Greetings dear readers & Happy Thanksgiving! For this month’s episode, I asked myself, “What is the most valuable & relevant information that I can share that can benefit the most number of people who read this both physically & spiritually?” The answer that I came up with is that people are still struggling with covid bioweapon, so I’m going to share my recommendation for a covid recovery protocol. The vaccine war and the bitcoin war are related so I’m also going to talk about the ongoing trial of Satoshi over Bitcoin in Florida.


If you missed it, there was some great news this month that the federal court struck down Biden’s unconstitutional vax mandate for federal employees. It was going to be enforced by OSHEA (occupational safety & health administration) who are now stayed from enforcement pending further court order. This is excellent news, and made me very happy this my birthday and turkey month.



I’m pleased to share this information as spiritual-medical advice which I’m happy to say is immune from censorship thanks to the wonderful first amendment freedom of religion-speech that we have here in the United States of America. If you are still in the mainstream medicine cult religion, I’m supposed to say to consult a local licensed healthcare practitioner if you need medical advice related to covid, but here in iMedDo church the truth is from what I’ve seen that those people are generally in violation of the hippocratic oath, are practicing fake medicine as poisoners with intent to kill & genocide using the tool of the covid bioweapon; so I can’t in good conscious recommend that you talk to them as their heavenly license has been revoked. I have real license from heaven as evidenced and conferred to me by the Goddess Sophia, my own human brain. It is my intention that with the information that I will share in this episode that you will be able to stay out of the hospital death traps, and avoid the common pitfalls of the covid bioweapon, avoid the genocide, outlive the poisoners, and go on to create a better society as healthy enlightened and awakened individuals.


Shame on the poisoners, be they pediatricians, dentists or otherwise, you are scum, and your respect from society is revoked as long as you pushing experimental blood poison & heavy metal vaccines & fluoride on children you are in direct violation of the hippocratic oath, and you should worry less about losing your government license as your actual license from heaven has already been shredded, & there is a heavenly bounty on your heads. Repent before the demon the ancient Terror collects by eating your heart. Protect your soul while you still have it. Ye be warned.


Firstly ask yourself, “Do I want to get Covid?” The answer is yes, it is important that your body get exposed & recover that you may have natural immunity and enhanced resilience against all future strains of the bioweapon that you may survive the genocide, outlive the poisoners and creates a brave new world in health & wisdom.

What to do before getting COVID?

I recommend you nebulize NeuSilver food grade 10 nm coated colloidal silver 1 drop in water in the bulb of the nebulizer for 1-5 minutes 1 time a week as a lung preventative. Hopefully you will get exposed to and recover from covid without ever noticing it at all.

What to do if you start having Covid symptoms?

“Nebulize silver immediately, nebulize silver frequently” Shari-Grace Goins

Shari whipped covid nebulizing silver 2x a day.

To be safe, I recommend if you start having covid symptoms to nebulize 1 drop NeuSilver mixed with 1 drop NeuGold for 3x a day for 1-5 min for 5 days.

Back in March 2020, Shari-Grace and I made a video on how to use silver & gold in a nebulizer which is still relevant:


NeuSilver & NeuGold are great in the air compressor style nebulizer and can be mixed together.

All three NeuSilver & NeuIodine & NeuGold are anti-viral. In addition NeuSilver & NeuGold are anti-inflammatory, and it is getting that anti-inflammatory effect directly in the lungs is why we nebulize NeuSilver & NeuGold (*but not NeuIodine).

*NeuIodine doesn’t need to go in the nebulizer you put it on the skin as nascent iodine doesn’t like water so is not compatible with nebulization. Yes you can nebulize iodide the water soluble form of iodine instead if you want to, but please at least nebulize the NeuSilver. You could nebulize food grade hyrogen peroxide as well for an anti-viral effect, but like NeuIodine it is not anti-inflammatory and could make inflammation worse from oxidation, so I don’t recommend it, instead use anti-inflammatory colloidal silver & gold in the nebulizer is how my covid protocol works.

You will need to go and get a pulse oximeter which is a device that clips to your finger and will tell you your oxygen level and heart rate. Your oxygen should be 97-100% but if you let covid rage unchecked for next 5 days or so it will cause lung inflammation and if your oxygen gets too low you will need to check into a hospital to get an oxygen prescription which you want to avoid. So it’s important to immediately start taking as many anti-inflammatories as you can and most important is that colloidal silver is anti-inflammatory and that you get it directly in the lungs using the nebulizer.

Nebulize silver & gold along with doing all your other vitamins & ivermectin drug and if your oxygen level is still high after 5 days then you are good to go.

A list of health supplements & vitamins I recommend the ones I used for covid recovery are:

Must have ones:
Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Curcumin (Turmeric extract), Quercetin, Zinc, *Potassium.

*covid as part of attacking heart attacks potassium levels. You need to either eat a banana every day during the 5 days after getting symptoms, and/or drink coconut water which is high in potassium and/or take a potassium supplement. I’d do all three. There will be some potassium in your multi-vitamin but is not enough.

I recommend these 2-3x a day for first 5 days after symptoms.

Extra ones I used as well:
Elderberry syrup, Ashwaganda (Panax Ginseng), Bacopa

My regular vitamins I used as well:
Multi-vitamin, Vitamin Bs (B6,B12), Fish Oil

Also I added in some essential oils at recommendation of my friend: Wolfberry (I used Ningxia Red by Young living) & Thieves Oil (Blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus & Rosemary Oil).

Things I forgot to use but wish I had and recommend as part of this protocol:

*Ivermectin (anti-viral & anti-parasite drug), *Frankincense & Myrrh oil.

*you can also get raw frankincense and burn on coals & will make a white smoke that can is healthy can breath into lungs.

To get ivermectin I’ve heard you need to get a positive covid test first or you have to get it at an animal store for horses and cut the dosage by 1/10.

And last but not least, iMedDo Health Supplements.

Besides nebulizing the silver & gold as I talked about at the beginning, you also need to do your normal dosage but increase it a bit.

Normally, as you known, you should do 1 drop silver & gold in water & drink, and men do 2 drops of iodine and women work up to 4. For the 5 days after having symptoms, I recommend increasing your dosage of silver to 10 drops a day & adding in probiotics. Increasing your dosage of NeuGold to 4 drops a day & both men and women can ramp up NeuIodine dosage as well to 7 drops for men or 9 drops for women:

For the 5 days after getting symptoms ramp up by 1 drop of NeuIodine a day. So men will do 2 drops (normal), 3 (day 1), 4 (day 2),5 (day 3), 6 (day 4), 7 (day 5) drops and women will do 4 drops (normal), 5 (day 1), 6 (day 2), 7 (day 3), 8 (day 4), 9 (day 5) drops.

Each day check your oxygen. If on day 5 you no longer have a fever & your oxygen is still good in the 90’s then you are all good and you can go back to doing your normal dosage. Protocol complete. Hopefully your oxygen will be 94%+ ideally 97-100%. I recommend continuing to do all your vitamins above but you can reduce dosage to 1x a day instead of 2-3x a day once you pass the 5 day mark.


The tests are untrustworthy, but you will know when you are sick and you will know when you are better. If you want ivermectin human dose you may need to get a covid test day one to come back positive to get the RX else you gotta get and cut the animal dose. After day 5 if you feel better you could get a test to show is negative if it make you feel better If still positive but you feel good can do protocol for another 5 days and retest. I don’t like the tests, and I recommend you minimize testing as who knows what they put in those nasal swabs some claim they collecting your DNA and/or neurotoxic chemicals so only get 1 test if you can, or 2 max if you can, get one positive and one negative later to confirm.
Never comply with the crazy demands to get mandatory testing every week or anything that has you doing excessive testing.


Day 1 of symptoms for me I had heart pain then after day one none, Day 2-5 I had low grade cyclical fever 101-104 degrees which got worse at night-time and day 5 my oxygen got down to 83 and I had to check into a hospital.

Compare to my wife who nebulizer silver 2x a day and was fine.

So I really think main thing about this protocol is getting the silver directly into your lungs with nebulizer but do all the other vitamins as well.


The protocol should work but if it does and your oxygen drops too low in the 80’s and stays there then you will need to check into a hospital to get an oxygen prescription.


No-one, doing this protocol should need this, but I need to mention so that if the worse happens, you will known what to do and most importantly what not to do.

The hospital will give you oxygen which is good. They will do blood work and likely give you vitamin K (potassium), vitamin C and vitamin D all good. They will do a chest X-ray and a covid test and tell you that you are positive that is fine.

They will give you a steroid and blood thinner which is also fine.

What they will do that you need to refuse under all circumstances is they will want to give you “REMDESIVIR” drug.


They will want to give it to you day one when you check into hospital, and if you take it, you might not make it out of there alive as it causes organ failure and many of the people marked down as covid deaths are actually hospital malpractice deaths from by Remdesivir. They told me that remdesvir is an anti-viral that only works first 1-2 days after symptoms, but I told them I had already had symptoms 5 days so them even recommending it was medical malpractice in the first place. They give people remdesvir when they enter for covid and people die and then they blame on covid and get paid for each covid death, do your own research but if the worse happens and you end up in hospital it is important LIFE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that you refuse remdesivir drug.

I recommend you request an IV drip to stay hydrated as the hospital water will likely have fluoride & chlorine in it which are not conducive to healing.

After a few days on the blood thinner they will start to try to overdose you on it, don’t let them increase dosage if you can otherwise you will notice with a big purple bruise spot at injection so at that point make them reduce dosage or cut out the blood thinner. If I remember correctly for me I was in hospital 5 days and first few days they gave me blood thinner once a day but day 3 they increased to twice a day and it overdosed me and by day 4 or 5 I had to refuse the blood thinner. I do recommend you do the blood thinner (I forget name is a relative drug of warfarin) first few days but watch them closely for overdosing it.

I didn’t notice any effect of the steroid drugs but supposedly it is anti-inflammatory in the lungs which is a good thing so I didn’t refuse that and recommend you do it if worse happens and you get hospitalized for covid.
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR HOSPITAL COVID SURVIVAL is to stay on your stomach (prone position) as much as possible. Bad hospital bed design makes this very uncomfortable and they will have an oxygen monitor on you that will constantly beep making sleep pretty impossible. It’s tempting to watch tv if in there but you need to stay on stomach. By day 5 when most people enter the hospital for low oxygen (Which hopefully will never happen to you if you doing silver nebulize protocol) the virus is pretty much already gone, but the problem is that it left lung inflammation and as your lung heals it creates a white mucus which you will be coughing up (viral pneumonia). By staying on your stomach it will allow gravity to help drain that mucus from the back of your lungs and you will heal faster and your oxygen levels will stay higher. If you can’t tolerate being on your stomach all the time lay on side alternating one side or the other and still try to stay on your stomach for 15 min out of every hour.


When I was in hospital and my oxygen numbers had steadily been going up (sign of recovery) a bad doctor came and tried to agree that if things went south that they could intubate me. Intubate means stick a tube down your throat so they can hook you up to a ventilator. I refused. I said no matter what not gonna do it.
The problem is lung damage from inflammation and going on a ventilator just damages the lungs more and results in many people dying from medical malpractice that they blame on covid but was the ventilator. By refusing the intubation/ventilator it gives them no choice but to get you better shattering their dreams of getting the money of marking you as a covid death. Why she would recommend intubating when my oxygen numbers were going up steadily was medical malpractice. There is a different doctor every few hours in a hospital so it is hard to tell who your doctor is and every few shifts you will get one who will make terrible suggestions like that. They asked me 3 times trying to push the remdesivir poison on me and was making me nervous having to refuse them so often but at least I only had to refuse the intubation once. My experience as the techs were good, half the nurses were good and all of the doctors wanted me dead it seemed. The three ways they wanted to kill me were 1) remdesvir, 2) intubation 3) taking the jab after already getting covid all of which I refused. This is why if you check into the hospital it is a death trap if you don’t known what to refuse. Take the oxygen and get out of there!


The entire point of getting covid is to recover and get natural immunity, but if you get the jab (covid19 vaccine) after getting covid it negates and destroys your natural immunity wasting the entire benefit of getting and recovering from covid in the first place. Of course the hospital will engage in medical malpractice and recommend you get the jab even though you already have covid while you are receiving from covid which is the most stupid & incorrect of medical advice. Every doctor recommending that should be shot. Putting more spike proteins & other toxins in our body is bad enough while you recovering, but to destroy you natural immunity negating the one benefit of getting covid is crazy. Your goal is to get natural immunity. Their goal is to destroy your natural immunity making you depending on covid vaccine boosters for the rest of your life. Your goal is more worthy. Studies show that if you get covid and get hospitalized and recover, you have excellent natural immunity. But don’t get the Jab!!! Seems obvious but is important! They will offer it! Refuse!


By day 3 in the hospital I could tell I was strong enough to leave by stayed a few more days to be sure. They wanted to keep me another week but I wanted out as all I needed was the oxygen prescription and was making for it day 3 but they kept telling me they were out of oxygen and that they wanted to send me home with oxygen but couldn’t as they not have any. This sounded like complete bullshit to me, and no doubt their main agenda for keeping me in the hospital longer was the extra $1300 a day they were charging me to be there. Had I stayed as long as they wanted my bill would have been double, and they knew at that point since I didn’t take the remdesvir nor the intubation and was staying on my stomach that they weren’t going to be able to make money from killing me either so keeping me longer was their main income stream option. But day 3 or so they took away my IV drip for hydration and I knew day 4 & 5 that I HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE for the simple medical necessity that the only thing I had drink in there was FLUORIDE WATER that they served. They served it ice cold so you couldn’t taste the fluoride, but if you let it go room temperature and smell it could tell they were giving me tap water that was full of chlorine & fluoride. I didn’t have my NeuIodine to detox it in the hospital and my one water bottle that had some NeuSilver & NeuGold in it that I was swishing in my mouth everyday in the hospital for dental health was also gone by day 3. I knew that if I didn’t get out by day 5 my health was going to start turning from dehydration and fluoride poisoning. So day 4 I demanded to leave but they delayed me all day telling me all day they were looking for oxygen and as soon as they found I could go, then day 5 I just sat up on my bed with shoes on and told them that I’m leaving by days end whether they want me to or not. They seemed upset but said that I could always leave “AMA i.e against medical advice” i.e. against their medical advice but with my medical advice so I was out of there. They never gave me any oxygen, but they did give me an oxygen prescription which my wife helped me fill by finding an medical device company that could fill it. Apparently standard pharmacies don’t have and is kinda ridiculous that oxygen is a controlled substance that needs a prescription from their cult and that it is largely unavailable when people are getting covid and need it. My recommendation is that day one of getting symptoms that on top of doing the protocol you should also start making calls sourcing some oxygen. You probably won’t need it if you do the protocol but you need to be ready to get it ASAP if you do and don’t get stuck in a hospital under the guise of them “looking for oxygen for you to go home with” as they using that as an excuse to keep you longer. I told them to have a nurse just wheel me out and dump me outside on the curb (Which they did) and my wife picked me up and blessedly had already picked up the oxygen prescription.


Like I say doing this protocol nebulizing silver & gold on top of all your other vitamins & supplements you should never need to go to hospital like I did, you will recover with very minimum symptoms. The goal is to keep the lung inflammation to a minimum and never let your oxygen get low enough that you need an oxygen prescription as you will be talking anti-inflammatories (silver, turmeric etc) BUT if worse case happens and you get in and get out of the hospital you will need to do oxygen for a few more weeks to recover and perhaps a month or more to fully recover. After getting out of the hospital and getting my oxygen prescription filled elsewhere, to give you an idea I had to use my pulse oximeter pretty much all the time for a few days and use my oxygen after doing any exertion as it would drop to about 76% and on oxygen would go back up to about 91-96%. After a few days I needed the oxygen less and less and after about a week I rarely needed the the oxygen or the pulse oximeter at all. If my oxygen went low I could tell without the pulse oximeter, and general that would happen in the mornings and after using the bathroom or doing any exertion. Soon I was 94% oxygen all the time without using the oxygen but I kept the O2 generating machine and oxygen tanks as backup for another month in case I need them. I don’t need it all anymore but I rented them for a second month just in case and next month I’ll return. I kept them extra month because if I give back and if for some reason I needed I couldn’t get them again without an prescription so I decided to keep them. My oxygen rental is about $100 a month to give you an idea not too bad. It’s been about a month and I’m basically fully recovered as I can exert myself lifting 50lb earth bags to do construction again and I need to rest about 1-3 minutes between each one to my breath as I’m still more easily winded than before the whole covid and recovery but my resting O2 is 94-95% now so I’m pretty good and eventually will get back up to 97-100% in a few months.


Uhh! Getting covid sucks, but getting natural immunity is worth it as you don’t have to worry about the next round of related bioweapon strains that will mutate or be released upon us.

My wife and I were like a perfectly controlled study where we did everything the same except she nebulized silver early (day 1-3 of symptoms), and I didn’t (I didn’t nebulize until day 4-5 of symptoms). She recovered with no problem, my oxygen got low and I had to check into the hospital. The only difference was the silver nebulization where she did it immediately, and I stupidly waited a few days and we had massively different experiences.

The goal with this protocol is to learn from my mistakes and from the way my wife did it correctly, and to get covid without letting your lungs get too inflamed where you get low oxygen and then need to survive the hospital death trap.

You really gotta nebulize that silver ideally in the pre-incubation phase but at least gotta hit it in the first 1-3 days of getting symptoms if you wait till day 4 or 5 as I did then even though virus will be gone, the lung inflammation damage may already be done, and you might have to get oxygen persciption which may require hospitalization, big bills, death hoops to avoid the remdesvir, jab & ventilator & fluoride water.

I’m just so thankful for real food grade colloidal silver, see last month’s episode coated colloidal silver for the paper showing how 70% of colloidal silver on Amazon is fake, and knowing that I’ve got the real stuff where you can see the electron micrograph images. I’m so glad it was me who got symptoms and not my wife as with asthma she might now have recovered from covid had it not been for nebulizing silver so I’m truly grateful to have found and to have access to the real stuff and to share it with you all and this protocol. Thankyou for reading & good luck getting your natural immunity!

Kill Bill
Fry Fauci
No immunity for the poisoners
No mandatory jabs &
Natural immunity for all!


DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Some interesting news this month that you might be missing if you are paying attention to the trials going on mainstream media to distract you is that there is an actually extremely important trial of Satoshi Nakamoto the guy who created Bitcoin going on in Florida right now all month (Ira Kleinman vs Craig Wright).

Why is Bitcoin important? Because it’s a private competitor with fixed money supply to the funny money with unlimited money supply of the central banks. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation which is extremely important right now as we are in a time of high inflation. I’ve heard number like this year is highest inflation in 30 yrs and 40% of all the money supply was printed in the last year and it’s very worrisome as it seems the US dollar may be one step away from Weimar republic funny money collapse where we might need a wheelbarrow of dollar bills to get a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas the way things are going. Since Bitcoin has a fixed money supply (fixed number of coins issued when created) the central banks can’t print more and as demand for it as money goes up so will its value counteracting inflation is the idea.

Who Created Bitcoin?

An anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi for a number of years now and him being Satoshi is the premise of the lawsuit Ira Kleinan vs Craig Wright going on now in Florida.

What is the Lawsuit About?

Ira an estranged brother of now deceased Dave Kleinman claims that Craig and Dave were partners and mined bitcoin together and that Craig stole Dave’s bitcoins and now Ira is the executor of deceased Dave’s estate and want’s Craig to give him billions of dollars worth of bitcoins.

What is the importance of this Case?

It’s the largest dollar value civil case ever filed which raises eyebrows but the real significance to most people is that in the trial Craig is presenting evidence on the record that he is Satoshi (Which many don’t believe but seems that it must be so at this point). For the first 10+ years of Bitcoin (created in 2008) there has been much cloak and dagger mystery about the origins of bitcoin and the vision for bitcoin which has culminated in the bitcoin civil war where bitcoin split from BTC (Bitcoin) to BCH (Bitcoin Cash) to BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision). BTC has won the civil war in dollar value as it is around 60k a coin, BCH is about $600 a coin and BSV only about $150 a coin. But interesting BSV is the most useful and scalable (able to grow in size) version of Bitcoin that is the fastest and has the lowest fees and is the one that Craig/Satoshi supports. So the case is important as if Craig is successful in proving that he is Satoshi and that he didn’t steal from Dave then likely his BSV chain will get more attention. If Craig is Satoshi then he has 1 million bitcoins stashed away somewhere (in a trust? in a time locked trust? in multiple trusts?) this guy is super smart a genius even and crafty so not clear, but he could be a market maker if he wanted to sell his coins. Since 2017 he was saying he was going to crash BTC and make BSV go up and I bought into it but it never happened so listing to Craig-Satoshi has cost me a lot of money as I would have been better off sticking with BTC but he is still an existential threat to Bitcoin wealth as you have to hold some BSV just in case if you think he is Satoshi which seems more an more impossible to deny at this point.

Dave Kleinman according to court docs so far was a friend of Craig and a partner in a different company but not in bitcoin if you believe Craig and Dave was not a part of being Satoshi team. Craig says he and Dave mined some testnet blocks which are unspendable and supposedly Ira Dave’s estranged brother had access to Dave’s hard drive and may have reformatted them losing all of Dave’s Bitcoins. I don’t think Craig stole Dave’s coins but will wait till end of trail before deciding for sure. A far out conspiracy is that Dave was Satoshi but is now dead and dead men tell no tales so if Craig killed Dave and stole his bitcoins that would be interesting but is now what likely happened as supposedly Dave died of a bad multi drug resistant staph aureas (MRSA) i.e. bacteria infection and if you believe the defense Dave couldn’t code well and was not Satoshi nor was he a partner with Craig in being Satoshi. Imagine how much different Bitcoin would be if Dave was still alive would be nice to have him on the stand to tell his side of the story. He really disliked Ira and was good friend with Craig so I doubt he would approve of Ira suing Craig on his deceased behalf but who knows can’t ask him.


Back then 10+ years ago few people knew about colloidal silver, I didn’t known until 2013 so is very sad that Dave an potentially integral part of Bitcoin, or at least a good friend of Satoshi died of a bacteria infection as if he had had silver he would still be alive. Silver is as a revolutionary advancement in medicine as Bitcoin is in money/finance. Combined together if everyone would start to buy silver with Bitcoin we could really change the world. I invested in being able to take Bitcoin BSV though no-one uses now if the trail goes well for Craig there will likely be more interest in BSV so we shall see.


I’ve been a longtime BSV supporter since the split in 2017 as I’ve been a supporter of large blocks and having a change that can do many more things than just money such as storing information on it and hosting an entirely new internet called Metanet i.e. internet 2.0.

However, starting in Dec 2020 we started getting some very troublesome warning signs that Calvin Ayre a partner of Craig has Gates funding as we started to see CoinGeek promoting vaccine passports of BSV which I’m and most BSV supporters as well are completely against. Rather than saving the world it appears that Craig maybe wanting to enslave the world with BSV though BSV seems to offer the chance for all to compete and hopefully good companies would win out. I think I heard mentioned in trial that Craig has pitched his bitcoin to Microsoft i.e. Bill Gates. I don’t know if there is Gates money in BSV but there clearly is in much of the crypto space so keep an eye on whichever chain is most anti-Bill Gates is where I want to be. BSV is still interesting but I’m keeping my eye on it for evil. I’m very sad as everyone was hoping that Satoshi was the cool anarchist anti-government guy everyone wanted him to be, but instead Craig is kinda known for being a jerk and seems fine with working with the bad guys. Some say he is playing 5D chess like Trump and really is good, just acting bad, but is hard to say. I do get that impression but won’t comment more until after the trial as hopefully in his defense more info will come out on the history of bitcoin and his intention for it.

Here is a link to the trial coverage for those who want to check it out. It’s very confusing cloak and dagger stuff if you not been following it but is very interesting.


One complaint of many people against Craig is why did he wait 10 years to reveal himself as Satoshi? To which he has a very sensical reply that he was waiting for the statute of limitations to run out as what he did in creating and issuing a new money is illegal in most countries lol. Makes total sense. Wait long enough that no-one can sue you then reveal. He really is Satoshi or long shot Dave was Satoshi and he stole his identity which seems unlikely. People say that Satoshi was a team and that was supposedly said for protection as the real Satoshi didn’t want to get offed as people have really died and bled for bitcoin. Apparently, Master Card played a big role in derailing bitcoin, and if you believe Craig (I want to but has never been profitable to do so) then BSV is the real Bitcoin.

I use (user @169) which is a Bitcoin (BSV) replacement version of Twitter but it just hasn’t gotten the traction of Twitter yet. I’m still de facto banned (stealth suspended) from twitter (@healthwarrior1) for posting the unicorn article against Bill Gates. I think the unicorn is doing it’s job, as since I wrote that, his wife left him, and now his foundation is being picked apart in divorce court allowing us to see the inner workings of his evil. Thanks to the divorce, it is now public that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation spent 319 million on influencing the media which is why there is so much much pro-vax propaganda all around. I’m proud of my unicorn post, that it was my last Twitter post, and I long for the day when BSV obsoletes Twitter and Facebook and Youtube and all of big tech. Only BSV is the disruptive bitcoin tech that can do so as it is the only one that can scale.


Craig’s PR lawyer Jimmy Nguyen is a friend of Mark Zuckerberger’s sister and has stated so before publicly. We know Craig pitched his Bitcoin to Bill Gates, so no doubt, he likely pitched it Mark Zuckerberg. If you been paying attention lately Facebook announced that it is changing its name to “Metaverse”. The conspiracy that seems very likely is that Zuck is planning to run his Metaverse on the BSV Metanet which might be why he picked the name “Meta”. This seems likely to me given Craig’s close relationship to Jimmy who has close relationship to Zuck’s sister and thus potentially Zuckerberg. So instead of Facebook being replaced by BSV, Facebook might just get ahead on being rebuilt on BSV. Hopefully other savvy coders will make a competing Facebook on BSV but it hasn’t happened yet, so we will have to see how this plays out. Zuck’s goal of uploading everyone’s info as an avatar certainly is possible with BSV, but so is enhanced privacy features to keep people like Zuck from getting the data, so we will have to see how it plays out. For now I just want to warn you that we might be looking at Facebook Metaverse on BSV Metanet in which case BSV will go up in value in the future.


I’ve spend way too much of my time since 2017 following Bitcoin, and I’m happy to say I’m mostly out. Sure get some Bitcoin, but instead I’ve invested in medicinal silver, gold and iodine and am much more happy and less stressed about crypto prices and it feels good.

Investing in your health has been a better move than investing in BSV at least as back in 2017 I would take even 0.5 BSV for a set of health supplements and now you will need 2 BSV to buy iMedDo Detox System. iMedDo Detox System has kept up with inflation, BSV has not. BTC has though but has existential threat of Craig proving he is Satoshi and then enforcing his copyrights on it.


Likely BTC won’t crash even if BCH and BSV go up, I suspect the entire crypto market will just keep going up as long as governments are printing money, there are people looking to dump that money in crypto. Tether is a threat if it gets crashed, but appears to be a tool of the central bankers so I don’t think it will, and Craig is a threat if he is Satoshi and sells all his coins crashing the BTC price, but I don’t think he will either. Instead, Craig has indicated he just wants to charge licensing fees for the bitcoin database to the exchanges who use it (part of it is open source part is not) & he has a lot of patents on BSV; he wants to monetize long run, and I expect if he can prove his claim the BTC folks will just pay his licensing fees rather than go out of business or crash. So long run, I’m still for BSV, but shorter term I bet BTC will go to 100k, but we shall see (not financial advice). I like pirate chain (ARR) which is like Monero (XMR) but supposedly even more anonymous and has less vax passport supporters and less Gates money in there but we shall see on that also. There are so many crypto coins out there and you can see them all on or there are hundreds upon hundreds and it’s just confusing. Basically bitcoin has been destroyed with all the forking and now it’s like bartering apples for oranges if you want to actually uses any of them. No doubt, going into 2022 great fortunes will be made and lost in crypto. I just hope crypto will be a safe place to hide from inflation. For crypto to really succeed we need to see things that actually help people and the world such as fraud proof election systems, uncensorable social media replacements, archived scientific studies and algorithms to point out the liars to prevent another covid pandemic fraud, bitcoin replacing Paypal, Venmo, cash app and central banks becoming the new global reserve. We haven’t seen these things yet but hopefully will. What we don’t need on Bitcoin is government slave control systems like vaccine passports so the race is on for internet 2.0. Will it be free? Or will it be Microsoft-Facebook 2.0? We shall see. Bitcoin allows micropayments so a free internet 2.0 is not free, it is pure capitalism where Bitcoin allows the small companies to compete. Freedom isn’t free but on Bitcoin it can be microtransacted online which is exciting. Bitcoin is the killer app that the internet has been needing with native payments. We will need a more global constitution which enshrines privacy worldwide as money on Bitcoin is now global. I want the freedoms of religion and speech of America to spread whereas what we are seeing instead is the spreading of Communism to Australia and Coastal US so we need to try harder to fight communism. Bitcoin is supposed to be according to Craig an econo-capitalist invention that is the worst nightmare of communism and collectivism so I really hope he is Wright is right but we shall see. What we have seen is that capitalism does not work with corruption as the most profitable thing is liablity free government mandated fraud with the experimental vaccines which has been very harmful for human health, so hopefully Bitcoin will fulfill its promise to end money fraud end legal fraud and end medical fraud. A tall order. Is Bitcoin up for the challenge? We shall see. Vaccines are obsolete with colloidal silver, so the jab scam will come crashing down with or without Bitcoin. But with Bitcoin I see an opportunity to destroy evil faster just as evil sees Bitcoin as an opportunity to enslave humanity. The Bitcoin War and the Vaccine War are related, and both are raging full force. As a healthwarrior I fight in both wars to oppose the mandatory vaccines & to oppose the vaccine passport on Bitcoin, and hope that you will join me.



DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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