VACCINE WAR: Mask Attack


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior


In spite of all the bad stuff going on right now, one good thing about all this lockdown garbage is that there are good people who are BitCoin programmers who have been stuck at home writing code to change the world. Several important things happened this month that I want people to known about. Brendan Lee after reading my article last month created a new company called Elas Digital which uses BitCoin as a substrate which I think will change the world. Brendan is the guy I interviewed in my old episode about the Metanet, and who was instrumental in getting on the Metanet hosted on Bitcoin SV (BSV) i.e. BitCoin. [do not confuse BTC, BCH & BSV. BSV is the BitCoin that I accept and support].

Another big development is that Daniel Krawisz, the “Emperor of BitCoin” at company Matter Pool mined their first BSV block which was an important step in demonstrating that his new “BOOST” protocol on Bitcoin SV works. It is a beyond the scope of this article to explain what it is exactly but is basically a way filter good or bad content on Bitcoin using proof of work which will help good ideas and content be found faster and let bad ideas die quicker.

There is a lot of financial uncertainty right now surrounding the US printing trillions of dollars out of thin air which theoretically should lead to inflation which is a stealth tax on wealth. Because of this, I may be forced to increase my supplement prices, but I have promised not to do so until after January 2021 as I want to make sure we all get through the Vaccine War first. Worst case scenario if the US dollar hyper inflates and is worth nothing, I will just stop taking it, and will require people to buy using BitCoin (BSV) at So, I encourage you if new customer to learn how to use BSV, but for now you can buy still with USD no problem on Etsy shop at

The biggest thing that happened this month which I want everyone to known about is that the famous programmer known as “_unwriter” released a new social media application and Twitter competitor on the Bitcoin SV blockchain called “PingPow” which is cool as you can start using it and start posting on it even if you don’t have any BSV to start with you just need a free BSV wallet.


Twitter was recently hacked and then they also have been censoring people posting health, bitcoin and/or political things (I do all three lol). My twitter account @healthwarrior1 I can no longer access & am effectively locked out of my own Twitter account. I don’t think they like me talking on there to my followers against Bill Gates, and they really hated me talking about how I support the governor of Georgia for refusing to give into Bill Gates bribery and governor peer pressure to make facemasks mandatory. Twitter also dislikes me as I talk about BSV and new BitCoin Twitter competitors. Many other people I know are simultaneously being restricted from Twitter so it’s more then just their hack they are actively targeting people to shut down their free speech.


With two Bitcoin versions of Twitter and now combined with Twitter censoring me anyway, I’m calling it that it’s the end of Twitter. If you are on Twitter please create Bitcoin accounts instead. I primarily use since is a year older (my user name on twetch is @169 which is @drbengo) but it cost BSV to make posts on Twetch. PingPow however is perfect for on boarding new people because it just uses your account to make posts and you can still get paid in BitCoin SV when people like or comment on your stuff. Twitter competitors moving to BitCoin SV is a big deal this month & I’m very thankful to have an alternative now that Twitter is censoring me. I’m trying to get my account reactivated but it is saying it thinks I’m a robot and won’t call me to give me the code to make it work again so my Twitter account is effectively frozen.


Youtube is censoring and demonetizing people left and right. I haven’t made any videos lately but when I do I will want additional places to upload them besides just youtube and already at least one of my youtube videos was taken down. It was a Bitcoin one where I was talking to the Emperor of Bitcoin the same Daniel of Matter Pool and Boost I mentioned above and likely as taken down because I was speaking out against fluoride calling out the lies of the “Angry Dentist” who was lying on the show trying to say fluoride is safe while I explained in detail how it’s a neurotoxin and is toxic because it mimics iodine nutrient. Anyway making videos and only putting them on youtube is not safe anymore as they could get arbitrarily removed at anytime. I need to back up all my old videos too. If any of you my dear readers are in a similar situation of needing a place to back up videos I recommend you try using the video services that this guy Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante has been testing out. ( & bitchute) they seem to be working pretty well. I’ll test them out next I make a video as a backup for youtube. Also I’ve heard of one called dtube but haven’t tested that one out yet either. There is a site called streamanity where you can get paid in BSV for videos but they videos are not actually stored on the blockchain at this time. The exciting thing is that censorship of youtube videos is leading to a renaissance of youtube competitors and eventually they will all be replaced by video on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


2020 is the Year of 20/20 Vision where people finally realize vaccines injure children. Also 2020 in the Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Rat. I have been looking diligently for who is the guardian of 2020. In mediation, I kept being drawn to the sign of the pied piper and when I saw this video link below I knew who is the Rat Guardian of 2020: it’s the rat sized dog Lucy from the Dollar Vigilante.

Anyway, in big news this month, Jeff just joined which means he decided to start supporting BitCoin SV. I can now endorse him, and I have to say he really gets the award for best Coronavirus Scamdemic coverage. If you haven’t seen this guy yet check him out this video and the next one after it in particular:


I used to not promote this guy because he is an anarchist, but he is not the same as the communist anti-fa anarchists he is an anarcho-capitalist and really more of a voluntarist libertarian type like Ron Paul but slightly more hardcore. Whereas I want to stay in the US and make it better, he’s like just escape to Mexico and get rich so you have a private jet to escape totalitarians lol.

Yeah owning a private jet is a good way to avoid having be force vaccinated with Kill Bill’s tracking system to fly, so freedom of travel really may be a wealth issue in the future provided the people who get the vaccine are even alive still to want to fly after getting poisoned by vaccinosis!

The reason I think you should watch this Jeff guy is because he does an extremely good job at providing information that helps your mind escape the powerful attempted mind control of the mainstream media, and especially has done a great job covering coronavirus related issues all year long. He’s very pro alternative medicine and an ex-vaxxer as a swine flu vaccine killed his mother.

Also the reason this guy is interesting is because as the “Dollar Vigilante” he’s been the guy projecting doom and gloom of the dollar collapse for decades, & now that it’s all going down like he said it would he’s got a lot more credibility now as his predictions are coming true. Anyway recommend you get on and follow him, after you follow me on there first of course =) @169.


A lot of Americans are still in cognitive dissonance and unbelieving when I try to explain to them that wearing a mask is a prelude to mandatory vaccines. Even my own wife is like, I could wear it but refuse the vaccine, right? Well I hope she is right, but regardless of whether you wear a mask or not the mandatory vaccine threat is real, and the situation is much more dire than you many have realized as I will explain:


Let’s look at what the American Chemical Society has to say in their Globalist publication the C&EN Magazine (Chemical & Engineering News): Hot off the press July 13th, 2020 episode:


Headline top right corner: “US preorders COVID-19 vaccine and antibody therapy”. Here is an excerpt from the article I want to make my readers aware of:

“The US government is spending over $2 billion to preorder a vaccine and an antibody therapy for COVID-19. Money for both programs comes from the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development (BARDA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). The investments are part of Operation Warp Speed, the government’s plan to distribute 300 million doses by January 2021.”


According to the 2020 census numbers there are 331 million Americans right now.


BARDA & THE DoD plan to “distribute” 300 MILLION MANDATORY VACCINE DOSES by “January 2021”!

This is an actual attack of a rogue branch of the American government against the American people as the vaccines have no legitimate safety testing thanks to “Operation Warp Speed” a military operation against the American people. By ignoring animal testing and proper chain of clinical trials & ignoring the animals deaths who get a coronavirus vaccine, we could very well be looking at up to 90% of AMERICANS DEAD (300/331 million) BY 2021 if their plan is allowed to proceed! May it never be!


I’m expected a 90% poison, injure main or kill rate with actual kill rate will depend on how immune compromised you already. If you are fully detoxed and immediately continue detoxing after you get force vaccinated you will likely live but still not recommend you get it at all if you can avoid, and I highly recommend you avoid at all cost.

I think 2% kill rate by the untested vaccine which fails animal trials is a conservative estimate and 30% kill rate is a very possible estimate. If only 30% of the 300 million vaccines are effective at killing Americans that will be 100 million Americans dead. If Americans refuse to comply and they release a MERS virus with a known 30% kill rate as a bioweapon to force us to comply that will be 100 million dead Americans. Either way the mad poisoners plan to kill 100+ million Americans so really I can’t emphasize enough that 6 million dead Americans with 2% kill rate conservative number is a VERY LOW estimate of the possible damage if these mad people are allowed to succeed in their plan. We must shut them down immediately! NO VACCINOSIS!


I don’t want to alarm people and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is just no way to sugar coat it folks! We are at war and the game now is simply for you & your family to survive past January 2021 to make it to February 2021! Your job doesn’t matter, whether your kids go back to school in the fall doesn’t matter, what matter is that you have a place to stay & access to food and water and have detox supplements in case your are force rounded up and injected so that you can survive this killer vaccine. My first degree is in biochemistry, and I can tell you folks if it kills animals it may vey well kill you too if you are unlucky enough to get vaccinated and are not able to detox immediately.


Bill Gates is clearly a Star Trek fan & he makes guest appearances on Star Trek loving Big Bang Theory TV show trying to convince people he’s a cool guy. Sorry Kill Bill, trying to poison the planet is not cool not even if yo are a Star Trek fan and in that paradigm you are a Romulan Empire or Klingon killer that must be resisted. No force vaccines for StarFleet! For my less nerdy readers in case you don’t know, this military “Operation Warp Speed” being used to attack the American public with untested mandatory vaccines is a reference to the spaceship the Enterprise on the Star Trek tv show. When it goes slow it goes by “impulse engines” and when it goes fast it goes into “Warp Speed”. The reference to Warp Speed means that they are ignoring safe speeds of vaccine testing, skipping animal and clinical trials and just going full speed ahead to distribute the vaccines onto people which is completely illegal & unethical by the way & a violation of both the US Constitution and the Geneva Convention. Bill Gates is a nerdy criminal. The government already got the money printed out of thin air and given away in the trillions. The vaccines were already paid & pre-ordered (money given to the vaccine companies by the government) billions in this case & no telling what the other trillions are doing right now (secret drone army? satellites?). It’s important we make this the biggest government boondoggle of all time and make sure those vaccines just rot away in storage and are never distributed. They will try to give them to you for free because they are already paid for. If anyone talks to you about “Operation Warp Speed”, know the Star Trek themed lingo and say NO, we need to go “Impulse Speed” not “Warp Speed,”, We must not skip a single bit of safety testing when it comes to vaccines especially since history shows us how much vaccine fraud there is and how crooked the vaccine courts are at coving up vaccine injury. We must stop pretending that bioweapon deployment attacks are a part of public health. Separation of Military & Medicine. Separation of Government and Medicine. Separation of Bill Gates & Politicians from Medicine. Leave medicine to people who follow the hippocratic oath and lock up people like pediatricians and dentists who poison for profit using vaccines, mercury and fluoride. [Spoiler alert: My next issue will about the Hippocratic Oath]. Ignoring the hippocratic oath & injuring people is criminal. Definition of crime is to injure someone. Vaccines have injured so many already the idea of a new unsafe untested one to give to everyone is mass criminality which if done with societies blessing is mass insanity a no culture which injures their children fairs well in the future.


Supposedly 6 million Jews were killed in WW2, and at low estimate 6 million Americans will die assuming only a 2% kill rate for the vaccine so I think comparing the WW2 Holocaust to the impending American Vaccine War Holocaust is fair. I also like Vaccine Ragnarok. Whatever you call it the threat is real and if things don’t change millions of American will be injured if not killed by vaccinosis by January 2021, we must fight!

January 2021 is really not that far away, and at the rate things are changing for the worse in July with all the facemask nonsense, if people don’t fight back they might not be alive February 2021!

I’m even more alarmed that it’s not just Bill Gates, the WHO, China and Fauci attacking us anymore, it’s our own government rogue elements including BARDA & DoD turning public funds as a weapon against us. Our own department of defense attacking the american public with a military Operation even if it’s named after Star Trek is NOT COOL!


The attack is by collectivism which includes both communist and fascist ideas, so the “anti-fascist people” who are communists and the anti-communist people who are fascists neither are American as we reject collectivism so whether Nazi medical tyranny totalitarianism or whether communist denial of property and land ownership and freedom of speech and other constitutional rights, neither collectivist ideology has a home in America. Bill Gates and silicon valley companies in California like Twitter and YouTube (and Facebook) have made it clear they are working with CCP China to restrict freedom of speech and they are also the enemy of the American people. I look forward to obsoleting them all with BitCoin SV. Bitcoin is an “economic-capitalistic” system which destroys communism and shines light on government corruption.


As part of the communist attack by the “anti-fa” people you can see a popular fomenting of hatred between the otherwise peaceful races of black and white people in America. There is a group of Jews known as Zionists who identify as “white People” yet foment attacks on other groups of white people, and I think they are likely responsible for the weaponization of the word Karen to become a gender and racial slur against white women and used as a synonym against white people in general. Don’t participate either with the anti-fa, the black-lives matter nor the Karen movement as all are Anti-American. Please note, send all “Karens” my way as I want to help them detox. The misplaced meddling of a “Karen” when directed correctly is the love of the mother. They want people to wear masks because they have been brainwashed into thinking it is the right thing to do but when their eyes are opened they will see the real enemy and are allies not enemies. The word Karen means “Holy” and those who attack “Karen” are unholy. Do not attack the Karen, so sayeth DrBenGo.


Everything is going quite exactly according to plan of THE Covid-PLan/Rockerfeller Lockstep 2010.


By releasing a scary bioweapon and overhyping the numbers and doing draconian medical tyranny in a coordinated attack the endgame is to get American to beg for a vaccine which will ultimately kill them all. The evil plan is that if Americans do not comply theyhave a deadly MERS bioweapon in reserve which they can attack with and kill 30% of the American public (~99 million) if necessary to force submission to the mandatory vaccines. Killing 1/3 of Americans to get a vaccine which will kill even more of them is not a problem if you goal is to kill 90% of Americans in the first place as the evil vaccine-bioweapon global depopulation plan of Bill Gates seems to be intent on achieving. Yes Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ & he likes putting out 060606 patents and signs rubbing it in the face of the Christians. Fun times [sarcasm].

The reality for many people now as of about July 10th is that they are being denied access to food and water by illegal and unconstitutional mandatary vaccine mandates by state counties and tyrannical governors and government people who have been bribed to abandon their duty to the US constitution based on fake science.

Real scientists like myself are not being consulted for anything and politicians are making up the dumbest medical advice they can think of and spouting it like the word of god. Fun times [sarcarm agains =)].

Corporations such as Wal-Mart and Starbucks which have made a decision to adopt mandatory mask wearing to enter their facilities even in states that do not make it mandatory are part of the problem & I’m personally boycotting them all.


As of this moment in the Tri-State area in the US that I live in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama area, both nearby Tennessee and Alabama have mandatory mask wearing but Georgia does not thankfully. Glad I picked the right state. My area will be the last place the torch of freedom dies and even if suppressed to a mere ember will fire back up and spread the torch of freedom to America and to the world. However, even where I live where the Grocery stores where mask wearing is not mandatory, I would say that almost all of the people in the grocery store (mostly older folks & retirees) are wearing masks anyway indicated to me that they have all been successfully brainwashed. I would say most of the younger folk in Georgia are not wearing masks still. Places like Rock City Amusement Park is making people wear masks inside but not outside and Starbucks is making people wear masks inside ben though they don’t have to in Georgia (traitors) as a corporate policy. I don’t shop there I just wanted to compare my coffee shop experience in Tennessee vs Georgia. In Tennessee they are making people wear a mask inside and “have a mask on their body” when outside. Screw that. I don’t want to sit outside at your coffee shops Tennessee sorry. I think a lot of business has already and will continue to shift for neighboring Tennessee and Alabama to my area in Georgia as people flee the medical tyranny. Already gotten lots of additional campers who love getting away to nature so plasmic has been good for business both health supplement and my campground.


I am the eldest of the the Millenial Generation, and I hope all young people do heed my wisdom. To the elderly I say, stop being so afraid of death that you fail to defend life or you will never find eternal life. To the young I say, every generation is required to defend its own freedom & for those of you who have the will to fight you lack the wisdom to correctly identify the enemy. Please detox and heed my words & receive the wisdom those of you who are worthy of freedom desire. The enemy is yourself and by changing yourself you change those around you. Wearing a mask is sending a signal in the present that you want mandatory vaccines in the future, and anyone sending that signal when the masks turn into bioweapons of vaccinosis becomes my enemy, and whoever stands up to protect the children & all people from this incoming mass poisoning I call my friend. It’s a strange time in America where just walking around without a mask on is a symbol of freedom but it is so. The covering of the mouth is a symbol of lack of freedom of speech and the muzzling of the mouths of women is particularly evil as is softening up the US for Islamization and the muzzling of children so that you cannot hear them cry when hungry or being attacked is also evil.


Unless you live under a rock you are aware that there is global pedophile ring seeking to exploit children and nothing more would they desire than to muzzle the mouths of children so that you cannot hear them cry out for help when they rape them.

Yes I went there. If you support face masks for children knowing full well that the coronavirus does not affect children, does not even spread from children to adults then yes you are supporting child abuse and even enabling pedophiles.


According to the evil plan there are up to 30,000 unlucky Americans who are going to be poisoned early:

From the July 13th ACS C&EN article:

“Novavax was awarded $1.6 billion to begin manufacturing 100 million doses of the vaccine and test it in a Phase III clinical trial of up to 30,000 people this fall.” …”Results from Phase I safety study are expected later this July” … “The deal with Novavax is the government’s single-largest investment yet in a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Okay let me get this straight. Even though this Novavax company hasn’t even completed their phase I safety study (no worries results coming later July lol) the government made them their LARGEST investment to date in vaccines in the company and they are going to be POISONING up to 30,000 UNLUCKY AMERICANS with the untested vaccinosis experimental unethical bioweapon come this fall! (Sept,Oct,Nov?).

Let’s say as an estimate they are planning to poison about 10,000 people a month from Sept-Nov, or maybe they gonna try to poison all 30,000 all at once right at the time of the election in Nov. Either Fall is going to be be nuts, brace yourself and don’t volunteer and try not to get abducted for these 30k unsafe trials.

Who are these unlucky 30,000 Americans who are going to be poisoned early?

We known Bill Gates is against his own family getting vaccines as he knows they are poison. We know his wife Melinda Gates has been promoting that Black People should be given vaccine first and we known African males are particularly vulnerable to vaccine poison.

However it is obvious that since this is rogue military operation (Operation Warp Speed) by Barda & DoD that it will be the military who will likely be forced to get vaccines first.

Also is is obvious that the reason they are reluctant to open schools right now is they don’t want to reopen until they are able to require children to get mandatary vaccines.

So who’s it gonna be to get the poison first?

Black people? Military? Children?

The answer is it should be none of the above.

We must stop this rogue government operation immediately! Lock Bill Gates up and, put an injunction on Novax for entering phase III clinical trials without first completing animal studies, actually getting phase I study results and putting an injunction on “OPERATION WARP SPEED” a rogue military operation by Barda & DoD to poison Americans with vaccines that have skipped phase II safety testing. There is no justification for putting any subset of Americans at risk. Furthermore, whoever thees 30,000 people unlucky people are; if they do get abducted and forced injected with this Geneva convention & constitution violating poison, and if only 2% of them die from the vaccine, will that justify killing 6 million Americans if the vaccine is distributed to 300 million of the 331 million Americans as planned? Hell No. What if it has a 90% kill rate? Definitely not.

We must stop this bullshit here an now & make the American Congress formally declare war on its own people the American public if it want to use the American military funds to attack Americans. I’m guessing Americans are not going to vote for that, so we need to retake control of all branches of government and put a stop to the rogue branch of our military and use the other branches of military or militia if we must. The attack on America be it on 30,000 American or on 300 million or all 331 million Americans will NOT BE TOLERATED! WAKE UP AMERICAN PATRIOTS YOUR LIFE & THE LIFE OF YOUR FAMILY DEPENDS ON IT!!!


The disturbing thing is that people are not taking this threat SERIOUSLY ENOUGH. It’s not just madman Bill Gates anymore, it is rogue elements in our own military BARDA & parts of the DoD (Department of Defense) who are now WAGING OPEN WARFARE on the American public using a COMBINED BIOWEAPON & PSIOP ATTACK designed to ultimately bring about this plan to kill up to 90% of AMERICANS BY 2021! TERRIBLE!!!


If you are in the military with the purpose of defending America and our supreme law of the land the US Constitution, or in a militia or national guard to defend the Constitution of your state, then I thank you for your service, but you need to know that WAR IS UPON US AND YOU ARE BEING TARGETED FOR ATTACK PLEASE PREPARE.

The rogue elements within the American military wish to give people in the military the mandatory vaccine first, thus injuring, maiming and killing our first line of defense leaving America undefended from attack. The MANDATORY VACCINE IS THE ATTACK! This is a bioweapon attack, & if you are working at the DoD and you are planning to getting that shot first as they will likely make you do, then your LIFE IS ON THE LINE! I truly hope some of our warriors will heed my warning & dodge the Vaccine Bullet by whatever means necessary, for we need you to defend America for the war that will come after the first round of the Bioweapon attack.


War has started whether we like it or not. We must force our congress to formally declare war. If the government wishes to attack the American people let them say so openly they shall no longer be allowed to do it in secret. The life of 300 million Americans is on the line with a deadline of January 2021, and 30,000 American casualties expected by Fall, 2020 and untold 6 million-300 million casualties by January, 2021 if unsafe vaccine is allowed to be distributed as a bioweapon attack and even worse if a MERS bioweapon is used before the vaccine bioweapon. Brace yourself for war. Arm yourselves, Find food, Find Shelter and prepare to remove the traitors to the American constitution. Brace for bioweapon attack delivered by vaccine which will decimate the American military by rogue elements inside our own military and brace for future warfare using drones and AI. Get Bicoin SV (BSV), get silver, get gold, get land, get animals and diversify your food supply. Let no communist invader take away your property rights nor any tyrant at home take away your right to life, right to travel, & especially not your right to breath air unobstructed.


I was born in 1981, and since that time in 1986 and beyond, the number of vaccines given to children has skyrocketed as the health of American children has plummeted. If we do not change and protect the children there will be no future for children are the future. Vaccine War is upon us. If you or your family gets poisoned then please detox. The more detoxed you are before getting poisoned and not being iodine nutrient deficient you have a much better chance at surviving the mass poisoning. Try to avoid the vaccine but since it is a government military operation there is no telling what will happen. They will likely require you to get it to work, to travel to buy anything like they are already restricting access to food and water at grocery stores for those not wearing masks later will be for those not getting the vaccine. Making secret stashes of detox supplements or hoarding detox supplements so that you have them available when your neighbors need them is not unheard of folks. Contact me to learn more.


Okay sure I’ll wear a mask on October 31st, 2020 for Halloween. Already been doing research on masked metal bands with the best most safe & effective facemasks to wear on halloween & award so far goes to Mushroomhead.

The Heresy is letting a war machine eat your baby. Don’t feed the war machine by letting your child get the vaccine for the DoD Operation Warp Speed. The American People Demand Operation Impulse Speed. If your space ships is heading into a black hole then stop, don’t go Warp Speed through the time dilation.


Time is an illusion and what you do in the present determines the future. If you look back into the past you can change the future. If you look into the future and see calamity coming you can change the present. I have foreseen a great evil coming with very specific timelines and dates with at least 6 million Americans dead by January 2021 if the 300 million vaccines that have been preordered by the military are allowed to be “distributed” to the American People. Don’t sign up to be one of the 30,000 guinea pigs who get the vaccine this fall. Survive till February 2021. Detox now and be ready for anything.


If you want some alternative sci-fi magic to contact the Star Trek spell Bill Gates and the CIA PSI-OP “Operation Warp Speed” is trying to use on you, I highly recommend the newer Battlestar Galactica (BSG) series.


Surviving in space with a bunch of robots coming after you while trying to preserve your morale, water, food and population and balancing spiritual needs seems very similar to the mindset you will need to survive this crisis. Protect your mind. If a little ridiculous social distancing & politicized maskery propaganda mastery has already broken your morale, morals or resolve then you need to toughen up because the real war is only getting started. The vaccine war is a fight for the future and what you do in the present matters.


If you received the flu shot vaccine & wear a mask then your life could be in danger as the exhaled shed viral particles can build in concentration and attack you again. There is a possibility that the reason that they are training people to wear masks now is that the lethality of the MERS bioweapon they may release as well as the mandatory vaccine later will be increased when you wear a mask. So I just want to remind you that in spite of the all propaganda that is being put out in mainstream media right now that vaccines are safe, there really are situations where there can be very adverse reactions to wearing a mask. Low oxygen & decreased brain function which is what they like to keep their fluoride zombies not thinking critically or using their third eye.


Throughout history it has been more likely that masks are banned rather than required. Why? Because it is easy to put apotropaic (Evil reflecting) symbols on a mask. The mask of the Gorgon of Artemis, the Dwarf Bes or Pan sticking out Tongue, the Magic Eye.
If you do wear a mask I highly encourage you to cover it with magical protective symbols when you go out in public. If you are going to wear a mask why not a silver helmet? Why not spray colloidal silver & gold on your mask?


The human face already has a natural mask. It’s called breathing through your nose which has hairs and snot to catch any viral or bacterial particles and get them stuck & blow them back out. Even if you had your tonsils stolen, our thyroid in our throat when it has plenty of iodine in it is the place that catches & stops germs. Stop trying do do externally what you can already do internally. No mask required humans are designed to breath air on planet earth. If you go to the moon or Mars then sure wear a mask.


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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