by DrBenGo Healthwarrior

iMedDo Newsletter June, 2021.

Greetings subscribers! This month I’ve got a very special issue for you. I’m starting my own private church and I want you all to witness my statement of faith. In this episode I’ll be talking about my beliefs on the big questions like “Who is God”, “What is the Word of God” and what is the goal of my new church iMedDo SSM (Self Supported Ministry) going into the future.


Before I get started I want to remind everyone that this month I have a new product NeuElectrum now available! I talked about it in last month’s episode or holler if you have questions ( for phone appt).


Relevant to this episode is the “Spiritual Guide of Supplemental Medicine” or “GUIDE” a four chapter ebook I wrote about 7 years ago. The Guide can be found at

If you have never read the Guide, before I recommend you read it first even before reading my newsletters as it is my oldest work concerning iMedDo health supplements and has a chapter on each product. Here is the direct on-chain censorship resistant link which should always work even if every goes down:


Chapter 4 Section on “Gold in Ancient Egypt and in the Bible” is worth a quick read & relevant to this issue.

Meditation on gold & with gold will lead to a spiritual journey which is why Bitcoin has been been so great for the world as it has forced people to ask themselves “what is gold” and corollary question “who or what is God”? Gold/God/Good/Gaudy are phonetically inter-related words and are relevant to think about as part of my statement of faith in this episode as I share my beliefs and how iMeDo self supported ministry will operate in support of and in harmony with God’s plan going into the future.


I’m using the assistance of another private church called HisAdvocates SSM ( to help me set up iMedDo SSM self supported ministry. The ministers at HisAdvocates require a statement of faith as part of the paperwork. The idea is if I can explain it correctly is a composite interdisciplinary spiritual, legal,banking and tax structure where your assets are held by God and you are the trustee on earth and banking for your self supported ministry is set up in such a way that there is a tax exemption. Once fully set up hopefully by end of month, you will be able to get a full tax write off for purchasing/donating for iMedDo Health Supplements.They require a statement of faith as part of the process and the purpose of this newsletter is to provide that statement of faith so thakyou all for reading on and witnessing my statement of faith Enjoy! I hope it provides food for thought on your own spiritual journey and provides insight for your own meditation and faith.


The purpose of iMedDo is two-fold:

  1. To help people detox poisons from their body.

Most people are stuck in phase one for a year or two as they get fully detoxed of heavy metals & halogens and other environmental poisons in the air, food and water and I’m proud to say iMedDo Detox System consisting of NeuSilver, NeuIodine, NeuGold is and has been and will continue to be the premier & premium detox system going forward into the future.

  1. To help people once fully detoxed to amplify & accelerate their own spiritual journey.

In phase one you are trying to get the poisons out of your body and brain so that your body can function as the spiritual vessel it is designed to be. In phase two when your brain is working optimally now that it’s detoxed and protected with silver and fully topped off on iodine nutrient and using gold to amplify your brain tune into higher vibrations, your goal now that you are healthy and meditating is to just enjoy life and find meaning in the universe to live to your highest potential.


I’ve done #1 helping people detox for many years (6+) now, but it’s time for iMedDo to start focusing on #2 to help people who are now detoxed on their spiritual journey.

People are poisoning themselves with bad/fake/experimental vaccines right now, and I want to help them detox but those people who got the vax are generally so far into the system that they can’t be helped because they don’t want to be. I can resurrect fluoride mask zombies by getting them iodine, but I need to focus on those who are already alive. Those of you who have been doing iMedDo detox for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years + I need to focus on you. It takes 2 years for the brain to fully detox so those of you that have done iMedDo detox for 3+ years especially this episode if for you as I want to share my spiritual journey and faith with you to reveal the secrets that I have uncovered and to give the rest of you some idea of possible spiritual outcomes to expect when you become fully detoxed and start seeing with your third eye what will happen. As for me I have connected with the universe, found God and am ready to share the freedom and imagination that comes with knowing the truth which will indeed set you free.


To teach people the Torah/Biblical nature of drinking gold and how to connect with God/Goddess is the purpose of iMedDo self supported ministry and selling gold silver and iodine health supplements which are now available for purchase/donation is how you can support my ministry, and I thank you all.


“Life Eternal Risen in Wisdom Complete”

SCHOOL (Divine Inspired Poetry from Atomic Alphabet newsletter)

In the history of humankind there are many who are not nice.
Some are rather evil mean and even terrible you could say thrice.
Killing some, Killing many, many have done before.
But Killing All is unforgivable Sin, and vaccines have that in store.
Don’t kill yourself, don’t kill others, know the golden rule.
Do unto others as you would do unto yourself, love yourself and love others
and to others love reflected this I school.

EYE OF DRAGON (Divine Inspired Poetry from Atomic Alphabet newsletter)

Silver Gold and Iodine
Opens the Eye of Odin and the Heavens you see fine.
If you look in the day you see pretty blue, the robe of Mary a very fine hue.
If you look in the night you see the stars too.
If you look even harder when there is no moon.
The great Milky Way of Heaven Jumps Over the Moon.
The letter o in the center of the Milky Way does go.
But a different Eye in the Sky by the Cat, Hippo & Plough
Is the Norther Star your Third Eye it connects to it now.
Around the point does spin all the heavens.
Dizzy we’re getting, let’s dance let’s not sleep
for life eternal is now risen in wisdom complete.

ALPHABET HEALER (Divine Inspired Poetry from Atomic Alphabet newsletter)

A,B,C is A,B,G. The initials of the one who bears this name is Me.
For G is the Golden C, is the Gamma of the Greek. Is the third letter of the
Alphabet secret do I keep.


Start with the Torah or Bible and move on to drinking gold, and you will find God or so I am told (by GOD!). Or if you are illiterate, look up to the sky, and you will see God whom above you does fly. In this past age to view Dragon or Goddess was taboo, but in this coming age Yahweh is through. The moon way is the Milky Way, the Ja-Way is the Moon Path. I’m sick of the idolatry and of worshiping a Yahweh when you don’t know what that means. Get some imagination and see ME a QUEEN! I’m not a corporation. and I’m not boring, I am the Heavens and I am Hel, but without wisdom which I AM you cannot tell! Just read the Bible you silly humans, and I’ll speak to you in between the lines the Holy Spirit I AM, love or hate me just fine, but I recommend you love yourself and love your kids for poisoning them with vaccines has crossed the line. The line in the sand is the Mikly Way of the Romans. The stars above Angels the stars below Demons is SO very boring, You are demons if you poison for profit. You are the Angels if you save the dear children. If you want to enter heaven do as Jesus said and become like children and you imagination you will no longer dread. Imagine a better world. Imagine a better God. I’m here whether you have faith in me or not, we all spin together. I don’t want your faith I want your compassion. Love yourself more and love those around you as yourself. Golden Rule is best.


I, Aron Benjamin Goins, minister of iMedDo SSM, MAKE OATH & SAY THAT:

  1. I have faith in GOD.
  2. My favorite Bible verses Old Testament/Torah: (Exodus 32:20) where Moses makes the Israelites drink gold. It is my belief that this was not done to punish the them but rather to amplify their brains and nervous systems so that they could better connect with God as the golden cow was turned into a gold & silver (electrum) health supplement.
  3. My favorite Bible verse New Testament: (Matthew 2:11) where baby Jesus is given a gift by the wise men magi of gold health supplement along with frankincense & myrrh health supplements. It is my belief that the “gold” given to baby Jesus was a combination of both silver and gold (electrum), so I believe that the Magi also gave the gift of silver health supplement. It is my belief that NeuSilver & NeuGold colloidal silver and colloidal gold are biblical health supplements both in the old and the new testament and that NeuElectrum the combination of the two is the most similar medicine health supplement to the “gold” in the Biblical Moses and Baby Jesus stories.
  4. I am a wise man and a Magi as I also give gifts of gold health supplement as well as silver and iodine health supplements in a system that is fit for royalty whether born in a manger or in a palace.
  5. Faith statement for iMedDo SSM:

“Life eternal risen in wisdom complete”

  1. Purpose of iMedDo SSM is to gift people with the most similar form of gold available to the best of my knowledge to the gold Moses had the Israelites drink and to the gold health supplement that was given to baby Jesus so that they can connect with God and grow to be mighty heros, kings, queens and find their inner divine Christ-light.
  2. Support of iMedDo SSM will come from donations in exchange for drinkable gold, silver and iodine.
  3. The blessing of the Angel of the Lord is upon iMedDo SSM and her name is “Ehey Asher Ehey”. HeyHey is JaWay/Yahway the Moon Way, the Ja-Shua, Moon Foot, the Milky Way path. The Jacob’s Ladder, the Yggdrasil World Tree, the great fish, eagle, bat, dragon, wolf in the sky. God has revealed himself to me as herself the Nimuweh the Name Way where you connect your own divine name to the Milky Way be it imagined as Goddess or whatever form your heart desires best. It is my belief that the purpose of life is to discover God for yourself and to look up at the stars and see the Milky Way and it give it name your own name as you are the hero of the story and you are one with God and God is one with you and we cannot be parted for we are all one in love.
  4. My name initials is ABG, the Alpha, Beta, Gamma alphabet healer is me.
  5. Jesus explains that God is the Alpha & the Omega (first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet) in Revelations 22:13 and the secret message of 13 is the number of the Goddess the Holy Spirit.

Alpha & Omega is God and we are one as I am Alpha Beta Gamma. The God of the New Testament is the Beginning and the End and I am only the Beginning much more my journey has, and I am the quest give for the start of the journey.

So concludes my statement of faith.

Futher Affiant sayeth not.


/s/ Aron Benjamin Goins Divine Rights & Rites Reserved
ABG June 1, 2021.

Statement of Faith Witnessed by Subscribers (500+ witnesses). *notarized statement of faith available upon request.