What is the Metanet?

Health Tip: If you dress up this year, be sure to avoid makeups with titanium and bismuth heavy metals. Special thanks to distributor DJ from Gainsville, Florida for bringing the Bismuth contaminated cosmetics issue to my attention. Ypu should always be in a constant state of detox and harvest season is no different.

This month’s topic is METANET and is all about the exciting announcement of the Neu iMedDo “on-chain” website which support BitCoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision) natively with exclusive interview with Aussie Brendan Lee, BitCoin technology expert from Singapore Faia Corp, to explain what all the hub bub is about.


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior (A. Ben Goins MS DSM)


The world famous health documentary “The Big Secret Movie” by Alex Voss, that I had the honor of being featured in, was censored from Amazon prime along with seemingly all alternative medicine films and it just kinda felt like one big medical knowledge book burning bonfire & alternative medicine censorship extravaganza this year & last. Sometimes I feel like a failure because there is still fluoride marketing for babies in the grocery stores, and it’s gotten even worse for the next generation with mandatory vaccine poisoning going on in California & New York this year. Crazy times here and everywhere not doubt, but overall I have found inner peace through nature and meditation and wherever you are I hope you find peace as well. But peace does not mean inactivity or lack of vigilance or even pro-active striving to be better. Strive to make where you live a better place. Strive to make yourself a better person. Strive to find happiness in your life, and Strive to leave this world a better place for the next generation. We can do better both individually and as a human race, so let’s do it!


The problem in mainstream medicine is that there is an economic incentive to poison and a lack of economic incentive not to. Vaccine & drug companies are given legal immunity and criminal behavior is not punished . To fix medicine, there must be an incentive to help and heal and a disincentive to do harm. Regardless of what the incentives are there are also people with ethics and “do no harm” and “treat others as you would be treated” (the Golden rule found in some variation in nearly all cultures) is the most of ancient of human cooperative behavior models.


In 2010 a pseudo-anonymous person by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto (now known to be Dr. Craig Wright) created a new form of digital peer to peer cash with a built in economic model based on competitive capitalism which fixes the economic problem of money and is a “truth machine”. It doesn’t allow lying by creating an immutable public timestamped ledger with provable authenticity of transactions. This new technology is called Bitcoin and you can read about it in the Bitcoin white paper which even today stands as a testament to interdisciplinary achievement (Economics, Computer Science, Biostatistics, Finance, Law & more).

Link to BitCoin White Paper:

Although it was years after the white paper came out (Circa 2009) that I became aware of it (Circa 2013), and it was years later that I was able to tell that the guy Craig Wright claiming to be Satoshi was in fact Satoshi (Circa 2017), several years before he proved it in court (Circa 2019), and I only figured it out because I was able to verify his Biostatistical arguments and understood that BitCoin is like a “Cellular Automata” which is a topic I learned about in graduate school when I studied Mathematical Biology.  When BitCoin, the “Light of Satoshi” or “Satoshi’s Mandala” as I like to call it =) came out, few understood it, even today few understand it, but those who do are building incredible tools that will soon become the new backbone of the internet of the future called the Metanet. 


What is the Metanet? It is basically the internet with built in payments.  Before I butcher it trying to explain it with my limited comprehension, you can read it from the horses’s mouth from the article “The start of the Metanet by Craig Wright.” at link:


Here are some Craig S. Wright (CSW) key quotes from the article that I want my readers to pay attention to: 

“The system I’ve been developing within Bitcoin will eventually become the global backbone for the entire Internet.” CSW

“Metanet creates an immutable internet.” CSW

Security:  “I see a world where attackers have to pay more and more as they attack a network.” CSW

“From an attacker point of view, it is the worst invention ever.” CSW  (From the information defender point of view, it is the BEST invention ever!)


Because Satoshi fixed money with the invention of Bitcoin in the white paper (no small feat), he then had a way to link UNIQUE bitcoin transaction id’s with IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.  Unfortunately, the old Internet Protocol IPv4 (version 4) most people have been using didn’t have enough addresses as were needed but the new Internet Protocol IPv6 has a much larger number of addresses, enough that each unique bitcoin address could be linked to an internet protocol address.  This allows BITCOIN to be used as the NEW INTERNET i.e. the METANET!


This was hard for me to wrap my head around at first but it is true.  Bitcoin is not just money, but each bitcoin transaction can hold much more data including text, pictures and even video. This is not just hypothetical but well tested and proven to work on BSV. You might have heard about Derek Moore the guy who famously this year stored an episode of the Alex Jones on the BitCoin SV to demonstrate that it was possible.  See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scsWB2Tyjfg
This is some real cutting edge technology, and only a few people even know how to do it.  However, if you have the computer skills and want to try to start learning, I recommend you start here: https://docs.planaria.network/#/  and also check out agora.icu.


Fortunately, I wisely recognized early on that I don’t have the computer skills (yet) to pull this off, but no worries, I’ll just bring in the experts to do it for me.  The motivation is so that my Guide ebook will be forever memorialized, and will never be digitally “book burned”.  However, I soon realized that just preserving my book was thinking too small because I could put my whole website on the Metanet, and I decided to take a calculated risk and just go ahead and fully embrace this new form of experimental BitCoin money and just go all in and see how it goes.  If I’m right then I will be well positioned as the foremost health supplement company built into the backbone of the internet. If I’m wrong then I guess I just have to keep using PayPal and Etsy.  I suspect that eventually all of the internet really will use BitCoin because of the economic incentive.  Why would I want to pay Paypal or Etsy 3% of every transaction when could do it for a fraction of a penny on BitCoin? Why would you use Facebook when a similar BitCoin site would pay you for every like you get (see Twetch.app).  Although the economic part is important, the main reason people in alternative medicine should pay attention to the BitCoin is for the censorship resistance part. The book burners and censors can never destroy your data because: 

“Metanet creates an immutable internet.” CSW



The above link points to the iMedDo “website” actually now a “meta-web-site” on the Metanet!  Currently iMedDo.com still forwards to iMedDo.club but soon I might make it point to the Metanet site.  Because the site is BitCoin native, people can buy
the supplements using BSV and it will create a transaction. The shop is very sophisticated and uses Integromat and ultimately links to a Moneybutton.com BSV wallet.


BitCoin is an experimental technology that works and is likely the future, but iI don’t want anyone stressing out about it, if you want to use it, you now have the option, if you don’t you can still use my Etsy shop or contact me for a Paypal invoice no worries.

  1.  Tell us a little about yourself? I am an Australian father of 2, husband and all-in BitcoinSV advocate. I started my career as an engineer and have worked everywhere from frozen workshops to underground mines to 50th floor offices in the CBD [Central Business District]. I went to Texas once just to try the Brisket and now own 6 BBQ’s [Grills].  2.  What is BitCoin & Metanet? Bitcoin is actually 3 things together. Firstly, the Bitcoin Network is a global network of computers that collectively handle the global demand for Bitcoin transactions. These computers are called miners. Secondly, the Bitcoin Ledger is what the miners build as they transcribe all the activity on the network. Approximately every 10 minutes, a miner wins the right to create a new block. Blocks are an immutable set of all of the transactions that were received since the previous block was found. Thirdly, Bitcoins are the unit of account that is used to pay miners for this service. Bitcoins are created by miners on a schedule that will result in a total of just under 21,000,000 bitcoins in around 2140. Each Bitcoin is comprised of 100,000,000 Satoshis which are the smallest unit of exchange on the network. Bitcoins are exchangeable for other goods and services using the network. Miners inscribe each transaction using the ledger to notarise who purchased what, when. The Metanet is a re-imagination of the internet which uses the Bitcoin network as it’s backbone, and stores the content on the Bitcoin Ledger. The Metanet is built around the ideal of data ownership and privacy and creates a world where users own their own data and where services can be broken down and charged for in their smallest unit of supply.   3.  What is Faia? Faia is a management consultancy. Prior to my joining, they had a focus on community building and team management. My focus is to bring Bitcoin into the offering and to help people building on Bitcoin to understand why and how it can work for them.

4.  What are you & Faia doing to imeddo.com website?  We are taking the existing imeddo.com website and porting it to the Metanet. This will mean that its contents are inscribed on the Bitcoin ledger inside Bitcoin transactions. This will mean that the site is accessible through metanet portals that view the blockchain. For users this means not much as the site will still be located at www.imeddo.com, but for Ben it means he no longer has to pay for hosting or worry about his site being taken offline.   5.  Are you in Australia or Singapore or both? I am in Australia, but the CEO of Faia (George Samuels) is in Singapore. Our head of Innovation (Sagar Tandon) lives in India, so we like to say we are a global company.

Our focus is currently on the Asia/Pacific region, but we are talking to people from all over the world right now.

Thankyou so much Brendan for taking the time to do this brief interview, I think it really helps to have you explain it a bit to the readers.  If anyone is interested in doing a real project with BitCoin SV, I highly recommend Faia Corp.  Also thankyou again Brendan for your assistance in discussing Australian ticks in earlier Lyme episodes. 

Special thanks to Freddie Honohan for Metanet & Twetch social media integration & to J. Sitowski for early project phases.  
  NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End). 


Disclaimers: Views & Opinions of Dr. Ben DSM & in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views & opinions of iMedDo. iMedDo products are sold as health supplements for health support subject to the FDA disclaimers: Products Not Evalulated by FDA & not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Read & Understand the Health Supplement Mindset at iMedDo.com Guide.


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