Tick Tock: Lyme Detox?

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by DrBenGo the Healthwarrior

In my years as an alternative medicine doctor, I keep meeting people who have been suffering for years, sometime DECADES even with something called LYME DISEASE!  Whatever mainstream medicine is doing, it does not work for Lyme.  Lyme is treated as a BACTERIAL INFECTION and thus the standard mainstream medicine treatment is ANTIBIOTICS.   From what I also hear, the antibiotics rarely if ever work, and even worse just make people sicker and require further detox.  This is very sad.  Everywhere I go, I see all sorts of varied alternative medicine treatments for Lyme disease as people are desperate to try anything that might EVEN work. NOTHING in mainstream medicine seems to work yet almost EVERYTHING in alternative medicine which is SPIRITUAL seems to at least help somewhat.  What is going on? Well here is my perspective and I hope you it helps you all. This is not offered as medical advice but is my personal opinion and some of it is actually spritual advice. May reading this and acting on this information bless you and end the scourge of Lyme in your life if it is something you have been suffering with.  Enjoy. 



Lyme is NOT primarily a bacterial infection.  There is frequently a bacterial component to it but this is not the primary problem. Just as mercury toxic heavy metal can suppress the immune system and cause inflammation and infection, the infection is not the underlying cause of the problem, the mercury toxicity is in that example. The same way in Lyme, likely the infection though frequently present is not the underlying problem, something else is. This is why I believe mainstream medicine fails and you can never get rid of Lyme wiht just antibiotics as is just treating a secondary effect not the root cause. 

2.  KNOW WHAT LYME IS. Lyme disease is a spider venom.   Yup that’s right. I said it.  Where does lyme come from, from ticks.  What are ticks? They are arachnids (spider family).  What do spiders do? They bite and paralyze their prey.  Is there any evidence that ticks can paralyze their prey? Yup.  I remember as a child my neighbor had a dog and the dog’s back legs one day suddenly became paralyzed for no apparent reason.  Upon closer examination there was a big swollen with blood tick on the dog’s back near the spine.  Upon removal of the tick later in the day the dog was able to walk again just fine.  What does this mean? TICKS HAVE A SPIDER-LIKE PARALYTIC VENOM.  Doesn’t matter what any mainstream medical doctor says or doesn’t say about lyme, doesn’t matter what any journal says or ignores on the topic, this is an obvious SELF-EVIDENT truth about ticks that they are spiders and that have a type of venom in their bite. But fortunately, there is some science to back up my common sense view as well so you don’t just have to take my word: 


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/25006341/ ACCORDING TO PAPER CONCLUSION: “ticks should be referred to as venomous ectoparasites”.

And like any venom, toxin or poison, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is also associated inflammation, allergic rxn, side effect infections and a whole hose of potential problems associated with it. 

In my local area near the Georgia-Tennessee-Alabama border in the mountains, ticks are a major problem especially in the summer when they come out to play (all the insects seem to hibernate during the winter). 

I asked my local contractor if he knew any people in the area with Lyme and he said bunches and that one lady had to stop eating his deer meat because she became allergic to it because of her Lyme. 

Deer meat allergy? Yup.  There are a type of ticks called Deer Ticks which like to munch on deer so no surprise that tick venom might be in their meat and if your body has anti-venom antibodies from prior Lyme venom exposure then it might make sense that you could develop an allergy to deer meat! 

Is any animal immune to tick venom? Maybe the Oppossum. Ever see a survival show where they get desperate and try to eat possum meat? No-one can do it as it tastes “diseased”.  Possums eat thousands of ticks a day and I suspect their meat is loaded with tick venom! DO NOT TRY TO EAT POSSUM! It is not really known if the tick venom affects the possum at all, you would think it would and maybe the possum “playing dead” ability evolved from the possum lying with paralysis waiting for tick venom to wear off.  Glad it worked out for the possum, eating ticks and playing dead, a very successful creature in my woods. Sidenote: I have a fat possum, I catch at night in my recycling I named “Reggie” So whenever you see an ugly possum, remember they are good to have around in the summer when it comes to keeping the tick population down.  Also, for you hunters you might want to consider using tick spray before dressing a deer because high chance of those deer ticks jumping on you.   3. DETOX THE VENOM. If you want to get rid of Lyme Disease for good you have to detox the venom. Once all the venom is gone from your system the anti-venom antibodies in your system will eventually go away and associated allergic reaction should go away and also you have to still treat the infection component. If you want to detox safely you should try iMedDo Detox System. I will only help you detox Lyme if you are already an existing customer as I can only sell you the detox system as dietary supplements and not as a drug to cure lyme.  However, if you buy the system as dietary supplements first and have been using them standard dosage for at least 1 month, then call me for custom Lyme self-medication dosage.  If you are a new customer you can buy the iMedDo Ultimate Fluoride & Heavy Metal Detox System at Etsy shop link buy.imeddo.club.  If you plan on self-medicating for Lyme, don’t tell me about it just buy the dietary supplements and start using them and call me after 1 month (or call before if you have questions about standard dosing).  BECAUSE IF YOU TELL ME THAT YOU ARE BUYING WITH THE INTENT TO CURE LYME THEN I CANNOT SELL TO YOU AS THE FDA ONLY LETS ME SELL DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS (NOT DRUGS) WHICH BY DEFINITION GO UNDER THE DISCLAIMER: NOT INTENDED TO CURE ANY DISEASE (INCLUDING LYME).   So buy my system with an intent to detox and if you just so happen to detox the tick venom and squash the secondary infection then is not my problem and is your solution.  

So that’s it folks, licking lyme is as easy as 1. 2. 3.  Know what it is and is not, start detox and then call me!  


Know your enemy.  Ticks come out in the summer and as little non web making hunting spiders they wait to get you on the tips of tall grass.  They cannot jump but they wait for you to walk buy and will try to grab a hold of you or your clothes as you brush against the grass.   A simple thing to do is to keep the grass moved in the area you frequently walk.  If have to walk through tall grass best to wear full length pants like jeans instead of shorts.  If you have hair legs like me, you can actually feel the tick crawl on you if jumps on so pay attention to your legs if in shorts.  Before going out in the sticks be sure to put on some bug spray.  Be sure to get some non-toxic bug spray may from herbs like lemongrass which produces a chemical bugs like mosquitoes & ticks do not like.   If you get a tick hopefully you will notice and brush or flick it off before it bites.  If you feel a tick has already bitten you then you need to do it yourself or get someone to help you get some needle nose pliers and pluck the tick off.   DO NOT APPLY ALCOHOL to a tick as it will make the tick burrow deeper and makes it hard to remove.  I learned this the hard way one time.  Before we moved to Dream Mountain, we went land shopping in Tennessee with a little 5 acre piece of land in the mountains advertised as “stream at the bottom!”.  I crawled through the bushes and made it to the stream and walked around in it bare legged only to get hundreds of little tiny deer ticks on my legs.  I tried to kill them all by dousing legs in alcohol and that was a mistake the buggers crawled deeper by burrowing into my flesh!  I also tried NeuIodine same effect would make them burrow deeper.  My wife had to manually pick off a hundred little tiny ticks around my ankles with tweezers and I sprayed NeuSilver colloidal silver water (1 drop in about 1/2 gallon water strength) on my legs which took about 3 days to heal but have no scar!  We took it as a sign not to buy that land! The little ticks are the worse!  Since then we have gotten very good at dealing with ticks and the trick is having a good pair of tick pliers and doing “tick checks” after forays into the woods. 

As a recap, always make sure the tick is fully removed before trying to sanitize the bit area.  I like to use a drop of NeuSilver on the bite area the day of the bite and then use NeuIodine on the bite area the next day.  Note that the nascent & molecular iodine in NeuIodine is in a food grade ALCOHOL solvent so do NOT put NeuIodine on a tick bite unless tick has been fully removed first as alcohol will make the tick burrow deeper into the flesh!  NeuSilver will sit on top of the bite and sterilize it and NeuIodine is nice because it will absorb in deeper to sterilize bite area.  Because infection is not the only problem to worry about also doing an oil or clay pull on the skin to try to extract the venom as best you can is a good idea.  Also you need to take NeuGold internally to detox the venom along with NeuSilver  & NeuIodine to handle infection which is no problem if already doing the iMedDo detox system as part of your daily health support. 


For those of you who moved to Arizona to avoid grass & ticks completely but still are suffering with Lyme (tick venom) problems, here are some tips for you as well.  Likely you still have residual tick venom in your body in the nervous system which is slowly detoxed in the muscles where your body has developed antibodies which are stimulating an allergic response.  The conclusion if think about it is that the paralysis venom suppresses the spiritual part of your nervous system, and thus you must ACTIVATE or REACTIVATE  the spiritual part of your nervous system to overcome it.  Besides just detoxing the metals and toxins that suppress it, you can activate it by doing any sort of spiritual activity such as laughter, singing, meditating, sound bowls, drums and more.  Most every alternative modality helps at least somewhat for Lyme as they all generally activate spiritual pathways and some even facilitate in detoxing such as meditation and singing and drums help vibrate the tissue to increase blood flow & good hydration help flush the toxin.  After detoxing with iMedDo system try 3 additional drops of NeuGold and meditation to assist with Lyme.  Typical self-medication doses of silver are 4 instead of 1 drop a day and only after full 6 month detox at standard iodine dosage can the iodine be increased.  Likely will take 1-2 years to fully detox lyme, once all other toxins are gone and once is safe to increase the NeuIodine dosage then Lyme will not be able to stay in the nervous system is my belief.  


To really get rid of Lyme you need to practice spiritual exercise and use the neural pathways in your body as they spiritual vessel they are designed to be.  If you allow your pathways to become blocked by non-conductive heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, and gunked up with tick spider venom then do not be surprised if you develop paralysis or seizures and when the signals from the brain are blocked it is harder for the rest of the body to maintain itself, harder for the immune system to work properly, easier to contract infections and more likely you will live a much lower quality of life than if you detox and become a more spiritual person.  It is widely known that spiritual people live longer and are happier.  So activate your spirit.  Namaste


Have you seen people with seizures who go to church and a wacky looking priest with a silver cross says “release this person in the name of XP” and the person starts walking again? That is lyme.  Vibration, sound and wireless gold and silver (internal gold and silver even better) have been known to “kill the lyme demon” since the beginning of human history. The Biblical book of Luke was based on the Egyptian god Khonsu who’s eye was “silver” & the big secret is that both silver and gold are medicine which can be used with the iodine nutrient for extremely potent detox.  

Well I hope that makes sense to all of you so please don’t suffer for decades with lyme a persistent neurotoxic spider venom from cumulative tick bites, just detox.  It really is that easy. 



Did you know in ancient Egypt every part of creation was considered sacred and in balance and harmony the concept of Ma’at.  Every living creature even insects were considered gods and especially worshiped were the gods who protected humans from the mean gods who might attack us.  In Africa there is a species of scorpion whose bite could kill a child and so the Egyptian “Scorpion goddess named Serket” was worshiped to not hurt them. The spider types who made webs & nets (Mandalas) were considered sacred and worshiped as goddesses of weaving craft such as Neith/Athena. The Egyptians loved beetle insects and the dung beetle (Khepri) was a symbol of resurrection and painted on the heads off Egyptian coffins/sarcophagi.  I’ve seen hieroglyphs of flying insects wasps and bees so they considered insects an interesting and unavoidable part of nature worth writing about. Bees were considered particularly sacred as they made honey & beeswax which was used to make light (candles).  The Queen bee was considered a representation of the mother goddess associated with beeswax (candle light) & nutrition (royal jelly & honey used to feed premature babies).  The Egyptian hieroglyph for candle wick (twisted ropes) is now considered by revisionist religions to mean “wicked” but was actually as sacred symbol just as the candle are pretty much still universally recognized as sacred symbols in all cultures.  However, it is just hard to worship a bug firstly because it is natural for us humans to feel superior and more important because we are so much bigger and very anatomically different. Also, it is hard to identify with a spider who just seems like a blood sucking vampire. As far as I can tell the Egyptians did not have a hieroglyph for a tick (a webless spider) and likely they only considered web making spiders as sacred.  A blood sucking tick spider would be considered more of an evil spirit or demon and ironically that is exactly what lyme is like. A legion of bacteria in a biofilm attacking your body is not that different from a “legion of demons” and a spider venom from a tick that attacks and suppresses your nervous system is a pretty serious spiritual attack. So for fun, I pondered which egyptian god would they have prayed to to ward off ticks? If the ancient egyptians lived on my mountain they would worship the Possum ugly creature who scoffs at the blood sucking vampires and literally eats them for breakfast.  The closest fit for a possum would be Egyptian god Bes (the ugly dwarf) who was considered a household god representing all that is good and fighting against all that is bad.  So I would speculate that the ancient Egyptians would consider the POSSUM GOD to be an incarnation of BES.  For those of you who do not know, Bes, was the same as the Roman Pan (Because to Romans wine & women were the Best so they satired Bes as a satyr).   Interestingly the PAN of Karnak (Luxor Egypt) was imported by the Phoenicians (Tuath de Danaan i.e. Tribe of Diana related to the Danaans (Greeks) and Hebrew tribe of Dan) as the Luchorpan (Luxor Pan) from whence comes the Irish world Leprechaun.  Fascinatingly, I identify quite a lot with the leprechaun and egyptian Bes (Ancient Priest of Mouth Rainbow (Os-Iris), so it is fitting that I, DrBenGo Healthwarrior tell you about the wonders of the Possum, and how to lick them ticks.  No time for lyme.  PANACEA of PAN silver and gold medicine mixed with goddess medicine iodine and kiss Lyme goodbye.  Vampires (ticks included) really hate silver.  Pan was a god of detox a satire of mankind who seem partially animal and part god in a strange mix, immortal souls in a perishable body.  Egyptian zoomorphic depictions of the divine fell of vogue with the Greeks who preferred fully human nude  & then in more recent times human nudity fell of of vogue even the bare female breast as the symbol of universal nourishment of the baby, and now we live in a seeming more and more covered and suppressed society when it comes to topics of sex, nutrition and detox.  Mother’s milk has all of the nutrients a baby needs a fact forgotten by mainstream medicine intent on poking baby with as many untested vaccines as possible as fake nutrition and fake protection via vaccinosis poison. 

So call me a cult of fertility if you want, but we live in an age of suppressed fertility with poisons and Pan & PANACEA are making a comeback. 

The word PANIC also comes from PAN as the sound of truth destroys the fake and strikes fear in the heart of the poisoners. 

Lyme is nothing to me but even one tick bite can kill you over time if you neglect your spiritual journey. 

So sayeth
Dr. BenGo Healthwarrior

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