Chimeric Fictional Reality: Halloween 2020



by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Happy Halloween dear iMedDo newsletter subscribers! Halloween 2020 is by far the scariest halloween I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

With freedom cancelled seemingly without a fight, fluoride mask zombie apocalypse, censorship apocalypse, and the Big Bad Wolf Bill Gates threatening to murder the entire planet with forced bioweapon vaccines & satellite & 5G tracking, fake food, robot mosquitoes, genetic targeted digital harassment of of all life on planet earth, California & Australia going down the crapper, and more, there is really just so much to be fearful of right now.

I should be terrified but I’m not. I’m fearless. I’ve been meditating all year to try to figure out why. The conclusion I’ve come to is that if this is the Apocalypse then my spirit is rejoicing for I’m like a reincarnated warrior ready to do battle & this is the moment I’ve been waiting for and training for my entire life. Move out the way cowards and the weak, shit is about to get real.

But reality feels like fiction these days. Or more accurately the more fiction I watch the closer I get to the truth. Instead of my brain warping from propaganda, instead propaganda has sharpened my mind to a deadly blade of truth which slices all evil and mind control and reveals the secrets necessary to survive Vaccine Ragnarok.


Part ZERO: Overcoming loneliness & the fear of death.
Part ONE: Chimeric Fictional Reality
Part TWO: Brominated Flame Retardant Detox
Part THREE: Year of the Rat is Year of the WOLF
Part INFINITY: Happy Halloween!



If you read my previous newsletters then you might remember that “&” is the secret last letter of the English alphabet and means both “zero & infinity”

Simultaneously being both nothing & everything is my life’s lesson. It’s a hard lesson to learn & I really can’t teach it. What I can tell you is this:

Halloween is the time of the year when it is important that you face your own death, look it straight in the eye and decide whether or not you are afraid of death and thus also afraid to live or whether you laugh in the face of death and will live your life to the fullest.

Looking around I see a lot of scared people. People wearing masks because they are afraid of a virus and ultimately just afraid to die and many people lonely because of the social distancing they are being propagandized to do.

My suggestion to overcome loneliness is to get a pet. I got two kittens and they are really doing their part to keep me entertained and make up for much lost social activities when all the events at my closest urban area were all shut down.

To overcome the fear of death is more difficult but it’s important that everyone reading this article really meditate on your own death and ask yourself whether or not you are afraid to die. If you are, I want you to challenge yourself to overcome your fear of death by Halloween.

The reason I’m not afraid of death is because I have a deep belief in the immortality of my own soul. The reason I have that is because I believe in reincarnation and I truly believe that I have been reincarnated many times. This is not just a belief for me it’s a fact as I’ve connected with my past lives. I have been a healer in many lives. A healer and a fighter, a druid, a health warrior. So the idea of dying is not really that scary to me for if I fall I know I’ll come back even better & stronger next go round.

Ultimately you need to face your own fear of death and overcome it on your own and that is one of the major and ultimate points of your own spiritual journey which is a path no-one else can walk for you.

If you are lonely, all I can do is offer you my campsite to come visit and you can always talk to me by booking an appointment

This has been the best halloween ever as people are terrified and hopefully they will soon realize there is much more to be afraid of than the beer bug. If you are afraid of death then you are manipulatable and if not then you are on the path to become wise and powerful. Courage, Wisdom & Power. The Triskelion of the Druid.

Years ago a psychic told me that I was a reincarnated Egyptian Priest of the Sun, A reincarnated monk (similar to a Bonn/Buddhist monk), and a reincarnated druid in multiple lives once male once female the male with powers of farsight, shapeshifting, magic & healing.

I was quick to connect with my Egyptian past lives and if you read my old Guide at it is filled with Egyptian knowledge. I finally connected to my monk past life through swing dance where I realized it could be considered a form of Tai Chi. But I’ve never until very recently (like starting only in the last few months) connected with my Druid past lives, but now that I finally have, I realize that I was not just a Druid in past lives, I’m a Druid in THIS LIFE.

Druids are scary dudes, and I took a full month meditating on my own fear of MYSELF!

As a healer it was my fear that I have a killer locked away deep inside. It turns out I do, and all humans do, and the struggle to keep the evil inside contained is the heart of what the secret meaning of medicine is all about.

My spiritual journey took me down and interesting path of having to reconcile my healing nature with my warrior nature and the two natures are now fully reconciled but to face my own demons it created an alignment shift from good to true neutral (to speak in D&D terms =)). Before I cared more about human life than animal life but now I view them equally.
To be a druid is to protect the balance of life & death. I no longer consider myself either good nor evil but rather something in between capable of either but with free will to choose which to be.

I choose to be good but I’ve discovered that to protect life I have to wear the mask of death.

Why? Because death magic is being used in the guise of life magic. Everything most people think is good and healthy is in reality evil and corrupt and poison. Vaccines are not going to save you from any virus, they are the attack! Fake food with artificial nutrients are not going to nourish your body, it will poison you! Fluoride marketed for babies in the supermarket as baby water will damage their brains! Honey meant to be eaten to nourish premature babies is labeled as “Don’t give it to children under 1 year of age”. Everything is designed to murder humans and reduce their fertility. And humans don’t seem to care.

But I care. The counter to death magic done under the guise of life magic is life magic done under the guise of death magic.

This is Halloween. You put on the mask of the dead to mock them that you are still alive. Fearless. Dress like evil on the outside but don’t be evil on the inside.

To that end I have put on the mask of Mordred the Death Druid. Murder of Death is the Life of Truth. Past this Halloween you cannot afford to remain ignorant of the fake versus the real. Up until Halloween, we can all dress the same but after Halloween the real evil is going to become very apparent. Anyone wishing to steal my freedoms by injecting me with poison in the name of health when in reality is the name of death becomes my enemy after Halloween.

People in may area look to Trump to save them when it was Trump who flip-flopped on vaccines when elected last time and who “made a deal” with Bill Gates and everything happening this year happened under his watch. With a new Branch of the military Space Force, things could go south very fast if they decide to rollout military mandatory vaccines. Trump says he won’t do that but he could be lying. I hope he is not, but I don’t trust him and it’s not up to him to save us. It’s up to each of us individually to save ourselves. To save yourself you need to stare death in the face this halloween and decide whether you are a coward or whether you are fearless and are ready to fight for life even if that means putting on the mask of death. Wear the mask of death this Halloween, but after Halloween wear the mask of life.

It is my belief that humans have the capability to live together in peace but that is not possible when the alphabet is being used as a weapon to stir up war. The mark of propaganda is censorship of the truth and this year has seen an unprecedented increase in censorship which if you are not aware of means you have not said anything of value.

The most valuable speech is to call out the ongoing medical fraud, the ongoing financial fraud, the ongoing legal fraud which all interconnected by the law of medicine.

If you are talking about health & Bitcoin then you have experienced censorship this year. I was censored on mailchimp, I’m being censored by fake fact checking on Facebook, & I’m being censored on Twitter & I had a video censored on YouTube. I’m being censored by the FDA as I can’t say everything that is true about my products on the label, and I’m being censored most likely in many additional ways that are not as apparent. Regardless, those who need to hear my message have a way of finding me.

I have the tools to detox poison, and I have the tools to survive Vaccine Ragnarok. If you have the will to survive and have the heart of the healer & the warrior then contact me, and I am your battle druid trainer for the war is coming. Men fight for women and women fight for children and fighting is not necessary if we talk but talk is not possible when we are being censored. The truth is like a lion just set it free and it will defend itself. The truth is more than a lion it is a chimera and if you set it free completely everyone dies unless you tame the beast.



The subject for this episode is “Chimeric Fictional Reality”. What is that? It’s something I came up with to describe when you ingest fictional works with contain nuggets of truth. Then slowly over time you brain filters & collects the nuggets of truth and slowly puts it all together like a chimeric creation where eventually when you take in enough fiction you end up surprisingly with REALITY! A chimera is a creature composed of many different creatures most notably where each house of the zodiac (zodiac etymology means “circle of little animals”) is a different animal and then chimera is like a combined monster composed of parts of each different creature.
So chimeric reality is like a reality combined from little fragments of reality and chimeric fictional reality is a combined reality formed from fragments of reality harvested from fiction. Clear as mud?

The main point I want to make is that even in fiction & propaganda there are nuggets of truth and oftentimes there is even more truth in fiction if you look at it with your third eye that can combine and you can see a greater truth. I wouldn’t believe this was possibly if I had not experienced it myself because you would think that if you watched a bunch of fiction you would be pulled into a fictional world. And that is the point of fiction and also propaganda but sometimes the point of fiction is to hide deeper truths. Sometimes the propagandists have to tell half-truths and stories very close to reality to make the fiction believable but if you are using your third eye you can actually extract the truth, put it all together and receive secret messages.

So Chimeric Fictional Reality is like if you go panning for gold and collect little nuggets of gold, but then you notice they are like little puzzle pieces that all combine into a large golden object that has an inscription on it that says something important and the combined object is of greater value even than the little pieces individually.

I’m defining “Chimeric Fictional Reality” to be a Chimeric Reality combined from little nuggets of truth that are mined from fiction.

A chimera is an astrotheological-mythological creature composed of combining multiple different animals together. For example a manticore is a combination of a lion and a scorpion, a hippogriff if like a combination of a lion and flying horse, and many other examples.

The most interesting chimera I’ve run across is the dragon being a chimera of all of the lunar zodiac animals which in a previous episode I demonstrated is the same as the unicorn.

I’m trying to describe something that has been happening to me where when I watch large amounts of fiction & propaganda I actually am led to the truth.

This is a weird concept that false, fake, lies, propaganda or just outright fiction can actually lead you straight to the truth as you would think that the more fiction you watch, read or participate with you would thing the FARTHER from the truth you would get.

But this has not been my experience. In fact I’ve been finding lots & lots of hidden nuggets of truth in fiction and have found that with my detoxed body and open third eye (thanks in large part to iMedDo Detox System which I’ve used for 5+ years now)

that I’m actually able to see right to interesting truths in fictions and that my brain is able to connect the dots and put it all together and lead me to what I thin is truth.

Chimeric Fictional Reality. Have any of you every experienced anything like this?

Well if you have I would love to hear your story, please book an appointment with me

Now I want to talk about some Chimeric Reality that I have reconstructed with some specific examples of fictional works from which I gleaned what to me appears to be very real reality.


Movies: Avatar, DrStrangelove
Books: Lord of the Rings
Video Games: The Legend of Zelda

Honorable Mentions that I won’t discuss but want to mention have influenced my Chimeric fictional reality: Books: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Wheel of Time
TV shows: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Video Games: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

There are so many more but these are my top pics of movies, books and surprisingly some video games I played as a child that have spoken to me in adulthood with some very real messages.

If you are not into books or video games, please at least watch the two movies Avatar & DrStrangelove if you have not seen them already. If you have not seen them skip the parts where I talk about them to read after watching them for the first time.


In the movie there are humans with machines coming to a strange planet called Pandora where there are these catlike blue giant humanoids who live in a tree like elves and commune with what planetary natural intelligence which is similar to like a planetary goddess or a big artificial intelligence as all of them life is interconnected.

The insight I received when rewatching the movie is that the planet Pandora is the same as planet Earth & the Humans with machines invading to mine a mineral out from underneath the Blue-Cat-Elves people are the same as the Sumerian accounts of the Annunaki Sky People who came to Earth to Mine “Gold”.

In the movie was interesting because although the Annunaki invaders had advanced enough technology especially genetic & scientific technology, ultimately their technology was less advanced than the planetary AI (I prefer to say NI, i.e. Natural Intelligence, but is easy to think of the Planetary Goddess Ehywah in the movie as being similar to an Artificial Intelligence. If you think of the lifeforms as robots whose consciousness could be downloaded into clones as the Annunaki did or could even be transferred from body to body as the planetary NI did then make lots of sense.

While watching the movie, I identified strongly with the Annunaki warrior who ultimately chose to become & intermarry with the cat people and to protect the mother earth (Pandora) from the Sky People.

The reality that may not be so clear from the fiction is the the story was actually talking about real human history where the blue people depicted as riding horse-like creatures and in native american type garb were actually depicting humans. The blue-cat people were humans in reality though depicted as aliens in the movie.

The invading sky people depicted as humans in the movie are like the “alien” Annunaki human “gods” of human mythology.

Chimerizing the fiction for reality here is what I now believe:

The Annunaki are humans from the future who are attacking earth in the past. Our current present is very close to becoming Annunaki. We now have the technology of the sky people (airplanes, space ships, satellites) and we now are approaching the mechanical technological achievements of the Annunaki (we can travel to the moon, travel to Mars, our genetic engineering & studies into transfer of human consciousness is progressing as we are now in the process of creating Artificial Intelligences.

However, even with all this technology the Annunaki are a mentally diseased people and would love to time travel to past to get gold, but never stop to realize that children are the real gold.

It was an excellent depiction of our current what I’ll call “Annunaki approaching society) that the main character was disabled and they even had the technology to fix his broken spine but he could not because of economic problem (the surgery too expensive) so the invaders used that as a carrot (help us and we’ll get your real legs back) when it is sad that the society had the technology yet it was not accessible to their own people. This reminds me of our present. So much great technology yet it does not benefit most people as we have never figured out how to solve the economic problem.

DRSTRANGELOVE (SPOILERS, Skip this and watch movie first if never seen)

I only recently saw this movie for the first time and it really spoke to me. I think this movie may be one of the oldest if not the oldest example of fluoride propaganda. In the movie people who think that the government is trying to poison their water and food with fluoride are depicted as nutters and identified with crazy guy in the show.

There is no doubt now that fluoride is poison yet you still see it in baby water in the supermarkets and being used to poison people in municipalities in many places in the US. Places like Germany have completed banned fluoride in the water as fluoride has been used since Roman times at least to make the slaves more docile.

So fluoride is bad, if you read any of my work you known that, I’ve written on this extensively, go back and read some of old newsletters like Halogen Talk and Fluoride & Kidney Stones if that is not clear to you or if you are a new reader not familiar with the toxicity of fluoride.

Okay back to the movie. It’s a post WWII cold war movie where the US & Russian after defeating the Nazi’s and America recruiting the Nazi Scientist (DrStrangelove after whom movie is named) accidentally trigger a nuclear apocalypse.

The movie is somewhat of a comedy and part of the movie is titled “How I came to love the bomb”.

The reason the crazy men in the war room both US and Russian as the US are actually colluding with the Russians in the movie came to love the bomb is because they decided to take the advice of the Nazi scientist DrStrangelove who explains to them that it’s not problem that they accidentally triggered a 100 year nuclear winter become all their leaders can just [do what the Nazi’s did] & hide in an underground bunker where they each get 10 women and have to repopulate the planet which is very appealing to the machismo military leaders in the show.

In the movie it is joking about the US & Russia listening to the Nazi scientist’s plan to go underground with lots of pretty women to repopulate the earth while waiting for a ~100 year nuclear cloud to dispel.

While watching the movie something in my brain chimerized the fiction into reality and here is what I saw:

The Nazi’s really did do something very similar to DrStrangelove’s plan in the movie.

Looking at the history of operation High Jump where the Russians supposedly attacked Nazi’s in Antarctica but were defeated, and chimerizing it with the fiction in DrStrangelove, I suddenly understood WHY THE FLUORIDE propaganda.

What if the reality is that there really is a base full of Germans who went underground after the atomic demonstration in WWII. Their people were likely lied to and told that the earth was destroyed with radioisotopes for 80-100 years and that they have to go underground and do their duty to repopulate. Like in movie the head germans would have of course made sure to pick 10 beautiful women for each of them and would have told them that monogamy would be suspended as they had to do their duty to repopulate the German people.

Okay as ridiculous as this seemed to me before watching DrStrangelove, after chimerizing the fiction into reality after watching it I now have a VERY STRONG GUT FEELING that such bases actually do exist. Likely the German one was in Antarctica but likely there are American and Russian ones now as well as the machismo male leaders could not resist making their own love bunker. Suspicious visits of American diplomats to Antarctica could be explained, but also it explains the fluoride propaganda and even VACCINE WAR as I will explain:

Let’s say there really is a base full of repopulating Germans who have been at it for the last 75 years since 1945, let’s assume their base is in Antarctica but it could very well also be bases in both US and Russia now.

They were lied to and told there is a nuclear winter that will last at least 92 years that they have to stay underground but their scouts who came out early and met with the US and Russian leadership have reported that its safe to come out early.

Let’s say they are going to come out in 2021.

If their goal is to repopulate the earth with their genes and assuming they are genocidal eugenicist Nazi’s what sort of policies would they like enacted on the surface while they are still underground?

Certainly they would want everyone fluoridated, and their fertility damaged and they would definitely be working with eugenicists like Bill Gates to injure or kill all the surface dwellers before they emerge. [Another Fiction to Chimerize is the Time Machine where the Morlock underground orcs feed on the surface people lol]

So the movie DrStrangelove really resonated with me because it make perfect sense now why Bill Gates and all his globalist buddies are trying so hard to kill everyone with the mandatory vaccines (Trump may roll out with the US military or maybe he won’t let’s hope not fingers crossed) IF they have a plan for their underground bases to re-emerge with some advanced militaristic technology ready to attack everyone around them in the near future.

Why the rush in the vaccine war to force vaccinate everyone by December 2020? Maybe the bases open up 2021!

Am I being paranoid? You decide. I am slightly psychic but I cannot see what is going to happen in November-December 2020 only that it’s going to be a tumultuous and dangerous time especially in the US.

I have poll on Twetch where people are voting for alien attack, re-release of a bioweapon and all kinds of crazy things that might happen.

We’ll just have to wait & see but if Nazi’s jump out of the ground in 2021 from Antarctica then I’ll have to say “told you so” =) Fingers crossed that won’t happen.

But in the meantime please ask yourself “Why do they want us all dead with fluoride & vaccine so bad in 2021”? As far fetched as it once sounded, it’s actually the best answer I’ve been able to come up with “Because Nazi’s in Antarctica want us all dead before they re-emerge and attack for WWIII” and our governments are colluding with them lured by jaunts in their love base.

Do any of you my dear readers have a better answer? If so please share.

LORD OF THE RINGS (SPOILERS this is a book series as well as movie series now).

It turns out the the “fiction” of lord of the rings with all the elves at war was actually based on real European secret history.

Although I don’t have access to the secret history parts of it I figures out.

The Uruk Hai the orcs of the white wizard Saruman are from Orkney Scotland area.

Hobbits are the Britons and the Elves are the Nords (Scandinavian). Norse People = Horse People.

My best guess is that is describing the Carthaginian & Germanic Wars with Rome.

There is so much I could say but I won’t think for yourself there is just one major point I want to make:

Both sides in the War (They call it the War of Power in the book) worshipped a Goddess. The Good guys in the book the Goddess Figure would be Galadriel & the bad guys in the book would be Sauron. However, Sauron would also be a Goddess and here is the kicker:

Galadriel = Sauron. Meditate on that if you can. In the show they depicted as communicating with each other at least as Galadriel has an elf ring which allows her “see the Eye”.

What is the Eye? It’s a Milky Way Reference. Imaging two groups of Nord people fighting over which side had the correct interpretation of the Milky Way astrotheology!

The elephants (mamluks in the book) fighting on the side of Sauron are a dead give-away that Sauron is supported by the Carthagenians and supports my interpretation that it is telling of the Punic Wars.

Sauron (Lizard of On, very likely Egyptian-Phoenician and Saruman (Lizard-Man) Druid White Wizard in the North, whereas the Ents (Tree-People in the book) would be a different faction of Druids.

There is a lot and I really mean a lot of great fiction to chimerize into reality form LOTR but here is most important part from my perspective:

Both sides were just humans. This was a real war. Both sides had magic similar to Egyptians horse people chariot fighting with Hittites horse people both flinging magic spells at each other. The swords with Runic inscriptions in the LOTR & the ring of Power is the Milky Way itself. Put it on (Go out at night time when no moon) and you can “Turn Invisible” allowing you to sneak around like Gollum but you will “See the Eye” i.e. the Milky Way.

The relevance to me was in rediscovering the old religion of the Milky Way astrotheology which I see all over LOTR. Galadriel = Mary = Sauron = Mother of God = Devil. The Goddess of the Carthaginians & Egypt & the Germans and thus the ancestral goddess of English speakers (Germanic language) is Neith who is Neither Heaven nor Hell, but rather in between.

The Milky Way is neither good nor bad but exists our galaxy continues spinning whether you like it or not & whether you believe it or not.


LEGEND OF ZELDA (Nintendo Entertainment System Game SPOILERS ALERT)

I saved my favorite for last. This game is extremely fun, but later in life looking back I realized though fiction that it was jam packed with REAL secret knowledge!

In the game you start out a knight name Link with a sword and a shield.

As the game progresses you have to find and defeat different temples which are guarded by monster bosses until you can ultimately rescue the princess Zelda from the evil Gannon.

Along the way you must find 3 magical triforces. The Tri-Force of Courage, The Tri-Force of Wisdom, and the Tri-force of Power.

As only with all three tri-forces combined can you hope to rescue the princess from Gannon and along the way you can go on a mountain and find a heart fairy who restores all your life. Along the way you find the white sword and get improved shield improved life and all kinds of great swag like boomerangs, bombs, magical strength bracelet and more.

Yes this a great game, I truly hope you have played it.

Much ancient wisdom destroyed by the Romans in the War of Power (see LOTR) was preserved in Japan (as well as China and South Korea especially has been instrumental in my figuring out many ancient proto-indo-european-eurasian beliefs).

Amazingly, the Triskelion of the Druids of Europe and its secret knowledge IS FOUND in the video game Legend of Zelda.

& the crazy thing is that I AM A DRUID and I REDISCOVERED the secret knowledge.

In part from chimerizing fictional reality from the video game legend of Zelda!

Here is the meaning which I hope you will meditate on dear readers:

The Triforce of Courage in the game is never shown or found and it turns out if you meditate on it that the knight Link himself IS the triforce of courage. That’s the fiction. The reality is that YOU, each of us in REALITY is like the Triforce of Courage. We already all possess the first part of triskelion of the druids when we are brave.

To be brave is not natural until you come to recognize the indestructibility of your own soul which requires much meditation and detox to achieve.

I now believe in many older concepts such as reincarnation of the soul and since I have had many past lives, I realize that even if I am killed in this life I will come back. So I’m personally very brave as I do in fact believe in the indestructibility of my own soul. I’m not here to tell you what to believe only reveal that if you are brave that in the druid sense you ARE ALREADY THE TRIFORCE OF COURAGE.

My life has surprisingly played out like a real life Legend of Zelda and I have already discovered the TRIFORCE OF WISDOM. I prayed as a child to be wise and have sought wisdom my entire life and I’m already accounted in the wise and only getting wiser.

Now I’m reaching for the Triforce of Power.

But here is the kicker.

In the fiction games such as both Legend of Zelda and even Mario, you are striving to rescue a Princess from an evil Monster (Gannon in Zelda or King Koopa in Mario),
but the reality is that these are astrotheological references to the Milky Way.

Just as Galadriel = Sauron, the secret which I discovered and never seen anywhere else that I’m sharing with you now is that Princess Zelda = Gannon. They are one and the same!

The princess you are striving to rescue is the Queen of Heaven & Hell toying with you like a cat with a string to make you learn, grow and become strong enough & wise enough to fully appreciate her beauty. To do that she has to play the bad guy as you play the hero.

This is the gist of old religion. Do with it what you will & Happy Halloween!


The FDA finally started regulating brominated flame retardants. Toxic chemicals sprayed on many common household items. You may be having your thyroid poisoned by touching paper products contaminated with halogenated (brominated) flame retardants and not even know it. Bromine is a toxic halogen like fluoride & requires iodine to detox. Please use iMedDo Detox which includes NeuIodine and save your thyroid. Whenever using NeuIodine also use both NeuSilver & NeuGold as they protect the rest of your body as the poisons are excreted.


If you put a drop of NeuIodine on paper or any carbohydrate like a potato slice it should turn purple. If it doesn’t then it may have some toxic chemical on it such as a brominated flame retardant chemical which when touched can absorb into your skin and damage your body especially your thyroid. If the paper does not turn purple when you put a drop of NeuIodine on it to test it, and if you try to burn the paper or cardboard and it won’t burn very easily and is hard to get lit then most likely the paper does have a brominated flame retardant toxic chemical on it. Wear gloves (avoid touching) any contaminated paper and be sure to take an extra drop of NeuIodine on top of your normal dosage (2 men, 4 women) if you think you have been exposed to a toxic flame retardant. If you feel poisoned lonely or afraid please schedule an appointment at link so I can walk you through step by step how to detox.


Every month I strive to meditate hard, especially this year 2020 because it is the “Year of 20/20 Vision”. Every month, I try to uncover some earth shattering information that I did not known before which I assume you don’t known either until reading this. This month was a struggle as all the rest of the year I’ve had great clarity, this month of Halloween October I’ve been in a mental fog and can’t see the future clearly past Halloween.

When I wrote the Unicorn Take Down of Bill Gates article I became clearly aware of the Asian Zodiac and especially received much clarity on the year 2019 the year of the Pig and most of 2020 I’ve been getting strong “Pig-Boar” Energy & especially last month with the Water-Pig Hippopotamus Tawaret I wrote about and note the Hippo on the cover of last month’s episode.

The Pig is connected to the Unicorn, the Dragon, the Horse and that all made sense to me.

But 2020 in the Asian system is the “Year of the Rat”. But I’ve struggled very hard to figure out what that means or to connect with any “Rat” information other than Bill Gates, Fauci etc are Rats with their poison vaccine.

Finally though this month I made the break though I’ve been looking for:

THE YEAR OF THE RAT (asian system) = THE YEAR OF THE WOLF (druid system).

What is the druid system? Sort of a combined zodiac from Welsh-Irish-British-Norse sources is best way to describe.

If you watch the fiction Game of Thrones it contains much Wolf information (House Stark) if you are able combine the nuggets to chimerize reality from fiction.

WOLF FICTION: GAME OF THRONES (Spoilers Watch GoT first or skip this section)

The Game of Thrones white walker zombie horde attack in the tv show though fiction reminds me much of the current zombie facemask apocalypse reality.

Once you start looking for Milky Way references in fiction you start to see them everywhere and the great WALL of ice in the Game of Thrones is in fact a Milky Way Reference just as is the soggy towel in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as is the White Sword in the Legend of Zelda.

For me when I look at GoT, and my chimeric fictional reality starts to kick in and I see the truth in the fiction, then like LoTR it appears to be an actual account of history but more interestingly the houses of Westeros jump out at me as LUNAR ZODIAC signs (compare to the animal signs of the Asian Zodiac).

However, instead of Asian style these are more Druid style though some of the animals are the same.

The obvious ones are:

Wolf Zodiac: House Stark
Dragon Zodiac: House Targarion
Stagg Zodiac: Baratheon (killed by a boar also Pig/Boar Zodiac).
Lion Zodiac: Lannister etc

If you saw the show did you ever stop to consider that the Houses in the Game of Thrones are actually zodiac houses! Of utmost interest in the show is House Stark (Wolf Sign).


The chimerized fictional reality I want to point out which is relevant to this year is the Wolf Zodiac.

A stumbled across the earliest British literature which is actually Welsh literature (Welsh mythology) called the Mabinogi which talks about Bran the Blessed (Blessed Crow) a clear astrotheological reference which is also no doubt the inspiration for the Game of Thrones fiction.

The great revelation which is clear to me that I want to share is that the Year of the Rat in the Asian Zodiac is the same as the Year of the WOLF in an ancient (Welsh-Irish-British) druid zodiac.

Relevant to the English language the British isles were also conquered by & syncretized with the Norse and the Wolf can be thought of as the Norse FENRIR another known Milky Way astrotheological reference (Milky way can be viewed as as a giant black “golden” wolf by the ancient Egyptians i.e. Anubis which in the British isles syncretic with Norse Tradition becomes the giant black wolf FENRIR who the Norse gods fear as is supposed to be let loose during Ragnarok.

So if there is a Norse style Ragnarok it should supposedly occur in the year of the Wolf which is the Year of the Rat I figured out & 2020 fits the bill.

So it appears everything going on by the global elite with Bill Gates attacking and threatening to kill the entire world is a very expected pageantry for a Year of the Wolf. Someone needs to play the Big Bad Wolf and the Big Bad Wolf needs to threaten to eat everyone unless the gods and heros meet the wolf in battle to defend life.


In the Asian zodiac the year of the Pig (2019) is followed by the Year of the Rat (2020).

So if you see a year of the Pig followed by something else then it means it is possible that it is an alternate animal form for that that year.

In the Welsh mythology Mabinogi there sequence about many different animals that appears to me to be an astrotheological reference to different lunar zodiac signs & indeed there is much reference to pigs-boars (presumed year of pig) and one story in particular where the pig is followed by a wolf. This indicates to me that in the ancient Welsh druid tradition that the year of the Wolf is the same as the Year of the Rat in the Asian zodiac.

Wolf in Celtic Mythologies


“In many Irish/Welsh myths, the wolf is usually a helper and a guide. We also find myths of deities in wolf form, like the goddess Morrigana appearing in wolf form, but was defeated by the hero Cú Chulainn – the ‘Hound [or Wolf?] of Cuainn’ (cf. The Táin).”

“Since religious affairs were not written down in ancient times (according to Caesar, in his “Gallic War / de bello Gallico”, the druids did not allow this!), our knowledge of ancient Celtic mythology is largely based on iconographic representations in art and on coinage. We are really dealing with a jigsaw puzzle where most of the pieces are lost.”

Yes writing things down in a language using an alphabet is a war use, whereas phonetic remembering or rediscovering the truth through your own meditation through imagery using your own third eye is the correct way to discover truth whereas if you only know truth through reading you have been influenced by propaganda. However, by chimeric fictional reality if you read enough propaganda you can still reconstruct the truth.

I assert I am a druid and as such I’ve pieced together the jigsaw puzzle and everything leads to the old religion of the druids as worshipping the milky way spiral galaxy itself.

The ancient horse people imagery of a king being raised by wolves (popularized by the Romans in Romulus & Remus story) but also the Celts had a similar story is interesting when you think of the Wolf being the “Milky Way” itself and the Milk of the Wolf being the nourishment of wisdom directly from the Goddess herself (in she-wolf form).

So the Fenrir bad dog of the Norse was in prior times a representation of the Goddess who was known by many names, the Welsh-druid name (~ phonetically Morgana or Morgan le fay (Morgan the Fairy) translated to English is drumroll please:

MORGUE ANNA. Dead Anne. Compare to Dead End. It’s what happens if you get stuck or stop on your spiritual journey across the Milky Way bridge (Norse Rainbow Bridge [Night Rainbow] you get eaten.

WOLF IS ~PIG-HORSE-DRAGON in Ancient Egyptian

Ama Ate, Amenat (Amenaiht) the hungry hungry hippo in demon form as devourer of souls is the same as the Big Bad Wolf of the Norse.

I have full clarity on the Ancient Egyptian Chimera so I’ll share it:

The Goddess in Angel form was Tawaret (see last month’s episode about the Hippo Goddess)
The Goddess in Demon form was Amenat (discussed here)

The difference is the Angel form is protective of children and the Demon form eats souls.

The Angel form is represented as a chimera where it is the head of a hippopotamus, the tail of a crocodile, the hind legs of a lion.

The Demon form (angry pissed off form) is represented as the head of the crocodile, the front legs (claws) of a lion and the hind part of a hippopotamus.

So Tawaret & Amit are the same mother goddess but Tawaret is in the pleased happy protective form and Amit is the angry eat you form.

I really love this Egyptian chimera as it makes sense to me probably my Egyptian past life.

What I learned and talked about later is that the hippopotamus is also both a “water horse” and a “water pig” as well as the hippopotamus is a “dragon” quite capable of eating people in its own right.

I see now that all Chimera’s are astrotheological zodiac & milky way reference so both Tawaret & Amit are as well.

If the year of the pig is in there (water-pig form) then where is the rat or the wolf of the Asian or Druid type zodiac is not in there.

Comparison of zodiacs across cultures and times is very difficult as some things we take for granted could be different such as in ancient Egypt instead of 12 months they had 10 so maybe 10 animal signs instead of 12. Originally 8 perhaps as ancient Egyptian ogdoad (8).

Regardless as I discovered the connection between the Egyptian and the Horse People (fast forward in time to the Norse people) there really is a wolf in there somewhere and that wolf is Anubis the golden wolf which is depicted as the black dog.

The animal headed gods of ancient Egypt which the Greeks did not like were animal-human lunar zodiac signs it would seem and the entire board game of Senet depicted as being played on the back of Anubis shows that the idea of a Big Black Wolf as the Milky Way where all the lunar houses are contained starts to make a lot of sense.

As wolves were protectors of the dead (of graves) in ancient Egypt they were viewed with very positive light. But as wolves were really scary man eaters in say Siberia & other areas you can see how they wolf would be a very conflicted symbol.

The Norse passed to English via Christian conversion records the wolf as being the bad guy.

The Germanic fairy tale of the Big Bad Wolf trying eat the 3 little Pigs makes slightly more sense when you realize the houses are houses of the zodiac and the wolf following the pig is a zodiac reference to year of the wolf following the year of the pig.


On I’ve been participating in a Halloween thread contest and I started a thread to find the scariest halloween music. As part of that I found this song by band In the Moment called Big Bad Wolf which is a really great heavy metal song.

In this Moment Big Bad Wolf.

But the lyrics I recognize are actually astrotheological-zodiac in nature. In the song she sings about the Big Bad Wolf & the Pig being the Same person but the Big Bad Wolf is trying to come out from under the Pig’s skin. This is my believe a reference to the Year of the Wolf following the Year of the Pig. Also the Pig-Dragon (see my Holy Grail Unicorn prior episode for connection) somehow “CONTAINS THE EVIL” of the Big Bad Wolf.

The wolf accuses the pig of being a blood sucker and says maybe that’s what everyone wants him to be.

This is some very misunderstood old religion type stuff easy to misunderstand but the Egyptian roots of the story of Sehkmet lion going into bloodlust mode is of relevance and I’ve talked about that in my prior Dementia episode relating it to being an ancient Egyptian mnemonic for a medical cure fro brain inflammation.

The Wolf is the Pig in pissed off form like Amit is the pissed off form of Tawaret.

The Year of the Wolf is when the Goddess gets angry and goes out for blood.

But whose blood & why is she angry?

If I told you there was a madman wanting to kill all the children with vaccines don’t you think that if there really is a Universal Goddess (the Milky Way herself [viewed as female a births new stars at its center] that she would be PISSED OFF if someone was threatening her babies!

Of course our entire solar system and our entire planet and all life upon it would be “her babies”

So don’t be worried about the Big Bad Wolf. She may want blood but unless you are team death magic in the guise of life magic it’s not your blood she wants. She wants the blood of the vaccine poisoners.

Also don’t be freaked about about the Wolf Eating the little Piggies, that is just a reference to Year of the Wolf following the Year of the Pig (Three little piggies a cryptic reference to the Triple Goddess of the Old Religion).

So when Bill Gates does a Big Bad Wolf impersonation, it’s game over when the real Big Bad Wolf comes out as it is those who hurt her children she wants to eat.

Pig Pig Let me In. Year of the Wolf Following the Year of the Pig. Or Pig turns into a blood sucking vampire rat-wolf. Year of Wolf is scary time of self reflection to face death and the monster within.

In keeping with Egyptian view of the blood sucking part (lioness is a chimeric part of the she-wolf) the year of the wolf or rat is associated with a pestilence or sickness.

Also meditate on the Pied Piper of Hamlin story.

In that story the Pied Piper is the Big Bad Wolf. Come to save all the children then the adults don’t pay so takes the children (ambiguous where the children went some say to their death other stories to a better place).

The secret meaning of the story of the Pied Piper that I got is that Gold & silver are the cure for pestilence when used medicinally (also used that way to cure poisons in the Roman cult of Pan and note the English word Panacea (cure all).

But when using gold & silver medicinally it actually requires gold and silver metal form to make so it’s a real shame if people would rather horde their gold & silver than to use it to save all their children.

To apply this to the Year of the Wolf, I urge you to spend your money to stop Bill Gates, to counter censorship and propaganda by paying for paid speech to naysay the lies & spread the truth, & to regain control of your governments, to stop their ability to print money from nothing (support real Bitcoin SV), and of course to buy detox health supplements. I would give them away for free if I could but you can’t expect me to when I need real gold & silver to make them. I do give my time away for free so if you want to talk please schedule an appointment with me

In the ancient Egyptian concept which carried over to Germanic concept and to English is that children are the real gold. If you don’t fight to save your children you will be poor indeed. I’m very poor I have no children only two cats who are my children now so for those of you who have children or who want to have children I hope you will fight.

Most women of reproducible age are brainwashed into wanting abortions as they are not protected as they were in ancient Egypt.

I truly hope all of this is not because a bunch of Nazi’s are trying to kill all the surface dwellers before they pop out of their nuclear bunkers or that it’s not some alien invasion or something more bizarre going on. Hopefully this year has just all been one big theatrical pageantry as a nod to the Year of the Wolf-Rat.

I think if the globalists do not succeed in force vaccinating everyone by December 2020 (By the end of the Year of the Wolf) that they will not be able to as the next guardian of the zodiac will come online. Year of the Ox in the Asian zodiac. The circle with X is the Welsh protective symbol and is the ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth.

The strength of the Ox is the power of to crush evil and can’t wait till 2021 for some real butt whipping of the vaccine poisoners.


The Big Bad Wolf is constrained by the “Chains of Time” of the Zodiac.

The stars which make up the zodiac constellations are “SILVER” Chains as the white-shining-holy glow of the stars is “gold” where silver is gold in astrotheological sense & silver & gold are both noble metals in chemistry sense.


The idea of Silver stopping the Werewolf is a druidic astrotheological reference.
The werewolf (WAR-WOLF) is the healer’s curse where if you kill you are forced to continue killing. Silver reverses the curse if the wolf gets out of its cage and puts the monster back in the bottle. The word Monster = Moon Star a reference to the werewolf which comes out during the full moon. The full moon looks like a giant silver coin in the sky and is a healing coin. Werewolfism (Lycanthrope) is a magical disease and the full moon stops the camouflage magic (human shaped) guise of the wolf and the true scary wolf form is revealed.

Of course this is all just more Milky Way Astrotheology.

The Greco-Buddhist part is relating the human anatomy to the stars & the star part is trying to describe time itself by the spinning of the great circle of animals wheel in the sky which shape shift between different animal forms as time goes along.

There is an idea that time itself is the chain that keeps the evil inside of a human or inside the star wheel in check and if the chains are broken that the big bad wolf can come out and eat everyone.

Perhaps the Big Bad Wolf is the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy that the Milky Way Spiral Galaxy is going to crash into.

Regardless it is true that silver kills disease. So is very interesting the ancient stories about the full moon looking like a silver coin curing the werewolf’s camouflage & the silver bullet killing the werewolf. Also stories of all disease & undead creatures being killed with silver such as vampires & werewolves. I love being a silver health supplement guy during halloween it’s just so relevant. Especially this year. The Coronavirus is sacred to the goddess Hecate thought of as a vampire and very vampiric indeed to attack the iron in the red blood cells and coronaviruses are even found in bats and note the ancient bat-vampire connection but the real life vampires are the mosquitoes little blood sucking insects, I have multiple species of them on my mountain as well as little blood sucking ticks and who knows what else so much biodiversity in nature.

So if your government is trying to scare you with weaponized vampire malaria which is my current analysis of the the Covaids then I hope you face that fear and let that big bad wolf known that you known the secret to its demise. NeuSilver is the Silver Bullet which slays the Werewolf. NeuSilver, NeuIodine & NeuGold are the ancient “Dragon Glass” weapons to use a Game of Thrones Chimerism which can slay any undead frost giant werewolf vampire or zombie horde.


Your third eye which detects the changes in the lights in the heavens (Time itself) is what connects you to the Milky Way and to the Alphabet which is written in the stars which allows you to wield the Frost Fang Dagger.

You don’t want to kill the werewolf you want to just put the werewolf back in its cage. To kill the werwolf is to kill yourself for the wolf, the weapon, and the tree of life are all one and the same our own great Milky Way Spiral Galaxy.

The ancient Spartans had to each kill a wolf in the wild to prove their toughness that’s not a good way to treat animals so If you want to go attacking the Big Bad Wolf go after the one in the stars and recognize it is yourself. Stare into the heart of darkness and face your own demons and overcome them. Stare death in the face & overcome your fear. Don’t be afraid of death, death is afraid of you.

Morgaze (Death Gaze) the High Priestess of the Old Religion.

Mordred (Death Druid) [Death Dread] High Priest of the Old Religion.

For this Halloween I DrBenGo Healthwarrior wear the mask of Mordred & I impart to those who have ears to hear (big donkey ears of Isis preferably) the secrets of the old religion.

In the name of the most high God-Goddess the sound of an ass:

HEY HAW. (Yahweh lol).

By the sound of hiss of the snake. HISSS the sacred vibration of the universe.

The scary snake cannot eat you if it eats its own tail.

The scary snake is a rat & a wolf this year, so feed Fenrir-Anubis its own tail.

Constrain the wolf with time and put the wolf back in its cage.


The Bitcoin SV time chain is the chain of time which keep will keep the wolf contained next year. The wolf is too strong in the year of the wolf so just survive until 2021.

The wolf cannot be contained this year you must face the wolf by facing your own fear of death and conquering it.

The Bitcoin time chain is silver chains because you can use it to buy real silver & gold at on the Metanet.

Use the chains to bind medical fraud, bind financial fraud and bind the wolf of wall street the banksters.


The best way to overcome fear of death is to wear a scary halloween mask. Scare everyone you can this halloween! The more scared you are the closer you are to conquering your own fears so everybody SCREAM!