Thankful Woman Warrior



by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Happy Thanksgiving dear iMedDo newsletter subscribers! If you’re reading this you survived Halloween 2020 and now we are coming up on Thanksgiving 2020.

For this month I had a special request by iMedDo distributor Crystal to write about the “Woman Warrior”.

Last month I talked about things to be afraid of, overcoming fear of death and about how you can piece together reality from looking at fiction.

This month we are going examine things to be thankful for in the theme of the “Woman Warrior” & the title of this episode is Thankful Woman Warrior!

What’s there to be thankful for? So much actually, but here are the 3 top things I want to bring to my readers attention.

  1. Reduced Infant mortality.
  2. Women warriors (& men warriors) fight & victory against vaccinosis tyranny in Denmark.
  3. My interview by River about iodine. It’s now indestructible on the blockchain! So please share everywhere & listen to River about her female warrior experiences.


I especially dislike pediatricians, who are the fake doctors, supposedly in charge of guarding the health of children but who, in reality, poison children with drugs & vaccines.

The one good thing that has come of “lockdowns”, where many people have been to terrorized to go to hospitals, is that many women DID NOT go to see their evil pediatrician. The result is that many children DID NOT get their full dosage of vaccine poison this season.

This resulted in Infant mortality rates dropping significantly as infant vaccination dropped. Less poison, more healthy babies. Makes complete sense.


This is wonderful news and I’m so thankful that many women DID NOT go to see the evil poisoning pediatrician this season & now have healthy babies instead. What a win. Women Warriors: if you’re not willing to fight for the health of your baby, then what? Now that you know this for certain, can see the data, fight to protect your children. For the poisoners will not stop until everyone is made infertile by vaccinosis & those that survive are mentally & spiritually handicapped with heavy metals. They want fluoride zombie slaves not free people. Too bad. Freedom cannot be stopped because freedom is an idea which lives inside the minds of the warriors. You can never be conquered unless you let your mind be conquered. So put on the Helm of Athena and prepare for Battle. Using cunning & strategy, it is now time to root out & destroy poisoners.

Some people have requested that I share more science in addition to my metaphysical talk so here you go: The more vaccines you give to babies the more babies die!

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given

The science is very clear. The data is very clear. Pediatricians are poisoners and, if you let them, they will kill your baby with vaccines. Bring your baby to a pediatrician at your own peril. Put on your Helm of Athena, block the brainwashing and stop offering up your babies for sacrifice.

Vaccines are designed to destroy babies and make women infertile. The tested bioweapon of choice is sneaking in Tetanus toxin Human Gonadotropin Hormone (TT-HCG) into vaccines and such “birth control” vaccine has already been tested and is very effective in destroying infant life.


I’m not Catholic but I stand in solidarity with Catholics on this issue. Birth Control vaccines which kill babies are immoral, evil and must be opposed. If you are a woman warrior, you fight for the life of your baby, and thus you must fight against vaccines. Avoid the new Covid2019 vaccine at all costs or if you or you loved one is force injected the detox it. Be in a detoxed state in advance – be immune to the poisons. Flush the poisons out and get vengeance upon the poisoners if you channel the power of Nemesis. Name Isis. Nimuweh. Name of the Way. The River in the night sky is the Milky Way and the protection of infants is the iodine containing milk of the breastfeeding mother – the nutrient all of humanity at this time needs to stop this great evil. Mary. Mother Ray. The female Re/Ra, is the female sun goddess. Arrina. Brigid. Freya. Whatever you want to call her. If you are a woman warrior connect with your inner goddess and you will find comfort, resolve and the weapons you need to win. The greatest weapon is not a gun but is rather the letters of the alphabet connected to the Milky Way. Propaganda is the sword used against you and words of truth is the sword wielded by you to fight back. The unwritten sound of freedom is the goal. So pick up rune-clad sword & smite Ruin on the poisoners of infants & sing the battle cry of victory as the piercing timeless truth that no vaccine poisoner will be left alive when they meet us on the field of battle. Vaccine War is coming. Valkyries are assembled. Look! Already in Denmark they fight!



9 days of protests. Tyranny shot down. Let the Valkyries of Denmark be an example to all the world that we will say no to the violent enforcement of vaccine poison.

I have to stop here and brag a moment about my wonderful wife Shari Grace whose grandmother is from Denmark. She’s a really tough health warrior & love you sugar =). She knows fencing (sword fighting with a saber!) but I met her through swing dancing =)


Are you willing to fight for the life of infants? Than you need to be willing to fight against the vaccine apocalypse. #1 cause of infant deaths is malnutrition & iodine is the #1 nutrient that the babies need to survive poisons & vaccine damage.

I haven’t done much media in 2019-2020. The reason is that when I make videos they keep getting deleted from youtube and everything is being censored so I didn’t want to do much media until I focused on a technical solution to make sure whatever I made would still be available.

I’m proud to announce my most recent interview on the topic of iodine! It’s my first interview in a while. Please listen (free) & enjoy.


If you already known how to use BSV you can also listen on Streamanity where you can pay River a small fee as a thank you for the content.


What is special about this interview is that it is on the Bitcoin SV blockchain; ii is virtually indestructible & is as safe as possible these days from any kind of censorship.

The interviewer named River is a true woman warrior and she has the “Life” Podcast which is an excellent series. I highly recommend women warriors listen to all her episodes as her story is very inspiring.

Here is the link to an older 2018 video I made on youtube which could be censored at anytime and already is somewhat garbled (soft censorship?) but is important information if you can get it to work. Otherwise for dosage of how to protect yourself and your children contact me directly

LINK: Dosage for Mothers: Pregnant, Breastfeeding, Infant & Child

(note that I no longer sell NeuKids child dosed silver because of 2019 FDA attack in preparation for Scamdemic, but you can still get NeuSilver adult dosed for now. Who knows for how long with Bill Gates Scamdemic 2.0 incoming so please stock up now!).



DrBenGo Healthwarrior


We are in an information war but the tools of victory such as encrypted communication and owning your own data are already available (See & learn to use Bitcoin SV (BSV). You many have noticed that BTC is skyrocketing. The price is above 18k last I looked. I had to take a bit of a break from looking at Bitcoin as I had to focus on the Pandemic-Plandemic-Scamdemic for many months now but recently have come back to looking at Bitcoin to see what is going on. My initial analysis still stands that in the long run Bitcoin SV (BSV) will win as all the cool applications & expanding functionality have not stopped being developed on the chain that can scale. As a reminder Bitcoin lovers can buy my supplements using BSV at (to buy with fiat instead use my Etsy shop at link Basically there are 3 main (really 4+) main Bitcoins right now: BTC, BCH, BSV. The 4th one is ETH (Ethereum) and there are many other coins as well. BTC has established itself as “digital gold” and people are buying it a ever higher and higher prices as more and more fiat are being printed. However, BTC is not very useful for anything other than buying and holding like a bar of gold. Ethereum is popular but cannot scale. BCH is attempting to be digital cash that can be used without regulation. BSV is the one which scales (can grow in size big enough for the world to use) and is used for regulatory compliance of accounting and legal things which is useful for business. I like all 3 at this point but am mostly focused on BSV for long term. Initial analysis that there can “only be one” seems flawed as they seem to have different uses for now: Hodling, Cash, Software. I predict the entire “crypto” market will continue to go up through mid December just as it did if you look at the charts circa 2017. BSV is not a crypto, it is a vita currency, but the distinction is lost on most. Regardless, the people who said that it would be better to just buy BTC instead of BSV turned out to be right as BSV value has fallen in relation to BTC. Regardless how you do it, I recommend everyone learning how to use software on BSV as it can be used for many relevant and useful applications such as ending voter fraud, ending social media censorship, and encrypting communication. I highly encourage all my readers to use – which allows your Twitter to be backed up on the Bitcoin (BSV) blockchain. I’ve already completely phased out my Twitter usage and am rapidly phasing out my Facebook usage in favor of Twetch. It’s just so much more empowering to own your data and post rather than have a tech company steal your data and pay you nothing. It’s the future and I want to make that future happen now. I encourage all women warriors to get active on social media and learn to fight censorship as the censors want to poison us with vaccines and we must not let them. I’m user @169 on Twetch (DrBenGo Healthwarrior) so please follow me there for some of my exclusive social media content.

One post I made that is important enough that I want to re-share here in my newsletter is that I found Satoshi the inventor of Bitcoin explaining the Covid fraud from his perspective as Biostatistician:


7% deaths claimed for over 80 yr olds by covid is 98% R-squared correlated with the 15% deaths that happen anyway in that age group.

DRBENGO TRANSLATION: It’s a fraud. They are re-classifying normal elderly deaths as “Covid elderly deaths”.

Sad state of affairs the world finds itself where the medical fraud has progressed to election fraud and financial fraud.

Bitcoin fixes financial fraud & will result in the end of all frauds including medical. This is the future that I envision and I am supportive of Satoshi for working towards this – which is why I’m still so excited about Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision)!

DOUBLE BONUS SECTION: Real Election Results!

I didn’t vote in the recent Presidential election because I did not trust that my vote would be counted without fraud. Boy was I sure right. Instead I created and voted on a real election poll on the BSV Blockchain which is 100% fraud proof. I asked the question: Who should be President of the United States Global Empire?

Option 1: Trump, Option 2: Bieden 3. Neither

As of now I got 31 people to vote in my poll and here are the fraud proof poll results:
Trump 65%, Bieden 0%, Neither 35%. (see my Twetch profile (user number 169 i.e @169)for the poll if you want to vote on it as well, you will need 2 cents worth of BSV to do so).

The shocking thing is that not a single person who paid to participate in my poll voted for Biden whose name in the poll I accidentally misspelled so it is fair to accuse me of the poll not being fair but still! Based on my fraud proof blockchain poll, I do not believe that Biden won the Presidential Race. Politics aside, that is the data I received. If he had his poll results on my fraud proof poll should have been near 50% not 0%. Even if you swing all “Neither” votes to Biden it would be Trump 65% to Biden 35%. So Trump winning the election is my prediction, but I’m still very displeased with Trump. Trump reneged on his promise to stop Bill Gates and Big Pharma in his first term and still he has not fired Fauci which makes him look like a real chump. I wish my country the USA the best; they want us divided 50%/50% so that they can slip in mandatory vaccinations. We must find a way to unite and oppose mandatory vaccine 100%.

I made another Twetch poll and the results with 24 votes responding is that 92% of people are opposed to the mask and mandatory vaccines. Not 50%! 92%! I think everyone with a brain opposes this nonsense and it’s time we make the politicians hear the will of the people, voter fraud or not, we need to do like Denmark and make it clear that we will not tolerate police enforced mandatory vaccines in the USA! Please everyone reading this do your part in whatever way you can. My part is to distribute vaccine detox supplements and the best thing you can do is to use them to protect yourself and your family.

Thank you all!

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