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iMedDo Detox System which can detox and heal and protect even from radiation is in my opinion a gift from heaven & thank you for helping me share. Last month I talked about Medusa and how she was related to the Goddess Artemis. This month I was meditating on what is going on in Ukraine and what if anything I can do to help end the war. The answer I got was “Ragana” & that I needed to meditate on the “Virgin Mary” & to meditate on the “Gifts of the Goddess.” While meditating on the Virgin Mary I was led back to meditating on Artemis and other pagan representations of the mother Goddess. While exploring history and doing comparative analysis on depictions of the Goddess throughout history, I became aware with a clear picture that besides iMedDo Detox there is another huge gift awaiting for us from the Goddess, the gift of Spring. Spring should be arriving right as I’m publishing this article and join me in welcoming Spring as we pray for peace and receive the Gifts of the Goddess. Namaste DrBenGo


My wife Shari Grace managing director of iMedDo Foundation just completed Master Herbalist course this month. Congratulations!


In my youth I prayed for wisdom and for the power to heal. My plan was to become a biomedical scientist and my goal was that if I spent my entire life hard at work in a lab that maybe just maybe I could find the cure to one just even one disease and that it would make a difference in the world to lessen human suffering. Imagine my surprise when I found medicines that can negate a whole variety of poisons, germs, or environmental toxins, and even protect against radiation, cancer, and stimulate the brain to work better and to help people achieve progress on their spiritual journey! Old Greek words that have lost their meaning in modern time like “Panacea” a “cure all” suddenly become real again when you study iodine, silver & gold medicine. The Milky Way is there right in front of you face whether you believe in it or not & in the same way Panacea is real whether you choose to use it or not. All I can do at this point in my life is put it out there like Art and you can either admire it or ignore it the choice is up to you. But it’s become increasingly hard for people to ignore how colloidal silver just destroys germs of all kinds, How iodine just detoxes poisons of all kinds, and how gold combines with and reinforces silver & iodine creating what I can only describe as a “Triple Goddess Effect”. Each individually is amazing in its own right but used together create a Holy synergy which is very beautiful to see as people who use these gifts are able to successfully protect, transform & enlighten with silver, iodine and gold.

iMedDo Detox System


I apologize for getting newsletter out a bit late this month, but it actually took me longer than usual to figure out what the Universe was trying to tell me. When I meditated on what is going on in Ukraine & what can I do to help bring about peace in the Ukraine & Russia war, I got a clear but confusing answer of “Ragana”. Long story short, Ragana is a goddess of Winter and I was able to connect her to the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, the Ukranian goddess of winter Marzanna, and the Greco-Roman Goddess Artemis & others too numerous to mention (Caillach, Black Anne) but which are all essentially “scary winter witches” in pagan mythology, & then I was able to piece together the idea of death of winter and the rebirth of the same goddess as Spring concept in shared mythologies across the world (all the way from Europe to China (from shared proto-indo-European/Eurasian origins).

Summarizing the result of my meditation skipping how I figured it all out, which was a real brain burner, is that if you divide the year up into two seasons Winter(&Fall) & Spring(&Summer) that they are both gifts as the Winter keeps the sun from getting too hot and Spring is thought of as the yearly rebirth of life. To ancient humans going all the way back even to pre-paleo-lithic times (before the stone age!) the Seasons were thought of as a Mother Goddess type figure and what I was able to piece together from comparative mythologies is that she was though of as two aspects of the same Goddess basically a Winter Snow Queen form often in later times depicted as a hag (ugly, scary, belligerent, “witch” i.e. Ragana form), and as Super Beautiful Spring form (Lada/Lady, Bride etc).

The key to understanding pagan/Ragan mythology is that ALL of the Gods & Goddesses are Milky Way references.

Even Medusa who I talked about last month with scary snakey hair lethal form and beautiful form can be considered an example of this Winter Witch/Spring Beauty Bride concept of a combined Seasonal Mother Goddess prototype.

Thinking about the seasons with scary winter witch versus beautiful sexy bride Goddess duality is also captured in the Greco-Roman concept of Artemis (winter witch) vs Aphrodite (Beauty) en-visualizations of the Milky Way.

With the coming of Christianity to Europe all aspects of the Goddess both Winter-(Autumn) & Spring-(Summer) became wrapped up into the one Goddess the Virgin Mary.

A major breakthrough in my meditation was finding a direct correlation of Artemis and the Virgin Mary which I will discuss in detail in the Appendix for those interested.

Right now people in both Ukraine & Russian and all around the world are praying to the Virgin Mary for Victory in Battle, Peace, Protection & Healing (Both Winter & Spring Goddess aspects combined).


The result of my meditation on the Virgin Mary is that if you want to pray to her or to any other Goddess for peace that the best way to do it is for you to pray for peace by receiving and being thankful for the gift of Spring that is coming right now! Join me in praying for peace now through March 21st that winter will end and Spring will come.


For Christians unless you are connected with your home countries folk lore concerning the seasons you have likely forgotten or lost the importance of connecting to the Goddess and welcoming & receiving the gift of Spring. It’s a lost pagan/Ragan art that I retrieved in meditation and am sharing as it can end war. If we are not thankful for nature we will not be thankful for the crops and if we are not thankful for the crops we will destroy the planet with war and nuclear winter where spring will never come again. This pagan message of Ragana to appreciate the winter Goddess, and then to welcome her when she is reborn in Spring form is something that comes naturally to me as I’m very connected to nature as I live off grid on a mountainside and have Celtic ancestry through my Scotch-Irish ancestors. There is a shared connecting with the Celtic pagan religion and the Baltic-Slavic pagan religions of Europe of which Ukraine has shared connection. Additionally Europe has a strong Christian connection as you can see in Ukraine & Russia which use a Cyrillic script modeled after Greek language from Eastern Roman Empire, but underneath the Ukranian tongue is closer to Turkish, Avestan and ultimately the pagan traditions of the Celts and Baltic Slavs can be traced back to the Rig Veda of India. I have spanned the gap between Virgin Mary and Ragana & the result is that if you truly want to pray for peace the best way to do it is by being cognizant of Spring and nature.


The secret is to connect yourself with the Milky Way. Idolatry is to pray to something external. Both look the same on the surface but there is an importance difference. To turn idolatry into real prayer you must recognize the object as a mandala a spirit mirror from when you are reflecting and looking upon your inner spirit self i.e. you are connecting yourself with what you are praying to. The Milky Way is the Ultimate Spirit Mirror.


Virgin Mary Art from Ukraine

Many pray to Virgin Mary in idolatry like praying to a painting or to a statue when done externally. Instead focus on the painting or statue being spirit mirror and pray to your own inner divine “Christ-light” like when you are talking to Vigin Mary you are talking to your own inner Sacred Heart. When you connect to your higher self as the Goddess in Virgin Mary form, she will bring about changes in your own life which will manifest as changes in yourself as well as in the external world as your thoughts and actions affect the world more than you know as we are all connected. You must find the divine in yourself and then learn to recognize it in others and to end war we must recognize the divine in each other.


Virgin Mary Art from Russia

The Ukrainians and Russians must remember their shared heritage & shared love of the Virgin Mary as Spring Goddess and choose peace over war this spring. Pray that the Winter Goddess aspect goes into slumber on March 21st and that the war ends that day as she is reborn as Spring Goddess arrives.

Prayers for protection, arms and victory in battle are prayers to the Winter Goddess. She delights in War, and is the Polish depiction of Virgin Mary as the Black Madonna their war banner.

Right now people are praying to Mary in different forms sending her mixed messages.

Example: Ukranian prayer right now as they pray for divine vengeance against the Russian aggressor, pray for more arms & air support (Winter Goddess Prayers) and pray for protection (Winter & Spring Goddess Prayers) result: mixed message.

Instead pray for Ukraine to have successful crops this year, for a bounteous Spring free of nuclear winter and for peace. (Spring Goddess Prayers) result: clear message.


Artwork depicting Morrigan the Ragana, War & Death Winter Goddess a Crow form of Artemis

In the Celtic (& Baltic) pagan religion every coming of Spring there is a mock battle where forces of Winter fight forces of Spring. Spring always wins this time of year and whichever side prays the most springy prayers will result victorious in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. If it looks like some kind of weird pagan ritual is going on in Ukraine right now, it’s because there REALLY IS! Christians can & should participate in my opinion if you can comprehend the connection of the Virgin Mary to Artemis (see appendix for guidance) and if you can pray clear messages for the Spring which is to pray for peace the do so if you want to pray for the winning side.


The Ukranian spin on this is to burn & drown a rag doll effigy of the winter witch Marzanna (Ukranian Ragana compare to English “Rag Doll”) this time of year to welcome Spring. Sounds weird but remember is a milky way reference (MW looks like a river of fire, so burning and drowning is to send the winter witch away back into the heavens) so that Spring Goddess can arrive.


Artemis is the Goddess of masks. Ukraine is wearing a mask right now and is in my opinion on the Winter side and will lose the mock battle, however, underneath the mask is the Spring Goddess and if they amplify their prayer to the winning Spring side by doing their Marzanna ritual in pagan way or by pray to Virgin Mary Spring for peace Christian way they can still win by switching sides to Spring.


Ukraine obtains peace by reaching an agreement with Russia to become a neutral country like Switzerland and not joining NATO but retains its independence and does not disarm as it needs to protect itself from both Russian & NATO if it is a truly free country.


Nuclear war & nuclear winter. Ukraine devoid of nuclear weapons but full of nuclear power plants uses them as weapons resulting in radioactive nuclear exclusion zones to protect its borders. Ukraine remains neutral country as no-one wants to go through the radioactive areas to enter the country and those who do are taken out with guerrilla warfare until the country is reclaimed by remaining Ukranian people. Animals thrive in nuclear exclusion zones just as animals have done surprisingly well in Chernobyl exclusion zone in absence of humans.


Either way the Ukranian people & culture ultimately survive as they are under the protection of the Goddess. Please accept the gift of iMedDo Health Supplements which are useful during Spring victory and essential in unlikely event of winter victory as radiation protection & detox will become essential in a nuclear winter. The gift of the Goddess is knowledge of Ragana the winter witch and how to put her back to sleep by welcoming her rebirth as the Spring goddess.


For Christians, to pray for peace your current prayers are extremely weak. What I’ve mostly see are like “Pray for Ukraine” or “Pray for Christians in Ukraine”, some go farther & say “Pray for Christians in both Ukraine & Russia”. Much better, but still weak. Instead try this:

Pray for end of war around the world for ALL people by welcoming the Springing of peace.

This is an interfaith prayer that all people of all faiths can get behind as the end of winter and the rebirth of spring is a shared concept in all religions throughout the world.

To Christianize it you can say:

Dear Jesus sacred heart of Virgin Mary the Goddess, please allow my heart to shine forth the the Christ-light and for me to embody the radiant rebirth of the Spring as I spread your love around the globe.

For a Pagan prayer you can say:

Dear Ragana Winter Witch thank you for tempering the sun’s fierce fire and protecting our homeland with our blood & arming us for battle that we may achieve great renown for our valor & courage. Sleep now winter Goddess Marzanne and arise again spring Goddess we welcome you Vesna and your bounteous crops and peace. Lada, Lady of Spring Marriage we welcome thee!

For a syncretic Ragan-Christian prayer:

Peace Ragana, put down your sword, feast no more your crows, no more blood does the land require to rejuvenate as the blood of the Christ child covers all and arise Spring beautiful Virgin Mary Mother of God who is Goddess we recognize you in ourselves we are you and we become you and we share you in love and bounteous crops and peace. Namaste.

You get the idea. Be creative, pray for peace in whatever way you find best. We are free to interpret the divine in ourselves & the milky way as we see best but I think we can all agree we would rather be crops in Ukraine this Spring than a nuclear winter, so please join me in praying for that.


Namaste, DrBenGo HealthPeaceMaker (Spring Goddess),
Namaste, DrBenGo HealthWarrior (Winter Goddess),
Namaste, Artemis-Virgin Mary the Goddess in male Christ Form.

Blessings of the Triple Goddess upon you all, receive the Gifts of the Goddess: medicine, peace, & knowledge of Spring!

by my true name: Aron Benjamin Goins
“Hidden Ark of Gold & Silver Coins”

Althea True Wealth Revealed!
I’m a Leprechaun, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day/Month!
Happy International Women’s Day/Month!


My grandma’s name was Irene. Eirene is the Roman Goddess Pax i.e. Goddess of Peace in English, and like her namesake she lived a beautiful peaceful life. Grandma embodied the Spring Goddess who upon her death in old age like the winter goddess, has been reborn anew in heaven like the Spring. Miss you Grandma, Rest in Peace, Rest in Irene.



Last month I talked about Medusa and how she is a coded symbolism of connecting your brain to the Milky Way. Although the story of Medusa passed down refers to temple of Athena, the archeological remains indicate that Medusa was instead associated with Artemis.
Artemis is the hidden goddess behind the Medusa story. In fact I would go so far as to equate Medusa with Artemis, and I think that Roman story discrediting Athena was also discrediting to Artemis and women in general. I noted that every non-destroyed Artemis temple I can find seemed to transition smoothly into Christianity where it appears that the Virgin Artemis somehow transitioned smoothly into becoming the Virgin Mary.

Month before last in Cataphractic Diamond Body Meditation appendix I discussed how I tracked down Jesus to be from the Persian Arsacid dynasty and how Armenia was the first country to convert to Christianity. Thus for this episode as I meditate on the Virgin Mary, it is also to Armenia I look for early images of Mary and for clues to confirm my suspicions that the Virgin Mary is directly from the Virgin Artemis.

Virgin Artemis & Brother Apollo the Sun God
turned into
Virgin Mary & Child Jesus the Sun God

For confirmation, check out Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the oldest Christian cathedral in Armenia & the world (believed to have been originally built 301-303AD same time Armenia become first country to convert to Christianity).

Sure enough the site was originally called “Artemid” referring to Artemis.

Sure enough the guy who converted Armenia to Christianity called Gregory the Illuminator was a relative of the Arsacid Parthian dynasty (and thus a relative of Jesus). His wife was most likely named Miriam who likely named after Virgin Mary. (Maryam). We definitely looking in the right place here folks for meditating on the Virgin Mary! What secrets await!

Artemis is mentioned several times in the Christian Bible in relation to Paul the Apostle. This is not surprising since the biggest temple to Artemis at the time was in Ephesus and notable Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians is part of the New Testament Canon so Paul had to deal with converting people from Artemis religion to Christian religion in the early church. However, how he did it has been pretty much lost or destroyed, or so I thought!

Looking at a relief from Armenian cathedral we see Apostle Paul & Thekla. It’s a romance story between the apostle Paul and the Virgin Theckla who in the story has all many of the attributes of Artemis.

Discovery of this New Testament apocrypha persevered in many copies in many languages though we never heard of over in the west as was completely suppressed by Roman Catholic Church is I think something that all women need to be aware of as it depicts

Thecla who I associate with Artemis as being Paul’s equal, and teaching Christianity herself and most importantly she BAPTIZED HERSELF!.

I can see why this story was suppressed so much by later mysoginistic church trying to wipe out wild Artemis because it negates the need for them as the power of the church clergy men was in the need for them for baptism where only a baptized person can baptise, non of this self-baptizing lady baptism by Artemis teacher & physician jazz!

Looking with mind’s eye it become clear that in the ancient Artemis religion, baptism was done with blood and then in Christianity which smoothly transitioned from it baptism was then done with water. However, the water was still “blood”. Blood water is made with colloidal gold or with sanctified wine which becomes the blood of Christ. Turning water into wine (and then wine into blood) is well known motifs in Christianity.

Whereas in early Christian competing religion Mithraism, the blood of a sacrificial bull was needed, in Christianity, the blood of a sacrificial lamb (Jesus as lamb Agni compare to Agni in Rig Veda) was used instead.

Compare to sacrificed Medusa-Artemis resulting in Krysaor (Gold-Christ-Blood).

From what we can tell from history, the sacrifice of Mithras the Bull & Christ the Lamb competed, and ultimately lamb sacrifice won out, and then Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice where no more sacrifices needed is the real innovation of Christianity.


Armenian girl wearing wreath like you might see in Ukraine & in other European countries.

While mediating of Ragana, I hit a block that I had to meditate on Mary to surpass. There’s just something about Mary that keeps in the hearts and minds of people around the world as the de facto Goddess of Christianity & she is also the Holy Spirit. The theology surrounding Mary is so complex & disputed that people fought over it for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The truth as I see it is that Mary is a Milky Way reference and in Christianity like all prior pagan religions the point is for you to connect your own spirit with that of the Milky Way.

Virgin Mary in Armenian Art. I think the barefoot depiction is significant because the entire Milky Way is her golden sandal shoe-footprint. Cherub delivering wreath I think a sign of winter rejuvenation into Spring.


I personally believe that there are an infinite ways to do it and as the Milky Way is limited only by your own imagination of how you see yourself in the spirit mirror in the sky.

Without a doubt the most popular way throughout history is to see the Milky Way is as a Goddess, and that is my natural way as well.

Many ways of imagining the Milky Way involved animals such as imagining a wolf, a cat, an eagle, a crow, a cow, a pig, a snake or even fantastical animals such as a dragon or a griffin. Such animal imaginings of the milky way were rolled into the mother goddess concept as the goddess Artemis the “mistress of animals” & this is where the idea of a woman who can shapeshift comes from.

I personally first recognized myself in the Milky Way as the Joker as I saw the mask of King Tut, the Egyptian way. The Joker is wild & can be anything. Maybe that’s why I can see the Milky Way as Artemis which perhaps is not usual for a male to be able to do. Next I saw the dragon and the tree, then the wolf, the eagle of Rome, the Raven of the Morrigan. I see all the Gods, Goddesses, Angels & Demons that you humans throughout history have imagined the Milky Way as. I have the ability to see the shapeshifiting witch of winter and trap her in my gaze. I see now (though it was really hard to do) that she is also the beauty of Spring and deserves honor in all forms. Behind the Mask of Mary I see Artemis. Behind the Mask of Artemis I see Innanna, behind the mask of Inanna I see Ragana. She is Rage. She is Red. She is “on the rag”. Scary, I’d rather leave her alone, but she is the key to ending the war. The Morrigan is the healer yet she cannot heal herself at the end of winter without help. She needs blood. Be at peace goddess I offer you my blood, the blood of Christ, the golden blood your vampire self need to rejuvenate. You cannot hurt me, and I can heal you and you can heal them all, so together we shall be one winter & spring. Time itself stops and sings.


Sing happy winter, no more hag do you be, arise Spring flower in your hair no more snake hair do we see. Evergreen, Evergod, Every Goddess do you be. Artemis, Mary, bring your pure love and set them all free!


While writing this article I had the blessing of seeing Artemis in the sky. If you look at the Orion constellation, the man with the bow and instead see a woman with the bow. Her bow is aiming to the right but you are looking at her back and she is doing a trick shot where the Milky Way is her arrow trail as she is shooting at the full Moon target to the left. The dog by her side is the Canis Major Constellation. The New Moon symbol on her head in this Roman Diana depiction indicates she is the Milky Way (visible on New Moon or No Moon, but I saw Artemis on the full moon). The Dog is frequently depicted as a deer other Artemis art. The triple stars on the Belt of Orion/Artemis make her a Triple Goddess and is same as Hecate or Hequat Egyptian Goddess and many others. Her name in Armenia was “Pure” (Avestan word Anahit). She has an infinite number of names as she is the night sky & has been reimagined many times throughout cultures and history. At night she wears a black cloak (or white cloak representing Milky Way), by day she wears a blue cloak with hidden stars underneath. At dawn & dusk when sky is red she wears Red cloak & this is her “Angry” form Ragana associated with War & Blood & Rage. When her rage radiates like radiation is best to tread carefully around the Goddess.

Roman Diana is Greek Artemis. Note the Bow and the Dog and the New Moon symbol in her brow indicating she is the Orion Constellation, the Canis Major Constellation & the Milky Way in the night sky.
Artemis with Deer


Chemical security is defending against threats of chemicals being used against you maliciously. I’ve personally lost all trust of government defense providing any role in chemical security as it seems to me they are the ones promoting the spraying of chemicals over me in chem-trails & drone spraying and are also the ones responsible for attacking me with biochemical RNA hacking COVID bioweapon & are behind the vaccine war and likely the war in Ukraine as well. Instead of looking for a government solution to chemical security, I consider the iMedDo Detox System to be my private solution to chemical security. It doesn’t stop them poisoning you, but it does give you the ability to detox poisons faster than they can affect you and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Iodine is well known as being radio-protective. Most famously for the US Army using iodide tablets for soldiers for radiation protection. In Europe right now there are reports that iodide tablets are selling out which is not surprising given the ongoing war between Russia & Ukraine and the potential escalation of the war between Russia and Nato which could result in a nuclear war which would not be good at all. Even without Nato involvement because of the presence of large number of nuclear power plants in Ukraine that Russia is attempting to control and most notably the Chernobyl reactor site of famous nuclear spill, the potential of ongoing radiation exposure to both Ukrainian & Russian sides in the conflict are large. Radioactive metals and isotopes in the ground, food and air in the contaminated Chernobyl area (called the the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone which is in the North of Ukraine between them and Belarus) are of real concern especially with Russian tanks driving around up there right now kicking up the radioactive dust. Of biggest threat to human health are alpha particle emitters which are not dangerous externally as even you skin is enough to block, but when inhaled into the lungs or eaten can give high dose to lungs or intestine resulting in lung cancer and colon cancer.

In my opinion nascent iodine is a better form of iodine than iodide for radiation protection. However, I would use both forms as iodide the water soluble form could protect the blood. In iMedDo system with nascent iodine the silver will protect the blood, so iodide is not necessary but there is no problem taking iMedDo system with NeuIodine nascent iodine instead of or in addition to iodide pills for radiation protection.

High quality nano Silver & Gold in iMedDo system are also radio-protective as they exhibit the thermo-electric effect where the nanoparticles can distribute incoming radiation harmlessly as heat and they are anti-inflammatory which dissipates the effect of the heat. Additionally, silver & gold are DNA protective which is important when under attack of radiation as it can damage DNA resulting in cancer and also especially important these days when we are under chemical attack by RNA bioweapons which attempt to hack our DNA. All three iodine, silver & gold are anti-viral and note the similarity of an RNA virus that is attempting to rewrite your DNA to radiation which damages DNA, in either case you want something that will protect your DNA.

Iodine is extremely important for protecting your neck (thyroid-butterfly area) when exposed to external beam radiation (as your neck is the thinest most exposed part of your body) where the most amount of the radiation will deposit.

Additionally, silver will protect your guts (intestinal lining which is very sensitive to radiation) & gold will protect your brain & nervous system.

Iodine protects all of your body from radiation as it acts chemical similar to oxygen and cancer forms in areas of low oxygen (hypoxia) and when there is iodine present cancer is suppressed. Radiation is dose dependent though so if you get too high of a dose all at once nothing can save you, but for lower dose or chronic exposure if you can protect your body and give it the nutrients it needs like iodine, silver & gold to repair DNA damage faster than it is being destroyed in a very similar way to how you use iMedDo to detox faster than you ingest toxins, then you have a much higher chance of survival against radiation attack.

Whereas shielding is important of the initial attack, iodine and the most important for sustained attack such as chronic exposure to radioactive metals after nuclear fallout, or for detoxing radiative heavy metals being blown around in the clouds. It’s sad to thing of chemicals being dropped on us from drones but that’s the world we are going to be leaving to our children if we don’t put a stop to it.

Ukraine is using Bayraktor drones from Turkey to defend itself from Russia and this war between Russia & Ukraine is one of the first where drone are taking a major role in combat so it’s not that far of a stretch to think of future wars where chemical even radioactive chemicals are dropped upon people, so chemical security is very important.

In addition to protecting from radiation, radioactive metals, biological threats like RNA covid bioweapon attack, there are a number of other chemicals that iMedDo system will protect from most notably those with halogens such as fluoride & bromide.

Fluoride contamination right here in the US is of major concern:

In recent news in the US, the USEPA (environmental protection agency) is going to start testing for 29 different fluoride containing chemicals called PFAS (per/poly-fluor-alkyl substances) after getting sued for allowing secret loopholes for polluters. [Source: ACS C&EN article Jan 31, 2022, page 3]. Basically, we don’t have chemical security and we can’t really depend on the government to provide. Although I applaud that the EPA is going to start testing for the fluoride compounds they were already supposed to be testing for, at the end of the day it’s not going to do anything for a the individual who needs immediate fluoride detox. Instead I recommend the private chemical security solution iMedDo Detox System.

In the same way, you could hope the government will issue you free iodide tablets to prepare for nuclear war, or you could just go ahead and prepare yourself using private solution with iMedDo NeuIodine which I highly recommend you get the entire system with NeuSilver & NeuGold for the best DNA protection from both radiation and other DNA altering threats like COVID related bioweapons (bio-engineered viri & vaccine bioweapons disguised for health which are actually chemical attacks).

iMedDo System is the not just the ultimate detox system, it is also the ultimate radiation protection and private chemical security solution.


A question on the minds of many people is whether or not there are biolabs in Ukraine because Russia is using their supposed presence as one of its reasons for invasion.
I found something of interest in the American Chemical society magazine C&EN confirming that there is a lab in Ukraine by a company called “Enamine” which is part of something called “COVID Moonshot” which has ties to a UK company MedChemica.

I think everything COVID related is nefarious so yes, I’m willing to believe there are some biolabs in Ukraine but I suspect they pale in comparison to the number of biolabs in other countries like US, UK, Australia. Putin’s allegations of child trafficking & biolabs in Ukraine is a plausible reason for attack but ultimately Russia looks like the Aggressor so I’m not sure what’s going on over there.

All we know for sure is that well known bad guy Klaus Schwab the “most dangerous man in the world” (according to JP Sears & I agree) is advocating for war in Ukraine (for US to support Ukraine via NATO alliance which would start a war between NATO & Russia-China most likely).

So my default position is to be against anything that guy is for.
However, I’m conflicted as my favorite metal band IGNEA is based out of Kyiv Ukraine so I’m also kinda rooting for the Ukrainians to win against the Russians on their own (without NATO support), as I don’t want anything to happen to my favorite musicians.

It’s hard to get any independent news on what is happening in Ukraine. Most everything you read looks like either obvious NWO or Russian propaganda.

IGNEA has a blog post which is a good read if you are looking for pro-Ukranian propaganda, I’m not sure how independent it is. They obviously are rooting for Ukraine being that they are in Kyiv fighting right now & I can’t help myself to root along with them:

They try to keep it upbeat but sounds to me like the Ukrainians are having a hard time as they are lacking in air superiority to the Russians and are desperate for air & missile defense systems. Their go to air defense are “Bayraktar” drones from Turkey and Javelin missiles is what I gather for the Ignea posts. Interestingly, they have their own myths called the “Ghost of Kyiv” a supposed ACE pilot flying around shooting down Russian attackers which sounds a bit like propaganda but one that keeps their soldier’s moral high no doubt.

From what I gather, the Ukrainians are saying the Russians are bombing their civilians and the Russians are saying that the Ukrainians are bombing themselves (seems unlikely but hmmm?).

The most interesting thing about this war is that it has broken through having only one side of propaganda (all pro-COVID vaccine propaganda) and now people are noticing how much propaganda there is as now we are seeing two sided propaganda (NWO propaganda & Russian propaganda) both getting through. I think this is making people think more critically and has made people more acutely aware that they can’t trust anything in the media about the situation in Ukraine as nothing is as it seems.


When I started meditating on the Ukraine-Russia war to see what is going on I uncovered something that I think women, feminists and people interested in women in ancient religions will find of interest.

My meditation immediately returned “RAGANA”. I’ve been mediating on this word for a week now and the results were spectacular. I’ll present the results of my meditation in Q/A form. I’m talking to myself but something or someone is answering me when I meditate deeply. I interpret it as my higher self talking, I also think of it as God/Goddess and as the Milky Way. Basically, I’m asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and guidance I got. I hope you find this interesting and meditate on it for yourself to verify. Once confusion as to the situation is cleared up we can more clearly see how to proceed if at all in future is my hope.

Black Madonna, Polish Virgin Mary. Scratch her face twice she will forgive you, do a third time she will kill you. Used as a Battle Standard. I recognize her as Marzanne (Mars-Anna i.e. War Mary). Most powerful Virgin Mary art in my opinion as both an aspect of Ragana & Protection from Ragana.

Q: What is going on in Ukraine with the Russia-Ukraine war”
A: The Goddess is Angry

Q: What Goddess?

Q: Who is RAGANA?
A: The Goddess of Rage.

Q: How do we end the war in Ukraine?
A: If you can get the mothers in Ukraine and the mothers in Russia to talk they will end the war.

Q: How do I do that?
A: You can’t, you don’t speak Ukranian or Russian. lol

Q: Then what can I do?
A: You can get the Mother of Ukraine & the Mother of Russia to talk.

Q: Who is the Mother of Ukraine and the Mother of Russia?
A: RAGANA. Marzanna, Diana, Mara, Mary, Angel, Demon. Holy Spirit.

Q: I’m talking to you now Bitch!
A: I know. You are talking to yourself. We are talking so let’s end the war.

Q: Okay so what do you want?
A: Well my demands are pretty simple. As the mother goddess, I don’t like it when people child traffic in my name, and I don’t like it when people attempt to kill all the children in the world using my sacred crown (corona-virus). However, all life on earth is mine to protect so if humans want to nuke each other then it will make for nice animal perseveres like in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Q: So you are okay with nuclear war?
A: Yes, I’m mad.

Q: At humans? Mad insane or Mad Angry?
A: Yes.

Q: What will it take to calm you down?
A: Humans need to learn how to pray for starters.

Q: Pray how?
A: Let me give you an example of the prayers I get. Mostly people pray to me as the Virgin Mary, but that’s gotten old, I’m now RAGANA! See my rage!

People ask me to protect their children. Ukrainians asking me to protect Ukranian children. Russians asking me to protect Russian children. Few people pray that I protect all children, and when they do they only pray that I protect all human children. As protector of all children I have to weight these prayers and I find them all lacking. The solution I see is to let the humans nuke each other and then there will be many nuclear exclusion zones like Chernobyl area where humans will be excluded allowing my other animal children to live in peace as well.

Q: Umm please don’t do that. Surely we can find a solution other than nuclear war?
A: Sure, if humans will respect my lands, the entire planet earth that is.

Q: Please calm down Goddess. I think Elon has a plan to send humans to Mars. I can’t speak for other humans, but I’m fine with sending the criminals to Mars, like a new Australia prison colony, but I want to preserve and stay here on earth.
A: I own Mars. They call me Marzanna. I already destroyed the humans on Mars once and I will do it again if they don’t behave. Look at Mars now, it used to have water and life and now it’s a Red Hellscape. Earth is my blue jewel and I won’t let you my monkey children turn it into Mars, but yes I’ll let you leave to go to Mars if you want to atone for the damage done there. But Mars has nothing to do with my rage now. I will crush and destroy you all unless you repent.

Q: Repent of what?
A: You have nothing to repent of, I find you washed clean and blameless. But stay out of my way as I punish the criminals in Ukraine and Russia.

Q: Anything I can do?
A: Yes, spread knowledge of the key.

Q: Key to what?
A: The key to heaven and hell. Knowledge of ME.

Q: Okay if I do this will you end the war?
A: No, but I’ll promise to stop nuclear war.

Q: Okay that’s a good start. Can we have world peace to go with that lack of nuclear war?
A: Yes if you promise to preserve planet Earth for the other creatures who live here, this is not just a human-monkey habitat planet you know.

Q. I can only do my part on my own land. But I promise I will.
A. I know that’s why there is no war nor nuclear war on your land.

Q. I’m grateful for that but is there something I can do to help those in other places.
A. You are already doing your best. Share the medicine of heaven to detox and protect from my radiating radiation rage.

Q. Oh my God/Goddess! Give me something else in addition to do please!
A. Okay. Here is a message of wisdom for Ukranian & Russian mothers to consider. Perhaps someone reading this one day will share with them and perhaps they will take heed it is out of your control, but by putting this in your newsletter it will help:

Heed my ancient rites. Burn & Drown Marzanne and bring back myself as Lela. End my winter rage & welcome the spring. Heed March 21st. Little girls with my effigy on a stick in river must die Diana.

Q. Jesus RAGANA, that’s some real Baltic pagan shit right there.
A. Well my Ukranian & Russian children will know what to do.

Q. Umm can you give me something a little more Christianized for my Western audience?
A. Sure. Ahem. Listen up. I am the Virgin Mary & I’m mad. I’m not a Virgin except in the I birthed the Universe by myself Milky Way sense, I had a child who you know as Jesus and this child is like me also is very skilled at War & we are currently in the middle of a War. Pray that your children are protected. Pray that all children are protected. Pray that all life not just human children are protected. We seek to protect all but priority will of course be given to the children. So seek us as children if you want to live.

Q. That seemed so forced lol. Can you speak in your own words (in English though).
A. I am a dual God & a dual Goddess. I am the Milky Way the Universal Mother of All. I am black & I am white. I am male and I am female. Your solar system sun Goddess Saule (Sol-Jesus) is trapped in my hair as you spin in circles as I slowly dance, you dance ecstatically.

You first saw me as Bo-Anne the Cow Ruler Goddess. Then you saw me as Die-Anne, the Dead Goddess. I’m very much alive & dead, I am both and I am neither for I am Nether.

You then saw me as a lightning bolt in the sky, (Zeus), the thunderbolt of Perkunas.
Nous are Zeus, You are Jesus, you are me when you connect your inner fire to my fire of the Milky Way river in the sky.

The contract of the Christians is that my sacrifice of the Sun was enough that no further sacrifice is needed to appease me. & Yet you still send me blood sacrifices in war and the Catholics send me sacrifices of food during Lent.

Your sacrifices are mockery to me but if you wish a sacrifice this year then to please me it must be the ancient sacrifice of Marzanne.

Make an effigy of me out of sticks & foliage & char it first then upon a pole dip it in water then drown it in a river. Only the sacrifice of myself to myself will I accept.

If you will do so then I RAGANA will quench my rage, and I will as Spring return. Lela the Lady of Insane Power. Accept my Gift of Green life or die by nuclear winter the choice is yours my precious human-monkey children whom I love dearly.

Lady Liberty Statue of Riga (Ragan), Latvia

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