IMedDo  is a legally recognized church

We empower consumers to take control of their health by educating them on the following principals:

  • Everyone has the right to practice medicine on themselves if you are an adult of sound mind.
  • Self-medicate responsibly & if you don’t know what you are doing then seek out competent medical advice from a doctor.
  • Our bodies are divine temples to the infinite grace of God.As caretakers of our Body Temples, we express our love for God by maintaining it.
  • We all have the right to decide the best way to maintain our Body Temple. Bodily autonomy is paramount. Without choice, our Body Temples can be corrupted by evil influences.
  • Enlightenment can only be achieved by detoxing the body, mind, and soul of poisons. Once pure, new poisons are not permitted. 
  • Only healthy metals are allowed in the body.

Our Foundation distributes Health Supplements to support this mission