, ancient Egyptians and even Romans would do) but the thing that is shocking to modern culture is that the female boats also has a PENIS (the erected MAST). This may sound strange to modern ears but was common in ancient times, see for example the Egyptian Queen Hathshepsut who identified herself as the Goddess but with Penis Power and was derogatorily called the Transvestite Queen in later times. Also Egyptian Akhenaten was a man depicted as pregnant and the idea of gender dual gods & angels was not so foreign in ancient times and the idea persists via Sumerian/PIE even in English in the idea that Angels are gender neutral. However in modern times people are afraid of penises and thus prefer to think of an angel as having no junk (androgynous) but in ancient times more accurately and angel would have been thought to have double junk (Hermaphrodite with both a vagina AND a Penis) and a sailing ship was the quintessential example (female (slap a mermaid on front) with a penis (mast) and this idea is VERY VERY ANCIENT likely to the origins of human language.


The Pinecone stuff is not actually wrong it’s just confusing. The clearest I can explain it is that it is actually a Cedar Cone (actually a female cedar cone as male vs female cones are different) and that the cedar cone makes a resins and displays serotiny and requiring fire to activate, to burn away the resin so it can release its nuts. This is very similar to many Fir and Pine trees so type of tree is not so important but the connection of the Pineal to Fire & the Goddess (female cone) is important and the just too deep for most people to grasp the Penis, Penal, Punic Phoenician male mast of ship is just a little too much for many to grasp, so just skip it. It’s not like the Pineal actually looks like a pine cone anyway. I would have skipped this whole section but I thought it was important to really explain in detail the etymology of the word Pineal so that we know just can just THROW IT OUT if you don’t find it enlightening, or if you do then meditate on the connection of the Cedar-Cone and Fire and the Fire of the Sun with your Pineal and you might be pleasantly surprised. Beside the Pineal, the Pituitary gland in the brain is from similar etymology (PIE word Pit same origin as Latin Pinus) as is the etymology of the neurotransmitter Serotonin (from Serotiny similar concept as a Fire-Cone like Pineal etymology). Melatonin hormone created by Pineal Gland anatomy is serotonin derived and it all just fits perfectly if you think of it as a Resinous-Cedar-Cone and if you want to think of it as a Pine-Cone then sure but not like the ones in my back yard but like the Pines in California that only open after a forrest fire! In the same way your Pineal Gland anatomy senses Light (i.e. Fire) and then releases daily and yearly circadian rhythm controlling melatonin. But like all the weird sex stuff Penis-Mast-On A Phoenician Goddess Boat, melatonin also regulates sexual development and function in both males and females.


Cutting through the fog of all the confusing ancient stuff, and undoing the shift from Patriarchal back to original Matriarchal meaning, the best way to think of the Pineal Gland is not as a PENIS PINECONE but more like the CLITORIS PEARL. This viewpoint jives amazing well with both the ancient and the modern and fits exceedingly well with describing abstractly the neuroanatomy of the brain. Although some may find it shocking, if you look at a human brain top down, it does vaguely look like a Vagina (males see vagina’s everywhere those dirty Sumerians lol) where the Longitudinal Fissure of the brain is the opening between the two hemispheres and the Pineal Gland is like the “Clitoris of the Mind” as it is located in the center towards the back (I will give the more precise neuroanatomy description later). Even more interestingly is if you really get in there and look at detailed brain anatomy slice by brain slice [I did and looked in detail reference: The Human Brain by John Note as I took medical Neuroscience at UT Medical School] then the Pineal Gland really does kinda look like a little round pearl held up on a dual pedestal and surrounded by the water of the cerebrospinal fluid of the third ventricle anatomy! The Greek description of Aphrodite arriving on a clam shell (two hemispheres of brain like a giant clam with the pineal a pearl inside) comes to mind. Also the Greek description of Athena as being the first thought of Zeus comes to mind. The Phoenician Goddess Taint was syncretic with Egyptian Neith and Greek Athena and I argue is actually referring to the anatomy of the human Pineal Gland, the “PEARL OF WISDOM”. I saw a funny word “Mindgasm” that applies. The greek Goddess personification of Wisdom is called Sophia and is syncretic with Aphrodite and the Pearl of Wisdom Neuroanatomy. I assert my highest degree is DSM ([Doctor Supplemental Medicine] Occult meaning “Doctor Sophia Mater”) [Teacher of Mother Sophia] and this article is the most “revealed” and naked I have ever made my knowledge in this area. I hope it is not too raw for your delicate minds =)


I think ancient humor is lost on modern audiences but I think the whole idea of calling the “Clitoris of the Mind” as a Penis (Pineal) was just one big Roman joke. This joke may be the oldest joke of all time. It’s all really either exceedingly weird or exceedingly comical really, and I prefer to go with comical. So ha ha, Pineal sounds like Penis but it’s really a Clitoris, but really the brain is neither male nor female for we are all capable of using our Third Eye to See Clearly for Ourselves! May you have 20/20 Vision with your Pearl of Wisdom in 2020!


iMedDo System is the Best & Safest way to detox your PEARL OF WISDOM!

NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End).

By DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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