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Detox strength Iodine for total body health support. With 700 pre-measured drops, this is the easiest way to get 100% RDA. No measuring spoon required! This is an incredible deal as NeuIodine is a 1 yr supply for a man or a 6 month supply for a woman!  Iodine is a critical endocrine nutrient used by every cell in the body. Massively important for healthy thyroid function, it's even more important for females because both the ovaries and mammaries use a ton of the stuff. Within 15 minutes, one drop is going to have a couple different effects in those who are deficient. It’s going to make you feel more awake, more alert, and more energetic, because Iodine powers the Adrenal glands. Then it’s going to kickstart your Thyroid and through the Thyroid function it’s going to detox all the heavy metals including Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Nickel, and all the other heavy metals.

Our Iodine is better than Lugol's Solution because Lugol's is a blend of Iodide & Iodine and is overpowered. Those who are Iodine deficient can get detox reactions (including headaches, nausea, and acne) to the heavy metals being released through the Thyroid Function if you take from too much Iodine too quickly. NeuIodine has a dosage ramping protocol to prevent such things from happening. Next, it’s going to detox all of the Fluoride, Flourine, Bromide, Bromine, Chloride & Chlorine out of your body and brain, including the Penal gland, opening your third eye. It’s going to exit through your urine, so if it’s cloudy the next time you pee don’t freak out and if it’s not it just means you weren't super toxic. This is a must have for swimmers to flush out chlorine toxicity from the gym, pool and hot tub, and it can even be used topically on wounds and absorb right into the skin!


Iodine is a mineral nutrient found in and used by every cell in the human body and is just all around very good for your health. Iodine is the QUEEN of health supplements is because it is 4x more needed in women than men. Iodine is especially important for brain, adrenal, and thyroid health in both men and women, but women need even more iodine especially for breast and ovary health. Iodine is known scientifically to be a modern marvel for disease prevention, treatment and often times curing, however as you understand because of your health supplement mindset iMedDo cannot sell it as a health supplement with that intention. NeuIodine™ is sold for health support by iMedDo where one drop on your wrist (or other clean skin) is the recommended starting dose for a child or adult. NeuIodine™ comes in a 1/2 oz blue glass boston round dropper cap bottle with 725 drops in a bottle and if used 1 drop a day is almost a two year’s supply. NeuIodine™ is a almost a 1 year supply for a male using 2 drops a day and is almost a 6 month’s supply for a female using 4 drops a day. NeuIodine™ is energized diatomic lipophilic fat soluble iodine I2 with some nascent I0 in food grade alcohol (40% ethanol) solvent. NeuIodine™ contains the most bio-available and health beneficial form of iodine in the correctly dosed amount where 1 drop is 100% of the government recommended daily allowance (RDA). NeuIodine™ does not contain iodide.

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Customers engaged in self-medication with NeuIodine™ have reported the following doses as relevant starting points for guidance for health care practitioners: Generally no special extra dose is needed for iodine just start using it at recommended level for you sex (2 drops for males 4 drops for females) after ramping up from one drop a day for at least a week and let your body start to detox and heal naturally. Fluoride and Bromide exit the body immediately within the first day the next time you urinate after getting even 1 drop of iodine and urine may appear cloudy which is normal, or you may experience slight nausea for 5-15 min if you are highly toxic as your body has a mild detox reaction to the fluoride and bromide released. Most people do not have a detox reaction and simply feel more awake and feel better after even 1 drop of iodine. If you have already been using iodine 2 or more drops a day for at least a week without a detox reaction (nausea, acne, headache), you can increase to 10 drops a day NeuIodine(tm) when sick with an infection preferable with corresponding NeuSilver(tm) self-medication dosage. For fibrocystic lumps in breast caused by iodine deficiency, 1-2 drops a day directly on each breast generally has been reported to make the mass go away or reduce in size within a week. If you are immune to detox reactions, taking more iodine even up to 50 drops is fine, but always increase dosage slowly to avoid detox reactions and if you experience acne, headache or nausea, you are detoxing too fast. Your body’s iodine homeostasis can be monitored using the patch test monitoring the iodine stain spot on your skin. With NeuIodine™, if it absorbs immediately your body still wants more so you can increase your dosage slowly if desired (not more than 1 drop per week increase recommended), and if it stays on your skin for more than an hour then you are iodine saturated and can stay at or reduce your dosage by a drop. Taking small amounts over a long period of time is better than taking a lot of iodine at once as detox reactions can occur. For most women after ramping up to 3-4 drops/day they should stay there indefinitely and iodine homeostasis should occcur in approximately 6 months to a year depending on deficiency level. Many women are extremely iodine deficient and really need to slowly build up their body’s reservoirs while detoxing slowly after having given their iodine to their children and many women do not adquately re-iodinate between children. Although iodine has a plethora of known self-medication purposes, you understand because of your health supplement mindset that iMedDo can only sell NeuIodine(tm) as a health supplement (not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease) for health support.

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Iodine literature talks about how iodine will detox the halogens (fluorine/fluoride, chlorine/chloride, bromine/bromide) within the first day. That is an extreme understatement as I’ve seen iodine detox in a matter of 10 minutes. Here is an anecdotal story which is very illustrative of how iodine detox works. My friend’s wife has 7 children, and was severely iodine deficient. Many women get very iodine deficient after having children and most do not fully replenish between kids as they lose a lot of iodine through their breast milk given to the infant. She tried 1 drop of NeuIodine™ on her wrist. Within 5 minutes she said she felt slightly nauseous, within 10 minutes she said she had to pee and she reported that her pee appeared cloudy, and within 15 minutes she said she felt fine, even better than before. Here is my take on what happened: within 5 minutes of taking fat soluble iodine (I2) on her skin, her body recognized the iodine was there, shuttled it where it needed to go, converted it from fat soluble to water soluble form Iodide (I-) and then flushed poisonous fluoride (F-) and bromide (Br-) out of her body within 10 minutes! Amazing! The cloudy urine she reported was most likely from fluoride and bromide salt crystals and possibly other toxins being detoxed as well. Seriously, if you are toxic with halogens and you get some iodine, your body doesn’t mess around it kicks that stuff out ASAP! I really cannot explain as a scientist how it does it so fast, except to say that there are likely a slew of iodine receptors and transporters in the body most of which are likely not discovered yet. Iodo-lipids (iodine complexed to fat) are an interesting research area to me, but suffice it to say the body can transport iodine fast likely both fat and water soluble forms in likely every cell of the human body! Most people just feel more awake and better with 1 drop of iodine, but if you are severely deficient, such a mild detox reaction is normal and is a good thing. Knowledge is power and in this case knowledge of iodine is the power to drastically support your health!

I believe that the body only needs the fat soluble form of iodine as it can readily make the water soluble form at will. That’s why I bottle NeuIodine™ in alcohol and have you put it directly on your skin. The iodine jumps into the “fat” of your skin and is then shuttled by your body to where to where it needs to go and converted into whatever form your body wants. My belief is different from what is commonly believed by most mainstream practitioners and nutritionists who generally think your body needs a mixture of fat soluble iodine and water soluble iodide, or from some who just think that taking iodide is sufficient for your body’s iodine needs which I think is false. One highly concentrated and well known iodine tincture is called Lugol’s solution which is a mixture of both iodine (fat soluble) and iodide (water soluble) in water. Because it has been around since the 1820’s, many doctors are familiar with it but they don’t understand that just because our grandfather’s bottled iodine incorrectly doesn’t mean that we have to continue to do so in modern times. The problem is that the fat soluble iodine does not want to be in water. In fact, it won’t dissolve in water at all, a problem which is overcome by adding pottasium iodide to it which can force iodine solubility in water and is likely the main motivation for why many historically used iodine supplements were a mixture of both iodine and iodide. However, when you put iodine in water it changes the chemistry of it where it can form many different oxidation states (periodiates) whose utilitly by the body is unknown and likely greatly diminished. Many people have good iodine supplements (fat soluble form only), but the directions are bad telling them to put a drop in a glass of water! Worse yet, oftentimes directions tell people to swish in their mouth which is a bad idea if you have metal fillings! If you ever see literature about iodine being safe to put in your water or eyes, that is incorrect unless it is talking about iodide (clear potassium iodide crystals, i.e. KI or K+ I- ) which is the water soluble form. I make it clear on the label, do not put NeuIodine™ in your mouth if you have metal fillings or in your eyes! Please don’t put my high quality fat soluble iodine in water, just do as directions say and put a drop on your skin. If you like to use essential oils, put the iodine on a part of your skin where there is not already an oil as the oil can prevent the iodine from absorbing into your skin well as the hydrophobic oil will compete with your skin for the fat soluble lipophilic (lipid/fat loving) iodine. Make sense? If you are fascinated by really understanding how scientists measure hydrophobicity/lipophilicity check out my environmental science work on Kow (octanol water partition coefficient) which is the parameter used in environmental science to measure chemical lipophilicity and bioavailability and my iodine papers also available to view by connecting with me on Linkedin on my CV. I am very grateful for my interdisciplinary training in environmental science in environmental ecotoxicology and pharmacology and my time working as a contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers thanks in large part to my mentor Dr. David Johnson. A take home message is that there truly is a spectrum of lipophilicity and there is an intermediate range in the body which is necessary for things to cross membranes effectively. There is a whole world of fat and membrane shuttling of iodine in the body awaiting to be discovered, but don’t wait until then to get some, your body wants iodine now!

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