Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers, happy holidays! This episode is intended for Christians as it is about Christmas but it’s not like children’s Christmas you are familiar with from most churches but rather is real spiritual meat akin more to an adult Bible study. In this episode we are going to explore the origins of Santa, the origins of civilization and freedom using the topic of dowry and Santa’s dowry in particular viewed through the lens of American constitutional freedom. In this episode I’ll be digging into the origins of Santa Claus as St. Nicholas a Turkish bishop with the myth of Santa bring the gift of dowry money to help three girls get married to keep them out of sex slavery. To comprehend this story we have to delve into the complex history of marriage dowry & comprehend the entire history of women’s rights & inheritance custom and law and how our culture chose to deal with issue of marriage and female slavery and what it means to the modern family concerning Christmas freedom.


“Everyone wants to be good at Christmas because nobody wants to be dragged by the Krampus! Everybody beter be good at Christmas! Krampus comes!” from Naughty Christmas song by Lacuna Coil.

I was good this year but I got dragged by the Krampus anyway, so I shudder to think what naughty people are experiencing. If you having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit I hope this episode on Santa Claus as an message of freedom will help.


Don’t miss last year’s episode Santa’s Armor which if you are a Grinch fan has some unique Grinch poetry “Grinch’s Ode to Santa” that I hope you will enjoy. Last year at Christmas time was terrifying for me as I got an imminent feeling of doom, was feeling very Grinchy and it turned out to be correct as my father passed away at the end of Christmas last year inspiring last year’s January episode Father’s Blessing. Because of the trauma of last Christmas, it has taken a full year and the full Christmas magic to get me to resume the meditation I started. The meditation last year was on the topic of Santa’s Dowry, but it took such a dark turn toward I couldn’t complete it and instead ended up spouting Grinch poetry. Now this Christmas I’m ready to go back and continue the meditation as it contains great treasure of knowledge but requires magical armor to approach as the treasure has curse attached which cannot not be lifted except with spiritual maturity and holy armor. Last year I demonstrated I have the armor, as I explained secrets of the Aegishjalmur the Shield “Aegis” Helmet which is a Milky Way reference, and the Belt/Shield of Orion (3 stars/Fates/Moraie) which is an Orion constellation reference. The iMedDo detox triple system is an earthly reflection of the heavenly armor, and if you have been detoxing and meditating with iMedDo you have the “Santa’s armor” necessary to proceed in the quest to tackle to advanced topic of Santa’s dowry so that you can receive the 2023 message of Christmas Freedom my gift to you my dear readers.


Last year while meditating on Santa and thinking about what kinds of presents Santa brought in historical and mythological sources, I made the fascinating discovery that Santa in one his earliest depictions as St. Nicholas would bring dowry money!

The story that goes something like this:

A formerly wealthy but now poor man with 3 daughters was going to be “forced” to sell his girls into slavery “sex slavery/ prostitution” UNLESS he could get the money (dowry) “required” to marry them off. A Christian bishop by whatever name (St. Nicholas, St. Basil, Santa etc) plays the role of HEROIC ARCHETYPE (Orion constellation reference) by bringing a gift on Christmas (gift of dowry money in this case) which saves the children (3 little girls in this case, compare to 3 stars of Orion’s belt). Saves them from the terrible fate of their father selling them into a life of sex slavery!

As you can see right off the bat this isn’t really a kid friendly topic as talking to little girls about how they better be good little girls and hope that Santa brings them some stocking money so they can get married off to avoid a life of prostitution IS NOT a topic that really jives with our current usage and view of Santa as a kid friendly hero in American culture!

You can almost see how the Krampus legend could have been an easy adaptation of this St. Nicholas story: Be good little girls or else Santa won’t bring your dowry money little girls and you’ll be dragged into sex slavery! Seems very close to the Krampus story! Easily adapted to cover boys as well: Be good little boys or Santa won’t brink your bride price (aspect of dowry money) and you won’t be able to afford to marry a respectable girl. Is this really the Christmas message during the time of Saint Nicholas that somehow got watered down until the time where I first heard it as a child “Be good or Santa will bring you coal in your stocking!” It appears so.


The important thing about the story of Santa’s dowry story is that bishop Nicholas was portrayed as hero in the early church because he was a man who brought freedom from slavery to little girls with his gifts. As a hero, Nicholas had the honor of being turned into a Saint (equated with the Orion constellation in typical Greek hero worship cult fashion) linking him with the savior and heros and demigods and gods of all the cultures spanning from ancient Mesopotamian to hellenic to norse to modern times even to his most modern American adaptation as the Grinch.


It took some brain busting meditation to get to the bottom of the dowry topic because it was so complex that I couldn’t even figure out what type of topic this was exactly. Dowry is wrapped into so many different topics which include marriage, law, religion, inheritance, history, taxation, slavery and freedom.

I discovered the truth of the matter of what a dowry really is. Dowry is the form of women’s freedom and rights known to all of human civilization! It represents a woman’s freedom from slavery and ultimately understanding the dowry and women’s rights leads to freedom leads to freedom for all people which is what this article is about.

The dowry was the consideration for a legal contract (marriage contract) involving money and/or lands between parents for their children getting married. What exactly a dowry consisted of throughout history changed but in oldest form the marriage contract and what to do with the dowry money in law was an important topic for all civilizations. By researching and meditating on the dowry you can see the entire progression of women’s rights all the way from the beginning to modern times where now women have equal rights.


The story about St. Nick bringing dowry money for Christmas in 4th century AD Turkey is fascinating but ultimately antiquated. Civilization at least in America has progressed so far beyond the ancient Mesopotamian idea of if you don’t pay your taxes that you have to sell your children into slavery that it’s very difficult for modern audience to understand the early Christian message to the story. The real point of the story is that Santa is a hero because Santa brings gifts of freedom. That said, the point of the story is now hard to grasp because the relationship of why dowry is related to freedom and female freedom in particular is a bit of an obsolete concept in America at least so I’m going to take the time to explain which will require us to do some digging into the past and place Santa in context in Turkey and Turkey in context in ancient Mesopotamian, ancient hellenic, and historical context up to present so that you can see the relationship between dowry, marriage, and women’s rights and freedom.


Saint Nicholas was in Myra, Turkey which as you can see from the map below is on the southern coast and not that far away sail from Greece so the story that Saint Nicholas was a Greek speaking person in the Roman Empire (this would later be the Eastern Roman Empire) who moved to Turkey to become bishop of Myra geographically checks out at being very plausible.

As we view the Santa story from 2023 AD, It’s already been almost 2 thousand years, so the topic of Santa’s dowry is is already ancient. *Saint Nicholas was believed to have lived sometime 270-343 AD, so the St. Nicholas dowry gift giving is ancient news occurring ~1700 years ago! But to really understand the context for what is going on we can rewind it another 2-4 thousand years as there are many well documented marriage contract tablets found all over the area. The best example is a Hittite marriage tablet written in cuneiform which was found not too far geographically from St. Nicholas in Kultepe, Turkey .

Ancient Mesopotamian Marriage contract addressing dowry, freedom & slavery from Kultepe, Turkey.

This tablet which I’ll refer to as the “Pre-Santa-Dowry tablet” opens up a whole can of worms as it addresses not just the marriage dowry but also slavery, freedom, relationship to ancient Mesopotamian culture and religion since written in cuneiform, and has the fascinating feature of being the first known document to address the topic of infertility & surrogacy. To wrap my mind around ancient Mesopotamian culture, I read the book Babylon Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilization by Paul Kriwaczek. Special thanks to my cousin Brian Baily for recommending this book which he found while doing his own research on ancient ideas about the family unit.

What I discovered is that the ancient laws where even more complex than the modern and that our modern laws derived from ancient Mesopotamian laws including the concept of dowry.

The dowry specified in the Pre-Santa Dowry tablet was that 5 minas of silver had to be paid to the bride in event of divorce which the article estimated to be about $1500 by todays standards. I double checked their math and I got $1751.46 so close enough.

*Mina, an ancient unit of weight is 1.25 lbs which is 6.25 lbs of silver which is 72.92 troy ounces of silver which at about $24.02/oz (spot price of silver at time of writing this article) is worth exactly $1751.46 pretty close enough to the $1500 mentioned in the article on the tablet.

Slavery was hardwired into ancient marriage contracts because slave wives performed a valuable function in ancient marriage contracts of being used to provide children if the primary wife was barren. Freedom was also hardwired into ancient marriage contracts freedom in form of dowry for the primary wife and even freedom for the slave wife if she performs her function of producing a male heir for the barren primary wife. Male infertility is never mentioned in ancient cuneiform documents. (The unspoken reason being in my opinion that a man would never admit to being infertile. In my personal opinion, the way an ancient Mesopotamian man would deal with his own infertility would be to allow his brother or other male family member to sleep with his wife to produce an heir on his behalf.) So male infertility was handled with familial polycoity whereas female infertility was typically handled in advance with marriage contract which would specify that if wife did not produce an heir within a certain number of years (typically 2-7) that a slave wife would be hired to produce and heir. The cuneiform marriage contract above requires that a slave wife to used in 2 years if no heir is produced by the primary wife. Depiction of female rights in the Bible is oftentimes much worse than the Mesopotamian norm. The requirement in the Hebrew Bible that if a husband ides that her brother take the wife means the women does not ever get a dowry all her property is taken by her brother’s sibling cancelling the concept of gaining freedom through dowry. The story of Rachel and Leah providing slave wives in the Bible for Jacob (Gen 30: 1-24) is far below the Mesopotamian norm as the slave girls are not given their freedom after producing male heirs instead are force to provide second male heirs and then their status whether freed or not is never mentioned. We have to assume Jacob the jerk kept his extra wives in slavery even after they both more than earned their freedom which would have been frowned upon even by ancient Mesopotamian cultural norms. In the Hittite Empire in the above marriage contract at least the slave girl is given her freedom after being forced to bear a child, an explicit admission that she would have provided something of value to earn her freedom. The idea that a child is as good as gold is also seen in ancient Egypt. For women either looking for dowry after a child or looking for freedom as a slave girl after bearing a child, having a child was viewed as their ticket to freedom and for many women in ancient times their only path to freedom other than earning their way out of slavery through prostitution. In ancient Mesopotamian culture such as the Assyrian empire, and in later empires including the Roman Empire, taxes were no joke. A man either pay his taxes or he would “be forced” to sell his children into slavery which often translated as being forced to sell his daughters into prostitution. Against this cultural backdrop, the story of Saint Nicholas bringing dowry money for a father who would be forced to sell his daughters into slavery which was the norm in Turkey inherited from earlier Mesopotamian cultural norm makes a lot more sense.


In the time of Saint Nicholas 4th century AD Turkey was no longer part of the Hittite Empire but rather was part of the Roman empire, so the money St. Nicholas brought for dowry was probably in some form of the Roman coin denomination.

Instead of bringing silver the norm of more ancient Turkey and Mesopotamian empires, of course we can presume Saint Nicholas brought gold coins since Christ from Greek “Krysos” means Gold.

So presuming Saint Nicholas a good Christian brought the dowry gift in gold “Krysos” Roman coins then how many coins of which denomination did he bring?

*Each gold Roman Aureus coin is worth the value of 25 oz of silver so three gold Roman Aureus coins would be worth 75 oz which is almost exactly slightly over the expected 72.9 troy oz of silver dowry expected in the area & culture of Turkey from the pre-Santa tablet.

It’s obvious to me that St. Nicholas brought 3 gold coins per daughter per night i.e. 9 gold coins in total (9 Roman gold Aureus coins)!

At the time 3 gold coins would be worth 75 oz of silver which more than paid for the 72.9 oz of silver value expected in his area expected for a dowry.


It’s obvious to me that Saint Nicholas as Santa bringing dowry gift of 3 gold coins is an Orion constellation reference to the 3 stars on the belt. This is also reflected in the story talking about there being 3 daughters which is also a reference to the 3 star on Orion constellation belt. The 3 gold coins per daughter per night i.e. 9 gold coins total and the number 9 is also significant as an astro-theology reference. The number 9 is a reference to 9 lunar mansions of the older lunar calendar (9 tailed fox, MW viewed as a sexy Goddess) where the moon is viewed as being in different houses of the Milky Way. Taken together the story of Santa’s dowry has coded secret message compatible with early 4th century Roman Christianity of the solar religion taking prominence over the older lunar religion.

Saint Nicholas bringing dowry gift is Roman Christian propaganda which was crafted to send a very specific message.

The idea is that if you want a bride from a good family (Roman aristocrat family or nobility) that you need to pay the dowry in gold not silver if you want a Christian bride “Princess” and that a Christian bride has full dowry rights that must be respected and is not willing to put up with Morganatic marriage (marriage of unequals) , and that a Christian bride costs more than a pagan bride as gold is more value than silver just as virgin bride is worth more than a “whore/slave/pagan/lesser/non-virgin/prostitute” bride. All Christian brides are virgins. Non-virgins brides would be considered to be whores who are worth less and require a lesser dowry. All pagan brides were considered to be whores because they would get their dowry the night after marriage in Germanic pagan custom (popular in 4-6 th century AD) and would only get that in event of divorce whereas a good Christian bride was expected to be treated as full equal (Which in those times wasn’t equal it was 1/3 equality in inheritance land but that was better than the Morganitic marriage brides who would get no part of inheritance other than the dowry (no claim on their husband’s lands). It used to be that if a king or prince or aristocrat or noble wanted a bride from a good family (a virgin bride or Princess) they would go to the Greek temple of Artemis to find one & if a rich person wanted a bride they would go to the Greek temple of Aphrodite to find one but she would cost less as “used goods”. (It was probably possible to buy a virgin bride from temple of Aphrodite as well but she would cost more too similar to bride from temple of Artemis). When the Roman State religion switched to Christianity it took over the functions of the Greek temples of Artemis and Aphrodite. There is direct evidence of temples of Artemis especially transitioning smoothly into early Christian temples where now instead of the Priestess arranging the marriage now it would be the church father the bishop or Pope/Papa/Father now arranging the marriage. Saint Nicholas a Greco-Roman bishop in the Roman state religion is performing the function of the temple of Artemis in arranging marriages of virgin Princesses. As the surrogate father bishop Nicholas is providing the dowry money for her actual father (the bride comes with money) because the bride is a Princess and her rights as a respectable (non-prostitute, virgin bride from a good (Roman aristocrat/Patrician/noble) family) have to be respected. She doesn’t agree to be part of an type of marriage as a lesser as is customary in Germanic custom and in the local Mesopotamian culture based custom of Turkey unless she gets the full dowry of the custom (equivalent of 72.9 oz of silver i.e. 5 minas of silver) paid in gold (3 Roman Aureus coins) worth of dowry AND unlike Morganitic marriages, the dowry is not all she gets in a divorce the Christian woman has more rights because she gets a claim on on the King/Prince/Noble/Groom’s lands according to the full 1/3 custom which also originates in ancient mesopotamian culture for non-slave wives.


The amazing truth is that Christianity was sold to women by the Romans as a way to get more female rights with the protection of the state (Roman empire religion and law) to protect those rights. Santa’s dowry is all about women’s rights! It really is! The appeal of Christianity alway was and always will be a an appeal to women to join for enhanced rights. Sant’s dowry is a message of freedom. Freedom from slavery from the perspective of a culture from ancient Mesopotamia.


Santa’s dowry is really only about freedom from slavery for royal women not all women. Since the dawn of written record (Mesopotamian culture) women were treated as property. First they were the property of their father. Then they were the property of their husband sold off into marriage or became the property of the state religion if they were sold off into prostitution to pay the father’s taxes. There were multiple paths to freedom open to women not one very great. The path of the respectable woman was the path of getting married, producing children, then if she outlived her husband she would gain her freedom by receiving control over her dowry money as inheritance now having complete economic and legal independence she was as free as a women could be (as free as a man as she is finally allowed to own property (her dowry property at least which could be silver and land & inheritance for her and her children independent from her late husband’s siblings). This method of obtaining freedom was only open to royal /noble /wealthy women. Many women were born into slavery or were sold into slavery which in most cases meant they were sold into prostitution, sold into the state religion temple of Sumerian-Babylonian-Ishtar-Greek-Aphrodite now property of the state religion. Also all women were basically slaves as children as property of their fathers and basically all women were slaves to varying degrees when married with a tier system with first wife, slave wife, sister wife, even prostitute wife. The Bible is in Genesis against prostitute wives (unclean foreigners who give STD to husband & thus his other wives as well) though it’s all for virgin slave wives being used to make offspring. This translated in Roman times as virgin wives from temple of Artemis being given priority over prostitute wives from temple of Aphrodite possibly.

Mary Magdalene in my opinion was a virgin wife from the equivalent of temple of Aphrodite who although viewed as a prostitute wasn’t except in high priestess sense. She was extremely rich, and financed the career of Jesus and was the only one who understood his message in full. Christianity offered women a increase in women’s rights at the time because it offered the idea that a prostitute could be redeemed and made like a virgin again if she was married to God he would pay the full dowry price for her like her being a virgin whether she was or wasn’t no longer mattered in the eyes of God. Brides in a way gained freedom in Christianity because they could become like a man and marry Jesus as a bride who would give them all of his dowry as their dowry. A novel idea at the time that paved the way for future women’s rights.

This message of early 1st century Christianity was lost in later 4th century Roman Christianity which focused on the paternal protection of women’s right’s which in itself codified gender inequality. The best equality a women could ever hope for in the dowry system was a 1/3 inheritance. In modern times women have achieved equality with full 1/2 inheritance, gaining the vote and most importantly the abolition of slavery (and thus sex slavery, and slave wives, and slave prostitute wives). The idea of women getting 1/3 inheritance from medieval times dowry arranged for nobility by Christian bishops or the Pope/Papa/Father in Roman catholic Christianity was passed down through the English common law all the way down to America and still exists in some forms in inheritance law in some states. I’ve only researched the laws in Texas as my father passed away last year and I was studying inheritance there. Dowry as far as I can tell only matters now in regards to wills and inheritance and what it does still preserved in American law is it provides a check & balance on how badly a husband can screw over a surviving spouse in event of his death. For example if a man leaves a will saying he wants his wife to get nothing the courts would still give her 1/3 of his lands (real estate only), a nod to the ancient dowry system from English common law ultimately inherited form early Mesopotamian culture.

Rich women with marriage contracts and hope of large dowry were first wives. Through marriage as discussed above they were better than slaves because they had certain dowry rights which served as marriage insurance, inheritance rights and hope of property rights if they ended up with control of their dowry (if divorced to get 5 minas of silver from marriage contract if not her fault (she wan’t promiscuous during the marriage), or would get “full” inheritance rights of her dowry and a portion of 1/3 of her husband’s lands and maybe other property like any bride price his family paid at time of marriage also all considered her dowry. To a married woman getting her dowry was the promise of her eventual freedom. It was also possible for a man to marry a slave wife or even a prostitute wife from the temple who had similar lack of rights as a slave wife, or if a temple high priestess might have had even better rights than the first wife can’t tell. Whereas slave wives were mostly for case of barren first wife, I’m not sure what the prostitute wives were for possibly pleasure models for rich husbands Prostitute wives were not allowed to have children so likely they had even less rights than the slave wives as no inheritance for children required for them so likely if they got any dowry at all it would have been less. Typically a slave wife would be a second or third or fourth or later wife (polygamist & polycoity culture of Mesopotamia). No royal wife probably wanted a slave wife, but as the cuneiform pre-Santa marriage contract from Turkey showed slave wives performed a valuable function which was hardwired into marriage contracts. In the event that the royal/first wife was barren, the contract would specify that her husband would buy her a slave who would also be his extra wife who would be used as a surrogate mother and then could gain her freedom (would be let go after doing her job of poping out a child). There is actually a story about this in the Bible (Gen 30:1-24) where sister wives Rachel and Leah compete to offer their husband Jacob slave wives to make more children on their behalf [and thus presumably increase their eventual dowry inheritance rights as it was tied to number of male offspring produced in Mesopotamian culture]. Rachel & Leah are both royal first wives & sister wives supposed to have equal rights under Mesopotamian custom (which means if husband divorces one sister he has to divorce both and provide dowry to both), but in Bible story sister Leah is presented as a lesser wife. Rachel is jealous of her subordinate sister-wife Leah who has had children [would get a bigger fraction of dowry in event of divorce or death] so she gets her husband to buy her a slave wife named Bilhah who pops out some children & later to compete after she stops being able to have children Leah gives her slave girl Zilpah to Jacob to pop out extra children on her behalf. The Israelite tent dwellers had inferior women’s rights to ancient Mesopotamian city slave girls because the rural slave girls were not freed after surrogacy whereas freedom from slavery after one male child surrogacy was the cultural norm. Their slave girls (Jacob’s slave wives) being forced to make 2 sons each instead of one son and then being given their freedom was a poor depiction of women’s rights even by ancient Mesopotamian cultural norms.

The point of Santa’s dowry story was provide freedom for royal women via marriage and their ultimate promise of their emancipation through gaining economic freedom with equal right to own property via the promise of one day if they are blessed by God and make children and are good wives and outlive their husbands that they will get their dowry and share of inheritance from their husband’s lands.

I think Saint Nicholas would be pleased that women now get a full 1/2 inheritance in most states in America and not the unequal 1/3 dowry. With the abolition of slavery (and thus female sex slavery and slave wives included) and the gaining of the vote, women in America has I think achieved the goal of gender equality. I think St. Nicholas if alive today would not be celebrated as his ideas would be too obsolete but hopefully you can appreciate how he was a hero of his time if not our time & served his role in advancing women’s rights.

The idea that a non-virgin woman is worth less than a virgin woman which pervades human civilization sets up humanity for slavery as the non-virgin become the slave-prostitute and the virgin wife becomes the upper class royalty.

All rights were developed for royalty only.

In America the rights of the royalty were passed to WE THE PEOPLE which is the foundation of American freedom.

Slaves are not allowed to own property. In English culture which was inherited into American culture only the King could own property. So in America It’s GOOD to be KING because we can own property as thanks to the American revolution the right of the king of England to own property was passed to we the people so we can all own property and thus by definition be free not slaves.

Being free is the opposite of being a slave. The property that matters most is control over your own body and mind. Whether you think we are all free on planet earth or that we are all slaves trapped on planet earth is a state of mind. Whether you think you are free as an immortal soul in your body to create as a God, or that you are an infinite being trapped in your finite body as punishment like a fallen angel is a state of mind.

When you free your mind you free your body and when you free your body you free your soul and when you free your soul you become immortal. The message of the resurrection of Jesus is a pathway given for immortality the underlying message of Christianity. Immortality through gold. Economic freedom like the dowry for a women is a form of freedom. Equal freedom for men and women is the right to own property like a King. Not being treated like a child property of the parental state and taking control of your inheritance as an adult which requires you to free your mind and fill it with knowledge is important to do if you want to maximize your freedom.


To go beyond the Roman Christian idea that only virgin Christian women are worth the full value we must rediscover the original Christian idea of Mary Magdalene that all women virgin or not are worth the full value in the eye’s of God which she envisioned as women becoming like men and being able to take Jesus as their bride who gives them the full value of their worth. The lost message of Christianity whose time has come is that all men & women, all natural people are created equal. This abolishes the idea of slavery if people are created equal no-one is born a slave, we are all born royalty like baby Jesus on Christmas as inheritors of the full value of the “Kingdom of God”. To ancient Christian women like teen Mary the mother of God, baby Jesus symbolized freedom as producing a male child locked in her dowry. The promise of eventual freedom from her husband Joseph who by today’s standards would have been locked up for raping her as a 13 yr old a pedophile having sex with a non-consenting adult (Mary was not age of consent by today’s standards whether she was 13 or 16 still under 18). But we can’t really view the story by today’s standards. By the standards of the time getting married at early age was the cultural norm and was the only path available to royal women as other options included being sold into slavery rather than marriage or remaining essentially a slave the property of her parents until married. Getting married and locking in that dowry was the only path to freedom open to Mary in my opinion after doing this meditation.


If you meditate on the similarities and differences between Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and her close relationship with Jesus in reconciling the beliefs of the temples of Artemis and Aphrodite in the idea of a Virgin mother oxymoron & Non-Virgin barren woman oxymoron & seek knowledge with a humble heart Mary may speak to you.


In ancient times marriages of rich women were arranged by the pagan temples which by Hellenic & Greco-Roman times would be temples of Artemis and Aphrodite. There is evidence that there was a smooth transition from the Roman state religion temples of Artemis to the Early Christian temples with changeover of a priestess arranging the marriages to now a church father (bishop) now arranging the marriages. An important goal of early Christianity was to break the power of the ancient religion of sacred prostitution. Where rich families used to pay temple of Artemis to keep their young women virgins until marriage in temple of Artemis, now the church bishop would perform that function. Where poorer families might sell their daughters to the temple of Aphrodite to become prostitutes or sacred prostitutes & some of these sacred prostitutes could also be married off and gain the rights of married women (dowry rights with inheritance rights) now the church fathers would control that function and would do away with the bride price part of the dowry from the groom’s side so that Christian brides could not be considered slaves as they were not bought they only came with money!


It was lucrative for pagan kings to convert to Christianity because if he needed cash all he had to do was to get a Christian bride who would come with a large dowry money that would be provided by “Santa” the church bishop arranging the marriage. There was a string attached though that the bride had to be treated with the royal respect she deserved which meant she would get a 1/3 claim on the King’s land in event of a divorce provided all the terms of marriage contract were met (typically providing a male heir & she not promiscuous). This went in contrast to the Germanic norm that brides would get a dowry after the marriage night and if left would only get that dowry back but no claim on the King’s land (called Morganatic marriage). Morganatic marriage or “left handed” marriage was where a king would marry a bride of lower social standing and if he left she would only get her morning after dowry but no claim on the king’s land. So in Germanic custom the dowry was money only but in Christian marriage the dowry become seen as the money that came with a bride (as opposed to a bride price paid for a bride). Then the bride got a dowry legal claim on her husbands estate of 1/3 of his lands. Through this system royalty in the medieval ages were able to amass extreme amounts of wealth through well arranged marriages. Imagine inheriting control of 1/3 of the country of France for example, not trivial when royal estes are involved and for a time before the protestant reformation you can see why the Pope was important for international marriage contract estate arbitration.


Many Christians get annoyed at the focus on Christmas on commercialism and Santa instead of focusing more on the birth of Jesus. But if you read the gospels turns out it’s not the birth of Jesus that matters so much as the resurrection of Jesus because the birth of Jesus is only witnessed in two of the four gospels whereas the resurrection is witnessed in all four thus it is the resurrection of Jesus not the birth of Jesus that is core to Christian message. So religiously Christmas is not really that important to Christianity as the birth of Jesus was not even important enough to be recorded in the oldest known gospel of Mark, but Easter is all important as all four gospels including Mark bear witness. So with that in mind Christians should not really care that Santa (and in recent times the Grinch) have come to dominate Christmas season in my opinion, I think we just have a hangup on the name as something named “Christmas” should be about Christ is how the mind works. The truth is that the Christmas time of Yule-tide is actually a far older pagan holiday related to the winter solstice. The winter solstice is a time of the shortest day and longest night of the year. A time when the sun is seen as “dying” and then being “born/reborn/born again”. If you view Jesus as solar deity as did the celts and Romans of the 4th century AD, then the sun being born on Christmas intersecting with birth of Jesus makes complete sense, and you can even equate Christmas as the real Easter as the solstice is both the death and the rebirth of Christ as a solar deity. However this Romanized view of Christ is wrong (or at least only partly right) in my opinion as originally Jesus was a lunar not a solar deity as can be seen in 3rd century AD Manichean-Christian documents, and I’ll offer as my observation that the lunar Jesus is the Jesus of the gospel of Luke where Luke/Loki/Lucky means Moon as I made note connections with Egyptian lunar god Khonsu/Khingu “Moon”. With Lunar rather than solar Jesus in mind at the time of year of Christmas time the Orion constellation can be seen prominently in the sky (northern hemisphere). It is the Orion constellation that connects Jesus with Santa Claus. It is the Orion constellation that is the manger scene of the Christmas nativity. It is the Orion constellation that gives Santa a red suit. It is the Orion constellation that gives Rudolph a red nose. It is the Orion constellation and the Milky Way that is Santa and his rune covered sleigh. It is the Orion constellation that connects all the legends of Judeo-Christianity to the sky. It is the Orion constellation that connects all religious belief all all variety to the sky throughout history to the dawn of civilization both villains and heros and gods and demigods including both Jesus and Santa.


Santa Claus like Jesus is more than just man or legend or myth is more than demigod is both fully man and fully God. Santa and Jesus as God are Orion constellation references. Santa and Jesus are both believed to have been real men as well not just legends as myths of Orion. As real men, who were able to use their brains to connect their pineal to beyond the Orion constellation to the Milky Way Spiral galaxy itself, the Spiral of Time, like David slaying Goliath with his stone and spiral spinning sling, each of us as real people are able to be like both Jesus or like Saint Nicholas/Santa in defeating/reforming/subduing the devil Satan. The real Santa is the Sacred Savior and the real Santa is also the overcoming of of the devil Satan an Orion constellation reference but also a metaphor for using your brain to connect to the stars and to your higher self as the mind of God to squash evil. That is is the real Santa. The real Santa is you if you can do that.

Saint Nicholas with Saint Lucy & the devil/Krampus behind him, an Orion constellation reference, number three from 3 stars on Orion’s belt ie Santa’s Armor. Santa’s armor is depicted as a frock with a cross on it and note the bishop is wearing a holy hat compare the the Aegishjalmur. His staff refers to the Orion constellation star Betelgeuse and it’s use in connecting your pineal to the milky way spiral galaxy i.e. God. To get to God got you have to get Lucifer/Saint Lucy and the Devil/Saint Krampus Grinch behind you using the triple armor of Santa’s belt (belt of Orion). We all have both good and evil inside, but we have free will, the devil inside you can choose to put on the armor of God and become the hero & savior.


Like the man bishop Nicholas stepping up & saving children from slavery with dowry gift on Christmas, I can step up and save people from pharmaceutical slavery this Christmas.

I created iMedDo detox system as the triple stars of the belt of Orion which I wear as holy armor for my body and mind and in doing so I’m the hero of the story on Christmas I have the gift that can save lives and free people from the grip of toxins, poisons and pharmaceutical slavery.


A greater hero by far than Saint Nicholas is the Apostle of Apostles Mary Magdalene who of all the apostles was the only one who truly understood the message of Jesus. I recently this year received extended blessing of Mary Magdalene when I was meditating on Barium detox. She is so humble that she didn’t want to tell me point blank and made me meditate for over a year to figure out that she is the heroic female version of Santa Claus. Rather than the Orion constellation she prefers you to meditate on the constellation below it as you remember to be humble as you learn to exercise your great power to heal give gifts prophesy and speak in tongues and all the other cool stuff ya’ll ladies do. Blessed are the meek for ye shall inherit the earth. In case you didn’t catch it the baby Jesus on Christmas is the most humble and meek form of the Savior which is why Christmas is so important. Mary is completely free in every sense of the word and wants us all to have freedom and if you listen with a humble heart she will talk to you loudly, or if you are an arrogant showboat like Santa she’ll still help you but it will take longer =). Blessed are the meek for ye shall inherit the earth. She said it to me twice so I’ll repeat it a third time Blessed are the meek for you shall inherit the earth. The iMedDo detox system is the meekest medicine I’ve ever seen, it comes in very small bottles but can take on any Goliath foe from poison, heavy metal, vaccine, bacteria, virus, fungus, cancer and more, and yet that’s not even the beginning of what it does. It nourishes the body and mind and brings about self actualization of your divine self as you meditate and discover your inner divine immortality. Merry Christmas and blessing of Mary Magdalene the female heric Santa be upon you.

With Love,

DrBenGo Healthwarrior the iMedDo “Santa”

“With these gifts may you find peace, freedom, & joy!”










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