Germanium to Holy Water

Greetings iMedDo newsletter subscribers! In this episode I explore the metalloid element Germanium to figure out whether it is a nutrient that is good for you or whether it is a heavy metal metal that needs to be detoxed as the literature on the subject appears to be contradictory and full of propaganda. While meditating on the topic, I saw an article where it was alleged that Germanium might be a secret element in the Holy Water of Lourdes, France which got me thinking about what is in holy water hot springs in Europe and their history of medicinal usage, and it became clear to me that the most valuable thing I can impart to my readers for this episode is to explain how to make holy water where silver, and gold and iodine are the secret not germanium. In this episode, I will explain my alternative theories on Germanium and how it has been in my opinion been used for a coverup of silver, iodine and gold with special emphasis on silver in germanium containing Argyrodite and iodine in Lourdes, France Holy Water. In this episode I will share all my knowledge of Holy Water and how to make Holy Water using iMedDo Detox system.


Germanium (Ge) is element #32 on the periodic table, in between elements #31 Gallium (Ga), #33 Arsenic (As) and in the same group (Group 13) as Carbon (C) #6 Silicon (Si) #14 and Tin (Sn) #51 & Lead (Pb) #82. Germanium is a metalloid which shares some chemical similarity with other metalloids (Boron (B), Silicon (Si), Arsenic (As), Antimony (Sb), Tellurium (Te), Polonium (Po)) in particular with its group neighbor Silicon #14 and row neighbor Arsenic #33. Last month I wrote about how #33 Arsenic is toxic and was used in an iodine coverup which was pretty exciting stuff! This month I really want to dig into Germanium #32 to see if there is also some kind of coverup going on because I suspect there is!


At first pass it’s just not clear whether Germanium is good for you or not. According to mainstream sources Germanium is not a nutrient and not that toxic though in some synthetic salt forms is nephrotoxic (toxic to the kidneys). According to alternative sources Germanium is a covered up nutrient which is useful somehow in oxygen processing and people in Japan were promoting it for anti-cancer properties, and something about germanium uptake in prehistoric plants. I’m an alternative medicine doctor so I should be biased towards the it’s a covered up nutrient view from the offset but putting my preconceived bias aside, I’m really going to look at this objectively to figure out what is going on. The first way I do that is to look at the periodic table and see if I can make some predictions and then to see which ones are correct based on what is known.

At first pass looking at the periodic table I would expect Germanium to be toxic in line with the mainstream view because it is next to known toxin Arsenic. It’s also next to known lesser toxin Gallium (Gallium is toxic but much less toxic than uber toxin Mercury and is used as a replacement for Mercury in many applications). But looking at Germanium as a metalloid is less conclusive because it could be similar to known toxin Antimony Sb, or it could be similar to known nutrient Boron (B). Germanium is the most similar to Silicon which is not that toxic to humans or if it is I haven’t really heard of that. Silicon is best well known as Silicon dioxide (glass), and eating glass as long as it doesn’t cut you shouldn’t be that toxic as body should have ways to not absorb it in the gut. I would expect Germanium might be similar as being toxic but not that toxic. Assuming Germanium is toxic, based on looking at the periodic table as a biochemist, I worry that Germanium might interfere with carbon chemistry (as it’s in the same group as carbon) or that it might interfere with boron nutrition as a larger metalloid. Right from the get go that makes germanium nutrition a touchy topic because it’s going to be related to boron nutrition, and as I showed in previous newsletter about boron, boron nutrition is a highly covered up topic. So that’s exciting because if there is a coverup going on with Germanium you can trust me to figure this out!

Either Germanium is a toxic heavy metal or it’s a nutrient that is good for you, I don’t think both things can be true. Looking at the periodic table without getting more info I would say that it’s probably toxic, more toxic than gallium, less toxic than arsenic, possibly similar in toxicity to antimony or tin would be my guess, and that mechanism of toxicity at first pass would guess that it is either interfering with boron nutrition, or carbon chemistry.

So who is saying Germanium is a nutrient? The reason appears to be that people in Japan started using Germanium for cancer treatment and postulate that it must be a nutrient. The best evidence that Germanium could be a nutrient in humans is speculation that Germanium could be a nutrient in plants. If Germanium did turn out to be a nutrient in plants, then it very well could be a trace nutrient in humans that we get from plants though noone appears to known for what. The best sources claim that germanium is somehow helping the body with oxygen. Reading with critical eye, my thought was that perhaps Germanium is actually helping with iodine. Also because Germanium is found naturally with silver, my thought is that many if not all of the health effects of Germanium such as anti-cancer properties can be explained by silver instead.

So Germanium in my opinion is not a nutrient, but I’m still open to the possibility that it could be eventually determined to be a trace nutrient in the future but at this time from what I’ve seen I’m not convinced.

So Germanium is in my opinion a toxic heavy metal and not a nutrient, however that toxicity isn’t that bad (similar or less toxic than Arsenic, and much less toxic than Mercury or lead). I haven’t done newsletters yet on Tin or Antimony which could be similar Germanium toxicity but I suspect Germanium is less toxic than those as well.

The reason I predict that Germanium toxicity is not that bad is because plant life has evolved to deal with Germanium. I found this article “Germanium as a tool to dissect boron toxicity effects in barley and wheat” which gave me an important clue which is that plant aquaporin protein is permeable to Boron, Silicon, Arsenic and Germanium, and that Germanium like Boron when absorbed too much in plants can make them wither.

It’s not clear if the plants are absorbing Boron, Silicon, Arsenic and Germanium on purpose, (it could be that the plant is trying to regulate the absorption of Boron, but has to also deal with Silicon, Arsenic and Germanium as toxins to excrete later). I”m not a plant expert but I do have to wonder if it is really the Boron and Germanium making the plant wither or is the Arsenic? Many plants grow in high silica (sandy) soil so silicon absorption should not be very toxic to a plant, and because of Germanium’s chemical similarity to silicon, I would not expect Germanium to be very toxic either. So like I said, I don’t think Germanium is being used a nutrient here (probably plant is regulating known boron nutrient), but we can’t fully rule it out either.

In mammals there are 13 known aquaporin proteins and 6 of them are in the kidney. So, the question is how do are kidneys regulate absorption and excretion of boron and germanium in humans? I found a paper “Boron and the Kidney” which says that Boron and related compounds (Germanium?) are readily absorbed in gut and excreted in kidney. They want to pin kidney disease on too much boron but looks inconclusive. So likely they can’t pin it on Germanium either though they do seem to try.

I’m convinced that Boron is a nutrient for humans, but I’m still unconvinced that Germanium is as well. Likely the human gut just absorbs some Germanium when it’s trying to absorb Boron and then it excretes Germanium out of kidney and urine just fine. Would be interesting to see if any Germanium kidney studies have been done. Yes turns out there are lots of papers on how inorganic germanium salts can be nephrotoxic which seems to support Germanium is not a nutrient. Arguments that Germanium is a nutrient revolved around saying that there is a more organic plant based form of Germanium that is not nephrotoxic. Even the sources biased against Germanium admit Germanium acute toxicity is low. So if it is toxic it’s not that toxic. But that doesn’t mean it’s a nutrient either. But people in the 70’s and 80’s really were using Germanium for treatment of cancer and Aids why did that work? I think I figured it out.


There really is some kind of coverup going on around Germanium. People in Japan and other countries were using Germanium for cancer and AIDs treatment and sure it must have been working but why? I think the reason was because their Germanium supplements contained silver and that it was actually the silver in them that was curing the cancer and Aids.

The reason I think that is because Germanium was first found in ore Argyrodite (silver germanium sulfide ore with formula Ag8GeS6 which has 8 atoms of Silver (Ag) for every atom of Germanium (Ge). So however much Germanium people were taking they were possibly getting 8x more silver and the affects attributed to Germanium (anti-cancer and anti-aids) were what we now know to be effects of silver. Nano-colloidal silver is known to be anti-viral so silver curing AIDS (HIV virus i.e. silver is anti-viral) is not surprising at all!

Controversy was bound to ensue when some people using Germanium were getting health effects (those whose germanium came from Argyrodite and contained silver doing the actual work) and those using Germanium from other sources would not see health effect and likely saw more toxicity. I suspect Germanium is not a nutrient at all but a mildly toxic heavy metal and that Silver with it’s known anti-inflammatory properties when mixed with the Germanium would protect kidney from toxic effect of the germanium.

Nowadays most germanium comes from byproduct of zinc ore processing so germanium is more likley to be mixed with zinc than silver. Zinc is an important nutrient and some people seeing health benefits of taking Germanium could also have been seeing effect from zinc.

I’m unconvinced Germanium without silver or zinc in there would be of any health benefit and I worry that it would likely even be mildly health detrimental potentially interfering with boron nutrition. Unfortunately, boron nutrition is another highly censored topic so this whole topic of Germanium nutrition covering up Silver, Zinc, and Boron nutrition really needs to be reexamined in much more detail but is beyond the scope of this newsletter. My current belief is that all of the positive health affects attributed to Germanium were actually from Silver. It is my belief that Germanium was being used to cover up silver medicine.


With that in mind when I read that people found Germanium in the Holy Water of Lourdes, France and thought that it must be giving the water special properties, my thought was surely this is another case of there actually being silver in the holy water giving it healing properties. But I wasn’t able to confirm whether or not there was any silver or gold in the water as couldn’t find a complete water analysis, and I couldn’t even verify whether or not there was any germanium in there either. But I did find old mineral analysis from the 1800’s that did confirm that there is IODINE in the holy water!!!

Iodine like silver is also known to be germicidal including anti-viral and anti-cancer and opens the third eye, so bathing in the water and then having a vision of the Holy Virgin Mary is not surprising to me at all!


The most well known hot springs are in Vichy, France and although I could not find full mineral analysis I found one place bragging there was fluoride in the water as if that was a good think (it’s not), and I found a blog by a tourist mentioning that the springs were next to an old cinnabar mine. Cinnabar is mercury sulfide and the springs of Vichy are known to be sulfurous and you can bet your bottom dollar that they also contain mercury from the cinnabar leeching. Although the springs are relaxing from carbonic acid making your arteries dilate, I would be sure to detox using iodine, silver and gold to get the fluoride and mercury out after going there. Being fluoride and mercury free and having iodine (and likely silver and gold as well) in the cool waters of Lourdes, France makes all the difference why the Lourdes water is Holy Water and the Vichy water is just a hot tub. Vichy is also where French facial company L’Oreal was invented which is a brand American might recognize. I went to their Vichy Laboratories page to try to find the mineral analysis of the Vichy water with no success. They say the water contains 15 minerals but didn’t say which ones (no doubt they don’t want to advertise that it contains cinnabar i.e. Mercury! lol). Don’t put Mercury water on your face. Instead if you want healing water for your skin put a drop of NeuSilver and NeuGold in water in a spray bottle and spray on your skin at night. Many women in particular use this as part of their beauty regimen, and as we see from L’Oreal from Vichy, France, such facial care is big secular business.


The secret of Holy water is not Germanium, nor Fluoride nor Mercury, nope, stay away from halogens and and heavy metals. The secret of Holy Water is Silver, Gold and Iodine.

The secret of the Holy Water of Lourdes, France is Iodine (confirmed) not Germanium and if there is Germanium in the water it should also be analyzed for silver which I suspect is also there. Even if it isn’t, people put the water in glass bottles with silver statues of the virgin Mary and the water can be imparted silver to it later.

Silver and Gold are the secrets of Panacea passed down from the Greeks to the Romans to the Roman Catholic Church still used in Lourdes, France and other churches for holy water. The holy water is frequently put in a sea shell shaped basin a nod to cult of Aphrodite.

Many of the hot springs in France are pre-Roman of Celtic pagan origin and people have been using their healing properties for thousands of years. It was interesting to me that the French Emperor Napoleon III stupidly when to Vichy to heal and didn’t when he could have gone to Lourdes and very well may have owing to a very real healing quality difference of the waters containing fluoride and mercury he soaked in compared to iodine water of Lourdes.

The iodine water is always associated with the Goddess and perhaps avoidance of it was from a Roman inherited preference away from the sacred feminine?

The area of Lourdes, France is to far South at foothills of the Pyrenees mountains a historically pagan an non-catholic and later protestant not catholic area. The popularity of Lourdes reclaimed by catholicism in time of Napoleon III was in part a backlash against the French municipal state. I don’t doubt that many a person in France, the place where iodine was first discovered, did indeed have vision of a healing goddess and such tradition remains strong there today.

I’m sure the Germans are annoyed I’m talking about Germanium named after Germany and Holy Water of France in same episode, sorry lol. There are many Celtic and Roman baths in Germany and other parts of Europe as well. Quality of hot tubs & holy water probably really depended on mineral content, and I’d love to go to find the Argyrodite silver containing springs of Saxony, Germany one day for sure.


I’m going to Northern France, Brittany this summer and can’t wait! Wife and I are going to see a big four day Heavy Metal concert in Clisson, France called Hellfest so definitely gonna be bringing my Holy Water!


Firstly find some good water. Uncontaminated spring water or distilled water if also fine. If you are not sure as to the water quality let the water go to room temperature and smell it to confirm you don’t smell any chlorine (smells like swimming pool) or fluoride (smells like chlorine but worse). If the water only contains chlorine you can let it sit for 8 hours and the chlorine will gas off. If the water contains fluoride don’t use would require ion exchange filter not something you can normally get easier just to get different water.

Secondly find something to put the water in. Glass container is best especially borosilicate glass or cobalt blue glass (note all iMedDo products in cobalt blue glass). Don’t use leaded crystal glass as it can leak lead into the water. If you want to get fancy get a golden chalice as long as real silver and gold (some copper content okay). Wood can be good. Copper containers okay (excess copper in water can be a problem but counteracted by adding gold later).

Add one drop of NeuSilver, and one drop of NeuGold to up to one gallon of water.

Take one drop of NeuIodine on yourself to open your third eye so that you can connect to the Milky Way holy water of life in the sky. Impart the water with healing intention via prayer. There are other ways to impart the water with healing intention including music, meditation, reiki, crystals and more go with your gut.

The best way to impart the water with healing intention is to put a mandala symbol of some type on bottle of the holy water depending on your own personal faith. For example in Lourdes France they put a icon of the virgin Mary on their bottle. Christians might put a cross on the bottle, I like using the Egyptian cross (Ankh, a symbol of life on my holy water) but many things can work so long as the symbol is aligned with your own faith and intention of healing (flower of life symbol very popular, triskellion, etc). If you are going to use the holy water immediately you don’t need to put a symbol on it. If you are going to store it you should or if not re-impart healing intention on water before use in future.

Silver really imparts amazing heal effects to water (anti-bacterial, fungicidal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer) and silver is the most important part of making holy water. You an make holy water that is about 7/10 with just silver alone, 9/10 with silver and gold but to make full strenght 10/10 holy water you must be able to impart Milky Way energy with your own third eye which requires your body to have iodine.

Note that the iMedDo way of making holy water does not use iodine in the water but rather in yourself. If you wan’t to put a drop of NeuIodine in your water you can but it looses health effect if you do as it ‘s not made for that. If you want to add iodine to your water get the potassium iodide as iodide is the water soluble form of iodine. NeuIodine is nascent iodine (in equilibrium with molecular iodine) which is the fat soluble form of iodine more similar to how humans are naturally supposed to get your iodine (from high fat milk). You can also get iodine as iodide water soluble form from sea vegetables. You could experiment with making a sea vegetable holy water tea, but I don’t typically do that, but I know many herbalists who love to make their own custom holy water blends by adding the NeuSilver and NeuGold to their tea so go for it!


Holy water is best used for healing the sick, but also has application for purification, protection, and repelling the undead and more. Contact me for assistance.


On a day to day basis the most common way I use holy water is simply as a purification spray or women use as a beauty spray. For that you don’t have to have a fancy glass container, a plastic spray bottle is fine. Spray on hands before eating or after bathroom for example. Most common way for cosmetic is to spray the holy water on face before go to sleep is how women use it as a beauty product. Also you can just add 1 drop NeuSilver and NeuGold to water for general water purification. For example in Mexico I added it to the tap water and gave it 20 min before I drank to kill any bacteria in the water. NeuSilver and NeuGold are great travel items and also note you can get NeuElectrum with silver and gold pre-combined at 25% also a great travel item.

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