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Hello Dear Subscribers to Newsletter! Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! This month’s newsletter as promised is about FLU shot & Vaccine detox. Also have included an emergency update on California Fires & an update on Bitcoin for those of you interested in cryptocurrency. Enjoy! Dr. Ben DSM

A. Flu & Vaccine Detox

When it comes to the topics of flu shots & vaccines there is a lot of propaganda out there. The multi-billion $ pharmaceutical industry promoting the propaganda have much more wealth thrown at spreading a false message than those spreading the truth. Because of this we cannot hope to outshout them & it is important that you think for yourself, learn to recognize propaganda & identify when poison is packaged as medicine. Never mistake the preponderance of marketing for the preponderance of evidence.

The truth as I see it is that the flu shot is poison. The flu shot is a type of vaccine & all vaccines are poison as well as they all contain aluminum & mercury toxic metals as the aluminum adjuvant & thimerosal added to all vaccines including the flu vaccine more commonly known as the flu shot. As a poison they should be avoided when possible & detoxed from the body if exposed. It is not always possible to avoid many poisons as they could be forced upon you either at school or as a requirement for employment & if you are the victim of a flu or vaccine poisoning referred to as vaccinosis, the best thing you can do is to detox. The amount of vaccines given to infants these days is staggering & is too much to discuss in this issue so will just focus on the flu shot. The flu shot instead of being marketing towards children is also marketed towards adults & the elderly. The flu shot is a worse poison in some regards than the other vaccines because instead of saying you only need it once or twice a lifetime as the other vaccines, they try to make you get a flu shot every year for the rest of your life! Why is this? Quite simply because the flu shot does not work. If you get it you are not only poisoning your body but are even infecting yourself with the very flu you are trying to avoid & can become contagious after getting the shot to other people. Mainstream medicine will tell you the opposite quoting “herd immunity” which has been disproven. Many people experience other bullying them into vaccinating saying that if they don’t then they are contagious to them and dangerous, but the truth is the opposite as those who have been vaccinated especially with live attenuated virus are the most contagious. The flu shot was so bad this year that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was NOT recommending anyone get the live attenuated flu shot for 2017-2018. Why not? Bad batch? It sure seems seems so as everyone getting the flu shot this year is complaining about getting horribly ill.

What kind of ill? Here is a list of the vaccine injury table listing all the illnesses from vaccine poison exposure: If go to that link & scroll down to page 3 under seasonal influenza shot you see that there are 4 major injuries associated with the flu shot vaccine poison:

  1. Anaphylaxis (<4hrs)
  2. Shoulder injure related to vaccine administration (<48 hrs)
  3. Vasovagal syncope (<1hr)
  4. Guillaine-Barre Syndrome (day 3 – day 42)
  5. My mother-in-law is a retired nurse & she pointed out that the nurses were very unhappy when they started giving flu shots in pharmacies as they do now because if you go into anaphylaxis (anaphylactic shock) after getting the shot then neither the pharmacist nor the pharmacist assistant is necessarily trained on how to take care of you. The body releases a flood of chemicals from the immune system likely in response to the aluminum poison (aluminum salts, nano-aluminum, aluminum adjuvant) an allergic inflammatory reaction requiring an epi-pen. (NeuSilver & NeuGold could be beneficial in such a situation if you had it on you, try 4 drops of each directly in mouth as an emergency anti-inflammatory). So very bad things can happen almost immediately after getting the shot, 2. Shoulder pain, but 3. Vasovagal Syncope (sudden loss of consciousness) but the worst is 4. that a few days later between day 3 & 42 you might get Gulliane-Barre which can result in an incurable total body paralysis which is truly terrible. It is known that the flu vaccine causes Gulliane-Barre yet if you look on the Mayo-clinic site about it they have it listed as “cause unknown”. The cause is known, it is the taboo cause which is vaccine poison including virus, aluminum & mercury. (

If you get injured by a flu shot you need to see a physician, specifically point out your symptom on the vaccine injury list above, have him make a not of it for an insurance claim & than you need to also on your own fill out a VAERS report (Vaccine Injury Reporting System)

It’s not just alternative medicine doctors saying it, here is a good article by a mainstream physician on why you should avoid the flu shot as well

So now you know, would you really risk getting this shot each year if you knew as you now do that there is a chance everytime you get it that you may become completely paralyzed? I wouldn’t. Is better to get the flu, but am not afraid of the flu as I have

The theory behind it is simple that the flu is a virus & colloidal silver NeuSilver kills virus. Additionally, the system detoxes aluminum & mercury heavy metals which are poisons known to be added to all vaccines including the flu vaccine.

For flu self-medication try iMedDo system with increased dosage of NeuSilver (7-10 drops a day if sick) , & NeuGold (3-4 drops a day), & take NeuIodine standard dosage (ramping up to 2 drops men & 4 women). If you have already completed an 6 month detox system in the past & feel fairly detoxed then it is okay to increase the NeuIodine dosage as well (6-10 drops). Additionally be sure to take or make vitamin D which can be made naturally by exposing your skin to sunlight. Try 2-4 min exposure only as can sunburn in 8 min if fair skinned. If you do not have access to sunlight it is okay as NeuGold is believed to substitute but this has not been fully proven but appears to be the case based on feedback. Either sunlight (or possibly NeuGold) is required to activate vitamin D. Vitamin D is regulated by iodine, controls calcium & magnesium levels, copper & zinc levels & is used by the body to fight infections such as the flu. Also recommend vitamin C (eat an orange) & stay hydrated with non-halogenated water (no chlorine or fluoride in it).

I would avoid the flu shot at all costs, & if you get it you need to detox & same goes for vaccines. As an alternative medicine doctor is no secret where I stand. The FLU shot is the FU shot.

B. Disaster Preparedness California Wildfires
Last month’s newsletter, I talked about hurricane disaster preparedness but the same applies for any disaster. iMedDo wishes everyone in California to be careful & stay safe. Keep iMedDo NeuSilver & NeuGold in the first aid kit. Congratulations iMedDo spotlighted distributor Dr. Emma Sharp for successfully surviving & evacuating from the fires.

C. Bitcoin Update.

I announced in last month’s newsletter that I am on Twitter @healthwarrior1 where I post about health & about Bitcoin. A lot has been going on in Bitcoin lately here is a summary from my perspective: Last year BTC split into BTC & BCH. This year very recently BCH split into BCH-ABC & BCH-SV which are currently in a hash war which is suppressing the entire cryptocurrency market. Previously I had announced my support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) but as of the has war I now am supporting & recommend Bitcoin SV (BCH-SV, also called BSV). NOTICE: IMedDo cryptocurrency support for BCH is suspended until hash war is over. You can still buy iMedDo products with cryptocurrency using the button on the website. BSV is now the real Bitcoin & BTC & BCH (BCH-ABC) are projected to drop in value while I believe Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s vision) will dominate the market in the coming year. Disclaimer: information not financial advice.

Disclaimers: Views & Opinions of Dr. Ben DSM & in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views & opinions of iMedDo. iMedDo products are sold as health supplements for health support subject to the FDA disclaimers: Products Not Evalulated by FDA & not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Read & Understand the Health Supplement Mindset at Guide.

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