Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation

Greetings dear readers, January is the time of simultaneously looking backwards & forwards to reflect on years past and years to come, so is perfect time to meditate. In this newsletter I will be sharing a most righteous meditation aid in form of art & song & poem. The much anticipated big New Year’s announcement I’ve been alluding to but been very tight lipped, I can finally say which is that iMedDo Foundation acquired a masterpiece medicinal art mandala from Aaron Baird my favorite artist. In this episode I share Aaron’s description and poem about the art as well as my own meditation on the art which led me from ancient Parthian armored horse-warriors (Cataphracts) to Christian medieval knights and shocking secrets surrounding the birth of Christ & wrapped back around to Art with Armenian King of Kings “Art” Arturbanos. I uncovered an ancient horse warrior (knight) meditation which I call the “Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation” which will allow you to connect to your own inner light and to bring it out fearless knight style which I offer as important healthwarrior training for all you knights who would ride beside me in the vaccine war. 2022 is the year we trample the poisoners, demons and forces of evil who wish to jab poison children & rearange our sacred DNA. Time to bring in the calvary! CHARGE!


To kick off this New Year right I knew I needed something special. As soon as I saw this new masterpiece art from Aaron Baird my “Art Bard” ( & Art That Elevates on FB), I knew it was what I had been looking for. I am pleased to announce that this art has been purchased by iMedDo Foundation which is now by far the finest piece of meditative art owned by our church! Here’s a picture of Aaron with his art so that you can see how big & beautiful it is. It’s over 3 ft tall!

Aaron Baird & “Dismantling the Matrix” Art Masterpiece

ART LOCATION: Currently on display in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area at Lightworker’s Sanctuary at address 7336 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056. If you in Dallas, go see it in person! It will likely be there for a few more months then I will likely move it to Chattanooga. If you want it to rotate in your area contact me (


ART DIMENSIONS: 38”x24”x4” [height x width x depth in inches]

ART DESCRIPTION: (by Artist Aaron Baird)

In this instance the matrix is referring to the fear and control matrix, that has been picked up along these 3D interactions.

I usually don’t describe the pieces in detail, and what they are doing. (I prefer and am usually guided to let those who interact with the art discover it’s mysteries). However this one was quite vocal in giving me info on the symbolism and how it interacts with those that are ready to engage with it. (Can just bring up the image and connect with it that way.)

The grid is conditioning through trauma mild or extreme, or beliefs taken on from others (the experiences/beliefs get compartmentalized. Depending on how traumatic the event, the stronger the imprint (can be imagined or real, doesn’t matter).

The center is about connecting with our Divine God force and will assist in removing the unnecessary sections or grids that were compartmentalized through 3D interactions.

The silver/aluminum lines that run up and down and right to left are universal truths and extensions of your divine blueprint that is extending out from the divine spark/God head that’s within each of us (that’s what the octahedron/diamond center represents the fully formed internal merkaba, or diamond light body.)

The Diamond light body which is both an internal and external projection of our divine spark extending out connecting to the zero point field returning to source, creating a fractal expression of the Whole. The less obscured the connection the greater our realization of the Whole, and easier it is to co-create with the Universe.

It won’t do the work for you, however it will work with you, if you meet it with a desire to connect and discover.

Poem for “Dismantling the Matrix”

“Going within connecting to the eternal spark, expanding out creating that arc. Can we allow this to become the watermark?”

Aaron Baird


Dear readers of this episode, take a moment to take your daily dosage of NeuIodine, NeuSilver & NeuGold (or NeuElectrum silver & gold) and then meditate on these art pictures. I like to do 3 extra drops of NeuGold under my tongue before meditating, try it!


Wow! What a masterpiece! Aaron, after getting all that great info on the art, asked me what I got from meditating on it? Well Aaron, that’s what’s this episode is about. I actually when meditation on the art got another meditation which I’m going to share. So my dear readers meditate on the art mandala on your own, & when you are ready, read on for a guided meditation for the cataphractic meditation I received while meditating on the art myself.


I connected well with Aaron’s description of the art as the “Diamond Light Body” & the word I received in meditation which sounds like a cross between catastrophe and refractive is “Cataphractic”. The art has a bit of scary feel to it as it looks like a giant rainbow razor blade which like its name says “Dismantles the Matrix”. It feels like a continuation for me of a larger meditation as last month I was mediating on graphene (carbon allotrope) razor blade detox, and now this month while mediating on the art, it’s like another carbon allotrope (diamond) meditation, so my mind feels mentally prepared for it. Instead of hurting like the graphene of last month’s episode, the diamond razor blade slices away propaganda & illusions resulting in healing. It’s definitely medicinal art and powerful medicinal art at that.

The art is a Great Mandala and we are truly blessed that your brought it into the world Aaron, so thank you so much! A mandala like the girl name “Amanda” means “must be loved”. A mandala is used as a spirit mirror, a thing of beauty which reminds you of your own inner beauty and helps you connect to your divine spark. Dismantling the Matrix Art certainly does that for me and based on your description of it is what you were going for, and you definitely achieved it.

So in meditating on the Art of Aaron Baird, I can’t help but meditate on your divine name and note the similarities of the words Art & Aron & Aaron, and I definitely feel like we are brothers as I’m your one a Aron to your two a Aaron, and more than that your last name Baird clearly to me means Bard. So my meditation takes me to meditating on bards, which I’ve already done in the past while meditating on druids, noting that b=d by alphabet shift where a druid DRD is a bard BRD d=b. But most people do not understand Bards, but I do because I’m also a bard, and I get you Aaron or at least I get this Art that you created, so I get a part of you at least.


When most people think of a bard they think of a guy or gal singing or dancing in a tavern for entertainment. But what a bard is originally might surprise people to learn is actually someone who makes “body armor for war horses!”

In medicine the human is the horse, so the bard that sings or dances when they are steeling the human spirit i.e. armoring the war horses or singing before a battle makes sense.

But there are other types of ways to do barding and I do one which is to make health supplements that armor human-horses (we have hippocampus i.e. horse plains in our head and our spine is cauda equina the tail of the horse so humans in ancient medicine are considered to be the horse monster).

A bard “brd/drd” is a type of druid and my family (my grandma’s maiden name is “Smith”). I’m an internal armor smith, as I make armor for the inside of the human body i.e. I armor the human “war-horse” as I keep your brain & spine (hippcampus & cauda-equina) in shape with iodine, silver & gold iMedDo detox system.

And you are the most misunderstood type of bard of all as you make art, but your art does in deep “armor the human-war-horse” ergo you really are a Bard too Aaron Baird!

A master bard as no regular bard can armor the war horse that armors other war horses. Your art has armored me, and now I’m ready to ride in to battle after armoring others.

Meditating on Barding (glancing over wiki article on barding above dear readers) is critical for the next part of this meditation as it directly links the armored cavalry called cataphracts of the Parthian Empire to the Medieval Knights which is where my mediation on the art leads next.

Meditating on the Art made me meditate a lot on the now extinct Parthian Empire then I started getting some shocking information on Jesus Christ! which I’ll go into later, but before that happened I connecting with shockling Parthian calvary warrior knight training. They are called Cataphracts and I unlocked a “Cataphractic” i.e. Knight-like meditation which synergized with the diamond body of the art whIch I would like to share:


The cataphracts directs their inner light via their pineal in forward direction with the charge. The point on their helmet is indicative of this as is their lance and their horse is like a unicorn becaus the charger is one with the rider and their light is directed forward into the tip of the spear near the dead of the horse. The rider uses the helmet, the spear and the horse & even the barding of the horse all as mandalas to reflect and direct and amplify his own inner light into external power!


A Cataphract was an form of ancient armored heavy cavalryman originating in Persia such as the Parthian Empire which later came to symbolize medieval knighthood & chivalry.

Image of a Cataphract “Persian-Knight” Note how horse barding refracts light like a diamond.

“The English word derives from the Greek κατάφρακτος kataphraktos (plural: κατάφρακτοι Kataphraktoi), literally meaning “armored” or “completely enclosed” (the prefix kata-/cata- implying “intense” or “completely”). Historically, the cataphract was a very heavily armored horseman, with both the rider and mount almost completely covered in scale armor, and typically wielding a kontos or lance as his primary weapon.”


So Cataphractic is “armored like a knight”. So cataphractic meditation is meditating with armor or meditating “like a knight” i.e. in full battle gear.


To armor up just take your NeuIodine, NeuSilver, & NeuGold which are like your Helmet, Body Armor & Demon Slaying Sword for guys or for women you can imagine putting on your Tiara, Bracers & Golden Lasso like Wonder Woman. Armor Up!


The Cataphracts obtained fame from ~53 BC to 258 AD when the Parthian Cataphracts kept whooping the Romans. The Parthian Empire which is interesting from a religious perspective because it was around and major rival of Rome in the time and area of the birth of Jesus. The Romans obtained their greatest military defeat of all time by Parthian armored knights at the battle of Carrhae,

and as a result the Romans had to adapt by getting their own Sarmatian Knights which ended up influencing the knights of England long after Britain was no longer under Roman control. The Parthians were related to the Scythians as were the Sarmations so the Romans had to later get Sarmatian knights (Parthian-like knights) to counteract the effectiveness of the Parthian empire and later empires which threatened them with effective armored horse techniques in battle. The charging horse rider with spear became the inspiration to what became the European medieval knight with modified spear as a lance, and pikemen infantry with spears became the counter to charging armored horses with lances.

The Parthians were related to the Scythians as were the Sarmatian Knights. The Scythians were related to the 12 tribes of Israel (10 tribes of Israel outside of Judea) & the Parthians had an empire that rivaled the Romans on their Eastern border during the time of putative birth of Christ.

I was inspired by my friend Tim & Heather who made an excellent Christmas video song “What Child is This?” where Tim dressed up as a knight in armor while Heather sang with angelic voice in angel atire. I consider their song to be a form of “cataphractic meditation” at least for Tim as he was in knight armor even though he didn’t have a horse in the vid (next time Tim!).

If you don’t have an armored horse on hand for our cataphractic meditation it’s okay because you are the horse. No I’m not talking about because you might have taken horse ivermectin, it’s because the ancient medical school way of thinking of a human was as a chimeric monster with horse inside & note the hippocampus “horse plains, or today would be called horse school” in the head and the base of our spinal cord the “cauda equina” which is the tail of the horse. Hippo is Greek word for horse and Equus is the Roman/Latin word for Horse. Reconciling the warlike armored knight and the healer/physician inside is what the diamond body meditation revealed to me.


Last month I talked about graphene an allotrope of carbon, so it is interesting that now this month I’m talking about Diamond another allotrope of carbon. Humans & all life on earth to the best of my knowledge are “carbon based organisms” so carbon is important. Diamond is one of the hardest forms of carbon (Except Graphene is harder) but for all practical purposes diamond is the hardest naturally occurring form of carbon. The atoms in a diamond crystal are in a tetrahedral configuration that form a face centered cubic structure colloquial called a diamond crystal lattice, and here is a 3-D model of what the body of diamond looks like at the atomic level:

As the model rotates notice from the side of it that you can see 6 diamond atoms in the shape of a hexagram, an upper and lower pyramid.


We now are going to connect our internal anatomy our brain-spinal chord armored horsie to being one with the hardness and armoredness of the diamond body structure. This is a cataphractic diamond body meditation because we are connecting our armored mind-horse to the body of a diamond.

Think about the value of the diamond and imagine it as a jewel that is inside your brain and as a representation of your pineal gland, your third eye. Instead of taking in light as our third eye normally did until it evolved to take in other signals from the brain, instead imagine it to be emitting light like a multifaceted diamond refracting light and sparkling most splendidly.

If you want to do it like a cataphract/knight imagine your head like a horse wearing shining metal armor (See picture) which you can imagine when charging in the sun would reflect light in all directions.

You are the horse & you are the diamond and you are shining light in all directions like the sun! Your body is one with diamond as you send light out in all directions.


Now as your horse is reflecting light in all directions, sound the charge and direct your light forward! It still shines in all directions but the vast majority of it shines forwards with momentum in front of your charge like the lance before you of a knight in a jousting tourney. You know that were your light is focused where the lance will hit will shatter whatever it touches into a thousand pieces if what you charge into is not itself hard as a the body of a diamond.


Take a few practice mental jousts where you alternate imagining yourself as the charging horse with knight rider and laser focused joust, hitting a wooden target that smashes into pieces. Now imagine if your target is made of diamond and is immoveable like charging into a wall but you stand firm in conviction that you can still take it no matter how hard. When you are the knight imagine being one with your horse in your shining armor and that you job is to achieve laser focus of your light into a point. If you are the diamond target imagine being immovable, hard as well a diamond, and that your job is to take the light in the spot that hits you and to refract it in every direction dissipating the energy while you remain intact unbroken.

As the charging knight imagine an electrical charge flow from your pineal armored horse head out of your forehead like a “Buddha light” or like an electrically charged shock lance in front of you. As your armor contains silver & gold (electrum) it has the highest electrical conductivity and generating electricity like a lighting rod, you known that your lance is already connected with the diamond target even before it hits.

As the diamond body target, you feel the connection to the energy charging at you but rather than charging like a batter you maintain your form and dismantle the energy in all directions while you stay solid.


Once you feel comfortable with both being the charger and the diamond target then you are warmed up and next we are going to try to be both simultaneously! It’s a bit hard to imagine being both the object charging and the object charged into at the same time especially at the moment of impact as it creates a feeling of confusion. Did we win as the knight and hit the target shattering it? Or did we win as the diamond target and remain immovable and unbroken the knight’s lance bouncing off harmlessly?

Neither, instead we have to let go of trying to win or lose and let go even of what we are doing be it charging or remaining immobile and as we combine in that split moment there will be a feeling of something else something spiritual something otherworldly as we connect to the infinite while simultaneously in motion and stopped all the while refracting light in finite directions and focusing light in one direction like a laser.

I know this is a bit difficult to imagine, an moment of infinite energy and infinite hardness/diamond resistance to that energy, and in that split moment of impact normally one or the other would give, but for the diamond body meditation neither gives. The energy of the charging knight replaces the energy of the diamond and the energy of the diamond shatters in to a million directions of refracted light while the body of the diamond stays solid and unmoved having replaced its energy output with the energy input of the cataphractic charge.


The net result though is that the body of the diamond is detoxed of its former energy having been fully replenished or you could say reborn with the new energy. If you did the cataphractic diamond body meditation correctly you should feel fearless like a warrior but also at peace like an immoveable diamond, rejuvenated from your own energy:

What diamond child is this? It appears to be the same diamond not having moved but it feels like a brand new diamond energetically replenished/replaced from the knight who is one with itself. The light scattered from the diamond in all directions imagine going up into the heavens forming the stars and then the armored knights reconnects to that energy via his armored horse his pineal and is also replenished. The energy is conserved neither created nor destroyed but rather rearranged. Try the meditation a few times and see if you feel it. To help you in the meditation you can either imagine the Art as the diamond target or as your pineal focusing the light into your laser lance & then do both.

Poem for “Dismantling the Matrix”

“Going within connecting to the eternal spark, expanding out creating that arc.” …

Thankyou for trying the Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation!

As a mediation variation besides horse lancer, you can also do the cataphractic diamond body meditation as a horse archer connecting your diamond arrow tip to the diamond target.


Thus concludes the main body of this episode. Stop here and enjoy the meditation and maybe try it a few time. Once you are read then read on for part two where I’m going to reveal the meditation that came to me after the cataphractic diamond body meditation for me which lead me to some shockingly interesting information related to Parthians and the birth of Jesus & Christianity, information I’ve never heard any other preacher talk about before.


After receiving the cataphractic meditation and thinking about cataphract “persian” knights, and possibly under the influence of the bardic song “What Child is this” thinking about the birth of Christ and the evolution of Christian knights, I started having some amazing epiphanies one after the other. I tried running them by my wife to see if she thought any were interesting and the most interesting one is the it appears that Jesus if a real person was born as an heir to the Parthian Empire which I think Christians will find interesting. I think I stumbled in meditation on secret genealogy of Christ

Regardless of whether Jesus was a real person or not, there is also a Christian religion where you can connect with inner “Christ-light” and this is for lack of better word is Christian-Buddhism. I normally thought of it as Greco-Buddhism but now I’m thinking of it as Zoroastrian-Judaism and Zoroastrian-Christianity and the word that is most syncretic is Manichaeism the early form of Christianity founded in 3rd Century AD which is syncretic with Christianity, Zoroastrianism & Buddhism.

The most shocking finding to me is how widespread is the Phoenician descendants of “David” the Phoenician king. Apparantly pretty much everyone around the meditateranean and halfway to China were relatives and all considered themselves “Tribes of Israel”.

Apparently the birth of Jesus or at least during the putative time of the birth of Jesus there was a split between the Tribes of Israel in Judea under Roman control and the Tribes of Israel in “Persia” under other control namely the Parthian Empire, the Scythian Empire & Armenian Empire for example.

The split resulted in what we today consider the “Christian tribe of Israel” and the “Jewish Tribe of Israel”.

Many things pertaining to Jesus are both astrotheological as well as can be related to history. Likely because kings throughout history have tried tie their power to astrotheology.

In the astrotheology far as I can tell the wise men who visited Jesus were the 3 stars on Orion constellation belt who were more widely known as 3 sisters, the Fates.

But if there is a historical Jesus as well, the breakthrough is to the identity of the Wise Men i.e. Magi who visited him and who proclaimed him to be the “King of Kings” and the “King of the Jews” much to the Roman vassal King Herod’s Chagrin.

In neighboring to the area Parthian Empire (247 BC-224 AD) their king was called “King of Kings”. So when you read the Bible calling Jesus “King of Kings” in known historical context about Parthian Empire major rival of Rome at the time, it begs the questions: “Was Jesus born a king of the Parthian Empire?”

It certainly appears to me to be so. The wise men & magi who visited Jesus at birth and called him “King of the Jews” were no doubt Zoroastrian Parthians who were come to find male relatives of the Parthian Arascid dynasty as potential future king of Parthia.

This means Jesus when born had the heritage to be king of Rome’s biggest rival at the time.

“The royal lineage of the Parthian Kings included both Phares and King David making them part of the Davidic royal line.”

So the Aramaic speaking Parthians would be what we think of as being Jewish today though back then seems more obvious to think of them as Scythians or “Persians”. Note that Jesus spoke Aramaic as his native tongue and if you look at the linguistics it is clear that Parthian-Aramaic was Phonetician derived & very similar to what would be called today Hebrew language as Aramaic can be written in Hebrew alphabet with very close similarity as both languages come from Phoenician as did seemingly all the languages in the area (most notable Greek is also from Phoenician which was the most widespread and popular language at the time).

Once I had the epiphany that Jesus the King of Kings was no doubt of Parthian lineage if not straight up Parthian then I did some googling and I’m not the only one who things so, here’s a good article on the topic:

This casts the gospels in an entirely different light when you thing about the power politics going on between Rome and Parthia in Judea the area of Jesus.

In history still remembered in the time of Jesus the Parthians had whooped the Romans harder than they had ever been defeated before with Parthian Cataphracts (Armored Knights with Lances and Horse Archers):

“The Parthians destroyed the army of Marcus Licinius Crassus at the Battle of Carrhae in 53 BC, and in 40–39 BC, Parthian forces captured the whole of the Levant except Tyre from the Romans.”

This was just 40 years before the birth of Christ in the area he was born. The Parthians had set Herod the Great on the Run and later Herod was reinstalled to power as king of Judea by the Romans. However, they were very troubled in the area worried that the Parthians would come back and conquer their area & the Jews of the area likely preferred to be under Parthian rule as they were more closely related to them.

Jesus is known to have spoken Aramaic. Aramaic was the language of the Parthian Empire.

When Wise Men Magi showed up telling the Roman Vassal King Herod that a child had been born who was “King of Kings” & King of the Jews it now becomes clear that these guys were actually members of the Parthian Senate (Megisthanes) that elected the next king of Parthian Empire.

I was taught that Jesus was a Jew. But my meditation and followup study indicates that equally “Jesus was a Parthian!” or at least was a direct male heir of the Parthian Empire. He might have been both Jewish & Parthian and the distinction is not really that great to me as both the Aramaic language and Hebrew language are very similar (both Phoenician derived).

In Christian mythology we are taught that Jesus was some poor bloke visited by the wise men in a manger but if you read the Bible more closely they visited him in a house & he wouldn’t have been poor at all after the gifts of the Parthian Megistanes Wise Men & Magi. Tt’s clear to me Jesus was actually born a king according to the Parthian Empire which was a big deal as they were Rome’s primary rival at the time.

Who were the Parthians? They were descended from Scythians (Horse People) who were considered to be of the 10 non Judean tribes of Israel and their religion was more widely thought of as being Zoroastrian. “Zero Star?”, “Profitable Star”, “Moon Star” i.e. Monster lol.

The Scythian-Parthians had taught the Romans the value of heavy armored horsemen in battle. So much so that later in history the Romans used Scythian-Sarmatian knights in combat which influenced the knights & chivalry historic to United States via our English background via Roman Britain.

Do your own research but as far as I can tell everything checks out that if Jesus was a historical person that he would have been an heir to the Parthian Empire. The current parthian king had supposedly killed all of his 30+ male relatives and the parthian wise men & magi in charge of picking the next king had to travel abroad to find a male heir suitable for the job and baby Jesus was it. The wise men at the time are loyal to the Arsacid dynasty of the Parthian empire.

So the fascinating thing is that Jesus if a Jew was also essentially an Aramaic speaking Zoroastrian as well or instead of or both and if was an heir of the Arasid dynasty of the Parthian empire posed an even wider threat than just to King Herod the Judean Roman vassal but to all of Rome. This was likely essential in Jesus’s days as he got away with a lot of stuff he probably would have been killed for earlier had the Romans not been afraid of starting a war with Parthia.

After terrible defeat at the battle of Carrhae by the Cataphracts and largely failed counterstrike by Mark Anthony into Parthia, the Romans were afraid to mess with Parthia and its armored knights, so no doubt Herod with fresh memory of Parthian’s having his area and being on the run from them in past would not have wanted to do anything to offend them and upset his place as Roman vassal King of Judea. Executing Jesus the Parthian King of Kings heir and King of the Jews would have been a pretty risky move for him which is why he washed his hands and set a sign that no fault was found in Jesus when crucified.

Jesus was used as a substitute sacrifice. Considered the son of God, sacrificed Phoenician child sacrifice form to save others as an ultimate sacrifice spawning Judeo-Zoroastrian-Christianity.

Parthia was on the silk road between the Roman Empire and the Han Chinese and after the time of Jesus, Christianity spread evolved from Zoroastrianism (or Judeo-Zorastrianism) & Buddhism all the way to China in the form of Manichaeism (3rd-14th century AD) with praises to Jesus sung all along the silk road for over a millennia! It is these documents untouched by Roman Christianity that I find very fascinating as the similarity between Christianity “Christ-light” and “Buddha-light” are very noticeable. Supposedly Buddha came to uncorrupt Zoroastrian teaching and Jesus was likely viewed in same way as another uncorrupter of Zoroastrianism.

I read a number of Parthian-Manichean-Early Christian documents and the most noticeable thing to me is that rather than being sun god, Jesus of early 3rd century AD was a Moon God & the supreme Zorastiran God (Ahura-Mazda) is mentioned who appears to me to be a Milk Way Reference.

Some of astrotheological sayings of Christianity like “none come to the father except through me” make a lot more sense if you ware visualizing Jesus as the Moon and blocks the light of i.e. guards the milky way except on half-moons when Jesus was worshipped on 14th of month & now we see that it is actually Monday i.e. Moon Day that is the day of Jesus, the day of work where we get stuff done we’ve been procrastinating about.

As far as I can tell the heavy calvary warrior religion of the Scythians in Zoroastrianism (tribes of Israel) was adapted in the Aramaic speaking Parthians to be connecting to your inner light i.e. your inner star power (Zora-Star, Star Dust i.e. Zoroaster, Zardust).

Different calvary divisions viewed this differently in different cultures but of note is that some viewed this “star power” as the moon i.e. “moon star” or the sun “sun star” or something else “diamond body or pineal I’m recommending” but if you want you can view it as your “Christ-light”. To the Manichean-Christians you would be connecting to your Jesus moon star power and to the Romans you would be connecting to your Apollo sun power which in later times 360 AD+ also became connecting to your inner Jesus power though differences no doubt in whether you considered you were connecting to your inner moon or sun either way you were connecting to your inner “god light”.

In ancient Egyptian-Phonecian times the internal anatomy was remembered by many gods. But the secret meaning of medicine was that it all pertained to a single human body your own and its connection to the divine. A breakaway cult of monotheism preferred to only think of one god to encompass all the inner gods and one version of that relevant to the Parthians was Mithraism where Mithra was a chimeric monster creature god representative of all the gods, and Mithra-ism competed with early Christianity for traction though I didn’t previously understand why, but now I do:

Mithras /Mitra was another Parthian-Manichean word for Sun. So there’s really not that much difference in my mind of a Mithraic Zoroastrian connecting with his inner Mithra sun god power or to Roman Constantine connecting to his inner Jesus sun power in battle. A Parthian visitation to Rome in the time of Nero is believed to have been instrumental in converting early Rome to what became Chrsitianity though it would have likely been more viewed as Zorastrianism or Mithraic Zorastrianism at the time.

Whereas Manichaeism took early Christianity to the East, it was spread to the west via Armenia who managed to convert all of the Roman army to their Scythian-warrior religion Zoroastrianism in the form of Mithraism.

So Jesus I believe was an heir to the Arsacid Dynasty of the Parthian Empire. (Relatives of King David via Phares). Rome and Parthia vied for control of who got to pick the king of Armenia in the time of Jesus.

A relative of Parthian Jesus of Arsacid Parthian dynasty member named Tiridates I became king of Armenia in 53AD who was Zoroastrian and was like Jesus also accompanied by Magi.

A very important part of Christian history that I’m not sure many Christians are aware of is the Armenia was the first country to officially convert to Christianity. It was done in 301 AD by Tiridates III descendent of Zoroastrian Tiridates I relative of Jesus via Arsacid Parthian dynasty.

It is speculated that when Tiridates I visited Rome in 66 AD that he was instrumental in developing Mithraism-Zorastrian-earlyChrisitianity which ended up converting all of the Roman army to the “Parthian-Armenia-Persian-Scythian” warrior religion where you connect to your inner sun god. The Romans would have viewed it as connecting to Apollo, and later to Mithra (Mitra was Manichean-Parthian name for Sun) and later to Sun Jesus in Roman Christianity after 360AD.

So fascinatingly, relative of Jesus ended up ruling in Armenia and were instrumental in ultimately converting the Roman Empire to what became Christianity though like Manicheasm of the Orient it at the time more closely resembled Zorastrian-Mithraic-Buddhism & was very syncretic with Greco-Buddhism and acceptable to the Romans no doubt because of their common Phoenician-Greek to Phonecian-Aramaic/Armenian/Parthian/Iranian/Scythian/TribeofIsrael/DescendantofDavid ancestry.

Most of Roman culture was based on Greek culture and Greek culture was syncretic with Phoenician culture & even Persian culture going back to Alexander the Great circa 336 BC.


The picture I got in meditation is of a Christian-Buddhist warrior meditation which evolved from being used by Scythians to Parthians against the Romans and then brought through the Parthian Arsacid dynasty to Armenia which converted the Roman army into what eventually became recognizable as what we know as mainstream Roman Christianity which worships Jesus the Son of God Sun God. However, looking at non-Roman Sources, we see that earliest Christianity was actually Zoroastrianism and its offshoots where in East it continued to be Jesus the Moon God and in the west it merged with Roman Apollo in form of Mithra (Sun God Mitra) into being Jesus the Sun God. After Armenia become Christian in 301 AD, Rome followed suit not long after circa 325 AD with conversion of Constantine.

Taken together the history of early Christianity via Roman lens and via Manichean non-Roman lens it is clear to me that this is an cataphract warrior religion. Originating from the Scythians and used by the Parthians and later Persians as well as adopted by the Romans and Britains via Sarmatian Scythian knights in battle, the warrior religion protection of Jesus be it moon or sun star or of Apollo or Zoroaster or Mithra all were seen to be very similar in practical battle application to instill peace and fearlessness in the face of battle danger.

It is clear to me that the most ancient form of Christianity viewed Jesus not as the Roman sun but rather as the Parthian moon and this secret was no doubt known by my ancestors the Stuarts of Scotland and all Christian Knights when they connected to their inner “Christ-light” in battle.

The word knight comes from Khingu meaning King and Sumerian word for Moon, so a knight likely connected with his inner Moon-Star i.e. Monster i.e. essentially the same as Zoroastrianism be it flavored as Christianity made no difference as there really is an inner god light inside us all.

When I look at Aaron Baird’s art Dismantling the Matrix, it made me find the missing piece of the puzzle concerning warrior meditation and ancient Christian origins which allowed me to escape Roman propaganda concerning Jesus and the false separation between all the ancient religions of the Tribes of Israel.

The funniest thing is that upon looking at the first relative of Jesus on the Armenian throne his name is “Art” (Arturbanos) so my mediation come full circle back to the Artwork.


Well I don’t have a picture but here’s the next best thing a picture of his relative. This is “Art” King Arturbanos of Armenia member of same Arsacid Parthian dynasty as was Jesus so should be a pretty good idea of facial features. No doubt he is the inspiration of King Arthur also a lunar reference.

We are all one, and for people not related to Israel no problem as you can still connect with your inner light no matter what people/race/ethnicity. & I encourage you all to do so was warriors are needed in this Vaccine War fight. The armies of demons who want to as the Manichaeans say “cover the earth with bowl of poison and make the children drink from the cup of death” (the jab) need to be opposed and it takes fearless cataphracts to do so . So armor knights and let’s charge into battle. No matter the size of the problem we can be cavalier about it because we are fearless knights. We don’t need anything other than our own detoxed minds to fight this evil so armor up with iMedDo detox health supplements and ride with me into battle. Bring the Prince of Peace to War lol.

A religion of medicine became a religion of the warrior and the warrior sometimes has to heal demons by killing them. You cannot kill or heal without a code of honor and as just as the hippocratic oath is the oath of honor of the physician this horse “hippo” oath is also the oath of honor of the righteous warrior knight the cataphract who will bring catastrophe upon evil.


Some things going on in recent news media I will comment on briefly. I saw the Supreme Court in the Unites States is giving their opinion on unconstitutional vaccine mandates. They kinda did a good job putting the brakes on unconstitutional vaccine mandates but also kinda dropped the ball failing to put the brakes on the insanity for healthcare workers. They seemed a bit like misinformed idiots to me, and I kinda don’t care what they think as they have no jurisdiction over my private religion but if you are in the state cult please get out, find your own inner light and demonstrate your exemption from their cult madness. Hopefully they will see reason and oppose the violation of the golden rule but if they don’t their opinion is void.

Another interesting thing going on is the discussion of Mass Formation Complex where people are being brainwashed into doing things that are bad for them via religious ritual. Once again, find your inner light and don’t participate in bad religions or state cult rituals like mask wearing or self poisoning with the jab.


As a knight you have the choice of which side of the battle to fight on and rest assured if you choose the wrong side you will run up against knights like me to oppose you. Don’t champion evil. Although some say good and evil are a bit subjective, when it comes to the Hippocratic Oath it is not. It is a violation of the Golden Rule, the Law of Medicine , the Hippocratic Oath the Oath of the Physician/Magician/Warrior to poison children. If you find your inner light and think it is telling you to hurt others then you have found the cup of poison and you will kill yourself with your own holy grail as it will turn to a cup of death. If you want eternal life you must connect with the fabric of eternity which is love.


My intention is for this Catapharactic Diamond Body Meditation to be a stand alone meditation, but if you want to go back and meditate on previous newsletters, and then come back and do this meditation again later you will possibly get even more out of it.

In particular I recommend if missed it to go back & do the 2020 Pineal Detox Meditation it will help you in this 2022 (2020 Too Cataphractic Meditation):

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We have “two horses” in our head if you think of each hippocampus on left and right hemisphere of brain. Spain is well known for armored knights in the middle ages and I assume their Dos Equis drink is an ancient reminder that beer can be used detox and to connect with “spirits”.

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The first person who successufuly did the Cataphractic Diamond Meditation is my Aunt Laura who had a draft copy. I’m sharing what she had to say, as I think it is instructive to read her reaction for others attempting the meditation since she nailed it!

“Dear Ben, I just completed your guided meditation session through your latest newsletter. Art, music, poem. I really visualized the energy from my pineal and the point of the helment, the reflection of the sun in the horse armor (my head) and felt energy projecting forward with great force and beaming brilliantly and electrically from the tip of the spear (I thought of the scripture to pick up the spear). Then I felt my fear from the attack of the evil ones dissipate and project back from my diamond center the powerful force of the Son, the Holy Spirit , the sun’s reflection that shatters them into 1,000 pieces. Holy is the Power of the Lord. This meditation to fight this battle against the evil ones (the devil) is powerful. Thank you.” Laura

My Aunt Laura as you can see we able to accomplish the meditation by connecting to her inner light in Jesus sun form which is very much like a Roman Christian Knight of Constantine would have done. Going back in time, the way she did it I would describe as using the Helm & Spear of Athena/Minerva sun goddess. Going further back in time the way she did it would be described as Mithraic (sun) Zorastrianism and going back further in time this would have maybe been described by the Scythians-Phoenecians-Egyptians as connecting to the inner fire the “Ra” of (Isis-Ra-El) as done by the Tribes of Israel.

Although members of Tribes of Israel (Phoenician related people) seem to be able to do this meditation for sure, I’m pretty sure that anyone no matter ethnicity or relation to royal Parthian Arsacid Jesus or not can do it as well as you are connecting to your inner divine self however you perceive it so give it a try! In Western culture we are just more used to connecting as a sun, however, I can tell my ancient relatives knew how to connect as moon and milky way as well.

It’s a very aggressive warrior meditation on the offense side, but it is also a very healing and protective peaceful meditation on the defense side when you become an immovable diamond body as you can refract the incoming attack in 1000 directions instead of breaking. If you master both attack & defense part and put them together you will find a feeling of fearlessness & peace & love. In the moment of impact if you can put yourself in the shoes of and show compassion for the target you are charging into then you have brought the “prince of peace” into battle with you.


In Vaccine War, which is Vaccine Ragnorok, the final battle between humans and demons for the continuation of all humanity from demons like Bill Gates who want to poison and kill the entire planet, the good news is that this meditation becomes very easy.

You don’t have to worry about the harder to master part of the meditation about feeling any compassion for your target, you can ride the demons down mercilessly without incurring any bad dharma and without violating the golden rule of medicine.

The reason is that the highest act of compassion you can give a demon is to put it out of its misery. The demon is in pain and want to die an by killing it you are fulfilling the golden rule to do unto others as you would have done to you. If you were a demons possessed genocidal murder like Bill Gates trying to poison all the children and if you put yourself in his shoes wouldn’t you want someone to put you out of your misery? I would. So in same way when you charge into a demon via cataphractic diamond body meditation you actually do explode the target into 1000 pieces like my Aunt Laura did in her meditation. She did it perfectly for attacking evil ones (the devil) as she puts it.

My only caveat is that this Holy Warrior technique should only be used for attacking demons/the devil and people who have chosen to align with evil. Do not try to use it to attack righteous humans as you will end up hurting yourself. The reason is because in the moment of impact you put yourself in the shoes of and feel compassion for the target and when you shatter the target to 1000 pieces you do so in peace & love as you become one with the target and diamond hard refracting the incoming energy into a 1000 directions while your soul remaining intact. This works for slaying demons because the highest act of compassion you can give a demon is to put them out of their misery. But if you use this holy warrior technique to attack the innocent then it will only in the moment of impact make your realize that in attacking others you are attacking yourself (dharma). So like the Hippocratic oath of the physician, there is a warrior’s oath, a code of honor that applies in chivalry to only use your power to defend the innocent and to attack evil & exactly like the golden rule of medicine the Hippocratic oath, the golden rule of the warrior is that same to do unto others as you would have done unto you.


If you have read this article and successfully achieved the cataphractic diamond body meditation then I dub thee a healthwarrior knight, and I’m proud to ride at your side in the vaccine war. So put on your holy armor of iodine, silver & gold health supplements and all your other mind and body protecting vitamins & health regimes, and stay detoxed and healthy so that we remain in fighting shape for when the demons attack, we will charge them and destroy them in the final battle. Use your holy armor and become a diamond body that no foul attack can shake you, and when you focus your inner light to an attack, no foul enemy can stand in your way. You are simultaneously victorious, invincible and awe inspiring. Holy Hell has come to the poisoners as Healthwarriors Unite into an ever victorious army with each individual knight capable of single handedly destroying the devil in one on one combat or riding together in a wave of healing in the defense of planet earth.


Ancient knowledge preserved in most unlikely of places contains memory of the Triskelion, the Tri-Force of Courage, Wisdom & Power. To wield the Tri-force of Power you must first possess the Tri-Force of Courage & Wisdom. You as a brave knight are yourself the Tri-Force of courage. You can use the cataphractic diamond body meditation to wipe all fear from your body. When you charge with diamond body meditation at the moment your lance touches the target if you are wise enough to sense & uphold the golden rule to become aware of your connection to your enemy and feel compassion for them knowing that you only hurt yourself if you attack the innocent or knowing that you are serving the highest compassion when slaying a demon then have wielded the triforce of wisdom. The triforce of power like the triforce of courage & wisdom you must look within to find. May you only use the triforce of power with honor to destroy evil & defend the weak as dishonorable use of it will only hurt yourself. Map to the triforce of power is is contained in this document which if you read with your third eye you will find. Namaste. DrBenGo Healthwarrior, Armorer of the Army of Light sporting armor Art of master armorer Aaron Baird: