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For this month’s May newsletter, I want to take it easy, it’s summer and the birds are singing and the sun is shining.  Go outside, enjoy the weather, spend time with family, thank your parents especially your mother for being alive and enjoy life. While you kick back and relay please enjoy this episode will keep it short entertaining & informative. This is best read on a computer as it may not display correctly on a cell phone.  Apologies while we get our technologies in order. 

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day! Oops that was yesterday at time of writing this but now worries, Happy Mother’s Week, Month, Year & Happy Mother’s Aeon! So whenever you read this, thankyou all the mother’s out there for giving birth and for the rest of you out there be sure to thank your mother for life. 

Honor your father & mother.  Not just talking about your earthly parents but also your heavenly parents both your Heavenly Father & your Heavenly MOTHER.  The earthly mother as the gateway between the heavenly mother and life was long worshiped as the most holy of all.  Each newborn baby is a miracle and each woman who become a mother is a Goddess.  The Heavenly Mother is the most misunderstood, sacred & secret of all concepts as is her earthly counterpart.  I’ve meditated long on this concept which is why I just so happen to specialize in the most sacred & critical nutrient for women which is iodine & have demonstrated the system for how to use it correctly with dose ramping and with silver & gold. 

Should you buy the system for your mother? Actually no.  Instead, you should tell her about it.  Each person must make the decision to buy a health supplement for themselves as when given as a gift is rarely used (unless they ask for it first or you have previously talked to them and gotten their consent that they will use it if you buy for them). If she already says she wants it then yes the system makes a really great gift for Mother any time of the year! To order you have to contact me directly or call 832-919-6387.  Thankyou!

You may have noticed dear readers that it is somewhat confusing to buy products right now as all the paypal buttons have been removed and on the order page it just cryptically says something about contacting me before ordering to learn about recent changes to before ordering.

Yes this is all done on purpose.  The purpose is in response to an “attack” by the FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration). They sent me a threatening warning letter trying to call my dietary supplements drugs with demands for me to change (i.e. for me to censor myself).  They don’t want me telling you about silver in particular.  It’s too darn useful so they highly censor my ability to talk about it. They wanted so many changes to my Guide Chapter 2 on NeuSilver that it was easier just for me to take it down and I took down all the other chapters on NeuIodine & NeuGold for good measure because these dietary supplements are perfectly legal so long as I don’t open my mouth magically unintentionally turning them into drugs. 

Only drugs as authorized holy medicine of the state are legally allowed to cure disease in the United States.  It’s really quite a cult and seems quite unconstitutional requiring a much needed separation of church & state in my eyes.  Regardless, I am personally protected by freedom of speech & freedom of religion so I have to go out of my way to separate my selling of health supplements from actually talking about them.  So this newsletter, my Guide (which will be republished separately soon) and any of my future writings will likely be completely separate from where I will be selling NeuSilver, NeuIodine & NeuGold system.  I was able to immediately respond & comply with FDA demands same day as receiving them keeping iMedDo in compliance but to do say made the following changes to 

1. Discontinued NeuKids 10 ppm child dosed colloidal silver.  The don’t like me talking about children, pets, dosing, topical uses and especially not about how to use this to detox vaccines.  They very clearly spelled out that Dietary Supplements by definition can only be “intended for human ingestion”.  Although clearly labelled with disclaimer, because NeuKids’s on suggested dosage mentioned topical and has picture of kid both human and goat on it, I discontinued it to avoid any controversy with the FDA as noone orders NeuKids 10 ppm anyway as you can use NeuSilver 100 ppm instead is a better deal even so no worries. The whole point of NeuKids was just to give an example for local licensed healthcare providers on reasonable dosage of colloidal silver for infants & veterinarians for animals.  Not that they listen.  They are content to let FDA enforce their monopoly.  Bunch of fake doctors in violation of Hippocratic oath for the most part from what I can tell. If anyone saw my recent interview, I got into an argument with a British dentist trying to spread propaganda that fluoride is good for children.  Wanker.   

2. Took down Chapters 2-4 of the Guide. You can still read chapter 1.  I plan to republish the Guide soon but am going through it to make it clearly separate from as I will be making the Spiritual Guide available as Spiritual Advice as part of my own Church which am still working on. 

3.  iMedDo Inc (Texas Corporation) as of 2019 is being dissolved and will continue as Unincorporated (Georgia). Please note bottles will have my personal address on them:
288 Valley Estates Dr., Trenton, GA 30752 (Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee Area is where I live now).

4. is now entirely hosted on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Type www dot imeddo dot com into your web browser and check it out!  When you type it in be sure to type in (not just without the www) and you will see the blockchain hosted version otherwise you may see the old hosted version.  You can tell the difference as the Bitcoin hosted one has my email as whereas the old one has it as  It Is really neat right now as you can compare the two versions side by side they should look nearly identical though the technology behind them is quite different. 

5.  A side effect of me not renewing my web hosting for and switching over to Bitcoin hosting instead is that my web hosted email email will be disappearing soon if it has not done so already.   So please use my email instead of old ones ( (Dr. Ben), (Shari-Grace) or (my really old one) etc). Just use my email for now please and I’ll look into doing Bitcoin email in the future once that technology arrives in the near future no doubt.  

6.  I’m obsessed with Bitcoin lately. This is a new technology where a bunch of decentralized computers are both storing and hosting the data which is now on an immutable public ledger. Pretty cool huh! Bitcoin is not just for money but is (the real Bitcoin anyway called Bitcoin SV i.e. Bitcoin Satoshi’s vision ticker BSV) is about monetizing data and will very likely replace the entire internet with what is called the Metanet.  I’ll probably talk a lot more about this in the future, but for now just enjoy & check out my fully Bitcoin hosted website! For those with a Bitcoin obsession check out for all things Bitcoin SV related.

Well that’s it! I promised to keep it short and sweet this month so you have time to go spend with your mother or to go enjoy the summer.  If you are looking for something deep please go back and read my last month’s newsletter if you missed it on thyroid quickening as it had a lot of information to digest & start mediating with NeuGold on the mandala I constructed in the image of this month’s newsletters by combining all of the sacred images of motherhood from ancient Egypt.  Give me a call 832-919-6387 for questions, ordering, or for spiritual advice. Thankyou!


Mother’s please protect your babies from fake food and vaccinosis poison, breastfeed & don’t get iodine deficient.  Be like lionesses. 


Dr. A Ben Goins MS DSM.

PRAYER (For followers of “love is all there is”): MAY I SEEK & FIND THE TRUTH & CURE ALL DISEASE OF BOTH BODY & MIND. AMEN.

Disclaimers: Views & Opinions of Dr. Ben DSM & in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views & opinions of iMedDo. iMedDo products are sold as health supplements for health support subject to the FDA disclaimers: Products Not Evalulated by FDA & not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Read & Understand the Health Supplement Mindset at Guide.

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