Fluoride & Kidney Stones

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For this month’s March newsletter, I will be building on the topics discussed in last month’s newsletter concerning the toxic halogen fluoride, so if you missed it, be sure to read last month’s February “Halogen Talk” issue if you need a refresher on halogen family chemical periodic table properties. One reason why fluoride halogen is so toxic is because of its insolubility when bound to calcium.  Calcium fluoride gets stuck all over the body in tissues (e.g. pineal, thyroid, breast & ovaries) including the often overlooked adrenal tissue which is located right above each kidney.  Sit back and enjoy: “Fluoride & Kidney Stones!  Presented by Dr. Ben Goins MS DSM

Fluoride Deactivates Adrenal & Kidney Tissue

Fluoride is the toxic halogen which iodine detoxes.  Fluoride is especially toxic because it mimics iodine in the body but rather than activates, it blocks & deactivates all the tissues it binds to which require iodine instead.  Although iodine is used by every cell in the body, the effect is most notable in endocrine tissue as when deactivated by fluoride very noticeable hormonal imbalances occur.  The most well know is the brain tissue pineal gland, the thyroid tissue, breast & ovarian tissue, but one often overlooked but very important tissue that is deactivated by fluoride is the the adrenal tissue of the adrenal glands which are located right above each kidney.  Adrenal glands are very important as they produce a number of endocrine hormones including adrenaline (epinephrine), noradrenaline, aldosterone & cortisol.  When fluoride is present all three of these hormone can be disrupted & in addition the disruption can spread to the adjacent kidney tissue.  In addition to filtering blood into urine the kidney’s primary function, people forget that the kidney also has hormonal functions. The kidney tissue & its hormones can also be disrupted by fluoride.  The major hormones of the kidney are renin, erythropoietin & calcitriol. My belief is that calcitriol in paticular is involved in promoting kidney stones via fluoride endocrine disruption of the vitamin D pathway as will be discussed at end.  

ADRENAL HORMONES: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Aldosterone, Cortisol


Adrenaline hormone is used in fight or flight & rapid stress responses to help your body survive a life of death situation or in certain excitement situations like sexual function.  It causes increased blood flow to muscles (more strength) supported by increased heart rate (more blood to brain for quick thinking) & more glucose in the blood (more energy) & pupil dilation (better vision) to help you survive a tough spot.   When fluoride suppresses the adrenal tissue, & your body operates with less adrenaline than normal then you experience less energy & less ability to respond rapidly to stressful situations.  One of the most common good effects of taking NeuIodine health supplement is experiencing a noticeable increase in energy as your adrenal tissue is reactivated after fluoride suppression.  The iMedDo system uses NeuSilver & NeuGold which protects the tissue from damage from the fluoride & other toxins on their way out while it is being detoxed by NeuIodine.


Similar to Adrenaline hormone is a hormone called Noradrenaline which is also produced by the adrenals & can also be deactived with fluoride & reactivated with iodine.  Noradrenaline also helps stimulate the body & mind to action.  It is lowest during sleep, raises when awake, and it helps you wake up.  Suppression of adrenal tissue & noradrenaline production is likely a component of “brain fog”, “sluggishness” & what hard to wake up in the mornings people have called “Adrenal Fatigue”. Adrenal fatigue is very noticeable for people who’s adrenal tissue is deactivated by fluoride from bad drinking water or from dental work & or other halogens (chlorine from showers & bromide from bread for example).  To compensate for adrenal fatigue, people use caffeine to help them wake up; however, a common good effect of using a quality iodine supplement system such as iMedDo.com products is that adrenal fatigue goes away & body craves caffeine much less.  Adrenal fatigue & low energy is very common in people deficient in iodine such as pregnant women in particular. Pregnant women will crave caffeine & ice cream but those cravings will go away once they get NeuIodine as reactivates the adrenal tissue & iodine is the nutrient their body was wanting to get from the milk fat of the ice cream.


Aldosterone is a hormone produced & used by the adrenals to tell  the kidneys & other tissues to regulate sodium & potassium salt balance especially sodium conservation which regulates blood pressure.  I have frequently meet people who have chronic blood pressure problems many of whom have spent thousands on mainstream medicine without any effect.  After a single drop of NeuIodine, their blood pressure returns to normal within 30 minutes as the problem was clearly a fluoride suppression of the adrenal tissue. Nothing you try except iodine will flush out fluoride & not all iodines work as effectively as NeuIodine as it has the fat soluble form that can also flush out fat soluble versions of the halogens (Chlorine, Fluorine & Bromine) in addition to the salt forms (Fluoride).  Once reactivated & producing aldosterone hormone again, the adrenals & kidneys can work together to balance the salts & thus blood pressure.  If you know anyone with chronic blood pressure problems please have them try iMedDo system as if works as is very likely is a $150 fix instead of the thousands they might waste on inconclusive testing in mainstream medicine where they will do everything EXCEPT ever tell you about iodine deficiency.  This is a simple problem (fluoride) which can be life threatening if you don’t know what is going on, and is a simple solution (iMedDo.com Detox System).


Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenals which does a variety of functions & is most well known for its activity related to how your body deals with stress recovery.   After you adrenals get done helping you survive a life or death situation say by producing Adrenaline & Noradrenaline as discussed above which require it to elevate your blood glucose levels (more energy), then after this stressful situation is over & you survived be it from winning the fight or running away, your body needs some time to recover & recuperate.  Cortisol is produced by the adrenal when it senses low blood glucose levels (you are all tuckered out after fight or flight response) & now low energy.  Cortisol hormone gives the signal for your body to start doing the things it needs to do to slowly recover after a stressful situation such as producing more glucose the slow way (called gluconeogenesis), to aid in the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates & proteins (energy recover & replenishment).  It also diverts energy away from the immune system.  It  can also take minerals & nutrients from the bones to replenish blood levels of nutrients.  This is important for calcium replenishment so if you are calcium deficient, your body can decrease bone formation in response to cortisol.  Fluoride suppression of adrenal tissue blocking cortisol hormone can contribute to kidney stone formation as the process to reabsorb calcium is blocked & kidney stones are calcium based deposits.  Not only can you not respond to the stress well with adrenaline & noradrenaline, but neither can you recover from the stress very well either as not enough cortisol.  Worst case scenario is your body is adrenal fatigued & constantly stressed out & your immune system which may kick into action to help deal with the stress (it feels you are under attack) may actually become overactivated as without cortisol to give it the signal to dial back when stress is over.  This can result in inflammation & autoimmune responses which are not good.  Similar process in thyroid going on in presence of fluoride have you heard of graves disease? The worst part is that fluoride can bind to and get stuck with (is insoluble with) calcium resulting in calcium fluoride.  Normally cortisol hormone would give the signal to remove or remodel calcium in bone, but when cortisol production is deactivated by fluoride in adrenal tissue, the body may instead erroneously produce too much bone tissue by failing to remove unneeded bone.  Even worse some of the extra bone tissue if made with calcium fluoride can get stuck there, and then later be unresponsive to cortisol levels to remodel it.  Have you heard of bone spurs? Extra unwanted bone deposition can result in all sorts of problems & can also contribute to osteo-arthritis as excess bone can push on nerves & cause pain.  The solution is iodine replenish to reactivate adrenal tissue which will flush calcium fluoride & reactivate adrenal cortisol hormone production which will allow body to remove & remodel unwanted bone tissue when it is using the excess bone to replenish nutrients.  For osteo-arthritis, try iMedDo system as well as frankincense vapor or oil.  The NeuIodine will flush the fluoride allowing adrenal & other (thyroid etc) hormones to function again which will allow proper processing of calcium & bones.  NeuGold is anti-inflammatory in the nerves & works great for rheumatoid & inflammatory arthritis.  Although NeuGold will not work immediately for osteo-arthritis, it does help with the inflammatory part of it & over long usage, after several months once hormone & nutrient levels rebalance then osteo-arthritis can go away as stuck calcium fluoride & bone spurs & excess bone can be reabsorbed using cortisol & other calcium related hormones which will likely help possibly get rid of osteo-arthritis as well.  In the meantime also try Frankincense for osteo-arthritis & have seen many good anti-inflammatory fruit extract type products which are also very good.  Calcium balance also requires magnesium & vitamin D as will be discussed in more detail at end of article. 

KIDNEY HORMONES: Renin, Erythropoietin, & Calcitriol


Renin is a hormone produced by the kidney that also regulates blood pressure.  Just like the aldosterone produced by adrenal tissue, when the renin produced by the nearby kidney tissue is suppressed by fluoride it can cause blood pressure problems which can be fixed by tissue reactivation by iodine.  So adrenal fatigue, this is what might be considered “kidney hormone fatigue” with resultant blood pressure problems if the hormone renin gets out of balance.  A major difference between adrenal aldosterone blood pressure hormone & this kidney renin hormone is that the first is a steroid & the latter is a protein, so even though they may share similar functions related to blood pressure they are likely both very needed for different types of tissues (steroid hormone better to travel through fatty membranes) & protein hormones better to travel inside the blood or extracellular matrix of cells.  Renin as a protein is better to travel in the blood to other tissues where it helps regulate extracellular fluid (blood, plasma, lymph and interstitial fluid) and arterial vasoconstriction (squeezing/tightening of arteries which can result in increased blood pressure). Renin & Aldosterone hormones are very closely connected as the Kidney Renin enyzmatic hormone catalyzes the conversion of angiotensin to angiotensin 1 which is the active form of a molecule which gives the signal to tell the adrenals to produce more Aldosterone & also signals the arteries to tense up (i.e angiotensin) which increases blood pressure.  Renin in kidney signals adrenals to produce more aldosterone.  So fluoride could disrupt either of these pathways individually or both. Fluoride halogen & Fluorine form in particular most likely disrupts aldosterone pathway the most & this a problem since aldosterone pathway is downstream of renin pathway.  So it is really important to flush that fluoride out of the adrenals as well as the kidneys & all the endocrine tissues.  


Erythropoietin (hematopoietin) is a hormone produced by the kidney tissue which stimulates the production of red blood cells. Its production is stimulated by hypoxia (low oxygen) which makes sense as red blood cells contain hemoglobin the iron utilizing protein that carries oxygen in the blood. So if the body thinks it is low in oxygen, then of course it would want to stimulate making more oxygen carrying red blood cells & this hard to spell hormone erythropoietin is how it does it!  The kidney which filters and monitors blood into urine or returns clean blood to the body is a perfect place to monitor oxygen & thus red blood cell levels in the blood & to produce a hormone to tell the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells when needed.  If the erythropoietin producing tissue is suppressed by fluoride you can expect anemia (low red blood cell count) as well as chronic kidney disease.  This is a good place to mention the importance of iron nutrition which is used in hemoglobin in red blood cells.  When you take iodine, it will reactivate kidney tissue. When erythropoietin production reactivates, you will notice your body will start using your iron supplements (at least should be getting some in a multivitamin) as will use the iron in bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.  If you have every undergone any high stress situation or procedure such as radiation or chemo which kills a lot of blood cells, you can see how devastating fluoride can be in your system as it will keep your kidney from sending this erythropoietin hormonal signal to replenish red blood cell supply.  Get your nutrients & don’t let fluoride mess up your kidney or any other tissue!


Calcitriol is a hormone produced by the kidney which completes the activation of vitamin D which signals calcium absorption.  When fluoride is present suppressing the kidney tissue, then calcitriol hormone can be suppressed meaning the kidney is not able to properly give the signal to absorb & retain calcium & phosphates & magnesium nutrients properly.  Not enough calcium & phosphates will be absorbed by intestines & too much calcium & phosphates will be excreted by the kidneys into the bladder & urine.  Buildup of calcium chelated by a substance called oxalate & phosphates is the cause of kidney stones.  Fluoride is known to stimulate production of kidney stones & stimulates oxalates as well.  Not only can fluoride stimulate the production of kidney stones by suppressing the adrenal & kidney tissue & suppressing important calcium regulation hormones we discussed (cortisol & calcitriol), but also fluoride can bind to calcium directly forming a hard insoluble rock “seed” which like a snowball can build up more calcium oxalate & calcium phosphate around it making larger kidney stones. 


Although the subject of this newsletter is adrenal & kidney hormones, there is one important thyroid hormone which plays a part & must be mentioned when talking about kidney stone formation & that is a hormone called parathyroid hormone produced by the thyroid (parathyroid) tissue in a totally different part of body near throat rather than near kidneys or adrenals.  Like Calcitriol, the kidney hormone mentioned above relating to calcium absorption, Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) is also important for bone calcium remodeling.  Just as the adrenal & kidney tissue work together, the kidney & thyroid tissue work together making hormones regulating calcium deposition & remodeling (calcitriol & PTH).  Although it may seem backwards, as normally fluoride deactivates tissues, in the case of PTH, fluoride can make it make too much PTH.  A similar effect is seen with fluoride in hyperthyroidism where body senses lack of properly made thyroid hormones so it overactivates trying to compensate, & likely something similar with PTH over-activation going on. PTH over-activation by fluoride  is a problem because PTH in response to low blood calcium levels, stimulates the bones to dissolve more bone to release more calcium.  More calcium released means more kidney stone formation.  Perhaps the insoluble calcium fluoride in the bones confused the parathyroid’s calcium sensors as it tries to dissolve it but cannot (without iodine) so it gets stuck thinking it needs to release more calcium when it doesn’t need to. 


Fluoride increases the rates of kidney stones in humans. 

The above statement has been shown conclusively by study of non-fluoridated vs fluoridated populations & has been know for quite some time, see Reference #1 [http://fluoridealert.org/studies/kidney09/] which indicates approximately 4.6x as high risk or even up to 2x higher than that of kidney stones for fluoridated populations.

#2 Fluoride is known to make the parathyroid hormone hyperactive which stimulates the dissolving of bone to increase calcium levels in the blood & such excess calcium can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. See Reference 2 [http://fluoridealert.org/studies/kidney09/].

#3 Although it is known that fluoride can stimulate kidney stones, can stimulate the production of oxalate which binds calcium, can form insoluble calcium fluoride which can stimulate kidney stones & can mess with the thyroid (parathyroid tissue & parathyroid hormone) to stimulate excessive calcium, the full mechanism of fluoride stimulation of kidney stones in not known. 

Dr. Ben’s Kidney Stone Hypothesis:

Kidney stones are produced by a combined endocrine disruption of thyroid, adrenal & kidney tissue by fluoride of the parathyroid hormone, cortisol, and calcitriol hormones which can be reversed by iodine replenishment using iMedDo NeuIodine system used with NeuSilver & NeuGold. 

MY HYPOTHESIS is that through looking at other tissues, namely the adrenal & kidney tissue, & thinking about how fluoride could suppress & deactivate those tissues & the hormones they produces, that a more complete picture of additional mechanisms of fluoride action for stimulating kidney stones can be seen.  Through listing all the major known adrenal & kidney hormones & looking at their function, I have identified two in particular one of the adrenal (CORTISOL) and one of the kidney (CALCITRIOL) in particular whose suppressed function by fluoride very likely contributes to formation of kidney stones in addition to already known kidney stone stimulation by parathyroid hormone (PTH). 


I believe that kidney stones are being created by the body sending a signal to dump calcium while at the same time sending another signal to dump the calcium chelating agents oxalate & phosphate. Blood coming into the nephron of the kidney is purged of calcium & oxalate & phosphate & fluoride at least.  As soon as calcium exits the nephron into ureter, it can bind with fluoride creating an insoluble seed which can grown into a full size stone from oxalate & phosphate calcium chelating agents binding to it like a snowball rolling downhill getting bigger as it rolls around stuck in the ureter creating a larger & larger kidney stone.  Most kidney stones are known to be composed of about 70% calcium oxalate & 30% calcium phosphate though it can vary.  Although it was previously known that fluoride can stimulate the production of oxalate & can stimulate the production of excess calcium by PTH, my possibly novel idea (would require a literature search to see if anyone already thought of before is novel to me) is that two additional hormones one from the adrenal  (CORTISOL) & one from the kidney (CALCITRIOL) are also involved by their levels being reduced or deactivated by fluoride.  Deactivated cortisol can result in too much bone (such as calcium deposition) as lacking signal to dissolve bone, this could result in too much calcium deposition resulting kidney stones.  Conversely, if cortisol levels are too high then can stimulate like PTH a breakdown of bone & flushing of extra calcium out which could also stimulate kidney stones.  Although I assume fluoride would suppress cortisol producing tissue would need to see more studies as could be that like PTH it might actually overstimulate Cortisol which would be even worse as would free up even more calcium into the blood & would make kidney stones even worse.  Because of the proximity of the cortisol producing adrenal tissue to the nearby kidney stone producing kidney the likelyhood of fluoride endocrine disruption of cortisol in stimulating kidney stones is very high.  Even more interesting than cortisol in the adrenal is the hormone calcitriol produced in the kidney.   The steroid cholesterol is activated into vitamin D part 1 in the skin then the pre-activated vitamin D is final activated in the kidney by calcitriol.  This is fascinating as it connects a known pathway to me (iodine, thyroid, vitamin D, Sunlight calcium & magnesium balance) to something I did not realize before that VITAMIN D REQUIRES ACTIVATION BY THE KIDNEY.   What this could mean is that kidney stones could be cause by something as simple as a vitamin D deficiency caused by fluoride suppressing kidney tissue suppressing calcitriol. Without enough calcitriol even if you were taking a vitamin D supplement, and even if you were getting enough sunshine on your skin to partially activate it, it would still not work if kidney was suppressed as requires final activation in the kidney. This link of how iodine can free up the Vitamin D pathway is something I have been searching for and so glad I understand how this works now where kidney or liver calicitriol is required for final activation of vitamin D after it has been pre-activated by sunshine in the skin.  This is a big deal.  Since some calcitriol is produced in the liver as well is nice the body has a little bit of a backup system for vitamin D production as it is that important. We only have one liver but have 2 kidneys (a backup kidney) which lets you know perhaps kidney is even more important for detox than liver but since liver is much larger than kidneys perhaps it balances out.  Calcitriol activated vitamin D is the signal to tell the intestines to absorb more calcium, more magnesium & more phosphate & likely a signal to the kidney to excrete less calcium, less magnesium & less phosphate.  A kidney is at risk of forming a kidney stone where it is still excreting calcium & phosphate as it is not getting the calcitriol signal. Iodine should flush out the fluoride & reactivate the kidney tissue & restore calcitriol levels.  With higher calcitriol levels, the body will stop trying to flush so much calcium & phosphate & without fluoride will flush less oxalate & should be at lower risk of kidney stones. 


I think most likely the primary cause of kidney stones besides fluoride & disrupted PTH even more so than the adrenal cortisol connection is that of the kidney CALCITRIOL hormone being disrupted.  Without the signal to absorb more calcium, magnesium & phosphate, the body is excreting too much calcium & phosphate at least in addition to the oxalate known to be elevated with fluoride. 


If my hypothesis is correct that calcitriol is the main hormone besides PTH being disrupted in kidney stones, then anything that disrupts the calcitriol hormone pathway could cause kidney stones. If you have kidney stones which is unlikely you will ever get if using iMedDo system, then you should do all the things in the pathway to make it go away.  The pathway known to me is: “iodine –> thyroid –> calcium & magnesium balance requires Vitamin D –> Sunlight –> kidney –> calcitriol –> calcium absorption”.  So if you are 1) iodine deficient, 2) suppressed thyroid 3) calcium or magnesium deficient 4) skin sunlight exposure( i.e. pre-activated vitamin D) deficient 5) have suppressed kidney 6) or are calcitriol deficient, then you are at risk of kidney stones as your body may be excreting too much calcium. Over a long period of time this can lead to low calcium bone density & what is called osteoporosis. Although iodine is the solution to flush fluoride, if you already have osteoporosis you must take iodine very slowly & replenish calcium at the same time as much of your bones are made of insoluble calcium fluoride which will be detoxed making them temporarily even weaker as your body need time to remodel with fresh calcium once iodine restores your endocrine system.  iMedDo NeuIodine is safe even for elderly with osteoporosis as ling as they are also supplementing calcium & magnesium because it has a build in dose ramping & is used in a system with silver & gold to protect body & brain from fluoride as it comes out.  Because fluoride disrupts 4 of the 6 parts of this pathway (competes with iodine, suppresses both thyroid & kidney tissue & suppresses kidney calcitriol production) it is NO WONDER THAT FLUORIDE CAUSES KIDNEY STONES!   The interesting predictive finding of my hypothesis is that being magnesium or calcium deficient or being vitamin D or sunlight deficient can also potentially cause kidney stones as well which is something that I had never thought about.  However, I have known for a long time that oftentimes that the body balances calcium with magnesium & that it is important to supplement them both at least in a multi-vitamin.  However,  oftentimes the calcium & magnesium supplements people are taking do not work as they won’t balance unless you also take iodine & get sunlight or colloidal gold which I now understand why with the full knowledge of this Vitamin D pathway which starts at iodine & ends at the kidney not at sunlight & calcium & magnesium levels are only balanced if full pathway is not deficient at any point. Many people use magnesium (I have some magnesium oil from Australia ask me privately if you want some) for muscle cramps as balances calcium in the muscles to make them relax. Still this calcium pathway will be off if fluoride is present disrupting all these calcium regulating hormones like cacitriol, PTH & cortisol. Another interesting thought on this vitamin D pathway is that I have known for a while that colloidal gold seems to somehow stimulate vitamin D similar to sunlight.  After doing this article, I now believe that some colloidal gold in the liver may very well stimulate the final activation of vitamin D like calcitriol just as is done in kidney.  More study is needed to show that NeuGold can substitute for sunlight but I’m pretty sure it does.  This is important for elderly & those afraid of skin cancer to know.  If you do not get enough sunlight, you are at risk of kidney stones as a symptom of calcium imbalance. Get iodine & make life easy on your kidneys by getting enough activated vitamin D, you only have two.


I sell the most premium quality iodine replenishment & fluoride & heavy metal detox system on the market.  Do not let fluoride, or any halogen wreak havoc on your endocrine system. The time is now to upgrade your health.  Detox with iMedDo.com System today!  You need to use all three together: NeuIodine, NeuSilver & NeuGold.  The silver & gold can be mixed in water, and the iodine is absorbed on your skin & has a dose ramping where men work up to 2 drops and women 4.  Additionally use an extra drop of NeuIodine everytime you accidentally drink fluoride water (you will know as fluoride gives an immediate headache) or take a chlorine bath or get out of a chlorine hot tub.  The biggest problem I see repeatedly besides fluoride & halogen poisoning is mercury teeth amalgam poisoning, & you need to know that you should do an additional drop of NeuSilver everyday for each metal filling in your mouth. If you have metal fillings, do yourself a favor and make a plan to get them removed, detox with iMedDo.com system for 6 months, then get them out & then detox for at least a year afterwards with iMedDo system.  This system will fix your thyroid, will fix your other endocrine tissues including adrenals, kidney, and for women breast & ovary & for men even prostate.  All three of these products have anti-cancer properties, 2 have germicial properties, 2 have anti-inflammatory properties & I can only sell them as health supplements, but please take the time to learn about them & more importantly try them out as no amount of reading will substitute for actually detoxing. You will notice results or your money back.  You have nothing to lose as each product has 100% satisfaction guarantee, and everything to gain, more energy, more mental clarity, hormonal balance as tissues reactivated after kicking out fluoride etc. 

Thankyou to all my loyal customers & distributors and for new people on the fence, just do it! Still rated 5 stars on Facebook after 4 years in business is not an accident! Customer service is my passion. 

Thank you very much for reading & contact me if you have any questions.

Dr. Ben DSM Founder & Chemist of iMedDo.com

P.S. Besides the main iMedDo.com system that you need to try first, I also have through affiliates: magnesium oil, multi-vitamins, probiotics, fish oil & NEW CBD oil available contact me healthwarrior@imeddo.com if you want to try my new affiliate products, will get links to them online in near future.  Thank you for your patience.  

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Singh PP, et al. (2001). Evidence suggesting that high intake of fluoride provokes nephrolithiasis in tribal populations. Urological Research 29(4):238-44.

Murao H, et al. (2000). Sodium fluoride increases intracellular calcium in rat renal epithelial cell line NRK-52E.Biol Pharm Bull. 23(5):581-4.

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