Don't be fooled by the little 1/2 oz bottle, at 100 PPM concentration and 10 nm true colloid: this stuff packs a lot of punch! Our product is 100% natural and gluten free; there are no chemicals or additives. Odorless and flavorless, our only ingredients are water and nano silver particles. This is the easiest way to get your recommended colloidal intake; simply put one pre-measured drop in a glass of water and drink. Measuring cup not needed! Since there are 400 concentrated drops in the bottle, this is actually over a 1 year supply in a convenient travel size package!

Colloidal & Ionic Silver (Silver Hydrosol) are two different chemical species. Silver nanoparticles (colloids) are a brown or amber color because the particles (made up of multiple silver atoms) are small enough to stay suspended without sinking. The Silver Atoms in nanoparticles (colloids) release Silver Ions. The technical term for silver ions or Ionic Silver is Silver Hydrosol. A popular brand of Silver Hydrosol is "Sovereign Silver". Silver Hydrosol is clear and exits your body within an hour or two in your urine, leaving no long lasting effect. Silver nanoparticles, or true colloids, are better because they stay in the body and have a longer lasting effect. iMedDo nano particles have a proprietary coating to help them bypass the gut and increase absorption into the organs. Our nano particles are certified as being safe for ingestion by an internal medicine doctor. These are not colloids made from a machine in someone's garage. Consumer grade equipment creates nanoparticles with uneven size distribution. Some of the particles created may be 10 nm, 45 nm and some may be 100+ nm. Multiple sizes are created simultaneously in the same liquid solution and cannot be separated using equipment available to consumers. While not dangerous, silver nanoparticles that are too large can get stuck in the skin and are not absorbed by the body. This Colloidal Silver is bottled by a professional Chemist with degrees in Bio Chemistry, Bio Physics, and Medical Neuroscience.

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Studies show Silver is naturally antibacterial, anti viral, and antifungal in vitro. This is the "must have” first aid kit item. We have customers who have successfully self-medicated with our colloidal silver for:
                 Food Poisoning
                 Immune Boost
                 Cavities, tooth aches, gingivitis, oral problems
                 Colon Cleanse and detox
                 Eye infections, pink eye
                 Cleaning & disinfecting
and in:
                 Neti pot for sinus infections and allergies
                 Nebulizer for sore throat, phlegm, lung and breathing problems

Sure health insurance is good, but we think this health supplement is even better! What makes NeuSilver(tm) special is that it is food grade and safe to take internally! Both our colloidal silver and gold is certified as being safe for ingestion by an internal medicine doctor in Florida. What this means to you is, I put one drop in a glass of water, drink it once a day, and I don’t get sick.

Silver Ingrediants 11.57.48 PM
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Try 1 drop a day in your water for health support. We do not recommend taking silver internally unless you use NeuSilver™. All Silver is bio-electrically conductive and bio-active. Spiritually, Silver removes negative energy, structures water, and can be programmed like a crystal. Customers engaged in self-medication with NeuSilver™ have reported the following doses as relevant starting points for guidance for health care practitioners: 1 drop in water swish for 60s for dental, gum, cavity, tooth abscess, mouth ulcer; 10 drops for food poisoning, 1 drop in a cup of water to make silver water and splash on skin, eyes, mouth, nose if infection, same for acne, 2 drops in a bottle of water and sip on water all day for throat infection, 1 drop in water and nebulize and breath for lung infections, 1 drop on wet cotton ball in a cut off glove finger for one week overnight for toe or finger fungus, 1 drop a day for immune support, use of probiotics with silver especially when taking more than recommended dose, 40 drops for colon cleanse with probiotic replenishment over 3 days afterwards, one drop of NeuSilver™ is comparable to one dropper full of many other colloidal silvers.

Not evaluated by the FDA but with a 100% guarantee or your money back! All of our bottles are recyclable glass & your purchase from iMedDo counts as a tax deductible donation in the U.S. Your purchase price may reduce your taxes dollar for dollar, making these FREE!

Dosing with silver is important and NeuSilver™ is bottled to make it as simple and safe as possible where 1 drop a day is the correct amount a day for an adult to take orally in their water. It’s not really about the amount of water, it’s about the amount of silver. What I like to do is have a canteen of water which I put the drop of silver in, and I sip on that water all day. By spreading the drop out in my water over the whole day, it keeps my mouth bathed in silver which is great for my dental health. Notice that on the bottle it says “one drop per cup of water.” It’s not expected that a human would drink more than 8 cups of water a day, so if you are using more than 8 drops of silver a day then you are using too much for daily maintenance and you are clearly in the self-medicating range so do so responsibly. Maintenance Dose: Typically 1-3 drops for 100-300 lb person, 1 drop for most people 100-200 lbs does not affect gut flora. Medium Dose 4-6 drops: Typically not used unless you “feel under the weather”, probiotics recommended or you will give yourself gas from silver if you do not probiotic replenish. High Dose 7-10 drops: Typically used temporarily for specific self-medication for food poisoning or infection with probiotics. Very High Dose 11-40 Drops: Typically used for specific self-medication colon cleanse with mandatory probiotics. Extremely High Dose: If you are seeking even higher doses of silver contact me privately about custom bottling. NeuSilver™ is designed to be used as a health supplement at a maintenance dose for health support. A common question I get is how do I know that I’m taking the right amount of silver and that it won’t build up in my body? NeuSilver™ is 10 nm and does not cause Argyria. I’ve been taking it for over a year and I’m not blue. Read Dr. Calin Pop’s book about how this silver is safe paraphrasing that as it is in the 10-30 nm “sweet spot” for internal medicine to not get stuck in the body. Homemade silver which often appears cloudy white has silver over 100 nm which can definitely get stuck in your body and cause Argyria a cosmetic effect of a permanent blue-grey skin color which is why sticking with food grade commercial quality NeuSilver™ is a good idea if you plan on taking silver internally for much duration of time. So if you use a maintenance dose of NeuSilver™, you have to worry about taking too much, the silver building up or getting Argyria. However the issue of homeostasis is less clear. Silver is not a nutrient so you don’t need to take it, but many of us choose to do so since it seems to boost our immune system and keep infection in general at bay. My guideline is that if the dosage of silver I’m taking is giving me gas when I take probiotics at least once a week then I’m taking too much. Even maintenance dose of silver can be too high for you if you never take probiotics. If silver is giving you gas even when on probiotics consider NeuEletrum™ 10 PPM instead of NeuSilver 100 PPM which is 10x less concentrated and can be used to fine tune the dosage at less than adult maintenance dosage amounts.

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Like anything when you take something, you don’t want to overdo it, but when you take even a small amount for a long while your body eventually reaches homeostasis where your reserves are full and your intake equals your excretion. NeuSilver™ is designed and dosed at 1 drop a day for optimal adult health support to absorb, build up to a small extent but not continue to build up, and then to reach homeostasis in your body. Silver is not yet recognized as nutrient but very well may be. Like when you add a fuel additive to your car engine to make it run cleaner, adding silver to your body likely makes your body run cleaner and smoother as well without infection. People frequently report getting sick much less frequently when supplementing with silver, and most people and even most scientists acknowledge that silver is involved with pathways in the body which stimulate the immune system. Although not all the pathways are entirely understood, some of the hypothesized benefits of reaching silver homeostasis include silver’s ability to kill infection by breaking down bacterial cell walls, starving microbes and cancer of oxygen, killing infection and cancer in the lymph system, binding and removing excess protein and sulphur, alkalinizing and structuring the body’s water. Only food grade silver reaches a beneficial homeostasis in the body as non-food grade silver can build up in the body and cause a cosmetic effect (see Argyria). It is thought that beneficial silver homeostasis occurs in approximately 1 week (4-7 days) of using NeuSilver™. You can read various Scientific Research Paper I've collected about Colloidal Silver and its' effects here: https://www.pinterest.com/iMedDoHealth/research-papers/

Silver is a noble metal not a heavy metal and has strange and not fully yet understood electrically conductive and energetic properties. As a medical biophysicist specialized in nano-particle energy dosimetry, I’m fascinated by these energetic properties and have gained as much insight from silver mythology and psychics as is currently offered by mainstream silver research. Most notably, silver noble metal appears to remove and disrupt negative energy and is frequently used in aura cleansing to make negative energy “less sticky”, and silver along with gold noble metal appear to “structure” water and this “crystal” water has many of the same potential for energy programming and most notably appears to “protect and maintain” positive energetic programming longer than any other substance besides gold. Of course I’m still trying to figure out the definition of “negative” energy vs. “positive” energy in metaphysics as some just call it a “lower” vs. “higher” vibrational state which is more applicable to comparison to mainstream science. In mainstream science it is known that noble metals of different nanometer sizes have different energetic signatures known as photonics or optical tuning properties. Many believe (including myself) believe that entirely new classes of machines can be built using these new frequencies including even communication across space and who knows what else (teleportation?). With current advances in quantum experimental data (not my expertise) some of this “crazy” talk is starting to seem much less far fetched, and I think our government and perhaps contractor Lockheed Martin know a lot more than they are letting on. Regardless of what is or is not known or is known and classified and/or propogandized in mainstream science and medicine, the use of silver as a health supplement has been around for thousands of years and I don’t expect it will be going anywhere anytime soon so I recommend you get the highest quality available safe good grade commercial stuff NeuSilver™ to support your health.

NeuSilver™ does not cause argyria because it is food grade commerial true colloidal silver of 10 nm with a proprietary coating which reaches homeostasis in the body. Lower quality non-food grade silver does not reach homeostasis and can build up in your body causing blue/grey skin in a semi-permanent skin condition known as Argyria. According to Dr. Calin Pop (paraphrased), silver approximately 10-30 nm which is properly coated does not build up in your body and does not cause Argyria, but silver 35 nm and larger can be a problem. Still many people are understandably scared to use colloidal silver because of the prevalence of homemade non-food grade silver on the market which appears cloudy white and has silver of 100 nm and larger particles which can turn your skin grey. Silver has no negative medical effects and only had the one negative cosmetic effect Argyria, and thanks to modern nanotechnology silver can be made much smaller and more precise in size and with NeuSilver™ Argyria is not an issue no matter how much of it you take. I’ve been using NeuSilver everyday for over a year and I’m not a smurf! Silver has all of these wonderful biomedical benefits of killing bacteria, virus and fungi in vitro and now without the one cosmetic problem, why shouldn’t you use silver to support your health? Nobility have been doing it for thousands of years sucking on their silver spoons giving themselves a blue tongue and the myth of being “blue bloods.” Isn’t the health supplement of royalty good enough for you and your family?

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