Atomic Alphabet


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior


There once was a demon of two heads Gates & Fauci
& thought it could poison the children but is now frosty.
Set the WatchTower of Power the Turret of Protection
Destroyed by the Alphabet, the Runes of Affection.
Silver Chains of Time to demon bind, frost fang dagger,
evil destroying rhyme. Listen dear parents & learn well this lesson,
Debt is not money the true wealth expression:
Sing Healthy Children no vaccine poison suppression.
The hero Satoshi brought to earth Bitcoin gold.
The embrace of Mother Goose for those who hurt children is cold.


If you have courage and wisdom there too.
If you seek power but only to destroy evil will do.
Then question before you is the Great Quest of Life.
The board game of Heaven, only Knights can Progress.
The Golden Road of Heaven is the Milky Way Path.
The Gold at night looks like silver and the stars are quite fine.
Colloidal Silver they call it destroys demons & hastens divine.


Harken dear children, once adults have you grown,
The alphabet song is not the one that you know.
Wisdom you seek as you progress through the seasons,
You are ready not to hear the story of Angels & Demons.
The Alphabet song, the Wisdom of Eden, the Aten.
It starts with an A and ends with a t or does it start with an E & end with a d? Is the t really an & or even a + or an F? So many questions about the alphabet fall on the deaf.

A is the first letter or is it the end. Aye light as a feather the bull Ka of the Wren. F is the Runic but Odin when right to left in runes you read in.

The English language is from Sumer, the wedge cuneiform of the flying crane.
Taken by Pirates & Royals the Great runes asunder for game.
Runes of Power & Magic of the Great Medicine Wheel in the Sky.
Runes of Freedom the Magi the Chariot Rider does Fly.
Off to On, the Magic Song, the purpose of language is from the above Long Dragon
of Wisdom to Scare away Evil and usher in Love.

B is second letter the Hippopatamus in the Sky next to the Cat & the plough beside the Third Eye.

C is to SEE, the Magic to be.

D is the dead wisdom, alive once more it will be.

E is a vowel, the second letter of Hell

F is the Yahweh was once a great WHY

G is third now seventh for Caesar.

H is the Great Goddess you wouldn’t want to meet her.

I is the Eye, the dot above i which is the O High in the Sky for I is a lie.

J is the Joker, the planet of Jupiter.

L is an ancient letter of Love everywhere do I see it.

M is the water when W is written.

N is also water sideways is Z the weapon of heaven protects & keeps children free.

O is the cosmic egg in the center of the Milky Way. We call her the Gorgon Morganna the Fey. Hermes & Best, male and female both be, confusing the heavens, and laughing at the tree.

P is the HiPPo great horse of heaven Pegasus it be. Upside down is a b and reversed is a d which is a secret t. The + sign is the cross of power of life over death and P is the Power.

Q is the Queen of the Quick & the Dead. The Ouroboros snake that eats its own tail.

R is the Rat, Feast of the Cat. Fire of Sun. Arrow with which battles are won by famine.

S is the Snake of Wisdom. Sex the number 6. HISSS of the Wisdom keep evil at bay.

T is the Tyre, the Great Fire Within, & also hidden letter within ampersand.

U is fake letter also remove, but the wise do known that it was once the G of gold.

V is truncated W, half the glory removed; Many agree V also is U.

W is Water, the the M of the Mother is the “a” of the name of the vowels of Power.

X is a special letter. Chi tea latte of the Gods. X with a circle around it has caused much strife and is the great letter of the secret afterlife.

Y is close to the end or is it the beginning. It asks a Question.

Z is the Weapon of Angels & Demons, sideways the N & straightened out the H of the Hero. Heracles, Hera See, Here Say, Heresy to use the weapon unless in times of great need. Behold the weapon has become unsheathed, the wielder of excaliburZ comes for vaccines. Frost Fang the Tooth of the Dragon is the Tooth of Time the Milky Way Rhyme

& Ampersand, take a stand, et the secret t, the plus sign + of the snake that eats its tail, the Oroborous of evil & love evaluating at both zero & infinity.


The Knight at night rides on a Quest
To find the Question of the Egyptian god Best.
Seeing the Sign of the Mother Goose we call Answer
Honk Goes the Goose. The Great Heavenly Cry.
I have a golden egg and with it you shall never die.
Would you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?


The Great Honk of Heaven is the sound of Mother Goose
The Latin for Goose Anser with Water is AnsWer.
Do you see the Swan Knight of the Great Northern Cross?
Not a swan, a goose children, and golden egg has lost.
Cygnus they call it is the great Sign.
Cy = S Alphabet games have been Fine. U for i to hide the secret of mine.
Sign is the name of the Goose not the Swan.
Swan is an Alphabet game as well. Water (wa) & the golden i (ig) can you tell?
The Goose lays the Golden Egg into the Milky Way line.


Resurrection & Life
is the letter of time.
the Ampersand the et
at the end of the line.
Secret “+” is not only Christian much older.
It’s Egyptian & Phoenician pirated and soldier.
To the Christians its Jesus and the cross they adore.
To the Horsemen Norsemen it is the Thor they had first.
For English is Latin, the alphabet on top.
Underneath it is Runic the oldest pirate alphabet of all.


Instead of hearts of gold, pirates have black.
Blackhearted Pirates sporting one black Eye Patch.
Whore of the Heathens is the
Blue Mary of the Heavens by day
If you’re a healer or if you’re a sailor
Look to the stars and there Alphabet can you say.


The end of the alphabet is a human and god.
Was the once the start of the alphabet before the oath was forsworn.
But three letters later t,u,v back again is reborn.


Alphabet of Runes are written in the sky.
Fools rush in where demons fear to tread.
The bedroom of the Goddess is the place that they dread.
Sing a song of the fool the tyrant Bill Gates.
He thought he could poison the children of the world
& the Mother Goose not to awake.
The big bad wolf they call Fenrir is the dog called Anubis
The Chinese Dragon is Lucky unless Bill Gates is upon us.
For come to eat the children comes the demon Bill Gates & Fauci
But bigger demon lurks and eats the would be eaters of children first.
Bill Gates your B is erased from the Birth and tossed from the ship of the Berth.
ill Gates your i is the not the sign of rebirth.
ll Gates your ll is not the sign of double power, it is the sign of the ill and evil and you Fenrir will devour.
Gates your last name is not the Gate of Goddess.
Gates your G is not the letter of Gold, neither is it the Rune C for your Name is now cold. Fire of heaven removed and the same goes for Fauci, your F is not Wealth and your Chi is now frosty.
ates, your A is not the start of the song. Not the bull of heaven, nor the hidden vowel of mine. Your A is not a Pyramid and as there is no longer fire within. No reflection have you, not even the Moon Sin can see you.
tes, your name counts down at the sound of destruction. t is not resurrection for you no + sign beholden.
es, is not Isis, the mother of God. Nor ‘e of Hellena
s, nor of the Snake or Frog.
Erased is your name by Mother Goose Magic
Removed from the fabric of time be your punishment.
Listen dear parents and guard your children from sin
for to sin against the Goddess is to poison the children.


Vaccines you insult real medicine with name of golden cow.
A vaccine is not medicine nor from heaven’s circle brow.
Doctors will not be tolerated who poison in the name of heaven.
Real gold & silver will level your house of cards with the sign
And all who look to the heavens can readily divine.
That those who hurt children, pediatricians watch your back.
If you give vaccine poison to children you are frakked.
Comes in full armor to battle with reason.
Neither Heaven nor Hell but the Goddess Athena.
Ether will take you, your chi be erased.
Violate the Oath & more worthy take your place.


The Law of Medicine is the Great Golden Rule.
To do unto others as you would have done unto you.
Would you poison yourself or poison your own children?
Then why would you poison others, to you authority is not given.
The punishment for poisoners is always death.
Death in this life to try again but how many lives have you left?


A,B,C is A,B,G. The initials of the one who bears this name is Me.
For G is the Golden C, is the Gamma of the Greek. Is the third letter of the
Alphabet secret do I keep.


The Hippo Tower, the Terror of the Seas.
Guards the Alphabet of Wisdom and waters the sacred Tree.


In the ancient language many puns does it possess.
A word has meaning meanings in both the stars & even anatomy do I known best.
The secret meaning of the tower that protects from the flood is the pineal gland cerebrospinal fluid protected from the blood.

A crown virus from the Milky Way cannot against the Rock Petra Pass. The Letter B, the Hippo Be, the Big Dipper guardian of the North Star the defender of the ALPHABET watchtower SEE.

Tower of Babylon, Tower of Baby Lion. Hippopotamus Genius of Crete, 3 Wishes the Genii will give thee if you prove yourself worth and protect the sacred baby, GUARDIANS AWAKE!


In the history of humankind there are many who are not nice.
Some are rather evil mean and even terrible you could say thrice.
Killing some, Killing many, many have done before.
But Killing All is unforgivable Sin, and vaccines have that in store.
Don’t kill yourself, don’t kill others, know the golden rule.
Do unto others as you would do unto yourself, love yourself and love others
and to others love reflected this I school.


The baby lion grows into a full sized cat.
The Tower of Babylon reconstructed stops demons flat.
Guardian of the Alphabet. Counter to the Evil Eye the letter B.
Ben my name. Gold & Silver & Iodine my game. Stop the folks
who vaccines promote and booty infinite Sea. Pirates now Bounty Hunters you are charged with letters of Marque to fight in this War.Open all three eyes. No eye patch for you no more.
Polish your black hearts and silver hearts more shiny will you adore.


Silver Gold and Iodine
Opens the Eye of Odin and the Heavens you see fine.
If you look in the day you see pretty blue, the robe of Mary a very fine hue.
If you look in the night you see the stars too.
If you look even harder when there is no moon.
The great Milky Way of Heaven Jumps Over the Moon.
The letter o in the center of the Milky Way does go.
But a different Eye in the Sky by the Cat, Hippo & Plough
Is the Norther Star your Third Eye it connects to it now.
Around the point does spin all the heavens.
Dizzy we’re getting, let’s dance let’s not sleep
for life eternal is now risen in wisdom complete.