Detox Corona Virus


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior (A. Ben Goins MS DSM)


There is a big Bitcoin SV (BSV) conference in London, England coming up this weekend Feb 20-21st. (
I won’t be there because I’m going to be volunteering at a more local but equally as nerdy event called ConNooga  Feb 21-23 (} where I’ll be playing board games and have a friend coming to town will be entertaining, but I known a lot of people going to London right now & they have been struggling or the last month to go there or to cancel their trip because of the Corona virus outbreak. Because the London airport is a busy place, there are already reports of first responders getting sick and all kind of craziness over there, also this is right after a turbulent time in British politics where they just left the European Union (Brexit), so going to London right now should be an exciting time but is not for the faint of heart.  A number of people going there use iMedDo health supplements, and at least one decided to go whereas they might not have otherwise because of iMedDo supplements, so I am making a positive impact in the Bitcoin space by trying to keep the folks who I think are changing the world healthy. London is and is going to continue to be a very important place for Bitcoin development because the Australian founder of Bitcoin Dr.Craig Wright, moved to London and decided to make it his permanent home, and is planning to use British law to enforce his Bitcoin patents, so overall between Brexit and being the home of Satoshi, London, England has set itself up to continue to be an important financial and travel destination for the foreseeable future. Feb 4th, the Bitcoin SV blockchain upgraded to have default unlimited block size. This is a big deal because now there a lot of new applications which can use it since it can handle the increased transaction volume. In my own personal news, I was also able to get a small upgrade on my website as well to where now you can type either or and it will work (formerly only if you used the www part would work).  iMedDo originally only used Paypal then I expanded into using both Etsy and Bitcoin as alternative payment system. Bitcoin (BSV) is my favorite so far because it only has a fraction of a penny transaction fee whereas I get charged $3-5 on every order using Paypal or Etsy so Bitcoin payments are superior from a financial perspective.


One thing I want all my readers to be aware of is a new social media platform called Twetch which is essentially a bitcoin version of Twitter where you pay a small fee to post content, but then you get to own it, and you paid when people like and share it. I’ve been testing it out, and I’ve really been enjoying it, so try it out and follow me on there if can the link is  It’s just really cool, you just have to try it out to believe it, but let me give you an example. I have a friend who said something I really liked and posted (Twetched) her quote on my page. Here is the quote which you probably can’t see because you don’t have a Twetch account yet, but here is what it says: “Bitcoin is a tool for humans to connect at the heart” Ruth Heasman. I paid 5 cents (BSV equivalent) to post the quote on the blockchain. It immediately got liked (got 4 cents back), then someone branched it (got another cent now broke even), then several more people liked (4 cents, 4 cents, 1 cent , 1 cent) and now the post has made me 10 cents profit in BSV! Just for making a social media post that other people liked & shared! This really works and is the future folks, so sorry if you don’t see me much on Facebook or Twitter anymore because why should I give my data away when I can own it and get paid for it. Bitcoin is going to replace all current social media and this Twetch app has a very good shot at replacing both Twitter and Facebook in the next few year you heard it here first. I’ve been making a lot of great meme content on Twetch, and you guys & gals are missing out please make an account on there and follow me, my user name/number is DrBenGo @169. It’s just really cool, once you start getting paid for people liking your posts, it’s impossible to go back to the old way. One caveat though. Don’t post anything on the blockchain you don’t want to be there forever because there is no delete button! When you have to pay a small fee and know it is going to be there forever it really makes you think before you post. It’s a very different paradigm but after testing it out I love it! The main advantage is censorship resistance because you can say things, post things, preserve things that cannot be readily destroyed. I am still on Twitter, as well as Twetch and my handle is @healtwarrior1.  I mainly use Twitter to keep up to date on people posting about health news, but am phasing it out in favor of Twetch.  There is a feature on Twetch where everytime I make a Twetch it automatically Tweets it to my Twitter anyway so Twitter is pretty obsolete for me already, I do most of social media on Bitcoin now already! So checking Twitter what is the Corona virus news of the day? Oh my! Chinese scientist say its a bioweapon released from a facility in nearby Wuhan that was studying horseshoe bats!


When I first heard about the “China Virus” which was then called the “Wuhan Virus” and then called the “Corona Virus” and now called the “2019 novel Corona Virus” i.e. nCoV2019 or also COVID-19 and all sorts of similar names, I admit at first I really thought it was a hoax. It’s hard to confirm anything going on in China, China is well known for propaganda, China is supposedly not allowing other countries to examine their Wuhan ground zero to verify. There are allegations that China had the virus stolen from a lab in Canada & then released it on it’s own people, or maybe it was released from bat-soup in a market, the stories just sounded pretty wild and I had no reason to believe any of it as sounded like propaganda.   

However, my friends in Australia & England and some in America even were very scared of this virus and they told me they think it is very real. So, I started to try to pay attention and, I said something like, “Well if this is real, then instead of only a few hundred  cases being reported, we should rapidly be seeing stories of thousands of cases & allegations of  China trying to cover it up & tens of thousands of more cases not being reported. Sure enough, that’s was what happened.  At that point, I no longer thought this is a hoax, but instead became worried that something much more sinister was going on like a bioweapon release.  

I have a pretty healthy imagination & health intuition, and here is the what my mind was immediately thinking at that point imagining the possible conversation (fictional account) of what could have occurred in worse case scenario assuming US & CHINESE collusion:

US Bioterrorist: Hey I’ve got this great viral bioweapon & already got a stockpile of the cure ready to go.  All I need you to do China, is release it on your own people to create some global fear, and I’ll give you stock options in these vaccine companies that already have the cure and we’ll make tons of money!.  In addition, this will help with your overpopulation problem and all your party people you like will be given immunity drugs in advance.  Sure it will kill a fraction of your people but it will only cull the weak and your remaining people will be inoculated and is good for your country’s overall health!  We’ve already got an excellent viral propagation model, and after you release it can show how well it follows the model.  We can use the model to design new vaccine scares every 3-7 years and keep selling vaccine drugs and make as much money as you want just name your price! The best part is that it will give you an opportunity to enact draconian quarantines on your people, and our allies can use the fear to enact draconian quarantines on their own people as well.  We can probably do the same in communist New York & California and if we keep doing this every year maybe we can eventually reach our goal of disarming the rest of the US since everytime we do mandatory quarantines, we can do some mandatory vaccinating and some gun confiscation too!  
Chinese Communist Party Member:  Sounds great. Let’s arrange for one of your BSL-4 lab agents to transfer the virus up to Canada so no-one will known you involved then our agent Q (Qiu) who was instrumental in making GMO Ebola can take a look at the virus.  If it checks out, have Canada arrange to transfer it to us via Dr.Q.  We’ll release it and either in a market and pretend it came from someone eating bat soup.  No-one will suspect that it’s a ruse because the bats in the area have lots of corona viruses already, and we will say it was natural evolved.  We’ll use the model to feed the media numbers on infected, and can also use the opportunity to sell a lot of facemasks too at a huge markup, this is gonna be a real money maker!

I hope my readers enjoyed my imaginations fictional account. I truly hope that nothing like that did happen, but that’s the account my brain imagined up which I just wanted to share as a backdrop before talking further about this issue.


“All the news from Wuhan is fake, even the people with money can’t get any medicine!” Wuhan resident

I am skeptical that it is natural, I am skeptical of the US, Canadian and Chinese science. I’m skeptical of all the US vaccine manufacturers poised to use this opportunity as a gold-rush to trade human health for cash because they are economically incentivized to poison & lie.  The thing supposedly protecting scientific integrity in the mainstream model is “peer-review”, and already all the Corona papers have been “expedited” by the journals i.e only limited peer review. The best paper I read was from India, and it was retracted already. It has implicated the Corona virus as being related to the SARS virus & also related to the HIV virus making it look like a bioweapon.

Also, because we live in an age of genetic sequencing, if a virus was bioengineered instead of having evolved naturally, it should be obvious from its genetic code which of the two occurred. Before we try to separate fact from fiction, here are all the rumors & controversies about Corona virus that I am aware of:

1. Some say is killing only 2% infected, other say 15-30% of infected.
2. Some say is targeting Asians & other are saying it is not.
3. Some say was bioweapon stolen from Canada others that it was natural to China
4. Some say it escaped a shoddy Chinese lab, others it came from bat-soup at market.

The consensus items now are that it is mostly in China but already spreading across the world with cases all over SE Asia and Australia, London and even the US already with more to come!

The consensus is that governments can use this scare to enact quarantines on their people which is a problem if you value your right to travel being restricted (I do). Also people in quarantined areas are more likely to have their rights violated with such possible atrocities as mandatory vaccines being forced upon them, so you don’t want to be in a quarantine area.  


From the Gladstone Institutes uploaded Feb 6th with 46k+ views on youtube:

Basically it says, don’t worry about Corona only a 2% infected kill rate, instead worry about the common flu, it’s flu season get your flu shot even though it doesn’t work, it could save your life!!! Also here’s a great list of vaccine companies you should invest in! At the Q&A at the end an Asian sounding possibly Chinese audience member asks the panel if the virus is specific to any ethnicity and they say no. This video is interesting because it espouses a lot of ideas that are counter indicated by other information but if you believe them then the Corona virus is very mild, is not a bioweapon, evolved naturally from bats and does not target Asian people.

I’ve heard the complete opposite as well from other sources that the Corona virus is very virulent (15-30% not 2%), is a bioweapon (genetically modified not just from natural bat evolution), and even allegations that it does specifically target Asian people more so than other ethnic groups.

Firstly, a virus with 2% versus 30% infected kill rate should be very noticeable which one it is so, I can’t believe this is not yet clear. But if it is a bioweapon the higher kill rate is more likely than the lower one, whereas if it was naturally evolved then the lower one would be more likely. The video clearly states that they do not think is a bioweapon, but does their data support that?


Some interesting parts of the video I want to point out are at timecodes:
20:33 Which is about how protease HIV drugs (Lopinavir & Ritonavir) are being used to treat corona virus.

In this talk they say that it is not true that the virus is a bioweapon that has been spliced with HIV. I think they are lying as their very slice controverts their position. You have to ask yourself, if this virus was not spliced with HIV, then why are the HIV drugs working on it? Its seems like they have cognitive dissonance or more likely are just flat out lying when they say is not an HIV spliced bioweapons because it sure seems like it is, and we saw the Indian paper which confirmed. Notice that they say a new drug called Remdesivir is being developed against the Corona virus and note that Remdesivir is an EBOLA drug!.  Why would an Ebola drug work on Corona Virus? Well if you have been paying attention to the rumors, then you would know that the same doctor Qiu (Q) who designed Ebola vaccine, is the same person who allegedly weaponized &/or stole the nCov2019 virus from the Canadian lab. If it was a bioweapon made by an Ebola specialist from splicing Ebola, with SARS & HIV then it would make sense that an Ebola drug would work on it after all now doesn’t it. So the fact that they trying Remdesivir and Ebola drug means to me that they known it is a bioweapon made by and Ebola specialist, and are just lying to our face to say it is not a bioweapon.


If you watch to timecode: 39:31 it all makes sense. They have a perfectly scripted line to promote the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, a known US bioterrorism organization in my opinion.  The wording is pretty interesting:

“Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Dedicated 100 Million to helping to fight & contain this viral outbreak of which so central portion will be bolstering up low income say low resource countries & their public health resources so if there is, if there does happen to be a local outbreak it has a better chance of being contained.”

If the Gates foundation is involved you can be sure this is a bioweapon meant to make someone rich. Also, if the entire country of China cannot control an infection, what good is the Gates foundation going to do for some little low income country? Nothing, they just gonna use those poor people as guinea pigs for their vaccine trial.  I hope the little low income countries bolster themselves to keep the Gates foundation the heck out of there. For that matter I want them out of the US as well.  


At 41:28 the speaker says that “One issue is that we don’t even understand for instance with respect to the lung pathogenesis whether much of the pathology the pathophysiology is due to direct invasion or damage to the lung or is due to an autoimmune response or a cytokine storm so these fundamental questions really need to be studied”

I want my readers to note, this is a very propaganda answer because he should have added in that the virus does not kill you, but rather it is the secondary bacterial infection that kills from pneumonia.  But people research anti-viral don’t want to talk about this because they want money for anti-virus research but it is obvious to me that what you need instead is simply and anti-bacterial to protect the lungs for a week or two until your bodies own full immune response kicks in, more on that later.   

Speaker goes on to say: “much of the focus has really been understandably on the epidemiology with respect to the research being done and to aid the public health response but I think ultimately we’ll nee to do the basic science to really understand that to be able to really address develop targeted therapies that would be effective”  

This is an admission that this virus is really all about CONTROL & quarantining people i.e. “aiding the public health response”.  This is not about medicine to these guys, it’s about using medicine as a weapon against the people to impose quarantines (restrict freedom of movement) and to violate the right to life (mandatory vaccinations during quarantining) in my personal opinion.  

Yeah it sure would be nice if all the years you supposedly studied SARS, HIV, EBOLA that you would already know some of the basic science answers about this virus. But you don’t. Why. Because it’s an untested novel bioweapon that’s why.

But seriously why can’t you answer any basic science questions about SARS at least?

At 42:58 You guys admit there are 4 other Corona viruses that affect humans so hasn’t anyone done any basic science on those yet? What the heck ya’ll been doing “aiding the public health response & making bioweapons that’s what.  

NOT SO NATURAL: 90% BAT & 80% SARS 10-20% HIV & EBOLA?

53:10 where the speaker drops some very interesting number which I think prove they are lying to us quite obviously if you think about some statements from the beginning of the talk.  

The issue is that the natural SARS viruses should only differ by about 7 base pairs (natural viruses would have very tiny amounts of sequence differences, this is not a fast mutating virus they claim) BUT now they say that this nCov2019 is only 80% the same as SARS its closes human corona virus relative! That’s a 20% difference and is more supportive of being a bioweapon with HIV & EBOLA inserts than of being a 99% similar naturally occurring virus.  However, the speaker does say that the virus is 90-94% similar to bat corona viruses that have already been sequenced and that there are about 60 of them. So that at least supports the idea that it could be natural. But even then it should be more like 99% similar not just 90% similar.  The numbers seem very fishy and overall, this video and the panel failed to convince me that this is not a bioweapon.  Also I find their answer at 51:11 that this virus does not affect Asians more than other people to be just complete BS. “no evidence ethnicity influence transmissibility”, if this evolved naturally in Asia, it would make sense that the studies saying Asians would be more susceptible combined with the obvious evidence (all of China being the most infected) says otherwise. This video is straight up propaganda and in typical propaganda promoting style, Youtube, closed the comments on it so people like me can’t point the obvious holes in their arguments or comment things like “So if is not a bioweapon then why such low only 80% similarity to Human SARS, could it be because the other 20% is spliced in HIV & Ebola? Perhaps Hmmm? & Why if it is not a HIV spliced bioweapon are all the HIV & Ebola drugs working on it Hmmmm? At 44:25 you say there is already a SARS vaccine, if 80% similar to SARS then why is no-one testing the old SARS vaccine why make new ones Hmmmm?


In case you missed it, at 44:49 in the video they drop a possible cure for SARS.  “Convalescence serum or plasma”. That’s right, the blood serum or blood plasma of a person who healed (convalesced) i.e. recovered from the virus will have the antibodies against the virus. The only problem is that even though the cure for SARS is known (& they even have a vaccine already they claim), since this is a spliced bioweapon and only 80% SARS, the SARS cure might not work as you have to also address the HIV part & many even Ebola part of the virus, but is definitely worth a try if you have convalesced blood serum available. But don’t worry I have something else you can try.


All of my readers should already known how to use the iMedDo Detox system. For new people it’s basically you start out with 1 drop NeuSilver & NeuGold in water & 1 drop NeuIodine on skin & work up to 2 drops NeuIodine for men and 4 drops for most women (6 if pregnant or breastfeeding). You should be doing that everyday anyway. However, for nCov2019 super bioweapon virus there is something additional you need to to which is also what you should do for pneumonia which is to also get silver directly into the lungs.


The way you directly detox your lungs is with a medical device called a “nebulizer”.   I have no recommendation on which is best brand but here is the one I have for those curious.

There are lots of nebulizers to choose from with a price range of $28-200 with most in the $30-80 range & it doesn’t really matter which one you use, the important part is that it has a bulb that you can but some water and a drop of NeuSilver in, a facemask so that you can breath in the colloidal nano-bio-silver vapor directly into your lungs.  


If you get Corona virus, you will want to Nebulize a drop of NeuSilver everyday for about 3-5 minutes which will sooth the lungs and kill any secondary pneumonia infection trying to grow. You may have to do this for 1-2 weeks until your full immune response kicks in and the Corona virus is completely eradicated. You simply put a small amount of water in the bulb of the Nebulizer, put the drop of NeuSilver in that (you can use 1-4 drops if it makes you feel better but 1 is fine), and then turn it on and it will suspend the nano silver in a cloud of vapor that you can breath into your lungs and sinus using the face mask of the nebulizer.  Easy.  
Based on what I’ve heard, there is a delay of a about a week from getting infected with Corona before you start to get the symptoms and by day 4 your lungs are full of virus then by week 2 you get bad respiratory cough.  You don’t want to wait until then to only just start nebulizing silver. you need to do it right away if you start coughing or have trouble breathing or think you may have been exposed to nCov19. This same self-medication can be used for pneumonia or any lung or sinus infection. True food grade nano-colloidal silver like NeuSilver 10 nm 100 ppm is anti-viral & anti-bacterial so a virus that tries your attack your lungs by a secondary bacteria infection (pneumonia) like Corona virus is not a problem.


Go ahead and put a drop of NeuGold along with the NeuSilver in the nebulizer. Nano-colloidal gold is being used to kill the flu and is even being used as a “scaffold” in new anti-flu vaccines. 

The gold is not just a scaffold, the gold itself IS the medicine. NeuGold is 10 nm 50 ppm true nano-colloidal gold and has many healing properties, do not neglect to use it as part of your detox system.  


By taking NeuIodine normally (skin adsorption), it will keep the thyroid butterfly in your neck topped off with iodine and then if nCov2019 tries to attack the T-Cells in  your thymus, the thyroid will protect it. Don’t put any NeuIodine in the nebulizer, just continue to use it as normal and you don’t need to increase your dosage when sick because detoxing faster is not helpful when fighting an infection, slow & steady wins the race.  However, if you are full detoxed (have been using iMedDo system already for a full 6 months or for a year or two already) then it is okay to double your iodine dosage when sick.  Otherwise just rely on increasing silver dosage when sick instead. Instead of using the normal 1 drop of NeuSilver a day when sick you can do 7-10 drops a day.

One of my Australian customers whose identity I will keep confidential who is in London now because he is not afraid of this virus anymore thanks to iMedDo, already got Corona Virus several weeks back, and already recovered. The method of contraction was from his children’s first day of school where they all got sick from exposure to Chinese classmates who parents had recently been in the Wuhan area.  My customer & friend is very smart was already an iMedDo detox customer, and contacted me on how to use the supplements on his children before sending them to school for fears of just that happening which it did. Although his whole family still got sick, it was very mild and full recovery within 2 weeks allowing him to continue traveling internationally. Once you recover you have immunity to the virus so there is no longer any fear of contracting the same strain of the virus again.    


The Corona virus has already travelled to Japan, and likely will be in California soon, and there are already rumors of it being in New York. Everyone please get ready & stock up on supplies, food, vitamins & potable water in case of outbreak. Please tell your friend about the importance of using iMedDo detox system and having a nebulizer ready to get it in your lungs in the event of infection.  


All emergency care workers, first responders & hospital, airport and mall workers etc, please oh please use this system. I want you all to remember I already tested out the iMedDo system years ago by working for a full YEAR on the international terminal of the Dallas-Fort-Worth airport and never got sick. I was in the airport the day of the EBOLA outbreak in Dallas! Don’t let the creation of a mad Ebola scientist DrQ ruin your life, this corona virus is likely a bioweapon with parts of Ebola in it and I already known my system works on Ebola.  Nurses and first responders are at the highest risk to get infected and there are already rumors of first responder infection in the US, so please get some n95 face masks that fit when working with infected people, wash your hands, and have a nebulizer and Neusilver handy.


Did you know that you can buy a small spray bottle and put a drop of NeuSilver & NeuGold in it and then spray on your hands throughout the day as many times as you want? I do this all the time as my own personal hand-sanitizing spray. They say wash your hands to prevent infection but I oftentimes just spray mine! I spray and then rub together, and also you can do an aura cleanse by rubbing your hands together using NeuSilver & NeuGold try it!  


Once this outbreak dies down it is not over. We still must definitely prove that this was a bioweapon, and then hold the criminals who released it accountable. If no-one is held accountable, this could just be the first of many more bioweapons tests to come. Although this one was targeted appears that it was targeted at the Asian population, the next one could be targeted for your area or genetic background! We live in a very scary age of “gene-therapy” i.e. “targeted gene-bioweapons!” the dark flip side. So please join with me and stay vigilant for criminal bioterrorists even if they are in your own government. They shall be exposed & held accountable for we cannot afford for such reckless tampering with such dangerous viruses as SARS, MERS, HIV & EBOLA and worse to continue.  If you live in an area near a BSL-4 lab you might be at risk of a accidental or even purposeful outbreak and you need to be prepared. I personally think all these labs need to be shut down, but it is out of my control. I feel terrible that my country has so many bioweapons as it might make other countries feel that they need to get their own & spark bioweapon proliferation. The thought and possibility of biowarfare is very terrible. For all I known China could be using the virus which we think is a bioweapon against their own people to innoculate the 70%+ of their people who survive to make them immune to this virus, so that they can release an even more virulent strain as a bioweapon against their enemies in the future. I known this may sound like crazy talk, but maybe it is in your best interest to get infected with the Corona virus, recover from it with iMedDo and then you will be immune as well but I am not promoting that just everyone do what you can to avoid it but if you do get it, you will only become stronger when you survive, this is the nature of biowarfare. Unfortunately, contagious bioweapons and mandatory vaccines are really the stuff of nightmares, and we need to get to the truth and be committed to bioweapon non-proliferation which I think in the US’s case is immediate BIOWEAPON DISARMAMENT & reduction in BSL-4 bioweapons labs. If the Canadian lab really did get its bioweapon stolen, and if the Chinese lab really did accidentally spill their virus, then that is a very cautionary tale as to what can go wrong when bioweapon research proliferates.


People can only get away with such terrible crimes as bioweapon release on their own people when shrouded in secrecy. We already have the technology with BitCoin SV to put all the genetic information on chain, and to track bioweapon engineered changes to viruses on chain so that the world can see who, which scientist or which country is engaged in illegal bioweapon proliferation. The people of China might put up with their country releasing a bioweapon on their own populace but the people of America will not, and we will hold our own government accountable, and it is imperative we put the necessary checks & balances in place now to prevent such an egregious occurrence as to what happened in China now from ever happening in our country and I hope every other country does the same.   


Many countries including Britain & Australia, I have heard from my friends who live there, have already recently passed laws to limit the freedom of their citizens with mandatory quarantine and whatnot in the event of an outbreak. It’s a slippery slope to go from mandatory quarantine to such terrible abuses of freedom as mandatory vaccine poison. Such restrictions are anathema to freedom and Europe especially England must be watched very closely now they they have left the European Union (Brexit) as we do not want their ideas of lack of freedom to infect our country. Overall I feel very positive for England, and Brexit feels like freedom in a sense for them or at least some of them, so I hope they continue down the path of increased not decreased freedom. When you zoom out enough, were are all quarantined already on this one big rock zooming through space.  


It is my belief that the etymology of the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) word crown (Latin corona) comes from the Sumerian word KUAN which means heavens (open the heavens). This make sense when a person who wears a crown is opening a connection between them-self and heaven to assert that they have a divine right to rule. However, I much like the Sumerians thought that royalty is a scam because we each can connect ourself and we each have our own divine (inherent) rights.  


In America we do not have a King or do we? There was an ages old debate between Greco-Roman ideas of having a Senate for the People making the rules versus having a Priest-King making the rules such as the Pharaoh of Egypt.  The Priest-King worked very well for thousands upon thousands of years, and can be a very stable form of government, but the Senate (Roman SPQR means Senate & the People of Rome) and the People making the rules is a more just form of government up until someone like Caesar takes over and makes them-self a Priest-Emperor(Where Caesar now means King). Unlike in the Egyptian model where the royalty specific rules of inheritance via the female line, once the person with the most power makes the rules then it led to many backstabbing generals one after the other just taking power because they could.  In America, we tried to take the good of the people and senate model, get rid of the King and make our leader be a civilian leader of the military with checks and balances (legislative & judicial branch to limit the executive branch) in hopes that we would fare better than the Romans. The Western Roman empire was replaced by Germanic tribes which still clung to matrilineal or patrilineal royalty ideas as well as indigenous tribes with matrilineal royalty ideas.  The most influential was the Crown of England. King Arthur was likely based on the Germanic chieftain Alaric II in part, but actually the idea of a just king was just the old rehash of the idea of the worthy Pharaoh who had to be just to rule and needed some criteria. For Arthur the criteria was being blessed by the Goddess (Lady of the Lake) by being able to pull Excalibur sword out of a stone & the 12 Knights of the Round Table were the for the 12 houses of the zodiac, as a just council would rule and assert their divine right from the stars as had the ancient Egyptians and likely all PIE language family rulers before Sumerians and maybe even before.  The point is royalty can be very good if is a just ruler, or can be very bad if an unjust ruler as little ways for the people to get rid of a bad ruler.


In the American (US) experiment, the idea is not that we got rid of royalty but rather that we TRANSFERRED the power of the royalty TO THE PEOPLE.  Still there is the whole King Arthurian idea that you as an INDIVIDUAL PERSON need to be worthy enough to wield your inherent (divine) rights. The idea of being royal and wearing a crown is that you are a person who is connected to heaven and thus have divine rights. Today in America, there are multiple levels of government: local, state, federal who are supposed to keep each other in check, and now there is even the problem of international bodies of government seeking control to worry about. Seeing England pull out of the European Unison (Brexit) was an example of this because the Queen is exerting her independent (sovereign) divine right of rulership.  


The people & government of England is not like ours because their lawmakers are all “Ministers” i.e. helpers of the Monarch whereas in America our lawmakers are Officers of the American People.  In both cases we have Royalty but in the American model it is the people themselves who are supposed to be the royalty. In practice though like how the ancient ideals of Greece were corrupted by the Romans devolving into Emperor and then back to Monarchy, I see America on a similar path if we do not shape up.


The key finding is that I am not anti-royal, I am PAN-ROYAL i.e. ALL-Royal in that I believe that all people, each individual person has the capacity to be royal and that we all have inherent rights (divine rights). However, like the King Arthur story, I also believe that you have to be worthy and this requires hard work and a commitment to your own personal spiritual journey and a commitment to the divine law to do no harm. I wish the people of England well with Brexit, but do not expect me to bow to your Queen or future King because I have my own divine right already & the power of the British royalty has already been transferred to the American People.  Namaste means the divine in me recognizes the divine in you! We are all royal & have have divine right, inherent rights, human rights, natural rights, whatever you want to call them, enjoy them & fight for them.  


Did you known that the letter “N” means heaven? The ancient Sumerians called the heaven and the god of heaven aNu (ANU), the Egyptians called the goddess of heaven Nut (N), and the letter N in many words including CrowN and CoiN and even my own last name GoiNs means the heavens! After I picked the word NEU to describe my products, I found out it meant “new” in German (they pronounce “Noi”) which I did not know at the time which is cool, but the intention of the name Neu is the N that these are supplements are like the N which means from the Heavens. Also I found out while research this episode that KUAN (Crown) in Sumerian also means opening the heavens and from the common PIE etymology then N besides Heavens also means Crown! Wow! So if and when you meet the Corona Virus (Crown Virus), be sure you are already wearing your own NEU Crown (Neu:Silver:Gold:Iodine), so when that virus tries to open up the heavens to take you away, you can say piss off, I’ve already got a crown, keep your bat DNA to yourself!  


I want to mention but not discuss the ancient Titaness Goddess of Bats Hecate (Hequat/Hell) under whose purview a bat plague such as this Corona outbreak would fall.  It is fascinating that there are 60+ Coronaviruses in Bats & that bats may be the key to understanding the evolutionary nature of all retroviruses. I doubt we are the first culture in history to experience a bat plague, nor the first to be designing bat originated bioweapons to throw at each other. They say history repeats.


I hope you have all enjoyed this episode! Here is the summary of how to use iMedDo to survive nCov2019 infection:
Unless you get infected there is nothing special for you to do other than to continue taking your standard dosage of iMedDo detox system.  If you do get infected, then you can increase your NeuSilver dosage from 1 drop a day to 7-10 drops a day for the next 3-14 day depending on how long it takes you to get better. Also in addition to your standard 1 drop of NeuGold a day, you can use 3 additional drop when sick to make a viral headaches or brain inflammation go away and you can use this multiple time in a day up to about 10 drops a day if you need. For NeuIodine if you get sick there is nothing you need to change just keep doing your 2 drops for men or 4 for women. However, if you think you were fully detoxed before getting sick (have previously used iMedDo detox for at least 6 months before), you can double your NeuIodine dosage when sick to 4 for men and up to 8 for women.  So that is the standard way when sick, but for this corona virus you also need to get a nebulizer and put 1 drop of NeuSilver & 1 drop of NeuGold in it and breath in the silver-golden electrum vapors directly into your lungs. Do this 1-3 times a day for 3-5 minutes each time and do this everyday until your lungs get better which could be from about 1-2 weeks. Clear as mud? Contact me if you have any questions.

NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End).

By DrBenGo Healthwarrior


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