Iodine: Nascent Iodine liquid for Thyroid support, 100% RDA | Neu Iodine by iMedDo


Iodine: Nascent Iodine liquid for Thyroid support, better than Lugol Iodine mix! 100% RDA health supplement | Neu Iodine by iMedDo


Detox strength Iodine for total body health support. With 700 pre-measured drops, this is the easiest way to get 100% RDA. No measuring spoon required! This is an incredible deal as NeuIodine is a 1 yr supply for a man or a 6 month supply for a woman! Iodine is a critical endocrine nutrient used by every cell in the body. Massively important for healthy thyroid function, it’s even more important for females because both the ovaries and mammaries use a ton of the stuff. Within 15 minutes, one drop is going to have a couple different effects in those who are deficient. It’s going to make you feel more awake, more alert, and more energetic, because Iodine powers the Adrenal glands. Then it’s going to kickstart your Thyroid and through the Thyroid function it’s going to detox all the heavy metals including Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Nickel, and all the other heavy metals.

Our Iodine is better than Lugol’s Solution because Lugol’s is a blend of Iodide & Iodine and is overpowered. Those who are Iodine deficient can get detox reactions (including headaches, nausea, and acne) to the heavy metals being released through the Thyroid Function if you take from too much Iodine too quickly. NeuIodine has a dosage ramping protocol to prevent such things from happening. Next, it’s going to detox all of the Fluoride, Flourine, Bromide, Bromine, Chloride & Chlorine out of your body and brain, including the Penal gland, opening your third eye. It’s going to exit through your urine, so if it’s cloudy the next time you pee don’t freak out and if it’s not it just means you weren’t super toxic. This is a must have for swimmers to flush out chlorine toxicity from the gym, pool and hot tub, and it can even be used topically on wounds and absorb right into the skin!

Not evaluated by the FDA but with a 100% guarantee or your money back! All of our bottles are recyclable glass & your purchase from iMedDo counts as a tax deductible donation in the U.S. Your purchase price may reduce your taxes dollar for dollar, making these FREE!

Our educational video series explains the difference between Iodine & Iodide:

Read The Iodine Research papers wrote by Dr. Ben GOINS DSM:


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