Greetings dear readers & happy March, 2021! The month of March is when the Roman war year officially started as it signaled the time for the troops to MARCH into battle. Gone are the frozen guerrilla winter war of January & February. Reinforcements have arrived, the army is assembled, and it’s time to drive these godless bastards from our land. The legion of demons who assembled over the last year are about to get an ass whooping from the health warrior army. We had fun messing with them guerrilla style, but now it’s time to coordinate attacks as we campaign for victory. Destroy all of humanity with vaccines? Jab me with poison against my will? Molon labe! That’s Spartan for Texan “Come and Take it!


PART ONE: Cure for Coronavirus Revealed: Sound Therapy & Ultrasound
PART TWO: Vaccines: Comparing MERCK-J&J DNA vax to Pfizer & Moderna mRNA vax,
Lipid Nanoparticle LNP toxicity.
APPENDIX: Bitcoin News: Token Renaissance, SHUA DEX, Blank Money, GuruCat ADDENDUM: AstraZeneca vaccine failure, Q/A.


My prayers for a solution to the mRNA Attack have been answered! Sound!

BREAKING: Ultrasound destroys coronaviruses.

Simulations show ultrasound waves at medical imaging frequencies can cause the virus’ shell & spikes to collapse & rupture.

LINK: MIT study:

LINK: More info:

If your body is being overrun by a coronavirus or coronavirus variant, be it an engineered bioweapon, or just a naturally mutated strain, don’t let it kill you! Just apply an ultrasound to your body for full body destruction of the viral capsid & spike protein.

At first pass, it looks like there are extremely affordable home ultrasound units available. I don’t have any recommendations as haven’t tried any of them, but some of them are very inexpensive. Here is a link to one for only $139, and I see others at first pass in the several hundred to several thousand dollar range.


Breaking up the lipid vesicle with harmonic acoustic bubbles spills the genetic material of a coronavirus or covaids vaccine out allowing it to be chopped up by the body and deactivates the spike proteins which require the lipid membrane to function.

However, I don’t even think the ultrasound medical equipment is even necessary, as I think the same results can be achieved using more traditional sound therapy. The simplest of which is to cycle your vocal chords through different frequencies (Try A-Le-Lu-Ja at higher and higher octaves) or can try vibrating your body with different musical instruments, sound bowls, tuning forks and of course don’t forget my Song to Destroy Evil in last month’s episode or the multi-octaved Lotus Sutra chant is my fav.

I think that a skilled opera singer can destroy coronavirus over an entire crowd of people simultaneously! The same use of the human voice to break glass can be used to shatter coronavirus lipid vesicles, and with a little adaptation be used to shatter vaccine nano-lipids thus inactivating any attempted forced jab. Like a wizard if someone tried to stick me in the arm with a vaccine jab, I’d do this magical glass shattering chant and deactivate the poison.

Here’s video one of a guy shattering glass & how to do it that anyone not just female opera singers can learn:

Learn to Break Glass [Shatter Coronavirus & Covaids jab nano-lipid]

Even if you can’t make the sounds (mute) or even if you can’t hear the sounds (deaf), you can still play the music at loud enough volume with speaker assistance to deactivate all viral particles in your body. I truly believe this, and I think we are going to see a renaissance of papers, songs, demonstrations etc showing how to do this. [I have a Bitcoin friend who is studying 432Hz sound technology for example]. The purpose of this episode is simply to inform you that sound healing through resonant sound destruction of the viral membrane and destruction of spike proteins and release for degradation of the membrane enclosed genetic material is possible as the MIT studied showed through sound alone! If you feel sick with a viral infection you just can’t shake, try sound!


Yes I already talked about the Pfizer and Moderna “Vaccines” in detail in the December episode Vaccine Nightmare Before Christmas
and I talked about mRNA “vaccines” in even more detail in last month’s episode
Song to Destroy Evil: Vaccine War mRNA Attack.

So why am I still talking about vaccines?

Because after I published newsletter Feb 18th, on Feb 26th the US Food & Drug administration (FDA) “approved” a THIRD vaccine for use in the USA for the covaids.

This vaccine is called the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which is being funded also by Merck so I call it the J&J-Merck vaccine or J&J vaccine for short.

[European Audience: see Addendum at end for discussion of Failed AstaZeneca vaccine]

Because the J&J vaccine is a DNA adenovirus actual vaccine instead of an experimental mRNA gene therapy “not vaccine” and only requires one shot instead of two shots, people who like vaccines are excited and have questions as they try to decide whether they should get it or not.

At first pass the J&J vaccine sounds better than the Pfizer & Moderna mRNA vaccines, but at second pass it looks to me to be just as bad as it still uses the experimental nano-lipid technology whose toxicity I talk about later in this article.

The issue is that NONE of these vaccines have actually been shown to be EFFECTIVE at reducing mortality from covaids as not enough people actually die from covaids in the absence of the vaccine.


I say “approved” in quotations because like the others it’s a scammy “emergency” approval that has bypassed the normal safety approval and testing process even by their standards.

Watch this interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi as he explains why anyone who approves or goes along with this crap is a criminal fingering the incompetence of Fauci and the FDA. He has the most simple to understand explanation of the difference between antibody immunity and natural killer cell immunity & makes cogent arguments as to why none of the vaccines can be approved, and must be stopped as none of them have actually proven “efficacy”.

“I warn you, if you go along these lines [covid vaccine], you are going to go to your DOOM” Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi


So since the vaccines are not EFFECTIVE at reducing mortality, then how did they even get an “emergency” approval? Surely they had to show some kind of “efficacy” right?

To jog your memory the Pfizer & Moderna experimental mRNA “vaccines” claim to have an de facto unbelievable “95% efficacy”. [Remember that is not mortality reducing (actual) efficacy].

So how does the J&J vaccine stack up in propaganda efficacy numbers? Not as good LOL.
Numbers thrown around everywhere. 77%, 85%, 82%, 86%

77% at preventing severe and critical COVID-19 just two weeks injection
85% four weeks after injection
82% at preventing severe and critical in South Africa
86% in the USA.

Numbers obtained from American Chemical Society Journal C&EN Chemical & Engineering News March 8,2021 Article: “US authorizes J&J vaccine”. [This magazine is mostly globalist propaganda but does have some good info on monitoring the chemistry industry scamming so I like to read it to see eye on them].

COMPARISON of J&J to Pfizer/Moderna

95% with the mRNA vaccines at preventing severe or critical COVID-19 compared to 77-86% with J&J DNA vax.

The propaganda is clear, the experimental mRNA vaccine from either Pfizer or Moderna is better than the J&J vaccine based on these numbers right?

That’s what the numbers say & numbers don’t lie? Right. Wrong. It’s the words after the numbers that also matter.

The propaganda is that you think that these numbers means a reduction in mortality as the efficacy. But instead they mean efficacy at what? “preventing severe or critical cases”. They are not measuring mortality at all just cases. Cases are easy to manufacturer especially with fraudulent testing and false positives. Deaths are the real numbers and the trial for the J&J vaccine was not designed to show mortality efficacy and is de facto INEFFECTIVE.

And as DrBhakdi says, anyone who approves an ineffective vaccine is criminal.


“I warn you, if you go along these lines [covid vaccine], you are going to go to your DOOM” Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi

Looking at different sources and facets of this here is what my personal opinion on the matter is:

You should not get any Covaids vaccine be it mRNA Pfizer, Moderna nor the new DNA J&J-Merck one either.

Reason is they are not effective. None of them. Because they have not been properly tested to actually test whether or not the people who would have died had they not gotten the vaccine did not die because they got the vaccine (mortality effectiveness).

To get that data you need millions and millions of people actually dying, and then you can test whether a vaccine actually was effective at keeping people from dying.

Perhaps this is the plan all along. To take the Census in 2020 so they know how many people are around & then to give everyone a vaccine which will compromise their immune system so millions will start dropping like flies next season when re-exposed to coronavirus or other pathogens now that they have the covaids.

If the vaccine doesn’t kill you at first, and if you survive cytokine storm from second exposure, you still have covaids compromised immune system and are much greater risk of dying from a secondary infection later like a bacteria or fungus.

I suspect that time will tell that the most number of people will die from drug resistant fungal infection a year or two after the vaccine. I plan on writing a separate section on fighting fungus in future newsletter, as I think it’s going to be important battle for long term covaids vaccine survivors .

It’s hard to understand why Bill Gates gets so excited about killing millions & billions until you realize that it makes it easier for him to test new vaccines and make even more money. When people are actually dying as easier to do mortality efficacy studies. Hard to say if anyone actually died from covaids so much medical fraud calling any and all deaths from anything else as a covid death. Shocking level of blatant medical fraud. It’s time to fight back.

It’s a very broken system which rewards poisoner by making them richer and richer and more economical incentivized to poison.

But the system is at a tipping point where if they get their wish there will be a severe backlash once people realize that no amount of money in the world is worth killing their own children and grandchildren.

Some vaccine poisoners are starting to defect once they realize the terribleness of the bleak future they are creating for their children & children’s children by their unethical actions.


The main take home of this Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is saying (paraphrasing from memory, listen to the show yourself for exact quotes) is that the vaccines even if they were initially effective [which they weren’t] are no longer effective at all because the coronavirus mutates so fast there are already thousands upon thousands of variants and even the new vaccines coming out which supposedly are effective for some variant are already dead on arrival. But even worse he says, is that by getting the vaccine you are trading your body’s immune system that can stop many different variants of the virus naturally, for now it being stuck for working on a specific virus that has already mutated around it. He uses a new term called VIRAL ESCAPE to describe how giving vaccines during a pandemic will only train the virus to become a super-virus and is a very bad idea. He’s interesting to listen to, but I don’t trust him, and I suspect he is saying this in part so that he can try to sell vaccine later when there is no pandemic under the pretense of it being a preventative. Regardless, DrBosshe is getting a lot of attention right now as it has previously been unheard of for a Bill Gates bootlicker like this to come out admitting that the vaccines are going to cause a global catastrophe. I truly hope he has flipped and decided to fight in the Vaccine War against evil, and he does seem a bit sincere when he seems to show some remorse now that he’s realized he’s spent his whole life screwing his children’s generation by planting the seeds for their immune destruction. But it’s not like Bill Gates nor likely DrBossche were ever going to give the vaccine to themselves or their own children anyway, so like I say I don’t trust him, but his message about viral escape and looming global immune catastrophe I do think are accurate.


The covaids vaccines, both the mRNA Pfizer & Moderna and the J&J vaccine, are actually very similar because they both use lipid nanoparticles embedded with genetic material. The main difference is just that the genetic material is mRNA encoding for viral spike protein in the first two and is DNA encoding for viral spike protein in the second but the big similarity is that make use of an experimental lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery system.

So besides the question of the inherent unsafely of injecting yourself with a viral protein be it using viral RNA or viral DNA there is also the question of the safety of the lipid nanoparticles themselves.

Turns out after reading article “How lipid nanoparticles make mRNA vaccines work” [C&EN Journal March 8th, 2021 edition] that I now realize that they are much more toxic than I realized, the lipids themselves regardless of their genetic material payload.

I had some misconception about how this worked so I want to share some important points that I think my readers will find interesting.


The vaccines lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are composed of 4 different lipids.

  1. ionizable lipids
  2. pegylated lipids
  3. phospholipids
  4. cholesterol

LIPID #1 ionizable lipid toxicity:

An important point is that cell membranes are negatively charged so it turns out the positively charged lipids are INHERENTLY TOXIC.

Genetic material both RNA & DNA are negatively charged , so the covaids vaccines need a positively charged lipid to bind to the genetic material.

The lipids go straight to the LIVER so liver toxicity is the main obvious toxicity expected from from LNPs.

Because positively charged lipids are so darn toxic, instead in the vaccines, they use ionizable lipids which are neutral in the blood but which are positively charged when exposed to acid. [For chemists: Nitrogen chemistry like how NH3 base is neutral but NH4+ is positively charged]

My worry is that the ionizable lipids even though not always + charged because they are sometimes + charged can still have toxicity effects in the body.

There are no cationic (positively charged) lipids in nature. Positively charged lipids are unnatural xeon-lipids, and I suspect even the ionizable lipids (which are only + under some conditions) require much more toxicity study than has been done for them and we can very likely expect to see liver damage especially from them in people who get a covaids vaccine. Brain damage lipid toxicity also seems likely to me.

Let me reiterate: I’m not convinced of the safety of the ionizable lipids in the the vaccines which are used in the J&J vaccine as well as the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines with major toxicity expected from when the ionizable lipid become + charged lipid because of the known inherent toxicity of the + charged lipid state which is a xeno-lipid i.e. a substance not naturally found in the body. I’m certainly not going to volunteer to be injected with that. Nope!

Lipid #2: Pegylated lipid toxicity.

What is a pegylated lipid? Peglyated lipids have polyethylene glycol (PEG) strands attached to lipid head. Why is pegylated lipid used in the experimental vaccine as part of the LNP? Stated reasons are: helps control lipid particle size during vaccine manufacture, prevents particles from aggregating during storage and initially prevents the particles from being detected by immune system (sneaky poisoners!).

Is pegylated lipid toxic? Yup! Protiva found that one of its LNP therapies caused more severe immune reaction in humans than it had in the lab, and the company pegged PEG as the major factor.

So PEG lipids can cause a negative immune response in humans. Ouch! But I though vaccine were supposed to cause positive immune responses LOL.

Point is PEG-lipids are not safe, so vaccines which use PEG-lipid LNPs are also not safe. You can make toxicology arguments about how unsafe? or say below X levels might as well be safe, but it’s a de facto toxic ingredient.

Lipid #3 Phospholipid & Lipid #4 Cholesterol

There is nothing toxic about phospholipids or cholesterol if they are naturally occurring phospholipids. It was not clear to me based on the article I read whether the phospholipids & cholesterol used in the LNP vaccines are natural or have been modified. If modified then they might have some toxicity but for now we can assume the dominant aspect of the vaccine LNP toxicity is from the #1 & #2 lipids (ionizable lipids and the PEG-lipid).


The most interesting thing I learned is that the LNPs are much more toxic than I had initially realized. Not just because of the lipid composition but because of the way the lipids are structured to contain a higher dosage of poison than I realized.

As a biophysicist I’m no dummy when it comes to lipids but LNPs I learned about in graduate school consisted of a hollow lipid shell and thus I was imagining a hollow lipid membrane with the genetic material inside called a liposome.


But upon reading the article this is not the case. Instead there is a new technique for LNP manufacture used in these new LNP vaccines which uses microfluidics to mix lipids dissolved in ethanol with the nucleic acids dissolved in buffer to create a DENSE not a HOLLOW lipid vesicle. So there is more lipid and more genetic material contained inside per LNP which is troublesome as higher dose of poison means higher toxicity. A denser LNP also means its easier for those godless bastards to hide other poisons they are not telling us about in there like say perhaps tracking devices. I can imagine a lot of nefariousness there but I don’t want to voice my concerns as plenty of visible poisons to worry about first (viral genetic material & the ionizable and PEG lipids).

The article mentions that the ratio of the 4 lipids in the LNP can be modified to influence where (which organs) the lipids end up but did not go into detail, and the lipids end up in the liver in all cases. This is troublesome as they likely have some organ toxicity data they don’t want to share. LNPs in the brain are of particular worry. Supposedly, the LNPs used in the vaccines are modified in lipid ratios for immune system cell targeting when injection into muscles. The poisoners always want to fix your immune system by breaking it so that you are reliant on their poison medicine for survival. No thanks, I’ll keep my healthy immune system.

The way the LNP vaccines are supposed to work was interesting; I’ll try to explain:

Basically you are forcing unstable viral genetic material (mRNA or DNA) which is negatively charged to be stable inside lipid slurry which uses an ionizably + charged lipid to bind it in a dense lipid particle which is stabilized with other lipid (PEG-lipid, phospholipid, cholesterol). Injected into the muscle, the LNP enters the immune cells via what is called the endosome via endocytosis which envelopes the LNP inside a another lipid vesicle which creates the acidic environment inside which activates the lipids to change conformation to dump out their genetic material into the cell’s cytoplasm. If the genetic material is mRNA then such as the viral spike protein then it is translated by the cell’s ribosome into the viral protein. [The viral protein is supposed to stimulate immunity, but I think the viral protein will serve as a trojan horse to let more virus in; our cells are supposed to make human proteins not be hijacked to make viral proteins!]

The LNPs mimic LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol vesicles in the way the body treats them, are brought to the liver and there inside the liver via the endosome. The article was not clear on how they get into the immune cells, I assume through immune cell endosome same a liver way but was not completly clear on this issue. Definitely some devil in the details here, and there is much more to learn concerning LNP pathway and toxicity.


LNPs were first used with shorter RNA called siRNA (silencing RNA) therapies where mRNA anti-codons are used to turn off a cell’s message. To do that it requires repeat dosing, but the LNPs were found to bioaccumulate and be too toxic in the animals to be useful in the repeat dosing required for siRNA therapy. That’s a bad sign for humans. So repeat dosing of LNPs is worse than less. In this way the J&J vaccine with only one does is potentially a bit safer? Or maybe it only uses one dose as two doses of it are known to be too toxic. Maybe the Pfizer and Moderna two doses are known to be too toxic but they do it anyway. Many people report worse side effects after the second dose and LNP bioaccumulation could explain that. So maybe J&J with one dose of LNPs is safer than mRNA vaccines, but seriously if I had a Nazi gun to me head and had to pick a poison I would still go with the mRNA poison here is why:


Instead of mRNA in the LNP, the J&J vaccine is using DNA. What does that tell me. It means they figured out how to reformulate the LNP’s to deliver the poison deeper into the immune cells. Whereas the mRNA only has to make it to the cytoplasm, my worry is that they have figured out how to get the DNA all the way inside the cell nucleus. Forever reprogramming and screwing over your immune cells. So I suspect the actual toxicity of the J&J vaccine even with one dose is greater than the mRNA ones. Maybe lower LNP toxicity as only shot but likely higher genetic toxicity with the DNA than the mRNA. All these vaccines use experimental LNP known toxins with known human toxicity.


Although the mRNA vaccines are extremely toxic, luckily I suspect most people who got it probably got one that was already expired which might have saved their life. I also know people who only got one shot, it it made them sick then refused the second shot. Moderna & Pfizer mRNA vaccines break down easily with temperature and had to be kept in a freezer and did not last long. Hospitals are notorious for giving out expired vaccines and if you got an Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine, chances are they shot you up with an expired one. The reason I think the J&J DNA LNP vaccine is going to be more toxic is because it is more stable in that the DNA can be kept in a fridge instead of a freezer and lasts months before breaking down so if you get it you are more likely to be damaged with un-expired viral poison which is more potent. I expect the LNP toxicity of one shot of either vaccine type will be about the same whereas if you get a second or third dose of LNPs from any vaccine you will expect higher toxicity from the LNP bioaccumulation part.


Get a shot of viral mRNA then a shot of viral DNA to make sure your cells are destroyed. Don’t do it. I don’t think they allow that, but I”m sure they will in the future as they want to track everyone with a vaccine pass and force you to get a new LNP injection as often as they can every year like the flu shot is their goal no doubt. Already Pfizer & Moderna are running trials to see if they can jab you with 3 instead of two shots. I’m pretty sure they’ll let you shoot yourself up with as much poison as you want. Hell, get all the vaccines if you have a death wish. Many people do as have been driven to depression from social isolation.


The J&J is only “approved” for 18 yrs & older so if anyone tries to tell you to give it to your kids be sure to bitchslap them for me. Pfizer & Moderna ones also not approved even fake emergency approved for kids.

That doesn’t stop the poisoners though. I know pregnant women that the hospitals are trying to shoot up with the vaccines already. Evil.


I know a person who’s name I won’t mention who is a retired nurse who did not want to get the Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccine (smart decision) but instead wanted to get the shiny new J&J Vaccine.

I think this will be appealing to many people as the getting one dose instead of two sound better and more stable DNA vaccine rather than unstable mRNA vaccine sounds better at first pass.

But when she drove to the hospital to get it they were out and gave her the mRNA vaccine instead. Ouch!

Pros & Cons for Toxicity:

On one hand if she is lucky the mRNA was probably expired reducing its toxicity.
On the other hand they are going to bug her to get a second shot now where multiple doses will increase LNP toxicity.

On another hand, overall I would rather get the mRNA vaccine than the DNA vaccine because I fear they have perfected a way to get the viral genetic material deeper into my immune cells and it could be revealed that the J&J vaccine is even more toxic than the other ones. For now it is not known. I wouldn’t get any of them.

Don’t be fooled by the J&J vaccine like this person was where it was used a carrot to get her to commit to getting vaccinated, and once you make that commitment it’s easy to cave in to whatever vaccine they have available.


Learn to use your voice to destroy LNPs.
Learn to use your voice to destroy coronavirus lipid shells which inactivates their spike proteins.
If wizardry is not for you, then get yourself a portable ultrasound machine.

If you don’t get the vaccine you already have a 99.9% shot at living anyway & with a little sound therapy, ultrasound and by taking iMedDo Health Supplements (triple-antiviral) you can likely get that number up to 100%


It is my personal belief that the song Alga I shared at begging of this article kills viral particles.

Here’s another song called Intoxicated by Lacuna Coil that I believe destroys viral particles. The note Christina Scabbia hits when says “lie” at the beginning and where she cycles through kill frequencies at 42 seconds with “Die” especially. Note how she is using the word Die there not for killing but healing. Practice singing that sound that way & work on your crystal glass breaking resonant voice if you want to be a real Viral Shattering Witch or Warlock. Where my Harry Potter fans at?

Whatever music your body likes and is resonating with your should is the sound you should listen to and is medicinal for as well.

Once last song to conclude this article, for those of you finding trouble rallying the courage to fight in the Vaccine War, listen to this song, and it will unlock your hidden warrior DNA. It’s a song of defiant courage: Comanche by In this Moment vocalist Maria Brink which will take any viral capsids or LNPs in your body to the brink of destruction to make way for healing.



Lot of stuff going on in Bitcoin. If you are interested follow me on


Anyone interested in Bitcoin should have wallets and be making tokens right now. Twetch now has their own in house BSV wallet, and there is a token renaissance going on. Most tokens at the moment are on the wallet & SHUA token in the RelayX wallet home of the first DEX (decentralized exchange on Bitcoin). I just created “Blank Money” token and my cat Rollo was painted and is featured as cover art on the GuruCat token! Lot more I could say but at this point I’m going to phase out my talking about Bitcoin topics in my newsletters as too much backlog of health topics to talk about, but if you want to talk to me about Bitcoin get on the social media app on Bitcoin SV (BSV) where you own your own data. You pay to post, & pay to like and share, and get paid by others when they like and share your good content. It also has encrypted messaging similar to Telegram. The site has really grown where now many people besides just me are sharing health topic information and other things other than just Bitcoin news, but still great place to get it. Also check out PowPing social media app if you use MB wallet. If you don’t have at least one crypto wallet and at least some crypto of some type by this point in time, you are getting left behind. You need to catch up & I’m happy to help. I’m even getting behind as I need to move my newsletters over to the blockchain, and I will once all this covaids circus cools down. The medical fraud is a type of economic attack, and thus learning economic solutions is an important part of alternative medicine that I want all me readers to concurrently work on over time. If you missed it, go back and read last month’s episode where I had the “Song to Destroy Evil” actually uploaded and hosted on Bitcoin. Some useful bitcoin related links: for all purpose on-chain media uploads, for podcasts, for blog posts (future home of my newsletters?), for programmable token protocol that supports NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Namaste! DrBenGo Healthwarrior

ADDENDUM: ASTRAZENECA VACCINE FAILURE [appended to article March 19th]

After I published this article on March 18th, I had a lot of questions about a different vaccine called the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. My European readers were disappointed I didn’t talk about it in my vaccine comparison in the main article.
There is no point in talking about it because it is a failed vaccine that was not approved for use in US and is already being pulled from many European countries. So it’s not really relevant for my US readers but if you were poisoned by it in Europe and now wanting to talk about detox please contact me Thankyou.


Also note that the Merck vaccine was a failure which is why they are now joining in on manufacturing the J&J vaccine. As far as I’m concerned, all covid19 vaccines are a failure, and I hope you do whatever you have to avoid getting it even if it means forgoing travel or suffering from government denial of service attacks. Your health is more valuable than giving away your entire immune system to health bullies.

ADDENDUM: Clarification on how sound kills covid. [appended to article March 19th]

After publishing article on March 18th, I got the question about does the sound deactivate the viral genetic material? No, the sound is not destroying the viral genetic material, it is destroying the lipid delivery system of the viral genetic material. Imagine spherical ultrasound bubbles of around the same size as the spherical lipid vesicles of the coronavirus and the sound bubbles tearing it apart. By breaking up the lipid delivery system, the now exposed viral genetic material can be chopped up naturally in the intracellular fluid (body has RNA & DNA destroying enzymes) instead of making it inside the cell via the endosome. Also, the now exposed viral material without lipid protection even if it makes it inside the endosome can be destroyed by the acid in the endosome rather than escaping into the cell’s cytoplasm [viral mRNA in the cell’s cytoplasm is bad can be transcribed into the spike protein by the cell’s own ribosome machinery]. Sound therapy is great for deactivating the vaccine LNPs and for deactivating lytic vesicle enclosed coronavirus. So sound is killing the viral genetic material indirectly by denying it a lipid delivery system. I hope that makes sense. Great question. If questions about this article, or viral or vaccine detox in general, please contact me Thankyou all for reading & for all the great questions! I really appreciate the engagement of both my American and European and Bitcoin audiences. You are a diverse group, and just let me known if I can better serve you. Thankyou! DrBenGo Healthwarrior

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