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Hello Dear Subscribers to Newsletter! Hope you are all having a wonderful Winter Holiday! Merry Christmas if you are a Christian, happy Yuletide, happy Winter Solstice or just happy human winter experience for everyone else. Whatever your beliefs, the winter is a time where survival is tough but through feasting & family, sharing & caring we can get through it together. In this issue I give spiritual advice & information concerning my thoughts on the meaning of Christmas. I also discuss Chem-Trails & some important recent news topics I want all my subscribers to be aware of concerning Vaccinosis, Bitcoin & Progress for World Peace. Enjoy! Dr. Ben DSM


A1. Christian Christmas

In this section I will be discussing spiritual topics as the word Christmas is tied to a particular faith or group of faiths. As a priest of “love is all there is”, I am self-qualified to provide spiritual advice to those who want it, and have also included a wealth of information in this section for those who want to skip my advice but want some food for thought. Additionally I have included some of my thoughts & insights which some may find controversial for those at a different stage of spiritual journey. All info is provided with the highest degree of love & hope that you will not accept anything as truth unless you first research & meditate on it yourself as the highest knowledge comes from within.

A2. Traditional Christmas. Christmas very literally means Christ-Mass where Mass is the Roman Catholic Christian word for their church service liturgy celebrating the birth of the Christ-child usually on Dec 24-25th. Roman Catholicism was religion mandated by the Roman Emperor Constantine approximately 300 years after the events of the birth being celebrated were believed to occur. Highly recommend you study history of the Roman Empire if you are not familiar with it as it greatly influenced Western thought & how the Western Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire & Influence of the Latin Bible through the Middle Ages to Protestant Reformation before exported to America is of utmost importance to understanding the modern tradition of Christmas. I discovered through much meditation & travel that you have to look past the Roman propaganda as the first few centuries of Christianity especially the birth of the Christ-Child itself are covered in veil of secrecy. The Roman emperors wished to coop the story of the Christ child to describe their own family & wished to use the story to describe the birth of the Augustus family. The secret to Christmas is not in Rome but rather in Egypt.

A3. Biblical Christmas. The Christmas Story which is the birth of the modern Christ is told in only 2 of the 4 books of Gospel. The Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John which are bound as the first four books of what is called the New Testament & Christmas story is only told in Luke & John. The absence of the Christmas story in the book of Mark the oldest gospel written in Greek circa 67-70 AD means that the Christmas story is not really an integral part of Christianity though it has become such as seemingly the largest & most well known Christian holiday. Growing up I was raised in the Protestant Methodist sect of Christianity tradition so Christmas is & was a big part of my family tradition. We get together, decorate a tree, set up a nativity scene & exchange gifts. The best description of the Christmas story in my opinion is in the book of Luke. Upon close inspection the book of Luke was specifically designed for converting Egypt as many parallels with the exorcist Christ & the Egyptian God Khonsu-Horus. Upon discussing my revelations concerning the Egyptian origins of the Christian religion I got a lot of negative feedback from US Protestant groups who seem to prefer a more mythological Christmas, but upon closer examination of history & of Egyptian Christianity I am very confident in my analysis.

A4. Egyptian Christmas

To understand the real meaning of the Christmas story you must study the Copts, also called the Coptic Christians. I found an excellent You-Tube video on the subject from a real Coptic Christian which I met on Twitter which I highly recommend: as a must watch:

Whereas the whole Christmas story seems more mythological than real in most sects of Christianity, for the Copts it is very real as they have relate the biblical verse talking about the child being brought to Egypt with a specific church in Cairo where the baby Christ was said to actually have stayed. Pretty cool. I would love to visit Cairo except that I am afraid to take my wife there as they were conquered by the Muslims in 6th century & is not a place I feel safe enough bringing her. In the video above the claim that 1/10 in Egypt are still Coptic Christians though they mostly speak Arabic now but have managed to preserve their traditions even under Muslim occupation. However the following things are worth noting which are not widely known or are purposefully covered up in modern post-Roman Christianity but which I consider as fact after seeing parts of Coptic history museum discussed.

a. The Romans were not originally considered the good guys they were considered the bad guy occupiers of Egypt.
b. In the Ancient Egyptian religion the Pharoah was a god-king & was believed to protect the people.
c. According to Copts circa 33 AD a guy named Mark showed up preaching that a new Pharoah-King was born. This no doubt gave the people hope that they would be able to rise up & overthrow the Romans. The Romans no doubt did not like this & was interesting in video the Copts talking about Romans feeding the early Christians to crocodiles at the temple of Kom Ombo & these early Christian crocodile food survivors hiding in Egypt in remote parts & occupying & writing on walls of temples in Coptic language.
d. There was a lot of turmoil & rebellions not just in Egypt but in Palestine & Syria & the Romans sacked Jerusalem putting down a Jewish rebellion circa 70 AD. The Book of Luke was written circa 80-110 AD likely with the birth of the Christ child written in to show the Romans in a more favorable light with the holy family going to pay their taxes.
e. So sadly, as far as I can tell part of or all of the Christmas story was fabricated, however, there was a real potential pharoah child born likely a child of Cleopatra & heir to Egyptian throne if not for Romans ending the Pharonic Ptolemy dynasty. The story of Julius Ceasar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra VII (7th) & Octavian Augustus afterwards is one of the better known parts of Roman history. I saw with my own eyes a Roman 1AD temple in Nice, France dedicated the the Augustus family & was no doubt the Romans wanted you to think that their royal family line not an Egyptian one was the real Christ. But was Roman Emperor the real Christ? Certainly not. If Christ was real & not a myth than was a descendant of the Eygptian royal line of Isis (Cleopatra VII).

A5. Christmas & Beyond

Christmas is a foundational part of Western culture & it is under attack right now. Although some zealots may say that I am attacking it by pointing out what are to me obvious Roman propaganda parts of it, the real attackers are the Muslims invaders of Europe who wish to destroy it. But don’t worry, CHRISTMAS IS INDESTRUCTIBLE! Why? Because Christmas is not really about the birth of the Christ child it is about the Winter Solstice, a true celestial event that has been celebrated since the Neolithic times (tens of thousands of years). Equating the Christ Child with the Sun, then yes the Sun (Son of God) is reborn during the Yuletide as the days instead of getting shorter now start to get longer with more sunshine. The concept of Christmas is thousands of years older than modern Christianity admits as it can be traced back to Egyptian Theban triad & beyond. Unlike the Roman Catholics & modern Protestants who deny it, the truth is obvious & confirmed by the Copts that the CHRIST IS OSIRIS. The 3 KINGS of the Christmas story are actually the 3 STARS of ORION’s belt (Called OSIRIS constellation back then & the 3 stars are called the 3 FATES considered Goddesses by Greeks) ie. the Angels watching over. The Angel Gabriel watching over is from religions thousands of years older & is a popular angel in many other religions on top of Christianity including Yezidi & Islam & one can not really fully understand the Christmas story unless you know the history of Zoroastrianism, Greco-Buddhism & one must really study the country Armenia the “People of the Cross”. Muslims are complaining they can’t really successfully jihad against or stop Christmas as it just has too many features that aren’t even Christian such as the tree with star (Isthar) & corporate commercial component. Santa with his 8 legged sleigh is from Norse Odin & his 8 legged horse Slepnir. A feast of Winter Veil as is called in video games or Festivus called on Seinfeld whatever you call it, the winter is the perfect time to be merry, be with family & comfort one another through the cold no matter what religion & I don’t see that changing anytime soon, so fear not Christmas is Indestructible. Looking beyond the Catholic heritage of the word Christmas referring to “Mass”, I personaly prefer a more religion neutral term such as Feast of Winter Solstice but whatever you want to call it I will celebrate it. My personal beliefs are more akin to Greco-Buddhism & I believe that I and each of us is the Christ as we all have the Christ-light of Compassion inside our own hearts. Namaste

A6. Health Supplements in Christmas Story. One of the most famous passages in book of Luke is the gifts of the 3 wise men are Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. It is my belief that the “gold” is actually “electrum” which is a combination of both gold AND silver maybe not so different than NeuGold & NeuSilver. I will go into this in more detail next Christmas as already talked enough the Christmas story for this newsletter. But the point is colloidal gold & silver is very useful for babies be they baby royalty or even for us normal humans.


This December there has been a noticable spike of chemtrails. Chemtrails are toxins primarily heavy metals being dumped into the atmosphere by called geo-engineering or stratospheric aerosol injection, here is a video where CIA director John Brennan admits chemtrails are real:

People have been complaining of something in the air causing a phlem being coughed up from lungs. I never get sick yet somehow the first week of December I started coughing up something from my lungs too, it wasn’t an infection, it was some kind of particulate in the clouds was breathing in then body was making a mucus to cough it up! It was Chemtrails! This topic deserves its own newsletter issue so will talk about Chemtrails further next month but just know if you get exposure then iMedDo Detox system will help & additionally you can put a drop of NeuSilver in a nebulizer in breath in the vapor to soothe lungs while toxins are detoxed. Besides body creating phlem & coughing out the particulates, some will absorb in body tissue & will detox out urine, sweat & gi tract as normal when taking iMedDo system.


Unfortunately war is still going on all over the world but in a bit of good news if you didn’t see it, President Trump announced is pulling troops out of Syria which is a good step in the right direction for global peace in my opinion a move that has been lauded by the only politician family I respect (Ron & Rand Paul). If you have no idea what is going on in Syria or why we have troops there here is my quick take on the topic. The US maintains troops in the middle east to enforce the petro-dollar. This has resulting in a strange situation in Syria where there is a civil war. Russia has been backing the incumbent government whereas the US has been backing the Syrian rebellion. In addition there are friendly Kurdish fighters to the north with historic all female divisions & while all this instability was going on a terrorist group called Daesh [Trump calls them ISIS which I don’t like as is name of Goddess but he means the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria] took over much of the country. The wierd situation was that US & Russia were basically fighting each other using their pawns but both US & Russia were both shooting at Daesh. Trump has announced Daesh (ISIS) defeated & that is pulling out troops from Syria now. What this most likely means is that the US has reached some sort of deal with Russia. This is not unheard of as Trumps wife Melania is basically from the Russian sphere of influence (Slovenia) & US Russia relations increased significantly when Trump won office (there was celebration in Moscow as Nato was gearing up to attack them under Hillary). What this also means is that the US may be giving up trying to enforce the petro-dollar which could mean US dollar collapse & the trend to hyperbitcoinization happening sooner than expected leading into the next section on Bitcoin.


As covered in last newsletter, there are 3 Bitcoins now BTC, BCH & BSV. Of these only the newest one (BSV) still has the characteristics of real Bitcoin but likely all 3 will go up in value if petro-dollar falls. iMedDo is able to accept any of the 3 for health supplement purchases but BSV is preferred. Email for assistance if you want to pay in cryptocurrency & ask for availability of cryptocurrency specials. I highly recommend everyone start to learn about & how to use Bitcoin as I think it is most likely global money replacement that will occur in near future.


In other news I think everyone should be aware of concerning vaccines there was a study just released in Italy where 65 TOXINS were discovered their baby vaccines tested & fraud as the antigens were missing. 65 TOXINS! This news has gone viral is being called Vaccinegate can read about it here:

Please do a lot of research before vaccinating (don’t but if you do please detox can help).

Congratulations iMedDo spotlighted distributor Trevor of Houston Reflexology in Texas.

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