Holy Grail & Unicorn Take Down of Bill Gates

2020 marks the turning point as it is the year that people finally figure out that vaccines are injuring their children.

This episode represents the culmination of my many years of detox, and I only recommend you read further if you have detoxed at least 6 months with iMedDo Detox System. For people new to my newsletter please just look at the cover image and meditate on it and go back and read my Guide and old newsletters first before reading this.


The knowledge that I’m about to share is actually dangerous to the weak, the fearful, and for those who have not conquered their own inner demons. Before you read any farther, I want you to look into your own heart and ask yourself whether or not you are fearless in the face of evil. If there is fear in your heart, do not read this article any further. Ask yourself, am I a hero? Would I be willing to sacrifice my life for a child? What about 10 children? What about 100 children, 1000? 1 million? Where do you draw the line? If you could sacrifice your life and save 7.8 billion people on the planet (every man, woman and child) would you? If the answer is yes than read on. Fighting evil does not mean you have to sacrifice your life for evil can be slain, but as a Knight of the Round table you must be willing to lay down your life to save others. If you are not then you cannot proceed in this Quest. The Evil is Bill Gates and to stop his plan to poison the world requires the Quest for the Holy Grail which is the cup of life that cures all poison. Poisoning all the children with vaginosis is the game of evil and if you wish to heal the world, detox the world and neutralize the poison and bitchslap evil then read on.


To succeed in our quest requires magic. If you don’t believe in magic then you cannot succeed in the quest for the world is under magical attack and it takes magic to fight magic. The dark magic is censorship, propaganda, brainwashing, mind control, bribery and fear to take advantage of cowards to go along with mass poisoning with vaccinosis. The “evil ingredients” of dark magic include fluoride halogen and heavy metals such as mercury & lead to block the minds of people to make them like zombies as well as the use of social media to bully people into group think under false premises. The fake message is the vaccines heal but the truth is that vaccines kill. Money is magic & Silver & Gold was once used to protect the heart of the American evil against dark magic. Now the barriers are gone and demons have descended like a plague upon our once great land led by the anti-Christ Bill Gates. Christ, Krishna, whatever you want to call it any religion means Compassion. Wanting to poison all the children of the world, to sterilize everyone for mass genocide under population control is the very definition of Compassionless and make now mistake Bill Gates is a demon from hell intent on poisoning the entire world. The forces of evil however, do not stand a chance for the magic they wish to pervert using the zodiac can be turned on them for the zodiac is the great medicine wheel in the sky and is meant for healing not killing. Putting a demon out of its misery is an act of compassion. I do not seek to harm anyone, but I polish myself like a reflective magical shield and Aegis that the forces of evil when gazing upon me see only their own evil ugliness and they die not by my hand but by their own harmful dharma.


As a doctor, my prohibition to do no harm is lifted when true evil arises for I have received the silver demon slaying sword Excalibur as a Knight, I am a killer of evil and by doing so also a savior of mankind. We each have a responsibility to save ourselves and do our best to defend the weak around us who cannot defend themselves and each us must find our inner hero and find greatness, royalty and courage within for the beast Bill Gates, Fenrir the wolf has been released and VACCINE RAGNAROK is upon us. It truly is the end of the world if this monster is allowed to poison everyone and make everyone infertile with vaccinosis.


Silver and Gold Coins are magical as they link the earth to the spheres in heaven, silver with the moon and gold with the sun and thus to the medicine wheel of the zodiac. Silver & gold currency once protected the heart of the American Eagle. Now without gold & silver standard of money, the demons have slipped free of their silver chains and now printing infinite debt wish to enslave the entire world. BitCoin BSV is the new magical chains which will constrain the demons digitally and iMedDo Detox Supplements including NeuSilver, NeuGold & NeuIodine used together are the chains which bind the demons of bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites and remove the vaccinosis plague of Bill Gates. If you can please use magic money to buy magical potions at http://www.iMedDo.club/buy.


Your detoxed third eye makes you aware of the various cycles of light & dark such as the changing of the seasons in the year, and more importantly is sensitive to the waxing and waning cycle of light and dark created by the moon. Humans may have insect DNA from ancient evolution which makes us, like a moth, sensitive to the cycles of the moon. Additionally, the moon exerts a gravitational pull on the waters of our lymphatic system, blood, and most importantly cerebrospinal fluid in our brains. The pineal gland when calcified in adults is the “Philosopher’s Stone” in the brain which allows the body to use iodine, silver & gold to regulate the balance between the blood on one side & the cerebrospinal fluid on the other as the pineal gland itself is a hormone creating blood brain barrier tissue. As you have all been using iMedDo detox system already, your philosopher’s stone is working with iodated calcium not fluoridated (poisoned) calcium. With a working pineal you can access the magic required to destroy evil. As a knight you must keep your heart of gold (silver) polished that it shine white so that when you encounter evil it will see its own reflection and kill by falling on the sword of dharma.


I always suspected that there was a connection between the knights of the round table and the 12 houses of the zodiac. The connection is that there are 12 guardian KNIGHTS (or 12 Apostles or 12 Tribes of Israel etc in the Western Zodiac and 12 Guardian HUMAN-KNIGHT-ANIMALS in the Asian zodiac. After much study of the zodiac, its history, its origin and the comparison of the Western Zodiac and the Asian Zodiac, I finally made the connection. Rather than 12 houses, there are 28 lunar houses (“lunar mansions”) which in the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table comparison would be thought of as “Lunar Castles”. To make the connection though required me to look through the eyes of Korean Zodiac (Similar to Chinese Zodiac). Whereas the Western zodiac is based on views of the stars from earth, the Chinese zodiac is based on the almost 12 year cycle of the planet Jupiter. To compare the two on a yearly timeframe: each month of Western zodiac is given one of 12 houses but the lunar calendar requires ~27-28 houses, 28 in Chinese version. So to compare the two using 12 guardians, then each guardian requires multiple 2-3 of the lunar houses. There is a lot I could say here but it can distract from the quest, the main point I want you to awaken to is that THE 12 ANIMALS OF THE CHINESE ZODIAK RELATE to the 12 GUARDIAN KNIGHTS OF THE ARTHURIAN LEGEND. There is both a Guardian Knight for each separate year of the Chinese Calendar, but also the Guardian Knights share guardianship over 2-3 lunar mansions (castles) when comparing solar & lunar calendars on a 1 year timeframe. When looking a one year timeframe it is possible to make a combined solar-lunar calendar. The confusion between difference between old and new testament is a shift from lunar to solar calendar. Combined at first, in the West we now shifted to solar calendar, but for the magic we need to slay evil we need to use the lunar calendar, for it is the moon which reflects the sun which is the reflective shield that evil which comes out at night can slay itself upon.


The purpose of the Round table is to find the Holy Grail. Now that we know the Round Table refers to the Zodiac and the Lunar Calendar in particular we have our first clue to begin the Quest. Welcome brave knights. Although I would like to take on a Quest for the Holy Grail, I’ve already found it. Yup that’s right. DR.BENGO HAS FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL. I don’t want to cast my pearls of wisdom before swine but I have to tell you that it was actually the PIG that led me to the grail, so mediation on the pig is the first recommend step in finding the grail. There are many paths to the grail but I will share the highlights of my path so the two may choose to follow if you are brave, fearless and pure of heart & have a detoxed mind.


The pig is a derogatory symbol for an unenlightened human. It’s dirty, eats its own poop, rolls around in mud, will eat anything even other pigs. The pig with tusks (boar) is a symbol of something very special that will lead us the Holy Grail and has been used by royalty as a symbol of the King (For Game of Thrones lovers see house Baratheon). The tusks are important as will become more apparent later in our quest. The pig looking down at the ground is a symbol of an unenlightened human. A pig looking up at the stars or a “flying pig” in the stars is a symbol that leads to enlightenment. But even a pig looking down, can be a symbol of enlightenment if its eyes are closed and it is looking up with its third eye. However, Western culture has destroyed the sacred nature of the pig from Hebrew and Arabic cultures negative connotations not to eat pig though they known not why (because God says so, no reason attached other than God must known best). The sacred nature of the pig was preserved in Germanic PIE and Asian PIE cultures. Long have I sought & quested for the secret pig knowledge.

I recovered part of it from ancient Egyptian PIE knowledge of which I will share a part, but the breakthrough came from Asia. The relevant parts of the Egyptian wisdom is the connection of the Moon with a Silver Coin & Sun with Gold Coin as the left & right eye of a supreme God concept. The pig is associated with gold & silver coins and the connection is preserved in the Western PIE culture as the “Piggy Bank” for storing coins. Where the word Bank contains the word ‘Ankh’ meaning “Life” in Egyptian PIE. From Asian culture, the pig shaped Buddha looking up at the stars is a symbol of an enlightened human, and it represents the lunar knowledge. Flying Pigs is close, but not quite right. Flying Boar (Pig with Horns) is better but also not quite right. Could the pig and boar have originally been a symbol for another animal? What is the true symbol of the pig guardian? I would never have figured it out had I not found the LADY KNIGHT OF THE ROUNDTABLE HERSELF OF THE BOAR SYMBOL come all the way from South Korea in the form of a magical silver coin for my piggy bank of heavenly wisdom:


I think the reason Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail failed but mine succeeded is because lacking a sexist attitude, I allowed my search for Knights of the Round Table to include women warriors. Turns out any quest for the Holy Grail without women warriors will fail. If you’ve seen the 13th warrior with Antonio Banderas (one of my favorite Viking movies) the quest will fail without the 13th warrior which in that movie was Antonio a Spanish guy playing an Arabic guy, but in reality the 13th warrior without which the quest will fail is a Lady Knight, the Dragon lady or the Unicorn Lady. I didn’t even need all the other knights at all, I only found the one Lady Knight and the quest succeeded LOL. Because it turns out finding the Dragon-Unicorn lady is actually finding all of the Guardians. It takes a woman’s touch to find the Holy Grail.

Here she is, straight from South Korea on a magical silver coin, I present the most badass Lunar Knight, the only one I needed to find the holy grail: ZI:SIN SCROFA

The Unicorn Moon God: Lady Wild & Wooly Boar Warrior!


Take a minute to look at her picture and read the description and meditate on the meaning of this magical silver coin. This coin was the key for me to find the Holy Grail. It contains a large enough portion of PIE magic that allowed me to put together the final missing pieces consolidating my Egyptian & Norse lunar knowledge fragments. I had a very hard time finding any information about this coin except the short description which came with it which I recommend you read and meditate on. “The Zi:Sin Scrofa release is the third in the 12 Guardians collection from KOMSCO. It depicts the guardian with the power to duplicate herself in battle and foresee threats coming over great distances. Known as Justice Haechi, her responsibility is to protect the Salt Lake. This location is where the mortal and immortal worlds connect and is also known to be a place people can go to have their hopes and wishes fulfilled.”


I know that I can look at the same things as others and see different things. You may just see a cool silver coin at first but look more deeply for I see something magical which ultimately led me to the Holy Grail. I don’t know if you can find it on your own just meditating on this coin as I did but do try. If not, I will offer some key pieces of insight about this coin which will help guide your mediation so that your quest for the Holy Grail may succeed.

I recommend you individually meditate on the meaning of each of the 3 words on the image 1) Zi 2) Sin 3) Scrofa which mean something like: Chinese Unicorn, Moon God, Boar.

It was clear to me though likely not clear to many who look at the coin that the reference of the woman with eyes closed with the imagery of the piles of salt (Salt Lake) behind her is a reference open and activated Third Eye from Iodine in salt [iodide salt form not needed since taking NeuIodine fat soluble form]. A round silver coin is a reference to the Moon [Moon looks like a giant silver coin in the sky as sun looks like giant gold coin in the sky] and that makes a lot of sense since she represents the Korean Zodiac (similar to the Chinese Zodiac) representation of the Pig Lunar Guardian as 2019 is the “Year of the Pig”. I immediately and intuitively recognized the connection between this Lady Knight Guarding the salt lake bridge between the mortal and immortal worlds and the Norse mythology God Heimdahl (depicted as a male knight who guards the rainbow bridge between the mortal & immortal world (Midguard & Asgard).

The description says that the Koreans call her “Justice Haechi”. To find the holy grail you must mediate on JUSTICE and figure out what is a Haechi and Zi/Zhi. Hint Haechi is just a Korean version of a Chinese Zhi, so just mediate on Zhi, after first meditating on Scrofa.

*The word Zi = Zhi which is the Chinese Unicorn & the sign of the Unicorn will lead to the Holy Grail.


What the heck is a Scrofa? Besides this coin on the internet I could not find any information on a Scrofa except for this coin except for a very strange Italian reference to Scrofa where the Scrofa Semilanuta is an ancient symbol for the city of Milan, Italy and it means something like “Wooly Boar”. So Scrofa for the Year of the Pig makes sense. So not just a Pig but a wooly Boar, i.e., a male pig with tusks. But wait! The Scrofa is not just a Boar but it’s a Chimera a RAM-BOAR! The connection of the Pig with the Ram will be important in our quest so make a mental note of that.


So Zi:Sin:Scrofa means something like Unicorn:Moon God:Boar-Chimera

Sin is the Korean word for God referring to the 12 Lunar Guardians who we are calling the Knights of the Round Table. The Scrofa Lady Knight under the symbol of the Boar-Ram Chimera (Scrofa) is kinda badass as she is in full silver armor (reflective, demon slaying, silver & gold have many amazing properties including medicinal as you known from iMedDo.com Guide already), and depicted with a silver demon slaying sword which I identify as EXCALIBUR. Finding Excalibur is not the point of the Quest, but note having Excalibur is required already to proceed on this quest, but it is important you are armed with a magical weapon before proceeding farther in this quest. Since you have been using iMedDo products already proceed. If you are reading this and have no magical weapon or have for some reason are reading this without following my instructions to detox fist then please stop now and proceed no farther in this quest and come back when you are ready. The word Zi, I translate it to mean “Life” and note similarity to Greek PIE word Zoe and Zios and even Zeus, the Greek PIE supreme god concept. However, upon further study of Asian PIE, and noting that a Korean Haechi (Scrofa is depicted as Justice Haechi) and a Chinese mythical creature called a Zhi are the same, the better translation is CHINESE UNICORN or just UNICORN. At this point in our quest of the holy grail you must meditate on and receive the sign of the UNICORN. Fortunately, there is an entire book you should read which will connect the dots concerning the necessary background you will need concerning the Chinese Unicorn to continue on your quest for the holy grail.

Here is the link to the free ebook on the Chinese Unicorn by Jeannie Thomas Parker.


It a bit long, 18 chapters but extremely enlightening from cover to cover. I highly recommend anyone seeking the Holy Grail to mediate long and hard on the Chinese Unicorn and you will see the connection to the European Unicorn and to the 3000 year old symbol for JUSTICE.

No seriously, you need to go back and read this book and mediate on it. You must stop and think deeply on what is a Unicorn, what does the Unicorn mean in different culture and you must receive the sign of the Unicorn before you can proceed further in the quest. If you already feel a magical affinity with unicorns and feel that you always have then proceed in quest. If not you must stop and receive the unicorn sign before going any further. If you read the book about the Chinese Unicorn at link I provided above from cover to cover then you will receive the Unicorn sign guaranteed, if not contact me iMedDo.club/book and I will help you find the Unicorn sign. After the Unicorn has appeared to you then please proceed in quest:


If you look up at the moon in the sky it looks EXACTLY like the Yin/Yang symbol. For this reason, the moon is believed to be sometimes male (yang) and sometimes (yin). This moon gender confusion is seen in the Norse mythology as Loki (sometime male sometimes female) and connection to Heimdalh (Loki and Heimdahl are said to fight each other at Ragnarok in Norse myth). In Western culture we typically think of the Moon as being female, as many Ancient greek female moon goddesses names (Artemis, Sabina, Luna etc), but in even older sources we see moon God as a male Babylonian Sin the Moon God, Khingu/King as name for Moon in Sumerian sources but the Moon is still no doubt a Chimera which different genders depending on phase sometime yin and sometimes yang. The Scrofa coin is clearly a FEMALE KNIGHT but she holds a SWORD (A male phallic symbol) so note that a female warrior or a male warrior with female signs (winged shaped warrior hats for example) represents combined yin/yang forces like the moon. So the moon can either be thought of as being both male and female or as male sometime and as female sometimes. I best came to figure this out via the Asian depiction such as the 28 Lunar Mansions where the Moon wanders around in different houses. As the houses were “ruled” by 8-12 guardians (12 in the example I received) the moon when it wonders around to different houses, was thought to be promiscuous and thus the negative connotation of the word “Sin” in Western culture which was originally the Babylonian moon god Sin, came to mean “Sleeping Around” and the promiscuous nature of the moon and lunar astrotheology was suppressed by the Romans in favor of solar calendar Solatic vs Lunatic time. Even today in the West the term “Lunatic” meaning Moon-Time referring to the Lunar Calendar has a negative connotation meaning “crazy”, however, the Lunar calendar was and still is valued by many PIE cultures and exists the most today in Asia and influencing the Western culture Germanic PIE English language the most was the Norse religion of which lunar influences still present are in the days of the week (Monday = Moonday & I suspect that all the other Norse Gods were also lunar guardians as were the Greek big 12. The moon astrotheology was highly tied up with Loki and Heimdahl and I think that Heimdahl was the “Pig/Boar” Guardian (See poetic Edda Loki says Heimdahl is doomed to have a muddy back (pigs roll around in mud, and mud is also a way to detox the body and is important for third eye clarity). The interesting stories about Norse Trickster God Loki shapeshifting (changing animals) and changing genders make sense when Loki is interpreted as a Lunar deity, and I note the connection of the word Loki, Lucky and Luke, and now you see the connection between pig/boar/chimera female knight guardian and demon banishing with silver coin or silver sword. There is a lot more I could say here as most people are too brainwashed was book of babel to believe me, but trust me when I tell you that the Book of Luke in the New Testament that Jesus when he banished demons into pigs is a reference to both silver and to Jesus as a lunar guardian and in the book of Luke Jesus has connection with Egyptian Khonsu (Moon God with Silver Eye as well as Loki in Norse Mythology). I know that is hard for some to accept, so I wish you well meditating on that in your own time (took me years to unravel the complex brainwashing, the book of Babel (Bible) is useful but unless you read it between the lines with your third eye on the lookout for zodiac and astrotheological references then you will miss the point. The old gods (Greek Titans) are the Zoomorphic Lunar deities of the old testament and the new sun god in the New Testament of the Cosmic Christ represents the shift from old Lunar (female/yin) calendar to Solar (male/yang) calendar. Still the lunar calendar was not altogether abolished in early Christianity & just as the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles of Jesus as well as 8-12 Buddhas in Asia, the 9 tailed fox of Asia & the 12 Knights of the Round table form medieval Europe can all be interpreted with lunar astrotheology meanings as Moon Guardians. Sin, the Korean “God” of the Moon represented as a chimera of a circle of animals composed of 12 guardians and 28 mansions in Chinese astrology may well be the oldest known God. The temple of Sin (Moon God) is located in Harran, Turkey just south of the  oldest known temple in the World of Gobekli Tepi (~10,000 BC) which has circles and animals consisting of human representing T shaped stones with animal art on them. The idea of human-animal hybrid Lunar guardians of the zodiac came about very early in human history.

Note that in the King Arthur legend, the “Sin” of Gwenevere the “Revered/Holy Queen banging both King Arthur but also sleeping around with Lancelot is no doubt a lunar reference to the moon moving around to a different lunar mansions/castles of different knights (sluty queen lol).

In the Asian culture note the 9 tailed fox is also a lunar reference. Here 9 instead of 12 guardians & note lunar guardians have 27-28 mansions corresponding to the 12 houses of the western zodiac so number of guardians can change and they guard multiple 2-3 mansions each.

I think in the West we still have this in the phrase “foxy lady,” or “She’s a fox” referring to an attractive, sexy & (presumably promiscuous) woman an ancient PIE lunar reference.

The questionable honor of the lunar goddess was not popular with the ancient Greeks who did not like the zoomorphic Egyptian gods either, and their biases have shaped our western culture greatly via the Greek zodiac. They spearheaded the idea of the Virgin goddess (Athena Parthenos, Artemis) which resulted in the idea of the Virgin Mary and this idea has always been at odds with the PIE interpretation of the fickle and promiscuous moon goddess, known as lady luck by the Romans and immortalized in one of my favorite songs “O Fortuna” about the moon. Originally the Virgo constellation was the “Daughter of Sin the Moon God” so not so sure about her honor lol. Anyone questioning her honor would of course have a fight with Arthur & Lancelot =) The lunar zodiac was and is very important to gamblers because it tells what times are lucky or unlucky and thus and also in western culture gambling is considered a “Sin” or at least a vice.

I always wondered why Christians seemed obsessed with sex when sex is hardly mentioned at all in the Bible, but when I figured out the lunar nature of how the word “Sin” evolved from Christianity’s Solar calendar rage against the lunar calendar then “Sin” by very definition is “sleeping around” i.e. being promiscuous like the moon as it moves around in different lunar mansions in lunar astrotheology. I consider myself a Christian but I relate with the earlier pre 360 AD Christianity which is syncretic with Greco-Buddhism, Ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Norse and apparently even Asian lunar-solar syncretic calendars not the Constantine solar based religion that is Roman Christianity nor any of the spin offs of Protestant Christianity except in one important regard: Protestant Christianity split away from royalty and it is important to note that throughout history royalty has tried to use the zodiac and calendar be it lunar or solar for control. The crown that a monarch wears is the symbol of the connection of the ruler to the zodiac as I have explained in previous episode about Corona (Crown) virus as the world comes from Sumerian Kuan Crown/Coin which is means the Zodiac Circle which is why the royal families all have an animal symbol. However, the real magic of the zodiac is that you relate your own internal anatomy to the stars and you yourself are the king or queen of your life, you are royalty if you detox and open your third eye and become aware of the heavenly lights. This Greco-Buddhist idea is a founding principle of the United States of America as we have “transferred” the power of the king to we the people, but it takes I the person to individually detox and become aware of you inner divine and connection to the stars for you to become aware of your true inherent divine rights. To proceed further in the quest you must stop now and think about your connection to the zodiac and recognize your inner royalty as you have the divine mandate to heal the world and to attack the forces of evil. If you do not feel royal then proceed no further until you do, go back and read my episode about Crown and you may proceed. For those curious my royal sign as a Goins (Coins) is the Golden Silver Coin and my combined animal sign would probably scare you (Something like a Unicorn-Dragon-Manticore, Scorpion Tail as in a Scorpio in Western Zodiac and a Chicken/Rooster in Chinese Zodiac lol). My Monty Python (Satire) Quest Symbol would be the “Cowardly but Ferocious Manticore” =). Brave Brave Brave Sir Robin! If you don’t known what I’m talking about please go watch Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail (movie) if you have never seen it before if you need help finding your royal sign. Once you have your royal sign and don’t want to put up with pretender royals like Bill Gates who thinks he has a mandate from heaven to rule by poisoning children by vaccinosis (opposite from a mandate from heaven), He has Heavenly Bounty against him that any Knight who wants to take him down can do so for large heavenly reward. I plan on cashing in. Anyone who makes it to the end of the quest will receive a large heavenly bounty if you help me collect on taking down Bill Gates. If you have seen the sign of the Unicorn then you have received the blessing from Heaven and the Heavenly mandate to rule over yourself and kick the ass of evil.

So my Pan Royal readers when you are ready read on and we continue the QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL! We are getting close!


Before even the Chinese Unicorn was the ancient one horned creature called Elasmotherium the VERY LARGE now extinct one horned “unicorn” rhinoceros relative. This creature lived from about 2.6 million to 40,000 years ago during the “Dragon Age” of mankind. It has a long neck kinda like a giraffe and like a giraffe it had to bend down and lower its head to get water. I suspect the horn was to protect it from lions while at the watering hole and the same reason could be for the giraffes horns upon its head & note also the Chinese association with the Giraffe also with the Qilin another name for Chinese Unicorn. The teeth of this large mammal were called “Dragon Teeth” like the rhinoceros horn also had medical properties. Upon reading the medicinal properties they sound much like the same properties of detoxing with iodine, silver and gold and the association of getting silver & gold in your teeth (not mercury poison) and iodine in the calcium of your teeth (not fluoride) from the study of Dragon teeth and Dragon Horn (Rhino/Unicorn horn) came the prehistoric medicine. The connection of this ancient dragon Elasmotherium (giraffe-wooly-Rhino-Unicorn) to the Chinese & Western concepts of law comes from early hunter parties pre-40k who in order to hunt the great dragon had to sneak up on it while it was at the watering hole with its head lowered to drink so that they could attack its neck. The water to avoid the Zhi or water to avoid the horn concept of China I think comes from this. However, the legal connection covered up by royalty is as follows. Holding its crowned horned head up high like a giraffe the creature was near impossible to kill even with a large hunting party (band of knights), but if you could sneak up on the creature while it was as the watering hole you could attack its neck and great reward for killing a dragon would be yours. The European idea of saving a damsel in distress from a dragon I think comes from this ancient Elasmotherium hunt where a Maiden was used to attract it or at least not scare it away (apparently smell of sex made it charge same as Chinese legal depiction) and then the band of knights would attack it thus saving the damsel and were rewarded heavily with Dragon Teeth, Dragon Horn (Rhino Horn i.e. Unicorn Horn) and a whole lot of meat to feed their village. If anything went wrong the attackers would get the horn by a dragon head but Ouch! We known Rhinos can’t see very well and likely their Elasmotherium relative could not either so perfumes or any smells to cover up their smell to attract rather than scare it away were necessary. If no virgin could be found likely good smelling spices were required and hence connection to rhino and spice trade becomes obvious. Also not the phrase to “stick out your neck for someone” refers to a hight an mighty dragon having to lower its head. This also refers to the legal concept of how water levels the playing field between a dragon and a warrior like the equality of justice in a court of law. The law of water. Scorpions seek water & there is a zodiak scorpion connection with poison only affecting the unjust and the holy grail which can detox all poison.


To understand the ancient legal meaning of the unicorn/Zhi is that it was really a rhinoceros on earth and was the Scorpio & later Capricorn constellation in the sky. The scorpion for supplying the poison and the holy grail (unicorn/rhino horn cup of Ares) to detox it. The scorpion would only sting the unjust and later the unicorn would only head but with its horn the unjust.

Rhinoceroses are typically peaceful animals that eat grass and their horn is not actually a horn but rather is made of hair and keratin. Since the beginning of time at least 3000 years the Zhi has been the symbol of legal justice in China. As the book explains the bone glyph was originally a 3 horned creature and eventually changed to be a 1 horned creature. (A one horn Rhino a real wooly rhinoceros is even alive today in Java called the Javan Rhino, and rhinos are in Indonesia, Himalayas as well as Africa which is the most well known one.) Connection between Eurasia and Africa and Roman and Chinese empires and Proto-Indo-European (PIE) connection was really well done in the book, so go back and read if this is not clear https://chinese-unicorn.com/

Also note that in ancient times Rhinos were more common in China then became less common in later time and book explains that well. (One Chinese dynasty killed most of the rhinos off to make leather and also they were sought after for medical uses of the horns so in short supply and then imported from surrounding areas.) The glyph for the Zhi Unicorn Ji-Zhi means something like “water to keep away the Unicorn” in the oldest Chinese writing found on bone. Although the Chinese unicorn book speculates on its true meaning it fails to get it. However, I figured it out. The Rhino has terrible vision but has a sense of smell. The Rhino is attracted to the smell of promiscuous sex (Sin). Ancient courts likely dealt with many cases of husbands or wives accusing their significant other of cheating on them (acting like the Moon) “Water to Keep Away the Zhi” the symbol of Justice means something like “wash away the smell of Sin (promiscuous sex) so that the Rhino won’t smell it and head butt you”. In the Chinese myth as explained by the

https://chinese-unicorn.com/book the Unicorn knows who is the guilty party [Who has Sinned, i.e., who has slept around] and points them out by head butting them with its horn!

The symbol of the Zhi has been used by court censors and has also been used by European royalty. This makes sense as the washing away (coving up, hiding the crime, washing away the smell of sex) is the symbol of the courts of Justice. NO JUSTICE! Fortunately, the UNICORN itself IS the symbol of Justice. Not that Zi:Sin:Scrofa the Korean UNICORN (Scrofa: pig, pig:ram chimera, rhino, flying rhino lunar guardian (rhinos look like pigs in fat body and feet and also wooly. Important to note was originally wooly rhino) is said to “use ALL of her senses to find evil”. She use not only her third eye but also her NOSE to smell out evil.


The European medieval Unicorn is “attracted to the smell of the virgin”. This makes sense because the Unicorn will smell and get mad and charge the smell of the promiscuous thus in ancient times to hunt a unicorn it required a virgin (no smell of sex) to sneak up on the unicorn and keep it docile when hunting one. Wow! Using a Unicorn in court to smell out a guilty party is an ancient symbol of justice but a more zodiac interpretation is using your third eye to see evil. Note the connection with the Unicorn horn and the Third Eye as a beam of light coming out of the head connecting you with heaven which makes sense to us now. Besides rhino horn cups used to cure poison and rhino hairpins used to cure poisons especially the poison from a certain bird that eats poisonous snakes, it turns out that horses are closely related to rhinos, and cups made out of horse hooves or drinking out of rams horns or sheep horns could also be used to drink wine out of for similar if lesser effects than rhino horns (see book https://chinese-unicorn.com/). We still have this in Western culture today in the idea of a “lucky horseshoe” but this originally comes from a wine cup made from a horses hooves (substitute rhino horn cup) being health beneficial. The Roman horned god pan is known for curing all poisons PANACEA and this is a reference to the horn’s ability to cure all poisons which is ultimately a reference to rhino horn and the holy grail (the Rhino horn cup that can cure any poison, which is actually a zodiac star constellation Aries) as you now know. The Europeans also thought that dragon bones from China (large mammal teeth) had medicinal properties and thus they used fish bones especially narwhale jousts (long horn of a narwhal that is long enough to use in a jousting tournament) they thought these were “unicorn horns” in medieval times, and the ancient idea of animal on animal combat was preserved in the jousting tournament where two animals (knights on horses with jousting sticks (unicorn/narwhal horn the best)) would go at it to settle a difference when settling who would get a lady’s favor (fighting over sex with a lady or defending her honor, is syncretic with the ancient meaning of “water to keep away the Zhi” Chinese Unicorn interpretation.


If you look up at the sky and find the Capricorn constellation you probably will notice it looks a whole lot like a Rhino horn. This is the original Holy Grail. A capricorn a Goat-Fish is actually a reference to the Rhino-Water i.e. Unicorn-Water just like the Chinese Unicorn Zhi-water glyph. Doesn’t the word Capricorn sound a lot like the worn Unicorn? The confusion is that after 40k BC, when Rhinos became less available, Rams made a good substitute as a head butting symbol and the water symbol from the older dragon age carried over. However, this is not the HOLY GRAIL of the Arthurian Quest. By the medieval ages the medicinal dragon teeth from SE Asia (via Africa & China via Spice Trade) and the Unicorn had merged with the fish teeth and especially the Narwhale tooth (Jousting stick size horn of a Narwhale called a Narwhale Joust) as being believe to be the Unicorn Horn (forgotten was the Rhino Horn connection of Capricorn except in legend). The Knight and Jousting tournament using a Unicorn Joust was no doubt popular and makes sense the idea of fighting over the honor of a maiden and getting a handkerchief from the maiden a late carry over from the Ancient Dragon hunts and merged with the legal concept of head butting, fighting to settle legal disagreements. So two knights Jousting with Unicorn horn shaped lances (Narwal Jousts) was a way to settle legal disputes.

If you look up at the sky for a constellation that looks like a Narwhale horn, what do you find? Look up at the “Ares” constellation in the sky. We have been trained to think of it as the “Ram” constellation but it looks more like a European Unicorn horn. The ram connection from the Ram-Fish Capricorn older Rhino Unicorn makes sense.

Ares constellation is the HOLY GRAIL! (Unicorn Horn (Ram-head butting and wooly association from ancient wooly rhino) but it looks like a lance, but so is Capricorn constellation which actually looks a rhino horn and rhino horns where used to make medicinal win cups.

But can there be an even bigger grail in the sky? You got it the Big Dipper Constellation which leads to the North Star around which the entire zodiac spins. This is the HOLY GRAIL as well. The Holy Grail is just a reference to the Great Medicine Wheel in the Sky.

Any three stars you want to pick you can link together in a pointy shaped cup-unicorn horn constellation and if you connect your pineal to the stars you can connect to the zodiac magic and healing from within yourself. Each constellation and sign of the zodiac is related to the Holy Grail and all combine refer to the Dragon on Chimera or Unicorn the protector.


For those of you who made it his far in the quest and have receive the unicorn sign which has led to the Holy Grail in heaven, now the quest is not over we have to USE THE UNICORN to attack evil. The Holy Grail is the sign of ultimate detox and ultimate removal of poison. In the face of Bill Gates trying to poison the entire world with vaccinosis, only the HOLY GRAIL the ultimate symbol of detoxing poison will do. Good thing we have it now! Before we can use the Unicorn horn to take down Kill Bill and get that sweet heavenly bounty we need to do a quick Quest for Justice & up our knowledge of the Orient:


I’m not advocating for using rhino horn medicine as rhinos are endangered, and many other animal horns will have a similar medicinal effect when using them as a wine cup.

The idea of a cup that can CURE ANY POISON and DETOX ANY POISON and thus promotes long life i.e..i.e. the HOLY GRAIL is for sure an ancient ASTROTHEOLOGY.

The HOLY GRAIL detoxes all poisons and is related to oldest (besides Leo) constellation of Scorpio which supplies the poison & the cure for the just. So Scorpion-Unicorn Justice is the ancient idea of Justice or the Ram also as two competing head butting animals in combat could also work as a legal symbol or even legal decider. Whichever fighter the gods favor will no doubt win the contest in ancient PIE legal thought.

*Note even today lawyers call themselves “Esquire” meaning they are the Squire to your Knight for you are the Knight Guardian of Justice come to battle evil.

*Note Jesus in Nag Hammadi documents is related to Ares constellation and thus to the HOLY GRAIL.

*Note Serket/Isis the Circuit Judge of Western Courts the Lady Justice equivalent to the Chinese Zhi Unicorn in their Courts is also related to both poison and to healing. Looking at Zi:Sin:Scrofa using her third Eye and holding a sword you can see the resemblance to Lady Justice in Western courts because they are the same person. The lost ideas from Asian PIE is that she is wooly (wearing wool garment) and has a horn (that is the sword) and she can find the unjust even with her eyes closed (sense of smell like Rhino or by using her third eye). In the Western depiction of Justice is also the Libra constellation which originally was the Claws of a Greater Scorpio constellation hence the Scorpion as well as the Unicorn (Ares/Holy Grail Connection).


Individually each Knight of the Round table lunar guardian is a protector of mankind in its respective time. When all or part of the animal zodiacs are combined into chimeric form then they are a dragon. The most powerful dragon is the combination of all 12 animals.

Represented differently in different cultures the form that I most identify with is the Manticore (lion with wings and scorpion tale) for the western zodiac, but with the Eastern lunar guardian zodiac the symbol is the Dragon. A guardian in its own right, the dragon looks like a combination of a dog, a lion, a snake and flies in the sky (zodiac reference) in the Asian depiction and in the European depiction is like a 6 legged (spider, 2 front, 2 back, 2 wings) flying, fire breathing, snake, which could be chimeric with lions claws. The reason King Arthur’s quest for the holy grail failed but mine succeeded is that My Knight of the Round Table Zi:Sin:Scrofa did not go to “Save the Damsel in Distress” from the Dragon. Instead, I realized that “I AM THE DRAGON”. I’m not trying to slay myself, but rather I’m trying to uncombine my different time periods (DECHIMERIZE, STOP BEING A CHIMERA) to live in the PRESENT in the time that I’m actually in. Most people are timeshifted and those who wish to use the zodiac for mind control attempt to convince you that you are in a different time (different animal like year of pig when are in year of rat) for example. It’s not clear how bad is the timeshiftimg (some say the Mayan calender was off and is not 2012 but is this year!) but I’m getting strong Scorpio signs right now. Regardless, i’m inclined to go with the Chinese Zodiac that this is really the year of the rat but actually all year I’ve been getting strong year of the Pig Energy which I know interpret as Unicorn Energy. Regardless of the timeshifting, I can tell you with certainty that 2020 is the year of 2020 Vision where this is the year that people finally realize that vaccines are injuring the children. It will be looked back on maybe not as a good year, but as year of awakening and as a turning point against the forces of evil.  


Tricksters like Bill Gates are Shapeshifters (Timeshifters) if they can convince you that you are in a certain time while enacting a plan from a different time. All people who wish to manipulate the past to control the future are engaged in Malicious Timeshifting and the Zi:Sin:Scrofa who can look into the future and see evil coming from afar is able to catch shapeshifter and uncover their malicious plans. I’m not praying to a magical silver coin that represents the Scrofa Guardian, Instead I realize that “I AM THE SCROFA GUARDIAN”.  The pig (the hornless rhino and the hippopatamus protecter are one and the same & the boar the ram and the rhinocerous and unicorn are as well and combine are the dragon-unicorn-chimera which against evil now turns its ire.  AS THE GUARDIAN OF 2019 it is my job to defeat the poison of 2019, Coronavirus2019. Though we are really in 2020, shapeshifter uses timeshiftimg via censorship & propaganda control via bribery to make your mind constantly think 2019 which is a distraction from the clarity that the year 2020 the year of 2020 Vision of the Third Eye is Upon you. 2020 is the Year of the Rat in Chinese Zodiac. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the time shifter attacked you with a rat virus XMRV in flu shot in 2020 the rat year yet called it by the name 2019? COVID19, the Coronavirus of 2019, the novel Corona virus (ID cell phone & satellite tracking system) i.e. cov”ID”2019 is timeshifted evil of 2020 which is named by the Guardian of 2019 in order to stay under the radar of the Guardian of 2020. If the Pig is the Unicorn what is the Rat you probably wonder but that is a question for a different episode. By calling it COVID19, the Guardian of 2019 has been invoked and even timeshifted (Shapeshifter from Rat to Pig in Chinese Zodiac) as the evil is, the Pig Guardian has accepted the Challenge. Zi:Sin:Scrofa ain’t putting up with Bill Gates anymore. I’m gonna take him down Hippopatamus water pig style in with metal pig magic of silver & gold.  Enter the Unicorn-Dragon.  


The misunderstood Unicorn Guardian (Scrofa) depicted as Pig is thought of as lazy as has waited halfway through 2020 to summon the 2020 guardian. The earth has seemingly been without protection for the first half of 2020 as COVID2019 the timeshifted plague of 2020 under the guardianship of 2019 has run rampant in the first half of the year of the Rat. The Rat Lunar Guardian of 2020 works under the cover of stealth to stop the forces of the Plague Rat Attacker Bill Gates in 2020. As the Scrofa Guardian like Heimdahl observing all the misdoings of Loki, now that his plan of attack has been fully analyzed, I now summon the full might of the Knights of the Round Table to destroy him and his global Plandemic 2.0, like a demon from hell he wished to poison the entire world with vaccinosis but now he is going to face the full power of the medicine wheel and the HOLY GRAIL to detox all poison. The Pig Guardian is the Unicorn Guardian, the Rat Guardian is the Hippo Guardian of Children. The Hippo Guardian of 2020 now halfway through 2020 has been summoned. Working in Stealth has the timeshifted plague COVID2019 been used in the first half of 2020 to awaken ALL of the Guardians for now all people are aware that Bill Gates is trying to poison their children with vaccinosis. Now, halfway through 2020 the Third Eye of all has been briefly opened even for those not detoxed so that they may see the true nature of the enemy. Vaccine Ragnarok is upon us, are we going to sit by idly while a madman tries to sterilize the entire planet with vaccinosis and end the human race? Hell No. Enter the Hippopotamus the water horse of the human brain. Together working in cooperation we will take you down. Bill Gates, reflected upon yourself, your HOLY GRAIL turns to poison for the Scorpion cannot tolerate you to injure all of the children any longer.

Sworn to do no injury as a doctor, do you think I cannot hurt you forces of evil? You are wrong, for I, as a reflective mirror, turn the power of your own dharma (the harm you have wrought against others) reflected back upon yourself as a silver Aegis. I stand blameless for the destruction you have wrought upon yourself. Reflected is the most scary and terrible of all curses for you have cursed yourself and blameless stand I, the Zhi, the Rhinoceros Unicorn of God with my horn I do accuse you with power of the Devil the accuser, your own power of Evil, in the name of Kill Bill Gates, reflected back upon yourself, I you accuse yourself through my voice your own soul speaks the judgment of your guardian who shamed by your actions has agreed to cower in fear for an age to come for each child you have injured which will be until the end of time of earth for the sun will be extinguished before your torment is over and time of suffering and redemption will be upon you.


The divine in me recognize the divine in you Kill Bill Gates, and your divine has agreed to accept the judgment of the JUSTICE HAECHI, for you have sinned against the Holy Spirit the Mother of All for you have stood accused and self admittedly guilty for the crimes of poisoning the children of the world with vaccinosis. May God have mercy on your soul but the Scorpion Goddess has withheld the water and the poison you have dealt out to the children you will drink until the end of the earth. It would have been better for you had you never been born and cursed is the name of Bill Gates for the name of Adolf Hitler will be looked back upon more fondly. The Bill of the Gates of Heaven for your treachery is greater cost than all of the money you have accumulated on the earth for in heavenly money you have none. Let the name Bill Gates be a warning to poison not the children for slow to anger and slow to awaken is the Mother but her wrath is truly terrible if she finds you have hurt her children. Every mother on planet earth knows your sin Bill Gates and there is nowhere to hide from your shame in this life or the next. By poisoning the children you have only poisoned your own HOLY GRAIL and rather than immortality you have sealed yourself a fate worse than death.



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