All natural, Food grade and gluten free liquid colloidal gold for health support bottled at 50ppm is certified as safe for ingestion by a internal medicine doctor, or can be taken topically.  There are no chemicals or additives, our only ingredients are water and nano gold particles. This 1/2 oz bottle has a dropper cap so it's easy to take! No measuring required. Colloidal Gold is better than monatomic gold because gold nano particles release Monoatomic gold. Colloidal Gold gives your body the building blocks to make Monoatomic gold - naturally. This edible liquid doesn't have the gritty unpleasant texture of Ormus either.

iMedDo nano particles have a proprietary coating to help them bypass the gut and increase absorption into the organs. Our nano particles are certified as being safe for ingestion by an internal medicine doctor. These are not colloids made from a machine in someone's garage. Consumer grade equipment creates nanoparticles with uneven size distribution. Some of the particles created may be 10 nm, 45 nm and some may be 100+ nm. Multiple sizes are created simultaneously in the same liquid solution and cannot be separated using equipment available to consumers. While not dangerous, gold nanoparticles that are too large can get stuck in the skin and are not absorbed by the body. This Colloidal Gold is bottled by a professional Chemist with degrees in Bio Chemistry, Bio Physics, and Medical Neuroscience.

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The science of colloidal gold is not well understood because it defies and points out that our current electromagnetic theories are insufficient at the nanoscale to really understand what is going on with this powerful bio-electrical metal. Modern high quality food grade colloidal gold is safe for internal ingestion according to Dr. Calin Pop. iMedDo now offers NeuGold™ at 50 ppm (parts-per-million) concentration in a 1/2 oz blue boston round glass dropper cap vial with 400 drops per bottle for health support only subject to the FDA disclaimer. NeuGold™ is a high quality food grade true colloidal gold and has a slight pink color and does not contain gold salt. Particle size is 12-18 nm with same safe proprietary coating as NeuSilver™. What does gold do? iMedDo cannot make any health or medical claims concerning NeuGold™ as you understand from your health supplement mindset. I understand the health supplement mindset, what does gold really do? The true purpose of NeuGold™ colloidal gold is for optimizing your nervous system and reaching enlightenment. It amplifies and accelerates all healing and spiritual modalities and is best used to optimize the benefits of meditation, sound therapy, energy work. You cannot focus on optimizing your nervous system when you are sick which is why you use NeuSilver™ and NeuIodine™ as well to protect and transform your body into a an optimal vessel to be the spiritual being that you are.

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Besides the true purpose of colloidal gold, it has many self-medication healing uses as well. I’ve personally experienced gold helping with mood, headache, depression and anxiety, and amazing fast when you put 3 drops directly under your tongue typically within 5 minutes, or 10 minutes longer if you put it in water and drink it. I have had enough feedback from self-medicators to say with certainty that it also helps a great deal with rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis (not osteoarthritis), and appears to be a general nervous system anti-inflammaotry and nervous system detoxer and because of that is helping with depression (nerve/brain inflammation), many strange nerve and back pains in particular. Based on the observations of self-medicators, I have come up with a simple hypothesis to explain the majority of the actions of NeuGold™. It is clear to me that it is a preferred nutrient in the brain and nervous system to copper. I believe that when people do not get enough iodine that their thyroid doesn’t work correctly and that certain metals in their body get out of balance. One of the most important ones is the copper/zinc balance. I believe the body uses 8-12 more zinc than copper to keep the copper electricity in control as it is toxic to the brain and nervous system and that although copper is a nutrient it acts as a quasi-heavy metal in the brain and nervous system. I believe that the excess copper in the nerves makes them “spas out or misfire” which explains why the gold helps with anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, and likely other diseases related to copper toxicity. If my hypothesis is correct then I also predict that the gold will help with Parkinson’s disease since it is related to copper toxicity in the nerves.

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In addition the gold is able to flush out and detox heavy metals from the nervous system for sure Lead and likely many more possibly all heavy metals from the nervous system which is likely why it is having an “anti-inflammatory” effect and is likely why it is helping with headache/migrane and depression since depression has been shown to be related to brain inflammation. Is that all gold does? There is likely much more health beneficial that gold does. A quick look at a recent nano-medicine paper talks about gold being used for all sorts of treatments including inducing apoptosis in cancer, liver protection, killing parasites, as an anti-oxidant and many other uses which iMedDo has not evaluated. iMedDo sells NeuGold™ for enlightenment health support but the world of mainstream medicine is still struggling to quantify this mandala. Gold is the new medicine of the Golden age just as silver is the new medicine of the Silver age. Don’t get so caught up in the details, just recognize that each of these is infinite and can be used as a mirror to send love to yourself. No matter how many billions mainstream medicine spends trying to quantify these mandalas, they will never use them correctly as they are viewing them as a fix for particular problems in their diseased world paradigm instead of embracing the new Silver and Golden age of health and Enlightenment.

I think that an exciting field of gold hidden medical knowledge awaits. Throughout time rulers have controlled gold, it’s access, and perhaps its medical knowledge. Historically, all learned knowledge including medicine and gold medicine in particular has been controlled by various priesthoods dating as far back as ancient Egypt at least prior to 2500 BC. I have found through personal experience that gold “sensitizes” your spine and nerves to spiritual and healing energy and is inseparable from a “priest-like” metamorphoses of your mind. Because of this little appreciated effect, gold healing is more akin to a “miracle” than traditional medicine/drugs that we are used to, and that gold healing through your personal spiritual expansion appears to be of seemingly limitless scope and can perhaps facilitate self healing of any ailment physical or spiritual. If you believe or have experienced as I have this effect of gold then it becomes obvious why people throughout time has tried to eat/drink/heal/worship using gold since the dawn of time. Gold in the Eluma Elish The oldest references to colloidal gold is found in the ancient Sumerian/Babylonian creation mythology the seven tablets called the Eluma Elish which can be interpreted as an account of the planets and their movements. Central to the story is the idea of a larger primordial earth (dragon Tiamat) being attacked by another planet (Nibiru/Marduk). If the story can be believed in light of planetary interpretation, the ancient earth had 11 moons which were caught up in the gravity of passing Nibiru and a very large part of the ancient planet it’s heart or womb was ripped out exposing its inner golden veins (blood of the planetary goddesss) and became the Moon (Kingu/Khonsu). The story is at least somewhat plausible in light of modern science in which the prevailing theory is that a Mars sized planet/asteroid hit the earth approximately 4.5 million years ago and that indeed based on isotope analysis the Moon does appear to come from earth rock material. Although no scientific evidence for this Nibiru planet has been found, it is interesting that in later times the god’s name was updated to “Marduk” i.e. sounds like the planet Mars to me, and seems very interesting that modern science believes that it was a “mars sized planet/asteroid” that hit the earth.

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