Jab Induced Thrombocytopenia


Greetings dear readers! In this episode I’m putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat and will be investigating the case of babies dying after the Covid-19 jab from thrombocytopenia i.e. low blood platelets. Because of the suspicious nature of the deaths after getting the jab, I’m treating this as a murder investigation, and looking into the possibility that the babies are being poisoned by the jab. I am compile, and present in this episode, all the science that I can find pertaining to whether or not it is possible that the Covid-19 could be causing the thrombocytopenia. The case was quite easy to solve, as I found the shocking result of there being multiple thrombocytopenia inducing ingredients in the jab. Thus it seems certain, that the babies are in fact being blood poisoned by the jab. My recommendation, is that the jab should be suspended immediately, and the poisoners rounded up for murder charges. In part two of this article, I will be presenting recent science pertaining to iodine, colloidal silver & colloidal gold in regards to platelets, and will be presenting my hypothesis in light of the known science that using iodine, silver & gold, together in a system, supports platelet health .



Thrombocytopenia means low blood platelets. Okay so learning about platelets is important. Platelets are a component of blood, so hematology i.e. the study of blood is important for this case. Study of blood in a murder case is not surprising. I’ve done a lot of thought already on the iron-hemoglobin containing red blood cells in the blood before (see newsletter on iron from Dec 2019 episode), but I’ve been overlooking the platelets in the blood until now. Platelets play a big role in the maintenance of the endothelial system, and were known to me already for their role in maintaining the vascular system, but what I didn’t appreciate, until researching platelets for this article, is that platelet have immunological function. Platelets not just protect the blood from bleeding out, they also protect the blood in a much more comprehensive way that I had previously realized.

Because platelet knowledge is the key to this baby murder case, I had need for a good review discussing platelets. With amazing synchronicity & luck, I found a 2021 review which fits the bill as background platelet information, and I’ll be referring to it frequently as (NeuBauer 2021):


Endothelial cells and coagulation
Katherina Neubauer & Barbara Zieger. Cell Tissue Res. 2021


Hematology looks like an overly complicated field to me because it has too many names for the same thing. Platelets are also known as thrombocytes, hence the ‘thrombo’ in thrombocytopenia. Cyte means ‘cell’ so it’s a misnomer as a platelet is not actually a cell as it lacks a cell nucleus. Red Blood Cells also are not actually cells as also lack a nucleus. Because the red blood cells look like ‘big plates’, the platelets i.e. ‘little plates’ are the small cell-like objects around then that are about 20% of their size. If you look on the cover art you can see a picture of Red Blood Cells which are red in color, and Platelets, which are stained purple (see cover art fringes). I like the word ‘platelet’ much better than ‘thrombocyte’ and the phrase “low platelets” much better than ‘thrombocytopenia,’ but I guess mainstream medicine prefers complicated words to sound more fancy. The red blood cells are the iron & hemoglobin carrier vesicles, and the platelets carry something as well i.e. ‘granules’ which contain molecules for healing and signalling and attacking. Platelets are like druid blood warriors ready to shape shift into action as they can change from disk to spherical to being star shaped blobs with protrusions when activated to protect the integrity of the endothelium during coagulation (see Neubauer 2021).


Only mammals have platelets. I was shocked to learn this as it means that platelets are very special and give mammals including humans a unique edge over other life in some way which appears to be related to reduced blood loss and increased ability to fight attacking bloodborn pathogens. In reptiles instead of platelets, there are megakaryocte cells but in humans and other mammals, we have evolved to protect our megakaryocte cells in the bone marrow and the platelets are made as pieces of the megakaryocytic cell that break off and go into the blood to fight as fearless warriors & healers that protect the integrity of the blood system (hemostasis). Platelets are knows to spring into action to form a plug to stop bleeding working with endothelial cells an important protector of the vascular system. But even more than that, platelets FIGHT to protect our blood so platelets can be thought of as an important part of the immune system. I was not aware of this because normally when I think of the immune system I think of the white blood cells like the b cells, t cells and leucocytes macrophages etc as being the warriors of the blood, but I overlooked the most important warriors of all, the platelets. When the use of platelets evolved in mammals, it allowed the megakaryocyte cells to become more protected in the bone marrow rather than roaming freely, as now they can bud off platelets to go fight in and patrol and protect the blood on their behalf and in their stead. An important evolutionary point is that the ability of megakaryocytes to make platelets may very well be one of the major evolutionary adaptations which have made mammals successful, as because of our platelets, we have increased resistance to many types of infection over reptiles, birds and lower life forms. Much of the field of immunology, which includes the study of platelets, has focus on mouse (murine) research models. Human platelets differ from mouse platelets, and figuring out what part of platelet function is unique to humans but not other mammals is a great lead on understanding human health that deserves more research attention. I believe that human platelets can use iodine, gold and silver for healing in a way many other lower animals cannot.


Platelets are resistant to viral attack because they lack a cell nucleus they cannot be hijacked by a virus genetic material. Platelets, like a spring loaded trap, can change shape from discoid, to spherical, to blobs with fingers, having protrusions to maximize their stickiness to each other and other molecules. Platelets remind me a lot of a shape-shifting battle druid who is very chill until activated, but then can under the right conditions release powerful magic to heal allies and kill invaders using their magic bag of granules. Anything vampiric that attacks the blood best beware of platelet warriors. That includes malaria & coronaviruses that attack the red blood cells making them spill their iron/hemoglobin to take the iron for themselves. The fight for control over blood iron is key as I talked about in the Iron the Firestone of Life newsletter episode I wrote back in Dec, 2019. Invading vampires want to control it as it can be used to make energy, genetic material and for oxidative damage. Our blood keeps the iron highly contained inside the hemoglobin inside the red blood cells. Vampiric invaders like malaria & attack the red blood cells making them spill the iron out and it causes oxidative damage when loose so our body tries to repackage it into red blood cells in the bone marrow while fighting off the attackers. Platelets are the front line warriors in the anti-vampire blood battle, so much so that I think of them now as platelets Van Helsing:


Kho S et al. Platelets kill circulating parasites of all major Plasmodium species in human malaria. Blood. 2018 Sep 20;132(12)


Zaid Y et al. Platelets Can Associate with SARS-Cov-2 RNA and Are Hyperactivated in COVID-19. Circ Res. 2020 Sep 17;127(11):1404–18.


When your platelets lose the battle they become low (thrombocytopenia) which is associated with increased mortality.

Bao, C. et al. SARS-CoV-2 induced thrombocytopenia as an important biomarker significantly correlated with abnormal coagulation function, increased intravascular blood clot risk and mortality in COVID-19 patients. Exp Hematol Oncol 9, 16 (2020).


Tiede A, Sachs UJ, Czwalinna A, et al. Prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia after COVID-19 vaccine. Blood. 2021 Apr.

It’s called Vaccine Induced Thrombocytopenia (VIT) on the adverse reporting. When they diagnose it they only presumptively diagnose VIT and consult hematology who uses assays that are not sensitive and may yield false negative results. *mycomment: RESULT: VIT is under-reported if hematologist uses wrong test

LINK: https://covid19-sciencetable.ca/sciencebrief/vaccine-induced-immune-thrombotic-thrombocytopenia-vitt-following-adenovirus-vector-covid-19-vaccination/




Really is there any evidence for that? You betcha. If you get the jab and get thrombocytopenia or if you give it to a baby who dies of thrombocytopenia, it is no mystery what caused it based on the science because almost everything in the jab causes low platelets:

  1. viral genetic material for spike protein (reduces platelets).
  2. spike proteins produced by body (reduces platelets).
  3. ionizable nano-lipids (can reduce platelets via liver toxicity).
  4. graphene oxide (reduces platelets).

#1 Viral RNA genetic for spike protein (like the DNA/RNA in the jab) causes thrombocytopenia, see already given reference (Bao et al. 2020). Let’s see can we find a reference for #2 that fully formed spike proteins can also reduce platelets? Well we known that the jab reduces platelets (thrombocytopenia) because babies are dying from that after the jab. Sure the viral genetic material will drop platelet warrior count as they attack it, but once the viral RNA hijacks your cells to produce more spike proteins, can those spike proteins trigger and attack by your platelet warriors and reduce their count? After reading a number of papers I think the answer is yes. How?The platelet warrior is like a coiled spring loaded trap that can activate when triggered. The platelet does have ACE-2 receptors on it and the fully formed spike protein can trigger the receptor on the platelet to spring the trap like bear putting it’s foot in a bear trap. Sure enough if you look you can find plenty of reference to back this up here is one:

Zhang, S et al. SARS-CoV-2 binds platelet ACE2 to enhance thrombosis in COVID-19. J Hematol Oncol 13, 120 (2020)

The platelet has ACE-2 receptors that can be triggered by SARS-COV2 [& by its Spike protein]. So just spike proteins alone will activate platelets to attack resulting in lower platelets in the blood if the spike proteins are too numerous. Those who get the jab who allow foreign spike protein genetic material (RNA or DNA depending on which jab they get) to hijack their cells to make spike proteins can reliably expect based on the science that they will get thrombocytopenia. If you are confused about how the jab attack works to use RNA to hijack your DNA with spike proteins, I wrote a newsletter back in February 2021 about the mRNA attack, that you can go back and read as a refresher. To learn about how the nano-lipids in the vaccine that is not a vaccine are toxic I refer you to the newsletter I wrote with section on nano-lipid toxicity back in March, 2021.

The issue is that ionizable nanolipids when they turn positively charged are inherently toxic because natural cell membrane lipis are negatively charged. The nanolipids accumulate in the liver and cause liver toxicity which is known to suppress platelets via the thrombin blood coagulation pathway as thrombin is produced in the liver (see NeuBauer 2021 for more info on thrombin & platelets in blood coagulation pathway, see section on Heparin-Anti-thrombin III). Thrombin stimulates platelets to activate. Anti-thrombin III is produced by the liver inhibits thrombin. So if the liver is damaged by ionizable nano-lipids from the jab then it will produce less anti-thrombin III. The result would ultimately be low platelets (Thrombocytopenia) as all the platelets would keep aggregating in the thrombin cascade trying to over heal. Although the review article is talking about how platelets heal punctures in the vascular system, platelets are also activated as I already provide references for from the spike protein from the jab. In the same way, as in the presence of a blood clot and thrombin cascade, in the presence of a spike protein attack the platelets would activate and would end up being over activated resulting in low platelets i.e. thrombocytopenia if the liver was damaged from ionizable nanoplipids from the jab. Also in NeuBaure2021, see section on Fibrinolytic properties of the endothelium: There is liver derived protein called a plasminogen that would be reduced from liver damage from the ionizable nano-lips from the jab. Without it, activated platelets can stay overactive staying in repair mode resulting in low platelets.

Well dang, we already have multiple ways that the jab can cause thrombocytopenia and easily kill an infant with thrombocytopenia but is there any smoking gun that proves intent to murder? Yes there is. As I talked about in March newsletter, the dense nanolipid vesicles in the jab are perfect for hiding a poison sneak attack. Although I didn’t know what it was at the time, it is now known that the jab contains the sneak poison graphene oxide. If the graphene oxide hidden in the jab is a platelet destroyer than I think we have to admit that the jab is altogether evil to be given to a baby as it’s like shooting up with multi-platelet destroying poison cocktail.


So does graphene oxide in the jab damage the platelets? You betcha:

Singh SK,et al. Amine-modified graphene: thrombo-protective safer alternative to graphene oxide for biomedical applications. ACS Nano. 2012 Mar 27;6(3):2731-40.


Based on the scientific evidence I have presented, it is almost certain that the babies dying from thrombocytopenia after getting the jab are dying from having been poisoned. The babies are being murdered from the jab, there is now way to sugar coat it. We know this with enough certainty that any jury would agree because all of the jab ingredients: viral genetic material for spike protein, the spike protein itself, the ionizable nanolipids, and the graphene oxide are all scientifically known to be able to cause thrombocytopenia. Anyone who gives a baby the jab and the baby dies from thrombocytopenia from here on out now that you have been shown this evidence I accuse you of baby murder. Any doctor or medical professional or pediatrician or whoever you are promoting that babies be given this jab, I accuse you of murder. If you are a doctor still promoting the poisoning of babies after reading the scientific evidence I have presented in this article, than you are in violation of the Hippocratic oath (see my Sept, 2020 article for detailed discussion of Hippocratic oath) , and you need to repent of your evil ways and start speaking up to protect the babies lest the curse of the terror hippo fall upon you as your soul is in danger of ceasing to exist. There is no way to sugar coat it. Babies are being murdered in ritualistic covid-19 jab sacrifice. Even the ancient Phoenicians would be shocked as they only sacrificed their first born children (see cover art) , and we are being tricked into sacrificing all of our children to the jab.


Thankyou for reading. Please stay tuned for next month’s episoe where I will cover the known science & the scientific hypotheses on how iodine, silver & gold in iMedDo detox system can be used to support your platelets and detox the jab poison. I wanted to add it as a part two or in the appendix for this episide but decided not to detract from the message and push to next month. If you would like to make a donation to iMedDo Foundation you can purchase iMedDo Detox System on Etsy using link iMedDo.club/buy and also you can contact me by scheduling a phone appointment (free) using link iMedDo.club/book


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Minister of iMedDo s.s.m & Executive Director of iMedDo Foundation.

P.S. Please welcome Shari Goins my dear wife as the new Managing Director of iMedDo Foundation, Her contact is healthmage at imeddo dot com. Our mission for rest of 2021 through 2022 is simply to help people survive the jabpocalypse to protect those we can, to detox those we can, and for those we miss who attack babies to fight and repel the bloodsucking vampires & zombies like strong platelet healthwarriors we all are. Stay strong and healthy my friends!




Platelets protect your body from attack.

Platelets get low when your body is under attack as they are being used up in fighting the attack. Go Platelet warriors!

Platelets are the front line in fighting malaria, sarscov2, covid19 and in fighting the poisons in the COVID-19 jab. Go Platelet warriors!

Avoid COVID-19 vaccine because it is a multi-toxic anti-platelet slurry with at least 4 platelet suppressing poisons in it that if successful in overwhelming your body’s platelet defense can actually kill you when your platelets get too low i.e. Vaccine Induced Thrombocytopenia (VIT) at type of VACCINOSIS (disease by vaccine) as it’s called on the Adverse reporting.

The jab being called a vaccine is a misnomer because it’s actually an experimental synthetic pathogen. So VIT is a misnomer too. I’d just call it Thrombocytopenia which is low platelets. Sometimes in the literature it is also called Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITC). Be on the lookout for new adverse event diagnoses naming to suppress how many VAERs are filed on baby deaths. I don’t want to see how many babies have died as it makes me very angry, as even one dying for the stupidity of fake science is one too many.



Platelets use granules to fight attackers some of which rebuild, aid in healing and others that fight. The platelet like a veteran battle druid can both heal and fight at the same time.

The two main types of granules are alpha which contain adhesion proteins & delta which contain non-proteins:

From NeuBauer2021 section on Platelet activation:

“Interaction of collagen with platelets via GPVI and α2β1 induces intracellular signaling and potentiates platelet leading to α- and δ-granule secretion into the blood plasma. Platelet α-granules contain adhesive glycoproteins, such as fibrinogen, VWF, coagulation factors, P-selectin, angiogenetic factors, mitogenic factors, fibrinolytic inhibitors, and immunoglobulins. δ-granules are the storage pool of a variety hemostatically active nonprotein molecules, which are released during platelet activation. Those include catecholamines like serotonin and histamine, ADP, ATP, and Ca2+. Secreted agonists in turn activate surrounding platelets and trigger additional degranulation in terms of a positive feedback loop during platelet activation (Flaumenhaft 2003; Ruggeri 2002).”

The alpha granule is very interesting because not only does it have structural adhesion glycoproteins like fibrin, it also has immunoglobulin proteins and functions in immune system interaction.

What is Immune thrombocytopenia?


Women are more likely to develop chronic ITP.
*Which is a giveaway that it is related to iodine nutrient deficiency.

Iodine used by the platelets to fight infection.

The reason we known iodine is needed by platelets is because if you use radio-iodine (don’t do it) which allows us to see where the iodine is going, then it can be detected in the platelets.

This is very interesting because although we always say “iodine can be found in every cell of the body”, I wasn’t sure at first whether or not iodine could be found in platelets since they are not technically even cells as they lack a nucleus but in fact iodine is naturally found in the platelets.

Although the mechanism is not well known or studied about how it is used by the platelets, I can pretty much guess which is that the iodine can be stored in the platelet granules to be used as part of the healing and attack functions of the platelets.

Iodine is a strong anti-malarial and anti-viral and we known platelets attack malarial and viruses, so it is natural that your platelets would want their share of iodine.

Iodine is a better anti-malarial than quinine because quinine drugs result in reduced platelets and iodine does not (unless you take too much and detox too fast then it can).

If you are fully detoxed then there is not really an upper dose limit of iodine but if you have or used to have metal fillings then you probably have mercury in your body still and you need to stick to the dose ramping. The dose ramping of NeuIodine where you work up from 1 to 4 drops for women or 1 to 2 drops for men is why it is better than other products that do not use dose ramping as it makes sure you detox slowly enough that you do not dump toxins out too fast and cause low platelets.

So regular iodine a known nutrient is found naturally in the platelets. We know this because it is used by the platelets and if you give them bad iodine that causes damage instead of healing (radio-iodine) then you get the opposite i.e low platelets.

Radioactive iodine decreases platelets:


Molinaro E,et al. Mild decreases in white blood cell and platelet counts are present one year after radioactive iodine remnant ablation. Thyroid. 2009

LINK: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19772430/

Additionally, if you take too much iodine too fast you can detox too fast and the toxins coming out can cause damage temporarily reducing your platelets as they heal the damage.

Iodine from the perspective of thrombocytopenia is tricky in general for mainstream doctors because they are afraid of it:

Here’s an article of an MD complaining that he thinks iodine causes thrombocytopenia not listed in his hematology book:


The dead give away is that the patient had a “brassy” taste in his mouth and was actually tasting some of the heavy metals that iodine was flushing out. So yes although he was observing thrombocytopenia, it’s not because iodine caused it, it was a detox reaction to the heavy metals the iodine was flushing out.

If you are an MD reading this, please note that the solution is to take iodine with dose ramping as done in iMedDo NeuIodine. I don’t think you should call iodine a cause of thrombocytopenia because that misses the point which is that it is toxins iodine flushes out which cause thrombocytopenia:

The most common toxin that iodine flushes out is the extremely toxic metal mercury (Hg) which for sure causes thrombocytopenia:


Fuortes LJ, et al. Immune thrombocytopenia and elemental mercury poisoning. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. 1995;33(5):449-55.

LINK: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7650769/

The other top heavy/toxic metal iodine (and gold) flushes out is lead (Pb) which also is well known to cause thrombocytopenia:

REFERENCE: Barman T, et al. Effects of lead exposure on the status of platelet indices in workers involved in a lead-acid battery manufacturing plant. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol. 2014 Nov;24(6):629-33.

LINK: https://www.nature.com/articles/jes20144

I think it is a major problem in mainstream medicine to refuse to give people iodine for fear of thrombocytopenia because the benefit of getting iodine outweighs any detox reactions which can be avoided altogether with dose ramping and using system with colloidal silver & colloidal gold.


Iodine definitely does affect platelets, and although the mechanism is not known I can take some educated guesses:

Most likely iodine is used dynamically by platelets to be stored in granules, to activate platelets when necessary and to deactivate platelets and help them break down fibrin when healing is complete. Iodine is no doubt very useful for the plate in defending against viral attacks of the blood. I’m curious to know whether iodine is stored in the alpha or the delta granules or if platelets perhaps make another granule just for iodine?

That said let’s see if we can find any papers on the subject.
Because iodine can also be used as a stain/contrast agent no doubt there are some studies out there looking at iodine and platelets.

Iodine doesn’t mess with platelets in a bad way that’s good (and expected =)).


Dallaudiere B, et al. Iodine contrast agents do not influence Platelet-Rich Plasma function at an early time point in vitro. J Exp Orthop. 2018;5(1):47.

LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6206314/

The above study says that iodine contrast agent does not modify the ability of the platelets to release alpha granule. But is there iodine in the alpha granule? Alas not enough research has been done on iodine and platelets that I can find yet so I’m not sure exactly how the platelets use iodine but I can tell you that iodine is used for killing pathogens in the blood:

Antimicrobial preservation of platelets and blood
LINK: https://patents.google.com/patent/WO1993004678A1/en

Interesting section in the above patent:

“The use of elemental iodine as an antiseptic dates back to 1839. It is used today for various medicinal purposes … iodine is capable of killing all classes of pathogens encountered in nosocomial infections: gram-positive and gram- negative bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa. Most bacteria are killed within 15 to 30 seconds of contact. These iodophors are generally nontoxic, nonirritating, non-sensitizing, and noncorrosive to most metals (except silver and iron alloys).”

Iodine kills germs this we know.

An interesting point here is that iodine interacts with silver and iron.

The silver interaction is why I think NeuIodine and NeuSilver are synergistic, and the iron interaction is an interesting clue how iodine might work in the blood.

Besides platelets, the Red Blood Cells (and all the rest of the blood too) uses iodine in a mostly no understood way, but is interesting that if a virus were to say lyse an RBC spilling heme/iron into the blood, that a platelet might use iodine as part of it’s bag of tricks to bind, modify and recycle the lost iron and reclaim stolen iron from parasites like malaria.

This is really at the heart of of my research interest, figuring out why iodine silver & gold work together so well in the human body and I’m excited to make some progress in being able to explain this from the angle of platelets.

Just as malaria is still a mystery as to how it works, so is iodine a mystery as to how it it is used by platelets to kill malaria but whether we known how this works or not it still works!

In the meantime just keep taking iodine nutrient and appreciate iodine the universal medicine from another angle than thyroid health, check out how it is used in hemostasis (blood homeostasis is.e blood balance).

Final Note: There is a connection with platelets and iodine and how iodine shrinks breast cancer and although I can’t fully put my finger on it, I want to mention it and tell you what I do know:

Platelets are used to heal punctures in the endothelial cells which involves platelet activation and creation of a thrombus and eventually the dissolution of the thrombus when healing is complete.

There is a connection to how the thrombus is formed and dissolved using fibrin protein and to how fibrocystic masses in the breast tissue are formed and dissolved using iodine:


Ghent WR, et al. Iodine replacement in fibrocystic disease of the breast. Can J Surg. 1993 Oct;36(5):453-60. PMID: 8221402.



Final thought is that although I don’t fully know how it works, I feel safe to say that molecular iodine must somehow interact in the platelet coagulation cascade or something similar to help regulate and ultimately break down fibrin as it does in the reducing fibrocystic breast masses.

Excerpts about the Coagulation Cascade in NeuBauer2021:

Activation of the coagulation cascade results in the formation of fibrin from the plasma protein fibrinogen (Macfarlane 1964). Thrombin is the key enzyme since it cleaves fibrinogen into fibrin.

The interaction of fibroids, fibroblasts, fibrin, platelets and many more in wound healing is very interesting but beyond my ability to tackle in this article. It’s already been pretty heavy on the science and I’m not even done yet. So just think about that there is a connection to platelet healing and other healing in the body using iodine and even if we don’t fully know what is going on yet we can still appreciate our wonderful iodine nutrient, the universal medicine which is most safely done with dose ramping as NeuIodine.


In spite of worries that iodine can cause thrombocytopenia indirectly if you detox too fast, the benefit of using iodine nutrient far outweighs not using iodine & this is especially true when dealing with contemporary COVID19 & vax-jab attack.

That said, always be sure to dose ramp with NeuIodine where a toxic person such as someone who received the jab would want to start low dose and work higher slowly. Contact me iMedDo.club/book to schedule phone appt for specific dosing questions.

As a reminder the general dose ramping usage of NeuIodine is 1 drop then work up by 1 drop per week to 4 for women and 2 for men.

If you meet a mainstream medical provider who tells you that iodine causes thrombocytopenia, be sure to set them straight.

*NeuIodine can be absorbed on the skin which is how I recommend it done as an additional safety feature.
*As a health supplement it is intended for internal injestion but skin absorption is better if you have metal fillings.
*Many other iodine brands talk about taking on an empty stomach, that does not apply to NeuIodine when using skin absorption.
*You don’t put NeuIodine in water. It’s the fat soluble form in alcohol it doesn’t like water (there is no iodide in NeuIodine). It is a combination of Molecular & Nascent Iodine (You could call it Nascent Iodine (marketing term) or Energized Molecular Iodine or just Molecular Iodine all are accurate as nascent iodine is energize molecular iodine.


I know/believe have seen from personal experience and from feedback from others for many years that NeuSilver & NeuGold colloidal silver & colloidal gold have an enhance health effect when used with iodine and with each other.

I personally belive that this system has a beneficial effect on platelets and on health in general. I see iodine, silver and gold supporting platelet function, like reinforcements for your platelet warriors to attack infection, defend thrombus healing stations and to then break down debris after healing/detox completion.

That is my faith, it is what iMedDo does. I provide the highest quality silver, gold and iodine for people to use for both health and spiritual purposes.

With that said, although I’m a faith based church now, there is actually quite a bit of science behind the use of silver and gold nanoparticles.

Much of this science came from the anti-cancer field from whence I came (I have 2 degrees from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) and the initial idea was to use the silver and gold nanoparticles as scaffolds to attach drugs and antibodies and to deliver nano-medicine to tumors or to use the metals to either help in imaging or to fry cancer by heating them external beam hypothermia.

It’s this dosimetry medical biophysics type approach to nanoparticle that really get me excited in them as biophysical neuroscientist.

But then something happened. The more experiments people did the more clear it became the that silver and gold nanoparticles are not just medicine delivery systems, THEY ARE THE MEDICINE THEMSELVES! This became obvious to me as a biophysicist but has been driving scientists nuts in other fields for years now.

The cancer field wanted to use them to make a new vaccine. It didn’t work, instead the carbon nanoparticle, graphene, graphene oxide is supposedly being used in the fake vaccines now but they are very toxic. In fact most of nanotech has turned about to be big bust and highly toxic except silver and gold.

The environmental scientist especially, I could tell were driven crazy as they wanted to call silver & gold as metals as being toxic when they weren’t. Toxic to whom? If you are bacterial cell then yes silver is very toxic. If you are cancer cell then sure gold is very toxic. Although you will see papers talking about silver and gold being “toxic”, if you look closely it either does’t apply to humans or is a controverted study. The official best mainstream response to silver and gold toxicity is that it is controversy. Whenever you see a controvery it means someone is using propaganda as science is designed not to have controversy if done correctly. If you do a study and get a result in theory other labs are supposed to reproduce your result to confirm or deny them. But in reality, there is no money is redoing someone else’s results to people just do new studies and we end up with a slew of confusing information. This is the fog of the scientific literature concerning silver and gold colloidal nanoparticles.

They just won’t stop being jealous of silver and gold because they cannot control it. They want them to be drugs but they are clearly nutrients. There is no way these particles could have such health benefit if they were not being used by the body purposefully, and there must be pathways already in place in humans to use them. Part of the confusion and part of the excitement looking at this from the platelet angle is that it really brings to the forefront of attention that there might ONLY be pathways in humans to use these particles for health effect, as they are seemingly toxic to many lower organisms with bacteria in particular being vulnerable to silver and toxicity studies of gold can be found as well if you look. I will admit that I haven’t looked recently as I got tired of mainstream science whining about how they think silver & gold are toxic all the while trying to turn them into drugs and give to people. The defense has been the vibrant health supplement (not drug) i.e. dietary supplement scene where we already treat silver and gold as legally being “food”. We eat them, injest them or in the case of NeuSilver & NeuGold, put them and water and drink them.


A found a very good recent (2019) mini-review article concerning many types of nanoparticles which includes discussion of silver & gold nanoparticles with regards to platelets.

Effect on Platelet Function of Metal Based Nanoparticles Developed for Medical Applications.


Hante NK, Medina C and Santos-Martinez MJ (2019) Effect on Platelet Function of Metal-Based Nanoparticles Developed for Medical Applications. Front. Cardiovasc. Med. 6:139.

LINK: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcvm.2019.00139/full

From the review section on silver nanoparticles in full:

“Silver NPs

The broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of silver NPs are well-documented. Their widespread use in both commercial and biomedical applications, due to their large surface-area-to-volume ratio which increases their efficacy against bacteria in comparison to common antibiotics, has raised them to the status of the most commercialized NPs.

The blood compatibility of silver NPs, remains controversial, with several studies that report contradictory results. Spherical silver NPs (10–100 nm) have been found to induce platelet aggregation by increasing intraplatelet Ca2+ levels, upregulating GPIIb/IIIa and P-selectin and serotonin secretion (76, 78). Laloy et al. reported that silver NPs increased platelet adhesion but did not exert any further effect on platelet aggregation (77). Coating with PEG inhibits platelet aggregation induced by collagen, ADP, thrombin, and arachidonic acid in a concentration dependent manner (79). Silver NPs spherical in shape, 10–15 nm in diameter and monodispersed, have also been shown to have antiplatelet properties (67). Some variability between studies can be due to the use of different dispersing media (87–89) and Deb et al. have argued that the inhibition of platelet function by silver NPs may be due to the presence of the citric acid used for coating their surface (7). In addition, most of the studies use light transmission aggregometry (LTA) for measuring platelet aggregation and LTA has some limitations: (1) it may not be sensitive enough for studying NP-induced platelet aggregation (90). (2) As silver NPs have light absorbance properties, which are significant from 10 μg/mL, the use of concentrations over this threshold can have a profound effect on the results obtained (77). On the other hand, Smock et al. performed a prospective, placebo controlled in healthy human volunteers to assess the effect of commercially available oral colloidal silver NPs on platelet aggregation ex vivo using LTA. They found that platelet activation was not enhanced at peak silver serum concentrations (<10 μg/mL) (80).”


I like how the review mentions that silver is the “most commercialized nanoparticles”. That used to be me selling them as business and now I’m offering them in a non-commercial way through my church auxiliary iMedDo Foundation where your purchase counts as a charitable donation. By doing it this way I have access to increased first amendment protection through freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and I’m very pleased that I can now talk to you without fear of censorship as any state actor who attempts to censor my church from talking about silver is in violation of the law as protected by the US constitutional 1st amendment.
I think the review chickened out as they did not cite how silver is anti-viral with paper published in 2019, likely their editors made them take it out or they not get published in prelude to the Covid19 scam (which started end of 2019 but was full swing in 2020).

The question people should have been asking is that if I had the choice to experiment on myself with colloidal silver nanoparticles that people have been using for decades without getting sick OR I can experiment on myself with an untested genetic spike protein virus particles in a jab, which would you prefer to do?

The smart people have been using silver as an anti-viral and we haven’t gotten sick. The super smart people have been using iodine, silver & gold triple anti-viral.

Anyway, I’m glad they mentioned how silver is antibiotic but they really dropped the ball on mentioning other things like anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. But it’s okay I can forgive the review because they talk about what really interests me right now, platelets:

The blood compatibility in particular the platelets to give me some clues on what silver is doing, might be doing and could potentially do in its role as a nutrient to protect the blood.

Their official position is that

“The blood compatibility of silver NPs, remains controversial with several studies that report contradictory results.”

That’s good really the best you can hope for in a world full of propaganda. Controversial leaves room for the truth (the truth of my faith) which is the silver is good for you. I’m glad they were not like silver is just bad for you and everyone agrees =), because I take the opposite position which is silver (NeuSilver, I can’t speak for other silvers) is just good for you and I know this because I’ve used it on myself for so may amazing purposes: (health support 1 drop a day, antibiotic 7-10 drops a day (10 for me 7 for wife based on weigh), anti-fungal internally (in combination with vinegar) and for toe fungus (1 drop daily on wet cotton ball in rubber glove cutoff toe condom method), in a nebulizer for chemtrail cough, [for my kitty cats shh FDA not want me talking about this =)], 1 drop in spray bottle of water as sanitizing spray, on hands (1 drop) for aura cleanse), in water bottle (1 drop wait 15 min) for water purification and the list just goes on and on. I know how to do things with silver that you may not have heard of or thought of, it’s really one of the most useful things I’ve ever found and if I had to take one item on survivor I’d take my bottle of NeuSilver (now I can take my bottle of NeuElectrum to get the silver & gold in my one item too) =).

So what is going on with silver & platelets? NeuSilver is 10 nm size so much of this review is relevant.

One study in review says silver causes platelet aggregation.
Another study says silver causes platelet adhesion but not further aggregation. One study says silver has anti-platelet activity.

BUT it says that most of the studies on platelet aggregation used a technique which is not sensitive enough? That doesn’t give me confidence in the results!

“In addition, most of the studies use light transmission aggregometry (LTA) for measuring platelet aggregation and LTA has some limitations: (1) it may not be sensitive enough for studying NP-induced platelet aggregation (90).”

LTA sounds like a really cool technique, but I’ve never done it myself, so I’ll have to do some more digging to figure out the argument here but that is beyond the scope of this article.

The final sentence says they tried out some colloidal silver in a human volunteer and that the platelet activation was not enhanced:

“ … to assess the effect of commercially available oral colloidal silver NPs on platelet aggregation ex vivo using LTA. They found that platelet activation was not enhanced …”

ERGO. Colloidal silver is platelet safe according to the recent 2019 silver review article. Yay!.


Okay that was a fun article but I found some other information also on silver & platelets I want to share as well as I want to comment more on what may be going on with silver in the platelets, I’m not going to give reference I’m just going to say some of what I remember reading through the lens of my interpretation:

It is thought that the platelets use the silver as reinforcements interspersing it in their wound healing matrix to prevent infection while healing and that the silver allows the platelets to form ranks a little tighter i.e. reduction in inter platelet proximity.


“Ultrastructural studies show that nano silver accumulates within platelet granules and reduces inter platelet proximity. Our findings further suggest that these nanoparticles do not confer any lytic effect on platelets and thus hold potential to be promoted as anti-platelet/antithrombotic agents after careful examination of toxic effects.”

Basically silver is platelet support is my interpretation. Silver can get into the platelet granule, the platelet’s tool kit bag of tricks which can be released using silver now being released if triggered to degranulate such as when under attack.

Also, as I’ve discussed before in previous articles (see the one on copper (from iMedDo.club/news Nov, 2019 episode Copper Containment), when thinking about noble metals silver and gold and what they do in the body it’s a good idea to think about what copper does as silver and gold pathways can likely use similar or may have evolved from copper pathways.

What this Hante 2019 review lacks in depth it makes up for in breadth is in a very cool fashion also has information on copper and other (including iron and zinc) nanoparticles which is very helpful and interesting.

Here’s what it says on copper nanoparticles:


Deb et al. have shown that copper NPs have a pro-aggregatory effect activating purigenic receptors (P2Y12) in the presence of ADP at suboptimal concentrations (66.). However, [Copper with Nitric Oxide] … observed that platelet function was preserved in rabbit blood exposed to extracorporeal circulation (116). “

So basically controversial on the copper as well as one study says they pro-aggregators and another saying they are not.

But it’s interesting still because since copper is a known nutrient, silver an gold putative nutrients might have similar action which spanning the gamut could be pro-aggregatory or not depending on what factors are present, and thinking about ADP and NO levels is very interesting.


“The exact molecular mechanisms by which metallic NPs influence platelet function is not well understood. However, their effect on platelet granules and integrin receptors seems to be crucial during the process.”

“Induction of platelet aggregation by metallic NPs has been found by multiple research groups. However, some studies also indicate that metal NPs can inhibit or not affect platelet function (Table 1).”

Just as in hemostasis platelets can be chill, activated during times of injury or stress or attack and then after healing is complete need signals to go back to normal, it is interesting that silver (and copper) and gold and other metal nanoparticles can have different effects on platelets. The aggregators effect means they are activating the platelets to attack or they could be activation the platelets to scoop up the free metal in the blood to add to their own platelet granule store to be used later. Sometimes the platelets don’t respond but become primed for response waiting for other factors like ADP.

Silver is the universal weapon & armor that the body uses to slay and defend from invaders. Platelets seem to have a role in this but there is much more to the story I need to look at it from more angles. I like the idea of my platelet druid warriors picking up silver, storing it in their magic granule bags and then pulling out like excalibur when a baddie comes along. I pity the pathogen that meets my silver armed & armored platelets.


From the article full section on gold nanoparticles in full:

“Gold NPs

“Colloidal gold was first described as a novel NP vector for tumor directed drug delivery back to 2004 (91). Gold NPs are considered to be one of the safest and most attractive drug-delivery agents due of their inert, non-toxic, and highly permeable properties (92). Still, there are some studies that document toxicity of gold NPs depending on the physical dimensions, surface chemistry, and shape of the NPs studied (19, 20, 93–97).

The compatibility of gold NPs with blood components and their effect on platelet function is not well-established. Although, gold NPs >60 nm in size have no effect on platelet function, smaller NPs (20 nm) can activate platelets. Those NPs could trigger platelet aggregation by a molecular mechanism which involves the platelet canalicular system and the activation of intracellular signaling mechanisms that comprise tyrosine phosphorylation, alpha granule release and P-selectin translocation (10, 98). On the other hand, it has been shown that spherical gold NPs of ~30 nm do not affect platelet aggregation, probably due to the total surface contact and/or the formation of the protein corona (37, 43).

Santos-Martinez et al. have investigated the effect that different NPs may exert on platelet function under flow conditions using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D). The group has demonstrated that QCM-D is more sensitive than the traditional LTA when investigating NP-platelet interactions (69, 99) and found that PEGylation of gold NPs improves their platelet compatibility (15). However, the use of polyethyleneimine (PEI) and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) conjugated NPs can induce platelet activation as revealed by the formation of numerous filopodia and degranulation in equine platelets (70). This effect may be related to the adsorption of fibrinogen onto the NPs surface (5) and could be even more obvious if polyacrylic acid (PAA)-conjugated gold nanoparticles are exposed to platelets as PAA binds to and induce conformational changes of fibrinogen (100) that could potentially have a greater impact on the hemocompatibility of those NPs.”

Hmm, I can tell this review is a biased toward gold for tumors as it should have mentioned gold going back to 1994 talking about gold for arthritis not just 2004, but that’s okay but I wish they had more depth. Still I got what I came for:

My favorite part:

“Gold NPs are considered to be one of the safest and most attractive drug-delivery agents due of their inert, non-toxic, and highly permeable properties (92).”

I really love colloidal gold. They failed to mention that gold is awesome for rheumatoid arthritis, gold detoxes alcohol, detoxes liver, detoxes lead from the brain, protects the brain etc.

Gold is the universal treasure. Everybody wants it, but you have to be worthy to keep it. Although I normally think about gold enhancing and detoxing the brain, gold is also used in liver and in the platelets to detox the blood.

Just as copper doesn’t just float around the blood freely, it needs the protein ceruloplasmin, it make sense that gold and silver nanoparticles would also be sensed by the body and bound by plasmin proteins to be ferried around and used in the body’s pathways.

I really like how the review article mentions

“ it has been shown that spherical gold NPs … do not affect platelet aggregation, probably due to the total surface contact and/or the formation of the protein corona”

the protein corona is likely plasmin proteins which are mentioned as some of the proteins that can be released by platelets. Whether ceruloplasmin which binds copper can be used to bind silver and gold or whether the have their own specific or non-specific plasmins isn’t known to me but is an interesting thing to think about.


NeuGold coating uses glutathione.

The size of gold particles matter (NeuGold is ~10 nm (10-15 nm) and the review quotes an article promoting the 30 nm size saying they don’t interact with platelets. I learned from the Dr.Pop book that 10-30nm gold are safe for human ingestion and I’ve been saying that for years. With all this new gold nanoparticle research having been done in recent times I’ll look more closely for any advances in size or coating preferences but for now I’ll stick with 10 nm coated with polymer (bio-nano-gold). There are a lot of options to go with on coating and one take home I got from reading the review articles is that some coatings (especially citrate) can be a problem as they can stimulate a platelet response but no worries that is not what NeuGold uses. The coating on NeuSilver & NeuGold was a trade secret but am now able to tell you is glutathione very safe. Note that many of the studies trying to say silver and gold are toxic not because silver and gold are toxic but because they coating they used was toxic. The devil is in the details.

So it is possible 10 nm gold could interact with platelets and cause aggregation, but when you read the article more closely they just prime the platelets who then require further activation such as ADP signal.


Deb S, et al. Multistability in platelets and their response to gold nanoparticles. Nanomedicine. 2011 Aug;7(4):376-84.



This is very interesting as it means that for gold to activate the platelets they need the “low energy signal” i.e. ADP because ATP the energy molecule with 3 phosphates, breaks down into ADP (adenosine diphosphate with 2 phosphates) when being used up in times of stress or in high energy situations like platelet repair of endothelium to protect from blood loss.

A very interesting observation is that ADP is only found in the platelets of mammalian cells.

Belamarich FA, et al. (November 1968). “ADP is not involved in thrombin-induced aggregation of thrombocytes of a non-mammalian vertebrate”. Nature. 220 (5166): 509–10.

[Instead of having platelets, non-mammalian vertebrates have nucleated thrombocytes, which resemble B lymphocytes in morphology. (They aggregate in response to thrombin, but not to ADP, serotonin, nor adrenaline, as platelets do)]

Even in mammals, humans have very different ADP receptor function than mice which is a big problem for all the immunologists using murine (mouse) models.

Humans have different regulation of ADP receptor P2RY12 than mice:


Where is the ADP in the platelets?

Platelets have ADP in their delta granules:

from NeuBauer2021 review:

“δ-granules are the storage pool of a variety hemostatically active nonprotein molecules, which are released during platelet activation. Those include catecholamines like serotonin and histamine, ADP, ATP, and Ca2+.”

So if you take gold and then if your get stressed out form other things which cause platelets to degranulate releasing factors including ADP then it could cause the gold primed platelets to stimulate further platelet response.

The interesting thing though is that gold instead of stressing people out is frequently used for stress and anxiety to chill people out. (1 drop NeuGold normally, but people use 3-4 drops when stressed out or have a headache or fell upset or just dont’ feel good, depression, arthritis, back pain etc).

One of the most common uses for gold I personally use is if I drink a wine that contains sulfides in it it gives me a headache which I make go away with 3 drops of NeuGold so like I say I’m typically thinking of more immediate brain uses than for platelet uses of gold but I’ve really enjoyed writing this episode thinking about it from the platelet angle.

Gold can be used by the body to attack cancer and thus must be involved in an intricate system of recognition and control like the complexity of hemostasis, gold-stasis is a fascinating topic but is beyond the scope of this episode.

What I can promise you my dear readers is that it is my mission to provide the best colloidal silver & gold possible so if I find any way to improve my products I will do so, but as far as I can tell they are still the best.

NeuSilver, NeuIodine, NeuGold used in a system for optimal detox and spiritual growth.

Thankyou all for reading!



I think there is more to be said about Nitric Oxide (NO). The main thing is that if you remember when covid19 first started I found article and linked it in one of my old newsletters (I forget which one) but her is ref that nitric oxide kills coronavirus.


And there were confusing but accurate reports that people who smoked or who went to higher altitudes were more immune and thinking about NO, CO, CO2 being bound to hemoglobin was all related. The big thing we learned from platelets is that the endothelial cell walls release NO and the platelets can also release NO.

from the review article: (NeuBauer2021)

NO is continuously produced by the ECs [endothelial cells] and also can be made by the platelets.

“The production of NO by the platelets themselves serves as an autocrine regulator of platelet adhesion and aggregation (Radomski et al. 1990).”

“Furthermore NO is also a potent vasodilator and diffuses to the vascular smooth muscle cells, where it activates GC, which lead to cGMP-mediated vasodilation and subsequent relaxation. (Refs 1980 & 1989)”

I just know this is important somehow in regards to platelets and needs followup. Hopefully, I can eventually figure out how to explain better how iodine, silver and gold interact with the NO pathway. We know iodine kills the virus and NO kills the virus and the mechanism at least with the red blood cells is probably in blocking the hemoglobin-iron group from malaria-like sarscov2-covid19 type attack. If the RBC gets lysed spilling the iron into the blood, perhaps the platelet runs to grab it and also can provide it with NO to deactivate it or make it more resistant to viral attack. Nitric oxide relaxes smooth tissue and is mentioned regarding platelets in more depth in the Bauer2021 review:

“Endothelial cells (ECs) express nitric oxide (NO), prostacyclin (PGI2), and ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase-1 (E-NTPDase1), which inhibit platelet adhesion and aggregation.”

So Nitric Oxide inhibits platelet adhesion and aggregation.

Imagine the blood is under a viral attack, but not a puncture attack. You wouldn’t need platelets to aggregate to the wall, or to a specific site; you would need them to roam around the blood not idle but in a pre-activated state hunting viral particles.

Platelets get reduced in hiv-aids and covaids i.e. how covid19 can act like aids also attacking T cells and other white blood cells and there is probably a whole other world of platelet knowledge concerning NO and other molecules discussed in this article (iodine silver gold) in interacting with the rest of the immune system when this happens that is beyond the scope of this episode. Oh well I’ll think on it and get back to you later when I can talk about this more coherently apologies.


There are many other things that can reduce platelets, infection is the main one, picking up a bacterial infection in a hospital wipes a lot of people out which is why you really need some silver in your platelets, drugs heparin warfarin and other, I read something about silver repairing damage from tylenol and that your platelets can kill covid19 but if you take an aspirin it blocks them from doing their job which is something I should have talked about but ran out of time apologies. I saw aspartame reduces platelets so if you get the jab and swig a diet soda you might die, is maybe something I wish was more common knowledge.



Platelets are able to uptake iodine, colloidal silver & colloidal gold to amplify their battle effectiveness. Iodine can be used to destroy attacking anything similar to a reactive oxygen species think reactive iodine species. Colloidal silver is used by the platelets when healing to bolster their troop numbers and spacing to protect their territory the blood clot from attackers as they stop blood loss. Colloidal gold is used by the platelets to pre-activate into battle formation ready to charge invaders if they later receive the final signal to attack.


The take home point is that platelets not just stop bleeding but they actually fight as an important and previously overlooked part of the immune system and they need our support when battling things that directly attack their home base the megakarycytes in the bone marrow. (MALARIA, SARSCOV2, COVID-19, SPIKE PROTEINS)
To win the battle the infection has to be stopped in the blood. If the battle is lost and the home base destroyed (destroyed or coopted megakaryocyte) then no more platelets are made or platelets are made slower than infection takes them out and low platelets are the result i.e. thrombocytopenia.

In our bodies in the bone marrow are cells called megakaryoctyes. These cell secrete platelets into the blood. The platelets are not themselves full cells as they lack a nucleus (like lacking a heart) but instead are more like potent healers & warriors not afraid to die who are always ready to spring into action if the body become damaged and starts bleeding to plug the whole and signal for help and additionally they are full of potent granules like a first aid kit that allows them to drop healing and binding materials, food and energy and to attack invaders in the blood.

I did not realize that platelets can attack invaders, nor did I realize just how badass platelets are at doing just that until writing this article. Normally the other white cell warriors in the blood are thought of (leucocytes, b cells, macrophages, t cell etc) and it is overlooked that the platelets themselves are powerful warriors who can destroy a wide variety of attacks against our body & blood.

Platelets can kill malaria.
Platelets can kill Sars-cov2
Platelets can neutralize Spike Proteins &
Platelets can protect from death if you get poisoned by the jab.

But if your platelet warriors lose the battle and are overwhelmed (low platelet count) i.e. thrombocytopenia then you die.

This is what is happening with many of the babies who get the COVID-19 jab.


It is my believe that malaria has been adapted as a jab delivered bioweapon, which uses spike proteins, to murder babies killing them with thrombocytopenia (low platelets).

Sound crazy? Put on your Sherlock Holmes hats and look at the clues of the ongoing string of baby murders by vaccinosis.

  1. Malaria causes low platelets
  2. Genetic link between Malaria & COVID-19
  3. Spike protein (from COVID-19) also causes low platelets.
  4. Ionizable nanolipids in the jab attack liver & cause low platelets
  5. Graphene oxide causes low platelets.


A baby gets the jab & dies with thrombocytopenia (low platelets).


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that the jab was the cause of the baby death since everything in the jab causes low platelets.

Everyone giving out this COVID-19 death shots should be arrested and given their day in court to explain why they are involved in baby murder.


As a defense the baby murders will say they are just following orders, that the babies need the vaccine to protect from the scary COVID-19 is what they’ve been told. The people giving them orders will claim they are just doing so on the recommendation of some third party (like the CDC) or their local governmental health authority.

People who ask on the record are met with disturbing reports that the governments “have no material evidence” that a virus even exists (see coverage by Jeff Berwick Just a Guy vs Alberta Canada).

LINK: https://dollarvigilante.tv/videos/watch/1f4e2b35-86f7-4a1b-87fe-19f7fd2b836e

So, now the defense of the baby poisoners falls apart as they cannot use the excuse that they are giving the jab to stop a virus to which “no material evidence” exists of it.

The jury is convinced the jab killed the baby as expert witness brings up the point that everything in the jab is known to suppress platelets.

Graphene oxide is known to suppress platelets and the baby died of suppressed platelets.

Defense tries to deny there is graphene oxide in there.
Prosecutor points out that the point is moot as the spike proteins and nano lips in the vaccine are also known to suppress platelets.

The jab suppressed the platelets and the platelet suppressed baby dies there is no way to wiggle out of the truth.

The prosecutor gets on the record that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine as it does not stimulate an immune response that instead it is a synthetic pathogen and giving a known pathogen to a baby is to poison the baby.

Compare the witch giving the poisoned apple to snow white the the doctors and nurses nowadays giving out the poisoned COVID-19 shots.

If my baby was killed by the jab, I would want justice and the mock justice here is better already than what you can expect in the rigged vaccine courts.

We need to put an end to this baby killing madness and learn to protect our platelets so that they can do their job and protect us.


It is my belief that the spike protein was adapted from malaria pathogen research. I think that the virus SARS-COV-2 family was isolated from malaria, and from it’s genetic sequence was isolated the RNA/DNA to make spike protein. Spike protein is a valuable bioweapon in a war as it allows access into human cells via the ACE-2 receptor and could help a bad government genocide a people. Spike protein is the enemy of a human as we don’t want a virus or a government bioweapon hijacked viral system to access our cells.

If you don’t want to believe that COVID-19 is adapted from malaria or even that virus is real that’s okay because ultimately the weapon being used in the spike protein and where it comes from be it malaria or from a virus found in malaria or elsewhere (synthetically created) doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that it has the same weakness as malaria (anti-malarials) quinine & iodine. However iodine is better than quinine because quinine drugs cause low platelets and iodine does not [unless you detox too fast, it is best to dose ramp iodine & use in a system with silver & gold].

The jab depending on which one used co or DNA that encodes for the spike protein with intent to hijack your cellular machinery to make the spike protein.

The lie is that this is a vaccine which is supposed to use our immune system to develop antibodies against the spike protein so that our body can fight a virus which also produces spike protein if encountered in the future.

The reality is that if you make your cells make spike protein by getting the jab an unnatural “synthetic pathogen” as DrJudy call it, then you are helping the virus do it’s job which is to hack your cells. Your cells with spike protein already there are pre-hacked so that that a virus if it comes along can enter like theif who is left the keys to the house under the doorstop mat.

The reason I think that SARS-COV-2 was somehow derived from malaria is because it has a similar weakness to anti-malarials such as quinine drugs & iodine, and I talked about this an a previous episode (April 2020).

Jab induced low platelets is life threatening, so don’t get the jab and use your iodine nutrient everyday so you don’t have to worry about malaria and malaria-like or malaria-derived bioweapons like SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19 variants being used to scare you in the media.

I’m very thankful for iodine being the best anti-malaria because I worry about Bill Gate’s GMO mosquitos. Malaria is spread by mosquitoes in tropical parts of the world and has a complex life cycle with bats who eat the mosquitos are full of coronaviruses and if a mosquito bites you than is very possible it can infect you with a coronavirus which is not a problem if your body is running optimally with enough iodine (your natural anti-malarial).

If you remember, at first the COVID-19 was being blamed on “Bat Soup” from a Chinese food market. But humans don’t get malaria derived virus from eating bats. We get it from being bitten by mosquitos, and bats presumably get it from eating mosquitoes.

I thought much on this and wrote about DrJudy’s explanation in a previous episode ( May, 2020 Vaccinosis LINK https://imeddo.club/news/blog/2020/05/)

What she said was very disturbing and set me on a very deep meditation and you will note that my article went a bit bizarre after that point as I’ve been on deep spiritual journey starting with the Unicorn episode and ending with Dragon episode last month.

She explained how the flu shot vaccines are causing the pandemic from a mouse virus (XMRV) which makes it chimerize a gain of function and how the blood supply is contaminated with many viri. How RNA viri can chimerize and stack together, how the pandemic is being caused by a mouse virus XMRV which they are getting from the
flu shot.

She clarified to me that the coronavirus family are reverse transcriptase virus (like HIV-AIDS) and which chimerization can become like it. Hence why I like to refer to COVID-19 as COVAIDS as that is an accurate name thinking bout how it attacks the immune system resulting in an immune deficiency.

But the exciting thing I learned this month is that our platelets as part of the immune system attack back and defend us. If you support them with anti-malarial iodine, anti-viral silver and anti-viral gold your platelets can win the battle. Because platelets have ACE-2 receptors, spike proteins can trigger them and thus the game is to protect the castle (megakaryocytic in the bone marrow) while the platelets kill the invaders and all infected cells producing spike proteins which hopefully the body will treat much the same as a cancer cell and will use colloidal gold to kill and make the difference to win the war.


Here’s what I think they want you to believe:

They want you to believe that there is a terrible deadly scary virus going around and that after sufficient fear mongering using media, social, and mask manipulative tactics that you will be convinced to poison yourself and your family with their experimental pathogen jab. And then after being poisoned that your mind & body will be broken so that they can continue to manipulate you in the future by releasing a new scare each year turning flu season into year-round flu fear and turning get one vaccine into getting one over and over and over again more frequently to maximize their profits and to minimize health free global population.

Here’s what I want you to believe:

Yes it’s very possible that the government has possession of many deadly scary weapons as they have been spending billions on bioweapon research including viral gain of function research. However, just because this is true, I do to want you to believe that you have to give in to fear and manipulation tactics. I want you to believe that poisoning yourself and your family with an experimental pathogen is a bad idea, and I would like you to believe that your body comes with a sacred inheritance of an incredible defense system (immune system) against such bioweapon threats & that if you give it the nutrients it needs to function that it will protect you. I want you to believe that rather than poisoning yourself, you should focus on detoxing your body so that your body and brain can function optimally which makes you capable of self-government, impervious to mind control, fearless once you have connected to your inner spiritual nature.

What I believe:

By taking iodine, colloidal silver & colloidal gold in a system you can just stop getting the flu and you can forget about worrying about bioweapon attacks as your body become impervious.
I don’t want you to just believe that, I want you to experience that and then you can believe through evidence from your own experience. I don’t get the flu. I don’t get Covid-19. I don’t get the jab. I work on detoxing the damage from the vaccines I was tricked into getting when younger before I realized that vaccines were full of poisons. I expose the poisoners & I call for an end to experimenting on babies with jabs that are killing them with low platelets.

Looking back I see that my wife nearly died of swine flu back in 2008ish? which gave her a high fever which was only able to be controlled through alternating aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen and advil to keep the temperature below brain frying 106.

Now that I known what I known now I would take colloidal gold silver and iodine instead and would not take any of the aspirin type drugs as they suppress the ability of the platelet to kill the virus. Neither my wife or I have ever gotten the flu since then as I have these wonderful mandalas.

No doubt they will continue to dump a new bioweapon flu on us every 1-3 year so just take iMeDo system and ignore them.


The entire COVID-19 operation may be a mass hallucination caused by controlled media. Even so, like a blanket of darkness it allows dirty deeds to pass buy unnoticed. One of these dirty deeds is that governments around the world including the US in collaboration with China it appears have been doing very evil viral gain of function type research looking to make experimental pathogens that make people sick for use in warfare. New technology like 5G cell towers and nano-carbons like graphene oxide are being stealth deployed and we are entering into a very scary set up of for the next world war after the US economic system collapses. All I can do is to turn off the controlled media and look critical at the parts of what is going on that I can comprehend.

What I see is that as a part of this 5-D warfare has been used what can only be called bioterrorism as a virus or at least fear of a virus has been used to scare people into an open agenda of wanting everyone to get the jab.

Rational people want to known why?

If nothing exists than why all craziness the masks, the lockdowns the closed businesses, people out of work and only allowed back if they get a jab? People taught to fear a deadly virus which has “no material evidence” of ever being isolated?

Well I personally believe that it has been isolated but that it has been classified as is part of an active ongoing 5-D war.

The good news is that since they won’t admit it, and you can get them on the record with their lack of evidence then you can challenge any COVID-19 measures in your area and we all should just like Just a Guy in Alberta did.

The bad news is that in my personal opinion bioweapons are very real whether they admit them or not, and the COVID-19 attack did in fact have a bioweapon component. Like a nuclear bomb. it’s the most powerful when threatened to be used. than when actually used. Had a bioweapon been deployed then there would have been mass casualties but that has not been the case so either no bioweapon was deployed or only a very weak or possibly a STEALTH bioweapon has been deployed.

It appeared to be a multi pronged attack which included:

  1. Vaccine adverse reactions in places like Italy being called Covid-19
  2. 5G towers causing flu-like symptoms in some areas.
  3. Normal flu being reclassified as COVID-19 to make fake attack.
  4. Propaganda campaign to confuse cases with deaths and to report fraudulent and padded numbers to scare people.
  5. Everything directed at getting people to get a jab, such as social manipulation using distancing and masks.
  6. Ongoing and increased campaigns of terror to keep people iodine deficient such as expansion of fluoride in water, suppress colloidal silver and other natural way so health.
  7. The jab, a new form of experimental “vaccine” being the real attack everything before it just to lay the groundwork.

Everything was an illusion except the real part which is that things called “vaccines” are making people sick. I call it the jab as we know the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine so jab is easier term for me to use. I didn’t like the old vaccines which contained heavy metal and were making people sick, so I don’t personally mind calling everything a vaccine but I have to differentiate as this new attack is different.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Malaria to Spike Proteins
Spike Proteins to Low Platelets
Low Platelets to Dead Baby.

Insane people giving known pathogens to babies.
Insane people who want to kill several generations of humans as part of their global depopulation agenda
Insane people who have coopted the medical & science system & media to convince people not to revolt while they murder babies

At this point you have to realize that the “insane” people I’m referring to must be quite intelligent, and rich to go along with their evilness to accomplish this as buying off the entire science, medical and media system cannot be easy. But then again new technology has allowed easier control of all of these just control the science & medical journals and get an Artificial intelligence to help out on the media censorship. New threats demand new heros. Be the hero if all you do is acknowledge and help the heroic nature of your platelet health warriors who protect you day in and day out.


Platelets are clear in color but typically appear purple, or light pink on sides because of staining used to see them under a microscope, and if you have seen blood platelets at a transfusion center they appear yellow/golden. When the ancient Egyptians said that the gods had “blood of gold”, I now suspect they were talking about platelets. Purple platelets as purple is how they look under a slide when a baby killed by the jab is diagnosed with thrombocytopenia (low platelets) purpera (purple). Also called immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP), where the purpura part is because there are purple or red bruise-like rash and increased tendency to bleed. So clear/white, pink, purple, red, yellow/gold are all colors associated with platelets so I think of them as “rainbow platelets”. Once you see what platelets do then you will see why I think of them as “rainbow warrior platelets”.


I saw an article talking about liver that also talks about silver and gold. mentions silver protecting from acetaminophen also says less copper toxicity when drink green tea.


zinc balances copper and protects the liver. Any liver toxicity of silver & gold nanoparticles is likely zinc deficiency.
Silver protecting from acetaminophen liver damage is very interesting which is the opposite of liver toxicity and gold is known to be used in liver detox. Everything is toxic to the toxicologists. I need the opposite of their field the vitacologists to talk about measuring things in terms of positive health effect rather than negative health effect.

It’s huge difference in mentality. I used to play card games like magic where you start with 20 life and go down to zero, but now I like to play games where you start with 0 victory points but go up as high as you can. Even when you lose you still win if you have your health.

Heparin Drug. Aspartame. Also Aspirin hurts platelet’s ability to fight against covid. Silver protects from tylenol damage. Green tea & zinc help protect liver. Gold helps detox the liver.


We all should be allies with our own bodies and if we come under attack we should support and send aid to our body in the form of supplies like nutrients and vitamins to aid in the war effort. Before I have said that iodine is for transformation, silver is for protection and gold is for enlightenment. Additionally I will say that:





I didn’t really appreciate that platelets are part of the immune system before writing this article as immunology was my weak subject. My graduate school UT-GSBS offered three courses in immunology but I was never able to take any of them as I was busy with my plate full taking other great courses like advanced biochemistry, molecular biophysics and molecular neuroscience.

To give you an example the dendrite in neuroscience (part of a neuron) is different from a dendrite in immunology (a type of immune cell) so is important to be know which field of science you talking in and even requires a mind shift for me to think in immunology mode.

Also it does’t help that I can’t stand most immunologists as many of them are virologists and spend their time trying to hack the immune system to develop drugs vaccines or do gain of function studies which have the potential to end all human life. For confessions of an evil immunologist/virologist read the book Plague of Corruption by DrJudy which I book report on in my newsletter.

Basically the field of “immunology” is like a death cult which I don’t want to be a part of. If your are “immune” and believe in and use your “immune system” then you don’t need them at all to give you some drug or vaccine or experimental synthetic pathogen to hurt yourself with. Instead the modern practice of immunology appears to be to “not believe in your immune system” and to “think your immune system doesn’t work” so you need a drug or some “new vaccine” instead and frankly I just don’t the like the field.


I’ll end this article with a bit of norse magic I picked up on my journey while researching for this article. I was studying manicheasm an early 2-3rd century AD Christianity syncretic with Gnostic, Buddhist and Zoroastrian religions as well was thinking about the Sasson Persians and the Anglo-Saxons in Denmark/England going up to early byzantine empire and reading about the Hellenic last emperor of Somewhen I figure out something interesting.

The reason the word “COLLOIDAL” is so powerful is because phonetically it is Ka – Allodial

Allodial title is a concept that does not exist in the USA (it does/can at a state level in texas) but you can read about it in Orkney Islands, Shetland area, is the same as the Udall land. Land that is free from any outside king’s tax that you inherit and own in full.

I made the connection to Udall land to the ODAL RUNE (Othala Rune)

So when when your say “colloidal” silver and “colloidal” gold, if you feel that it is much more magically powerful than saying gold and silver nanoparticles it is because it really is.

It invokes your own spirit (Ka) and ODAL (Colloidal) Rune which is the Eldar Futhark rune which means heritage, estate.

Instead of referring to land you are referring to your own body as the land and the inheritance when you say colloidal silver or colloidal gold is referring to the spiritual and health wealth of yourself.

When I “colloidal” now I get the district magical connection to the wealth of my inheritance of this wonderful body which comes with a built in immune system that protects me from all vampiric blood attacks thanks to my wonderful rainbow platelet warriors!

What you decide to put in your body or not is your personal religious issue & in the USA we have the first amendment to the constitution the governing body regulating the state which forces them to recognize our natural rights which prevents state actors from interfering with our religion.

As long as you are not injuring anyone (no cannibalism =)) you have a right to eat, drink or take any drug or jab you want or not.

The right clashes with the wrong when someone is injured (definition of a crime), and in the case of taking a poison the injured person is you.

Unless you gave consent to be poisoned on purpose, if someone poisons you then they have committed a crime.

I showed last month using many science references as evidence that the ingredients of the jab are blood poisons with expected toxicity to platelets & now that you know then the question is whether you will choose to take the jab or not knowing that.
How many people would have still taken the jab if they had known?

What if you were coerced via bribe to either get the jab or lose your job (coercion), or to get the jab if you want to get a job (bribery). Would you poison yourself then?

I strongly urge you not to. The motivation for my urging is that under the golden rule do unto others as done unto you, that I would not want to be poisoned so I’d like you to be detoxed & free of poisons as well as that’s what I’d want for myself. So yes in my religion the body is a sacred temple and should not be polluted with toxins and detox should be strived for so that you can be the best you and connect with spirit as best you can. This is the essence of iMedDo Foundation which adheres to golden rule quite literally by using gold for detox.

I’m worried that if I tell you how to detox that more people might choose to take the bribe to poison themselves which I don’t want.

& I’m worried that if I do not tell you how to detox that more people will continue to suffer and despair with no way to undo the poison damage and that I have a duty to do so to the best of my ability.

Ultimately, I have decided that it is best to share everything I known about detox in this dark time so that those of you who choose to try iMedDo will be saved from all the misery of a possibly lifetime of health suppression if you get the jab.


The jab creates “immune disabled” people. Just as it is illegal to discriminate based on disability status, it should be illegal in my opinion to discriminate based on vaccine status. So every company requiring a jab to work or not work, and every place requiring jab to participate or not participate in a service is in the wrong in my opinion.

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