5G Fail & Iodine Anti-Malarial


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Firstly, something really great happened. Trump is defunding the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). This is a cause to celebrate and I popped some champagne for that one.

Secondly, you don’t need to cower in fear of nCov19 because it has a pathetic 2% kill rate if that even, and it’s been entirely blown out of proportion in the media. That said, something is terribly wrong in Europe with 1000x higher death rates and we need to investigate ASAP!

Even if you are afraid of it don’t worry, major breakthroughs have been made recently to really understand what is going on.

a. The crystal structure is known.
b. It acts like Malaria
c. Drugs and nutrient treatments for malaria have been around for 100 years. Quinine and its ancestor hydroxyquinine now used as well as IODINE which is what DrBenGo Uses.

Thirdly, I heard something that disturbed me that 5G is damaging iodine pathway and if you are not aware there is a 5G-corona virus conspiracy which has enough merit that I want to talk about it.

From my perspective, iodine deficiency is the biggest risk factor for getting nCov19 and anything that damages the iodine pathway is VERY bad.

There is a discrepancy in the number of deaths which are very low in most of the world and in the number of deaths being reported in parts of Europe especially Italy, Spain & France and I know a person who lost a relative in France.

Europe appears under attack but nCov19 cannot explain, but nCov19 + 5G attack can & further investigation is warranted. This looks like war but who is the aggressor? Chinese 5G or US allies? I think it is a cold war b/t US & China but real people are already being injured & possibly by external beam millimeter wave technology attack with or without nCov19.

Besides my protective detox system, it is important that people under also attack get Vitamin C which protects the lungs from oxidative damage from the iron which is split from the nCov19 & from free radical damage from diffracted radiation. During times of war if cannot find or buy vitamin C containing foods, I found a great and inexpensive way to get vitamin C by making pine needle tea which is very simple to do with boiling water and very tasty.

Thank you for reading, that was the short version. Read on to get the longer version with reference links. Thank you for reading iMedDo.club/news and please share this article.



I think we are in a cold war with China over 5G and it does appear W.H.O.(World Health Organization a part of U.N.) has been bought by China and we are funding them. They make every call wrong and Trump plans to investigate and defund them. I consider this very good news.


S. Korea has advanced RNA polymerase testing and has an 82% urban population. I trust their testing numbers to be accurate.


204 deaths reported out of 10,423 population = 0.0195 i.e. 2%

Only 4 deaths per 1 million population. Is this really the Pandemic everyone is so afraid of?

Most of the world’s population is experiencing nothing. Most of the world’s population is in China and India. (1.4 vs 1.3 Billion)

China is only reporting 2 deaths per 1 M population and assuming they are making numbers up using India as a control, India is only reporting 0.2 Deaths per 1 M population. Is this really the Pandemic everyone is so afraid of?


People are actually dying right now in Europe. Although coronavirus by itself is not dangerous something different is happening in many European countries especially Italy, Spain & France for example who are reporting extremely high death rates around 200-300 people per Million (Compare to India, China, S. Korea 0.2-2 deaths per Million population. 1000x higher!

This is not just hype, I know a guy from France whose had a relative die of acute respiratory failure after going to vote as the election manager. Something is very wrong. I feel the drums of war and be ready for anything folks! I think this is a cold war with China and there is fight going on over 5G in Europe. This could be the result of external beam millimeter radiation from 4/5G Cell phone towers!.



The crystal structure has been solved for the nCov19 spike protein binding to the human ACE2 receptor which is how the virus enters the red blood cell.



The virus acts like Malaria and enters & attacks red blood cells to get the iron rendering the blood cell incapable of carrying oxygen and resulting symptoms of low oxygen similar to altitude sickness while out of place iron causes oxidative damage in the lungs (bilateral glass body opacities).



Malaria is not a problem. I’ve known about malaria for a long time as my uncle (Al Krotoski) received a nobel prize nomination for his work in malaria 1986. I’ve known iodine was antimalarial since 2016 when I researched nascent iodine, and iodine has been used since the 20’s as a more inexpensive yet more effective treatment for malaria then anti-malarial drugs (originally quinine).


Modern anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.

Even if you take the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, please use iodine to detox the “chloro”.

Iodine deficiency is most likely the primary factor getting malaria and malaria-like virus infection. Malaria disrupts oxygen pathway and iodine chemistry is similar to oxygen chemistry & is used as an alternative pathway by the body to allow it to win.


For years there have been conspiracies & allegations concerning higher energy radio waves damaging biological tissues, and these concerns have become more alarming as the increased frequency & decreased wavelength (higher energy) of cell phone towers has increased through the years most recently from 3G to 4G and now 5G. Although most “5G” in the US is still 4G, true 5G has been rolled out in Wuhan, China & there appears to be fight going on over 5G in Europe right now which many theorize is the link between the 100-1000x higher kill rates in may European countries compared to other countries. Europe could be under a wireless attack or is definitely under some type of attack and it’s far too great to be attributed to nCov19 alone!

Here are some 5G-virus conspiracy sources that you should be aware the work of David Icke & Annie Logical.

The Corona Virus 5G Connection & Coverup (Davie)

Corona Virus Fakery & the Link to 5G testing (Annie)

There are allegations that 5G radiation (mm wave technology) in the 3-300 GHz range can damage biological tissue. Specific allegation is that 6GHz is disrupting iodine & 60 GHz is disrupting Oxygen.


As an iodine scientist, I cannot ignore the iodine disruption allegation so I investigated why that might be:


3000 GHz = 0.1 mm
300 GHz = 1 mm
60 GHz = 5 mm
6 GHz = 50 mm
0.6 GHz = 500 mm (0.5 m)

So a 6 GHz RF wave is 50 mm wavelength wave. The question is whether I think a 50 mm wavelength wave could disrupt iodine. The answer is yes. It’s not that it can disrupt the iodine molecule itself but it can disrupt the iodine at the tissue level in the thyroid butterfly shaped gland in the neck. Each lobe of the thyroid about 5 cm high (50 mm) and 2 cm wide (20 mm).


So 50 mm wave length (6 GHz) could very possibly disrupt iodine absorption into the blood via thyroid hormone and iodine processing & signaling in thyroid via disruption of thyroid tissue. The neck is very exposed with less tissue around it to attenuate the radiation.

[People in urban areas should consider wearing a silver chain around neck at all times & note 4G towers can do 5G as well]

More investigation is needed but as a first pass YES it seem plausible to me as a BIOPHYSICIST that the 6 GHz iodine disruption allegation has merit and deserves more investigation.

Likely the allegation that energies above 60GHz are disrupting oxygen are actually disrupting not the oxygen molecule itself but rather are disrupting the oxygen pathway in the lungs at the tissue. Since the bronchi are about 0.5-50 mm in size (0.8-8 mm) typically (See paper below), then yes wavelengths in the 60-300 GHz range (5 mm – 1 mm size waves) are of approximate size as the bronchi tissue and disruption seems very possible to me as a biophysicist and further study if warranted.


This is very disturbing and is evidence for a bioweapon attack if found to be true. I think that troops & scientists need to be deployed to Europe immediately to investigate the allegations of external beam radiation usage to exacerbate a viral outbreak.

Iodine deficiency & lack of oxygen is exactly the opposite of what you need if infected with nCov19 which relative harmless (2% kill rate under normal circumstances) but which could potentially be used as a weapon in combination with 5G attack.

5G towers require being erected very close together to be effective so the 5G threat is most prominent in urban areas. If you get nCov19, I recommend evacuating urban areas immediately and taking iodine system (including silver & gold) until recovered from malaria and high altitude symptoms. Don’t forget the vitamin C. If you don’t have or can’t afford, I recommend you make it fresh from pine needles. I tried it & delicious even has a sweet flavor no sugar added required.

Also consider food grade hydrogen peroxide as well as experimenting with breathing exercises and mediation to relax & modulate oxygen and CO2 levels (and other gases) in the blood to heal faster.

Make an appointment with me imeddo.club/book for more detailed self-medication questions.Read my previous newsletter on Corona detoxing & here’s the video on how to use a nebulizer with NeuSilver again.

NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End).

By DrBenGo Healthwarrior

PRAYER (For followers of “love is all there is”): MAY I SEEK & FIND THE TRUTH & CURE ALL DISEASE OF BOTH BODY & MIND. AMEN.

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