Colloidal Gold: 10 nm, 50 PPM Liquid Colloidal Gold nano particles. | Neu Gold Colloidal Gold by iMedDo


Colloidal Gold: 10 nm, 50 PPM Liquid Colloidal Gold nano particles. Better than Ormu!


Colloidal Gold
All natural, Food grade and gluten free liquid colloidal gold for health support bottled at 50ppm is certified as safe for ingestion by a internal medicine doctor, or can be taken topically. There are no chemicals or additives, our only ingredients are water and nano gold particles. This 1/2 oz bottle has a dropper cap so it’s easy to take! No measuring required. Colloidal Gold is better than monatomic gold because gold nano particles release Monoatomic gold. Colloidal Gold gives your body the building blocks to make Monoatomic gold – naturally. This edible liquid doesn’t have the gritty unpleasant texture of Ormus either.

Etsy Gold Usage

iMedDo nano particles have a proprietary coating to help them bypass the gut and increase absorption into the organs. Our nano particles are certified as being safe for ingestion by an internal medicine doctor. These are not colloids made from a machine in someone’s garage. Consumer grade equipment creates nanoparticles with uneven size distribution. Some of the particles created may be 10 nm, 45 nm and some may be 100+ nm. Multiple sizes are created simultaneously in the same liquid solution and cannot be separated using equipment available to consumers. While not dangerous, gold nanoparticles that are too large can get stuck in the skin and are not absorbed by the body. This Colloidal Gold is bottled by a professional Chemist with degrees in Bio Chemistry, Bio Physics, and Medical Neuroscience.

Studies show that 95% of Americans are Iodine deficient, which means that their Thyroid isn’t doing a good job regulating the metals in their body. When you’re chronically stressed (and who isn’t) it’s easy to get something called copper toxicity, where excess copper gets deposited in the nerves. It can cause arthritic like symptoms and ultimately could lead to Parkinsons Disease. Gold is more electrically conductive than Copper, so it seems to be a preferred nutrient in the nervous system. It appears to be flushing the excess copper out of the nerves, making the nerves and brain fire faster and more efficiently. We have people self medicating for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as nerve related pains such as migraines, rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis. With 400 pre-measured drops in a bottle, this is over a 1 year supply if used 1 drop/day for health support.

Not evaluated by the FDA but with a 100% guarantee or your money back! All of our bottles are recyclable glass & your purchase from iMedDo counts as a tax deductible donation in the U.S. Your purchase price may reduce your taxes dollar for dollar, making these FREE!

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