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For this month’s episode I have important information which I learned from a virologist, Dr.Judy Mikovits PhD, via her book:

Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense) [Mikovits, Judy, Heckenlively, Kent, Kennedy, Robert Jr. F.]…

You may have seen some of her interviews or her viral movie Plandemic, though it’s getting rather hard to find (as it is being censored for telling too much truth). She is a bona fide virologist in the field of RNA retroviruses including HIV, which is very relevant as a person who is worth talking to when gaining clarity on coronavirus retrovirus.

What she says is shocking and I want to repeat it paraphrased:


What? A mouse virus (murine means mouse) which has transferred from mice to humans (xenotrophic) and is infecting people from where? The Influenza Vaccine aka FLU SHOT!

There is a word for disease caused by a vaccine and that word is VACCINOSIS!

Dr. Judy Mikovits is saying that VACCINOSIS is the true cause of the COVID19 Pandemic because the flu shots are contaminated with a mouse RNA retrovirus!


I read her book cover to cover (it’s very well written) and there is no substitute for reading the original material for yourself so I’m just going to talk about some of the relevant parts. If you don’t have time to read her book, make time but if you can’t at least watch the Plandemic video if you can find it among the censorship.

Dr.Judy in her book explains how the mouse virus XMRV became AIRBORNE and has infected millions of people including herself.

She warns of how zoonotic RNA retroviruses from many different species of animal have contaminated the vaccines and even the blood supply. Rather than admit it and fix the problem there is corruption at all levels of federal government which has conspired to COVER IT UP. Her overacting thesis in the book is that the Plague affecting humanity is from Corruption of the entire public & private health industries and she specifically testifies as to her story and how her career was ruined when she refused to falsify data and refused to retract a paper which exposed the VIRAL CONTAMINATION of the vaccines and blood supply.

She exposes how vaccines from the very get-go, such as the polio vaccine, were contaminated with monkey viruses and that that explains the HIV-Aids epidemic. All the vaccines afterwards have been contaminated with animal viruses which are being injected into humans and causing disease. After reading her book I realized what I’ve always known: that no good has ever come from a vaccine, only VACCINOSIS as a plague of animal viruses have been transferred to humans. She exposes how the government at all levels of public health has known about the contamination and has conspired to cover it up. She exposes the crooked and unjust special vaccine courts which prevent parents from getting justice when their children are injured by VACCINOSIS.

Dr. Judy is not a saint, as a virologist she has participated in, what I consider, some very evil bioweapon research called a gain of function study where viruses not native to humans are taught to grow in human tissue. She explains in her book how much of the public health research has really been military bioweapon research and she talks about the Ft.Detrick animal testing facility. I can tell Dr. Judy is sorry for her dark past, but in one of her videos I saw her say that scientists have to learn to forgive themselves. Her book reads to me like the confessions of a person who has seen, then rejected the darkness. She has subsequently done many great things to expose and reverse the damage; to protect the children who are being harmed by vaccinosis. I knew she was the real deal when I saw that my hero Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the famous vaccine defense lawyer, wrote the forward of her book.

In case you are not aware, RFK Jr. was famous to me before I had heard of Dr. Judy because he has done much to expose the dangers of mercury in vaccines. He has had a string of victories against evil, winning lawsuits against Monsanto and recently winning a lawsuit against the government: getting them to admit they HAD NOT done ANY of the required vaccine safety testing for the last 30 years. In her book, Dr. Judy exposes how the governments own scientist has admitted that vaccines cause autism in some children and this is information that every parent needs to know.

Dr. Judy has released the truth, a terrible ugly, truth and I will admit that by the end of the book I was in tears when I realized the full extent of the corruption. I knew it was bad but damn! It’s important to note that Dr.Judy points out many of the people she says are the bad guys: Anthony Fauci along with many more (Bill Gates, John Coffin, Robert Gallo & more). She talks about scientists committing suicide and being murdered. She also talks about her own ordeals of being arrested and harassed for her commitment to not commit fraud in her science when ordered to falsify & cover up the data, when the science exposed that the blood supply & vaccines were contaminated with animal RNA viruses.

Dr. Judy’s book impanels the reader to become a jury member with the duty to listen to her testimony and to make a decision on whether her claim is true or not: that science has become corrupt.

I read the book from cover to cover and I have to agree with her. Not all scientists are corrupt, but the ones in the vaccine fields of immunology and virology in particular are certainly corrupt as well as the vaccinosis pushing field of pediatrics. Pediatricians are ignorant, incompetent, or playing along with the coverup. If they dare to expose the coverup their career is destroyed if they are lucky or they are killed if not.

Thanks for the bravery of Dr.Judy, we now have the information we need so please spread it around far and wide.


The word vaccinosis which is used to mean disease caused by vaccine has a second hidden meaning which is that it has phonetic sound of the words Vaccine Gnosis. What is Gnosis? Like the word Gnostic (silent G like in Gnome), it means a “knower” of “having obtained knowledge of”. So the word VACCINOSIS also has a hidden meaning of “Having obtained knowledge of Vaccines”.

I hope everyone reading this, if you did not know, will please wake up and recognize that vaccines are extremely dangerous and rather than being a medicine are actually a POISON. You have been poisoned, even if you never got a vaccine. You many have gotten a retrovirus from your parents at birth, similar to the way HIV can be transmitted through birth. If you have the misfortune of getting the flu vaccine you likely have XMRV mouse virus. The mouse virus was combined with coronavirus creating the novel coronavirus which now, like the XMRV virus, became airborne.

According to Dr. J: if you got the flu shot your exhaled air is not safe to breath and it is DANGEROUS TO WEAR A FACE MASK because it causes you to rebreathe and concentrate the XMRV virus which can then cause COVID19.

So with this knowledge we can now see how everything that was done by the CDC recommending people to get a flu shot was actually spreading COVID. We can now see that the governments forcing everyone to wear a face mask is actually a sad attempt to INCREASE the number of Covid19 cases by poisoning those who got the flu shot. We have seen how there has been widespread fraud in trying to increase and cook the books on the Covid19 death rate. We got lucky this time because the death rate was low; will we be so lucky next go round? Bill gates is vowing to create a second pandemic come winter and no doubt plans to tweak his vaccine poison recipe. People are being lulled into a false sense of security. The coronavirus yes was weak but as at the mouse-coronavirus Frankenvirus XMRV-COVID, it is still in many people (all the vaccine flu shot recipients) and can be brought out again with either Bill Gates mandatory vaccination program to inject more XMRV-COVID into the entire world infecting everyone with mouse RNA (what is wrong with this guy!) or by many ways to stimulate the immune system in people who have XMRV like HIV waiting in dormancy.
It is my belief that satellites and cell towers and cell phones and bluetooth and other forms of wireless can be used to stimulate the aluminum nanoparticles in the blood of people who have not detoxed, who have been exposed to vaccines, and that this can stimulate the dormant retroviruses such as XMRV-COVID to re-emerge. You will note Bill Gates is talking about launching satellites all over the globe and I believe that external beam satellite activation is his most likely play to try to force a global re-emergence of the Pandemic (he calls it Pandemic 2) so that he can get everyone to beg their governments for his vaccine. Rather than getting medicine they will get poison.


Even without virulent vaccine damage, the human genome has about 8% made up of what Dr. J called endogenous retroviruses (ERVs). Humans and chimps have a lot of viral damage whereas orangutangs have a much more stable genome, and it is my belief that we are more closely related to orangutangs than chimps. One thing that both humans & chimps have in common are lots of viral inserts into their genome.


The Sumerian accounts claims that monkeys were essentially genetically modified into humans by aliens called the Annunaki. If this is the case then RNA viral inserts would be the way that you could hack monkey DNA. Our genome is made of DNA, but RNA is believed to have evolved first. RNA is the old code (like a backup) and DNA is the new code (main code). Advanced RNA viruses, like HIV/XMRV/CORONAVIRUSES, likely evolved after DNA. This way they could use RNA as a backdoor with the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) to encode their RNA into DNA to HACK DNA organisms. The 8% of genome being retroviruses indicates that we’ve been HACKED quite a few times over the course of evolution, or possibly from more direct tampering. Unlike the ancient theories where it is not known for sure, we are doing direct tampering now via virulent vaccine injections. So we are the Annunaki now in the story: we are modifying ourselves in accidental ways or maybe there could be some alien presence directing a global conspiracy to vaccinate everyone to make GMO humans. Anything is possible at this point.

However, in Dr.J’s book, she talks about accidentally infecting herself with XMRV retrovirus because the mouse virus had become AIRBORNE and they did not known that it could do that at the time. So rather than a divine or alien plan to change humanity on purpose, I see the RNA viral contaminants in vaccines as simply a very scary experiment which could result in the annihilation of all humanity.

Dr. J in her book admits in participating in some very unethical research, where she trained the Ebola virus to live in human cells (which she calls a “gain of function” study) and she exposes the military nature of work in public health. The mouse virus does not just get into the human by accident. The mouse virus has to be trained in a lab to grow in human cells and then be injected into a human by a vaccine or by a blood transfusion. The XMRV in flu shots is exactly like that. The growing in human part was not an accident. The infecting a human in her lab part was an accident. The injection via vaccine was no accident, because XMRV was known to be in the shots but was covered up.


In her book Dr.J exposes how much public health research has been done under the auspices of the military. RNA viral bioweapons used in a cold war with China are a hot topic. These weapons are too sneaky, great for spywork, can infect the globe and no one can even trace where it started.


Bill Gates, in case you don’t know, is a bad guy. In Dr. Judy’s book, she uncovers quite a few bad guys, the most important of which you should know about is Anthony Fauci. For sake of argument, I’m going to call Fauci as the #1 US Bad guy and Bill Gates as the #1 Global Bad guy as a person. Though at the global level #1 bad ‘guy’ right now is China. In her book Dr.J names an “unholy trinity” of bad guys in which Fauci was named.


To understand the evil plan you have to comprehend some of the virology the Dr.J talks about: which is that the RNA viruses are not all that stable, they can be chopped up and spliced back together forming chimeric Frankenstein viruses i.e. “Frankenviruses”. I also like the term Chimeric viruses (like Chimera i.e. mythological creature made of different animal parts), but Frankenvirus is fine. The thing is that Frankenvirus can be made in the lab or they can combine in the wild; such as when a person with an RNA Virus from a virulent vaccine gets infected with another RNA virus. It is my belief that the novel coronavirus is simply a Frankenvirus. According to Dr. J the true cause of nCov19 (the disease caused by the novel Corona virus) is XMRV xenotropic murine retrovirus i.e. a mouse virus that is now in humans. How does that work? XMRV is a mouse virus, it is in humans because of flu shots. Coronavirus is a bat virus that does not affect humans. Any bioweapons lab can do what Dr. J did when she trained Ebola to replicate in human tissues, called a gain of function study, which is unethical. PS: Dr.J is likely sorry for her part in that, though unclear in her book, but in her videos she urges virologist to “forgive themselves” so likely she is sorry. It’s very likely that a bioweapons lab created a frankenvirus made of XMRV & coronavirus and this is the new or “novel” coronavirus XMRV-COV FRANKENVIRUS that causes nCov19 DISEASE. Because virulent vaccines are part of the corruption & coverup Dr.J exposes in her book, it is no surprise that are now listing anything and everything as nCov19 which will coverup the viral and more specifically VACCINOSIS (disease by vaccine) cause of nCov19.


Bill the “Health Destroyer” Gates, the second richest man in the world, has gone “full anti-christ”. He’s got a proven track record of evil, is making threats, and has the money to back them up. His threat is that there is going to be a second pandemic, that everyone is going to be forced to get his vaccine, and accept his vaccine tracking. I’m not sure if people are taking him seriously enough when he says this, because I think what he means is that his plan is to launch a new FRANKENVIRUS at the world come winter. I don’t know what’s going to be his poison formula exactly, but it’s likely going to be a more souped up version of the nCov19 (which will likely have XMRV, the airborne mouse portion) and then a more virulent portion. In the nCov19 poison formula, they just used chopped up portions of HIV it seems; so maybe they’ll make a full blown XMRV-HIV-COV next time. Regardless of his exact vaccinosis poison formula, I firmly believe that he intends to make the next Pandemic much worse and that he has the frankenvirus to do so. I really think he’s going to unleash his GMO mosquitos at some point, but the XMRV airborne delivery system as pretty impressive in an evil way. I think Bill really believes that he is the savior of the globe from overpopulation and that his unholy global depopulation mission is immune from divine law. I don’t think it’s going to end well for Bill Gates, but we need to start getting ready for his Pandemic #2 by detoxing this summer.


Although we are definitely in a cold war with China, I can’t shake the feeling that suspecting China is a false flag to divert attention away from problems in the US. Between Bill Gates and the Silicon Valley Censorship going on right now (especially with the corruption Dr.J exposes in her book) we really don’t need to look farther than our own country for plenty of criminals to remove. We should clean our house of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) influence in places like California & New York, and then strengthen our commitment to privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion in the US. Our freedoms were supposed to spread throughout the world, instead we appear to be letting tyranny run global.


I have always disliked the field of virology, immunology, & pediatrics because they collude to mass poisoning children. Turns out I was not only right, but it’s even MUCH WORSE than I thought. Dr J in her book exposes a pediatric vaccine coverup regarding african males which covered up vaccinosis in all races. There are exceptions, namely Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych in Immunology & now Dr. Judy Mikovits in Virology that I like. True story: I once dated a virologist in graduate school but she left the field for veterinary medicine when she saw how dark the field was. She couldn’t believe how evil humans could be to one another (I wonder if she discovered the vaccinosis coverup) and she said that she preferred animals such as dogs and cats who were more deserving of her love than humans. Wow! I haven’t given up on humans, but all the people participating in the vaccinosis coverup that is injuring children you are all dead to me. Dr. Judy says you need to learn to forgive yourselves. I am not able to find forgiveness in my heart until the poisoning stops and I’ve been able to detox all of the children in the world. Karma is a bitch, so if you have any brains join with Dr. J and spend your time revealing the truth and defending the children you once poisoned. For the sword of justice is coming for your heads wielded by the angry mother’s whose children you have poisoned.


I want my reader to understand that she is not a saint by any means, but rather has participated in some rather evil stuff such as Ebola gain of function studies: where she trained Ebola to grow in human cells. She has many years of government health service, which is why her exposure of the corruption in government is so thorough, she points fingers, names names and gives extremely detailed & specific examples of government fraud & criminal activity in her book. The reason her book is so powerful is because she really goes into details (from indisputable sources) of the full extent of fraud & conspiracy so deep that it is terrifying and made me cry by the end of the book when I came to be fully aware of JUST HOW BAD & HOW MANY CHILDREN & PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INJURED over the last 40+ years because of a GOVERNMENT COVERUP.

Like all virologists, she is extremely arrogant. Despite this she is actually the most humble virologist I’ve even seen (not very humble lol) BUT in this case that is a good thing. She has to emphasize that she really is the HIV expert (her PhD dissertation was on HIV), goes into detail about how the special vaccine courts dishonored her and refused to listen to her and why that is not acceptable, and I have to respect her because she really did try. She succeeded as much as was possible to make a positive difference in human health via the now corrupted government channels & she has fully exposed the corruption of the vaccines courts and has exposed plots that are crimes against humanity, which she once participated in, but is now exposing. She wants people in her field to “forgive themselves”, but none of them can sleep well because they know how deep the darkness goes, and if you read her book you will as well.


Dr. Judy uncovered using science and data a contamination of the HUMAN BLOOD SUPPLY & VACCINES.

The GOVERNMENT is PROVABLY AWARE of the contamination but has chosen to COVER IT UP for many decades.

The COVERUP has resulted in MILLIONS IF NOT BILLIONS OF CHILDREN (and adults) being injured by VACCINES.

The vaccines are all contaminated with many poisons I already knew, but what Dr. Judy really adds is VERY SPECIFIC knowledge about zoonotic retroviral contaminants which means RNA(like DNA) building block of life from ANIMAL sources CONTAMINATING THE VACCINES.

There is much more to the book including her story of how her career was destroyed when she refused to falsify data to participate in the coverups and some great info on the crooked vaccine courts and more. The book was 800+ pages and took me about 3 days of almost non-stop reading to finish. It was riveting from cover to cover and likely it took me longer to read as I found it thought provoking. To me it was like taking VIROLOGY 101 (which I was able to understand because of my biomedical science background) but she also does a good job of explaining things for the layman.


Dr. Judy’s book is extremely relevant right now because she is an expert at retroviruses at a time when were are under a supposed retrovirus attack (coronavirus), so the technical parts were very interesting to me.

Dr. Judy made me aware of just how bad Anthony Fauci (I now rank him up there & even SURPASSING Bill Gates in Evil WOW!) is & I am now deeply disturbed that Fauci is advising President Trump on health matters. After reading this book you will demand that Fauci be fired immediately once you realize the full extent of the coverup.


Although Dr. Judy still believes that immuno-therapy can be useful, given the track record she exposes, I do not. But I agree with Dr. Judy that since vaccines are immunotherapy they would be fine if they were done right. That would require proper controls and proper monitoring of those given the therapy for adverse reactions. Except that they aren’t, never have been, and never will be ergo HALT ALL VACCINATIONS NOW! She discusses how the government liability for the vaccine damage it has caused by the coverup is in the trillions.

The very first vaccines for polio were contaminated with retroviruses.
The current flu shots are still contaminated with retroviruses.
Whatever vaccine Bill Gates tries to force down our throats at gunpoint in a few months from now will also be CONTAMINATED WITH RETROVIRUSES.


The main point of the book is that the human health problem we are having right now is NOT really a health problem so much as a CORRUPTION problem. As long as the coverup of the contaminated blood supply and contaminated vaccines is allowed to continue, human health will have a devastating impact.

The impact is not instant death but rather slow, sometimes debilitating and painful death, and cancer. She really goes into detail on the viral cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and touches upon viral aspects of many other human health problems like cancers, really digs deep on Autism, HIV and also talks about many more including viral parts of breast cancer, bovine growth hormone dangers (SHE EXPOSED THE DANGER WITH HER DATA!), prostate cancers and many more.


One of the biggest problems in mainstream medicine at the government level according to DrJudy is they are allowed to patent discoveries made using the public dime. These discoveries should be owned by the public if the public paid for them.


The game in mainstream medicine is to get a patent on a drug or vaccine or a test and then make billions of dollars. We are seeing the game being played out right now over the coronavirus and it’s pretty ugly. DrJudy is a part of the game and was trying to make money off of the system that removes retroviruses from the blood supply before her career was destroyed for exposing the problem of the contaminated blood supply in the first place the the government has a vested interest in keeping covered up.


DrJudy does not talk about China specifically in her book as it focuses mostly on US corruption in the Federal government but does talk about some of the US defense industry such as how they were interested in Autism research since they have the most force vaccinated people in the military they also have extremely high Autism rates. However, the major exposure in the book of the COVERUP OF THE CONTAMINATION OF THE BLOOD SUPPLY with animal retroviruses should be of alarming concern to people and is in my personal opinion a matter of military significance and is of relevance right now with relation to discussion on China. Did China release a modified corona-virus on the world on purpose or on accident? Did they do it on their on volition or in collaboration with people in the US such as the Censoring Silicon Valley & Bill Gates Factions? I don’t know the answer to those question, but I do known that if you are in the military and might be in a situation where you might need a blood transfusion or are being forced to get an animal virus contaminated vaccine that you need to detox now! DrJudy’s book has some excellent information about Ft.Detrick and US government military animal programs & definitely is eye opening to see how the militarization of health has negatively impacted the US public.
The Chinese known that if we don’t properly monitor and protect our blood supply that they can just inject retroviruses into it and we wouldn’t even notice until we get very ill so I personally think the blood supply contamination that DrJudy exposes in her book is not just a public but also a military risk.


After reading and DrJudy’s book, I have a better understanding as a molecular biophysicist about some things in molecular virology that I was not aware of. I was not aware about how easy it was/is for retroviruses to be split apart into pieces or be recombined as Frankenviruses which occurs both in the lab (she talks about several examples in her book including how a Frankenvirus was used to falsely try to coverup some of her work with wild type virus in humans). The field of virology is incredibly dangerous and DrJudy infected herself accidentally with XMRV at a time before they known it had become airborne so she now has a vested in interest in exposing the XMRV coverup as it affects her health as well. When you are exposed to one retrovirus, exposure to additional retroviruses can be a real problem as they can combine to make a Franken-retrovirus. The Flu shot (XMRV) combined with coronavirus (XMRV-COVID) combined with whatever contamination is going to be in Bill Gates next forced vaccine is going to be very bad. Based on the discussion in DrJudy’s book on what I call “Retroviral Stacking” i.e. the combining of retroviruses which can occur in the wild and in the human body (or in a lab), I find it very likely that the evidence of HIV parts being present is very possible as the Frankenvirus can easily combine with HIV and other retroviral fragments.


One very interesting advanced topic in DrJudy’s book I want to briefly mention is that she says that PCR tests are not effective for detecting retroviruses something about there being methylation in the initiator sequences which make PCR primers ineffective and thus you have to use serological (blood work tests). That’s a very interesting point to note for people trying to test for retroviruses like coronavirus or HIV.


While reading the book I had an epiphany about one of the proteins alluded to and later mentioned in the book that I think is of extreme importance for people to be aware of. Many of the drugs that come out are likely just going to be imitation copies of this protein or other aspects of this protein pathway that they will try to patent, but the natural way is make your body produce more of the REAL protein, or if you wanted to supplement that protein it would be interesting. I don’t know if you can get this a supplement yet but it’s something that really caught my eye. The protein in the body that is produced to get rid of retroviruses is called RNASE L (Latent RNASE). I’ll be looking into RNASE L in much more detail for it’s applications for detox and potential synergy with my supplement because it has metal ion binding sites in the future but for now I just want to mention it because if you are not a virologist or an immunologist you many have never heard of it before.


DrJudy talks about a lot of stuff but the main take home to me is that the mouse retrovirus XMRV is in humans from vaccine contamination, and I’m willing to trust her thoughts on this since she is both a virologist and because she also accidentally contaminated herself with it, so she has an interest to get herself better.

She mentions medical cannabis for detox & suppressing inflammation. I prefer iMedDo system for that but they are synergistic.

She mentions deuterium depleted water (water without the heavy isotope) in it. She claims that heavy water stimulates RNA viral growth which is fascinating and I plan to look more into this topic in the future.

She mentions a system for purifying the blood supply from RNA viruses which sounds useful.

She mentions a drug Suramin which is an endothelial cell proliferation inhibitor & a reverse transcriptase inhibitor which sounds useful for fighting retrovirus infection.

She mentions testing for reverse transcriptase is a good way to show that there is active retroviral activity in the body does a great job explaining how you may be positive for the antibody while negative for the disease yet just as you may show HIV antibodies but never develop aids if the retrovirus is kept suppressed.


I pray that I receive Gnosis of VACCINOSIS that I may learn the truth and act accordingly. I have witnessed the truth that the children are being poisoned, I vow to fearlessly defend & detox them for they are weak, and I am strong.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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