Copper Containment


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior (A. Ben Goins MS DSM)

Copper is the universal conductor. Copper is a mandala and as such expect the property of the mandala which is that it has an infinite properties in one and is a mirror that can be used for self-reflection into your own inner self. Copper electricity is very powerful and the body keeps copper in tight containment because if the electricity escapes to where it is not wanted it can become toxic whereas if harnessed correctly it produces energy and can even be used to destroy unwanted germs. Like iodine (& oxygen), the reactivity of copper in the body seems to be everywhere yet is little understood. The thesis of my exploration of copper for this article is that COPPER pathways exist, but that they can become CORRUPTED if copper is not properly CONTAINED in the body. Looking at some existing copper science and blending with my own knowledge as a chemist & even taking a step further using my metaphysical knowledge obtained from meditation, I will examine what is copper doing in the body that we know about, what I think copper is doing in the body that we don’t know about and ways that the copper electricity can become blocked by toxins and how to detox with iodine, silver & gold system.


There is a lot of science about copper out there, but much of it is inconclusive and simply opens up more questions. Reading this article does not replace the need to do your own research on copper, however; I can assure you that I will say some things you have never heard about copper before but before I do I want to say a few facts about copper that I don’t think any scientist will disagree with me on before I start talking about the additional things I want to discuss about copper:

Copper is a nutrient.

Copper is used in energy production & respiration.

Zinc is used to regulate copper in the body.

Iron is used with copper in the body.

Manganese is used with copper in the body.

High copper is found with high estrogen levels.

Estrogen disruption is found with low iodine levels.

Copper is used widely by human body with largest reservoir in the liver.

Copper can be toxic in situations where not properly contained by the body.

Some known copper “containment mechanisms” are proteins in the liver such as cerusplasmin which shuttle copper in the blood and copper molecular chaperone proteins found in the mitochondria & endoplasmic reticulum and many copper containing enzyme which bind and “contain” copper.

Copper is a noble metal & thus has some similar properties to silver & gold the most important of which is “advanced” electrical properties.

Copper electricity is harnessed by the body for oxygen metabolism.


Unbound copper in the body can be a problem and many documented problems with high copper are known too many too list but some problems of high copper in the brain & nervous system for example are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression. Also, Estrogen hormone disruption (too much estrogen when copper is too high i.e. estrogen dominance).

The list of problems that high copper causes in the brain & nervous system sounds remarkably similar to the list of solutions that colloidal gold fixes. So much so that I made the copper-gold detox hypothesis that is my opinion that gold is a preferred nutrient in the brain to copper.


When I study the estrogen problems of high copper I made an observation that many of the problems blamed on “copper toxicity” appear to be remarkably similar to problems of “heavy metal toxicity” that iodine fixes and the high copper is just a side effect. But if you read the literature you would think the solution to high copper is just to take zinc. Taking zinc is not a bad idea, but I’ve seen iodine work much better than zinc. So much so that I think that copper toxicity is a misnomer and instead when copper is high it is more likely to be a side effect of some other toxicity such as infection or inflammation. The most common by far is simply mercury poisoning & iodine deficiency from mercury leached from metal fillings. Mercury disrupts estrogen pathway related to copper (blocks synthesis of liver protein ceruloplasmin (CP) that binds copper resulting in high copper in the blood and high estrogen. What I think is going on is that you have plenty of zinc but the heavy metal mercury is blocking the protein that binds zinc which disrupts the copper-zinc balance in the body as well as disrupts the fats in the liver which metabolizes estrogen and bind copper. The liver must request iodine from the thyroid to detox the mercury that the body package more energized form of iodine thyroid hormone and send to liver. If you are iodine deficient then the pathway is blocked as the thyroid will not send the iodine to detox the liver if the brain is toxic in mercury already as the brain gets priority. There just isn’t enough iodine to go around and the result is that the liver stays toxic, estrogen pathway is disrupted with high estrogen and high copper.


Is high copper really a problem? No I think it is just a side effect of other bigger problems of toxicity and infection. The most common toxicity I see affecting 50%+ of Americans is just old-fashioned mercury poisoning from their mercury dental fillings. Mercury is a heavy metal (toxic metal) which causes inflammation, causes becoming prone to infection (suppressed immune system), and I know know from studying copper science that it also disrupts copper containment in the liver resulting in estrogen disruption, iodine hormone disruption and typically you get HIGH COPPER levels. You go get some blood work done and you’re like “Oh I have high copper, copper must be toxic and is the problem!” But no, just the opposite, copper is also a germicidal and this copper pathway is incredibly cool because the body is ELEVATING COPPER to SUPPRESS INFECTION caused by the MERCURY. If you are iodine deficient and aren’t taking silver then copper is the body’s only way to try try to suppress infection along with using the silver to create elevated reactive oxygen species (ROS) because oxygen also kills germs! But oxygen can also cause damage. So the body is between a rock and a hard place. It has to use the tools it has & Copper & oxygen are like the wimpy tools & iodine & silver are the strong ones. Silver is the anti-mercury, it increases the immune system, suppresses infection and takes some stress off the copper pathway giving it an alternative way to control the infection without elevated copper levels. The elevated copper levels become neurotoxic over extended periods of time and the mercury is also neurotoxic and the two go together usually Anxiety, Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, then Parkinson’s in that order. Gold flushes the excess copper to of the brain, but Iodine & Gold flush the heavy metals like mercury out of the brain. With the pressure for the need for detox in the brain decreased the thyroid is able to decrease the blood pressure and direct more energized iodine via thyroid hormone carrier molecule down to the liver to detox the mercury out of the liver. Once the mercury is gone it can no longer block the zinc that is needed to make the proteins to contain the copper and copper levels return to normal, estrogen levels return to normal and high copper problems go away provided that there is not still infection. If still infection the body may keep copper levels elevated to try to suppress the infection unless you are taking silver.


I’m really tired of hearing about “copper toxicity” because copper is your friend not the enemy. Yes it might give you some problems when its pathway is blocked like if you’ve got mercury blocking zinc and messing with your fat metabolism and draining your iodine, but just detox, replenish iodine, take some silver to help suppress infection, take some gold to help out your nervous system, and watch copper become your best friend. You’ve heard all about oh no, copper can cause reactive oxygen species (ROS) and they can cause damage all over my body! But have you heard that copper can also form a SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT called superoxide dismutase (SOD) that keeps oxygen radicals (O2-) under control? So all that bad wrap about “toxic copper” creating ROS and harming the body is more than made up for by “contained” copper behaving the way it should with the body using copper to keep down inflammation. Even when copper is high as seen in many conditions, it is just a call for help with the body trying to use copper to suppress infection and suppress inflammation. If you are suffering with mercury poisoning please give your friend copper a helping hand by taking some silver to help is suppress the infection and inflammation and the iodine to suppress the mercury inflammation. When you take gold it helps flush the excess copper out of the brain & nervous system so that the body can use high copper in the gut and liver to suppress infection and create super anti-oxidant to get your body back into balance!. So next time someone says copper is toxic, tell them: “Copper is part of an important trio with manganese & zinc in forming superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important anti-oxidant.”


An interesting thing to note is that in humans & yeast our anti-oxidant SOD proteins uses Copper-Zinc (Cu-Zn) pair whereas our mitochondria use an iron-manganese (Fe-Mn) pair compared to a bacteria which uses Nickel (Ni). Nickel, Copper, & Zinc are elements 28,29,30 on the periodic table and copper only differs by one proton (and one electron) plus or minus from either Nickel or Zinc. However, Copper & Zinc (and iron and manganese) have evolved to be very good for us whereas Nickel is a toxic metal for us (probably because it imitates Zinc and disrupts Copper) and interestingly Nickel might help pathogens to avoid our germicidals by promoting its own anti-oxidant Ni-SOD. You can imagine that life throughout history has been a bit of a molecular warfare where you want to protect yourself from foreign ROS, but cause ROS specifically on the attacker. The use of different metal chemistry seems to be a way that life has dealt with ROS differently which can be seen through these different versions of SOD. The re-current theme is that copper in our body is often used with iron and manganese. As far as I can tell copper is an older pathway for dealing with oxygen that for some reason now likes to work alongside iron with both copper and iron and/or manganese present in many proteins (see cytochrome C). Copper was replaced by iron for carrying oxygen in the human blood (see hemoglobin) and copper and iron are used in many proteins that involve oxygen such as in the mitochondrial electron transport chain and in human Cu-Zn SOD. It is very interesting to me that the human mitochondria uses Fe-Mn SOD instead of Cu-Zn SOD and maybe it does so, so that the Cu pathway of the electron transport chain does not get criss-crossed with the SOD anti-oxidant pathway in that local but I am just guessing here but would love to study SOD anti-oxidants further especially comparative SOD studies in different organisms. For beer lovers it is interesting that you can get your Copper-Zinc from your beer or bread yeast =), but for most people if you want more copper just eat some liver.


Just like the SOD protein is a bit wobbly on which metals it can use, I suspect there are many undiscovered proteins that can use copper Cu, silver Ag, and gold Au that have not been discovered yet and many interactions with the Cu pathways that have also not been discovered yet. But one protein that has been discovered that intersects many of the metals both good and bad is the protein called Metallothionein (MT). It is found in the Golgi apparatus inside cells and it seems it kind bind quite a few metals including the topic of discussion Copper, but not just that but also Zinc, Selenium and Silver! (Obviously, I’m interested in the silver part =)), but it can also bind some “bad” metals mercury, arsenic and cadmium. MT plays a role in metal toxicity and oxidative stress, but does it also play a role in metal de-toxicity & un-stressing? I think it does. There is a lot of controversy on what exactly this protein does. It seems to me like it is regulating “good” metals and is detoxing “bad” metals. Because it binds both “good” and “bad” metals and because not everyone believes me that silver is a “good” metal some say MT is binding silver to detox it whereas I say MT is binding silver like it binds copper, zinc & selenium to regulate a critical nutrient. As you know I believe that silver and gold like copper noble metal are all nutrients in the body though not all share my belief. The same people who think copper is toxic think silver is toxic and the same people who recognize copper’s germicidal properties recognize silver’s germicidal properties.

There is really a LOT of propaganda on this topic. The propagandists insist on calling silver an “exogenous toxic metal or heavy metal” while making no mention of gold.

For typical propaganda look no further than wikipedia.

“MTs have the capacity to bind both physiological (such as zinc, copper, selenium) and xenobiotic (such as cadmium, mercury, silver, arsenic) heavy metals”

No silver is not a heavy metal. Yes MT also binds gold too why not mention gold wikipedia! Yes gold like copper is used for detoxing in the liver. So you can see the confusion. There is actually a known protein in the body that binds copper, silver and gold but there is a controversy concerning whether the silver and gold are being used as nutrients (like copper, zinc, selenium) or whether they are treated as toxic metals (not possible as not toxic) like mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Because I firmly believe that silver and gold like copper are nutrients, I also suspect that many of the pathways that use copper can also use silver and/or gold.


So my dear readers I’m about to tell you something I’ve never really shared before (thank you for reading this far). I was taught in school that there are only 20 amino acids. Turns out that was wrong, very wrong and the most important 21st amino acid I was not taught about in school is called SELENOCYSTEINE. It is like a cysteine amino acid but instead of a sulphur group it is a selenium. So here is the secret which I think time will tell that I am right: The MT protein which binds many metals is very dependent on cysteine aa, but we now know that many of proteins which produce cysteine were actually incorrect as they produce selenocysteine instead of cysteine when not produced in a selenium deficient environment. Because I only learned about Selenocysteine this very year (embarrassing I know), I have still not had time to fully process this information yet, but at a minimum it means there is a whole WORLD OF UNDISCOVERED SELENIUM PROTEIN INTERACTIONS in the body many of them already EXISTING PROTEINS we thought we knew what they did but really don’t know squat. Copper-Selenide, Silver-Selenide, Gold-Selenide come to mind for me. The MT protein which binds selenium and has an abundance of cysteine residues comes to mind as a perfect candidate for a protein which requires SELENOCYSTEINE and I think that this MT protein and what it is doing with all the different good vs bad metals it is binding, regulating, detoxing or getting nutrients for detoxing is the key to understanding how the copper electrical pathways related to the iodine, silver & gold detox that I do. Already it is known that selenium is an important nutrient besides iodine for thyroid health and I highly suspect that the thyroid and other similar tissues like breast, pineal, prostate etc which use lots of iodine are LOADED with selenocysteine proteins and that these proteins are somehow using not just copper but also silver and gold for beneficial nutrient purposes in the body. All I know for now is that silver like copper is being used as a bug-zapper and gold like copper is being used in the nervous system and in the liver. But is silver being used in the liver, the blood, the bone, the connective tissue like copper is? I think so and I think the electricity of copper is everywhere iodine is which is to say everywhere because iodine has similar properties of oxygens and copper is designed to process oxygen. I believe that just as the body has evolved copper-iron improved pathways to deal with oxygen, I believe that the body has evolved silver-gold improved pathways to deal with iodine. I believe that selenium, and selenocysteine amino acid contains proteins are the key to showing this and I look forward to the rest of my career which I dedicate to iodine chemistry and educating that iodine should always be used with silver and gold and that silver and gold like copper are actually nutrients.


A common question I get is “Why don’t you sell colloidal copper?”, you sell colloidal silver and gold what about copper? Should I supplement copper? The answer from my perspective is No.

I don’t think people should supplement copper as you should be able to get adequate copper in your diet no problem. It is possible to get too much copper and I see it often in the NE US where people are drinking water from copper pipes (see section on Rheumatoid Arthritis). It very difficult to become copper deficient most often is only seen in people who have had a gastric bypass surgery and no longer have part of their small intestine to absorb copper. Foods high in copper are liver and oyster. Both typically taste bad to me so my body is not deficient in copper as I crave neither food, but if you find yourself craving such foods it could be a signal from your body for more copper.


It is impossible to talk about copper without talking about zinc because both are absorbed by the same receptors in the small intestine. The more copper you absorb the less zinc you get and the more zinc you get the less copper you get. The body likes to have about 10x (8-12x) more zinc than copper around. Both zinc and copper are nutrients and their balance if disrupted can wreak havoc on the body’s endocrine system. High copper is a signal for more estrogen whereas high zinc is a signal for more testosterone & progesterone instead!


If your copper is high then you might be inclined to supplement zinc. However, if is my experience that if you copper-zinc levels are out of balance that you are likely not suffering from either an actual surplus or deficiency of either copper or zinc (your body has large stores of both in liver, bones, connective tissue) but rather that the balance is just off from an endocrine disruptor and/or from iodine nutrient deficiency. So in general, no I don’t think you need to supplement zinc, but there are certain exceptions. You should be getting enough zinc in your diet and a bit in your multi-vitamin, so instead; if you have a high copper & low zinc situation you likely have a low iodine & heavy metal toxicity situation & iMedDo Detox with extra gold in high copper situations is what I recommend. However, if you want to supplement zinc, go for it, it won’t hurt you. It is theoretically possible that you could take so much zinc that you could become copper deficient but I never see that, instead is more likely to happen the opposite way where you are getting too much copper and thus you are not absorbing enough zinc. This is common in people drinking water from copper pipes or who routinely eat/cook from copper cookware. So my final answer is that in general you should not need a zinc supplement, but if you have high copper from a known source such as copper pipes then likely a zinc supplement will help you. Unfortunately for most people, I see them with high copper but taking the zinc has no effect because the underlying problem is not low zinc but rather low iodine & high heavy metals (mercury, lead and cadmium in particular importance to copper discussion). The most common heavy metal that is affecting more than half of Americans is simply highly toxic MERCURY which has leached from their metal dental fillings.


Go for it, at least should be some in your multi-vitamin.


Dentists don’t want to admit to being mass poisoners, but I don’t know anyone else putting the most toxic substances that I’m aware of to human health into people’s mouths & into the mouth’s of children (fluoride & mercury). If you are a dentist, please become an “alternative medicine dentist” and don’t just remove the fillings also give your patients iMedDo detox system to get the rest of the mercury out of their tissues. Stop giving people fluoride treatment; the fluoride does make the teeth harder by becoming insoluble with calcium, which sounds great at first, but unfortunately, we now know it is neurotoxic and blocks the body’s ability to use the teeth and bones as a mineral reservoir & the calcium fluoride builds up all over body blocking pineal, adrenals, thyroid, breast, ovaries and prostate and more. The Mercury and the Fluoride you give people combine to become even more toxic and further combine with injected aluminum from vaccines to become EVEN MORE TOXIC! If you are a dentist, please restore the integrity of your profession by ending the mercury and fluoride madness. Karma is strong in dentistry as many of the dentists who have been putting mercury into the mouths of others their whole life are the ones who are the most mercury poisoned. I do have dentists who use iMedDo Detox System, and I highly recommend that if you are a dentist that you use it as well. The vast majority of the thyroid disruption I see in people is from mercury toxicity. People are getting dementia with a mouthful of mercury. Mercury causes brain inflammation and exacerbates infection as well. Mercury disrupts estrogen and interferes with the copper-zinc pathway. Okay end of rant, back to copper! What is copper anyway?


Group 11 on the Periodic Table of the Elements includes Copper, Silver, Gold and newly discovered one Roentgenium (eka-gold). The atomic number for Copper is Cu 29, Silver is Ag 47 and Gold is Au 79 and Roentgenium Rg 111. Noble metals including copper (excepting Roentgenium) have some unique properties of having advanced electrical, thermal, optical, reflective and MEDICINAL properties.


Copper exists naturally in elemental form. Because of this it is believed to be or to be tied with gold as being the first element discovered by humankind. Copper & Gold are tied for having the honorary distinction of being the first elements discovered on the periodic table of elements.


Ancient Egyptian “Gold” Chemistry “Alchemy” i.e. “al-Chemistry” is the study of the noble metals copper, silver & gold on the human body. In the ancient religion, the human is god similar to later Greco-Buddhist ideas where human anatomy is related to the stars. An ancient greek word for copper is “Chalcos” and and ancient world for gold is “Ourum or Aurum”. The ancient Atlanteans were said to have used Orichalcum (Gold-Copper) on the sides of their buildings. This may have been an alloy of gold & copper or some believe it was simply copper! Copper actually when unoxidized “shines like gold” so Orichalcum may have just meant “Golden Copper” or it could have meant “Gold-Copper Alloy”. In either case whether copper or copper mixed with gold the Orichalcum sheets would have electrical properties of a solar panel because of the photo-electric effect where when sun shines on a copper or copper-gold sheet (or silver) that it will release electrons. We do not know if the ancient Atlanteans were using their Orichalcum for just decoration or for solar panels but we do know that copper has been used by mankind for at least 9000+ years! One theory I like is that the Atlanteans were from India:

which would make sense on a timeline at least as human ruins from 8500 yrs ago have been found in the Saraswati river valley. In ancient Greece the most ancient known copper mine was on the island of Crete. Copper like silver and gold was polished and used for mirrors & Copper is considered sacred to the Goddess Venus who likely was syncretic with the Minoan Goddess of Crete.
The ankh mirrors of ancient Egypt were made of copper or gold and a polished noble metal such as copper, silver or gold was a mandala upon which you could look at your own inner divine in the Greco-Buddhist Indo-Aryan philosophy. Copper = Ankh = Life = Venus meaning copper is the “gold of life” used by the human body’s electrical system which connects earthly gold to spiritual gold. I think this connection is very real in the human body where the copper pathway connects in undiscovered ways to the silver, gold and and then nervous system. Note the similarity between and Ankh and the circle-plus symbol for female. Copper nutrient like iodine is excreted into the holy breast milk. By Roman times, the mirror would be considered to be a symbol of vanity rather than life. Silly Romans and barbarian Caesar who burned the library. No matter the knowledge is written in the Akashic record. I have a limited library pass and the key message I got is that copper is a form of gold used by the body which connects higher level forms of “gold” silver and gold via iodine and oxygen chemistry to spirit. Also BitCoin is a form of higher level gold. If you like gold like me then study the ankh and mandalas and reflect upon the usage of copper in your own body and connection to your spiritual gold.

The liver in ancient times was believed to be the source of life (LIVER = LIVE RA) because it contains copper the source of the body’s electrical system which shines like the sun when polished. Also we know the liver uses silver and gold (MT protein) for detox. I’m pretty sure that supplementing silver and gold was an normal part of ancient Egypt life for the priest class (Brahmins/Abraham) and I’m pretty sure they knew that if you ate the liver of a god you would get their gold. If you eat a liver you will definitely get copper. The ancients were very into reincarnation and there is that idea that the gods had blood of gold. This is weird as we think of iron in the blood not gold and also copper in the blood too. I have figured out that when they talk about gold they sometimes means copper, silver or gold. I love all ancient connections of noble metals and healing an the bronze serpent in the Bible is one of the most interesting for this discussion because bronze is predominantly made of copper (but in the case of the Nehustan was probably a copper-silver-gold electrum alloy). Also the “gold” Menorah (Amun-Ra) in the Bible was probably a copper-silver-gold alloy as well (I think mostly silver). The idea of the solar disk was very prominent in Egypt with the plate depicted on top of the heads of the Egyptian gods and associated with life (ankh). I think the Egyptians were more aware of the electrical nature of the human body than we are even today as we focus too much on immunology in science and not enough on bio-electricity. Any study of bio-electricity necessitates an in depth study of copper as its basis.


Copper occurs naturally in the mountain in the Tennessee-Georgia area where I live, and many copper artifacts from the Native Americans who used to live here have been found. Before the Cherokee were the Etowah tribe whose clay mounds are nearby and there have been found copper axes, copper plates, copper fish hooks, bones & even seashells plated in copper! Many of the copper plates seemingly religious symbols such as the sun wheel or medicine wheel as well as other solar images such as hawks, turtle, spider as well as cross-like copper religious symbols. There are nearby mounds aligned with the summer solstice so copper may have been used in religious ceremonies related to a solar cult some speculate. Copper is the most electrically conductive metal of all with the exception of silver and gold & most thermally conductive metal with the exception of silver! A sheet of copper when the sun shines on it can eject electrons which we now call the “photoelectric effect” and copper sheets are seen in many ancient cultures. A copper sheet from a native American tribe from the Mississippian area (900 AD-1450 AD) is depicted at the beginning of this article which could have been art or had religious significance depicting a sun-wheel.


Copper can also oxidize with sulfides and also copper can form a GREEN compound called Verdigris when it reacts with carbonates which can be seen on many old buildings including green on the American Statue of Liberty. When thinking about copper in the body, keep in mind these strange oxidation properties as potential things it could be doing in the body. I have seen people wear copper bracelets which have turned their skin green and I think this is likely the copper-carbonate verdigris oxidation. The most noticeable thing I see with high copper is rheumatoid arthritis. I recently had person wearing a copper bracelet on right wrist who started to complain of arthritis symptoms on right arm. I noticed that the skin around the area looked green (verdigris from too much copper leeching into skin). I assume the body binds excess copper as copper-carbonate or using some other biochemical binding agent hence the green. I suggested that although copper jewelry is nice for grounding, that perhaps his copper levels were too high and to stop wearing the copper till the green skin goes away and to immediately take 3 drops of NeuGold for the rheumatoid arthritis symptom self medication which I said if I am correct then you will notice a difference almost immediately within 5 minutes or 15-30 min tops. He was astonished because he tried it and indeed it worked and he claimed it dialed down the arthritis symptoms in the arm expressing copper toxicity.
I don’t like the idea that copper is toxic because it is a nutrient; but there is no denying that when too high it does cause toxic symptoms. I consider copper to be a nutrient that can act as a quasi-heavy metal (quasi-toxic metal), it’s not a toxic metal and should not be called a heavy metal but under certain circumstance especially when symptoms of copper being to high it dos act AS IF (quasi) a toxic metal. If you wear a copper bracelet so much your skin turn green and you get arthritic symptoms in that area then I would say that the copper is expressing an as if temporary toxicity and you need to take off the copper jewelry and immediately take gold. Copper jewelry is fine in moderation just stop wearing it if your skin turns green! Silver and Gold jewelry are great but beware fake jewelry or even gold jewelry that is mixed with other metals that are toxic (nickel & rhodium you should avoid). Some metals like palladium and germanium and platinum I just don’t know enough about or have enough information about to say but if any jewelry is giving you a reaction stop wearing it and detox. Copper jewelry is used for grounding. Silver jewelry is used for protection, and gold jewelry is used for enlightenment.


Zinc is itself a mandala with 100+ uses in the body. Copper and Zinc have similar size as Copper Cu is atomic number 29 and Zinc Zn is 30 on the periodic table meaning Zinc has one additional proton and electron than copper. So even though their size is similar they have very different electrical properties. Why? Because whereas copper has a free electon in its S orbital, Zinc has a filled S orbital with 2 electrons, so I like to say that Copper is electrically CONDUCTIVE but Zinc is electrically NON-CONDUCTIVE in the body. Note that I am talking about electrical conduction in the body not in standard usage where all metals are considered conductive. It is important to note that the other two metals in group 12 on the periodic table cadmium and mercury are HIGHLY TOXIC in the body but for some reason zinc is NOT TOXIC. It is my believe that in general that NON-CONDUCTIVE METALS ARE TOXIC but ZINC IS AN EXCEPTION and the exception is because the non-conductivity of zinc is used by the body in a positive way to balance the conductivity of the COPPER nutrient and to keep it in CONTAINMENT. Whereas the non-conductivity of zinc is good for balancing copper, the non-conductivity of mercury & lead are not good at balancing silver and gold as they instead simply block not balance electrical processes & silver can be used to detox mercury and gold to detox lead unblocking the electrical pathways. Additionally, I believe that gold can be used to unblock oxidized copper or oxidized zinc pathways in the body in nerves and liver. My belief is that the MT protein in the liver serves as an interface with iodine via the selenocysteine amino acid. What we can say for sure is that iodine deficiency and heavy metal disruption of copper binding proteins in the liver CP and MT results in estrogen disruption.


Here is a list of supposed copper toxicity problems from link:

Problems associated with copper toxicity include: pyrrole disorder, estrogen dominance, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, migraines, liver toxicity, thyroid conditions, chronic candida yeast infections, PMS, to name a few.” As well as Alzheimer’s & Cardiovascular disease!

Copper is obviously very important to the body in many ways. Depression and anxiety, migraines and not mentioned Rheumatoid arthritis are the most common high copper problems I’ve seen that gold fixes. Not sure why they left RA off the list. Some comment’s: pyrrole disorder involves low zinc and low vitamin B6. Liver toxicity & thyroid toxicity make sense if iodine is out of balance & thus copper-zinc levels out of whack. Copper can be used like silver to kill infection in body and thus a copper imbalance could result in an infection yielding an infection in any organ in the absence of silver so candida yeast infections make sense. PMS is an interesting one as I’ve had numerous reports that colloidal gold is helping with both PMS and menopause but this makes me believe that the there is an underlying copper problem that the gold is replacing the copper and fixing. As far as Alzheimer’s it might make sense in a high inflammation or infection cause or in a high mercury toxicity situation that in the absence of silver or gold that the body would elevate copper levels in the brain to try to increase conductivity to counteract lack of conductivity from mercury. I doubt copper is the cause but rather a symptom in Alzheimer’s. Be sure to see my video on “AUM for Alzheimer’s”. Cardiovascular disease is a definite because copper is used in the heart. Mice denied copper get heart problems which are restored with copper. My belief is that the heart uses copper but prefers silver just as brain & nervous system use copper but prefer gold. Low copper (not high copper) I believe actually low silver result in cardiovascular problems including infection and heart attack because copper and silver are used by the heart like a “bug zapper”. Chronic fatigue is very interesting because is probably related to copper’s use in the mitochondria for ATP production.


Copper is related to melanin the skin pigment. Melanin produced by melanocytes only in presence of cuproenzyme (copper enzyme) called tyrosinase a type of oxidase. I suspect there are untold links between copper, gold and maybe silver in the production of other skin biochemistry such as the solar activation of vitamin D.


Another important oxidase in the body that uses copper is the cytochrome c oxidase which has copper centers as part of the mitochondrial electron transport chain for producing ATP. The electrical properties of copper are used by the body to produce energy which makes sense though the way it does it is extremely complicated and also involves iron.


Way back when I took biochemistry in college at Texas A&M circa 2003, I remember learning about zinc binding sites on DNA. Now that we know about how copper conductivity and zinc non-conductivity work together in balance, it does not surprise me one bit to know learn that there are COPPER binding sites for DNA transcription and it should not surprise you to know that there are silver and gold ones as well. Who knows how much information is encoded in DNA as under different sets of nutrients different codes might come out. What if you get a different code with with copper vs with gold? I wonder how many “genetic” abnormalities are really just nutrient abnormalities. What if I’m right that silver and gold are nutrients just as is copper. Zinc is important for gene transcription and so are all of the noble metals copper, silver and gold. Copper can definitely influence signal transduction pathways and alter gene expression, a lot of secret knowledge here but too much for my mind to handle right now:

“Copper has the potential to mediate several important biological processes through multiple signal transduction pathways; however the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying copper-regulated gene expression are poorly understood.”

Gee that’s an understatement. The more I think I know about copper the less I realize I know. That’s a typical property of a mandala. So let’s shift gears and talk about copper in the metaphysical:


Copper is associated with the color red and grounding (the Earth or Ki/Qi/Queen Earth mother energy) and the lower 3 chakras. Silver is associated with the color green and the moon lunar healing energy and the heart chakra. Gold is associated with the sun and solar energy and the upper 3 chakras. Through meditation, the golden solar and the grounding copper energies can be balanced at the heart. Within the heart is a pink gold protected by the silver representative of spiritual gold. Copper is the universal conductor because it can represent grounding, or when shiny untarnished can represent gold or when oxidized green can represent the heart. In a similar way in the body copper is used primarily for the gut & liver and reproductive tract, also used by heart but not preferred in brain. In a similar way it appears that gold is preferred in brain but can be used in heart and liver but silver is preferred by heart. I’m not suggesting that copper metaphysics can substitute for biochemistry but I do want readers to be aware of this as it correlates to known physiology in a surprisingly well summary of what copper does. Copper is sacred to Venus. Copper has properties in reproductive tract which appear to be balanced by zinc and is copper nutrient is used in breast milk for baby. Elevated copper in response to estrogen is probably a very important signal though what it means (probably body doing something positive for baby) has been lost in current mainstream medical paradigm that elevated copper levels are bad, but I think that copper has a much deeper role in the body in relation to oxygen and iodine and female nutrition than currently understood. The old word for copper is chalkos and copper was mined on the island of Crete and used in the Minoan Goddess Cult which influenced the cult of Venus and modern Christianity’s view of Athena Parthenos (the Virgin Mother of Heaven as she created the universe without a man) from the Egyptian cult of Ma’at the Mother Ray. The story of Atlantis described by Plato said they used something called Orichalcum which means Gold-Copper as substance now known to have all kinds of interesting electrical properties. Did the Atlanteans have Orichalcum solar panels? The human body clearly takes advantage of the electrical properties of copper but for some reason the copper levels get too high and it prefers gold instead. Modern biochemistry equates the high copper with low zinc and I see it with low iodine as well. Assuming modern biochemistry is right that high copper is bad as just results in high reactive oxygen species which are damaging to cells, proteins and DNA and also bad for reproduction, then perhaps the association of copper with Venus is a bad one. Perhaps copper is more like the bane of Venus and Venus needs iodine, silver, gold and zinc instead. Such nutrition issues seem so important and yet no-one is looking at them as all the modern science is focused on patentable drug research not un-patentable nutrients like copper. But I for one and looking and thinking and meditating and by understanding better copper, I will understand better many biological pathways in the future and as I learn I will share and will try to help you all as best I can. All I know for sure right now is that copper seems to be inferior to gold as a health supplement and iodine is more important than copper for health & silver is superior to copper for destroying germs.


Copper is biostatic meaning it can be used to kill life yet it is also extremely necessary to life. Where does the line be drawn is hard to say. However, copper was used on the hulls of ships to keep off marine organism for growing, yet ironically copper is critical for certain marine organisms. What a paradox. A wierd clue concerning copper evolution is:

“In mollusks and crustaceans, copper is a constituent of the blood pigment hemocyanin, replaced by the iron-complexed hemoglobin in fish and other vertebrates.” (from wiki copper).

Copper may have been used for ancient blood but replaced by iron later. So many of the copper pathway in life seem very ancient and what was the pressure to replace copper with iron in blood oxygen transport I wonder. How many copper-oxygen pathways were kept and what copper-oxygen pathways may have evolved later? I have no doubt there are undiscovered copper-iodine pathways because of the similarity of oxygen and iodine chemistry. Many of the “bad” copper-reactive oxygen species pathways could be “good” critical copper-reactive iodine species (nascent iodine) pathways that have not been even discovered or discussed in mainstream medicine. How much did the ancient Atlanteans know about copper I wonder and how do other species use copper, what about dolphins I have to wonder.


There are three types of estrogen:

Estrone: E1, Estradiol: E2. Estriol: E3.

Iodine helps maintain the balance of estrogen in favor of estriol E3 which protects against cancer, suppresses fibrocystic masses in breasts (suppresses breast cancer). Copper is associated with high estrogen.

Whatever is going on estrogen levels as well as copper-zinc levels often go back to normal when iodine deficiency is removed.

It seems that copper promotes estrogen whereas zinc promotes progesterone and testosterone. High estrogen is associated with spread of breast cancer. I was taught at MD Anderson Cancer Center that “giving estrogen to breast cancer is like putting fuel on a fire.”

I would not supplement copper for breast cancer as might make estrogen problem worse but supplementation of iodine is a must (see disclaimers, I only sell iodine system as a dietary supplement for health support not as an anti-caner drug). Once copper pathway is unblocked (oftentimes just mercury in the thyroid, breasts & liver) high copper can become your friend again and may even help kill the cancer through its germicidal and directed ROS generating properties when properly contained and the power of copper’s super anti-oxidant SOD is released (make sure you got iron & manganese in your diet too to help with SOD formation).


Don’t worry so much about your copper and zinc levels, instead worry about keeping your iodine levels up and your toxin levels down. When you stay in the iMedDo “Be in a constant state of detox” mindset you won’t have to worry about weird copper imbalances from mercury and other heavy metals & halogens just keep detoxing! Gold can directly control high copper symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, depression and anxiety. Many symptoms of high copper are really symptoms of some other toxin, the copper is trying to help you with its germicidal and SOD antioxidant properties, but the pathway is blocked, but is restored when you detox. Silver helps take the pressure off high copper levels which are trying to kill infection. Copper-Zinc balance from not becoming iodine deficient is important for breast cancer & estrogen/testosterone balance for both women & men as we both need a working thyroid and working copper pathway in the liver and copper in our mitochondria is important for ATP and energy production.

NAMASTE (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

FINIS (The End).

By DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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