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BS Medical Dosemitry MD Anderson Cancer Center 2010

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The Health Supplement Mindset

iMedDo stands for “I” take responsibility for my own “Med”icine and take proactive “Do”ing steps to protect and support my own health. iMedDo stands for the health supplement mindset, and ultimately it stands for the path to knowledge required for self-medication and health enlightenment. If you are reading this you have embarked on a health journey and iMedDo will be your guide to premium supplements and how they can take you to the next level in your healing and wellness.
Health Empowerment
Empower yourself by learning the difference between a health supplement and a drug. Learn about the required FDA disclaimer on all health supplements, and decide whether you want the freedom and empowerment of self-medication or whether you would rather have someone else tell you what to do. Sure it takes a bit more time and self-education to monitor and decide what you put in your own mouth, but the alternative of outsourcing the responsibility to someone who outsources their responsibility to an insurance company means that you may be risking your health for money if you get injured from bad advice. Health supplements are for people who don’t like this kind of gambling and who would prefer to make educated decisions on what they put in their mouth to support their health. If you are not ready for this responsibility then seek out the advice of a competent licensed and insured medical professional to tell you what to do.

A Health Supplement is Food NOT a Drug

What is a drug? Depends on who you ask. In chemistry, a drug is a chemical compound that has some effect on biology. If you ask a cop, a drug is an illegal controlled substance, and if you ask a pharmacist, a drug is a medicine which requires a doctor’s prescription to buy. When it comes to health supplements, the correct definition of a drug is anything sold for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, preventing or curing any disease. And when I say anything, I really mean ANYTHING. Because of legal silliness, anything at all can really be a drug, even if I hand you an orange (a fruit) and say this orange is for curing scurvy (a true statement since vitamin C in oranges is known scientifically to prevent and cure scurvy) then legally the orange just became a drug. If a company sells you the orange it can get in big trouble because the “drug” hasn’t gone through United States Food and Drug Adminstraton (USFDA or just FDA for short) drug approval process, a process which currently costs over $2 million dollars! Unless the seller has a lot of money, it is better to instead simply let you the buyer know that it’s not his intention to sell you the orange as a drug. If the seller wants to just sell a fruit and not a drug then he can’t make any health claims including saying that the orange cures scurvy on his orange sticker. Typically anything that can be patented and thus make lots of money can be a drug and anything else can be just a food. Health Supplements are considered by the FDA to technically be a type of food and must be sold as health supplements and not drugs to avoid the FDA’s regulatory hammer. This is the nature of the health supplement industry, and every health supplement is required to specifically state on the bottle that it is not a drug by saying the FDA disclaimer which goes something like “product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease” which is legalese for “THIS IS A FOOD and not a DRUG!”
Doctor vs. Self-Medication

After you buy a health supplement it’s up to you whether to keep it a health supplement for health support or to magically turn it into a drug when you use it with intention to alleviate (diagnose, treat, prevent) a certain disease. Just as everyone has the right to be a legal practitioner for themself (Latin pro se i.e. for self), everyone also has the right to be a pro se medical practitioner and you truly can practice medicine on yourself if you are an adult of sound mind without any legal problem except of course there is always the problem of you injuring yourself without monetary compensation if you do so improperly! An important caveat is that oftentimes there are laws requiring certain things (degree, licensure or board certification, insurance, etc) before you can practice on others, so self-medicate responsibly only on yourself if you choose to do so. Money has become the most important factor concerning medicine in this country, and for those who don’t have enough to see a doctor, afford drugs, eat healthy, afford insurance etc, health supplements are increasingly becoming an alternative more affordable option. The act of buying a health supplement is an act of empowerment whether you self-medicate with it or not. You must self-medicate responsibly and if you don’t know what you are doing then you need to seek out competent medical advice from a doctor.

The advantage of using a mainstream doctor (MD/DO) who is licensed and insured is that if they give you bad medical advice, there is a process for you to potentially get compensated if they mess up your health. Money doesn’t really replace messed up health but is better than nothing. When you pick a doctor you are essentially taking a gamble that they are gonna treat your health right or you get a monetary compensation claim if they don’t. Of course a doctor doesn’t want to mess up so this system encourages doctors to use established and insurance reimbursable techniques and stifles medical creativity and experimentation when it comes to treatment. Clearly picking the right doctor as your primary physician is extremely important as although health can be traded for money, it doesn’t always work the other way around as some health damage is unfixable no matter how much money you have. As you get older the exchange rate, money for health, gets more and more unfavorable and thus it is very lucrative for doctors to charge huge amounts of $$$ for a small amount of health. I really saw this to the extreme in the cancer industry where I saw one person trade a quarter million dollars to a doctor offering the hope of him living 3 more months! One disadvantage of our modern money driven medicine system is that poor people fall through the cracks as they tend to not have the dough necessary to hire a doctor or afford the tests, therapies and drugs recommended. It’s very frustrating for me to see simple problems which could likely be treated very inexpensively with health supplements instead bankrupting people as they spend thousands of dollars in testing and they become broke before they even address the issue. However, I also understand the flip side of the coin which is how can a doctor treat you properly if he/she doesn’t know the proper diagnosis as from the doctor’s perspective to do otherwise would be to open himself/herself to mal-practice liablility. A person unlucky enough to get a bad doctor who damages their health, may also not have enough money to hire a lawyer to collect a claim from the doctor’s mal-practice insurance either and might be at risk of being left without health, wealth, or even compensation for the injury!

Self-medication although not recommended is oftentimes the only affordable option for many people. Thanks to the internet, information and research about many herbs, vitamins and supplements is widely available, and doing a little bit of pro se work on the front end to make sure you are eating well, are not nutrient deficient, and exercising goes a long way for health problem prevention. I personally really enjoy working to help people who actually care about and at least try to maintain their own health as ultimately, your health really is your responsibility. Buying a health supplement after you research it and make the decision as a pro se medical practitioner is one of the most self-empowering things you can do but I can’t recommend this course, you have to decide for yourself. Most any health supplement worth buying is scientifically known or at least implicated in treating, preventing or curing some disease at least to some degree or no-one would ever buy it! Supplement sellers can only sell it to you for use AT Medicine for health support, and with certain exceptions for certain health claims requiring FDA paperwork, they cannot sell you a supplement for use IN medicine without FDA drug approval in this country. This system has created a huge gap in medicine concerning supplements where there is a huge demand for use of supplements IN medicine by the pro se medical practitioner customer but the seller can only sell the supplement AT medicine and cannot give advice or make health claims concerning the product. To partially fill this gap for IN medicine support for AT medicine health supplements apart from the drug industry, a variety of gurus in a variety of fields have stepped up to the task.
Some Types of Mainstream Doctors in Medical Related Fields
Doctor of Medicine (MD) (THE “mainstream” doctor i.e. a “doc/doctor” meaning a physician. Most believe that they are the only type of “real” doctor)
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) (mainstream) very similar to an MD with regards to legal practice of medicine.
Doctor of Pharmacy PD (Pharm D) (mainstream legal drug dealer i.e. Pharmacist requires mainstream approval Doctor/Priest approval via perscription with prayer to Jupiter “Rx” on the bottle. Very ancient type of Doctor.)
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) (new type of mainstream doctor who can even practice medicine and do traditionally MD/DO reserved clinical work as do Physician Assistants to make up for mainstream MD/DO shortage)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (an ancient type of Doctor i.e. teacher, now associated via new “Doctor of Science” biomedical fields with mainstream medicine. PhD in Pharmacology or Immunology for example considered mainstream for drug development for instance, many more types.
Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DDS/DMD) (historically mainstream, some new alternative ones).
I’ve seen even more “doctors of” in a varitey of medical related fields including even Doctor of Education (EdD) teaching in medical profession school & even Doctor of Engineering (Chemical & Biomedical for example) doing mainstream medically relevant things so keep an open mind about “doctors of”.
I’m sure there are others too, contact me if I missed you or you feel I accidentally misrepresented your field and I’ll add/change.
Some Types of Alternative Doctors in Medical Related Fields
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) (Likely the most common type of alternative doctor in medical related field. Specialize in spinal alignments and oftentimes nutrition and health supplements as well.
Naturopathic Doctors (ND) (alternative doctor usually associated with certain nutritious foods and health supplements.)
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) and Acupuncturists (alternative)
Doctor of Supplemental Medicine (DSM) (new alternative non-practicing (not a physician) specializing in health supplements both scientific & metaphysical, also a priestly honorific, not to be confused with DSM-2 (Doctor of Sacred Music) nor DSM-5 (physician manual)
I’m sure there are others too, contact me if I missed you or you feel I accidentally misrepresented your field and I’ll add/change.

Typically the mainstream physician (MD/DO) will not recommend supplements and will recommend drugs instead, however this is not a hard and fast rule as there do exist plenty of mainstream (MD/DO) doctors who are knowledgable about nutrition & health supplements as well. iMedDo recommends Dr. Calin Pop MD who is a mainstream practitioner in the field of internal medicine who now has a more alternative focus specializing in colloidal silver and colloidal gold. Check out his book The TRUTH about Colloidal Silver & Gold which is relevant to the high quality silver and gold used by iMedDo. Typically the alternative practitioner or (priest in the case of DSM who does not “practice” medicine”) will not recommend drugs and will recommend other other options instead including oftentimes health supplements as a preventative or larger doses of supplements used as a drug for curative purposes (or as a faith based item in the case of DSM), but is not a hard and fast rule either as many practitioner’s will recommend whoever or whatever they think will best help their patient, client, or customer’s best interests. Dr. Josh Axe DC as an example of an influential alternative doctor who has written some good articles including for colloidal silver. Some other prominent doctors to check out both alternative and mainstream include Dr. Mark Sircus OMD, Dr. Guy Abraham MD, Dr. David Brownstein MD, and Dr. Janice Speshock PhD to name a few liked by iMedDo. Integrity is critical in medicine, and if you encounter a doctor or health care practioner who is more concerned with selling you a certain test, treatment, therapy, drug or even health supplement over your best interests, consider finding a new one. The hippocratic oath which has been around for thousands of years with the tenet of doing no harm is still relevant to all medical and even alternative medical personnel, but has been somewhat abandoned in mainstream medicine with the advent of doctors being controlled by business people, insurance companies and lawyers who don’t necessarily have the same standard of integrity. iMedDo founder and author of this guide [Ben speaking] is both a mainstream master scientist (MS) and alternative doctor (DSM) with a foot in both doors having both a mainstream scientific training in biochemistry and public graduate and medical training in the fields of Biophysics and Neuroscience as well as alternative training as a Doctor of Supplemental Medicine (DSM) specializing in metallic and metal detox health supplements. Regardless, of how you found out about iMedDo Inc Premium Health Supplements, be it at the recommendation of a doctor, or surfing the web through conscious pro se seeking, I congratulate you and hope that you are enjoying this guide, learning something, and will continue to read on about how iMedDo health supplements can help support your health! As you read this e-book you will come to learn how with only 3 health supplements, the world of mainstream medicine has been shaken to its foundation. The rise of alternative medicine is a natural pendulum correction for restoring integrity into the human experience, and iMedDo health supplements when used by the faithful for spiritual purposes are on the forefront of this shift. In the words of the great Hippocrates, “Let they food be thy medicine, and they medicine be thy food.”

LEGAL NOTICE: Always consult a local licensed mainstream (MD/DO) physician type of doctor for medical advice if you need it. Medical related discussion in this Spiritual Guide is presented as information or spritual advice for the faithful who believe in the tenet of faith “love is all there is”, not medical advice, and is not intended to substitute for medical advice from a mainstream physician.

IMEDDO LEGAL NOTICE: Products are only sold as health supplements not as drugs and thus are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Views & Opinions of Dr. Ben DSM and espoused in this Spiritual Guide do not necessarily represent the view & opinions of IMEDDO.

SPIRITUAL NOTICE by Dr. Ben DSM: The FDA disclaimer on every bottle of any health supplement is actually an intent based spell, and a curse at that, i.e. “product not INTENDED to cure disease.” For the faithful of “love is all there is”, the curse can be lifted by reseting the intention using the prayer “This food is intended to cure all diseases both physical and spritual and to nourish both my Body (Ba) and my Spirit (Ka) both in this life and the next”. AMEN (Ra).

It is so important to bless all food especially in America as ill-intented (demonic) forces speaking through artificial corporate persons using lawyers as their mouths have infiltrated almost all food with evil intent through the use artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that are not intended to nourish at all but to imitate nourishment. Such dark meddling is ignored by the atheistic mainstream doctors who ironically do not believe in same spellcraft “intentional legalese” by which their monopoly is supported. Obviously every food with good intent should at a a minimum say “Intended to nourish the body” on the package, but on how many food labels have you read that? It is from an ancient tradition of only certain temples being able to sell certain medicines and the temple of law (judge/priest) will only sell drugs (Rx medicine using an MD/DO through a pharmacist) is how the temple control works. Although IMEDDO can only sell the products as health supplements and not as a drug with a postive Rx prayer on them because to stay in compliance with the legal temple, for those who believe the tenet of faith “love is all there is”, these products can do so much more, and I hope you discover their spiritual uses for yourself. Namaste.
Health is in the cards

Now that you have mastered the health supplement mindset, you are ready to take health supplements. Health is in the cards. The JACK of all health supplements is simply a good ‘ole fashion multi-vitamin. Make sure whichever multi-vitamin you choose has at least vitamin B6, B12, D, selenium, iodide, zinc, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. The KING of all health supplements is colloidal silver. The QUEEN of all health supplements is a superior form of iodine than the JOKER iodide, the ACE is colloidal gold, and the rest of the deck is probiotics and a nutrient rich diet.