Coated Colloidal Silver


Greetings Dear Readers, happy Octoberfest and Happy Halloween.
I had a scary early Halloween experience which I’ll share in this episode regarding my cat Roll. I used him in the cover art to show off his beautiful coat. For the main story I’ll be talking about the highest quality colloidal silver in the world, now called “coated colloidal silver” that goes into NeuSilver. Showing the scientific silver specifications by going through a featured science article from the lab of the chemist DrDanGoia who invented it which compares and shows the difference between actual colloidal silver and which exposes the scammers on the market who try to pass off ionic silver as colloidal. Although the paper is funny as it embarrasses the pants off long time silver scammer company sovereign silver, the most relevant part I want all my readers to be sure to see are the electron microscope images of coated colloidal silver proving that it is 10 nm (nanometers) size uniform monodisperse highest quality colloidal silver as you can actually see how the particles because of the coating stay separated (non-aggregated) and that coated colloidal silver in NeuSilver is the best colloidal silver on the market & in the world still by far as it has been for many years now.


Comparative Analysis of Commercial Colloidal Silver Products.


This paper about silver is fantastic. It’s funny, scientific, a bit marketing and most importantly is highly relevant in general and more specifically is highly relevant to my product NeuSilver which contains the highest quality colloidal silver in the world (referred to as “coated colloidal silver in the paper”).


It’s just a new marketing name to emphasize that the good stuff has a coating on it that makes it food grade. The coating on NeuSilver, as I discused in last episode, is glutathione.

If you look on the side of a bottle of NeuSilver it says:



NeuSilver is nano-silver. (10 nm (nano-meters) in size)

You don’t have to take my word for it in the paper you can see the electron micrograph images of the particle size in the paper.


NeuSilver is colloidal silver.

I will assume that the reader already knows what colloidal silver is and how it is different from ionic silver. In a way it’s a redundant statement as 10 nm size implies colloidal. But I’ll explain briefly anyway: Colloidal is a small size (nano meter to micrometer range) where the particles are too large to dissolve but small enough that they suspended from the thermal motion of the water molecules they are in without falling out of solution or aggregating. So by saying it’s 10 nm size silver implies it is colloidal silver as is in the nm range. As long as the particles stay suspended in water and don’t fall our or aggregate it is colloidal.


NeuSilver is biosilver.

I put it on the bottle but what does it really mean you might have been wondering. Biosilver? Bio-silver i.e. Biologically Compatible Silver i.e. Food Grade Silver i.e. Silver that has a biologically compatible coating which helps it absorb and helps keep the silver particle to stay colloidal (keeps them from falling out of solution or aggregating). Biosilver = coated colloidal silver.


NeuSilver is Nano-Colloidal-Biosilver
NeuSilver is Coated Colloidal Silver

This is just a new way of saying the same thing as “biosilver”.
Coated colloidal silver is the high quality food grade 10 nm silver that has a coating of glutathione on it which helps make it even more biologically compatible and helps keep it colloidal as the coating keeps the silver particles from aggregating or falling out of solution.

On my bottle I say “nano-colloidal-biosilver.”

The new way of saying the same thing is “coated colloidal silver.”

It’s just the same thing don’t get confused. For the purposes of the article though we are going to use the new way to say the same thing “coated colloidal silver” because that’s what they call in the featured science paper which we are now going to talk about.


Figure 1 of the paper makes me laugh. The joke is on Sovereign Silver, a long time silver scammer brand which I’m so glad to see finally and definitively put in their place. They sell ionic silver and have many people brainwashed & tricked into thinking they are selling colloidal silver. But as Figure 1 clearly shows, there is no absorbance and thus it is NOT colloidal silver. I am told they threw a shit-fit when this paper was published and asked unsuccessfully that it be retracted as Figure 1 directly exposes their scam. Also note all the other silver companies who do NOT have colloidal silver.

So many people are brainwashed by them to thinking that Sovereign Silver is Colloidal silver but it is NOT. BUSTED!.


Just recently I had someone new and ignorant asking me about silver who assumed that because I am a small biz (foundation now) that I must have a crappy silver and they tried to compare me to Sovereign Silver (SS) which they assumed because they are a large company that they have good silver.

I tried to explain to them that actually I have the highest quality colloidal silver in the world, and that Sovereign Silver though a large company is actually just a scammer who is passing off their ionic silver as colloidal silver. Well now you have the proof. Figure 1. I have a small humble request for any new people reading this, please do not compare NeuSilver to Sovereign Silver brand, there is no comparison. NeuSilver is coated colloidal silver i.e. nano-colloidal-biosilver and SS is ionic silver marketed falsely as colloidal silver when it is not.

I’m not against ionic silver, I think it has many uses, it just is not the same health benefit as actual colloidal silver and SS is a scammer company because instead of being honest about them selling ionic silver, they have spend a great deal of effort to brainwash people using marketing magic into thinking that they are selling colloidal silver when they are not. If you selling ionic silver be honest about it.


How did & does SS do it with the brainwashing? Through mediation I figured it out and I want to explain for those interested. If not interested in magic and want to stay the course with science skip this section and I go back to talking about the featured science article.

Words are powerful and magical. The word they picked to name their product “SOVEREIGN” actually as a word is synonymous with “COLLOIDAL” in a strange and magical way, and thus the way their marketing magic works simply by calling their product “Sovereign Silver”, subconsciously makes people think that it is “Colloidal Silver”.

I known this might sound crazy at first, but let me explain how it works.

Through meditation I figured out that that the word “COLLOIDAL” is related to the root “ALLODIAL” and that the word is related to the Norse ODAL(OTHALA) RUNE for heritage & inheritance. The rune is depicted on the cover art underneath the cat. You might not recognize it at first but turn it sideways and becomes the fish of Christianity as the Norse Magic and the Christian Mystic Magic are syncretic.

So when you say the word “COLLOIDAL SILVER” it’s actually magic and contains the ODAL rune inside it. Sounds like Call Odal i.e. Call God (Odin/Jesus etc). It’s a prayer. Add silver and you’ve paid the price to connect like calling God on a payphone. You are calling your divine self as you connect your body to the milky way.

The ODAL rune means “SOVEREIGN” as does the word ALLODIAL as in Allodial land that you own fully and owe taxes to no one for. Alloidal land exists in Scotland and I found out in Texas state law is mentioned. Alloidal land does not exist in the US as everyone still pays property taxes to the government on their land. But the idea of alloidal land is SOVEREIGN LAND that you would own that owe no-one else for. In the same way, instead of thinking about land think about your own SOVEREIGN BODY. It is your inheritance & heritage and you OWN YOURSELF, and you have a right to live and breath this is the essence of the word COLLOIDAL i.e. KA-ALLODAL i.e. the Spirit (Ka) of ALL (ODAL).

ODIN of the Norse is Syncretic Milky Way reference with Jesus so if you are a Christian as I am than recognize the the word COLLOIDAL invokes GOD.

To Say COLLOIDAL SILVER is like a prayer of “Divine Wealth” which refers to the YOURSELF as the divine wealth, your body, your spiritual vessel being the value.

So in word magic Sovereign means Colloidal.

That’s why by naming their product Sovereign Silver, it was a marketing gimmick i.e. using magic against you to lie as it invokes real magic but their product is not the real thing.

Now that you known you can understand that REAL “SOVEREIGN SILVER” IS NEUSILVER COLLOIDAL SILVER. And fake sovereign silver is the sovereign silver brand that sells ionic silver not colloidal silver. Okay that was fun. Now back to the science article. Remember in science when we talk about “colloidal” is talking about the particle size staying suspended which is different definition than colloidal the magic word.


Whereas Figure 1 of the paper exposes the brands who do not have colloidal silver, Figure 2 of the paper shows the brands who actually do have colloidal silver. As you can see the coated colloidal silver which is NeuSilver has absorbance around 400 nm using the UV-vis technique. I’m actually a spectroscopy expert (my master’s thesis was in spectroscopy) so I’m very familiar with UV-Vis (Ultra-Violet-Visible Spectroscopy).

As a reminder the visible spectrum of light is 400-700 nm. Light is absorbed and light is emitted by things. We see 400-700 nm emitted light. In figure 2 that is 400 nm absorbed light. When something absorbs light it will emit at a lower energy (higher wavelength) which is why we can see emitted light >400 nm in the visible range for coated colloidal silver. Note that NeuSilver has a color to it and visibly it looks amber/brown. Brown is composed of yellow-orange-red in the ~590-700 nm range. So you can think of coated colloidal silver absorbing light at 400 nm (blue) and emitting light in brown (black (silver particles blocking light) + orange) orange is ~600 nm.

So in Figure 2 you can see that the high quality 10 nm coated colloidal silver has absorbance at 400 nm and has a more narrow band without a tail.

The MesoSilver brand has good overlap in 400 nm but has a huge tail indicating it’s polydisperse (many different sizes in there) not monodisperse (uniform size) like coated silver. Silver Wings looks like a combination of two sizes as has two peaks one at 409 and another eyeballing it from the figure at about 475 nm. Still polydisperse but less polydisperse than MesoSilver. Trace Colloidal Silver brand looks very polydisperse but does have some colloidal silver in there.

The take home message of Figure 2 is that Coated Colloidal Silver which is the silver in NeuSilver is in fact the HIGHEST QUALITY COLLOIDAL SILVER ON THE MARKET which is obvious looking at the spectroscopy as you can see it has a single sharpest peak around 400 nm which indicates that it was manufactured the most mono-disperse unlike the other brands which show a higher degree of polydispersity as they have tails and secondary peaks at higher wavelengths.


I keep saying that NeuSilver is 10 nm size. But how do we know this for sure? One way is by dynamic light scattering spectroscopy, but an even better way for a metal such as silver is, the best way really, is to take an electron micrograph picture. See Figure 3 of the paper, third image you can see that the particles are 10 nm (see scale bar lower right) and that they are monodisperse (all the same size). Now for comparison look at Fig 3, the first two images for the closest competitors and note they look like blobby crap, very polydisperse (many sizes) and more importantly they are “less colloidal” as the particles are aggregating (clumping) instead of staying separated.

The take home of figure 3 is that coated colloidal silver is the HIGHEST QUALITY COLLOIDAL SILVER ON THE MARKET. It’s the highest quality commercial silver by far and thus is the “highest quality colloidal silver in the world” as I love saying, because it’s true. Figure 4 of the paper is a scanning electron image of the different silvers, can see how monodisperse is the coated colloidal silver, same point as Figure 3, and the others look janky by comparison. Figure 5 and 6 of the paper are just making fun of by exposing the brands that are fake colloidal silver, same point as Fig 1. Great Paper. Very embarrassing for scam brands, please share this paper with everyone you know who is using sovereign silver brand thinking erroneously they have colloidal silver. Even very embarrassing for the other colloidal silver brands as the electron microscope images expose the vastly inferior nature of their products to coated colloidal silver, where the UV-vis shows they are more polydisperse, you can really see it on the electron images.


NeuSilver is made with coated colloidal silver. (10 nm food grade monodisperse absorbs at 400 nm, coating glutathione same as “coated silver” in Figure 2 & Figure 3 (third image). 10 nm size proven in electron micrograph images.

There is absolutely no competition for the quality of NeuSilver unless its a product using the same coated colloidal silver. Everyone who has access to DrDanGoia’s real colloidal silver (which he now calling “coated colloidal silver”) has the good stuff.

After that, the competition comes down to two parameters which are 1) at what concentration do you choose to bottle the coated colloidal silver and 2) How you tell people to use it?

NeuSilver is bottled at 100 PPM (parts per million) concentration coated colloidal silver.

NeuSilver is used 1 drop a day for health support.

NeuSilver is used as part of the iMedDo Detox System with NeuIodine and NeuGold.

The purpose of NeuSilver in the detox system is to protect the body from toxins as they are flushed out by NeuIodine (& NeuGold protects the brain).

So as you can see I use the coated colloidal silver at my own custom bottling dosage & usage instructions in the iMedDo System and for years have been very successful with good reviews as it works great. Many thanks to DrCalinPop for getting me access to the DrDanGoia’s “good stuff” silver for all these years & special thanks to Nodari Rizun.



I had a bit of an early scare this coming Halloween as I managed catch finally after 2 years of trying COVID19. Ultimately, this is great as I now have natural immunity. I think I either caught it inside a commercial cave at Ruby Falls rebreathing all the stagnant tourist air, or I might have caught it at a bad motel, as I started feeling sick the day after the motel. The bath water had chloramines (organic (chemistry) chlorine) which suppressed my immune system (takes longer to detox than regular chlorine which only needs a drop of NeuIodine) and the hotel smelled like a moldy cigarette. Also, I did the Cheruhala skyway through the Appalachians between Tennessee & N. Carolina & I think I breathed in some serious chemtrail air pollution on the way to the motel so not sure which it was that finally got me but there were definitely multiple factors suppressing my immune system going on at the same time. The next day I felt weird heart pain. I though it was mold from the hotel so I upped my silver and got vinegar, and it did stop the heart pain but not the fever. The next few days I had a low grade fever (alternated between ~100-103.9). Then I ended up with low oxygen and was forced to check into a hospital. As soon as I got more oxygen fever went away. Blood test indicated I had gotten low in potassium. The day before I went in my cat went missing. I was in the hospital 5 days during which time my cat was still missing my wife thought the cat must be dead as wasn’t returning at night as normal. She was also stressed out about me being in the hospital. Very scary Halloween for her especially to go from everything is great a cat and possibly a husband dead. Fortunately, the hospital (Erlanger in Chattanooga) was good about respecting my medical autonomy and didn’t do anything without my permission. The staff and nurses were great but their doctors were terrible kept recommending the dumbest ideas. The first and second day they wanted to give me Remdesvir drug which I know causes organ failure and has been killing people in the hospital that they’ve been blaming on COVID. I adamantly told them no way in hell to give me that, and they didn’t. But they kept insistently asking me multiple times, and I had to keep telling them NO which was bit scary, as I knew that drug would kill me if they snuck it on me against my will, and I was for those first two days actually scared (great early Halloween) that I would die in that hospital from their malpractice if they did give it to me. They gave me a COVID PCR test which came back positive. Although I don’t trust the PCR test it was clear to me that I had a viral pneumonia of some type, so I’m willing to to accept the test result. I asked the doc on staff whether it was regular covid or the delta variant and he had no idea saying their test couldn’t tell (paraphrasing). Okay, whatever delta a scam but I do have something. It appeared to me to be a white mucus lining my lungs making it hard for my alveoli to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, and my only problem was low oxygen. The hospital was giving me some blood thinners and steroids which I accepted at first until the blood thinners made the injection site turn purple and the steroids appeared to have no noticeable effect. By day 3 it was clear to me that all I needed to recover was some oxygen, and that I was ready to get out of there, but they convinced me to stay 2 more days. They wanted me to stay in there for several more weeks, but I had to insist on day five that I was leaving with or without their permission (they call it leaving AMA i.e against medical advice i.e. against THEIR medical advice, but with MY medical advice as I’m the pilot of my health journey). On day 4 and 5 they strung me along acting like I was waiting for them to get me some oxygen to take home with me, but day 5 I confirmed they were not all along and had lied to me, they told me they had no oxygen. When I left the hospital they did at least give me an oxygen prescription which my wife was able to get some oxygen tanks and and oxygen enriching machine in Georgia. When I got home, my wife said she had a gut feeling or hope that the missing cat would show back up when I came home. I thought the cat was dead possibly lost in a cave or maybe it gave up its life magically to save mine. The next day, gone 6 days now, amazingly the cat named Roll (my two cats are named Rock & Roll) sure enough showed back up. My wife heard it meowing near the bottom of our mountain, and she chased after and the cat ran and showed her a cave entrance as if to say it had been in there. The cat came back looking a bit emaciated, and we assume it was in stuck in the cave where it had water at least but no food, and finally gotten out. We imagined a story that our kitty was lured into the cave by a wild she-bobcat but we’ll probably never know what happened but must have been the cave. There is a hole with a 30 ft drop down into a cave near the bottom of our land on neighboring property so I assume the cat was there. It’s like an underground river usually dry and has an alternate exit farther down I assume the cat must have finally found. So all’s well that ends well. My cat came home as if magically resurrected after 6 days, I now have natural immunity to covid I wanted and am so thankful for a great & scary halloween. They say cats have 9 lives and I feel like my cat gave up one of them for me. Dead Cat Resurrection. Happy Halloween!


I’ve been extremely healthy and been unable to get COVID for 2 years in spite of wearing no mask and not social distancing and not worrying about it in part because I use silver. Then I strangely got it and my wife did not and we both use silver. She attributes herself not getting sick to nebulizing silver.

I asked my wife, why do you think I got covid and you didn’t?

“Because I nebulizer with silver immediately. The last time I had a sinus infection, I nebulized with silver immediately and it very quickly reduced all symptoms. Thinking it [covid] was another sinus infection, I repeated that process.” Shari Goins

Taking silver internally is how it is normally used but for lung infections you really need to use the pneumatic compressor style nebulizer and get the silver directly in the lungs.

I was able to kill the virus but too late as my lungs full of viral spike proteins in the mucus.

It’s ironic, my wife has asthma but had no problem with respiratory attack as since she has more lung respiratory problems she uses silver in her lungs more often whereas I did not and ended up getting sick. She took a covid test that came back negative. So mixed results I guess.

In a way it is great because we were both exposed and both took silver and I got sick and she didn’t so she was a perfect control for me to see what we did differently for clues on how to correctly use silver effectively for covid.

The difference was Shari nebulized silver BEFORE she had any symptoms and I only neubulized silver AFTER I had symptoms.

The take home from the experience is you need to nebulize the silver BEFORE you have symptoms during the viral incubation time. Of course this is a bit tricky as during that time you are infected do not know you are sick yet. My wife was fortuitous becuase she was nebulizing silver for something else (to clear her sinus which it worked for) but she likely at that time had COVID incubating in her lungs which the silver she nebulized killed and she ended up never getting sick.

I don’t personally think silver by itself is enough to stop covid as it didn’t for me, but it did for my wife who has asthma and had she gotten covid could have been bad. So I’m extremely thankful for silver. Silver boosts the immune system and is anti-viral so definitely should take it but need to use in system with iodine and gold and also with many other vitamins and keep your immune systems strong. The goal is actually to get COVID but not to have it mess you up so that you can get natural immunity. I’ve got my natural immunity now so I’m happy.

I say it frequently, but ya’ll really need to make sure you have a nebulizer (old school compressor type not the new atomic mesh type) so you can put silver in it and get it in the lungs. I’m now recommending everyone nebulize silver once a week as a preventative until pandemic, plandemic bioweapon COVID situation is over with.

Some states (Florida) require a prescription to get a nebulizer, and good news just confirmed that Tennessee does not. Drive across borders to a state where you can get one if you need. A nebulizer + silver can save your life if you nebulize during the COVID incubation state before you start to have symptoms. Even though I didin’t and got COVID, as I nebulized too late after already had symptoms the silver was still very useful. The symptoms of COVID were what I’ll call COVID-PNEUMONIA. It’s not real pneumonia as is not bacterial, but similar to pneumonia I was coughing up white phlem out of my lungs. Instead of bacteria the phlem likely contained spike proteins, but because I nebulized silver it didn’t contain any live virus, and importantly by nebulizing silver it kept my phlem white free from any secondary infections. Oftentimes phlem can turn green from secondary bacterial infection and bacteria you do not have to worry about with silver that is for sure.

Still though there was enough phlem to coat my lungs and inhibit the transfer of oxgen and carbon dioxide so my oxygen level got low (83% spO2 is supposed to be 97%) with low grade fever. Interesting, as soon as I got more oxygen the fever went away and never came back though it had been about 5 days of fever by then. Then I had another 5 days in hospital with no fever just monitoring my oxygen levels. It was very obnoxious as whenever the oxygen levels would drop the machines would make a loud beeping noise so I had to mostly stay on my stomach (prone position) to keep the levels up as it helped me cough up phlem. But there really wasn’t much phlem even it was as if there was just a light layer of phlem on the lungs that just wouldn’t come out. My lung capacity was low only 500 ml. I couldn’t take deep breaths without coughing. While in the hospital I had one bottle of water with a drop of NeuSilver in it which I was very thankful for as I used it to swish several times a day to keep my teeth clean. The main reason why I had to get out of the hosptial against their wishes was that by day 3 I figured out that my body could not heal with the water they were giving me. Their water had flouride & chloramines in it which I could taste. You can’t taste them when the water is cold you have to let it go to room temperature which is why the hospital only served their terrible watter iced so people wouldn’t notice. They claimed that if I left early I might pass out from low oxygen. I got out of there with no problem and not looking back lol. My wife was able to get me some oxygen tanks and I only needed to use them for a few days and now I’m back up to 91% oxygen without assistance, sitll shy of of 97% as I wait for my lungs to heal from the COVID-pneumonia spike protein damage.

Please learn from my story and take my advice to neubulize silver once a week as a preventative on top of taking silver internally. By doing this you will just keep your lungs clean and if you get exposed it will kill it during the incubation stage BEFORE you start having symptoms.